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yeah but it is you watching friends twenty four i'm m marco and these are the main world news headlines boris johnson loseses a second vote by a big margin british lawmakers take full with that rebel alliaiance plan to block a new deal breaks it. i miss johnson next who was the cold for an early general election will be joining our london correspondent than any kind of you. all the analysis. just a moment's time. carrie lam withdrawals the extradition bill but the hong kong protests to say this does not go far enough. and i want arrested demonstrators released by police and greater democracy in hong kong. at least seven dead
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in the bahamas harken dorian is causing unprecedented damage and destruction conditions are hampering rescue and recovery efforts and the death toll sadly is expected to rise . thank you very much for being with us boris johnson has lost a second vote this time by a bigger margin british lawmakers taking full with that rebel alliance. plan to block an ideal breaks at the so called ban bail. i miss johnson sixty was to try to call for an early general election on the bill let's start with that pro full by the labor mp hillary ban. sung by several conservatives aims to prevent and no deal brexit stand artery fifty that's the exit date. until john to the thirty first next year just to remind. you that
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is currently set for october. thirty first. the playbill has passed to the commons and goes to the lord's for proof. the jeremy corbyn warned that is at least a ninety to one hundred point for the bus to in store in the opera house. was johnson as expected then hit back after losing those well. three votes in two days with a motion for the general election he wants to go to the polls on october fifteenth. the rest t of the housuse. doesn't appear to be buying any of it. let's take a listen. to a- couple of comments officials were called. in my view. and the view of this government's. them is not to be an election. on tuesday the fifteenth of october. the gentleman to respond to decide which you bosco who's promises that crucial console on thursday the seventeenth of october is filled haaaas and gan royal assent then we will back at election so we do n not prpressure. with a no deal exit
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from the european. so much at stake unprecedented signs in british politics in many ways obobserving this for us i'm what a job she has benedicta via our correspondents in london a benedict when i think of breaks that i think if you because we talk about every point as it happens and it's always a pleasure to have you. on the program and can you begin by telling us more about the passage of the band built through the comments. yes sir what effectively we have off to that first defeat on the first day back. from the summer recess of mps yesterday. is as expected. and as a creed. the opposition seized control of parliamentary business so just shortly after three pm london time. what happened was that there was an emergency debate. there have been votes the votes is yet another dramatic day and defeat. for the prime minister's effectively force with records speeds because
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this normally takes a very long time. the drawful has cleared the house of commmmons. this is to try to avoid a new deal breakers it. in fifty seven days time on the thirty first. of october so they've done that in a one single. day and as we speak it's gone to the- house of lords which is the upper chamber. and we think that there are something like ninety two amendments. possibly i'm what is cool here filibustering so in other words the government is going to. attempt to offer the speed with which the house of commons in the opposition. rebel alliance's is being called go straight through the house of commons the lower chamber. the house of lords and set the government again to try and slow it down why. because the clock is not just checking for the thirty first of october. any deal or no deal but it's taking because you'll remember that last week the prime minister in a surprise. move up. also provocation until the fourteenth of october all of.
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the house of commons unprecedented five weeks. in a row and he got that sense royal assent hours later. so this has to make it through. without without amendments the upper chamber it might need to do the painful process. go from. the but check back to the chamber it's. what is it really needs done by five pm london time. friday up because as of monday the government. can suspend. parliament and what we are waiting for now in the next fifteen to twenty minutes as you said in your introduction. is this response again predicted announced at the dispatch box in the house of commons off to that. key defeat last night to humiliate them baffled a new prime minister for six weeks into the job in office but some say not in power. really fighting for the survival of his premiership all of his government saying that he was going to bring any has done. a motion before the house because he wants a a general election he wants it on tuesday
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now the fifteenth of october why then. because he wants to be able he wants to be the prime minister he believes he can get a majority in a general election. to go to the next you council summit in brussels on the seventeenth and eighteenth. of october and try and pressure the other twenty seven of the eu countries to get. a deal that is what he says he wants to do. indeed and we've already had response days ago from the saying you know was he getting this from because- there's no actual room at to be maneuvered as far as that consent. but it would be using the word unprecedented because that's what it is we're seeing. things that of reading you here and you also losing these. over two days it it again another unprecedented situation he's taken politically quite a bashing isn't a- yes. we cannot underestimate over exaggerates a first the speed with which that alliance of the labor policy i'm some very strange bedfellows some would say
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twenty one tory rebels conservative mps who knew that they had that sort of damocles again unprecedented that threat that if they voted against the government and they voted. for this position motion yesterday that they and during this at the end of this debate that they would be expelled from the party that includes two former chancellor of the exchequer. kenneth clarke the father of the house it was that was under margaret thatcher but also one that was shown to the exchequer of philip comment only six weeks ago. also the grandson of sir winston churchill so nicolas serves a former defense minister i cannot also exexaggerate yes you'll write te possible make sure all the criticism of the attacks on the prime minister certainly the labour leader jeremy corbyn. when attacked by a certainly yeah also attacked by the prime minister the dispatch box to say you a freak you are scared you jeremy corbyn who has said for months and in fact two
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years that you want to general action who have said that you already. he was not prepared to cool one why not what is the prime minister need all the votes because it is no longer in the gift of a british prime minister to call an election it is he needs two thirds of a majority. in the house of commons so we think that what he will try and do is on monday come back a presente short bills saying he wants an election on tuesday the fifteenth of october. and then he would need just a simple majority majority of one would suffice sir would get to get the general election that is coming down the track it's just a question of when and- jenny cornice challenge the prime minister to go tomorrow to brussels. and actually now. also for that extension a three month exception. for the thirty first of january so we'll watch
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and we should get very shortly the results. we do which we expect to the prime minister will lose yes again i will not get the votes necessary in order to trigger. immediately a general election but it it will leave that for now thank you very much indeed it t all out while you're still here is that. as i was listening to you early i set about applying to get a postal vote for that election so. you've inspired me tonight thank you very much it has ever been a part of you that in london with the back to bennett for more reaction throughout this live from paris program that stayed the analysis. of what's happening in the u. k. doctor for that can't be joins us senior lecturer in politics at keele university in stock which i. couldn't use of boris johnson making history them for the wrong reasons losing these folks. in his first days as prime minister i'm it makes you wonder whether his position is terrible but given the way things are happening and how quickly things happening. is double to see how things are going to go up what are. the feelings you have having watched tonight's developments. well mister. in a very awkward position. the british the school system.m. and parliament. is really key it's will to some shin that's the promise to house majority. mr johnson has
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lost its majority and he lost control paul. and this is this is what we see today. the control of the gender politics has now gone it helps hands today andnd the bill has passed very quickly now it might get bogged down the molds we'll see if your correspondent said. this ninety old. the buses are too to try and stop that but- jojohnson issued and it is party a result making. he was eighty people was forced to call in to make a decision what is going to do. by. thirty six broke for the longest period since nineteen thirty. he he really fleshed out many inside his own policy who were uneasy about his direction. now the- victory he's now golf is that those people and i will no longer hold except to quit. now your correspondent rice said that this election coming. but it's not true when. many is the mps cody sitting no they're going
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to do to see like at a super you should lose her seat almost certainly. very so that is and so they they don't want to have an election nonsense. i am always seem to this bill is going through. did the hillary band band bills going through is really intent by palm is trying to stop the exact to stop. the prime minister from trying to. push out took this negotiation process and the and the act to ththe bill so that made compact by the end of the weekend. really does have some interesting elements in it that make sure that that the exact it has to keep on being accountable to the parliamentary chamber. this again is quite unusual we don't use this approach politics is six that this level of scrutiny the prime minister. mr johnson. so at least able to pressure on this and they sent his. desperate please call flexion that he claimed just reading won't. we will now he does.
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he's he's pleading with members of the labor party to ask during the cold into two election it's really quite strong stuff. the academy to leave that thank you very much indeed your analysis though and that we will speak again sir thank you today dot for t the county frorom can university student actor inin politicics. h all eyes are on what's happening in london as soon as we get developments in the house of commons will go back that for. the latest on that. now we move on carrie lam hong kong's chief executive is bound to the protest is major dimond. islam announced this wednesday. the withdrawal of the extradition bill. that's thehe building sparked mononths of demonstrations activists say the move is insufficicient. they are vowing n not to yield until the government accepts other demands including. an independent investigation into alleged police brutality against protest is. the unconditional release of those detained. and greater democracy in hong kong. the government will formally withdraw the bill you know unknown if brunch to protest is carrie lam announced that the controversial
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extradition bill is dead and buried. hong kong's pro beijing party welcome to the news. the government shows that decision. to make one step forward and i hope and urge all these the coda. to take this opportunity to stop and- and we think what is good for the whole course of side. but the opposition pro dedemocracy lawmakers it's too little. too late. the damage is done. comma and who's a steel please in hong kong if you think that you can use this on god and holes to put health i feel fine. that's not the game to be acceptable. in recent weeks protest is afoot ford five specific demands to their local government. the full withdrawal of the extradition bill and inquire into alleged popolice brutality retracting te use of the word riots describe protests amnesty f for arrested protesesters and genuine
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universal suffrage. what started out as an anti extradition bill march has ballooned into. a movement demanding g greater dedemocratic rights. the protest we'll continue. people will never stop until hong kong is the place where people could see and freedom. hong kong's protests have become increasingly violent demonstrators and police clashing with tear g gas water cannons and gas bombs more than eleven hundred people have been detained. at least s seven peope have been killlled in the hurricane in the bahamas unprecedented damages because by hurricane dorian extensive flooding in severely is severely hampering rescue teams of finding out across a ground bahama island would be the worst affected. florida is next in the path of the storm was twenty fourth to the crowd that is in the capital of the bahamas nasa. he has the latest on that. twtwo people died here in the capital nassau the
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bahamas after they've been. transported from those two islands from the abba c coast islandnds and grandnd bahahama y very urgent situation that and the death toll now stands at seven. but there is pretty much no doubt that that that death toll will go up considerably that's the opinion of the prime minister of the bahamas who hasn't even been able to set ground as only been able. to fly over those islands at this point it's also that the point of view that is said by y the rescue services who are trying to get to those islands. as much as possible the u. s. coast guard to is involved the british royal navy as well. and the red cross as well all of them going back and fororth rigt now trying to bring evacuees here to the capital nassau. to the main hospital here and trying to take the most basic things with them water for example medicine as well. of coursese electricityty comp be brought over that but these islands right now that a pretty much cut off from the rest of
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the world it's very very difficult. to get to abaco answer grand bahama right now as you can see behind me. the hopper came hurricane darien has moved on to what the southeastern coast of the united states blue skies fall back but- this is the conclusion. local newspaper here decimated iss that t view l of these two islslands abaco underground bahama looking very veryry bad and att this point. there is n no possibility for us and indeed for the authohorities to find out exactly how death how big the death toll here. could end up yeah. the crowd on the spot then the bahamas will hearken during the schools that such damage. to bring you more of course as- it develops. time to business kate moody joins us. via smile out that's great to see you political turmoil continues in the british parliament there's also uncertainty about the- florida state to the british economy kate reddy brings us goodies
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but always with a smile that again well there's some good news here certainly i'm glad there is you know how to look for. in outlook. there are several conflicting analyses and forecasts coming out today about the state and the future of the uk economy a new survey by ihs market suggests that the u. k. is on the brink of recession with manufacturing and construction sectors shrinking services stagnating and business confidence at its lowest in three years the government however has outlined a rosier forecast the finance ministry has announced an end to austerity and nearly fourteen billion pounds in new spending that's the biggest increase in fifteen yearsrs. critics have said that it amounts to a pre election ploy separately the bank of england has scaled back its estimates of the damage that would be caused by a no deal brags that saying the economy is now better insulated for potential shock. issues around port capacity and customs capacity have. a material impact so our expectation back in november.
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was that the reduction in this was broadly consistent with the government's expectations in terms of their analysis. that there could be up to and remember that this is a worst case scenario not the most likely but there could be up to a three quarters. reduction in the through put through the major ports iff thehere has beea new deal brexit at that point in november. no. we think that that reduction is less than half. mark carney speaking earlier there. as you can that is trading action now the major european indices sharply higher even as that uncertainty over briggs it continues and the pound rallied. so stocks in milan up about one and a half percent is italy prepares to swear inn its new coalition governme wall street also rose after steep losses on tuesday. the dow jones of about two hundred points there the tech heavy nasdaq outperforming their up one point three investors focusing on a lot of different geo political issues including breads it up but also the us china trade war and the unrest in hong kong all of that
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making for a rather rocky. month or so on the global stock markets. moving on from the days of the business headlines now. head of emirates airlines is one plane makers to improvee the e reliability and safety of their aircraft. or risk seeing orders dry up. tim clark told. boeing airbus and their suppliers. they must better respect their clients. boeing has delayed delivery of its triple seven x. wide body jet. that well it's seven thirty seven max remains grounded around the world's falling to the crashes. you too bad its parent company google it and find a hundred and seventy million dollars in the uniteded states to settle allegations that collected personal data about children without their parents consent. said it's working on a new kid friendly video service on which- election to avoid further conflict. and far away is accused us authorities of launching cyber security attacks on its internal systems to and tried of trying to bribe its employees no evidence was provided to back up wednesday's
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allegations the us has been leading a global campaign to blacklist the chinese tech company on security concerns. trump is meanwhile said probably should not be a topic of conversation in any future discussions on. trade didispute. christina gals is on track to move from the international monetary fund the european central bank. at a hearing in brussels she defended the bank's stimulus measures but said it needs to be more flexible to meet unforeseen challenges. members of the committee on economic and monetary affairs voted in favor ofofer canandidacy she is expected to get the green light from the full european parliament in the coming weeks kathy corporate has more. grilling for the woman nominated to the most powerful post in the eurozone. outgoing imf chief christine lagarde and made it clear she intends to continue with president mario draghi is policies. keeping the ecb on its path towards loose monetary policy. thought she called on member states to take more responsibility for spurring growth within their
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individual economies. some countries in the euro area. can actually use some of their physical space. in order to improve. broadband infrastructure end of. set in place the public spending that will actually help fight the recession draghi is expected to re launch quantitative easing by the end of the month to prop up the sluggish tourismsm e ecoy and boost inflation the book has been growing at a pace of point two percent. whihile inflation is far below the 2% target. the guards so hoping to bring in u. green focus to the ecb my personal view on those issues is that any institution. has to actually have climate change risks and protection of the environment at the core of the understanding of the mission the president elect also said she aims to make public explanations of the bank's decisions more accessible and understandable. to people across the eurozone.
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neo barring any unforeseen unexpected surprises christina outside to beat the ecb president on november first kay kay thank you very much the capital business. time for me to watch emma james joins us getting to you the brakes it roller coaster. continues on its course that could be a general election i in the u. k. it's possible but no one's quite sure what's happening it is kind of the worst kept secret in british politics that. it was possible this is going to happen people talking about the date of october the fourteenth i'm boris johohnson seseems to have intntimate is tt take it out to be october the fifteenth. and the british cartoonists very quick off the mark on this one pool thomas he's a political cartoonist at this very simple image boris johnson with that but the polling books and the data fifty thought of october. in his own eyes he l looks slilighy s. i idol statartled butut anywd nonot just i in myy m mind a chn itemems in the e eveningg standd hahas thiss onene with perersonl competining himimself into a corner. andnd t this i is the ds markeded elelection becausese he
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really doesn't't have. too many options up his sleeve right now and this is for months in the telegraph and no two u. la this take on the possibility of a new election. i jeremy cool but has that he doesn't want it to happen not because he doesn't want to election but because he doesn't want this to be a way to sneak in. a no deal with brick britain leaving the european union with no agreement in place so he's saying yes but play but but no it's just yes. i am a lot of people. wondering whether jeremy corbyn is the hot shooting himself in the first a little bit because for two years he's talked about wanting a general election he did have quite nice line though in his. speech tonight saying and that the offer of an out n. u. election is a bit like the from an apple to snow white from the wicked queen it contains the poison of note deal. everyone there very very c confused about all the political shenanigans in the u. k. right now these kind of tweets i will say
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absolutely everywhere i wish this brexit series looking netflix feels like i've been watching it. late at night for the last three years and i'm not close to finding out what's going to happen. and this is that i. anyway. is that. basically a lot of people very confused right now i'm. confusion and some might say there's a certain shame about what's going on and on that issue of being a shame this one a beach from last night's debate which isn't going anywhere isn't going away too. no absolutely i if you don't social media tool today youou cannotot p possiblbly have escad the image of jacob rees mogg prone on the green letter of the houses of parliament benches and only one newspaper put on its front page not was the national in scope plans along with the headline at johnson humiliation. and it
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says tory contempt for us later bad thoughts with babies at this position of jacob rees mogg ready to sum up his contempt for the process contempt for the people of the united kingdom perhaps and it has become a source of great amusement from lots of people and bought many were very angry he was criticized in the house by and he's he was also criticized online by them. on the telly saying at the physical embodiment of arrogance entitlement disrespected contempt for a parliament and will this late and he said i'm hoping spreading his ninety to march into the chamber with a blanket hello and a whole couple who thanks for the poor man not too sure there was much sympathy going around well it's a hot milky drink that's quite popular in the u. k. tvs. i forget people might not know about that one. i'm. to the-
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missions that means as we call them. i am and that he is beating the essence and family to the safe i'll happens. in that the g. every day and this one and all to titanic paint me like one of your french girls. and one of my favorites here this one very political in dis and he's hugging. a bass saying i love boris on the teachers of it and he got a little night cap on. and it says just off the not able to warm milk. sweet dee dreams of all the millions of pounds you made shorting the pound. one of the big criticisms of jacob rees mogg. it's worth pointing out is the leader of the house. not that he's actually making. a great deal of money we're talking millions out of the brexit confusion. and the fact that the pound has dropped and he's moved his own hedge fund to island in order to. makake sure it stays within europe so a lot of people feel his. but a bit of hypocrisy going on. at with jacob riis logan his desire for the u. k. to. be out of the european union. and. point that is an interesting one is in the independence this piece by emma by now. talks about the lasting legacy at
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this image. i'm saying the basically in bodies every negative stereotypical image that anyone has all of the tory party. and the fact that they don't understand how hard people have to work that they have it easy that over privileged. and basically what she says in this piece is that any time any tory mps accused of being out of touch. they can just call up this image and it is going to be hard for them to shake off. and the other thing that's worth noting is that people do have very real fears about brexit. nor does some of very happy for brexit to happen. even if it's an ideal scenario. but there are many others that fee is may or may not prove to be well founded. but being in this kind of arrogant laid back poposition when one of the most important debates that will ever happen in the british p parliament is taking place. a lot of people really quite angry about it. and i wonder how it wowould have bebeen taken if it wass a labor politician done that given the right wing leading of most of the press in the u. k. emma thank charged with emma james of. the watch. thanks to kate for the business too great to see you.
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