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the day at two eighty k. yeah but it is looking to live in paris in france twenty four high marco and these. are the main world news headlines. well the british prime minister break the law and ignored breaks it delayed bill boris johnson style that he rather be. dead in aa ditch them delay breaks it could see him in legal hot water. if you ignore the last of the new law passed. by parliament and the queen start a new deal. france and russia. possible first head to head between the senior diplomats since ties are broken off of the moscow's annexation. of the ukrainian crimea province in spite of the meeting the u. sanctions looks set to continue. joe says as
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far as he's concerned the peace talks on afghanistan our dad afghan president ashraf ghani made it when you call for peace this monday please just the taliban must observe a ceasefire. god is trying to regain a hold on the peace process find the surprise collapse of talks between. the united states and the militants. thank you very much for b being with us that has been a day of developments in the united kingdom. over breaks it british prime minister first announcing parliament is to be suspended for five weeks from now boris johnson declaration. was immediately condemned by the leader of the opposition charm recorded as disgraceful corbin accusising johnson of running away. meanwhile the man who's been keeping the mps in order has announced that he's calling it a day speaker of the house
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john burke. says he'll quit. on october thirty first for the next election whichever comes first. boris johnson was in talks monday with the ira ship to ship leo varadkar the issue the irirish border of course top of the agenda. in that one no sign the two men have you point that is now and close at the lotus stock no deal breaks in what. has received the queen's approval. if boris johnson refuses to respected ago negotiate with brussels he. now risks prosecution for contempt about little. leave the e. you by the end of october come what may. that still boris johnsons mission even off the parliament passed legislation forcing him to ask for another brexit extension if new new deal emerges by the nineteenth of october. some of his ministers have rejected speculation that he has to resign claiming he can keep his promise while also respecting the laws passed by parliament we all going to dodo with that. thehe station's test very carefully well two
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thousand doesn't require and that's not a needle full thing today i think it's the responsible thing to dodo the responsible thing to do was to support. legislation which weakens on the guy sitting position in brussels. and he's are expected to object boris johnson second attempts. to trigger a general election on the fifteenth of october. they agreed on friday to not have a snap election intel a new deal breaks it has dedefinitelyly ben avavoided. thehe billl receceivd royal assent on monday at pulsing internal last week the prime minister took a battering in parliament. and he no longer has a working majority. the many resignations and sackings include cabinet minister on the roads boris johnsons own brbrother and winsnston chururcs grandson. continue on this theme of the band builders who just been talking about to delay breaks it and avoid the i know deal is not officially little promise pros johnson then. could risk prosecution should he refused to respect that and i remember last week he said he rather be found dead in a ditch. on delay breaks it
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beyond the current date of october the thirty first. of. course one in london is been a patio she spoke to laura said hey. boris johnson tried to get this through last week he failed. he's going to attempt again this afternoon. because he wants an early poll he wants a snap. election because he thinks he can win it to the date. if i could wave a magic wand that he would like. is tuesday the fifteenth of october. but it's expected he will not be able to. get that much that he will fail. again because he needs to slow us of mps. to approve that. and it is clear that because they've made it clear that the opposition parties. the labor party the scottish national party the liberal democrats' plight come re. tory rebels and others which are not so mind is in fact a quite opposed to granting him. that poll. and of course he wants to general action because he wants to change. the makeup of the house
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of commons the house of commons. that has inflicted. a defeat after defeat after defeat. that has seized control of. business parliamentary business seize control. over the timing. and forced pasta nor the dot royal assent finalllly that made it through n record time. hello chamber the house comes in the upper chamber. of the house of lords. and tied his hands effectively. because it tells him that he has not got a deal by the nineteenth of october. and what he must. do is go to brussels and also for three months. to the man whose bill was passed today the bend bill hilary benn the labor and p. for leads and also my interviewed earlier on today. eighty six truth that
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parliament is going to be shut down tonight and sent away for a month. at the very moment all of this breaks a crisis reaching its- its peak. and these are elected to do a job of work which is to scrutinize the government to ask questions to hold the prime minister to account. and he sang a few go. tonight what we're expecting is that pull in that defeat to the government but of course laura this a five week prorogation of parliament requested by boris johnson two weeks ago. and which also got royal assent which opposition mps as you can see there are very unhappy about because they feel that this is depriving the proper scrutiny at a very particular political constitutional difficult. time because of brexit in the united kingdom. the correspondence in london when's westminster looking at the old developments of course. on this story and across the nation as soon as that we have a something you to bring here. john burke at me while announcing his decision to quit as a speaker this afternoon brcko schools the a colorful character. usually seen. on tv news and heard shouting order order but his knowledge of
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parliamentary procedure has made his him. a top performer in this key role in response. is the house tonight for an early general elections my tenure as speaker. and he will end when this parliament and use. if one house does not serve you. i have concluded that the least disruptive. and most democrats course of action. would be for me to stand up and down at the close of business on thursday. october the thirty first. announcing that he will be standing down as a speaker of the house of commons were which watching football developments in london where of course were expecting at the m.
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motion on a general election to a possible common set again we understand that these things being discussed will go that as soon as we get to signs of fresh developments. to other news here live from paris italy's prime instant decepticon take a saline you reforms as a confidence vote that is one that of course in the sensual heard of the new coalition had to pass contains setting a five star italian democrats administration it was formed after the far right brought down the previous. populist coalition early last month. the afghan president ashraf ghani made a renewed call for peace this monday but he insnsisted the taliban must observe a ceasefirere. gadis trying to regain a hold on the peace process follolowing the surprise collapse of talks between the united states. on the militants on these comments to the meeting of military leaders in kabul came amid uncertainty over the future of that. and the eighteen years of war. in afghanistan after the us president donald trump's abrupt cancellation of talks
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with the taliban at the weekend. spring gamame that kid giles cd consulted follow on russia and eurasia program. asset chatham house for more on this one he getting to you donald trump. saying that as far asas he's concerned these peace talks of debt. good evening yes. now were you aware that you are asking me to talk about russia this evening i'm not gonna stop. i'm confused certainly let's talk about the situation in russia russia and france witith that to do y you r as a topic. russia and francnce would do me fifine. that's going to that one i apologize sound that agency. okay so be clarified. russia and france the meeting today because it is only the drill and does a lot for all this the first meeting since the twenty fourteen annexation of crimea can i ask you what is friends trying to do here we talk about sort of. threree stocking t though thirtn the internatational agenda is that it. it seems to be an
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attempt to do so in an n attempt to guide t the international agagenda to was brininging rusaa ckck and now in doing so o of course. francisis s stepping o f line w with all those that think russia should actually bearr the conseqequences f f it's- appallining actionsns and-- i is alsoso going against all the advice of those whoook. at the history of relations witith russssia and say.. this is a terrible mistake it has neverer worked beforore why do o you thk it is going t to work now. and f course frances repeating its own trackck r record all of. i'm posing sees f isn't agreementsts that arare draftedn moscscow on the victitims of russiann aggggression. whether it's in georgigia or ukrainene there's a pattern here which repeats ovever and over again. o for thosee of us whoho watch russssia a longg to and this isa very alarmrming d development a- we are worried as to where exactly it might lead what precisely is guiding this french intervention. into the on his own w with russia s so my aspects and to the store and this comes at a time when. that there's a question mark of whether one of the key suspects in the shooting down of flight mh. one seven will ever face
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questions. i don't t think it'sa question not a tool at the s. as you say that's one of the- many issues which overhanging this in which you would think. with militates against engaging with russia at this point. now of course there's also the brutal repression of protest in moscow with the bomb the- the underground a graphic elections that we've just seen where. russia avoids the necessity of rigging elections recipe preventing democratic candidates from standing in the fifirst place. all of these things would suggest to most people that this is definitely not. a time to bring russia back into the fold and try to build bridges with moscow. he just gonna sit again to the had the manual macro on this one if i can push it half fall. it might be a bit of a leap. in terms of what he's trying to achieve here i mean. some might say there's a recalibration of france's position moving away from the united states becoming more kind of. central try to be more independent. in the kind of tradition of f the goal in that sense i suppose. willing to deal with the russian one to deal with united states. that does seem to be one aspect of it like that yes it delusions of grandeur as some people to
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put it. there are also suggestions that macros is despsperate to find some kind of buffer against china. find any kind of alliance. to reduce the power of china in the coming decades. however dealing with russia is not the way to do so. now it's the last time when an alliance was forced with russia against an evil that threatened everybodody. winston churchill called doing a deal with the devil. now that he's we hope. the kind of spirit thahat most people who are getting into an agreement with h moscow willl enter. the rice. and open understanding of exactly whatt the face. where do you think things will go from here where he recalls that. in spite of this meeting between is only the drill on the say lavrov respective foreign ministers of. france and russia the idea of sanctions from the e. u. on russia because what happened. in crimea in twenty fourteen that's not going to stand nothing's gonna change. certainly it's impressive that the sanctions have lost it this far of course france is only one of the few countriries thehe
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are plenty of other countries that are looking on. with dismay fronts is doing at this point and there are many different aspects to help. relations with russssia could develop and of course there are many bilateral relations that said russia he seeking to. to maintain throughout the eq but there will always be strong resistance from those countries that do feel the need to stand up t to russia. and t to deter y future russian adventurism all military aggression instead of. encocouraging which of course is what resets of this kind to. can gel seen a consulting fellow on russia and eurasia at chatham house. thank you so very much for joining us i apologize for the confusion. at the start of interview but i think have certainly. your message loud and clear coming through. on the issue between russia and france thank you so very much anti defeats on into patients. sixty alive from paris the around back group has bolles says they have. in their possession an israeli drone. that they shot down in southern lebanon the incident is the latest escalation between.
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israel and the toronto at group. it comes a week before israel the set to head to the polls inin a re staging ofof lat spring elelection. monday so the latest escalation between lebanon's hezbollah and israel. anti anti around back group claimed to hahave shot down ann israeli unmanned aircraft outsidide the southern town. of crimea. the israeli ministry for its part denied the claim saying that a small surveillance drone had crashed. a legal resident in the area describe the scene. and then what i'll do we had they down to driving when he came toto check it out. way herod the border but when not worried. which ip and hopefefully the das ahead will previous right this with a she- tensions on n this boboard i h have been running hh since last week when israel and hizbollah exchangnge the fiercet crcross border shelling. since the conflict in two thousand and six israel is concerned about the growing influence of iran through its militias in
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lebanon syria and iraq. the country's prime minister benjamin netanyahu also accused tehran early this monday of having a previously undisclosed site aimed at developing nuclear weapons his claims have not been endorsed by any members of the international community. the latest flare up in the region comes as israel heads into the final week of campaigning for an unprecedented second general election five months. netanyahu is hoping to gonna support with his hard stance against iran hohowever his strategy could bak fine. if the two sides went to head for war. rescueue workers are still searching for victims of hurricane dorian in the bahamas the storm brought unprecedented damage and destruction as well as widespread flooding the police say at least forty five people have been killed.d. the stuff still isis sadly expected to ri. the survivors arrrriving in norh south has only what they could carry with them. home has been
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wiped off the map. they've lost everything. i have to live. there is nothing now not at all. doll. gone dave left of a curve in the thousands knowing it may be many months or years before they got back. well aware that it could have been far worse.. many peoplple dead many people . more survivors way too much time at the airport on our because to get out i i was desperatelely needed aidides who was in. is an n urgent need for critical life saving supplies food water andnd sanitary hygie.
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shipping companies have also stepped up in the kitchens of this cruise liner stuff made lunch for ten thousand pepeople in the space of a few hours. the food was then brought to shore by tug boat. and given to survivors. with at least seventy thousand people homeless the bahamas is facing the worst humanitarian crisis in its history. we'll keep causal developments on that situation the bahamas of for you and of course the progress of harken dorian. it's not a business let's so bring in now you could roy haynes chose a good evening to you hello starting with a google face yet another anti trust investigation. attorney generals from fifty eight states and territories in the united states have launched a probe into google's advertising business. don has long been accused of abusing its dominance in online such it has already faced the european union fine says the more than eight billion euros. since
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twenty seventeen. let's take a listen to call rest seen that the attorney general for the district of columbia. very compelling analyses suggest that the overwhelming. number of query responses. relate to. google businesses and or advertisers that pay for that slot. within those blanks. attorney generals. really care about where the rubber meets the road. and that is for the residents of their states. and consumers we also care about businesses especially small businesses. that w was the attorneyey general f for the district of columbia in the united states speaking at that. british airways hasas counseled almost all its u. k. flights for monday and tuesday eight due to it's faster ever hi that strike the forty eight hour walkouts began after the pilots union rejected the company's offer of increased pay. the airline has apologized to customers and condemns the
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pilots action clash as well. british airways terminal five at heathrow practically empty. ba has had t to cancel nearly al of its flights departing from and arriving in the uk due to the airline's first ever pilot strike. it't's frustrating because when y you have plants anand you have everything all set. and all of a sudden it's like having g a carpet pulled ot from under your feet. the two day strike which began on monday is affecting roughly a hundred and ninety five thousand customers. b. a.'s expected to lose some forty five million euros per day because of it. the carrier has apologized and condemned the pilot's decision. it is punishing our customers first it iss punisishing a brand is punishing the 90% of f colleagus that have already accepted this eleven point 5% deal. that deal for an eleven point 5% pay increase over three years was proposed to be a employees in july. the carrier's pilotot's
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ununion also known as balboa rejected it. 93% of british airways pilots voted to go on strike they're the ones i'm representing this dispute they are the ones i'm trying to broker a deal for. pilots have accused ba of cutting costs at the expense of workers despite growing profits. the airline's parent comompany i ag reported a pretax profit of roughly three billion euros in twenty eighteen and nine point 8% inincrease from twenty seventee. and profits are still on the rise for the sixth year in a row. that the carrier says it's investing these profits in new planes seats lounges and other equipment and services. meanwhile around thirteen thousand passengers remain stranded following the collapse of a glass you francis second largest airline filed for bankruptcy last week after making losses from over expansion. the carrier s. after many flights in and o out of
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algeria but its ambitious venture into long haul flights as far as brazil fails to take off. a deadline was set for me date is monday if a potential bias the place that bids fourteen offers were madee among them efron's which reportedldly offered to take o on the 70% ofa girl as use twelve hundred employees. s. as in efron's kaelin fell almosost 10% after the compmpany managed as a potential buyer for a goodod as do. you can see at night down nine point 77% at the close. let's take a look at the closing figures on wall street then thou managing to close in positive territory but the s. and p. and the mass that finished in the red. w wait by the techch sector. next to the latest twist in the monthlong corporate saga at japan's nissan the call me because he he writes a psychology has announced he will stepp down next monday. he's been under growing pressure over excess pay. the company says that the overpayment of about four
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hundred thousand euros which like a promise to return. was not illegal but did not comply with company rules. the scandal hits nissan when it's facing plplummeting sales and job cuts cycle was that he hahad wanted o push through corporate governance reforms. following the arrest of carlos ghosn and the gaining. keys his predecessor of causing trouble the company. i missed out. on another's neck hello venus nestle tool my tenure. suffered the consequences of scandal with. i should have addressed all those issues before passing over the torch to the next generation. i regret that t i have not been able to do so. he doesn't dismiss. mrs like ours successor will be names by the end of october thank you for which the u. kerr way without assistance from. tie the mediawatch chains cretan is with us starting with. johnson the uk prime minister and his
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visit to dublin to speak with his irish counterpart the teacher yes so i've- got lots on the sun. mark but we'll start with some of the optics people feeling as they often. do with that boris johnson that that this is the style is not necessary procrit too. the function hi this is doctor jennifer casting she's large a politics professor at oxford university. if there's one thing i want to get across to you leo and this was a an extra from one of the- at the tone i suppose and the tenor of the speech and- and then you have a photo company at showing boris johnson. as ray leaning on his elbow and as the speech was going on anyway isn't this particular president like. she said he was disgraceful basically on the route. so that the i suppose it's how would you say it's an insight into the way relations have soured at between dublin and london. at against the backdrop of ad that that the at the smb installments not functioning and all about on this going from a period of very good relations in the nineties and all things up. to this but you see if you look at the conservatives at twitter feed
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you wouldn't pick up a lot of old at the everything looks very chummy. if the u. k.'s leading it should leave on thirty first october that's picking up on one of the- elements i in the of rockers cut quite long and well. lord it's a speech at. if he pays leaving it should indeed leave on on that date so this would present things as being very at most people being on the same page. but if you look at political dolly you how arland lost its patient with patients with president brits it's a somewhat more complex that picture of what the point to point to hear insights that. indeed it while one no deal would be terrible it would also be temporary influence let's get the paint over with but i think it's after coming from the open at this stage. seeing that. there's an acknowledgement that neither side is going to budge on this so . that was me you
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know like knowledge for treason may and her withdrawal agreement and then it was back to the drawing board again so i think from the point of view all at. a tournament it's and an office in off and- interesting to think that this was only in twenty seventeen mark when the two premiers mass at. and i was completely different. tone brags that i've already been voted but there is a sense that. some agreement we could become to from minimum harm and if as puzzles days very much going to snap. this is an opinion piece and- it was both. both in the guardian. in the uk and in the irish times vinton o'toole devices that led johnson to power are useless. when you have two. wheeled us. and so this is i suppose very much. as it it doesn't just apply to march on simple tooth. many populist leaders nowadays i think. it is true that somewhere within this not performance. and laid the notion this was in in in the up in the- run up to his. day taking over at number ten. lay the notion that johnson would change once he became prime
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ministers was all an act in order to. come to power. that's that would be a transformation to a warrior like king. there was no margin bottom five statesmanship this is observing his behavior of the past. week or two. just a friend or co kun about a lesson to debating side seat society i'm tex. that's his take on things. and i love the line that certainly of recca said to. boris johnson about beining i love to be. his and you know you know. that's that's a classic because obviously. boris johnsons a classicist study classic little sis. likes quote classics and if it would be if the unit you'll hercules when hercules was going mad and killed is. his family it was at the end who. knocked him out and save into making even more damage so that the invitation that is clear. ireland will stop britain. because even more times are breaks it by. just being there and being sensible it looks like he might decide looks like he might have told him in that speech and fox news a- could have been seen as a- reference to being a- in supports mold.
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09/09/19 09/09/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! decisions that mr. trump will incncrease the suicide attacks as well as attacks in the provinces, disistricts, andn civilians. so we're concernrned about this and hope it iso o point happene. amy: a afghans are fearing a new wave of violence after p presidt trump calleded off a secreret cp david summit with thtataliban and the president offgfghanist in an attempt to end t 1818-year-war, t the longe i in. history. we will go to kabul for


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