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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 10, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ >> hello and welcome to live from paris, "france 24." these are the headlines. the new incoming president for the european commission announces her pick. promising a more representative and inclusive team of commissioners. we'll be speaking with our correspondence in brussels. british parliament suspended for five weeks but not before mps reject a second request for
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a snap election. andd withh just one week before israelis had to the polls, prime minister netanyahu reveals what he says is a secret nuclear site in iran. iran insisting he is crying wolf. thank you very much for joining us. also coming up this hour, we will take you to the frankfurt motor show where cal -- carmakers are hoping that their new cars will distract from the no deal brexit. and how far should pesticide sprayed farmland be kept? ♪
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anchor: thank you very much for joining us. the president-elect of the european commission has put forward a list of commissioners to represent all 27 eu member states. former italian, prime minister and former dutch foreign minister. it is up to the european parliament to approve the new team after a thorough vetting process.. if the new lineup is given the green light, the commission will be comprised of 13 women and 14 men, making it the most gender balanced commission and european history. today is and gentlemen, am presenting my team for europe. it draws on all of the strengths women,ents, men and experienced and young, east and
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west, south and north, a team that is well-balanced. togetherat brings diversity of experience and competence. go across toll brussels to speak with our correspondent, dave keating. what are the most significant things to come out of these nominations? the big headline is that there will be three executive vice presidedents serving under von der leyen. viceirst is the latvian president for the economy. then we have the netherlands representative, the vice president for the green deal and the commission of her climate. and then we have denmark representative, she will be the vice president for digital and she will keep her existing job as competition commissioner. that is going to have the big
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tech giants like google and facebook's shaking in their bo ots, especially since during this announcement, von der leyen said that europeans to regain their digital sovereignty. some of the other interesting picks is that an italian commissioner was able to get an economic portfolio, and one other that will work very hand in hand. the reason the italian pic is interesting is it is very clearly a gift to the new italian government consisting of the centerleft and the populists. far-right party had put togogether a nominee, tt would not have gotten such a good portfolio. some of the other interesting picks is that the commissioner energytonia that got the portfolio will be by itself and not paired with climates, and we
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can expect the energy security issues are going to play high on the agenda. meanwhile, lithuania commissioner got the environment portfolio, one thing he has been notorious for in brussels the last couple of months, and he apparently keeps a make america great again hat on his desk. he says the hat was a gift, but it does not reflect his political views. anchor: these 27 names are picks . what happens next in terms of procedure? yeaeah, next we go to thehe eueuropean parliament acrossss e streetet where will -- whwhere they will hold c confirmation hearings for the nominees. the european parliament does like to claim one scalp so it demonstrates its power. 's just one person,
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and last time around, it was the primen -- flovenian minister, that had been voted out. by her placement, jean-claude her as her put vice president, and they were offering her up as a sacrificial lamb. we can expect one of these people to not be confirmed. i would say because of the humiliation the european parliament suffered in july with the pick of von der leyen, who was not one that the european that onet had insisted had to become the next european president, i expect we may get two or three rejections. the confirmation hearings could get very fiery. anchor: interesting. dave keating and brussels, thank you. government has one
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of two confidence votes. party.terleft democratic 263 voted against. way for ate paves the second vote this tuesday in the senate. the government securing support of the country's upper house is less of a done deal. senate, they hold a slim upper majority than they do in the lower house. brexit's uncertainty still abounds, but the u.k. parliament has been formally suspended for five weeks. of shamet with chants .n you by opposition lawmakers this as lawmakers roundly rejected johnson's second request for a snap election.
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a london correspondent takes us through the events in westminster. it was the sixth successive defeats for the prime minister for the second time of asking, he was denied the early snap poll he wanted on tuesday, the 15th of october, in order to, he thinks or hopes, win an election and go with the mandate to brussels. eu octotober 17 and 18th summit, but it was not going to be. parties in -- ensured that they won the day. poll,l not have a snap
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but we will be having a queen's speech the day before and that will be wind this place, the upper chamber and lower chamber come back after five weeks. that was no suspense yesterday. we knew the prime minister had asked that before parliament had came back and had been given royal assent. mp, the conservative former attorney general says he has information, good information within the house of thernment that actually, information given to the queen was actually not correct. really it's being about wanting an election, it was to deny scrutiny of mps at this very tricky, particularly complex time three years after
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the eu referendum. a very heated debate yesterday and a raucous corrugated and ceremony that we stayed on for at 2:00 a.m. where many mps protested with placards in the house of commons. parliament may be suspended, but the heat after the debate is far from over. action packed today in parliament on monday, but it is by no means unprecedented. taking a look back at an extremely eventful couple of years for british democracy. another monday, another turbulent day in the house of commons. boris johnson lost his second call for a snap election, and the speaker announced his resignation, and the parliamentary suspension until the 14th of october began. the 18th of april, 201717, thera
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may knowing hohow difficult t it would be to delivever brexexit, called an election, hoping to strengthen her p position in parliament. >> where we agreed the government should call a general election. conservatives ended up losing 13 seats. agreement withan the european democratic unionist party, they held onto power, but it meant the parliamentary arithmetic became more difficult. shefailed attempts,s, andnd resigned on the 24th of july this year. then it was over the boris johnson. by strategy, deliver brexit any means at the end of october. he tried to win an election. he has made no deal a very real possibility. a large number of tories have left or been sacked as a result. the paradox remains. it is very difficult to deliver brexit without significantly changing the makeup of parliament, but it is very
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difficult to win an election without delivering brexit. gohor: with just a week to before israel heads to the polls, prime minister netanyahu has unveiled what he says is a previously undisclosed iranian nuclear weapons site. u.n.coming as the watchdog is meeting. latest escalation in a series of recent diplomatic and military incidents between the two foes. for more on this, we will cross to jerusalem. jordana, we are just a week from elections in israel. opponentshu's dismissing this allllegation. jordana: absololely. we have to look at the timing of the announcement. we are seven dayayaway, andd
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netanyahu is fighting for his popolitical right. t the polls coconsistently showing that he does not have enough support in his right wing blocks. it is a fracactured block. one of his allies now w turned rivals. turnyahu trying at every to really get those votes, and one ofof the ways he doess it iy training himself as the ultimate guardian of israel's s security. that is why many belelieve he revealed thihis new inl.l. it is not clear it needed to happen now, and his rivalals, including ththe head of the e be andd w white, centrist party slamming him saying he is using classified israeli s security intelligence on the campaign trail for political gain, and that this is dangerous. comes as u.s.ll
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president donald trump says he is n now open to freresh talks h iran. how is that being g receiveded y netanyahu? jordana: netanyahu is extremely nervous and does not want any kind of meeting between president trump and the every prep -- and the iranian presesident. he h has pursued a pass of sanctions and pressure, and has lobbied president trump to pull out of the iran nuclear deal.l. that has been one of the motitivations for netanyahu to give the expose yesterday. was this a veiled messagege to president trump that now is not the time, that iran is still involved in trying to pursrsue nuclclear weapons? tel holds up,i in and netanyahu alleging that iran
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is still involved in developing nuclear weapons are working towards s that -- this s a a site that was allegedly, accordrding to netanyahu, just n july. netanyahu is nervous. he heard president trump say o n the white house lawn that he is rouhanpen to meeting i later this monthth. anchor: thank you. it willban says that push on with its war against u.s. forces in afghanistan. that in response to u.s. president donald trump saying that peace talks with the talibaban are now dead. over the weekend, ththe presidit canceled a secret t meeting with the taliliban and afghan leader. it is now unclear if the u.s. will push ahead with the planned cuts to a nunumber of u.s. army
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personnel in afghanistan. president macron: they are dead. -- presesident trump:they are dead. they're dead. they thought they had to kill people to put themselves in a better negotiating position. one happened to be an american soldier, and you cannot do that with me. so they are dead as far as s i'm concncerned. we have hit the taliban harder in the last four days than they have been hit in the last 10 years. that is the way it is. next three weeks, france will be holding a national consultation on the use of pesticides, and whether there should be a legal, minimum distance in residential areas and agricultural areas sprayed with chemicals. the two areas should always be kept at least 150 meters apart, but that was later overturned in court. our anchor has details. >> a poisonous debate on a
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particularly tricky question. the french government has launched a three-week consultation to see if citizens are in favor of a safety distance between fields that are sprayed with pesticides and private homes. they propose five meters for low-lying crops, and 10 meters for higher ones like bonds and fruit t trees. subjected,eowners such short distances arere akino a joke. >> 10 meters is ridiculous and means nothing. to avoid contamination, you need 100 or 150 meters. >> by the same token, the main union of agriculture workers says such a law would hurt the farmers livelihood. for 10 meters, they say it is way too much. >> even that is unrealistic in certain cases if you take inhards or vineyards, and
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the champagne region, sometimes it is two or three rows. --the proposed consultation >> we are not relying on what so-and-so may think, i am relying on what the agency for agriculture or and food security recommends. it says fiveve meters for low-lying crops an1010 meters for h high ones. >> if it passes, france would be one of the first countries in europe to create a minimum safety distance for spraying. step forant recognizing the dangers of pesticides, but one that has already created much ire all around. >> our top headlines on france 24. the new incoming president of the european commission announces her topic for her 27 strong team. von der leyen promising a more representative and inclusive team of commissioners. the british parliament is suspended for five weeks, but
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not before mps reject a second request by the prime minister for a snap election. the senior advisor to boris johnson says that u.k. will leave t the eu by the end o of e month. and with just one week before israelis had to the polls, prime minister netanyahu reveals what he said is a secret nuclear site in iran. iran's foreign minister insisting he is crying wolf. a businessnow for updadate, so joining the studio- joint in the stutudio by stephe. google in the united statates. > this is 50's attorney genel joining forces to investigigate google's dominancece in the e sh anand advertising industry. they say the comompany's size raisises concerns and issued cil subpoenas for ththe coany seeking information about the advertising practices. is the latest
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legal move against google in the united states. >> after the federal trade commission, the department of justice, regulators in europe, and this t time, 50 attorneys general unitited to probe googls practices. >> 150 attorneys general come together, they sent a strong message to google. it is a big deal. not new asestions are alphabets, google's parent company stifled competition in online advertising, is g google gigiving users the most relevant search results or data that can generate more money? >> as a new mom, when my daughter is sick, and i searched online for advice or doctors, i want the best advice from the best doctors. clinics whoor and
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can spend the most on advertising. it wille has said cooperate with the latest investigation. >> we have answered many questions on these issues over many years and the united states as well as overseas, across many aspects of our business, so this is not new for us. senior vice president of g global affairs added that the company is one of the top investors in innovative technology that benefits everyone. controls 37% of the online advertising market. facebook, 22%. businesss own practices are currently investigated by eight attttornes general.l. >> the franknkfurt motor show gs underway today and there has been another sign of a slow day in the car industry. byia's new car sales plunged 40% in august. the sectctor has been squeezed y
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reduced access t to credit in te country's non-buying lenders. india's economic growth has slowed sharply to 5% expansion in the last quarter. >> the slowing market is not the only challenge that carmakers are facing right now. >> know, the carmakers are inteternationanal -- no,o, the carmakerers are international ones, a and often cononstructedd across seven dififferent countrieies. brexit is a majojor risk f for e sesector. discussing this with the ceo of germany landlubber. we need more than 22 million delivered onu.k. time, and their assembly lines to produce their cars, and we do not have transport logistics and all of these kinds of things that will be difficult to manage , not only for landrover, but
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for industry. >> you are launching these new models at a time when the auto industry is seeing a slowdown in sales in many markets. how do you view the prospects for landrover for the rest of 2019? a tough timet is at thehe moment for the automobe indudustry. we face geopolitical issues, economic issues, but also political ones like brexit and some other countries. addition, we have simultaneously the change of technology from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles, and all of these kinds of things are coming together unprecedented at the moment. weare a small company, and are totally focused on the products like you see behind me, and i am s sure that we can
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weather the storm. >> you have talked about that cars -- are you sure dolby infrastructure as you make them -- are you sure there will be infrastructure as you make them? >> t the full electric vevehicln cars,premium sector, global we have a lot and we are leading in the electrified field, and we also track to deliver in every new name plate completely electrified. happenining on n the brexit frt in the last 24 hours, let's check in on how the pound has been trading throuough all off this. starting rally to its hihighest
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level in six weeks on mondayay,a pound of trading for $1.1.23 and just under one euro and $.12. on the stock market, european shares trading in the red with london, paris, and frankfufu trading down.. anchor: in the u.s., an ecig slammmmed asr has been pitching its n p products as a safer product to actually smoking. to surrender its documents of unproven claims about the safety of e-cigarettes. juul is the best-selling e-cigarette company in the united states and says they will cooperate fully with the fda instructions. anchor: and it is the end of the era for a giaiant of the chihise tech industrtry. aba co-founder is to retire.
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he says he will now be focusing on p philanthropy and educacati. the company says there is nothing special at his depaparture, but thousands of employees will b be gathering to mark the company's 20th anniversary. there have been celebrity cameos at parties in the pasast. you never know.. anchor: we will keep our eyes open. thank you very much. end, andgs us to the thank you very much for watching. more news coming up in a few minutes time on "france 24." ♪
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on the frontline in c. how far away the isis position. this five hundred ms. the end of isis this is motorcycles. peace is tantalizingly close. five in. the morning when it comes. can it locks


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