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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 19, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ watchining franance 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. these are the headlines. benjamin netanyahu reaching across the divide, calling on benny gantz to join him in a coalition government. that turnaround coming after his party failed to secure a parliamentary majority. the u.s. secretary of state because the strike on a saudi airfield and act of war.
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is behind the attacks, according to the u.s., slapping more sanctctions on the nation.. yemen claimed they carried out the attack, but that lacks credibility. finland man a written plan from the u.k. on brexit by the end of the month. the supreme court is hearing a third and final day of legal arguments today over whether or not prime minister boris johnson acted unlawfully when he suspended parliament. also coming up, a change inin leadership at one of france's biggest t companies, the state owned real giant has a new boss and he faces no shortage of challenges. an apology and controversy for just intraday. an embarrassing 18-year-old photo resurfaced of him in brown face makeup.
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the details on that on the way. first, our top stories on live from paris. ♪ netanyahu isin asking benny gantz to join him in a governing coalition. that is a sign of netanyahu's weekend position after he failed to get a parliamentary majority in tuesday's vote. benny gantz has ruled out forming any coalition. here is what benjamin nenetanyau had to say thihis morning. >> during the elections, i called for a right wing government. the results show this is not possible. people did n not decide between the two blocks.
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there is no choice but to form a unity government made up for all ththe people for whomom the staf israel is dear. we need to put in place the broadest government of unity today. people expect us to take responsibility and act in cooperation. genie: our reporter told us more about benjamin netanyahu's turnaround this morning. >> what a difference a day makes. last night, he was saying the choice is between me and a left wing government relying on the arab parties to get ahead. now he is calling for a unity government. it is the smart movove. he can see the numbers are shifting. he is two seats behind the blue and white party in the latest figures. it is a smart move. it shows him with the initiative.
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decision is benjamin netanyahu himself. they are saying g not that they will not sit with him, but they will not sit with an accord led by someone who has three corruption charges pending agagainst him. there is that. if they would get this meeting, it would not be a real victory. genie: there is talk all of this could lead to a third round of elections. is, let's the reason say they overcome the objection to benenjamin netanyahuhu, theyt down foror a discussion with hi, it is a rotation governmenent. who would be the first primeme minister? talking one people his behalf saying, certainly
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not. he will be possibly charged with corruption allegations. through thee to go extraordinary y bit of reasonin. what we are also hearing is he a thirdto the idea of election. hear he is not open to this. yesterday,iscussion aty said d he was looking third elections. the u.s. is pointing the finger at iran for the strike on a saudi oil field. mike pompeo described it as an act of war.. for talksksududi arabia
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with mohammad bin salman. accusation is coming from saudi arabia, saying iran was involvlved in this s attack. what kind ofof reaction has thte beenen to that? attack happened anurday, iran has h heard incredible aunt t of accusatitions, finger-poinintin. that has a lot of iranians worried, wondndering are we goig to get bombed, are we going to go to war with saudii arabia? at least for now, that is not the case. when you hear accusations, like ththe ones comining from saudi arabia today, it gets people worried. when you have building tension, it is important to d dissect the words being used.
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when you look at the accusation coming from saudi arabia, itt does not seem to suggegest saudi iran launchedying the attack. they clearly said iran is the sponsor of this a attack. that is the keyword, sponsosorship. prepapared tois not direrectly say iran lalaunched e attack. for many who do not want war, it suggests they y are not prepared to retaliate. their response thrououghout the week, they deny they had responsibility for thehe attack. theey do not haveve evidencnce they knowd it, but iran was not involved.
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many in washington continuing to byythe major role was playeyed iran. into: what t is thiss evolves an open conflict.. how would iran reactct to that? retaliateys they will . if there is an attack, iran will retaliate. there willll be an all-out war. embassy,er sent to the iran embassy official said it is iran will retaliate and a target will not be limited to the --. they want diplomacy and a solution. genie: thank you for that.
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france has weighed in on the claim from yemeni rebels, saying they were behind the attacks on the saudi oil facilities. states, where trump has named his new national security advisor, robert o'brien. he is the fourth person in two years to hold that job, replacing john bolton, who was fired over policy disagreements. sweden tos sent to monitor the assault trial of a $ap rocky. he says he is looking forward to working with trump's team. >> i look forward to working with them and to continue to rebuild the military and get us back to a place that will keep the american people safe from challenges around the world today.
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and themmanuel macron british h prime minister are saying they want the u.k. to come up with a written plan on brexit by the end of september. the u.k. has said it would table brexit solutions, but not according to an artificial deadline. dave keating. what is the thinking from the european union? bythis a real deadline given france and finland? in a sense, this i is an artifificial deaeadline. holds the rotating eu presidency. that does not have anything to do with the european councncil, the one who will take t this decision. the french presidedent does not have the a authority to speak about these negotiatioions. that is supposed to be the job of the chihief brexit negotiato.
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in the end, it is a reflection of reality. there is only so much time to. cross to dot the i's and the t's. here is aare saying reflection of reality. if something comes later than the end of september, it will be hard to get that past before the october 31 deadline. came with anf it offer that is acceptable, having a northern ireland o only baststop, i doububt t that eu 27 would sayy no, we said the end f september is the cut off. thatsure they would take offer. britain's supreme court is hearing arguments over whether or not boris johnson acted unlawfully when he suspended parliament in the
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run-up t to brexixit. hohow has brussesels been follog that case? thehey are following suspension of parliament closely. as the judges note in the case, the outcome of that verdict will not have any material impact ,edially on brexit itself whether or when it happens. i would not say they are followining it very closely because it iss seen as a domestc issue for the u.k. the brexit debate that happened yesterday, many leadaders were openly mocking te u.k. for not beieing a proper dedemocracy and there were calls for the u.k. to reinstate parliament. remainsas parliament , ited -- remains prorouged
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remains a club with which to hit the u.k. with criticism. the verdict in the case will not make a huge difference to whether or not brexit happens. that. thank you for in france, the leftist politician, one of the main opposition leaders, is in court today for the start of his trial on charges of intimidating officials who were investigating him underfunding irregularities. of anthe head organization and has cap the trial as political, saying the charges are to destroy him. he is a supporter of the recent yellow vests antigovernment protests. the trial relates to raids on his office and home by the public officers in paris. justin trudeau has apologized after an embarrassing picture of him wearing brown face makeup
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from 2001 emerged five weeks before an election in which he faces a tough fight. to haunt him. this 2001 photo shows 29-year-old justin trudeau wearing brown face. time magazine obtained the picture from the yearbook of a school. from a private he was quick to apologize. >> when i was a teacher in veic hoover, i attended a gala -- a teacher in vancouver, i attended a gala where the theme was arabian nights. i dressed up in an aladdin costume and put makeup on. i should not have e done that. i should have known better, but i did not. i am really sorry. >> he also admitted he dressed up in black makeup in high a jamaicanerform
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song. it could not be worse timing for the canadian prime minister. adds to his competition's arsenal. >> it is open mockery and racism. iswas racist in 2001 as it in 2019. what canadians saw this evening as someone with a complete lack of judgment and integrity. >> he was already on rocky ground after a commission concluded he acted unethically in a corruption scandal involving a canadian engineering firm. is damaging to him, considering he has made embrace of multiculturalism a big part of his four-year leadership. according japan has cleared executives for tokyo electric power company, rolling they were not guilty of
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professional necklace in the -- professional negligence in the fukushima meltdown. that ended the only criminal trial linked to the nuclear disaster that has kept residents from their home due to radiation. >> three defendants acquitted of all charges and the -- in the in theiminal case world's worst nuclear case since chernobyl. negligenceccused of resulting in death and injury. >> we cannot understand it. we are not satisfied. these eight a half years, so many people were forced to leave homes, forced to leave their homeland and still remain displaced and unable to decide where to live. >> how would you feel if your house today were taken away from you?
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charged theyution failed to put sufficient safeguards in place, despite having information about the risk of a major tsunami in the area and possible consequences. uppport concncluded a wave of to 15 meters could hit the plants and cause severe accidents. insisted the data available to them prior to the disaster was obscure and unreliable, and argument the prosececution once seemed to share. prosecutors had twice refused to proceed with the case, citing insufficient evidence. a judicial review panel ruled in 2015 the trial should move forward. lawyers representing the thousands of citizens who pushed for the investigation have vowed to appeal the decision. they insisted is just the beginning of what they expect to be a long legal battle. genie: you watching france 24.
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reachingnetanyahu across the divide, calling on benny gantz to join him in a coalition government. that is a turnararound afterer s party failed to secure a parliamentary majority in tuesday's vote. the u.s. secretary of the strire on a saudi oil field an act of war, saying iran is behind the attacks, slalapping more sanctis on that nation. by yemenys a claim that they carried out the attacks lacks credibility. france and finland require a written -- on brexit. hearing testimomony on whether or not boris johnson acted unlawfully when he suspended parliament.
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a major change at one of france companies.tst >> he is expected to be nominated by the palace, chchanging leadership comes at a crucial timeme with pension reforms slated to take effect in january and competition on the horizon. he will have his work cut out for him. brian quinn has more. brian: meet the new boss. he has been picked to leave the sncf. the 62-year-old is a known quantity there. he spent nearly his entire career a at the cocompany. rising from station chief through a number of executive roles. since 2012, he has led as pupubc transport subsidiary. i am proud to meet, along with all of our rail workers and employees, this
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challenge in service of all french people who have shown us how much they love our organization. >> he takes the reins from the outgoing director at a crucial turning point. in 2018, france passed reforms to the state run system. it sparked months of rolling strikes. newg the changes, an end to hires under a special employment status that allows workers to retire as early as age 52. the status was changed to a joint stock company, allowing states t to -- - allowing steako be sold ofoff. the governmentnt says it will nt do so. an option on domestic travel is due to be phased out, openingng the dodoor to external compmpetition. take effecte law will on january 1, 202020, thehe samy he is due to take over. his confirmation is expected to take a month at most.
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it is considered a formality. geninie: that isis not thehe ony reason the rail company is in the news. over a frenchpped company to hand out a major contract. the firm builds cars using local lines. not much longer. with ave signed a deal spanish firm to build 28 new cars. it has left alston workers stunned. >> here, there was a chance to give work in france. >> quality work, a and on totopf that, with public fununds. > turning t to the markets, e european indices are seeing mode gaiains the footsie is up f -- ftse is up. you shouould see the numbers coming up.
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investors responding positively to the federal reserve decision that cut interest t tes. there is uncertainty about the central bank costs next step -- the central bank's next step. seoul.n shanghai and in some unexpected struggles for the electronic cigarerette industryry facing a seriries ofs around t the world. has placed aa ban on e-cicigarettes. the potential national prohibition is looming in the rise of injuries. seen asg industry, one a potential savior to the future
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of tobacco companies is facing a crisisis in the u.s. . hundredsf cases of lung diseasese tied to vaping, michiganan and newew yok sale of flavored e-cigarettes in a bid to stem the rise of use in america upon -- in america's youth. >> they are not gogoing to take away from us.. they are not going to take it back. the company will not take it back. it wilill be o our loss. >> the crackdown means a cloudy forecast for what has become a booming industry. to anpe market has grown estimated d $4.5 b billion thihs yearar. analysts had been addicting continued growth rates up to 20% annually. u.s. t tobacco giant all tria spent $13 billion on a stake in
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juul. deal inspired plans for a potential $200 billion merger between altria and phillip morris international, a deal that faces an uphill climb as pressure mounts on juul. saying his trump administration is considering a nationwide ban, fears are mounting that the industry could run out of team. airlinehe low-cost ryanaiair is fafacing a sharehor revolt. > the ceo was granteded a bos that could be worth up to 99 million euros over five years. over half of shareholders gave a green light to it. the company, europe's largest seenost airline has trouble from unions in the last few weeks. genie: burger king is takaking a
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smsmall step forward towards sustainabilityty in the u.k. >> thehey plan to stop giving gy plastic toys in kids meals to cut down on plastic waste. they encouragege customers to bring in all plastic toys, which the company will melt down and convert for use in the stores. two sisters garnered more than 400,000 signatures, calling on burger king and mcdonald's to use sustainable materials for giveaways. they suggested books or cardboard games. no commitment from mcdonald's, but showing young climate are getting the goods, so to speak. genie: how stinky are the french? frenchn in the next connection after the news.
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