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two hundred fonts twenty four correspondents around the world. i am ready to see what she fronts twenty four live from paris i marker in tonight's main story house sixteen year old girl told united nations they have failed the world. on climate change. you have stolen my dreams in my childhood with your empty words. t. h. climate campaign a great at the books emotional plea to the u. n. to act now. on climate change. thomas cook goes bust twenty two thousand jobs are risk worldwide a hundred and fifty thousand british tourist space problems getting home from the holiday the perfect storm with debt shifting travel habits online booking and breaks it.
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to blame for the demise of the world's oldest travel agent. israel's political deadlock the president called the two rivals together and ask them t to work it out for the good of the country but there's no law that compels benjamimin netanyahu and benny gantz to obey. present who've resident . thank you very much for being with us a sixteen year old girls to before the u. an assembly and told them they were a disgrace the- climate campaigner greta thunberg came a long way from a native sweden to deliver an emotional and at times angry message. to speak at a special summit cool by the u. inspector general antonio guterres. the aim was to reboot the paris climate agreement sixty six countries have reresponded. with vows to achieve carbon
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neutrality by twenty fifty but that's not enough for the teenage climate campaigner lets them here first from. greta to a book and then for the french presidenent emmanuel macron. ful still in my dreams in my childhood with your empty words. yes i'm one of the lucky ones. people are suffering. dying. tell you sysystems are collapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extxtinction or you can talk about is the money. details of. economic growth how did you. when the blues on the chin is going to be our country's new young people to tell us to go faster we need young people to help us change things. to fix things. and to put more pressure on those who aren't acting. states financial actors and businesses also please. well the u. n. sex general antonio guterres has a
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warm governments ahead of this event that they would have to offer action plans. to qualified to speak at the summit in his opening remarks he tried to capture the u urgeny of climate change and called out the fossil fuel industry. good rushes hopining this sessin will shore up the twenty fifteen powers cop twenty one of colds. tamara keynote speecheses are expected frfrom e likes o of us president donald trump who is. unknown climate change skeptic. at brazil's far right president charitable soon our who is being criticized. widely over the wildfires currrrently b burning. in the amazon rain forest and the beleaguered british prime minister boris johnson. these conservatives are in favor of fracking across the u. k. and- mom just heard from you french president. emmanuel mackerel under pressure of the francis a 70% plus reliance on nuclear power for most of its- electricity. yeah because when you meet with the fifth it was a- lot more on the south route this live from paris program. next around a hundred fifty thousand british tourists a
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stranded at the holiday destinations. after the travel agent thomas cook went bust. worldwide the name the blaze the trail in the package holiday business and we twenty two thousand people all now facing a search for. a new job and what is a contracting market industry insiders say thomas cook was carrying debts that made the business a longer viable. sons to the uk government was approach to help bail o out the comompany but refused. after a. hundred anand seventy eight yeyears thomas cok as close the good. the full lots of thomas cook's collapses crashing down on holiday makers. like this couple his honeymoon has just been canceled. for service for a long tall aimed at the wedding in july since then another couple of minutes months waiting for this. yeah absolutely search results of the uk's civil aviation authority is racing to bring some one hundred and fifty thousand stranded brits back to the u. k. warning some destruction is inevitable we're
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gonna get home please be patient this isis a huge operation the biggest peacetime repatriation. in h history but e will get youou home and make sue looks you can enjoy i have the rest of your whole life. the british regulator is also telling hotels hosting thomas could customize they'll be paid by the government through an insurance scheme. this after some tourists reported being held. back and asked to pay in place of the travel agency. meanwhile outside the u. k. doubt still surrounds the fates of hundreds of thousands of non british passengers who booked with thomas cook. as governments and insurance companies coordinates in a mass rescue operation some passengers have found themselves in limbo. we stock care of flights taking off and not taking o off. they told us there's you put through thomas cook caught fly for the next two days can you survive. thomas cook has struggled in recent years with strong online competition and tight dance. it's twenty two thousand
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employees and now it's a job. nine thousand of him are located in britain. pressure is mounting of a possible impeachment proceedings against the us president. the senate democratic leader chuck schumer has called on the senate republicans to subpoena whistleblower complaints and hold hearings on trump's conversations with the- ukrainian leaderr this false allegations that donald trump tried to strong arm. ukraine's president invnvestigated the son of the former democratitic vice president joe biden. trumpet knowledge that he discussed. the f. presidential hopeful biden and his son in july twenty fifth call with the ukrainian president vladimir zelewski and biden admits walls. he was vice president said to barack obama requesting to the cd ukranian official be fired. to help fight corruption he said not he says to help his son. at the united nations monday us president donald trump admitted he talked on the phone with ukrainian president
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belonged amir's a lynskey and apappeared to also concede that he pushed the ukrainian leader to investigate. democratic rival in front runner j joe biden. it's a stunning admission given it's illegal in the u. s. for foreigners to influence elections. phone call with the president everybody knows it is just a democrat which i can we go to the one who's got the problem is mine if you look at what biden did lighten did what they would like to have me do the one problem i didn't do it. whahat i didd is a disgrace what a sunday it is a disgrace trump and his surrogates claim without evidence that as vice president biden used his influence to act on behalf of his son hunter biden rush through served on the board of ukrainian gas company over the weekend by didn't said trump is the one who should be investigated you should be looking at trump. trump doing this figure those out read like a drum. the abuse
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of power. every element of. the presidency to try to do something. to smear me. everybody looked at this and everybody's looked at it said there's nothing there trump's july twenty fifth phone call with the lynskey first came to light when a whistle blower reported it to the inspector general. on that call trump reportedly presta lynskey to dig up dirt on biden. using hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid from the u. s. as leverage. so far the inspector general appointed by trump. has refused to turn over the complaint. house speaker nancy pelosi has resisted calls from her members to pursue impeachment. but said if lawmakers don't receive the complaint by thursday. thehe whitee house would face a serious escalation from congress. and we have up more analysis on that story to come here live from paris. next israel's political deadlock continues the president. as cool together the main contenders and ask them to try. to form a government this week. president with britain however doesn't have the legal power to compel rivals b benny gantz sen.
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to yahoo to workrk togetheher. o elections in six months no sign yet of any solution. is marked as our correspondent. in jerusalem. what the president has told van.. is it because there really is no o option is not a majorityty for anyone. wht he sees is that he has more latitude to act and to bebe involvlved andnd he said two ths he said he doesn't. believe this ongngoing station caretetar governrnments a and e endlessss elections is good for the for the citizens of this country and the battle for statability agaiain. but he thinks that's very impmptant that's the firstt thing and that the other thing is that really he cannot see any way out. usising governmenet anand that he's thrown his wife behind that. thehe two stumbling blblocks might bee the first t t anan gunss has said he wantnts t with benjamin netanyahu and the other is who will go through this would it be bending down so what if they benjamin netanyahu. so is it too big stumbling blocks at the. moment
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it was michael correspondent in jerusalem. sixty rhonda said a british flag tank casey's cannot sail free. iran's revenue she god surrounded the stand the impero with attack boats before. repelling on to the jack of the tank instead of full moves. on jululthe nineteenth of vegetables that vessels that impounded. iran's band dot a passport for distress calls. turningng off is transpondeder after r hitting ga fifishing boat. two months off the seat in the british flag oil tanker iran says it w will let it go. what about a third of all. the legal process has finished and based on that the conditions for letting the oil tanker go free have been fulfilled. and the oil tanker again unless. iran's revolutionary guards sees the tanker in july as it falls through the streets of home moves clalaiming it had i infrid maritime regulations. hey ron denied it was a *-*- for tat move that came off the british
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royal marines seized in iranian crude oil tanker off the coast of travolta. authorities alleged was heading to syria in breach of the sanctions. jibril to release the iranian ship in august saying i have received written assurances from arounund that it wouldldn't sell the oil sysyria. iran later denied makig any such promises. now although the iranian p presidentnt is ken to generate some good will head of the un general assembly with tehran is likely to face pressure if allegations led by washington that carried out last week's drone attacks on saudi arabian oil facilities. hassan rouhani said iran was being treated unfairly after the us announced more sanctions against that. the armada cruel actions that have been taken against the iranian nation as well ass the difficult and complexx issuess that our region faces you need to be explained to the people and countries of the world your house. ronnie said iran would also put forward a gulf peace plan at the u. n. meeting. after the u.
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n. announced it would be sending more troops to the region. hundreds of moroccan women in a red manifested this month thehey sayay they've brok. whatat's cool thahat countries n fat laurels punishing extramarital relations and abortions. statement comes as a moroccan female janice dance trial for allegedly having sex outside of wedlock and illegally terminating the pregnancy. journalist dasha. by suiting is twenty eight a sudanese boyfriend a doctor a nurse and a medical secretary remain in custody. since being detained detained late last month four hundred ninety moroccan women of sun the manifesto the party with that later see money. choose this addition of loney's paper here in france. for just ninety of the moroccan penal code for bids. extramarital sex restricts abortion. yeyeah right vaststly back and the actress in
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that program phoebe waller bridge swept the board at the emmys best actress best buy to best comedy program will bridge now says that the show has run its course and she will be writing any more. with a round of the nec is kathy griffin. the surprise winners at this yeyear's grammys. thehe brits. beating and the favorite julia louis dreyfus. tv will the bridge swept up best leading comedy actress best comedy series and best comedy w writing for her series flea bag which began as a one woman show. and has been celebrated for its complex female lead. carried to places to still hates you. tending to be friends with your job is. and this is just really wonderful that. tonight and reassuring that a desi pappy angry. messed up woman can make it to the emmys. meanwhile duty comma one lead actress award in the e drama category for her
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performance and psychopathic serial killer bill and now. his british thriller killing a fantastitic if picture a few for my instagram. no no of course not get a real life. reporter became the first openly gay actors to wiwin the best actor award. for his performance in drum oppose which delves into new york's eighties and nineties lgbt q. ballroom culture his. don storms so williams used her acceptance speech to call out pay inequality thanking her employers for equal pay the next time a woman and especially a woman of color. because she stands to make fifty two cents on the dollar compared to her white male counterparts. tellsls you what she needs in order to do her job listen to her. game of thrones bag the most prestitigious prize best drama despite mixed reviews for its final season. the emmy slice and dice that. database is kennedy joins us that's on her bra call us guns names and
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dragged into another legal scanandal of this one has perhas already been resolved it seems to have been market has to be said that this case really involves nissan. and its finances but it does implicate of course the former boss us securities and exchange commission has settled the case with the japanese car maker and its former chairman. nissan will pay a high will pay fifteen million dollars and gone one million of allegations of civil fraud. nissan's accused of hiding from us investors more than a hundred and forty million dollars in compensation retirement benefits which were slated for grown. he also agreed to be barred for ten years from serving as officer or director of a public company. the settlement includes neither an admission nor denial which means that it shouldn't actually impact guns upcoming trial in japan. he's still awaiting. trial on charges of financial misconduct. thomas cook is one of the more high profile travel groups to go bust in recent years. but analysts are warning is unlikely to be the last.
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europe's fragmented market is making it difficult for many smaller and some more established players to stay afloat. coming up like repeport. ththe travel industrtry is in nd of a bitit of sun in the wake of thomas cook's bankruptcy. some analysts believe that travel agencies once the still water of many high streets. just once before for business model any longer. the local search the want to about to a cure for left him preciado tional new competition from low cost airlines left tour operators offering both flights and accommodation struggling. don't know what today's trend is to buy a low cost flight on the internet and to book a hotel separately it's cheaper. it's just the latest of a steady stream of travel companies that have gone past. u. k. based holiday from slate ribbons and super break collapse in augustst affecting more than fifty thousand travelers. in twenty seventeen mona collapsed the repatriation of customers cost
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the british government about sixty millioion pounds i since low cost carrier while the uk's flyingng bmi and france's oldest airline again s still have a all ceased opeperations in rececent months. many airlines have struggles with rising fuel prices and low c cost comompeti. despite e e perpetuaual dimond for holidays. still of course a place for travel professionals to state a price for the package ology is companies like jet to and to e. r. demonstrating. established players like ryan i have leapt at the chance to grab market share. it doubled its fleet the acquisition of austrian correa luna motion in august. proving that one company's pain is an office of paternity. the ticket on the day's trading action now was on mute clothes for wall street major indices not far from their record highs but analyststs say that trade tensions are broadadly holding stocks back at the nasdaq innocent people in just below
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the flat line there. tray of thomas cook shares was halted on monday morning other airlines though did see a jump as they hoped to reap the benefits of the company's bankruptcy check out and dax dropped sharply after new survey showed business growth at its lowest level in six years. well that was according to ihs a market which said weakness in the m manufacturing sector was spreading to services leaving the eurozone block quote close to stallingng. new datata showed m manufacturig outputut in germany had fallen o its lowest level since twenty twelve. your traditional economic powerhouse is teetering on the brink of recession. prompting concerns about the euro zone as a whole. moving on from the day's other business headlines now. a strike by general motors workers in the u. s. has entered its second week. unions say they want concessions on wages temporary workers and plans to close number of factories. because she tions are continuing with no end in sight. and please say they're
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prepepared to o hold the picket line for t the long haul. softbank is trying to oust the ceo of we work that's the property in office rental group which lasast week delayed plans toto floateded shares on the stk market. softbank which is we works biggest investor has reportedly lost confidence in co adam newman. and he's calling for and is calling for a board meeting to replace. and as the u. n. tackles climate change the banking sector is pitching in as well. a hundred and thirty lenders including barclays citigroup answer citizen it has. signed on to a new framework of responsible banking principles. it meant means that the banks will have to consider the impact of the money that the loan. notably to oil gas and coal projects. what was announced it will assemble it's macbook pro computer in texas rather than china. it wiwill make it onene of the tech giant's few gadgets to escape the threat of new tariffs on products that are made in china and sold in the united states. apple has also received some
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waivers which will allow it to import some of the parts needed for that computer tariff free. donald trump has suggested that the decision could ultimately lead to a new apple factory in the united states. apple saying that it's open to. producing more of its products in the us but not directly commenting on that suggestion from the us president there you can see but one of the announcements there mark apple really treading a very very fine line. as the tensions between the us and china rumble on of course so many of its products although it is an american tech tried itself so many of its products are produced. in china it's been trying to keep a very firm balance between politics and technology i'm so glad you're here to explain the ins and outs of these things to us because there are many layers to the stories. can we double the business as a thank you for much of the great to see. across the studio. he's here create game screen good evening sorry mark mediawatch is your
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name yes now that that you're going to get a phone book is getting lots of attention on social media now this is after she gave the united nations as we send the pull down the banks of the weight and the sound of the climate that's right it was emotionanal it was i think sincere and probably save perhaps service cryptids for her. both delivered to with i think at the consistency of our message over the last thirteen months you have stolen my dreams and told it's a language i thought that's really strong really provocative at that you know clearly it's going to end up all over him he was websites and it did. this isn't one indian. twenty four hour news channel you stolole my gym drers much allll that. you had. basically across at news media. people reacting to those comments this is another quote. is all wrong i shouldn't be up here this is one for she got tearful market. as you would show earlier in the in the news bulletin. i should be in school on the other side of the ocean. get you come to us young people for hope how dare you i'm not expression she usedd it about three times how. dare you so again. at dot woods develop a that would do that creates a degree all of our- reaction.
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across the spectrum people thinkingng fantatastic she sayig it how it is. other saying who does she think she is and- as and that breaks down. left and right looking at people of a right wing persuasion to say it is shown hinged what is the title saying. those on the left side yes right in cancer pres more polarization sure. i own hinged nonsense except for the bit where yes she should be in school. and then at that was that there was another al. shins known since there was another behind his initials all there you go and is another reaction on the opposite end of the spectrum these are all under not not video. good for her she's a future the world leaders are failing our children. that at. we'll get back to some of the calling of the reactions to our in a moment but first at some images this. has got a lot of traction over the last twenty four forty eight hours. it's an image that was circulating all about. thirteen months ago in front of the swedish parliament august twenty eighteen. you know it does little she started a few minutes by a self that. it's start with one gold she at fifteen years old for the- use of it felt strongly about this and it kicked off the- the school strikes and what not. i
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know people are pointing. to this juxtaposition what a difference one year makes. and a lot of courage. and a lot of perseverance. she has now. i'm older of course with a lot of structural organizational. as as support behind her. anti poppy helping her and whatever but she she has become the figurehead foror the movovement. some people say she's being used. of the peoplee saying she's not she's that she you know bleeding at all access. but clearly. things need to be done and that's the important thing is that. forty ideas for example all of. donald trump and others who feel that she is. basically it is it supporting at a good environmental movements that would be antii business for example and see that it's disgraceful the kind of compare what eight salon
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.com notes offense that's disgraceful a lot of comments were saying look you could do the house. let's see if i can find one or two of the comments underneath that there there were some thing you could do that you could do n not you know across the board if it's just about a physical resemblance mark yeah you could do it for example here this is a fun gamae and you havave. mike pence being compared you know it it's simplicity even the physical resemblance it's a totally bogus argument just as a some reason along with with braids it's completely. bogus really unfair really unfair but then on the opposite end respect we can mark just to continue the polarization team at some saying she should win the nobel peace prize and if she wanted to win it if she does when it should be the youngest since. malala and. then there are those who can strike some something of a middle. sounds position. this is a philosopher. speaking on full screen chew radio. and she's the daughter in fact of raymond's home well known a french philosopher. and here she is saying. looook she makes me feel a little uncomfortable she's a sort of a curious
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personality. she certainly being used by certain forces whatever. you can't be so young. and know as much as the experts att t the ali pcc instructor panel on climate change all the words. why pick. this personality to be the figure head on the mouth piece. i'm just like it's another position someone the middle which disassembly does not agree. with who does not disagree with the message and indeed to condemns she's kosong lie which represents but might be being use. that service okay i think so. now at elsewhere just a couple more marks. is people responding to the to the criticism of her she's a force in life politics and has exceeded a mass mobilization. of climate change awareness it really doesn't matter how old she is. how much she knows or what she looks like. another comment in the same vein i read something that someone has nothing left to attack you on the start by going. for your looks. great is knowing all the right people. so made many remarks in this regard others saying at. that's great to tune
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berg is out of touch with reality the increasing price of diesel cola center it's not progress. and for people who are struggling to make a living in france this is somebody responding to me directly on twitter so talk about aren't as well. the end of the world is at the end of the month in other words people are and this is what. was found to be it'll fats. like it's all relative carbon taxes on fuel taxes and his mental competence let's relevant that cell which means it s says me to. pick a p policy for ththe governor s. doesn't just come back to the comparison with the h hitler yoyouth. dinesh d'souza the man who did that. it's a- very pro trump polemicist. that's right which group which- possibly puts in the bracket of far right. yes a you go that's the political flies. and find out for me to make an account well a lot of people are. horrified earliest marks him you did implicate harmful. we haven't titime for more. and i think we might be able to come because it looked as if the so much on the today and she's become. a leading figure. at all on this issue. around the world. at a polarizing figure bush. very much in the context of. a time when. major q questions of poliy are. raising questions even is all about the client accords.
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sign here in front of so they can call twenty one a cold. in the twenty fifteen because the chip in the stolen the french. state under under by donald trump because of the cities the policing chief. to many people anand what they say it's not me sighing and there you go. james we could talk a lot more that sub atomic answers thanks james i'm like that with me to watch. okay with the businesses that again yes i will the news as it comes as it is in explaining why thank you very much indeed. and thanks
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