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tv   DW News  LINKTV  October 2, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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from berlin. it tonight, what could very well be the u.k. final exit plan. britain's prime minister calls this plan failed. the eu says it is problematic. -- britain's prime minister calls the plan fair. boris johnson says he is prevented led his country crash out of the eu without a deal. also coming up tonight, u.s. democrats warning president trump against obstructing their impeachment probe.e. ththey are threateningng to suba white house officials if they refused to turn over records related to the ukraine whistleblower allegations of abuse of power. violent antigovernment protests spreading across iraq. a second day of clashes leave several dead and scores injured. demonstrators are showing their anger over corruption, unemployment, and the luck of public services. also tonight, 2, 4, 6, 8 who do we not appreciate?
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a basketball team gets rid of its cheerleading squad. it is said cheerleadading is outmoded but the cheeraders say they have a demanding sport that deserves more recognition. ♪ brent: i'm brent goff area to our viewers on pbs and the united states and around the world, welcome. with just over a month to go until britain's scheduled brexit, boris johnson says his latest proposal is the final offer. he unveiled his plan to day at his conservative parties conference in manchester, england. this is a will finally allow him to clinch a deal with the eu to allow an orderly departure.
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his latest proposals have received a cool reception in brussels. >> supporters waiting in line in manchester to get a glimpse of boris johnson. it was the prime minister's first comprehensive speech since he took office and of the high points of the conservative party conference. whwhat he had to say onon the bs it talks with the eu -- was highly anticipated. >> today we have constructive and reasonable proposals which provide a compromise for both sides. >> on the top of his list was the so-called irish backstop. the british government as opposed to the backstop in its present form. johnson said under his proposal, there would be few customs checks on goods moving between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. britain's brexit negotiator deliver the proposals and person
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to brussels. german reaction has been to say it would consider the proposals in detail first for commenting. -- before commenting. >> we will take a close look at the suggestions. i cannot say anything more today because we have agreed to evaluate the issue amongst ourselves first. for us, it is important that the 27 number states are unified on this issue. we will continue to discuss the matter. >> boris johnson has made it clear that he expects the eu to make concessions. the ball is now in the eu court. brent: our eu correspondent is assessing whether the eu will accept the proposals and he sent us what he thinks. >> after months and months of deadlock, there seems to be word of positive advances even private -- progress. the u.k. has made the compromise that northern ireland could
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remain part of the internal market in other words, some products from mainland u.k. could no longer after following eu regulations going to northern ireland. however, they need to tackle the fact that the u.k. wants to withdraw entirely from the customs union which creates big problems for the republic of ireland which is an eu member state. so far, the republic of ireland had a full rocksolid support from the other eu member states. two things we need to look out for. what does the republic of ireland make of the new proposals and what do eu negotiators make of the proposal they now have to decide whether this u.k. proposal on the table could become a new landing zone for a deal to prevent a hard brexit. brent: that was georg matthes
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reporting in brussels. president trump has released a 15 minute tirade at his political opponents. during a white house photo session with the visiting president of finland. he is particularly scathing about adam schiff. here is part of hat he said. >> adam schiff is a lowlife he should be forced to resign. frankly they should look at him for treason because he is making up the words of the president of the united states. not only words but the meaning and it is a d disgrace it should not be elected happen. > brent: trump is referring a conversation in which democrats say trump was allowed to abuse his office. for more now, let's go to our
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washington euro cheap. she is standing by at the white house. two days ago, trump called for civil war or predicted it could happen. today, he called the impeachment inquiry a coup. he managed to insult, nancy pelosi, adam schiff as well as the was a blower. it seems we have a president going from one outlandish comment to the next. >> yes, it was a remarkable day here at the white house. the president's men -- his manner seemed to be combated as we can see during the press conference w when he was ranting and raving about the impeachment inquiry and he was attacking reporters, accusing us of being fake news and being corrupt and in particular, he attacked one of my colleagues who was just trying to follow up on his question area there was only one
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moment during the press conference where trump seemed to have a joyful moment when we talked about adam schiff because it was revealed today that democrats had learned about the whistleblowers concerns before the individual filed its complaint. for trump therefore it was clear that adam schiff helped write the complaint. he made the accusation without having presented any proof and adam schiff of course denied the accusation. brent: that's exactly right. the committee also saying the whistleblower was seeking guidance as the complaint was being prepared. let's talk about mike pompeo. today for the first time, he admitted he was on the july 25 on call between -- phone call
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between president trump and president zelensky. why didn't pompeo come forward a week ago and let the world know he was on the phone call? >> i don't have any other explanation other than to say that if you believe the phone call is perfect is totally fine then why not admitted? secretary pompeo dodged questions about the phone call twice just talking about the complaint, the whistleblowers complaint that he has not read so far. but he doesn't really have any knowledge of. he was dodging the question and now we have to say he has become one of the major witnesses in the impeachment inquiry. brent: let's talk about where public opinion is. we want to show viewers a tweet that president trump sent out. in between, we can see a picture of the united states and it says
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try to impeach this. most of the united states is red meaning they voted for trump. is a public opinion changing? are people starting to think that impeachment is the right thing to do? >> yes. it's true that the public opinion seems to be changing according to the newest poll. for the first time, more voters say they are in favor of impeachment proceedings. more voters than voters who say they oppose impeachment proceedings. we're still talking about 46% versus 43%. this is a remarkable development. brent: a significant swing. alexandra at the white house with the impeachment saga surrounding president trump. thank you. here are some of the other
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stories making headlines. bernie sanders has canceled events in his presidential campaign after under -- undedergoing heart s surgery foa blocked artery. his campaign says that two stents were inserted after he experienced chest pains. he is a front runner for the democratic nomination against president trump next year. usa regulators have ordered investigations of boeing aircraft after structural cracks were found in some of the planes. these were in the precursor to the 737 max 8 model. you remember those were grounded earlier this year following to deadly crashes. india is commemorating the anniversary of mahatma gandhi's birth. the prime minister led the tributes while other leaders including the former prime minister also pay their respects to the man who was known as the
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father of the indian nation. now to iraq where anti- government violent protests are spreading across the country. at least seven people have been killed and many others injured in clashes with protest -- police and security forces over the last few days. we understand security forces stop protesters from storming the airport. this is against the prime minister a and his goverernment. demonsnstrators are angry about corruption and a lack of necessities. >> baghdad burning. for a second day in a row, antigovernment protests are disrupting life in the city. they have turned violent. several people have been reported dead and hundreds injured in the clashes.
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on wednesday security forces tried to disperse the crowds with goerges and live ammunition. in some places, proteststs backed up main streets. it's not the first time they took to the streets since the prime minister was elected last year. their demands are clear. >> all we want is to live and nothing else. we want to live just like the rest of the world. we want a very basic rights. electricity, water, employment, medicine. we don't want power or money. we want to live and have bridging the but the government is shooting at the crowd and killing people. >> our demands, we want to work. if they do not want to treat us as iraqis and tell us we are not iraqis and we will find other nationalities and migrate to
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other countries area >> protests are now spreading to other areas in iraq also with the death toll among the demonstrators likely to rise. brent: it is been exactly one year since the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul, turkey. today, his supporters call for justice at a memorial event. an investigation found what he calls credible evidence linking the saudi crown prince to the murder. a year later, nobody has been brought to justice for the killing. >> 1:14 p.m.. the last time jamal khashoggi was seen alive. >> i still seek justice. i want to know what happened to his body. i want his body to be released
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from jail -- i want his friend toto be releaseded from jail.l. i want those in power to bebe hd accoununtable for r their actio. >> one y year ago, a camera captured jamal khashoggi walking into the consulate. his body is believed to has been dismembered and disposed of. saudi arabia initially hampered investigations but there were audio recordings of what happened. turkey also released footage of 15 saudi government agents arriving on the day of the killing and leaving hours later. among them, a top adviser to mbs. we were told that left little doubt. >> it was conducted and done by state officials. it relied upon state means and state resources. the team that came into his temple used a private jet with
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diplomatic clearance. >> the merger global condemnation. the crown prince denied all involvement in the killing. he gave an interview defending himself. jamal khashoggi's fiance said that was a calculated move. >> mohammed bin salman said he accepts responsibility but at the same time he says he didn't know anything about it and in doing so, he is trying to dodge responsibility. >> officially instead and have put 11 people on trial for the murder. amnesty international told dw sees little value in that. >> there is a trial process apparently going on in saudi arabia it now that lacks independence and do process. at what needs to happen is for
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an international investigation under the auspices of the un's secretary-general that has qualified criminal investigators are able to speak to the suspects to get to all of the crime scenes to undercover all of the evidence and not only then will we get answers to the crucial questions.s. >> the saudi's have powerful allies as ey s stonewallll any inquiries displacing -- washington has been reluctant to take things further. jamal khashoggi's fiance and friends say the memorial was a message. they want to ensure the murderers are punished. brent: among those attending today's memorial ceremony was the u.n. top expert on extrajudicial killings. the woman who led the investigation concluding that the saudi crown prince may have been involved in the killing. our correspondent talked to her about her efforts to bring the killers to justice. >> you have led the u.n.
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investigation into jamal khashoggi. you say you have found credible evidence linking the saudi crown prince to the murder. what exactly are these links? >> i have found evidence that the killing of jamal khashoggi is extrajudicial execution for which the saudi arabia state is responsible. the state is a big institution. whenever a state is implicated into a killing, the next step is to investigate the chain of command. to determine the relationship between those who have perpetuated the crime and those who ordered the crime. that chain of command so far has not been investigated. >> what do you make of the crown prince's recent remarks? in an interview he said he bore
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full responsibility for the killing but he didn't order it. >> i have heard that comment and i have two reactions. the first is that to me, mohammed bin salman recognized is possibility as head of state. he also implicitly and by implication recognized that the killing of jamal khashoggi wasaa state killing. something that so far the authorities have systematically refused and criticized me for findining that the statate of si arabia was responsible for the killing. the e second reaction is less positive. it is that in his comments, the crown prince takes great pain creating a distance between himself over there on top and the crimes down there at the bottom. he is creating a sense of distance. he is arguing look, the state is big, i cannot be held accountable for everything g tht is being done within the state.
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that is one of the messages he is trying to communicate. it is a typical pr message that head of compmpanies will putut forward whenever their companies are in trouble. >> are you satisfied with the international community's reactions to your findings? >> now, i am not satisfied. so far with the way the executives, the government of many countries around the world have responded to my findings. i think they are either looking at each other thinking who is going to take the first step or they are attempting to return to business as usual. that's why in my speech today, i have called on the media to continue shining the light to persist to insist to examine, to speak up, and to do so for jamal
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khashoggi and all the journalists that are currently in prison and for those who have been killed. >> thank you very much. brent: we want to go to hong kong now. the chinese government has reportedly found a way to punish protesters for their actions with wide reaching consequences. beijing is said to be pressuring staff who have been identified as protesters. employees at the flagship airline have been saying they are particularly affected. we spoke to an employee who supported the protests and lost her job. our correspondent filed this exclusive report. >> one month ago this flight attendant was caught suddenly into an urgent meeting with the management of her company. >> it happened in five minutes and it ended my 17 years with the company. >> she was shown the screenshots
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of facebook protests. when she confirmed that they were hers, she was fired. she had been working for a subsidiary of hong kong's traditional airline. she was also a chairperson of the flight attendants union that supports the protest area. >> it is quite special. >> a facility manager tells us to leave the company's premises. beijing has put pressure on hong kong businesses to suppress protest activities. cafe is at the protest -- center of the controversy. they issued a security warning against the company. more than a dozen employees were laid off creating an atmosphere of fear. >> closing the facebook account, deleting the photos, changing the name. it has become so common.
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now days when i look at my facebook i don't recognize it. >> hong kong's economy has suffered from the crisis. tourism is affected most but also the financial industry that connects chinese and international businesses. employees of the industry have been active in the protests. some have found that the union in support of the movement. >> this is the repression of our freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to form a union. this is not my own business anymore.e. this or the workers and hong kong. >> his company a subcontractor of the bank hsbc and eyes activities that fears the business sector israel. when rebecca isner the premises
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of her former employer, many colleagues stopped to encourage her. none of them want their faces shown on camera. >> i haven't been crying that hard even for myself since my termination but whenever i received the message from them, i cried so hard. >> in a sign of solidarity, she was reelected chairperson of the union just days after her termination. >brent: breaking news coming in. the united states says it will impose new tariffs on european products beginning october 18. the decision follows a a v.t.r. open rululing that gives washshington the rigight to impe the levees in retaliation for european subsidies to airbus. u.s. trade officials are confirming that washington will impose a 10% tax on aircraft coming from the eu beginning this month.
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we will have more st tells come in. -- we will have more as a details come in. what do you think of cheerleaders? it is fueling a debate over sexism in sport and cheerleaders. one of berlin's most successful desk about teams has gotten rid of its cheerleading squad. the director said cheerleaders are no longer suited for our times. it has triggered a backlash. a group of cheerleaders is worried about that decision. >> these cheerleaders have been practicing for months if not years to be able to do this. they are passionate about what they do and irritated when people underestimate them and their athletic ability. >> in my opinion, cheerleading requires all of the things that
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a competitive sport demands. discipline, ambition, a certain amount of routine. you have to give it your all. practice your routine and keep exercising. >> she started cheerleading at one of germany's most successful basketball teams area. the team has now decided to drop their cheer dances during breaks area. >> we have come to the conclusion that young women performing as an attractive refill or no longer fits with our times. >> other big germans sports such as t the volleyball team are keeping their cheerleading squads. >> it's the women who have to say if they do it or not. or if they see it as sexism or not. i feel like this move was made because they think it might be trendy right now. possibly that it will make them
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seem a lot more modern. >> the decision provoked a huge outcry in germany. even the interior minister weighed in. he suggested adding male cheerleaders to be more up to date. the berlin cheerleaders detest that. they focus more on the acrobatic part not the dance part. many see the decision to drop the cheerleaders as a setback fofor the sport area. >> i think it is a pity for the dancers because they have to learn the choreographies of performing. for them, it is a punch in the face. to say we don't want you anymore, you don't fit in with the modern age. >> they are focused on the future and they are training for the german championship. after five times per week, they want to be first.
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brent: after a short break, i will be back to take you through the day. stay tuned for that. ♪
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assess it would not be the basis for an agreement . thank you very much for being with us let's bring you the latest on the impeachment scandal in the us donald trump is accused. the house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff of helping the whistle blower who is a c. i. a. agent. to write the complaint. jump was speaking in the light of a story in the new york times the c claims thehe whistle blower spoke to shift before filing the report. report of course on that phone calls what trump meant on ukraine's president


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