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tv   DW News  LINKTV  October 23, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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brent: this is "dw news," live from berlin. tonight, the u.s. president declares victory for his foreign policy in northern syria. trump taking credit for it -- a cease-fire in the region. this was made e possible by thte withdrawal of u.s.s. forces.
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was it human trafficking going terribly wrong? that is what invesestors in the u.k. are asking when police find 39 bodies in a truck outside of london. protesters in july are unswayed -- chile are unswayed. they are upping the pressure on the president with a general strike. i'm brent goff. to our viewers on pds in the united states and around the world, welcome, we begin with president trump declaring victory that he claims was made possible by him and only him. he lifted sanctions on turkey can post just nine days ago. he says he has received the news
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that it has permanently ended its offensive against kurds in northern syria. is that true? they have established a safe zone along the turkey border. >> russian military police in northern syria, the consequence. dividing up control of the turkey-syria border. donald trump is taking credit for the piece. >> this was an oututcome created by us. no other nation, turkey, syria and all worms of the kurds have been fighting for centuries. we have done them a great service and we have done a great job for all of them. now we are getting out.
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>> the reference to u.s. troops being called out of northern syria. the reality now iss the russian forces are moving into the same kurdish territory the u.s. has abandoned. meanwhile, there has been a cessation of fighting. >> what we have seen is encouraging. it shows it is possible to move toward a political solution. what you are seeing is there is some reduction in violence. >> erdogan and present want to establish a safe zone of 30 kilometers along the was on. turkey wants to resettle 30 million refugees living in there. they avoid likely annihilation at the hands of -- the kurds avoid like annihilation at the hands of the turkish.
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the middle east. >> dorian jones is istanbul and oliver sallet is on the story for us. let me start with oliver. u.s. president donald trump is describing the truce we are same between russia and turkey as a major breakthrough made possible by his policy in syria. is that true russian mark -- is that true? oliver: that was a very typical donald trump move. this is something we have seen before many times. president trump declared victory on a crisis he created in the first place. let's just remember how this all unfolded. there was a phone call between erdogan of turkey and president trump. president trump decided to pull out the restrooms of syria that created a power vacuum in syria. the split of syria between
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russia and turkey. the outcome of that is russia became stronger, assad became stronger, putin became stronger. erdogan as well. isis might even research in the future. the u.s. gave up their last influence in syria. trump also said isis would be under control. he said we had the u.s. top envoy for syria giving testimony on capitol hill. he said more than 100 isis fighters had escaped. that has contrasted president trump's comments. it is hard to call this a major breakthrough. brent: erdogan said that he got everything that he wanted. we even had trump calling him a good guy today. dorian: certainly he achieved his major objectives, the
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pushing back of the syrian kurdish militia to 30 kilometers. this operation is taking control of all of the project kilometer -- 400 kilometers border. turkey controls about 120 kilometers. the rest of the border, turkey is going on moscow and damascus to secure its border. turkey does not have relations with syria. there really is mutual animosity between the two leaders. what will happen to this syrian kurdish moisture going forward? erdogan says they have no place in syria. the fear is that they will be absorbed into the syrian army and they will change uniforms. the other major headache is the return of the refugees.
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he is facing mounting pressure inside turkey to leave the country. that was the key objective. erdogan said we would send back to 2 million -- up to 2 million and one point. the rest is under the syrian regime control. many refugees flee from them. it will be very difficult to talk about a mass return of refugees. putin says you have to talk to damascus. that is a big help for everyone for -- erdogan to swallow brent: . -- swallow. brent: the president said most of these are under lock and key. is erdogan supposed be responsible for them? oliver: turkey only controlols - dorian: turkekey only contrtrola small part of this in the area
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here. there is a blalame game going gn there. the e turkish authorities say ty have detained most of those who escaped. around 200 people have been held. ankara says ththey have it under control. the islamimic state is a threato turkey as well. brent: the u.s. president basically declared victory today. the secretary general of nato said it is too early to judge the consequences of the deal that has been struck between russia and turkey over northern syria. did trump mention nato at all today? what message did he have for his european allies russian mark -- allies? oliver: putin wants to drive turkey out of nato.
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trump, we have to remind our viewers has been a native critic on the start. he does not really seem to care a lot or give a lot of thought into that part of the developments. the message to the european partners of the united states is the same as to the kurds. he said we are at. this is an america first policy. he also mentioned that foreign isis fires -- fighters do come from europe. he is saying all the other powers involved on the ground have to take care and make sure that isis won't regain ground. europe has to take care for his own protection. brent: that was oliver sallet and dorian jones.
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thanks to both of you. tonight in the u.k., investigators are trying to piece together a strategy. 39 people have been found dead in a truck or truck container on the outskirts of london. the vehicle was discovered in an industrial park. the driver was arrested on suspicion of murder. the container had traveled to the u.k. from belgium. >> at first glance, there is nothing unusual about this cargo truck parked in an industrial estate e east of london. when police opened its doors in the early hours s of wednesday, they made it was discovered. the lifeless bodies s 39 people. >> emergency services attended but sadly all 39 people and said the container had died.
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early indications suggest one of these people was a teenager. the rest are believed to be adults. a murder investigation was launched. the lorry driver was arrested on suspicion of murder and remained in police custody. >> boris johnson expressed his condolences in parliament. >> the whole house will be shocked by the appalling news that 39 buys have been discovered in a lower container in essex. this is an unimaginable tragedy, truly heartbreaking. all of our thoughts are with those who lost loved ones. >> footage has a passing by two separate cameras. authorities s say the containerr had just done. the cab is believed to have
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originated in northern ireland. please help move the truck to a secure location as this murder investigation gets underway. brent: we are in east of london where these bodies were discovered. a lot of people asking if this is a human trafficking mission that went totally wrong. what do we know about the 39 victims? charlotte: it all points to that. it is a case of human trafficking gone terribly wrong. we don''t know who the victims were or whwhere th arere from. it is likely they were european citizens. the united kingdom is a part of that. there is freedom of movement. they could have traveled t the legal way onto this island.
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it is common for refugees trying to get into the united kingdom onto this island t the back ofoe lorry. another truck was found with ninine people on board. they all luckily survived. these 39 here did not. brent: that happened in the last couple of hours. another truck found with nine people inside who are alive. what about the driver of the truck of the 39 victims? what have policemen able to tell us? charlotte: he is a 25-year-old northern irishman. he is in custody on suspicion of murder. the big question is how much did the driver really know. i have been trucking -- talking to drivers.
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this is a common spot for lorry drivers to stop. you often don't even know what is in the back. his lorry belonged to an irish company, it was licensed in bulgaria. we don't think the truck originated there. the container, that is a different part. it was picked up by this lorry driver in england already. it was then brought here to the spot where that emergency services discovered the 39 dead people. brent: what stroke you most about the strategy -- this tragedy -- what struck you most about this tragedy? >> the human tragedy. 39 people dead. people are probably coming to the united kingdom seeking a
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better future, a better life and to die on their way under perfect conditions really struck me and test me a lot. what was incredible was the work of the people involved. the police have remained calm and trying to handle this tragedy. brent: they have to see the tragedy and not just hear about it. charlotte, thank you. here are some of the stories making headlines around the world. benny gantz has been tasked with forming israel's next government after benjamin netanyahu recruited enough lawmakers to join his coalition. if any gust is not current enough support, israel could be faced with another election. september's vote was the second this year and it ended withh nuclclear winter.
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morales says that his opposition was attempteted to stage a coup. the list official count pristine, to 9.5% ahead. browse needs a 10 point lead to avoid a runoff. lebanese troops attempting to unblock roads after this have scuffled demonstrate -- with demonstrators. this is the seventh day of protests in the country. the unrest was first sparked by an imposed tax on messaging services such as whatsapp. now the entire political establishment is under fire for corruption and mismanagement. after days of violent protests against inequality in his country, the chilean president has announced economic reforms to support low-income families. these reforms include a guaranteed minimum salary.
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affordable prices for medicine and affordable electricity cause. he also apologized for not recognizing the social discontent in the country soon enough but that is precisely the problem here. for the protesters, his reaction is too little too late. >> chileans are facing the consequences of the ongoing protests in their everyday lives. santiago, the capital city is already short on gas. >> there is only wanted with gasoline. it makes more complicated. i hope the situation will improve in the next few days. that is unlikely. supermarkets are crowded, forcing customers to wait in line just to get in. basic products are being rationed amidst the uncertainty. we are stocking up on goods because we don''t know w what wl happen.
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rather than getting better, the system is s getting worse. maybe things will go back to normal but we don't know. we don't know because we don't have an answer from the government. every day, the president's but he doesn't say anything. numeral forms announced by the president include a guaranteed minimum wage and fairer electricity costs. they have fallen short of protester expectations. >> the subway was burned because if everything has to be burned well, everything has to be burned. we have been marching for years. all of the regions throughout cilic. nobody listens to us. state workers have started to date general strike on thursday as protests continue to rock this government. the response doesn't seem to be
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anywhere near bringing streets back to calm. brent: you are watching dw news live from berlin. russia's manipulation of athletic doping reresults. it is facing a long banned from international competition as a result. -- ban from international competition as a result. google cause it a milestone in quantum supremacy. a computer that can solve a complex problem within minutes. a task that today's supercomputers would need thousands of years to do. google's rival ibm are casting some doubts about whether the research that was late last month, whether it really represents a quantum leap. >> the more qubits that can be strung together, the vastly more
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powerful quantum computer becomes. but they need cooling to almost absolute zero to eliminate calculating errors. google's team has made significant progress in that task, theoretically opening aa new era. >> kontinenn -- ququantum compug gives us a chance to not only achihieve many practical these spaces and h helping the world better in a way that we can't do with just t classical computers, it also allows us to help understand the univeverse in a deeper wayay. >> google scientists were able to get 53 qubits to interact in a soso-called quantum state. the quantum computer had to detect p pattes of seemingly random numbersrs. italy took three minutes and 20 seconds. -- google takes -- claims it would d take a traditional computer 10,000 yeyears but ibm says simply adding disk storage
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would without the normal supercompuputer to solve the problem in 2.5 days. ibibm accuses google of raisisig expectations too high. google claims of this is that the first rocket to leave credits atmosphere. that's just it could be decades before quantum computing can be one of the utilized. brent: to today's technology. boeing's 737 max remains grounded. that is weighing on the bottom line. profits took a nosedive in the last quarter. the 737 max continues to bring bad news. the crash of a lion air jet is -- killing those people last year is caused by design falls -- flaws in the zone 37 max. >> the families were the first
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to be told why the 737 max went down last october, killing all the people on board. the aircraft included design flaws. incorrect sensor data made aircraft flying to the ground. details that the families struggled to grasp. >> the result is at. what happened has happened. we just accept. whether i am satisfied with the report, no. i am not. it feels like they are bullying common people like us who don't understand. the complete report on the crash willll be posted on thursday. the u.s.. plane maker is still struggling to cope with events. it recently emerged that the
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chief pilots complained about out-of-control software during 737 max simulator testing. in another development, the company on tuesday ousted the chief of its crucial airplanes division, kevin mcallister. the aircraft itself is still grounded worldwide. that is causing airlines around 100,000 -- costing airlines $100,000 per day. money they want back from boeing. the lion air crash and the other one make this the worst crisis in the company history. its effects will reverberate without -- throughout the industry. brent: russia's anti-doping agency predicted a lengthy ban for the country's top-level athletes.
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this comes in the wake of a new scandal involving the alleged falsifying of doping laboratory data given to investigators. russia was previously banned for -- from competing in competitions for the rio olympics. our very own ri we sett up -- juri rescheto sat down. >> let's move onto comments made by your boss. he said these manipulations were passed by senior officials. what do you say to that? >> i think the person who did this was very bold. i don't know what their motives were. only the minister of sport -- it
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undermined not only the minister of sport but the president. the president said a dialogue was taking place. all data will be held -- handed over. they recognize that mistakes were made. >> who can guarantee that things will change even if the present himself cannot -- resident himself -- presidedent himself cannot? >> i don't want to offend anyone. there are e course exceptions but just because you're a a gret athlete does not mean you can read a a sports federation or become managers. these people are athletes and not managers. >> what would you say to athleteses that suddenly find themselves facing potential bans? >> i would say roll with the punches. that is the e first thing. secondly, keep on training and maintain your flawless sporting
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education and be strong. >> assad is in no way connected to this. it was done in the past. what do you say to the suggestions that this is all about avoiding punishments? >> i have read similar suggestions. what we are doing is all about saving and protecting rosato. i understand that people might understand the term independent in different ways. an independent agency seemed like a utopian idea but today, it is a reality. >> thank you. brent: you are watching dw news. here is a reminder of our top story, from has lifted sanctions
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on turkey after there was an offensive launched into syria earlier this month. a permanent cease-fire has been agreed to in north and syria. 39 people haveve been found dead in a truck near london. the truck entered the u.k. from belgium. the driver has been arrested on suspicion of murder. workers are investigating. i will be back to take you through the day, tonight, from taking a victory lap while russia and turkey take control northern syria. stay with us.
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watching live from paris i'm send i'm chante a reminder of our top stories t this hour at nine pm paris time. the russian ministry begins patrolsls on the syrian border this is part of an agreement clinchehed the tacy not dadavies up control of ththe nortrtheast of the country. donald trump calling the accord a quote major breakthrough. tools are reportedly underway for a government shake up eleven nonsense in a bid to defuse some precedents in protest against. the political elite i mean when does paralyzed the country for a week do stay tuned for analysis coming up from matt


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