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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  January 2, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> a rocket attack near baghdad international airport kills a senior member of an iraqi paramilitary group act by iran -- backed by iran. hello and welcome. you are watching al jazeera live from doha. turkish parliament groups sending troops to support libya's u.n.-backed government. prompting a warning from the u.s. government. australia's prime minister is heckled by people whose homes are threatened by the raging fires.
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republic wherean eight agencies are warning of a humanitarian crisis will only get worse. ♪ we begin with breaking news out of the iraqi capital baghdad. rockets have struck the international airport. iran'sr member of paramilitary group the popular mobilization forces been killed. destroyed two vehicles belonging to the iranian backed group. let's get an update from al jazeera's correspondent in baghdad. what happened here? details have: more emerged in the last hour or so about what appears to be a targeted strike on two vehicles exiting the international airport. according to the popular mobilization forces, the
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vehicle. high-profile guests who had .rrived we are also hearing that this might have been a targeted strike. saying this could have been a u.s. strike. the popular mobilization forces were behind that be siegemund of the u.s. embassy in baghdad. it has been two days have a very rapid development. thethis attack happening in early hours of the morning. security forces have cordoned off many paths leading toward the airport.
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the international side is still operational. the area is the base of counterterrorism forces. airport, thethat u.s.-led coalition. >> it is almost a continuation of what we have seen taking place over the past 48 hours now , when that militia was allowed by the iraqi authorities to get so very close to the u.s. embassy compound building. >> absolutely. it appears that way because the ,ay this attack was carried out the specific targeting of these toicles, and going beyond the context of this attack on a , retaliation by u.s.
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targeting the group that is part and parcel of the popular mobilization forces and many groups in iraq, militias aligned with iran. , protesterson marching to the gates of the so obviously, concerns have been raised about nonstate actors and state actors in control of power. like you said, this appears to be a continuation.
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the targeted killing and people from the public -- the popular mobilization forces in iraq. >> do you think this might be militia fighting militia? impossible, but it seems that it would be very difficult because of the location of this attack and the way it was carried out and how precisely the attack was carried out. it seems this was an organized attack. you woululd have to pull somethg out of a hat to be able to carry out such a targeted precise operation. it might not be impossible, but it is very unlikely this would be militia infighting.
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the hallmarks of this attack , the targets were hit in a very specific manner. >> thank you for that clarity. turkey,our attention to the parliament has approved the deployment of troops to libya in support of the u.n.-recognized government in tripoli. the mandate allows ankara to send troops to help government forces against the warlord haftar who launched an offensive to capture the capital city last april. challenges. after a long and spirited debate, the turkish government giving a mandate for the deployment of troops to libya.
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debate on the motion was highly divided. your biggest successes using the refugees as a threat to europe. now you are negotiating because you have nothing else. now it is time for libya. turkey is stuck in the eastern mediterranean. you have made serious mistakes -- tow you want to send libya and this is your last desperate attempt. >> libya requested this diploma from turkey. it has historical and cultural bonds to turkey and we could not be silent following this call. this is not the first request and it has been done before. parliamentarians cautioned against turkey running into what they called a quagmire that the civil war in libya is. they say the country has yet to recover from military intervention. there are voices of dissent.
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the ruling party and its affiliates. the turkish government has a moral responsibility to aid the u.n.-recognized government in libya against forces allied with haftar. but there are turkish interests at stake, too. the agreement is to position turkey to explore for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus. in competition with cyprus and israel. a pipeline to transport natural gas to europe by other mediterranean nations. has beenhand strengthened by the military cooperation deal and the maritime agreement it signed with libya, which gives turkey greater influence in the eastern mediterranean sea. that drew anger from across the
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region and beyond. after the bill was passed, italy condemned the plan, saying it could destabilize the region and called for the international community to respond. >> why they were not around when fromilitia were invited libya by groups. by russian mercenaries. turkey insists it is on the right side of history and now seems set to send troops to libya. >> donald trump did warn erdogan against interference in libya, saying it could complicate the situation. now to our correspondent. being said?
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correspondent: trump spoke to erdogan a couple hours after that vote in turkey that could potentially send troops to libya. we got a very brief readout from the white house. between the leaders. the message was very clear. the message was trump told erdogan any foreign intervention in libya is going to come look at the situation, warning or giving an admonition to erdogan to be careful about anything he does their, insinuating the u.s. would not support that. u.s. policy toward libya is quite complicated, and frankly, it has been all over the map. you have countries such as the uae, russia, and egypt that support the warlord half dark -- the warlord haftar. on the other side you have turkey, who supports the
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u.n.-recognized prime minister speaking to trump. that is where you are seeing this divergent policy out of the white house in the last year. , the un security council was considering a resolution that would have called on haftar to stop his aggression toward tripoli, but the u.s. initially said they would support that, then a week later said they would not support that. all within a matter of two weeks, one week, secretary mike pompeo saying -- calling for a cease-fire, asking troops to step down. a week later, trump spoke to the warlord haftar on a phone call and tweeted his support for him just a week later. we are seeing very divergent policies out of washington. what you are seeing now is basically washington, trump calling erdogan and saying, listen, we don't want to see
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your troops in libya, but no clear direction beyond that from washington. >> thank you very much. greece, and cyprus have signed a deal to build a major gas pipeline across the mediterranean. insist the ankara pipeline will violate the maritime boundary agreement reached between the countries earlier this year. fromll tap gas reserves israel's offshore based. will track up to italy. more now from athens. correspondent: there is something for everyone in this agreement. israel is pursuing exports to arab neighbors for regional leverage. tore is an opportunity develop a permanent alliance with europe. cyprus needs allies to develop gas exports without turkish interference and greece is realizing a dream to be an
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energy transit hub with italy expected to sign on soon. whicheaves out turkey, feels the region's energy reserves should not be asked without it. leaders here stressed inclusiveness. >> it does not threaten everyone. multilateral groups are not directed against anyone. regional cooperation is open to all under one condition. that they respect international law and the terms of this agreement. >> but governments will not build the pipeline. the job falls to a consortium made up of the public gas corporation of greece and italy's edison. earlier in the day they signed a letter of intent to buy 2 million cubic meters of israeli gas per year. gas they will resell to european distributors. a first step toward making the pipeline commercially viable. east me wouldd -- east med
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would carry 2% of the gas europe consumes. that a political statement europe wants pipelines built by europeans with transit across european territory. that means diversifying away from russian gas or pipelines that cross turkey, which is increasingly at odds with greece over maritime jurisdictions. turkey has not signed the law of the sea and claims areas of the mediterranean that greece and cyprus also claim under that law. countries tol the cooperate. but of course this has a prerequisite, which is international law and the spirit. willspondent: east med cost $7 billion to build, securing gas sales and bank loans will determine whether it
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happens. for now, governments are providing the political impetus. authorities in australia are rushing to rescue thousands of people stranded across the southeast of the country as more devastating bushfires are forecast for the weekend. with dozens of main roads closed, the only way out in some of these small towns. there were huge traffic jams for those who can still get out by car. they tried to rush to safety ahead of an expected heatwave on saturday. a state of disaster had been declared for the first time in victoria state, giving authorities broad powers to order evacuations. the weeklong state of emergency has just begun in new south wales. eight people have been killed this week. the death toll is expected to rise with 28 people still missing. towns ravaged by fire, the prime minister was heckled by residents furious over the government response.
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>> our town does not have a lot of money, mr. prime minister. >> i understand the very strong feelings people have the have lost everything. there are still very dangerous days ahead. we understand that. we are going to do everything we can. to the forecast for the weekend is terrible. what are people preparing to do? what are authorities planning to do? as you just have seen and heard, there is a relocation of people underway. making their way from coastal in new southwns
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wales and victoria. evacuating people out of fire zones to get away from these hot conditions. high 40's, more than 100 degrees fahrenheit. low humidity. authorities are fearing conditions could be worse tomorrow. then they were on new year's eve. these fires have ravaged coastal communities in new south wales and victoria, claiming eight lives in new south wales, two in victoria. 28 people are missing, still unaccounted for in victoria. the evacuation is to get people out of harm's way. it is about the preservation of in potentially catastrophic conditions. >> how strong is the feeling?
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in thatvery strong particular location. but across the region and the states affected by the flames? >> anger is flaring. these fires have been burning since october. today, particular town they have lost two in those new year's eve fires. locals were angry. the prime minister certainly received their anger, which he said is understandable. he was there to see how people were coping. the prime minister was asked whether his response had been adequate. he reiterated that now is the time to remain calm in the face of this crisis.
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a media conference has just been called in response to criticisms of the government handling. an unprecedented crisis, he says. a national emergency which desperately requires a national response. he is calling to bring forward -- the plan for monday in order to deal with the emergency as it unfolds. to come on al jazeera, why algeria's new cabinet has angered demonstrators calling for political change. and people it in sudan come out to protest against dozens of displaced people in dart for. -- in darfur.
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>> you could not quite call the weather benign in japan and eastern china. there are showers around and snow showers, but it is not that cold. beijing is at six. this whole area is bathed in sunshine. there is persistent fog around. the really applies to korean peninsula. for japan, the breeze keeps things nice and tidy. a few showers through. mostly we are talking about sunny skies until you come down halfway through china. it is cloudy from shanghai westward and southward. apart from that, a few showers, further south, there is more action you are already aware of flooding that took place in jakarta. it is the rainy season and you will see big downpours, but i think the trend over the next day or so, friday and saturday, is you will see the big showers and they are going to be in
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java, but they are pushing eastward toward polly -- toward bali. the does not preclude further flooding but it is likely to be further east and some parts of sumatra. >> welcome back. you are watching al jazeera. five members of a pro-iranian paramilitary group have been killed in a rocket attack at baghdad international airport. supporters of the popular mobilization forces have stormed the u.s. embassy, angle at -- angered at u.s. airstrikes. parliament has voted and favor in turkey of sending troops to libya.
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haftar's forces have proceeded to the capital since april. forecastng bushfires for the weekend in new south wales. thousands of people ordered to leave. eight people have died just this week. 28 others are still missing. let us go back to what is going on right now. near the international airport in baghdad. some developments coming and fast. what we know? >> in the last few minutes we have heard from popular therezation forces saying is no credit to reports of the figures who might have been those among killed in this attack.
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credibility is no to those reports, and they were not killed. one commander in charge of protocol was killed in this attack. forces were targeted after picking up guests from the airport. suggested that the guests might have been iranian. forces have not confirmed how this attack was carried out. the forces were behind the events at the u.s. embassy and dramatic events we have seen in baghdad. >> if you have a counterterrorism center, the
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city of baghdad, and you have people, vips, people of interest coming into that facility near the airport where they had just landed, there must have been tight security around. the pictures we are seeing, there is no security around it all. these are pictures we have seen in the road that leads out and into the airport. a checkpoint. , there is not security in that particular area. it is one of the highly secure areas in fact that, the airport. , the airport.
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there is a lot more presence of security forces. many roads have been closed. all sorts of problems. security is very tight. it looks like -- it has the hallmarks of a precision strike. knew theargeted passengers of these cars. it could have been an american attack. >> we will leave it there for the time being. thank you very much.
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sudan's prime minister has met tribal leaders in darfur. the red crescent says 200 people were injured after violence broke out on sunday. the u.n. accusing tribesmen of indiscriminately firing at civilians. hundreds of people fleeing the region. they accuse the country's paramilitary support forces of being involved. anger across sudan over those killing. there were demonstrations in the capital of khartoum. the group has long been blamed for atrocities in darfur. nigeria's new prime minister has appointed a cabinet, but retained several officials from the previous regime of the former president. appointediplomat was as the country's prime minister on saturday. his cabinet is likely to anger antigovernment protesters who have been gathering for months commanding a complete overhaul of the political system.
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activists 76 algerian have been released from prison. --ng them is a prominent from the war of independence.
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