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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  July 7, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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surge ofrd-breaking coronavirus cases in texas with thousands infected in a single day. ♪ i am lauren taylor. live from london. coming up, brazil's president tests positive for covid-19. the virus he dismissed as a little flu. russia and china block a resident -- a resolution to deliver him aid to syria crucial to -- humanitarian aid to syria crucial to save lives.
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has joined facebook and google in suspending data sharing. texas has shattered its record of daily coronavirus infections, reporting 10,000 new cases in the last 24 hours. it is the biggest one-day increase since the pandemic began. the state is reporting more daily cases than any european country at the height of their outbreak. more than 130,000 people have died nationwide. health officials say they are running out of time to get the virus under control. >> in the next weeks, we will probably end up being what new york was two months ago. i think that will happen, particularly because we had the and a lotjuly holiday of people did not listen. they went out.
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more likely than not we will see them come into the hospital in the next two weeks. lauren: mike hannon joins us from washington dc. tell us about the situation in texas and other states. mike: more than 10,000 cases in a single day in texas. similar to what we have seen in florida which also broke their daily record monday. other states impacted, north carolina, arizona. the common thread between all these states as they were among the first to open and stop mitigating measures under print -- under pressure from trump to get the economy going. now incidents are spiking and all of the states and half of u.s. states are showing a massive increase in infections. other problems are the lag in testing. many states claim there is a backlog in laboratories and they
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are not getting the correct testing kits and what comes through is not working effectively. so you have a situation where months after the pandemic, you are seeing a spike. reopen trump is keen to school, despite the worsening numbers. he insists he wants schools open in the fall, the start of the new school year. putting much of the day up educational authorities and other states insisting schools open on time and that they open completely for in person teaching. states ares in many actually exploring ways in which education can recommence. schools open one or two days a week rather than throughout the week. but trump is adamant he wants all schools to open up now.
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this is what he had to say. trump: we want to get our schools open. we want to get them open, quickly, beautifully in the fall. as you know, this is a disease that is a horrible disease but young people do extraordinarily well. confirmed thes u.s. will pull out of the world health organization. a letter has been sent to congress and the u.n. secretary general stating their intention to pull out. the process takes a year so it 6 stop on july there ishen and now, an election. the administration could change ,nd the withdrawal process
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there would be no issue with rejoining the organization. massive criticism from many in congress that president is following through on his threat to pull out of the world health organization in the midst of a pandemic. lauren: mike, thank you. in the past few minutes, brazil has announced more than 45,000 new coronavirus cases. one is there president. virus formissed the months as a little flu, defined guidelines to wear a mask and opposing lucked out in his country. fine.orts he feels reporter: few world leaders have defied covid-19 like the president of brazil. for months, he tempted fate and flaunted doctors and scorned calls to respect social distancing and seemed to relish defying his own diviners -- own
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advisors and rarelely used a ma. many members of his cabinet had become infected. even his wife's grandmother. that he made a pact with the devil, until the inevitable happened. knew sooner or later coronavirus would come to the population. if i had not done the test, i would not know about the result. so far, he has admitted to having a fever and body aches but continues to brush off the severity of the illness he once described as a little flu, even taking off his face after testing positive. >> you can see my face. i'm fine. thanks to those who prayed for me and supported me. i'm fine. thank god. reporter: it is not just his
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health but his political reputation at stake. he has waged war against lockdowns, saying they are more harmful than the illness. he has clashed with governors who ordered businesses closed and the supreme court which recently was compelled to order him to wear a mask or pay a steep fine. taking a cue from donald trump, he has threatened to withdraw from the world health organization and supported the to toutealth system hydroxychloroquine despite warnings it is not safe or effective to treat coronavirus. it now the world health organization nonetheless wishes him well. >> we wish him a speedy recovery. other leaders have had similar experiences and i think it brings home the reality of the virus. reporter: that will likely
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depend on how he fares on whether he will become seriously if, as was boris johnson, or he will be back at work in a week, telling everyone, i told you so. thanf this despite more 65,000 brazilians who have lost their lives so far to the so-called little flu. recorded theirs highest single day jump in fatalities to date with 200 people dying from coronavirus. iran has reported a total of almost 12,000 covid-19 deaths with more than 245,000 cases. our reporter is in tehran. reporter: iranians thought they were past the peak of the virus but the new total of 200 dead and 24-hour's has prompted the health ministry to issue a new warning.
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many did not listen to me and take demands seriously. we are facing a new wave. reporter: it has been four months since the virus hit and it has been responsible for the deaths of nearly 12,000 people so far. the government is blaming the resurgence of guidelines being broken. >> i ask our people to take masks and coronavirus seriously. social distancing and masks can reduce the disease by 80%. we are playing a huge price and people have to -- now that we are paying a huge price, people have to take my advice seriously. reporter: hospital admissions are up. includedpopulated city . some patients have received oxygen and the hospital car park because insight is forced to capacity. face masks are mandatory. someprotestants --
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provinces have reinstated lockdowns. i'm in the hospital for two weeks. i did not abide by the rules. we went to a wedding and 12 members of the family contracted corona. they were many people in the party. we did not social distance. for god sakes, social distance. where your masks. wear your masks. >> i have asthma. i did not go up but my family did. they did not observe protocol and i got infected. >> i had a ct scan and they told me i had to be hospitalized. it was coronavirus. i am begging people to not go out. reporter: with the economy struggling, the government faces tough decisions.
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reimpose lockdowns to stop the spread or hope people will abide by the rules. something that has not worked so far. israel's public health director has quit, accusing the government of failing to contain coronavirus. they said restrictions were lifted too quickly after israel saw a spike of more than 1000 new cases a day last week. she says her warnings were ignored. benjamin netanyahu reimposed restrictions monday, closing bars, gyms, and event holes. 330 people have died in israel but the number of cases exceeding 31,000. australia is the second largest city has been ordered into lucked on for a second time as cases continue to search. 5 million people in melbourne have been told to stay at home for the next six weeks to keep that up break spiraling out of control. they have recorded a record daily spike.
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state borders have closed. victoriahe state off from the rest of the country. zimbabwe's health minister has been fired for inappropriate conduct. statement announcing the dismissal did not elaborate. he was arrested last month after being accused of illegally awarding a multimillion dollar contract for medical supplies to fight coronavirus. the company that quench the deal sold $28 face masks and other materials and inflated prices. -- at inflated prices. reporter: the former health minister was arrested last month and is out of bail and expected in court on july 31. it's not clear if that is when the trial will start or if lawyers will ask. he's accused of illegally awarding government contracts that used inflated prices for personal protective equipment.
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he allegedly pocketed some of the money. for years zimbabwe has been dogged by allegations of .orruption citizens say they are struggling to make ends meet. the zimbabwe dollar keeps losing value. are outside hospitals demanding for things to be changed in the public health sector they say nothing has been done. some in the past few days have been arrested. they broke covid-19 rules. people are not allowed to gather in large numbers. when the president took over in 2017 he said he would be tough on corruption but people are still waiting for results.
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when politicians are arrested for corruption, they go to court but trial is not held for years and nothing is really done. closely. watching trial, we want to see with the result will be. lauren: thousands of protesters have gathered in sylvia's capital -- serbia's capital. police fired tear gas at demonstrators outside the government building as they call for a politician to resign after the highest number of deaths from covid-19. he has been accused of lifting restrictions early so he could hold an election last month, which he won. our reporter is in belgrade. what is the situation like? reporter: out of control.
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i'm sorry we cannot see each other but i will try to describe what is happening. arege amount of people gathering outside the national assembly. they are angry for new measures because of coronavirus. from coronavirus, the highest number in one day. hospital.are in said they are demanding belgrade will be anded down and maybe serbia people are angry and feeling it's not the right way to deal with the situation. they are angry because they think hospitals are in bad afraidon and they were
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sick and dying people is bigger than officials say. this is the reason why the people are gathered in front of the national assembly and they will riot. police are in front of the assembly. there was tear gas and people are still here. they are trying to get into the national assembly. this is not going to be peaceful anytime soon. lauren: thank you for the update. , a breakthrough in brazil gives hopes to millions infected with hiv.
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>> perth was affected by this cold front winding its way to the south. more to come south of perth and western australia. otherwise, quiet wintry weather. cloudy. no significant precipitation. andsouth wales in -- brisbane have rain. 22. about normal where we should be in july. by weekend.tropics wet and windy. rain is significant in japan. this suggests more heavy rain.
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to the north rather than the south. get the wet weather thursday. rain is in china going south. it will start to waive north for the weekend. heavy rain coming back central and southern. reported morehas than 10,000 new coronavirus cases, the biggest one day increase in the state since the pandemic started. deaths nationwide have topped 130,000 at hospitals in several
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states say the intensive care units are reaching full capacity. brazil's president tested positive for coronavirus after months of dismissing it as a little flu. he says he is in good health despite having a fever. iran has recorded its highest single day jump in coronavirus deaths yet. 200 diane. thisealth minister blamed on iranians not following restrictions. killed -- seven have been killed by a car bomb in northeastern syria. this avenue the turkish border. many were injured. dozens have been killed by car bombs in the region since turkey drove out the kurdish group in october. the u.n. says australian airstrikes carried out by syrian government and russian forces have amounted to war crimes. investigators identified with a
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call 52 tax between november and june -- attacks between november and june. they say they have killed hundreds and forced millions to flee. they accuse a group of firing into civilian areas with no apparent objective beyond torturing and executing detainees. russia and china have vetoed a resolution to extend authorization for cross-border humanitarian aid in syria and says the sanction is crucial to the lives of millions of civilians. big disappointment for the age groups. -- aid groups. humanitarian experts and top u.n. officials are concerned about what has happened in the last hour or so. russia and china have used their
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veto on security council resolution that was going to extend for another year the commission to bring in aid into syria using border crossings. they have vetoed that for now. the existing permission runs out friday so there is a possibility perhaps to come up with some sort of compromise. this is a repeat of what happened six months ago. until then, there were four border crossings that allowed aid into syria to be distributed. that allow thes aide to go to opposition areas. six months ago, russia used its and then putissue forward a resolution to reduce the number of border crossings two.four to now russia has used the veto on the renewal of the two and have
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come up with a new resolution which reduces the number of border crossings to one, substantially reducing the amount of aid i can get into opposition areas. we have until friday to try to find a compromise but the fact that russia has already come up with their own version of a resolution, they don't want to compromise. they want things on their terms that will help the assad government. china joining russia in this veto. this is the 15th time russia has used this veto power on a resolution related to syria. lauren: tiktok has announced it is pulling out of hong kong as some of the world's largest social media companies reviewed and operation of the city in light of a new security law imposed by china. zoom has joined facebook, microsoft, and google into spending request for user data
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by city authorities. they are worried the new law will let the chinese state access sensitive information. sarah clark has more from hong kong. week after the introduction of the new national security law in hong kong, carrie lam was quick to respond to the international condemnation of the legislation which has already been used to make arrests. the national security law targets crime, secession, terrorism, and collusion. completely constitutional, legal, and reasonable. i do not understand why certain foreign countries are so keen to comment on this. reporter: the national security committee which she chairs has unveiled new powers that include raids without warrants in special circumstances and ordering social media to remove content considered a threat to national security and seizure of equipment.
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who do not comply risk a $13,000 fine and two years in jail. >> compared to the laws and other countries, it is mild. the scope is not as broad as in other countries and even china. reporter: tech giants and social media companies are not convinced. tiktok says they will stop operations in hong kong. they are owned by a chinese internet giant. the company says the app will no longer be available in hong kong. linkedin,twitter, zoom, and whatsapp have announced they will suspend police request for user data. is aboutk the worry freedom here >>. i believe the government will
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take further actions toward the social media platforms. they see we would not be able to use the applications in the future. reporter: the u.s. secretary of state describes this as an assault on freedoms. likens it to a inalitarian government like 1984. acknowledgedt has some in hong kong are concerned. carrie lam says it has only been a week since the new law was introduced and an education program will reassure people the legislation protects, not undermines, freedom. lauren: conditions in hotels housing asylum-seekers in scotland are being described as unsanitary. eight groups and glascow say residents are at risk of contracting coronavirus and tensions are high.
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asylum seekerd was shot dead after he stabbed five people, including a policeman. in scotland's biggest city, outside a hotel organized by a with billion-dollar contracts, questions. >> they do not have access to washing. let's say your clothes are dirty. there is no access to anything. the coronavirus, they are lucky they are not catching it. reporter: they throw away the food they are giving. the chicken is raw or inedible. plastic containers are a coronavirus risk in these men are forced into a position where they cannot keep their distance from each other. they have to work and are effectively locked-in. when food was delivered, they
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had to argue with the staff to be let outside to get it. >> people are going crazy. we have mental issues with these people. police come and arrest him. weeks,r: in the last few one syrian man committed suicide after warning he was going to in a few days ago a sudanese man stabbed several people, including a police officer, before being shot dead. police have been there represents. when this happens the media got excited for almost an entire afternoon because they thought it might be what they described as a terrorist attack. when the police that it wasn't, the interest vanished. since then, almost no attention -- inspection whatsoever as to
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why the asylum-seekers are said -- why the asylum-seekers are suffering such bad mental issues. in a room for 20 days on his own with suspected coronavirus. andannot take it any longer warned people. reporter: we resent images of the conditions. the group that has the contracts directed us to the office they gave them the contract. they denied the accommodations are substandard and say they are given three meals a day and a phone number to call if they are given problems. lauren: a man infected with aids has shown no signs for more than a year after taking part in an experimental drug therapy. the treatment was aimed at purging dormant parts of the virus from the body which
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usually go undetected. independent experts say it will take longer to see if the remission last but if confirmed, it will be the first time hiv has been mitigateded without s
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[mikael colville-andersen] is everything i've heard about this place really true? is it a little architectural wonderland? is it a throbbing, pulsing miami of the mediterranean? can it really be one of the world's great lgbt capitals, here in a region plagued by violence and living under a constant threat of war? i'm in tel aviv. but i'm also in a city that i've heard will surprise me. for more than 70 years at least, the news coming out of this region has been overwhelmingly negative. i'm going to look past the propaganda and the fancy city branding, and i'm going to meet passionate locals who will explain to me, in no uncertain terms, their urban reality.


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