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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  July 27, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> a accusations and denials. conflicting reports of a confrontation on the israel-lebanon border. >> this is "al jazeera" live from london. tough restrictions if spain cannot reverse its coronavirus spike. honoring a civil rights leader. john lewis lies in state in the u.s. capital. and drivers stopped and questioned, but zimbabwe's leaders deny the lockdown is to
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prevent antigovernment protests. hello and welcome to the program. we begin in israel where benjamin netanyahu has belied quote, playing fire. he has accused the lebanon group -- has blood denies denies anyh confrontation. al jazeera has more. reporter: smoke plumes over southern lebanon after what the israeli military referred to as a security incident. it said a cell of hezbollah fighters try to infiltrate israeli territory, and israeli fighters propelled them. held -- repelled them.
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a rare show of unity. hezbollah terrorists cross into israel to harm israeli soldiers. officers acted professionally and accurately and prevented a severe incident that could have cost human lives. reporter: israel's prime minister made explicit reference to the war of 2006 in morning hezbollah's leader that israel's armed forces respond further. >> hezbollah must understand it is playing with fire. andade a big mistake lebanon paid a price. any attack against us will be met with great force. israel has been on heightened alert since an airstrike in syria attributed to israel killed a hezbollah fighter there. hezbollah has vowed to avenge any such deaths. in southern lebanon, the
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aftermath of the artillery barrage, hezbollah denied carrying out any operation, saying israel fired into lebanon out of confusion and panic. it's a statement was read out on tv. an enemy one-sided by that is afraid and worried. response to the massacre of our brother who died in the attack in the damascus airport region is coming. the zionists should be waiting for the punishment of their crimes. reporter: last year a similar set of circumstances led to a hezbollah attack on an israeli military post. it was over within hours, both sides keen to avoid escalation. that has only intensified since with a surging pandemic in israel and economic crisis in lebanon. is sayingezbollah this round is not over. on lebanon's border
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with israel, a reporter says --ael is blaming the hezbollah. reporter: hezbollah has denied it carried out any operation. it is saying the incident is one-sided and it is blaming what it is calling an anxious israeli army. a very different narrative from what the israeli army is reporting. they are saying the group of hezbollah fighters try to infiltrate. a lebanese security force did tell us at the time that some kind of incident happened, whether it was an attack or an attempt to infiltrate or a reconnaissance mission. that source could not confirm. now, a cautious calm prevails along the border. israeli planes continue to fly over lebanese airspace. you can hear drones in the skies. tension has the escalated, -- deescalated, but the tense
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atmosphere is likely to continue. hezbollah knows that if it sparks all out war with israel, it will cause domestic backlash. it will be blamed for dragging lebanon into war at a time politicians have really run the economy into the ground. and hezbollah along with its allies now hold political power. they control the government, the parliament. it is not in their interest to see all out confrontation. there is no doubt this border remains volatile, especially since israel has vowed to continue to keep up the pressure iniran and keep hezbollah neighboring syria. spain is fighting to save its tourism industry after a surge in coronavirus cases and the introduction of travel rules in the u.k.. authorities in the catalonia region are considering stronger measures to stop the spread. more than 1000 new infections
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reported in barcelona in just one day. beaches mask a's worsening health crisis. infection rates have soared in recent days with more than 1000 new cases per day in catalonia. 80% of those new cases are here in the regional capital barcelona. it is feared to the city is now the epicenter of coronavirus. inre has been a sharp rise cases among young people gathering in larger numbers. the regional leader urged them to stop partying or risk another total lockdown. >> if we continue with the current pace of social life, the only thing we will accomplish is to worsen the situation. we need to act responsibly and be responsible in our social interactions. reporter: catalonia has stricter measures than the rest of spain. mandatory. people have been advised not to
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leave their homes unless it is necessary. gatherings over 10 people are completely banned. normallyrestaurants brimming with life are struggling to stay afloat. now imposees have restrictions on travel to spain. on saturday, the u.k. suddenly ordered people coming from the country to quarantine for two weeks. british tourists make up more than 20% of all foreign visitors. talks are underway to drop restrictions on british travel from canary island. the spanish government is trying to convince countries that other parts of spain are safe to visit. in barcelona, it is a race against time to bring the infection rate under control. if there is no improvement in 10 days, the regional governments warned of aggressive tactics to control the spread. al jazeera, barcelona. arbara: donald trump says
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u.s.-developed coronavirus vaccine could be ready for widespread use by the end of the year. begun themoderna has final hurdle before it can get regulatory approval. trial is needed to demonstrate it is safe and effective. here today: we are to discuss the exciting progress we have achieved under the operation warp speed. our historic initiative to develop tests, manufacture and develop a vaccine in record time, and that's what it is. record time. therapeutically, we are very advanced. you are hearing about it and you will be hearing about it more in the next two weeks. barbara: the casket of civil rights pioneer and longtime u.s. representative john lewis has arrived at the capitol rotunda after a procession through washington, d.c.. the georgia congressman is the first black lawmaker to lie in state at the rotunda, one of the
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highest american honors for public service. daysy is the third of six of memorials for the congressman 80,died on july 17, aged after a battle with pancreatic cancer. south carolina congressman and u.s. house majority whip james clyburn joins us now from washington, d.c.. thank you for joining us here on al jazeera. you knew john lewis from when you are both young men in the 1960's. how will you remember him? >> i will remember john as being one of if not the only person who really internalized what martin luther king jr. preached. nonviolence. i keep hearing my office, as you can see above my head, the likeness of mahatma gandhi. he pioneered nonviolence and
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king adopted that. that is what he taught. many of us adopted it as a tactic, but john internalized the notion of nonviolence. life and john, to me, was fundamentally just a good guy who believed in living the scripture and believed in practicing what he preached. in the barbara: you saw the black lives matter movement really gained momentum and achieve global prominence. you have seen him, you saw him the past few months. how did he interpret that movement? how did he feel about it? rep. clyburn: he felt great about it. he really did. his last public appearance was on black lives matter plaza.
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the last time we talked, it was about the black lives matter movement. fearful that was going to cut black lives matter like it did to us. we were doing great work in the 1960's. we woke up one morning and there was a new headline. that took over the movement. slogans like defund the police were doing the same thing to black lives matter that burn baby burn did to sncc. he spoke out against that and i did as well. looting andwas burning are not the way to go. you a goodg may give
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headline. it will not make good headway. that was what we were concerned about in the last conversation we had. become: john lewis has the first black lawmaker to lie in state at the rotunda. i suppose his career and your career spanned such crucial decades when it comes to racially quality in the united states. where do you see the movement now? fromo you think picks up people like john lewis? rep. clyburn: there are great people. the black lives matter movement thannk is much broader people give it credit for being. it is not just about law enforcement. is about health care. it is about housing. is about the plethora of things that it takes to build strong families and have safe
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communities. that is what the black lives matter movement is all about. everyelieve that with era, there comes leaders. back in the 1960's, everybody called the civil rights movement. i don't like to hear that. we were just a civil rights movement. in the 1700s was a civil rights movement. 1822, south carolina, that was a civil rights movement. the niagara movement that yielded the creation of the naacp in the 1890's, that was a civil rights movement. we had a civil rights movement back in the 1960's. black lives matter has a civil rights movement going on now. we all have to learn to work together. that is not new.
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the naacp coexisted with the congress of racial equality. the urban league. find our own niche to move a civil rights agenda forward. stand head andll shoulders above the rest. thet of us were involved in 1960's, like john lewis. he stood head and shoulders above the rest. thank you so much for sharing your views with us and your memories as well of congressman john lewis. rep. clyburn: thank you. barbara: still ahead on al jazeera, after weeks of protests, mali appoints new ministers as it moves to create a unity government. plus.
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police canine school in santiago, chile, how these dogs may people -- maybe able to tell you whether you are infected with covovid-19. ♪ >> we have seen a large and powerful storm system work its way down the eastern side of new south wales. it has brought flooding rains and also, the coastal erosion. another home in danger of falling into the sea. and land, this is toward the border of south australia, we are seeing this creek fill with water after months and months of dry conditions. no rain nearby. they got to see the river or the creek flowing once again. more showers in the forecast.
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one or two showers into victoria. that system will work its way across the sea. by wednesday, stiff winds on the west facing south of -- coast of the south island. it is s dry across most of australia. perth h dry the next couple o of days. across asia, japan will see heavy downpours in the coming day or two. these torrential downpours just picking up anything in their path. more rain on tuesday. it will head east. a bit of a repeat as you head into wednesday. ♪ barbara: welcome back. saysl's prime minister
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hezbollah is playing with fire. he has accused the lebanese armed group of launching an infiltration attempt in the border region of shebaa farms. hezbollah denies the claims. the casket of civil rights pioneer and representative john lewis is lying in state after a procession through washington, d.c. the congressman died earlier this month at the age of 80. itsn is fighting to save tourism industry as new coronavirus cases surge in the catalonia region. authorities are considering a return to strict lockdown measures. germany will introduce mandatory testing for travelers returning from high-risk areas as fears rise summer travel could spark a new surge in infections. the country's health ministers has regulations will come into force next week. tests will be free. germany is currently over 200,000 confirmed cases and 9125 deaths.
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dominic kane has more from berlin. reporter: there has clearly been growing concern at the ministerial level in berlin, but also among states of germany about the potential for a second wave of coronavirus. specifically brought here by passengers. german citizens, but also tourists coming here from high-risk areas elsewhere in three airports in germany have been staging testing centers with no obligation for passengers to use them. now the federal health minister says while they will now be obligatory, all airports which receive passengers from high-risk areas for the coronavirus will soon need to have obligatory testing. that other leading conservative ministers at the state level, particularly the prime minister up his area -- of
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bavaria has said he fears certain areas of europe to be super spreading hotspots. reminder that in the neighboring country austria, the replaces earlier during this pandemic which were super spreading venues. he is afraid of a rising of several miniature versions of that. that is why he wants that in place. very soon it will be obligatory for testing to take place for all passengers returning from high-risk areas. suspendedimbabwe has parliamentary business after two politicians tested positive for the coronavirus. meanwhile police have tightened the requirements needed to pass roadblocks. they say it is to stop the spread of the virus, but critics argue it is aimed at restricting movement ahead of antigovernment protests. policer: since the introduced a nationwide lockdown, people have had to go through several police
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checkpoints to get into the city center. when you leave the checkpoint, police ask where they are going. saying stricter measures have been put in place which means you have the name of your employer, where you work, -- if you are a doctor, you have to wear a uniform. if you are a farmer taking crops to the market, you have to have a letter. >> we think the case is people with covid can pass through. our police are not doing anything. reporter: government officials say these measures are necessary and will be enforced because the number of covid-19 infections are rising. they say it is nothing to do with freedom of expression and
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the right to peaceful assembly. >> we have done this because of the spike in the spread of virus cases. in a very short period of time. reporter: opposition leaders insist these measures are to stop friday's antigovernment protests from going ahead. a freelance journalist and opposition leader were arrested and charged with inciting violence, accused of encouraging people to participate in that demonstration. the two denied the allegations and they are currently in jail. barbara:mali has appointed new industries with the mission of forming a unity government as ast african leaders have
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four-point plan to solve the country's crisis. reporter: amid a political crisis, mali prepares for celebrations. coalition of protest groups have been demanding the print -- president step down. protests are on hold. one person is back on business selling traditional clothes ahead of the festivities. he fears efforts by west african powers to mediate in the standoff will fail again because he says the president and other regional leaders are cut from the same cloth. >> we are tired of the system. we will not find the solution to the crisis. violence is bringing us back. what we need is the trust of return of confidence in our leaders. presidentmali's deployed commando units in early july.
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dozens of people were killed and injured. the protest movement called m5 says he has not only failed to end the conflict with armed groups, but profited from instability. bought two private jets estimated to be worth $40 million and has awarded more than $250 million worth of defense contracts to a company associated with his son. also an elected mp. attacks have escalated since 2016. thousands have died. 1.5 million people have been displaced, fleeing the conflict. with the president facing growing protests, the heads of state of niger, ivory coast, ghana, senegal, and nigeria traveled to mali to bring an end to the deadlock. there is fear that instability could spread to the region with protest movements spreading to the capitals of west africa because there are four presidential elections this
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year. among those campaigning our heads of state also accused of corruption. keita came to power with the peoplemali first but argue he has left millions in poverty and put his family first. >> if we can resolve this problem, mali will find peace. reporter: protest leaders say they will return to the streets after the eid celebrations. they believe stability in the region is at stake. the protest movement and the government will have to make compromises. havera: dozens of suspects appeared in a south african court accused of killing five people during an attack on a church. more than 200 members of the church just west of johannesburg were held hostage for several hours. the standoff may have been motivated by a feud between church members. the court hearing had been delayed because of the pandemic.
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now, there are new reports of violence against protesters in baghdad. the city has posted on social -- sums adjusting right police are using live ammunition riot policeesting are using live ammunition. the first killed since the prime minister took power in may. >> it is not fair just to ask a two-month-old government to pay the corruption and looting bill left by the previous administration. are ats yesterday legitimate right. security forces do not have the permission to fire a single bullet protesters. we have opened an investigation into the circumstances of what happened. informationat all be made available within 72 hours. reporter: in algeria, preparations have begun for eid
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despite the lockdown restrictions. if you are sheep markets are open in the capital, each taking strict precautionary measures to curb the spread of covid-19. masks are mandatory. police dogs in chile are being put through their paces to sniff out the coronavirus in humans. the animals are expected to complete their training in september so they can facilitate the reopening of public spaces including shops, sports centers, and airports. are latin america editor has more from santiago. dogs are these police professional sniffers. until now, specialists in finding missing people, drugs, or explosives. that was the past. today they are training to become bio detectors capable of
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identifying carriers of covid-19 even in the earliest stages of the disease. dog's sense of smell is 50 times stronger than a human's. investigations underway indicate they are able to identify particles of covid-19 and contribute effectively to the early detection of the virus. reporter: a commander says the virus has no smell, but that the infection causes metabolic changes to the body that dogs can smell in human sweat. these golden retriever's and one labrador were chosen not just because of their noses, but also their looks. cuddly and cute rather than threatening. police say that is important to make people feel at ease when they see them walking with the dogs in train stations, airports, or other places with large crowds. in about six weeks, he will be
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trained and able to sniff out 250 people per hour who could be carriers of covid-19. accurateis far more than the normal tests we are using now to identify coronavirus. schoolr: police canine is working together with specialists in chile's catholic university and the veterinary school of paris. colleagues in france, england, and finland have been testing and training dogs to identify covid-19 for months now. canines are also known to be able to detect some forms of human cancer, for example. >> the system is highly economical. it has a high impact. apart from large crowds, we are thinking they can be at entrances to schools to contribute to what everyone wants.
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