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tv   I Married the Beltway Sniper  MSNBCW  November 19, 2011 2:54pm-3:00pm PST

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he had spent more time with this man than he had spent with anyone on a continuous basis since he was 5 years old. it was this connection, you know, took a while before you could see it for what it actually was. i can remember i went to see him and he said, carmita, this is going to be short. i want to testify against muhammad. i said, are you sure? he said, yes. i'm sure. it wasn't so much about feeling hatred for muhammad. it's, wow, this is my place in the universe. but the first thing that he had to do was he had to boldly stand
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with the victims. he had to testify with no strings, with no promises, and he just spilled his guts. >> john lee malvo will be back on the stand today testifying against his accomplice in the d.c. sniper trial. malvo confronted john muhammad for the first time tuesday calling him a coward and the younger sniper gave disturbing details of the attacks saying they planned to bomb schools and a police officer's funeral. muhammad is representing himself. his cross examination of malvo will continue today. he is on death row in virginia and now faces six counts of murder in maryland. >> that whole process in terms of getting him to that point where he could go on the witness stand in 2006 and face muhammad and say to him, you took me to
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your home. you fed me. you clothed me. then you turned into a monster. and this is what we did. despite what muhammad was saying, he could have gotten to that point, but it was a process that was gradual and it was a process that took him years to get him to that point. >> on november 10th, 2009, seven years after the sentence was given, john muhammad is executed in virginia. >> i said from the start that i wouldn't go. i didn't feel like i needed to go. i just didn't need to see it to get any kind of feeling that it was over. >> when it was time for the
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execution, my children wanted to talk to their dad. they had never talked to him the whole time he was incarcerated. i asked his attorney if he could have john call. gave him the number to call. and my children waited until 9:00 but the execution was done. my daughter was crying uncontrollably, and i was holding her and she looked at me and i know she was looking for something in my eyes, but it wasn't there. i had totally disconnected emotionally from john a long time ago. i didn't need his execution to take place to have closure.
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my children have a different aura about them. it's like, okay. i can finally put this to rest so now i can really move forward and i don't have this in the back of my head now. i can move and go on and they have a different type of joy. >> i saw lee because i wanted to know how he's going to deal with the execution of john muhammad that took place on november 10th. and i asked him, i said, how do you feel about it? he said, i feel pity. i said, pity? that's a sort of weird kind of feeling to have. he said, i pity him because he has not come to recognize what he did. he has not reached the point where he could say what he did
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and seek forgiveness. and so he is going to leave this earth not acknowledging and not having any sense of having forgiveness from his maker.


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