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tv   The Squeeze  MSNBC  April 21, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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evanston, 13 miles north of downtown chicago, home to northwestern university and multimillion dollar r mansions. an idyllic north shore suburb. >> police search warrant. compromise! compromise! compromise! >> until you look closely. >> target in the lot. >> got a guy right there. he's right there. >> when i get the [ muted ] out of here you all know what time it is. >> it's d-day for sergeant
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olander and the cook county sheriff's police. together with the evanston pd they're rounding up more tan two dozen local narcotics traffickers. they've spent the last five months building cases and they're about to net a very big fish. >> go! >> police.ç search warrant! >> downstairs, downstairs! >> search warrant! >> downstairs, downstairs, go! >> you ever worked with the police before or no? >> here we go, guys. go. >> search warrant! police search warrant!
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>> downstairs, downstairs! downstairs, downstairs! g go. >> i mean, whatever you find in here belongs to me, whatever you find. >> you want us to tear the place up or are you going to tell us where it's at? >> no, i don't have anything. there's a scale in there with heroin on it. that's me. that's mine. anything else you find in there -- >> anything else? >> i forgot about it or -- >> anything else on you? >> you can pat me down, too. i don't have anything on me. nothing. >> we're going to tear the house apart. >> for what? i just told you there ain't nothing in there. >> evanston police are have been waiting to nab this target an alleged evanston dealer for a long time. they couldn't do it by it themselves, not in a criminal community this small. they needed an ace up their sleeve. >> we don't do much undercover with our own officers in town. it's almost impossible for us tç get into the drug dealers, because they know us. they know our names, our faces.
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we have to bring in outside people. >> long time, right? >> yep. >> okay. if i say there ain't nothing in there -- >> you know this guy right here? >> now their trump card. >> not a good day for you, man. you know what i'm saying? you got a bad case. you know what i'm saying? do you know what i'm saying? that was a question. >> oh, okay. i heard your question. >> okay, cool, cool. >> you know who that is? >> no. >> the look on his face was, i'm screwed. i love seeing the lookment right now he's thinking at that moment he knew he sold this guy drugs and this guy's a cop. he's standing in front of him with all the gear on. we have video of the deal and everything. so he knows. >> that's not all that olander and their fellow officers have on their target. they've seized enough illegal fire power from his house for a
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army. >> 50 caliber desert eagle to 9 millimeter sig. we got springfield arms. >> at this point, all he can do is help himself. it's on him. >> why would i want to talk to someone? >> i'm just letting you now. >> but why would i want to talk to someone? >> the dealers know the game. we've had brothers give up brothers, their own family. this isç the game. >> but even as police send the target and 35 other arrestees off to jail, they know they're only making a minor dent in a much larger problem. evanston's gang presence has been growing and so has its murder rate. in 2010, homicides rose by 600%. >> everybody has heard of evanston for northwestern university. very cultural suburb. beautiful suburb on the
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lakefront. very seldom do you hear go two, three blocks in, about the drug dealing. heroin, crack and all that. >> and it's literally two blocks. >> yeah. it's right there. >> evanston proximity to other affluent suburbs makes it a central hub for drug sales north of chicago. many customers are casual users, experimenting with cocaine or heroin. some pay the ultimate price. heroin fatalities in outlying areas have more than doubled in two years. >> when a new strand of heroin comes into an area and they don't know how to cut it or the potency of it, they put it on the street. these kids are are naive, human guinea pigs. that's what's frustrating. some kid for the first time comes out from one of these northern affluent neighborhoods, goes to evanston, buys heroin, hears it's something cool to
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try, and dies the first time. >> olander and his team begin planning another major operation with the evanston çpd. this time they'll move higher up the food chain, taking aim at dealers who move bigger amounts of product. >> they do their sales on the street. they're mobile. they feel a little more secure because they're mobile. they're moving. they're watching. what we'll do is make it from there. we adapt to them. >> hey, anybody from evanston? evanston? there have been a lot of shootings over there, man. mayor daly knocks the projects down. where do you think these guys go to? thousa thousands of dollars, relocate to a different area and move out to evanston.
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it's my block. no, it's not. i'm going to show you whose block it is. >> evanston is not the only community battling an influx of gang activity from the city. it's a widespread phenomenon, fueled in part by the closing of chicago's public housing projects. now gangs are sprawling into 88% of the suburbs throughout cook county. >> chief of police asked me how do you know i have a gang problem? i tell him, chief, i have this. i understand what this chief means. >> one of the best places to track the chicago area's 70 plus gangs and estimated 100,000 gang members is at the jail. most detainees here are being charge but not convicted of crimes. investigators with the criminal intelligence unit or ciu are assisting multiple police agencies at once from the evanston pd to the chicago pd to the sheriff's police. and sharing the latest gang
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intel. recently investigators adrian sandoval and drake carpenter began hearing about a renewed battle on the streets between two long-time rivals, the latin kings and the maniac latin disciples. >> what are you? >> man yack. >> it's hot over there. what's your background? >> couple of misdemeanors, resisting arrest. >> fighting with kings? >> what do they call you? >> maniacs have been at war with a lot of other big gangs, cold bros, gangsteres, kingsment one of the biggest bloodiest wars was with themselves. >> you're not going to see my face. no shame in my game. salute me or shoot me. >> maniac latin disciples or mlds represent the second largest latino street gang in
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chicago. founded in the 1960s, they got their start on the city's northwest side and branched out from there. they now claim up to 3,000 members, who must obey strict codes of conduct. above all, no one is toç cooperate with law enforcement. but sandoval and carpenter have seen gang members break that cardinal rule time and time again. they personally recruited many informants from the maniac latin disciples, including this man, who we're calling poncho, to protect his identity. poncho has been in and out of jail several times. at one point, sandoval helped him work out a drug deal. >> you know, i was in a bad situation and the man came and saved me. i owed him for that. >> what's going on, inside and out. >> poncho takes sandoval by
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surprise when he brings a fellow member of his gang in the foal. they'll be working alongside each other as paid informants. >> what happened is we've known each other so long that he felt a vibe from me. he came to me and he was like, hey, man, you know, what's up? i know you're doing this cause i see it. and me being the man that i am i said yeah, man, that's what i'm doing. he was like, well, man, you know what, i want to help out, too. >> let's see when they have the first disagreement how it turns out. >> kos means kill on sight in latino gang slang. both these men are taking extra precautions like wearing disguises on camera for"t%i safety. we're giving poncho's partner a
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name to conceal his identity. >> if they found out right now i have to go home and just leave everything, just go, straight to the border. just disappear. y issue. >> it's a line you cross. you really can't come back. >> if they told them i was here, they wouldn't believe it. not him. because it's the neighborhood you grew up in. all these guys know each others from years and years and back. >> but for all of the gang's talk about loyalty, paranoia runs deep within their upper ranks. and for good reason. the ship's full of leaks. >> they know right now a lot of people talk, a lot of people working with the police. they know people working. they don't know who. so they like leery about everybody, you know. >> poncho and lefty say it's become a matter of self preservation to play both sides
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of the fence. they also have another motive. money. both offer to help sandoval and carpenter set up members of a drug ring on the city's west side. they could earn a percentage of any cash that police seize as a result of the sting operation. >> if i could make some money i'm going to do it because this is a job for me. >> where is he at now, jay? >> he's intro'ing the guyç rig now. >> to be that guy who's setting everybody up and nobody knows who you are is a rush in itself and they feed off of it. >> it's all in or nothing. >> this can go sour real fast. >> police, search warrant! come to the door. come to the door. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us.
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we got the knowledge. we got the avenues. and we gonna open those up for
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these guys cause it's going to be a long summer. >> summertime is traditionally chicago's bloodiest season. and a long-time rivalry between two major latino games is already flaring up again. ciu investigators adrian sandoval and drake carpenter has a pair of street informants from one of those gangs, maniac latin zpiems, ready to go to work for them. >> it's good to have guys like me here. there's going to be a lot of shooting. >> beside acting as eyes and ears for lawence forcement, they've offered to set up a west side drug ring in return for money. we're call iing them poncho and lefty for their protection. >> who can get us to this block? >> me. >> you could? >> yeah. i know. >> even though plaque and latino gangs occupy different territories in chicago, sometimes they'll work together
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if there's a financial opportunity. poncho and lefty are giving up members of a black street/ gang that they do business with. >> although they're oppositions, it's all about money. elf especially on the west side. >> i'm set up on monticello and hur. n you got guys on the northwest corner and the southeast corner. >> as a first step,ç sheriff's police are sending an undercover officer with poncho to buy heroin. >> target we got today only serves select clientele. and our informant is one of them. >> he rides with one of four marked surveillance units while the deal goes down. >> where is he at now, jay? >> he's intro'ing to the guy right now. >> all right. it's a good deal. he got a whole jab. he got 12. they're heading back to the meet
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spot. >> it want great. i introduced my friend to him and he shook his hand. he gave him his number and told me call me whenever you need anything. you know you have to have a good friend when you're doing this. if you're nervous, paranoid, that's how things are going to come out. if you're relaxed -- you know, you're doing good. >> with one successful buy under their belts, investigators plan to do more with his help. they want to send out his partner, lefty, next on an undercover buy before he gets any second thoughts. >> right now only one guy working. the other guy gets to hold that against him. obviously you can't always get along with somebody. it's pretty risky but we'll see. >> everything hinges on the relationship between the two info informants. within a matter of days an unforeseen event will put that relationship to the test.ç
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13 months north of chicago, another sheriff's police operation is in full swing in evanston. the north gang unit is helping the local pd put away its own rack of usual suspects. >> he just had the weed. that was it. it was all bagged to sell. >> it was bagged up in nickels or dimes or whatever. he said i saw cush, so -- >> that will be a felony. >> we know how they work. they know how we work. the bad guys haven't seen informants before that's why we're successful. >> riggio himself often goes undercover to play a role to build trust with a number of unsavory customers. hey, girl, what's up? are you going to be around today? >> one of his newest targets,
1:20 pm
named after candy. >> i'm looking at those skittles, so -- all right. let me know what the paper is on that, too. all right. cool. she asked me if i wanted a jar, which is a hundred. i said half a jar. anything over 15 we're good with, but i figured police buy 15 pills because that's all they need to buy. so we'll buy half a jar and get a search warrant out of it. >> i was going to be up in the area in a little bit and wanted to see if i roll through. trying toç talk like they do. we debrief people we arrest and just talking to them, you know the terminology they like to use. call me back. all right. >> count all the steps he's doing right now, probably on his 500th step. >> he paces. he'll wear out a piece of the grass up there. >> each time that riggio and his
1:21 pm
fellow officers launch a new operation in evanston, they face a shrewder, more calculating adversary. >> we basically teach them how to do their job better. we need to adapt to that as well. >> you need to think like them to a point. after doing this so many years, i've had people tell me i'm tarnished. my wife's a pharmaceutical rep. i go to their parties or dinner. i can't relate to these people after doing this job so long, it's hard to relate to other people. and then she says, are you sure you're not the police? i said, no, i'm not the police. if i did, i would have a real job. she reached inside of her bra, pulled it out, handed it to me. she said the better ones are the lighter ones. they're all good but they're better. >> besides ecstasy that riggio was pursuing, they're lining up
1:22 pm
20 other targets with the help of informants. they'll make multiple drug buys from each of them in order to build the strongest cases. eventually, they'll arrest them all in a massive sweep. >> that's why they call themç sk skittles. all the happy flavors, i guess. >> 37 miles to the south in the suburb of markham, members of the south gang unit face a more immediate mission at hand. investigator matt jenna and his fellow officers are getting ready to execute their fourth search warrant in the past week. there's never a dull moment in their neck of the woods, with the greatest proliferation of street gangs anywhere in cook county outside of the inner city. >> our target, we did three control buys out of his residence, crack cocaine. >> pretty much his whole family is locked up. he'll be joining them. >> pull it down, pull it down. and from national.
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in oregon, nothing less than 20. >> middle of a nonstop week for the cook county sheriff's south gang unit based in chicago's south suburbs. investigator matt jenna is juggling five cases at once and has many more in the pipeline. >> we've arrested this guy seven times, our department alone has arrested him seven times, ten arrests in his background. >> on average, the sheriff's gang units serve ten search warrants for drugs and guns every month. jenna and his colleagues are focused on places like robbins, harvey and midlothian. the south suburbs represent the single hottest focal point of gang activity outside chicago city limits. >> there is gunfire, have a position to cover that you can move to. >> come on, let's gear up, go outside and rehearse. >> just going to go over and hit it, grab this guy.
1:27 pm
a lot of crack cocaine and he has yet to see any jail time. so, hopefully, this will beç t nail in the coffin right here. >> all right. >> here we go. >> hands. >> hands up. hands up. pull it down, pull it down. pull it down. get on the ground. get on the ground. i got it. get on the ground. >> police run into their target on the stairs. then they hit his apartment. they find what they came looking for right in plain view. >> pretty happy with what we recovered. a nice sized amount of crack cocaine there. s they a good hit right there, real good hit. >> remember me? >> yeah. >> guess i caught you, huh? >> based on how much activity they see, the sheriff's gang investigators find it hard to
1:28 pm
believe claims crime is down in chicago as some city and police departments have reported. >> there's lies and then there's statistics. most are are noble but then the last thing sometimes they want to do is acknowledge they have crime because it will impact the neighborhood. they would be flabbergasted if they knew how little police departments actual ly talked to each other. >> 1,000 public housing units demolished, gangs migrated ç outward. forced to relocate during the past two decades. that's made a lasting impact on communities to the south and to the north, including evanston. >> 641.
1:29 pm
1405. 101. >> evanston is kind of a mini chicago. we have the diversity of it with the neighborhoods, $5 million houses on the lake and a lot of section eight housing and poverty and pockets of bad area s within the good areas. >> they say they know all the key drug dealers in town and have recruited informants to help bring them down. >> we do whatever it takes to get some good charges on these guys. >> there is a lot of drug activity right here. >> epicenter. >> post ed, hanging on the bloc. >> handing out business cards. >> that, too. >> this guy was handing ut business cards, this particular business card at one of the red line stations and he actually
1:30 pm
gave it to one of my informants. his card says 100 bags. call me lqifirst. which is bags of rock. street slang for crack cocaine. according to the informant, he had a whole stack of them and was handing them out to people at the station. >> undercover sheriff's police officer will be!ruying product from the enterprising young dealer. six unmarked units roll out to set up surveillance outside the meat spot. >> it's going to go down right next to us. >> all right. target's in the backseat.
1:31 pm
>> the target is still inside the vehicle. >> target just got out. he is walking eastbound on howar howard. >> way back. >> hour or two, we're going to snd undercover officer back in, say stuff was good and we will take six more. and this guy is now -- >> nice. >> counting his money. walking away. >> on to the next one. >> next on "the squeeze." >> everybody's heard. he shot the wrong people. now he got to pay for it. >> the community is in an uproar over it. >> maniacs are enemy number one. >> anybody shooting kids,ç get ready because we're going to hit the whole gang.
1:32 pm
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hello, i'm milissa rehberger. george zimmerman's attorney says his client will remain in jail a couple more days. he saysç the family is having trouble raising money for the $150,000 bond. finished ripping up a basement floor and their search for new clues. forensic investigators found a stain of interest on drywall in the basement. patz disappeared on his way to school back in 1979. now back to "the squeeze." >> stand right against the wall. >> hey, don't put me on camera.
1:36 pm
>> i got a partner now. i don't care how many guys you interview. i don't think you're gonna see this right here. cause it takes guts, man. >> one informant alone shoulders enough risk by working with authorities, but a team of two enormously ups the stakes as each entrusts his life with the other. investigator adrian sandoval and this pair of informants, whom we have been calling poncho and lefty, have just started an operation to nab a drug ring on chicago's west side. their plan takes a 180-degree turn, however, one week later. it's at this playground that gunfire erupts in avondale park, a neighborhood on the west side. bullets strike two little girls, a 7-year-old and a 2-year-old, piercing one in the back andç grazing the other in the head. both survive their injuries and police capture the alleged gunman, a maniac latin zpiem
1:37 pm
trying to shoot at a gangland rival and missed. >> this was an outrageous act. >> chicago's new police superintendent declares war on the maniac latin zpiems. >> their entire organization will be held accountable for the alcohols of one of them. >> it's a turn of the tide. let everybody know we're not going to be playing, set an example. anybody shooting kids, get ready because we're going to hit the whole gang. >> poncho and lefty, who belong to the gang, now find themselves in the middle. prior to the shooting, they helped sand dbls oval map out the hierarchy of the entire organization. >> so the governor, the minister? >> right. he will fall under the minister's spot. >> now that information takes on a whole new relevance. >> how accurate is this? is he the chief enforcer? >> they're well organized, obviously. it can help them and it also hurts them. they have structure.
1:38 pm
they have somebody to answer to, somebody to dictate and delegate what's going to happen. if one of their main guys, who is highly involved, decides to help us out it's so much easier to take everybody else down. >> sandoval and his ciu colleague share the intel with chicago police, who launch a massive crackdown on the gang. within two weeks of the shooting, the chicago pd arrests 120 maniac latin disciples. >> when the cops come to sweep not only did you send a message to the maniac latin disciples, but all gangs city wide. >> investigators go to meet with one of their informants, lefty, in the meantime. >> everybody's scared right now. superintendent of chicago police said he's coming after all maniac latin disciples. everybody heard him so everybody's scared. >> lefty claims that the shooter acted alone without authorization from the gang.
1:39 pm
he had been fighting with some latin kings but now not even his own gang will defend him. >> nobody in the right state of mind. he took action upon himself. and now he's got to pay for it. nobody behind him on that [ muted ]. he's popped. >> as the maniac latin disciples wait for the dust to settle, their drug sales dry up. they also expect their rivals, the latin kings, to retaliate, since they were the intended targets of the shooting. for poncho and lefty, the stakes suddenly couldn't be higher. >> to me it was like a sign or something. because it just happened just because of that. i sat there and i was like oh, my god, what did i get myself into? damn, it can be for the better. >> definitely could have been caught with the sweep that was going down. >> yeah. >> you could be sitting behind bars.
1:40 pm
>> investigators sandoval and carpenter decide to strike while the iron is hot. they want to useç poncho and lefty to take down the so-called nation house where the maniac latin disciples store their firearms. >> this is where they mostly all hang out. but this house is in charge of supplying all the guys out in the neighborhood with weapons, ammunition. >> they're going to have security, probably front and back. so we're going to definitely have to be prepared. >> despite the risk, their informants agree to help. they identify one house in particular where the gang not only keeps guns, but also sells narcotics. the next step, the sheriff's police will send an undercover officer there to buy drugs in order to obtain a search warrant. >> we'll try to take off the mid-level people in that gang. hopefully from that point, you know, some of the violence will slow down. >> these guys are out there, shooting people. if we can hurry up and get these guns off the street, that will be great. coming up on "the squeeze."
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>> i run his name out of texas and illinois, i get absolutely nothing, like he doesn't exist. >> you just want to dig a little bit further because he seems like he was hiding something for sure. >> you want to tell me what that red stuff is on the back of your truck? i need to look in here to make sure you don't have a human in here. [ scott ] i grew up playing with little toy trains
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it makes us proud. ♪
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♪ even inside the jail, it's not acceptable. they don't accept guys who shoot or kill little kid kids. there's a lot of guys with a lot of anger, lot of animosity who would love to beat up one of these guys who didn't follow the rules that they should çhave. >> in the wake of a gang-related shooting that wounded two little girls on chicago's northwest
1:45 pm
side, authorities are cracking down on the maniac latin disciples. as police saturate their neighborhoods, they're sending more and more so-called maniacs to jail. the alleged shooter himself is being held here under tight security. >> this kid is in fear for his life. we have to care about this kid getting killed. his action caused everybody to get locked up. now what? maniacs from humble park might go where? to retaliate and send a message over there. now internal wars because of this kid affected our drug sale. now we have to go over there and send a message because of his action. >> are you affiliated or rival? what's going on with your guys, man? >> i don't know. chicago number one hit list. >> i know if our dudes shoot two little girls, i'll kill them myself. >> that's not part of the game. >> no. you shoot at the person you
1:46 pm
shoot at not into an open park. >> you can actually listen to the truth. other shootings are happening over the city. nobody cares. happen to be these two little girls in a nicer neighborhood, what happens? >> chicago police, their objective is to catch us and arrest us. our objective as gang bangers or criminals is to get the hell away. they're doing their job. i'm doing mine. >> 24ç miles south of chicago, sergeant terry tabb and his team are playing the cat and mouse game today in towns full of gang activity. >> we'll get people call us directly in our office and say, you know, this person is selling drugs over here. this person was seen with a gun. just diven stuff a lot of times. we're trying to follow up on it every time we get the complaint. >> a street stop on some individuals. >> shoot over to the lovely town
1:47 pm
of harvey. we got a couple of citizens complaints over an area where a lot of vice lords are at. >> as tabb and his fellow officers roll through a hot block, they make a traffic stop on a driver who is a little too eager to get away. >> you want to be charged with obstruction right now? i'll lock you up right now for obstruction. >> we got him now. >> i need to see his i.d., too. >> the house we just passed by that he picked this guy up is the house we're looking at. as soon as we stepped up to the car, he's giving us attitude. as far as the passenger, he is giving us a name, dob. >> i need to be able to identify who you are. >> from texas. >> you see how nervous they are. you need to pay attention to things like that. somebody might be ready to take off, ready to pull a gun out. somebody might be ready to do
1:48 pm
anything. >> shaking like a leaf. >> uh-huh. >> see his chest? >> i run his name out of texas and illinois. i get absolutelyç nothing, lik he doesn't exist. >> what's up with you? you never been arrested before in your life? what's your social? >> i don't know it by heart. >> you don't know it by heart? >> no, i don't know it by heart. >> he don't know his social. got nothing coming back. something ain't right, man. something ain't right. >> while matt jenna focuses on the passenger, sergeant tabb makes a curious discovery on the truck's rear bumper. >> it's dripping up underneath. >> those do look like blood drops right there. >> absolutely. >> those right there do. >> i think he needs to come out and explain this. >> what were you hauling that was all red? >> all red? >> yeah.
1:49 pm
you need to lift your tailgate. i need to make sure you don't have a human being in there. >> we mentioned this blood splatter, his neck was shaking like you wouldn't believe. >> take my vehicle, take it. >> i don't want to take it. i want to milk sure there's nobody in your tailgate. >> i'm not trying to be a [ muted ]. >> then don't. >> i'm being very simple, very professional. >> i can't be simple. you open my tailgate, do whatever you want to do. >> are you going to open it or are you going to jail? >> i'm upset, man. >> i'm just making sure there ain't nobody in here, man. >> you want to tell me what that red stuff is in the back of your truck? >> movie redç mulch. >> what is it? >> ruby red mulch. >> that's mulch? >> the passenger has a warrant for assault in illinois, after he confesses his real name.
1:50 pm
their records show that he's classified as armed and dangerous. they take him into custody and reluctantly let the driver go. >> this guy, he has been around the block quite a few times, you can tell. the type of person that you just want to dig a little bit further because he seems like he was hiding something for sure. maybe he thought we had something on him already. >> okay. how many guys do they serve? you know what i'm saying? we have to figure out a way to get two buys a day to get a warrant in by thursday. >> time is of the essence for investigator adrian sandoval, whose plan to target the maniac latin disciples is in motion. two of his informants, who we're calling poncho and lefty, have agreed to take down a house where the gang sells s narcotic
1:51 pm
and stores weapons. >> basically the stronghold to that block, that area. this location isn't just a little hangout. >> within a few days, investigators wrap up enough buys for a warrant. they want to hit the house fast, before the maniac latin disciples, who are already feeling the heat, move their weapons elsewhere.0 follow the wings.
1:52 pm
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the community is in uproar over it. the police are in uproar over it. hitting this house, hopefully,
1:55 pm
will send a message. >> couple of kids playing in that driveway now. >> can you take a drive by? >> police have declared war on the maniac latin disciples in chicago, following a shooting of two little girls who were bystanders. now, eight days later, the sheriff's police have a warrant to search a so-called nation house, where the gang allegedly stashes guns and drugs. >> all right. on the beach. >> all right. here we go. >> kids in the yard! kids in the yard! kids went inside the house. >> back inside the house. >> open the door. come to the door. police, search warrant. police, search warrant. come to the door! come to the door!=
1:56 pm
>> police cheer the house within minutes. they find the tenant, an alleged maniac latin çdisciple, and family inside. they take him into custody and begin searching the premises, while the neighborhood watches. the last thing that investigators expect to happen, however, is to walk away with almost nothing. they find a misdemeanor amount of marijuana and some paraphernalia, but not the weapons they counted on. >> we have two options. charge you, you go to court tomorrow. or you work with the police. i know there was guns in your house at one time because this is a nation stash house, okay? you moved them because of that chicago. i'm going to take that weed and
1:57 pm
paraphernalia and send it to the state lab. i can charge you any time i want. you hand me two guns in the next week, this is how your case is going to go away. >> a lot of guys on the block. a lot of people seen him get hit. a lot of people seen him get let go. we'll see what happens. and he knows if he doesn't come through, it it won't be hard to catch him. >> in the weeks that follow, the suspect decides to take his chances with authorities. he never turns over the guns. >> what are they saying at the meetings other than stay down? >> stay low, man. stay low. let the pd do what they're going to do. i just play it by ear, you know. >> after the failed police raid, investigatorsç sandoval and carpenter follow up with their informants. poncho and lefty claim that the gang moved its weapons to
1:58 pm
another location the day before police arrived and they only found out after the fact. >> underground, man, everybody. pretty much if you get caught up, you're on your own. >> in bocertain respects, both informants weathered the storm better than anyone else. timing and luck was on their side. >> kind of worked out for them. they're not going to think anybody is up here working with the police when everybody is hiding from the police. code of silence between them is going to be pretty strong. >> maniac latin disciples, the gang will stay on its heels, losing status and money in the drug trade. >> we have to find different connects that's willing to take us the chance to [ muted ] with
1:59 pm
us. >> can we knock the organization out in one fell swoop? no. it's done big damage, sent a big shock wave. they're not retaliating, fighting back against law enforcement, but they're going to try to keep a step ahead of the game. somebody that big, that organized, they'll do what they have to do to survive. >> authorities are getting ready to hit the gangs in evanston in one fell swoop. as the joint operation between the sheriff's police and ç evanston pd nears its end game, investigators are looking at investigating 20 targets in the area. >> i would like to keep this rolling through july, august and do the sweep right before school starts. once we hit them hard like that, everything shuts down. and these kids can go to school and pretty much all the crap will be off the street for a while. so, that would be ideal. >> before the summer ends in chicago, a reputed maniac


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