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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  April 24, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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franchise he tried to keep in the garden state. it's "way too early" for this. good morning. i'm willie geist. this is "way too early," the show that is expected to finish a strong second in tonight's all-had important rhode island primary. i'm glad you're up with us watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius xm radio. shoot me an e-mail or tweet me, let me know what you're doing up at this hour. or do what otis birdsong does texting the word "awake" followed by 622639. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this tuesday, april 24th. a lot to tell you about today, including rudy giuliani's change of heart about mitt romney offering an endorsement after traeshing him. >> any day herman cain is speaking on television is a good
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day. he sat down with "the daly show" last night and it was just about as good as you would think. here at 30 rock in new york city, here's the news. mitt romney will pick up a truck load of delegates today as five more states hold primary vot votes. romney is expected to sweep the contest in new york, connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania and rhode island. victories there will move him closer to the 1144 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. a milestone he's projected to reach next month. the former massachusetts governor spent time campaigning in pennsylvania yesterday. the only one of today's primary states that could be competitive for republicans in november. romney was joined by senator marco rubio of florida, who many have put on the short list of potential running mates for romney. some see rubio's latino roots as a political advantage. the former vice president dick cheney told an audience of college students yesterday, there are more important factors
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to consider. >> when you watch the talking heads out there now, they're talking about, well, gee, you better get a woman or you better get a hispanic or you better pick somebody from a big state. the decision you make as a presidential candidate on who your running mate is going to be is the first presidential level decision that the public sees you make. i think the single most important criteria has to be the capacity to be president. that's why you pick them. >> romney, meanwhile, picking up the endorsement of former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. he says of his had former rival, quote, he's proven he's the most effective republican. this reminds me of going to a surgeon. if i've got a terrible cancer or something to be operated on, i didn't go to the nicest doctor. i went to the best doctor. the guy could have a great personality and tell great jokes and put the knife in the wrong way. giuliani's endorsement not exactly ringing. it's a far cry from his scathing
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critique of mitt romney on "morning joe" just in december. >> well, i think it's deeper. i think it's deeper than just, a, he's kind of stayed and everything else. i ran against him in '08. i've never seen a guy, i've ran a lot of elections, change his positions on so many things so fast on a dime. everything. he was pro gun control. fine. then he becomes a lifetime member of the nra. he was pro cap and trade. now he's against cap and trade. he was pro mandate for the whole country. then he becomes anti-mandate and takes that page out of his book and republishes the book. i can go on and on. >> that was december 15th, just over four months ago. at the time giuliani was supporting newt gingrich. the obama reelection team meanwhile is looking at arizona as a general election battleground that could tip in the president's favor this time around. new polling from arizona state university shows romney and the
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president running neck and neck. the race will likely hinge on independents, 34% of whom say they are still undecided. one of the driving political issues in arizona right now is the state's immigration law that's set to go before the supreme court tomorrow. the obama administration is challenging several morgs portions of it including a provision that requires police to check the immigration status of people during traffic stops and another that makes it criminal for an illegal immigrant to seek work the the new data from the pew hispanic center pointing to a changing dynamic. between 2005 and 2010, 1.4 million mexicans entered the united states, the same number that went back to mexico during that period. the study cites the weakened u.s. job market for the reversal along with border enforcement and decline in mexican birth rates. it's the first significant drop in the number of unauthorized mexican imgrants living in the u.s. in at least 20 years.
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the two countries are livged in another story, an alleged bribery scandal at walmart. an investigation is being called into a "new york times" report on sunday that suggests executives at the retail giant not only engaged in widespread corruption but also attempted to cover it up. several top company officials were implicated in the report, which describes a $24 million effort to bribe mexican officials in exchange for building permits for new stores. investors reacted yesterday, sending walmart stock down nearly 5%. that accounted for about one-fifth of the dow's losses. for much more and a look at the markets, let's turn to steve sedgwick, live in london. steve, how big a deal is this for walmart? >> it's a huge deal for walmart. you have to remember this is a huge part of the international and merging market growth story for walmart. their mexican business is around 6.5% of global revenues, we're
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talking about $29 billion worth of revenues. the shares in their partner group, the mexican operation of which owns 69%, their shares fell 12% on the back of this. walmart says it's taking the allegations seriously and making their own investigations into this as well as the ones of course we're seeing on capitol hill. more trouble elsewhere in the corporate arena for facebook. facebook's growth story has been extraordinary, but this time around we saw a declines in revenue and in net inkoom as well. they're still seeing revenue growth year on year, which is very strong. but between the fourth quarter last year and first quarter this year there has been a decline and increasing costs as well. the problem is the fact advertisers have been crowding the space around december and not spending so much in the first quarter, plus the fact you get growing pains as well. it's a company, which as of the end of march, had 3,500 employees, comparing to 2,431 employees the year before. so facebook which values itself
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at around $75 billion is basically just finding it's growing and that costs more money as well. but the group of course still set for its ipo around $5 billion worth of the company shares which the market had previously worth up to, for the total company, somewhere in the region of $100 billion. so no major problems at faceb k facebook, apart from the fact it's growing and that costs more for expenses for employees. >> two big stories for two big companies, steve sedgwick live in london. thanks. one other story to mention in terms of business, above the fold in the "wall street journal," stress rises on social security. the united states government saying now social security will exhaust its resources, its reserves, by 2033, three years earlier than had been previously expected. some other news, despite a renewed search by the fbi that we told you about last week, still no answers to what happened to etan patz, the 6-year-old boy who vanished on his way to school, to the bus stop, more than three decades
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ago. federal officials have ended their excavation of an apartment building's basement in new york city where a police dog had detected of the scent of possible human remains. after four days of digging, the search turned up no significant evidence. etan patz disappeared in 1979, triggering a national movement to draw teengs to missing children. a spokesman for the nypd says the detectives will continue to follow new leads adding, quote, it is still a missing persons case. still ahead here -- governor chris christie has a heart felt send-off for the new jersey knenets as they played tr final game in jersey after 35 years. >> i'm not going to the nets game tonight and my message to the nets is good-bye. >> and that was just the beginning. more of the governor's warm and fuzzy farewell, plus tonight in baseball ahead. plus, vice president biden slips down to the everglades to do a little boating and he looked damn good doing it.
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durn'it, this thing's runnin' slow. bet you think you're pretty quick? yeah, i guess it is pretty quick. jesse?!? jesse? jesse?! much obliged. suddenly, everything else seems old-fashioned. ultrabook. inspired by intel. it is 5:42 in the morning. that is a cool shot as the sun comes up in new york city. that's from our building here in rockefeller center. bill, how does it look? winter chill continues, great lakes, northeast, it's cold but at least the snow is over with in many spots. it didn't materialize to be the
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big blockbuster snows in the cities like pittsburgh and erie and buffalo, but a lot of the hill towns outside of those areas got up to a foot of snow, still dealing with power outages from that. today just a cold morning, the snow beginning to head had north into canada. the chill is in the air from new england to the mid-atlantic, into the southeast. definitely have the winter coat for the kids, maybe even the gloves. look at the windchill, it's pretty low, about 25 in buffalo. there's some cold air out there. still raining in maine. here are the windchill readings, the 30s all the big cities on the east coast, including washington, d.c., and pittsburgh it feels like 29. i think this will be the coldest morning we'll experience until next winter. hopefully this is it the worst of it. today we'll get a little bit of sunshine out there in the northeast and great lakes but not a lot. appreciate any breaks you see. southeast is nice today, texas looks great, rain showers on the northwest but this is a very quiet werth weather day out
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there, mr. geist. no tornadoes out there. usually end of april we get a tornado outbreak once or twice a week. none in the cards. >> we'll take quiet. thanks so much. let's turn to sports now. what is the deal with the new orleans saints? it's been a nightmare of an off-season for the franchise. this morning some more shady news about the team that won the super bowl just a couple of years ago. saints general manager mickey loomis is facing allegations that he had access to an electronic device to eavesdrop on opposing coaches at the superdome. according to a report from espn, loomis was able to listen to the game day communication of visiting teams from the time he became the saints gm in 2002 until 2004. these allegations come as the saints are still reeling from the penalties they incurred for their bounty program which rewarded players with money for injuring an opponent. loomis is already slated to serve an eight-game suspension for his role in that scandal. should these latest allegations prove true, he could find himself in violation of federal
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law, not just nfl rules. the saints realized a statement on monday calling espn's report, quote, 1,000 percent false. we shall see. the new jersey nets played their final game at the prudential center in newark last night. their final game in new jersey before they move to brooklyn next season in what can only describe as a fitting end it pains me to say. the team capped its 35 year run in new jersey with an 18-point loss to the 76ers. count governor chris christie among the unimpressed with the nets' move to brooklyn. here's what he said before the game. >> i'm not going to the nets game tonight and my message to the nets is good-bye. you know? you don't want to stay? we don't want you. seriously, i'm not going to be in the business of begging people to stay here. that's one of the most beautiful arenas in america. they've had the chance to play in. it's in one of the country's
2:46 am
most vibrant cities. and they want to leave here and go to look listen? good riddance. see you later. >> good riddance. after 35 years, jay-z taking the team to brooklyn. christie went on to say he's confident a team looking to relocate would appreciate the facilities in new jersey. the mother of former nets great drawsen petra vic, he was your favorite back in the '80s, he gave them an identity and then sadly, tragically, died in a car accident in june of 1993 at the age of 28. his mother, very nice to see her at the arena last night. to baseball, the cubs got off to the worst start in the national league. trying to get a win against their rival st. louis yesterday. in the fourth, the cardinals take the lead on a timely sac fly. yadier molina, scores matt holliday. st. louis up 2-1. cubs down one bottom of ninth,
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joe mather laces one. that's your ball game, cubs win, cubs win the walk-off. and he gets an ice bath from his teammates. cubs still last, though, in their division. st. louis in first at 11-6. dodgers taking on the braves at home. bottom of the third, matt kemp robbed. nice play by prado. don't feel too bad for kemp, still batting .460. bottom of the eighth, dodgers up three, uribe drops one with the bases loaded into right field. that scores a couple, dodgers win 7-2, they're 13-4, best record in baseball and still a perfect 7-0 at home. the rangers knocked the yankees out of the playoffs last year. the bombers came to arlington looking for payback. yankees up a couple of runs when a-rod goes deep against his former team. puts the yaivg yeez up 6-1. derek jeter off to a great start
2:48 am
this year. he's on fire. four more hits yesterday. yankees go on to win 7-4, new york now shares the lead in the a.l. east with the blue jays. red sox trying to shake off a couple of horrible games against yankees. valencia crush the no-doubter to center. the twins take a lead. but the red sox find their savior, cody ross a solo shot into the second deck, ties the game at five. still tied in the ninth, ross again goes the other way this time. sox up a run. his second home run of the game. could the sox's bull pen? bottom of nine ninth, one gone, trevor poof gives it a ride, but it aets caught at the track. red sox win, snapping their losing streak. sox sits at the bottom of the a.l. east at 5-10. one last mention for hockey
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fans, new york rangers beat the ottawa senators last night to force a big gaim seven here in new york city this week. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," five more primaries for mitt romney to sweep up on his way to the nomination. yesterday he had marco rubio at his side in pennsylvania. could we be seeing more of that pairing? we'll talk to joe, mika and our crew in just a few minutes. when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler to see mr. herman cain making his return to television, sitting down in an inside the actor style studio with "the daly show." 0 . ♪ stream, stream, stream...
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♪, stream, stream... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online. we told you at the top of the show that new polling shows mitt romney and president obama in a statistical tie in the state of arizona. obama's campaign has said repeatedly it believes arizona will be in play in the general election, should the president pull off the win in arizona in november, he will buck a trend that's persisted for more than a half century. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friend s arizoa has gone for the democratic presidential candidate only one time since 1956. bill clinton carried arizona in
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1996 just edging bob dole. before that, the last democrat to win in arizona was harry truman. mr. obama lost arizona by 8 1/2 points in 2008. let's huddle up around the water cooler to watch the man who in a right and just world would be the republican nominee. he sat down last night for an interview with "the daily show" where correspondent john oliver giving mr. herman cain the inside the actor studio treatment, asking him most importantly about that president of who's becky becky stan stan stan. >> when they ask me who is the president of the becky becky becky stan stan, i'm going to say, i don't know. do you know? >> mr. cain, i have a question, i hope you don't disappoint. who is the president of use back stan? >> the president of use back
2:54 am
stan. i did go and look it up. and at one point i knew his name. but since it's not something that i use every day, it's gone again! >> it's gone again! mr. cain also delivers an inspiring speech on how he would rally the nation if aliens were to invade. >> you are president of the united states of america. earth is being attacked by aliens. you are standing on the smoldering remains of what used to be the oval office. you have 30 seconds to address the earth's inhabitants. look into that camera and, action! >> citizens of earth, it was the spirit of humanity that built this planet.
2:55 am
it is that same spirit of humanity that will allow us to defend ourselves against unknown enemies. it is that same spirit of humanity that will allow us to destroy the aliens. >> mr. herman cain. get that guy back in the race! the vice president, our current vice president, joe biden, by the way, had a little fun yesterday down in florida, hanging out in the everglades on an airboat. down in miami, look, he's got the shades, the hat on backwards, the whole deal. it's an alligator infested walter, snakes in the gralgsland. he was cruising around touting the economic and ecological benefits of the everglades down by miami with democratic senator ben nelson and also democratic congressman alcy hastings. doing a little airboating. by the way, this reminded us, i don't know, he likes to get out once in a while. here taking on famous assume mow
2:56 am
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top story on, california voters will decide on whether or not to abolish the death penalty this november after an advocacy group gathered more than the 800,000 signatures to put that issue on the ballot. that question comes up again. we asked you at the top of the show what you are doing up at this hour. >> phoenix coyotes make history last night and nothing? >> james is a big hockey guy, isn't he? see, i try to tell john tower, our producer, about the importance of hockey not just to this country but to the world. he refuses, he kills it, the first thing he kills every day. i tried to sneak in the rangers, i had to ad lib that whole thing. you're right, the