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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 2, 2013 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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stay from the u.s. government. and while you were sleeping, a russian rocket was trying to take it to space. russia, it's not rocket science. i mean it is rocket science. this is "way too early." it's tuesday, july 2nd. mika is not here so i thought i would wear this suit. don't tell her. actually we have an incredibly busy news day even if most of you are on vacation. we're going to touch on apple's next move and in the cooler it's an extrav ganz is a. our top story, a somber one as we know more about the firefighters who died in arizona. with a wildfire burning out of control, there are ongoing questions about how an elite
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team of firefighters was overcome by. the flames killing all by one member of their team of 20. last night more than 1,000 people attended a memorial service while earlier in the day others brought flowers outside team headquarters where the unit known as the granite mountain hot shots was based. they ranged in their 20s to their 40s, many of them fathers and husbands. for 21-year-old kevin rogiac, fire fighting runs in the family. 30-year-old chris mackenzie was the son of a firefighter and today his family has few answers as to what happened on that mountainside. >> something is wrong because that doesn't happen. they know what they are doing. he's showed me pictures of fires that he ran from because they got too hot and too fast and they had to get out of there. why one the same thing
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happening? i don't know. >>. the fire itself is still burning out of control at this hour. overnight fire crews on the scene doubled, but with 200 homes destroyed and practically no containment of the fire, hundreds more people are still under threat. another major story we're following overnight, this one overseas following days of widespread demonstrations egypt's president is now facing an ultimatum. give in to public demands or else. he has 48 hours to reconcile the nation's differences or the military's generals say they will intervene seeking their own, quote, road map to restore the peace. members of morsi's political party are calling the deadline, quote, a military coo. ayman moel dean joins us. >> reporter: it's a very serious situation and depending on who
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you ask. from one hand it's an intervention of savior of sorts. they are seeing this as a koo. so right now it is a political stalemate that's now playing out on the streets as well. not only in the presidential palace. the reason why i say that is today supporters of morsi are organizing rallies to go to the streets. they are trying to show that president morsi is the elected leader. he still has legitimacy and shont wi shouldn't be forced out of power. they have given him 26 hours to get out of the situation. otherwise they are going to chart a new road map. what that road map looks like and how it will play out, nobody knows. will it keep president morsi in power or will it strip him from
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powers and keep him as a symbolic president. the president is losing some confidence pr his own administration. we have had some senior members of his cabinet resign. many are standing in solidarity with the protesters. it's not clear whether the president will accept those resignations as he tries to fight for his job. >> very quickly, we were showing a split screen with a normal scene behind you and so many protesters angry. what's the scene today? >> reporter: it's a different scene from the people than those supporting the president. some are jubilant and happy that the military is taking the right steps. those supporting president morsi who plan to go to the streets, they are angry and upseth wi wi the military decision. >> thank you, ayman. edward snowden is speaking
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out as he continues to leak highly classified information about the u.s. government surveillance programs. snowden, who is stuck with a moscow airport, has withdrawn his request for asylum in russia. russia would take him as long as he stopped hurting our american partners. in a letter posted on wikileaks, he says they are blocking his right for asylum saying the obama administration is not afraid of whistleblowers. the obama administration is afraid of you. an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised and it it should be. snowden has written a letter to the president of ecuador thanking the country for allowing him to remain free and publish information that serves the public interest. george wush who put many of the nsa programs in place spoke about the threat snowden posed
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to the united states. >> i know he damaged the country. the obama administration will deal with it. >> do you think it's possible for one man to really damage the security of the nation? >> i think he damaged the security of the country. i put the program in place to protect the country. one of the certainties is civil liberties were guaranteed. >> by the way, president bush met with president obama to lay a wreath at the u.s. embassy in honor of the victims of the 1998 terrorist bombing. just amazing video out of the former soviet union after a rocket exploded just after takeoff. moems after this rocket launch in kazakhstan, it was pretty clear that something was wrong. it simply just started to twist and fade in the air. it was carrying three russian satellites. even the camera guy has a tough guy keeping it in frame. you'll see it it dip out of the frame and come back right before
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a spectacular explosion on the ground. there was toxic fuel that came out after the explosion. the good news in the story is that no one was hurt. this comes at a politically sensitive time in the space program. i want to point out it's the only way americans can get into space is through the russian space program. for the first time the jury in the george zimmerman trial got to hear from the defendant himself. the prosecution played a recording of zimmerman describing to police his encounter with trayvon martin. >> i was walking back to the truck. when i got back here, he yelled from behind me, yo, you got a problem? i turned around and said, no, i done have a problem. >> where was he at? >>. he was about there, but he was walking towards me. i was already past that so i didn't see exactly where he came
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from. i said, i don't have a problem. i went to pull out my cell phone. i looked down and he said, you got a problem now. and then he was here and e he punched me in the face. >> two days after that walk-through, zimmerman was questioned again. >> did you at that time ever say that? >> no. >> did it not occur to you? >> no, i said, i don't have a problem. i started backing away from him. >> that's why you were following him because you had a concern with him. >> i was scared. >> you were afraid to tell him that? >> yes, ma'am. >> prosecutors were hoping to use zimmerman's statements to show inconsistencies in his various interviews, but both investigators said under cross-examination that they didn't find differences to be significant. zimmerman is pleading not guilty to killing trayvon martin
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claiming self-defense. in texas the stand with wendy movement gaining more momentum. while the senate kicked off its second consecutive special session, thousands gathered outside the state capital. lawmakers are vowing to get a vote on a bill that would cut access to abortions throughout the state. last week that effort was derailed when state senator wendy davis filibustered the bill for more than 11 hours. she spoke at yesterday's rally delivering a strong message for leaders. >> let's remind governor perry that fairness is and always will be a fundamental texas value. politicians control in this capital forgot their duty to represent us. folks who work hard every day. we need people in politics who
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love this place the as much as we do. people who want to build a better texas rather than a better political resume. >> the senate will be in recess until next week. we turn ore attention to the business world. a modest rally on the first day of the the third quarter. its first month of losses for the year. looking to shake things up, zanga has a new ceo. >> it was a construction activity and manufacturing activity which was quite exciting for the markets. just paired back on the major dow and s&p to be around a half a percent at the close of the session. we were up in the first half. that's the best start since 1998. zanga has a new ceo.
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this as the company is expanding. he agreed to take the job after a grueling bike. ride where they opened up that he was ready emotionally to relinquish control. >> he was a rock star in the tech world for awhile there. obviously, apple, everyone thinks they needs a revolutionary new product. what's the latest on the potential watch? >> it's all about wearable computing. i don't know where we'll be wearing it it next, but on your watch is not a new phenomenon. but they are comparing the idea of an i-watch. that's heightened speculation. putting a computer on your wrist will be the new big thing. people are already doing this, but they are comparing it to the apple company brought out the ipod in 2001.
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that revolutionized that whole process. where else can we wear a computer on our body? >> i'm not taking sides, but i think i would rather have something on my wrist than on my face. i'm interested in what it might be. i think it would be pretty cool. take a picture, tweet it it. >> they are worried about cannibalizing. you have all these other devices. if they bring out this thing, what they are worried about is cannibalizing those products. >> steve jobs wanted to change the world so you shouldn't think about your mar gins and sales. if you're getting ready to fill up the old vehicle this weekend, we have good news for you. the national average for gas now below $3.50 a gallon. down 8 cents in just the last week. that's kind of unusual because going into the holiday and the summer driving season we usually
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see prices go up, but they are for the moment at least, going down. if you need more reasons to look forward to july 4th, how about statue of liberty reopening after months of superstorm sandy repairs. what's where are favorite monument? tweet us using the #waytoopatriotic. more developments on the a-rod saga. and happy birthday to plin co. how they are looking to honor the game 30 years after its premier. that's when "way too early" comes right back. >> as long as any american is denied his chance to use his talents to become all that he
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can be, then every american is less than he should be.
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the mets hosting the diamondbacks. the teams honoring the fallen firefighters in arizona with a moment of silence and a 19 jersey hanging in the dugout. in the 13th, cody ross knocks wub over the wall giving arizona the lead. in the the bottom of the inning, an intentional walk put the winning run on base. the final strike and that's a walkoff win, 5-4 for the mets. the throng of thousands going crazy. to the american league where the yankees are in minnesota looking to stop a five-game skid. andy pettitte striking out
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number 1,958 making him the team's all-time leader. but it was the robinson cano show. he scored four runs. the yankees get the win. they are six games behind boston in the al east. and help could be on the way in the form of alex rodriguez. he will play three innings for the minor league team in charl son. the mvp has yet to play after hip surgery. another day, another huge upset at wimbledon. serena williams beaten by a woman from germany. snapped her 34-match winning streak. the lone remaining women's american player. finally a valiant effort to snag a foul bowl. he takes a tumble.
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good stretch, good extension. u think he's going to land right on the beak. not too bad. at least he made the highlights. let's get to todd santos to check on weather. it's a little wet in new york as we look at the view from the top of the rock. we might get a decent 4th in the northeast. >> the forecast for the 4th is certain to look a little better. still hanging on to clouds in the northeast, but at least backing off the rain chances. maybe pushing that towards the ohio valley. for this morning, similar to yesterday. still murky out there. temperatures in the 70s. 77 in d.c. right now. noticing some of the showers across the 95. a few spots with light rain. if you remember yesterday, it looked about the same and ended up being big airline delays. notice a few showers on 84. earlier on a couple lightning producers. those have backed off. still a flash flood potential.
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could see a few spots upwards of an inch to two inches. chance for thunderstorms. may see sun a times, but have the umbrella handy. coming up at the top of the hour, edward snowden, the man without a home. they will break down the nsa leaker that not even putin wants to deal with. we have to deal with lewis and the cooler. he'll explain the new story that led to these interesting graphics. we'll be right become. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter...
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gear up for july 4th weekend, we ask what your favorite monument is as the statue of liberty is scheduled to reopen. tell your friends from 1892 to 1954 12 million people sailed one-half mile past the statue of liberty to ellis island where they entered the united states. it would only take them three to five hours to become social securitys in light of today's immigration debate, that's a very short time. let's go over to the cooler and
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mr. lewis, what do you have? >> you look fantastic today. you're breaking out the summer suit there. is that khaki or chee know? >> probably chino. this is the one that mika made fun of. >> i'll see you later at the yacht club. e we know the news business is difficult. sometimes mistakes happen. jimmy kimmel ran a clip that proves there are no second chances on live tv. >> one of our local news channels here in l.a. was at a youth swimming club this morning. watch this as a reporter learns the extreme importance of the words get set. >> a lot of people are members of the swim team. wave, everybody. on your mark, go. >> staying on topic, a local news station in new zealand could learn a thing or two from
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our wonderful graphics team upstairs. the animation could be even worse the worst graphic ever. >> the cop changed the tire but when he returned the bull cross attacked his tire, again puncturing. it another officer came to the aid, but he too had his tire attacked and punctured. so an animal control officer was called in but his tire was also attacked and punctured. >> turning now to some celebrity news, kyra sedgwick sliced the top of her finger off. kevin bacon posted gruesome photos saying she isn't always healthy. if you chop the end of your finger off, ouch. as any fan of "the price is right" one of the most exciting moments is when they bring out
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plinko. contestants hope to land at the $10,000 slot. they are devoting an entire episode to plinko in december. it's in honor of its anniversary. it debuted in 1983. roll the tape. >> who is our next contestant? >> it's brian zachman. that never gets old. brian sackman, come on down. take it away. >> the next day i changed my name because there's no way to go through life as a sackman. >> thank you very much. i appreciate any chance you guys can make fun of me in my college era. thank you, lewis. "way too early," your
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favorite national monuments and landmarks just ahead. and also "morning joe" and the cast of thousands just moments away. so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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the statue of liberty is reopening. favorite american landmark or historical monument. dan has responses. >> hey. got a couple good ones. golden gate bridge, bunker hill, mount rushmore. the washington monument, it's like a big middle finger to our enemies. >> nice. >> there's that. >> take that world. >> the largest ball of twine. it's an achievement to mortem. >> thank, dan. tons i never heard of. the guardians of traffic, courtesy of gene. that's in ohio. i think it's in cleveland. i never seen it. that looks cool to see a bunch of that. do the #waytoopatriotic if you want to do the choices. now time for "morning joe."


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