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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 3, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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way. stay tuned. good wednesday morning. right now on "first look", the clock is ticking on egyptian president morsi to respond to an ultimatum as the country's future hangs in the balance. outrage is spreading over a police officer shooting and killing a dog while its owner is being arrested. the president returns to a major unexpected setback for obama care. plus, flash floods out west, baseball's first no-hitter of the year and a fishtail complete with a 200-year-old fish. is that for real? good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. defiance in egypt as president mohammed morsi rejects his 48-hour ultimatum demanding he listen to protesters who want him out.
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in an emotional speech tuesday, morsi pledged to stay in office amid persistent protests. at least 23 were killed tuesday in cairo. nbc's yusef gamal aldin joins us with just hours left before that ultimatum expires, what do you expect will happen next? >> good morning, mara. it's been a very long day here in cairo and across the country. you mentioned the president's speech which is defiant to meet the deadline. you mentioned the deadline. the violence is close to cairo university. not far from our vantage point here. we're seeing more and more calls for the president to step down to engage with the opposition. also, we're seeing the rhetoric,
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mara, sharpen from both sides, from the incumbent president and his speech at midnight yesterday and the response on the official facebook page by the army that says it will sacrifice its blood from egypt to protect it from radicals. let's see how this all evolves but there's a lot at stake here. now we go to washington. the white house is putting the brakes on president obama's health care law. nbc tracie potts is live in washington to tell us what this meaning. >> reporter: good morning. the obama administration is delaying a key provision of the controversial legislation. this said businesses with 50 or more employees have to provide health insurance to all of their employees or they could face fines for every one that picks up on government funded or
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government-backed insurance. but they're now putting that off for a year. businesses have until 2015 to comply with that part of the law. business groups said that the reporting of who was getting what insurance was too complicated. the obama administration listened. republicans saying the entire law needs to be scrapped and this is further evidence of that. republican house speaker john boehner called it a train wreck. there's also the question of congressional elections coming up next year. this would take health kcare fo many of the democrats running for re-election off the table. mara >> thanks so much, tracie. in florida at the george zimmerman trial, prosecutors tried to chip away at zimmerman's claim that he feared for his life the night he shot and killed trayvon martin. nbc's ron mott reports from the courthouse in sanford. >> reporter: a medical examiner analyzed george zimmerman's injuries. >> could all of the injuries that you observed in that photograph have come from a single punch or a single blow? >> yes.
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>> reporter: dr. valerie rao testified that his wounds were not live threatening and were not in account of being slammed into a side wall over and over. >> are the injuries consistent with having been repeatedly slammed into a concrete surface? >> no. >> why not? >> if you look at the injuries, they're so minor that to me, the word slammed implies great force. and this, the resulting injuries are not great force. >> reporter: but the defense got her to admit zimmerman's injuries could have been caused by multiple impacts. >> anything that would medically exclude that the right side was hit four times? >> it is possible. >> reporter: zimmerman, who has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder, that he shot trayvon martin in self-defense while being attacked. earlier, chris serino returned to the stand for a second day with attorneys from both sides grilling him about his interviews with zimmerman. >> any inconsistencies that you
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consider to be significant? >> not that i can challenge them with, no. >> prosecutors bernie de la rionda asked about zimmerman's use of profanity in his call to police reporting a suspicious person in his neighborhood. >> in your opinion, calling somebody in reference with them, pardon my language, [ bleep ] punks. >> that is ill will and spite. >> it is? >> yes. >> ill will, evil intent are all factors the state must prove in its case. the prosecutors are working to support the theory that zimmerman profiled martin. >> you said following him is not legally improper, correct? >> it's not illegal. >> reporter: the judge may decide if zimmerman's college records as a criminal justice major can be admitted. ron mott, nbc news, sanford, florida. there's growing outrage in southern california after a fatal police shooting involving a dog. officers say they were in fear
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for their lives while animal rights activists call it an unsubstantiated use of force. video of that has gone viral. we have to warn you it can be disturbing. it all happens in hauthorne in los angeles. police were arresting the dog's owner for refuse to go turn down his car stereo. that's when you see his 2-year-old rottweiler jump out of the car window and approach police seconds later. after failing to get the dog under control, one officer fired four shots killing that dog. the officer is now reportedly getting threatening phone calls. >> we're a little bit concerned about their welfare, too. i don't think the officer who actually fired his weapon, you know, woke up that morning with any intent to go out and shoot a dog. he's an animal lover himself. >> the hawthorne police department has responded to the incident saying in part, quote, fearing that the attacking rottweiler would imminently bite the officers, one officer fired his duty weapon several times
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striking and killing the dog. the dog's owner is now speaking out. >> when he came this way like this, he had his gun drawn already. so he came over here to kill him. and then the dog jumped like this at him and he said, pop, and then he said pop, pop, pop. he did it three more times. now it's time for your first look at a dish of scrambled politics. some members of congress are looking at groups of legislation to let them cast votes from home. under the resolution, they would be able to attend committee meetings near a video conference which is secure. joe manchion led a lobby earlier this year. he's drawn ire from the nra but support from bloomberg who is one of the most outspoken and
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after fluent members of the gun control movement. dennis rodman wants to join the likes of mother theresa and martin luther king in being awarded the nobel peace prize. he tells "sports illustrated", quote, my mission is to break the ice between hostile countries. why it's been left to me to smooth things over, i don't know. keeping us safe is not my job, it's the black guy's job, but i'll tell you what, if i don't finish in the top three for the next nobel peace prize, something is seriously wrong. something is seriously wrong with him. texas state senator tracy davis is not ruling out challenging governor perry in next year's election. there's already polling on how she'd fare in the deeply red state of texas. she trails the already popular incumbent by 14 points, 53 to 39%. perry is expected to announce monday whether or not he'll seek a fourth term. the only democrat who comes
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close to getting him, he trails 53 to 40%. >> the tsa blog team is instagraming pictures that they found, grenades, handguns, wallets. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. now for your 4th of july forecast, here's nbc's dylan dreyer. >> good morning. it looks okay. >> finally some good news. >> believe it or not considering it has been raining in most areas up and down the east coast for quite some time. we are going to see some of our heaviest rain this morning down through the southeast. we could use some rain in the southwest. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. the area of low pressure, the high pressure out west is keeping things hot and dry. we do have flood watches and warnings especially down across the southeast where we could end up in the atlanta area and parts of eastern tennessee, right down into the panhandle of florida with about three to four inches of rain over the next 48 hours
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and the heat is on in the southwest still with those excessive heat warnings still in effect. temperatures still up around 110 degrees and higher. >> wow. >> really it looks like that's going to be the case all week long in that area. >> still so hot. >> i know. >> thanks so much, dylan. a former tiffany's vp charged with stealing over $1 million in jewelry. the woman who did that and is speaking out. plus, the tale behind this fish. it's real. believed to be 200 years old. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. ♪
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some stories making the news this morning. bolivian officials say the plane carrying president evo morales was forced to land in austria after france and portugal refused to allow it to enter its air space. the plain originated from moscow and there was rumors that nsa leaker edward snowden was aboard the plane. those rumors were later proven false. the sole surviving member of
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that 20-person hot shot firefighter crew was doing exactly what he was supposed to the day that his colleagues died. brendan mcdunnah was posted as the lookout and notified members of his team that the wind was changing rapidly causing him to move to a new area. the north carolina state senate voted to advance tougher restrictions on abortion clinics on tuesday. it requires them to have the same standards as an ambulatory surgery center. and a second miracle by pope john paul the second was approved on tuesday. it's up to pope francis to declare pope john paul ii a saint. for your look at business w we turn to seema mody. prices of oil jump. crude is also jumping on an industry report showing a
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surprise drop in u.s. oil inventories. starbucks is tested hand crafted soift drinks, spiced rootbeer, ginger ale. starbucks is expanding beyond coffee but won't say if the new drinks will be rolled out nationwide. forget fireworks, bring on the 4th of july freebies. several are rolling out special holiday offers to increase customer traffic. boston market giving 50% off meals, jama juice offering a buy one get one free smoothie. >> love free. thanks, seema. the woman behind the paula deen lawsuit is speaking out. lisa jack on, a former manager issued a statement saying, quote, this lawsuit has never been about the "n" word. it is to address miss deen's patterns of disrespect and degradation of people that she deems to be inferior. jackson's $1.2 million lawsuit against deen triggered the
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cook's fall from grace. deen has said she has never in her life said anything hurtful or unkind. call it an inside job. a former vice president at tiffany and company has been arrested and charged with wire fraud and stealing more than $1.3 million worth of diamond bracelets and other jewelry. and talk about a fish tale. henry liebman caught what's believed to be a 200-year-old fish. yes, 200 years old. apparently they can live that long. but researchers are checking the rockfish off the coast of alaska. if that fish were, in fact, 200 years old, james madison was president and the u.s. had only 18 states when it was born. straight ahead, the first no-hitter of the year and all of our other sports headlines. you're watching msnbc. which provider is the best in town.
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well, it's time for sports and betty nguyen is here with all the headlines. big excitement in cincinnati with the first no hitter of the season. homer bailey got to the ninth inn, no hits by giants batters and only one walk. he fielded a bouncer back to the mound for the first out and got his ninth strikeout and finally the historic third out. >> a strike away and out away is homer bailey. ground ball to third. raise your glove, throw to first and homer bailey for the second
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time in his major league career has tossed a no-hitter. >> oh, yeah. rushing to the mound for that. the reds, they beat the giants, 3-0. bailey pitched baseball's last no hitter in 2012. he is only the sixth pitcher on baseball's no-hit list consecutively. >> they should call him no homers. >> exactly. yankees third baseman a-rod played his first minor league game last night and grounded for the first at-bat. he struck out, but said he is just happy to be back playing. nike has started using a temporary remember soccer fan etched out in lasers. right now it's available in a few places. they will be out in force. i love this.
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in chicago, patients and staff got a close up look by the nhl stanley cup. the three foot tall cup is bigger than some kids posing with it especially one tiny newborn baby. that is a shot they will remember. maybe the kid will be an nhl player in the future. >> that would be some foreshadowing. time to dig for politics. we have forest ep stein joining us. thanks for he can here. >> absolutely. >> let's start with one year for businesses for the obama mandate. how does this look for the nation? >> does not look good. it's a common sense move by the obama team, but they're really conceding. they're conceding obama care is way too complicated. the mid term elections are coming up in 2016 because this is a one year delay in one
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provision. then the individual mandate and other provisions are also very complicated. it's left to be seen whether those will have to be delayed as well. not a good day for the obama administration. there's a reason they did this right before the 4th of july holiday, dump the news out there so nobody would notice, but we did. >> they're saying it's going to take some extra time to iron out the kinks and get it done right. wouldn't it be worse if they rolled it out and it was a huge debacle? >> yes, but it could still be a huge debacle. we were not ready. we spent so many years on obama care. so much political capital was spent in the first term on obama care and they're still not there on what they're working so hard for. it is a bad impression made upon the voters. >> i want to turn quickly to the abortion fights turning quickly around the country. state legislators in north carolina moved forward with some legislation on abortion restrictions. we know what's happening in texas, we've seen it in ohio and
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seen it nationally in the house. why is the gop taking on this fight right now? >> nationally it's a mistake. i said it before i wrote about t. nationally it's a mistake to take on the fight. statewide, republicans took on the fight as their electorate is pushing them. they say, hey, we want a fight on abortion, they should be taking on the fight at the state level. that's exactly where it should be taking it on. nationally, they should be looking at small government, low taxes, national security. on the state level, no problem whatsoev whatsoever. >> we will be watching these states very closely. coming up, betty nguyen and dylan dreyer will be here with "first buzz." that's coming up next. when you experience something great, you want to share it.
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it's time for "first buzz." all the stories we're talking about. i'm joined by betty nguyen and dylan dreyer. >> good morning. >> the story of a police officer shooting and killing this dog. so they were arresting the dog's owner. they say that his music was playing in the car too loud and he was interrupting an investigation. >> they shot the dog? >> the dog jumped out an open window. as the dogs approached the officers, they fired and shot the dog. the full video is very disturbing. they killed the dog right there in full view. the facebook page for the police department now has 12,000 comments. >> i imagine. >> overwhelmingly in terms of the comments that we're seeing on the facebook page, people are critical of the decision to use deadly force. >> it looked like the dog ran
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out to see what was going on. it didn't look like he was on attack. >> if you watch it a little longer you see where he was shot and killed, he was behaving aggressively towards the officers. the question is, was the dog's behavior in response -- >> well, he was trying to protect his owner. but did it justify the use of deadly force. you think officers have night sticks, mace, others at their disposal. i have opinions but i'll keep them to myself. on something a little lighter, betty. >> not that light because it is the worst meal in america according to this center for science and public interest. and the meal is, right there, long john silver's big catch. it gives you a piece of haddock deep-fried, onion rings and french fries. they're saying this has 1300 calories, which is the same as a big mac, french fries, and milk shake all combined. i've got to be honest with you. i think long john sill verse is really good. so good going down. an hour later you feel
2:29 am
disgusting. >> i've never had the pleasure of eating there. when i heard worse meal i thought it was bad for you. >> really, really bad for you. >> we have another one but not enough time to get to it. you have to dweet it. i'm marra schiavocampo. stay tuned. "way too early" starts right now. strike away, bat away is homer bailey. ground ball to third. raise your gloves. throw to first and homer bailey for the second time in his major league career has tossed a no-hitter! >> homer pitches a no-no again. some history in cincinnati for homer bailey. from homer to the worm. dennis rodman goes to north korea. now he wants the nobel peace prize. i hope in egypt they can keep the peace. overnight developments from cairo and a live report. this is the july 3rd edition of "way too early."
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i have my patriotic tie on today. i actually first wore this in honor of the late great mark haynes from cnbc when he passed away. of course, everyone getting prepped. they're already prepped for their holiday tomorrow. we want to begin with some pretty big news overseas. egypt where we are another day closer to boiling over there. 23 people are reported dead and president muhammad morsi is vowing last night not to resign while pledging to protect his constitutional legitimacy with his life if need be. he is at odds with his own military which has set a new deadline for a deal today. if no agreement is reached, the army will suspend the country's constitution and dissolve the parliament. all of this as hundreds of thousands descend once more on tahrir square spelling out their messages to morsi in


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