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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 24, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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are moving forward. >> time will tell whether his wife's support will be enough to save his political hide. >> never seen anything like it before in my life. we have seen political wives standing by their man but this was different. what she did was step in and step up for a man who has disgraced her with behavior that is is not in the realm of normal acceptance. >> time will tell whether his wife's support will be enough to save his political hide but there is a growing course of calls for weiner to get out of the race. "the new york daily news" saying it simply. quote, weiner must go. then "the new york times" editorial board weiner should take his marital troubles and personal compulsion and get out of the race. but will that happen? >> we now officially live in the age of bill clinton where you can survive a scandal. >> nbc news white house
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correspondent kelly o'donnell is here with us. is the weiner comeback now effectively over? >> voters will decide but there is something different about this that suggests anthony weiner is more trouble than the first time he asked for public forgiveness. i think it comes down to the fact he now acknowledges that his conduct online with the really raunchy racy communication with women he says he has never met, went on longer than we thought. it was enough people thought to lose your career in congress to be publicly humiliated and find out it went on for a period i don't want that time and that seemed to have startled people. then the question is did his wife know all of the details and why is she supporting him a way she had not before? no one can get inside their marriage, that is their business but they have put themselves forward as a powerful couple seeking a chance to serve new york and voters have to see is it about judgment, truthfulness
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or is this something they could overlook. >> do we know precisely how many women were on the receiving end of these pictures? >> one of the strange things about this while anthony weiner did say there would likely be more photos that could come out or more texts that could come out, he said that a while ago. what he is not doing is giving us sort of some specifics about how many, what time frame. so it's still possible more will happen. in this case, a woman who carried on one of these relationships came forward and there was a gossip site ready to print it and he doesn't dispute it. so who is to say this isn't more? that is one of the questions. this isn't any definitive proof that this is over. >> to be clear, though, the only reason we heard from anthony weiner yesterday is because there was this website that was essentially saying we have got these pictures, we're about to put them out or we put them out. is that the only reason we heard from him. >> he would like to say he
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acknowledged this and it's the same behavior, you already knew this story but it isn't that simple. voters in new york and people more broadly didn't know it had continued past the point where he was trying to rebuild his image. remember the "people" magazine photo spread and the article that a lot of people thought, wow, this family is coming together, they are getting past this. now we know it was still going on then. that's the piece people have to put together for themselves. we talked to some voters that were sympathetic saying he could get help for that. we still like his fighter spirit for new york. you mentioned some of the newspapers that are saying, hey, too late now. so it will be a test. there is only seven weeks until the primary day so he could take his chances and stay in this. but asking for a third or more chances is really a test in politics. >> capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell in the flesh. >> nice to see you in person. >> thank you. what do these voters that kelly just eluded to, what do the new york voters think about the latest revelations?
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>> if he is good at his job, let him do his job. if he has got some personal stuff going on, he can get help from that apart from the job. if he is good at his work, let him work. i am more bothered by the fact the person waited until he got big in the polls to bring this out. i don't see any legitimate reason for doing that other than something selfish. >> i would never vote for him. i, for one, think you can't separate a person's personal activity with their political activity. i can't do it. >> jim, let me start with you. in the wake of yesterday's news conference, we have got the times now. the new york daily news calling for weiner to get out of this thing. "the times" points out, quote, he suggested that people should have known that his sexting was an unresolved problem well into 2012. that is ridiculous. and speaks to a familiar, but repellant, apparent of misleading and evasion.
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"the daily news" calls him dishonest and unfit to lead america's premiere city and his mayoral competitor saying enough is enough. jimmy, what does this do to his mayoral run? should he drop out? >> my personal opinion, he should drop out. not because i don't think he is able to lead the city of new york. i think he able to do that. the ideas behind the race, what is the others offering up as policy ideas when it becomes bigger than that, when it becomes about the politics of scandal then you have to remove yourself from it. now, let me just say this. i do think anthony weiner has the right to private by but when you become a public figure and lead a city of 9 million people you're not allowed to have privacy, unfortunately. if you don't believe me, ask bill clinton. so if he wants to be the guy that leads that city, then he has to own up to this stuff and
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he has to admit it and be truthful. i don't think he is being very truthful here. >> really? you think there is more out there? >> i think there is more out there because it keeps popping up. when does this end? it's like whamamo. at the end i think he has got to own it, get out of it. if he cares that much about his family and clearly his wife cares about their child, their marriage, et cetera, et cetera, then retreat. just own it be private and quiet about it and let somebody else run the city of new york. >> emily, chuck todd had an interesting point a few hours agoing on on "morning joe." he compared the role of weiner's wife to that of hillary clinton. take a listen. >> the wives decided not just to stand by their man, but speak up for him and defend, basically say this is between us, i have forgiven him. hillary clinton most famously did it in 1992 and did it again in 1998 and saved his political career twice. if she gets out there enough,
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she can provide deflection. >> had huma abedin not spoken yesterday, not just been there yesterday, but not actually spoken, would weiner be done? >> you're make ago great point and chuck todd this morning is making a great point that huma did need to be there in order to validate what is he saying that, you know, he is on the path to recovery. he is sort of like putting some fuzzy language that everyone already knew all of these things were happening because he had been a long road to recovery. unfortunately, you know, huma is someone who has a large amount of credibility on her own. she is a smart woman, accomplished. by her coming forward and saying that they had done the "people" article saying he was on the road to recovery which we now know he was still continuing this activity it puts her her credibility into question. and their association with the clintons bx a potential liability for hillary clinton in
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2016. the long this stays on and stays a conversation. in the 2008 polling a lot of women had difficulty with hillary sort of accepting her in the fact she did stand by her man. we don't know hillary necessarily. i would guess not, wants to bring up those ideas back again. she has accomplished so much. the longer the weiner scandal stayed alive and there will continue to be association like this particularly since it's her top aide is the wife. >> we are going to have to leave it there. a big thanks to both of you. that brings us to today's big question. should anthony weiner drop out of the new york city mayor's race? logon to thomas roberts facebook and twitter pages. president obama less than two hours away from kick off a major campaign aimed at shifting the political conversation to the economy. he'll speak just before 1:00 eastern at knox college in illinois where he is expected to
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focus on policies aimed at helping the middle class and it looks like the president will need to knock it out of the park. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll finds a lot of americans are not happy the way president obama is handling the economy. 45% approve. 51% say they disapprove. katherine is a reporter at the "the new york times" and jared be bernstein is also with us. let me start with you in d.c. white house press secretary jay carney on "morning joe" earlier. he was asked how this speech might be different than any other economic speech. this was his answer. >> it will be thematically consistent. he'll make clear that the same problem the middle class is facing in 2005, even before the great recession, where the middle class was being squeezed and seeing its income stagnate, while the top 1% saw its income
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increase dramatically remains a problem. >> president obama gave a major economic speech in 2005 at the same college, norks college. jared, what is he going to say today that will really grab people by the collar? also who is the audience for this speech? is it washington or is it mainstre mainstream? >> i wouldn't say it's washington. i think it's main street. i think what the president wants and needs to do today is refocus main street and his administration on the economy. i have been following these issues for decades and jay carney is absolutely right. the middle class squeeze is very much preceded president obama's term but it certainly a hasn't gotten any better as the recovery has taken place and things are starting to improve, we see rising gdp, a higher stock market and adding jobs but middle class incomes still stagnate. it's important for the president to talk over the heads of eric cantor and the tea party and the debt ceiling and all of the
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craziness we rant about down here, and show people that he shares their same vision of an economy that reaches them, reconnecting economic growth to their prosperity. >> in the simplest of terms can you explain for us, explain for our viewers at home what is it about the middle class specifically that makes this particular group so essential, so vital to a robust economy? >> it's a great question. our economy is about 70% consumption. in europe it's about 55%. so if the middle class isn't doing very well, if their incomes are stagnant and they are not spending very much, either the economy grows more slowly which we have seen lately or they have to borrow to make up the difference and then you have a risk of overleveraging and credit bubbles. that is what the middle outgrowth concept that the president will be talking today is all about. >> the president is expected to give republicans a stern warning over the debt ceiling. looks like this country could once again run out of money between october and november
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depending on whose math you're looking at. john boehner yesterday saying they will not vote to raise the debt ceiling unless there are some additional spending cuts. this is republican senator roy plunt on the daily run-out a short time ago. let's take a listen. >> i think holding the debt limit hostage to any specific thing is probably not the best negotiating place. where we ought to be now is we need more spending cuts. they need to be at probably on the mandatory side rather than the discretionary side. i think this is about his 11th or 12th reset and it's like the stop clock metaphor. even a stop clock is right twice a day. >> how much of this speech this afternoon can we expect to be devoted to hitting the gop on a variety of things including the raising of the debt ceiling? >> i mean, i think it seems unlikely that the speech is going to be specifically framed as, hey, republicans listen up you're doing a lot of things that are obstructing my
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priorities and are potentially putting the united states in its debt credibility at risk. but we have to remember that that is the context in which he is making this speech. he is facing a lot of the attacks from republicans in congress, particularly in the house as most of the senate both on the debt ceiling which has been held hostage again and again and again. as well as threats to cut a lot of his other spending priorities, things like pell grants and things like support for community housing, things like the epa. >> we could play this game all day. >> right. a lot of the discretionary spending republicans have been attacking for years. so you have to remember that context. >> will we hear anything about immigration or obama care during the speech today? >> i don't know what is actually in the speech but it would make sense that he would address those types of points because both of those type of things have economic implications especially on the obama care piece of this because the senate republicans have said that they are not going to pass any sort of spending bills that devote
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any money towards implementing obama care. >> jared, why bother? by that, i mean, time and time again, the house especially has indicated that they are not going to help this president in any way, shape, or form advance his economic agenda. . not just that but specifically his economic agenda. why both engage it? >> i'm glad you asked me that because i wrote a piece this morning called "why bother," so i'm ready for you. yes, dysfunctional gridlock in washington and we talk about it all the time but that shouldn't force the president to abandon his economic agenda a vision as you've mentioned he is literally been talking about since 2005 at this very same college. so he can't let gridlock throw him off his longer term gain in that regard. secondly gets to something we have been discussing. we are a few weeks away from going into dysfunctional overdrive i'm sorry to say when it comes to these fiscal debates and self-inflicted wounds like
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the debt ceiling. it's very important for the president to have his voice in people's ear saying that's not what i believe washington should be doing. what i believe washington should be doing should be helping to reconnect middle class prosperity to a growing economy. >> jared and catherine a big thanks to both of you. >> they have hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert. >> he really said that on kraerkraer camera. we are going to have reaction to the immigration debate's new uglier tone. race relations in the george zimmerman trial. new information. bishop t.j. jakes is going to join me live here in the studio. stay with us. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis,
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debate over comprehensive immigration reform taken on an uglilyier tone. congress clashed on how to create a path for citizenship for other ujship undocumented immigrants but comments that steve king made during an interview last week that have lawmakers on both sides of the aisle reeling. >> they aren't all valedictorians and weren't all brought in by their parents. for everyone who is a valedictorian, another hundred out there that they weigh 130 pounds and they have got calves the size of cantaloupes because they are hauling 75 pounds of >> joining me now is managing editor for nbc latino sandra lily.
8:20 am
he called king's comments inexcusable. boehner said what he said is wrong and there could be honest agreements about policy without using hateful language and everybody needs to remember that. here is the republican senator roy blount a few hours ago on the daily rundown. >> is that where this immigration debate should be going in the house? >> no. it's not where it should be going, particularly if you're talking about kids who grew up here and kids who spent -- came here six months old or 6 years old. this is the country they grew up in. we need to figure out a solution here that makes sense. >> what kind of impact do comments like these have on the debate in general? >> i think congressman king wants to be a shock jock. they are defensive and tone davdeaf on so many levels. regardless of what people think most agree children brought here by their parents through no fault of their own are young children who deserve a chance and it's proven in polls that
8:21 am
most americans think like that. the spotlight is on republicans right now the immigration reform so this could not come at a worse time. >> a new poll nbc news/"wall street journal" poll just out and they asked what people think when they hear republicans say that immigration reform must wait until the border is secure. this was a specific question. 36% say border security is a legitimate concern. 60% say it's an excuse to block reform. what is the truth here? how secure are our borders? >> i think americans have been listening, because it's been reported and proven that the last few years deportations have gone up significantly and immigration is what they call net zero for mexico. virtually no immigration coming. americans are right in the sense at this point, we have been incredibly successful with border security and the senate bill added more requirements and billions of dollars more to ensure that any legislators that thought it wasn't secure will
8:22 am
feel that it is secure. in terms of it working it has been working very well. >> sandra lily, thanks for coming to you down. >> thank you. >> can new revelations about anthony weiner have more implications on eliot spitzer? the agenda panel will weigh in on. also new video shows precisely what it was like to be inside the cabin of that southwest jet that made a hard landing at laguardia. is like hammering.
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here's a quick look at the stories topping the news now. nsa leaker edward snowden stay in transit zone at moscow airport for now. a russian news agency reported he had the immigration documents he needs to leave the airport while authorities consider his asylum request but his attorneys say he doesn't have them right equity. snowden has been there more than a month now. the queen stopped by the kensington palace to meet her
8:26 am
new great grandson. we still do not know the baby's name just yet. today a federal judge expected to appoint a mediator. emergency crews remain on the scene of a gas flow out on the gulf of mexico. gas on the drilling platform ignited yesterday and forced more than 40 works to evacuate and at this point, not clear just how it happened. we will hear later today from the man who police say was rescued from his overturned car by george zimmerman. the man is holding a news conference. the rescue was the first sighting of zimmerman since his acquittal in the death of trayvon martin. new video shows precisely what it was like to be inside the southwest jet that made a hard landing on laguardia this week. the plane's nose gear collapsed
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anthony weiner says he is going to stay in the new york city mayoral race despite new explicit online messages being brought to life. weiner admitted yesterday sending sexual charged pictures and messages to a woman last summer online. he admitted to tweeting out nude pictures to other women apologizing profusely. this time, though, his wife was at his side when he addressed the latest scandal yesterday insisting she has forgiven him and he is still the best person to become new york city's next mayor. that is today's taung for our agen -- topic for our panel. good to see all of you. let me start with you, jed. were you at all surprised by this and do you think that people's willingness to forgive
8:31 am
only goes so far? >> i can't say that i was surprised. we kind of already knew that anthony weiner seems to be stuck in aol chat room circa 1993 and i think it's going to be the question is, you know, is this the mayor that people of new york want and they are going to get an opportunity to weigh in. but, you know, it's interesting what -- the fascination with the story too and the way for us and other people watching this story feel about themselves that really -- >> what -- >> people's interests in who would be the best mayor. >> what do you mean by that? >> i think there is something about gawking at this story and allowing yourself to think well, i may have lots of problems in my own life, but at least i'm not doing the creepy things that anthony weiner is doing. and i think it's just interesting. you look at the attention page of this story versus the
8:32 am
governor of virginia who just essentially admit he improperly accepted over $150,000 in gifts and loans and gave it all back yesterday and we are not as interested because i think it doesn't speak directly to our own selves as 67. >> you're saying what a lot of folks have been saying about our society, sex sells. >> that is very true. >> susie, mika brzezinski saying today on "today" show if weiner wins it's because of his wife. let's listen. okay. we don't have that sound bite but i can paraphrase. if he succeed it will be because she lifted him out of political sewer. and put him up, dusted him off and put him next to the shelf against another egotistical
8:33 am
politicians. there are a lot of people who are saying, you know, not only is she standing by her man, she is speaking up for him. but this is not unprecedented in modern politics. >> no, it isn't. i mean, the issue with huma and the hope, i guess, from the weiner campaign, is that she gives her husband some degree of credibility. not just because she is a faithful wife and standing by him. she knows him and asking folks to trust him but because of her own professional career. she is an extreme accomplished person on her own right and trusted adviser to hillary clinton and she knows substance and she knows issues. in that way, i think, there is the hope she will elevate the campaign. the problem is, you know, the essential problem with this scandal and the new revelations is that it kind of reveals the fact there is really not much else to talk about in terms of anthony weiner. this was always going to be the story but the hope was it was going to be a comeback story. now that we don't have that,
8:34 am
what else are we going to talk about? it's not like anthony weiner has a long list of legislative accomplishments or a designed vision for the city so there is always this story. it's a question of which version of it is it going to be the version that anthony weiner wants, the comeback story, or this version of a guy who seems increasingly not to be trusted and who, i think, voters are going to wonder, you know, whether they it's going to be a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance they have to give him. >> kelly, you got a different take on this and you have this up on "the washington post" blog. entitled "the not so good wife." you say in part right now, it looks like huma is putting her family's political ambition ahead of the city's needs and perhaps her own. what do you think she has an obligation to do here? >> well, i have to say i'm a huge huma abedin fan and my former post said the wrong weiner is running for mayor. i think in terms of
8:35 am
accomplishments and likability and she is miles ahead of her husband. that being said, the only way i can sort of compare this to is if you look at lindsay lohan and when her life became a total train wreck a lot of people said where is her family and why are they pushing her to work when she that be pushing her into rehab or getting her life together and that is where we are kind of at with anthony weiner. his life is a big old train wreck and people closest are saying the smartest and best thing for him to do is become mayor of the biggest city in the world. >> is it just political ambition or more at work here? >> let me say this. i don't think the argument could be made at this particular tiats mot qualified of most appropriate, the only candidate in the race who could do as good of a job as anthony weiner. that case has not been made and will not be made. no one is running who is a convicted felon and can't read.
8:36 am
these are reasonably qualified candidates. we should be talking about the fact no affordable housing in new york and yet spending the time talking about dumb and dumber and i'm referring to mr. weiner and his buddy mr. spitzer and the only benefit running the comedians. look who is benefiting from both staying in these races are the comedians and "tthe "new york post." >> here is what spitzer had to say this morning. >> i'm running my own campaign and have been since the day i got into this so i have no comment about that oether than i'm talking to the voters what i have done. >> do you think people might be taking a second look at other politicians like eliot spitzer who are trying to regain the public's trust? >> yeah. i think it's certainly problematic for spitzer because it creates a certain mentality that he has been trying to avoid.
8:37 am
on the other hand, i think if you look at new york city politics and to have the tabloids like the "new york post" which put a couple of innocent people on the cover of their paper and essentially accused them of being the boston bombers incorrectly being the ash tators of what is indecent conduct is a little bit hard to swallow. for spitzer in particular he is getting caught up in this. >> big thanks to all of you. you can find more from our panel on our website follow the link to thomas roberts. how has the verdict in the george zimmerman trial really impacted race relations in this country? bishop t.d. jakes is here in the studio and i'll talk to him next. we will talk about race and politics and we will also talk his new show that is coming up next month. almost on deck this hour. congress, believe it or not has hit a new low.
8:38 am
a look at the number of people who say we should just vote them all out. first, though, here is today's producer's pick. it was a team decision. we present bill clinton singing robin thick's summer hit "blurred lines." sort of. ♪ if you can't hear what i'm trying to say ♪ if you can't read from the same page ♪ ♪ baby i'm going deaf. maybe i'm going blind ♪ ♪ maybe i'm out of my mind >> the show almost didn't get on the air today because we watched this on the loop. that video courtesy of -- you can check more of it out online. head to thomas roberts' facebook page for that. sassoon experts would never settle for smooth
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comments on race relations in america. today a new nbc news/"wall street journal" is giving us a first picture of those views. 54% that martin luther king's dream is very much alive and people are not judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character. but there is a sharp disparity when that poll is broken down by race. 59% of whites agree, compared to 19% of blacks and 54% of hispanics. joining me in the studio is bishop t.d. jakes. i say found and pastor but you're a producer and writer and 30 books and 12 on "the new york times" best seller. good to have you here. >> thank you. >> first, start with the poll numbers that show such a clear distinction between how blacks and how whites view colorblindness in this country. what do you make of those numbers? >> i'm not surprised by that at all. i think people live in the realm of their own realities and write
8:43 am
the books they read and the fact of the matter is that we are a melting pot and amalgamation of a diversity of people and each bring a set of circumstances that causes america to be different for them. and i think that it's not only true as it relates to that, but also true generationally. >> here's a breakdown when americans are asked specifically about race relations. this is according to the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. 52% say they are either very or fairly good. down 20 points since 2009. by race 38% of african-americans say race relations are good compared to 52% of whites and 60% of latinos. given these numbers, what do you make of president obama's comments last friday in the wake of this zimmerman trial? >> when you say race
8:44 am
relationships is good compared to what? for somebody who is my age who remembers the '60s, then maybe i'm comparing it to that. it depends generationally how people respond. it's based on their set of experiences and when you are not a victim of compromised race relationships how can you say they are good? they are good because of what? so i'm not surprised by that. in reference to president obama's remarks, i thought that he did a very good job of articulating a message that the set of experiences that we bring to this country as a african-americans are riddled with wounds and scars and that this trayvon martin incident for many african-americans, not all, but many of them brought up some of those scars again. >> i want to talk to you about something else. the megafest that you're having next month. this is every year, it seems like it's gotten bigger. how large is it now? >> well, we don't know what to expect this year.
8:45 am
quite frankly, we are having it in dallas for the first time when we traditionally had it in atlanta we drew over a hundred thousand people per day and up to 300,000 per day would go through those turnstiles and now we're in dallas and it's a new ball game. we headed to south africa and that went very well and phone is ringing off the hook and people are registering and tremendous program put together and all kind of spiritual events as well as oprah is coming with her life class and we have a lot of drama going on in my life right now. >> the focus this year, i understand, gun violence. >> uh-huh. >> parentless homes and race. >> yeah. >> latest statistics 35% of kids in this country live in a single parent home. in these single parent homes 85% on are headed by mothers, 15% headed by a single father. give us a stigma attached to single mothers, for example. how do you create a form for talking about family structure in today's environment? >> i don't think that our purpose is to stigmatize single
8:46 am
mothers but challenge men and better understand the affects of fatherless in our society and applaud those men that are involved and engaged in their children's lives in some way and how important that is. oprah and i are going to do a life class to provide tools and tips for men who are struggling to stay relevant in the lives of their children, and it is some of this is getting huge response. people of all walks of life are hitting our registration but to be a part of that life class, even adult children are still wounded by the absent of fathers. >> before i let you go. confusion in the past over your position on same-sex marriage in this country. i want to give you an opportunity to clear it up or maybe clear it up for myself. is it a case -- is this a case of you, you know, hating the sin but loving the sinner or is that an oversimplification or is it more complicated than that?
8:47 am
>> first of all, to those people who want more information about our event, i want them to logon to as it relates to my position, my position is a reflection of who i am as a minister and clergyman and a biblical take on same-sex marriage but i'm intelligent enough to understand that congress doesn't move through the pages of the bible to make a decision. and i'm proud to live in a democracy that embraces an ideoology that allows us to have a discussion and debate and i respect that that our democracy allows us to have different ways of life and they all live in this country. when our government makes a decision, they cannot always make them in alignment with my biblical views. it's important to have a separation of church and state. while we celebrate the freedoms that we have and the discussions that we have, i just think that it's important that we have the right to believe the word of god just like other people have a right to believe what they believe. >> the potter's house, everyone is welcome.
8:48 am
>> everyone is welcome. we have everything at the potter's house and we are loving and teaching and all working together and striving to be a little bit more like juices. >> jesus. >> you don't spent live time talking about politics. why is that? >> i don't spend a lot of time talking about politics and i'm frustrated. i spend a lot of time talking about that at home with my wife. i come out when i think i can make a difference and i did become more verbal with the trayvon martin case. not so much i thought i could make a difference in the trial but hi to make a difference in the wound of the people believing and suffering as a result of the pain, their disappointment so i did do a forum about that but i don't always get involved chasing cameras. i'm happy at home. >> were you surprised by the verdict? >> i was surprised. but not just because i took for granted that the prosecution had done a good job. but i was surprised because when the jurors asked for information about manslaughter, it led me to believe that they were
8:49 am
contemplating some medium range beyond murder too. when they came back immediately with innocent i was surprised about that. i thought they would have went for manslaughter, even though i don't think that the prosecution did as good a job as they should have. >> one of my friends on facebook wanted me to ask you what is bishop jakes favorite bible scripture? >> campbell. >> i think that is probably a good spot to leave it. i was supposed -- tv show. >> oh, august. >> oh! yes! >> the best part. i'm going to trade places with you! i get to ask a question. b.e.t., my body and soul. it is going to cover a plethora of issues from politics. we have done some talk shows of gun violence. >> okay. >> also -- >> we wish you success but not too much success. >> come on now! >> always good to see you.
8:50 am
>> enjoyed it. >> bishop t.d. jakes, thanks to you and we will be right back.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
is. we asked you answered. should weiner drop out of the race? keep the comments coming on twitter and facebook as well. who was that guy? it is time now for the side bar while anthony weiner had the floor. we that guy in the glasses? he is there behind the cubical.
8:54 am
he is new york city reporter jeff mckinney who had no idea he was on his way to viral video fame, a woman is accusing san diego mayor of sexual harassment. went public yesterday. it came one day after former communications direction t s d suit with her attorney. >> the mayor challenged me to give him one example of how his behavior towards me was improper. i pointed out, that he had asked me to work without my underwear on. he had no come back. >> he has admitted he needs help but denies that he is guilty of sexual harassment.
8:55 am
new report finds that excessive travel spending only as executive deed spent 413 days on the road in 2011 and 2012 to the tune of 283,491 ouch. latest poll finds a whopping 82% of americans now disapprove of the job that congress is doing that is a new peak for the survey. 6% of voters say they would vote to replace everyone in congress. that is going to do it for me. alex wagner is up next. what do you have coming up. >> that congress is less popular than cock roaches. just saying.
8:56 am
today, sexts, lies eugene robinson and others join the panel to discuss and congressman steve king's latest comments. when his opponent joins us. and he previews the president's big speech today. ameer thompson joinsstudio. all that when "now" starts in 180 seconds. bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident. be right back. so today, i'm finally going to talk to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling? ask your doctor about prescription toviaz.
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wait a sec! i found our colors. we've made a decision. great, let's go get you set up... you need brushes... you should check out our workshops... push your color boundaries while staying well within your budget walls. i want to paint something else. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. refresh your home inside or out with behr premium plus ultra. interior flat starts at $31.98 a gallon. carlos is in greater danger than he thought. it is wednesday, july 24th, and this is now. what was he thinking?
9:00 am
what was she thinking? what is new york thinking? ann anthony weiner, aka carlos danger found himself in front of cameras yesterday after the dirty.comhad insisted he turn a new page. the timing wasn't important. >> some have asked the question where does this fit in some time line some time line of continuum of the resignation some of these things happened before my resignation some of them happened after. there was no question that what i did was wrong. this is behind me and i have apologized. i'm responsible for this behavior that led us to be in this place. >>