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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 13, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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we need to not only speak with her, but obtain documents from her, from her work in the governor's office. nobody believes for a moment that she had the kind of power to do that or anyone believed she had the kind of authority to do that. who else was involved in making this decision? important questions the committee needs to get answers to. >> meanwhile, several democratic mayors now claim they may have also been punished by governor christie's administration for failing to endorse him. also today, a new federal probe into whether christie administration improperly spent hurricane sandy relief funds on an ad campaign featuring the governor and his family. new jersey democratic congressman says the department of housing and urban development is planning to audit $25 million in federal cash to the state spent to promote tourism, specifically the bidding process for the so-called stronger than the storm ads. the governor's office is responding saying in a statement
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just a few hours ago in part, "the stronger than the storm campaign was just one part of the first action plan approved by the obama administration and developed with the goal of effectively communicating that the jersey shore was open for business." it goes on to say, "we're confident that any review will show that the ads were a key part in helping new jersey get back on its feet after being struck by the worst storm in state history." governor christie has no public events scheduled today but he delivers his state of the state address tomorrow. you can catch it here on msnbc by the way. joining me live now here in the studio is the elizabeth, new jersey, mayor. you claim that governor christie targeted your city and shutdown the department of motor vehicles after state legislators fought christie on several pieces of
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legislation. what evidence do you have, first of all, to suggest that this was in fact political retribution? >> in the fall of 2010, there were certain bills and legislation opposed and i came out and opposed the cap law at that time and then come september and october, we received word that division of motor vehicles were closing in the city of elizabeth. we have had a motor vehicle location in our city since henry ford first built cars. the sign went up in the window and the lease was expired and we wrote them letters asking to work with them on a new lease. the ray martinez dmv. the governor, we asked to work with us in order to locate another place. come down with cheaper rent. keep the division of motor vehicles. it affects the business community that has to use that facility on a daily basis. >> did you suspect this before or was this something that you
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suspected after the george washington bridge lane closures? >> we suspected it before. this is the way this administration does business. i mean, either you're with them or you're not. clearly what happened in 2010 was an indication of things to come. >> what you said is something i heard from others over the last few days that this is the way this administration conducts business. why only now are we starting to hear stories like this? why only now are mayors like yourself starting to come forward to say, you no know wha? i was bullied. i was strong armed. >> we came forward in 2010 and 2011. there were letters written and press releases in the star ledger and comments made on local access tv stations. it wasn't a focus because the media was in love with the governor's bully pulpit and so the george washington bridge where it affected thousands of people, a woman died, ambulances
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couldn't get through, people couldn't get to work, and when the national media and the state media now gets ahold of this, all of a sudden now they look at other issues. we said this back in 2010 and 2011. >> the governor's office released a statement. we want to put it up for folks that might be watching at home or listening. "when governor christie took office in 2010, new jersey was on the fiscal disaster. he immediately acteded to eliminate the wasteful spending and ensure all government agencies were operating efficiently. the elizabeth agency was not only the one closed." was it not the least used? >> i don't believe it was. you have an inspection station and you have springfield and then you have newark. there's also an issue of convenience. this elizabeth station was on all of the bus routes.
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we are an urban community that has demographics where people need to get to the agency. we have business community car dealerships and that's increased the cost of travel for these folks in order to register their automobiles and put their automobiles on the roads. what was done in 2010 and 2011, the governor can say it was the least used but it served a function for the residents of my community and the surrounding cities that was important. >> elizabeth mayor, for 21 years you have been mayor. thank you for stopping by. appreciate your time. joining me now, nbc news capital hill correspondent kelly o'donnell following this story very closely. sirius xm and also an msnbc contributor. kelly, let me start with you. you heard from the mayor there as we said earlier he is not the only mayor accusing the governor of retribution now. hoboken's mayor also raising questions about how she was treated over hurricane sandy
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relief money. this is what she had to say on wnyc. >> in the context that we're in right now you can always look back and say, okay, it was retribution. so i think probably all mayors are reflecting right now and thinking about it. you know, i really hope that that's not the case. >> kelly, are we going to see a broader investigation into these claims, these other claims being made by mayors now around new jersey, which we should note at this point so far at least we've seen no direct evidence of directly targeting these democratic mayors. >> reporter: it's unclear how these kind of specific questions that are being raised will be investigated. when we talked to lawmakers here who are responsible for pursuing leads with respect to the bridge closures and the lane closures there, they basically acknowledge that if there is a culture that led to abuses of power or if there need to be
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changes in how the laws operate here in new jersey, that that would be something they would consider. it might not be the first thing that they're going after but they acknowledge it's possible that larger issues and sort of the theme that you just have been discussing could become part of the investigation. it's not the first priority of what they're going to do but clearly there's a political moment here for democrats to look back and say was there an indication of any kind of time where their communities were slighted, where they thought they might have a relationship with the governor's office and perhaps they didn't get what they were looking for. a lot of that may be something worth pursuing. some of it as you heard dawn zimmer say, she hopes it's not the case but it's the question being asked and the question is enough to suggest politically this has weakened the governor in the sense that people are now doubting his relationships. he's the first to say that this is a tough business, politics. and not everyone is going to get what they want. obviously they tend to work with
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their closest allies first perhaps in some circumstances. it really is a complex web and finding out what is traditional, typical, every-day politics and what might be rooted in something less appropriate, that's hard to answer right now. it certainly is something people are talking about and they're asking the questions. >> this was his response about what all this could mean for christie's chances in 2016. >> we've got a really smart person in chris christie, a former u.s. attorney, who understands what's out there and thousands and thousands of documents have been revealed and not one single link to chris christie has been found. >> so there's priebus on "meet the press" yesterday. this is george will who compared it to watergate on fox news yesterday. >> dean sent a memo to the assistant of the chief of staff ulderman saying we should use
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the machinery, the federal machinery of government to skew o our enemies. that's what this was about. >> you are very family with the drip, drip, drip of scandal. with the other investigation now into those stronger than the storm ads, how bad is this getting for new jersey's governor? >> he drew such a firm line in the sand when he had that two-hour press availability. he could not have been anymore emphatic when he said i had no knowledge of these events. whatever the word choice was he used. if there's any evidence that come forward, one e-mail, one contradiction from an aide, he's put himself in a position where that would be the end. i said to you last week and i'll underscore again today, "the wall street journal" has reported that a month ago governor christie called governor cuomo and said your representatives on that bridge commission, on that port
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authority, are pushing too hard for an investigation. that begins to sound a little bit like what george will is making reference to. so that's the question i most want to know. what was the sum and substance of that phone call and what was governor christie asking and why. >> before i let you go, we know subpoenas could come down today. at this point any indication whether the governor himself gets a subpoena? >> reporter: not today we're told. because of the calendar here for lawmakers, they get new session that begins thursday. so they told us they're not going to try to issue anything now when it could effectively have to be renewed because of a new legislative session. i specifically asked about any intention to subpoena the governor and lawmakers in charge of this said that is nothing that they are looking at right now. there are so many other steps that they would need to take before it would get to him personally. they want to look at documents. they want to talk to some of the other key players who have
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already been very clearly identified, fired or resigned. the governor will always be a figure in this but specifically requesting him, that's not happening any time soon. obviously it's a long investigation ahead so they're trying to say one step at a time. so subpoenas later in the week lig likely. probably not today. >> thanks to both of you. here's the other big story that we're following. a week from today a new agreement regarding iran's nuclear facilities will go into effect starting january 20th tehran agreed to limit uranium enrichment in exchange for relief from sanctions. international experts will be allowed to do bail inspections. republicans have their doubts about whether it will work. eric cantor released a statement saying "the underlying agreement does not to reduce iran's nuclear program. allows it to continue industrial scale enrichment of uranium and
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fails to address critical aspects of iran's weaponization research." nbc news foreign correspondent is here in the studio with us. always a treat to have you in the flesh. let's start in the simplest of terms here, what has iran agreed to stop doing under this landmark agreement that was reached in november and what are the chances of reaching a more comprehensive agreement? >> the comprehensive agreement will really now begin on january 20th. once everything is frozen in place. that goes back to the issue you just asked about. back in november, iran agreed to freeze its enrichment offu uranm and eliminate stockpiles and technical stuff but that's important stuff when it comes to enrichment program. that's what a lot of international observers were concerned about. in addition to that, they are
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also going to allow international inspectors to have a more robust system of inspecting facilities without further construction on some of these nuclear sites across the country. >> what's in it for iran? >> easing of sanctions. they have crippled the iranian economy. they will resume exportation and bring in money that's been frozen in countries abroad. >> does this agreement in any way, shape, form or fashion ensure that iran can never develop a nuclear weapon? that's the claim by many -- that's the claim by many. that it does not. >> this agreement is not meant to do that. that's the comprehensive agreement that will begin the negotiations are going to begin. right now this agreement is an interim agreement. six-month clock now starts ticking from january 20th when everything will start to go into effect and that's when we're going to see the genuineness of these negotiations to try to reach a comprehensive agreement. some say it could take as much
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as up to a year and not just the six-month window they agreed to. >> thank you very much. still ahead here, after five days now without tap water, the ban has been lifted for some in west virginia but others are still being told not to drink, cook or wash with the water that's coming from their taps. how much longer are those folks going to have to wait? we'll talk about that and damage control for the first time target's ceo is speaking out about that massive data breach that's exposed more than 100 million customers to possible identity theft. >> clearly we're accountable. and we're responsible. but we're going to come out at the end of this a better company. >> neiman marcus says it was also targeted. were the same criminals behind both hackings? we'll look at that. you can join our conversation on twitter as always. there we are right there. @newsnation. one word.
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west virginia officials have lifted the ban on tap water for some of the 300,000 folks who have gone five days now without clean tap water. lap tests show the chemical that spilled into the elk river last thursday is now at safe levels but officials say the ban is being lifted by zones so that means it could still be several days before everyone in the area gets the all clear to drink or use the water coming from their taps. nbc's luke russert has been covering this story for us from charleston, west virginia. luke, first of all, how many people can expect to have their water back tonight? >> reporter: well, it depends who you ask. it is starting to go by area by area. the city of charleston has
11:19 am
51,000 people in it and the goal is to have downtown charleston where i'm standing right now up and running by tonight or early tomorrow morning. this is the economic sort of powerhouse of the area. they want to get this area up and running with water to have a positive economic impact and also for folks within this area to get their water back. moving forward, it's going to be interesting to see the fallout from this from an investigative standpoint regarding the company that leaked this substance into the water. i talked to a lot of west virginians who said we grew up around coal and chemicals and understand the risk. it seems odd this type of facility was allowed to operate. the tank had not been inspected since 1991. it needed $1 million worth of repairs. and this chemical that was in the water which now kept 15% of the state's population from having access to clean tap water for the last five days was not labeled as hazardous. the questions that remain from
11:20 am
that standpoint but as folks get their water back hopefully today and tomorrow and nine surrounding counties by the end of the week. >> do we know why it wasn't labeled as hazardous, luke? >> reporter: so, what's interesting is there are two areas of this. number one, because the chemical wasn't produced at the plant, it was not subjected to the type of regulation that most chemical plants here in the state. number two, the reason it was not labeled hazardous because there wasn't reaction of this chemical with human beings and there's not testing on this and it was stored there and not produced there is why they did not know. that doesn't sit too well with a lot of local residents who have sort of made this deal that they understand chemicals are here and understand coal is here but they would like to know that a chemical being stored upriver where the waste water treatment facility is labeled hazardous and a threat in if the water supply. >> thank you so much for that. still ahead here, for the second
11:21 am
time in less than two months, a large jet has landed at the wrong airport. this is a live picture from the missouri airport where that southwest airlines jet plane is expected to take off any moment now. what the airline is saying about all of this today. also, a-rod's attorney back in court today fighting that record breaking suspension one day after this stunning revelation from the man who supplied dozens of major leaguers with performance enhancing drugs. >> at times he would ask me to inject. >> you injected him personally? >> yes, personally. >> new reaction from a-rod's attorney. mom, dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy.
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rodriguez says he plans to file suit in federal court as early as today. he's trying to have a-rod's season-long suspension for allegedly using performance enhancing drugs overturn. in arbitrator issued that warning saturday actually reducing a-rod's suspension from 211 games to 162 games plus all playoff games next season assuming yankees make the playoffs. major league baseball's key witness in its case against a-rod was on "60 minutes" last night. in a bombshell interview, the founder of that now closed florida anti-ageing clinic talked about the banned substances that he claims that he supplied to rodriguez. >> testosterone, insulin growth factor 1, human growth hormone, and some different forms of
11:26 am
steroids. >> was rodriguez injecting himself with these substances? >> alex is scared of needles so at times he would ask me to inject. >> a-rod's attorney went on the offensive this morning. >> the only evidence in this case comes from the one man, tony bosh, an individual who has all the motives to lie about alex rodriguez and an individual give an sweetheart deal by major league baseball and given millions of dollars in services, book deals, an agreement to take him off of the civil suit where they sued bosh and his brother. >> dave is the spokes editor for the nation magazine and author of weekly column edge of you watched that interview last night. tony bosh claims that a-rod took these performance enhancing drugs at times in the dugout before the game. says at one point he was helping him shoot up in the bathroom at a swanky florida restaurant and bar. also made claims of death
11:27 am
threats that he had gotten from a-rod's people. how credible is tony bosh? >> well, that's the problem with this entire story, craig, is that tony bosh is a confirmed liar. alex rodriguez is a confirmed liar. and last night we saw a report put out through a news entity "60 minutes" which has had trouble with credibility over the last four months than any media entity one could imagine. you're left with not knowing what to believe. what we do know is 24 hours after an arbitrator released what was supposed to be a confidential ruling in terms of the evidence that was assessed to give alex rodriguez this 162-game sentence, "60 minutes" had this half hour very slickly produced program where anthony bosh was interviewed, bud selig was interviewed, the coo of major league baseball was interviewed and they took turns treating alex rodriguez like a heavily muscled pinata.
11:28 am
>> what do you make of the timing? it is unprecedented in major league baseball's player association slammed the league for putting up bud selig. what can we make of the timing? a-rod said it's a witch-hunt all along. >> i think what we make of timing is this is about bud selig. 82 years old. in the game 50 years as he said last night. he's about to retire. this is him spiking the football on the issue of i am tough on p.e.d.s. it was almost like they couldn't resist the brain trust at major league baseball. they couldn't be happy with just tagging alex rodriguez with the longest p.e.d. suspension in the history of major league baseball. had to be on "primetime" and "60 minutes" and had to get anthony bosh there in full makeup on his boat sunsets in the background.
11:29 am
given the fall "60 minutes" had with benghazi report and report on the nsa and now this, this is ugly. >> i want to keep it focussed to bosh and a-rod. this is something else that continues to strike me. here's a guy, alex rodriguez, who has publicly, consistently, adamantly denied using these performance enhancing drugs. he'll say under oath i didn't do it. here's the explanation. >> he would open himself to be on a ride to prison on perjury charges. remember, for a lot of these steroid cases, some athletic icons thinking of people like marion jones found the end of their journey was in a jail cell. athletes are careful not to get on a witness stand and i'm not commenting on alex rodriguez's veracity. i have no idea. no one has any idea. he never failed a drug test. that needs to be said.
11:30 am
at the same time there's such compelling circumstantial evidence that "60 minutes" did present last night that says that maybe a judge or a jury would not take kindly to alex rodriguez swearing on a bible that he never took performance enhancing drugs. >> always appreciate your insight. thank you so much. >> thank you, craig. still ahead, the battle over presidential power. the supreme court now taking up the way president obama filled high level positions when senate republicans kept blocking his appointments. plus -- >> i never win so i can't believe i won. >> amy poehler making golden globe history becoming the first star to actually win while hosting. we'll have more on the winners, losers and the very bizarre moments that people are talking about today. we're gonna be late. ♪ ♪
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according to "the washington post" the administration is unhappy with cgi federal progress in fixing the site and chosen a different contractor to carry out the work. but now after the well public e publicized trouble at launch, more than 1 million people have enrolled for coverage through the federal portal. and as our first read team today points out, "health care is still in the news but it has become much more manageable for the obama administration." mark murray is the senior political editor for nbc news. mark, the chris christie bridge scandal has taken the focus off the health care website. is this a case of no news is good news or has there been real improvement with enrollment numbers? >> part of the story is that the news cycle has moved on. last week the big stories were chris christie as well as liz cheney dropping out of the wyoming race, the new book by former defense secretary robert gates, those took up the big
11:35 am
headlines. there were still headlines on the health care law as you just mentioned but they were secondary and not primary ones. another thing is going on. that is that the website is working better than it did a couple months ago. there are some positive stories to tell and make no mistake. the white house is hardly out of the woods when it comes to the health care law. there was an ap story about how there is problems with the hispanic language portion of the website. the situation is so much better than it was a couple months ago and that's a significant development. >> president obama has invited the senate democratic caucus to the white house for a meeting on wednesday. we can hazard a guess that health care will be one of the main topics of conversation there at 1600 pennsylvania. what do democrats who are up for re-election this year want to hear from president obama at that meeting? >> they want to hear there won't be negative story after negative story. it seems at least for now they moved beyond that. it's important to point out how
11:36 am
damaging late october through late december was for the administration and for democrats. almost every day a gut punching type of story about the health care law whether the website was not working or emphasis on president obama's promise later debunk if you like your health care law you can keep it. white house was only playing defense for those two months and getting punched in the face and being on the ropes. no longer on the ropes right now. that is going to please senate democrats who are up for re-election come 2014. they hope for more and better news and for the news cycle to be focused on a lot of other things than health care law. i guarantee you republicans want to make 2014 about health care. >> mark murray, we'll leave it there. thank you, sir. the supreme court heard arguments today in a major constitutional battle over the balance of power between the president and the senate. at issue, the president's power to make temporary appointments while the senate is in recess, which would normally require senate confirmation.
11:37 am
so-called recess appointments. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams is standing by for us at the supreme court. pete, what's the latest? >> reporter: i would say the recess appointment power is more or less dead. that is to say when the white house and senate are in opposite hands based on what i heard in today's oral arguments. this is all about appointments made to the national labors relation board in january 2012 by president obama using the authority given to him in the constitution "to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the senate." the senate says a senator went in and pounded the gavel and then left. in the majority of court said seemed to say if they hold this in their ultimate decision that it's up to the senate to decide when it's in recess, then the senate can frustrate a president's ability to make recess appointments by saying we'll hold pro forma sessions
11:38 am
every three days. in recent years this is how presidents use the recess appointment power. to get people into federal jobs the senate won't confirm. it's that use that if the court rules the way it looks it will to will be more or less dead. >> before we go, let me ask you about another case. the supreme court refusing to hear arizona's appeal of the appeals court ruling declaring that state's strict abortion rule unconstitutional. what's the back story here and what does this mean in arizona going forward? >> reporter: it means the arizona law has run out of steam. this was the last chance for it. the law signed by the governor that as many other states would say you can't have an abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy even though the fetus is still viable. nine other states have similar laws but today the supreme court action won't affect those other states. is simply says arizona has run out of time. >> pete williams at the supreme court for us. pete, thank you. still ahead here, a live picture
11:39 am
there it is right there. southwest airlines jet that landed at the wrong airport last night. that jet expected to take off any moment now. what the airline is saying about the big mistake. also, hillary clinton's so-called hit list. politico reporting that clinton's presidential campaign kept tabs so friends could be rewarded and enemies punished. it's just one of the things we thought you should know. it's time for "your business" entrepreneur of the week. jim and his daughter megan grow top grade fruits and vegetables on their california family farm but getting national name brand recognition was tough. they broke through when they put everything under the brand getting produce into whole foods. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. if i can impart one lesson to a
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i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is. growing concerns about the data breach that hit two major retailers over the holidays. neiman marcus is the latest company to reveal it was a victim of a cyberattack in the weeks after thanksgiving though they have not said how many people's credit card information was compromised. that's in addition to the breach at target that may have affected at least or as many as 110
11:43 am
million customers. the ceo of target telling cnbc's becky quick that the company intends to find out who is responsible for the data breach. >> we are going to get down to the bottom of this. we're not going to rest until we understand what happened and how that happened. clearly we're accountable. we're responsible. but we're going to come out at the end of this a better company and we're going to make significant changes. >> joining me live now is associated press national retail writer. good to have you here in the studio with me. we've got neiman marcus that has come forward and target that has come forward. only two companies to come forward so far. should we expect additional retailers to reveal that they were also hit? >> you know, there are reports that there are some other retailers that could be announcing soon too because some people are saying that this could be related as part of the same scam. you know, we're looking to see other retailers reporting.
11:44 am
>> part of the same scam. what do we know at this point about this possible scam and how it went down. >> in terms of neiman marcus. very few very taildetails. we don't know how many were affected. it was people that shopped at the store. it didn't happen online. at target we just know that there was some sort of malicious software that infiltrated the point of sales system. that's all we know. >> it's believed at this point that the hack may have originated somewhere in eastern europe. what can we do in this country, how can american law enforcement fight cyberthieves who are a half world away? >> the big thing is that we have a system that's fundamentally flawed right now. store cards are dependent on this magnetic strip easy to be copied. stores want a card that has a
11:45 am
chip and that is very hard to detect. they also want pin numbers on the cards so those are two things that they are pushing. >> chips and pin numbers. >> chips and pin numbers. that is the big solution. >> these stories have been in the news for several weeks. do we think it will have any measurable effect on the bottom lines for these companies? >> it already has on target. target has noticed a decrease in sales and they cut their profit outlook and even though sales recovered in the last week, i think with its drips and draws of data from target, people are very nervous right now. >> thank you for stopping by to break it down for us. do appreciate you. >> thanks. the memorial service for ariel sharon tops our news right now. he calmed hled him a complex ma.
11:46 am
sharon died saturday eight years after a stroke left him in a coma. he was 85. live pictures as that southwest jet that landed at the wrong missouri airport is about to take off. that runway that you're looking at is only about half the size of the one that a 737 normally needs to safely take off. 124 passengers were onboard when the flight landed at the airport last night about seven miles away from the branson airport where it was supposed to land. the ntsb and faa are both investigating. a few disappointments for some at the 71st annual golden globes last night. tina fey and amy poehler were back at guest hosts and when the awards were handed out, the analysis started on how the oscar race could shape up.
11:47 am
joining me live now, ramine. surprises. "12 years a slave" of course, you know, nominated more than any other film last night. i understand it was nominated for seven awards, i believe. it only took home one. it took home the statue for best picture. what were some of the other big surprises as far as film categories go? >> "12 years a slave" and "american hustle" were nominated for seven. americ"american hustle" did rea well. i think some of the other surprises include a comedy on fox winning for best actor for andy sandburg from "saturday night live" and beat "girls" in the comedy category. >> i have never seen the show. >> i have never seen it either. maybe i'll watch now. >> i asked people before we came
11:48 am
on who else had seen the show and there was one guy that had seen the show. i guess what's the premise for the show? >> i believe it's a police comedy. >> okay. we'll go with that. as far as the oscar race shapes up here, nominations of course coming out later this week. we've got both matthew mcconaughey winning in the best drama category. leo won for "wolf of wall street" for best comedy category. is it safe to assume those will be front runners going into the oscars? >> i think we'll see. matthew mcconaughey has a good shot of getting inting an osca nomination. leo does well with golden globes but a mixed track record when it comes to oscar nominations. he's often snubbed. we'll see if he gets in. other big winner is jared winning every award this season and he's on the cover of
11:49 am
"variety" this week on wednesday. >> we forgot to run the shameless plug alert along there. >> i had to plug that. >> let's talk about the show itself. amy, teinatina, rave reviews fo hosting duties. here's amy poehler last night. take a listen. >> please welcome mr. golden globe my adult son from a previous relationship, brandy. >> you could learn a lot. she's a winner. >> am i done? >> don't you talk to me like that. do you want to go live with your father? >> i can't. you won't tell me who he is. >> so, you know, what do you make of the show in general last night? what did you think? how was it? >> i thought it was entertaining. it wasn't as good as last year when teeny and amy first hosted
11:50 am
because we have the freshness factor but they have found a winning formula with these two hosts and they'll be back next year as well. we have more amy and tina to look forward to. >> maybe this is something hollywood foreign press want to look at. scale back at the amount of champagne they put on the tables. there was some speeches last night and presentations that were -- not to jump to conclusions but it appears some of those folks may have been under the influence of something. >> the reason for that is you don't see this on tv but they serve dinner at this event. they start serving at 3:30 in the afternoon in los angeles. so by the time all of the guests arrive in the ball room, the tables have been cleared and only thing on the table is lots and lots of alcohol. so they've done a long stretch on the red carpet and then they come into the ball room and they drink a lot and i don't think they mean to get drunk but some of the actors do. >> kind of like the hosts of "the cycle" here on msnbc.
11:51 am
still ahead, our "news nation" gut check. the contract for the new president of alabama state university is raising a lot of eyebrows for a clause that restricts her love life. we'll explain on the other side of this break. [ female announcer ] it figures. on your busiest day, you see the gray. try root touch up by nice 'n easy. just brush our permanent color matching creme right where you need it. then rinse. in 10 minutes, zap those grays and get on with your day. nice 'n easy root touch up.
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a lot grg on and here are a few things we thought you should know. a new book about hillary clinton's presidential campaign said they kept a list of democrats they thought betrayed her. among most prominent was john kerry and bob casey. that book is by jonathan allen. dennis rodman apologized again today for not being able to help american missionary held in north korea for more than a year now. rodman told reporters he is
11:55 am
sorry and "it's not my fault. i just want to do some good stuff. that's all i want to do." those are just a few of the things we thought you should know. it is time now for the "news nation" gut check on this monday. the new president of alabama state has signed a contract with the university with a very unusual provision relating to her love life. boyd's contract contains a clause that requires her, requires her, to live in the president's home located on campus but forbids her from living with anyone other than her family unless she's married to that person. the clause reads "for so long as dr. boyd is president and a single person, she shall not be allowed to co-habitate in the president's residence with any person with whom she has a romantic relation."
11:56 am
of 13 trustees, only two are women. an expert on contracts tells "the washington post" he's never seen such a provision and that it may actually be illegal but dr. boyd says she has no problem with that clause because she lives alone any way. her salary will be about $300,000 a year in addition to living in that residence, the presidential residence, she'll receive a car allowance of $1,000 a month. what does your gut tell you? would you have signed this contract? you can go to to cast your vote. that's will do it for this edition of "news nation." tamron hall returns tomorrow at 2:00 eastern. meanwhile, "the cycle" is up next. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach.
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12:00 pm
the stock market shrink and job market flat lines. i'm krystal ball. i can predict many things but the economy is not one of them. we are calling on the best source we know. cnbc's money man jim cramer. >> the award season in style last night. the statues have been handed out but we're still waiting for the ensemble cable news category. all that and pryor commitment. richard pryor's widow sets the record straight about her late husband. why she says rumors about this famed american comic are no laughing matter. >> people should not be afraid of the government. government should be afraid of their people. >> v is for vendetta. we're not


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