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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 2, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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changes, if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease... if grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things. let's close the gap between people and care. ♪ right now, the price of freedom, the only american p.o.w. from the war in afghanistan, bowe bergdahl back in american hands after being a taliban prisoner for five years. his father who immersed himself in the afghan culture and grew a taliban beard joyously sending a message to bowe in the language of his cap tors. >> bowe, i love you.
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i'm your father. i've written to you over and over. can you speak english still, i would write him? but now i hope when you hear this and when you're ready to hear this and when you see this, i hope your english is coming back? >> but does the prisoner swap set a dangerous precedent? the white house defending its trade of bowe bergdahl for five high level detainees from gitmo. >> we had information that his health could be deteriorating rapidly. there was a question about his safety. we found an opportunity. we took that opportunity. and i'll stand by that decision. >> today new video shows the five taliban members arriving while back in the u.s. a growing
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uproar over the negotiation that critics argue will put american lives at risk. >> these are the hardest of the hard core. these are the highest high risk people. the big issue here is what's going to happen to these five individuals if they reenter the fight, it is going to put american lives at risk. >> power play, the epa's jena mccarthy joins me. but the political battle is just heating up. >> critics claim your energy bills will skyrocket, they are wrong. should i say that again? they are wrong. thank you. and triple threat, what do sarah palin and marco rubio and mitt romney have in common? find out in our mid-term election preview.
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>> and good monday morning, sergeant bowe bergdahl remains in an army medical facility today and the welcome that awaits him back in idaho. i'm joined by nbc's chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski and from idaho, janet shamlian. mik, first to you, the pentagon has been briefing on information regarding bowe bergdahl and his physical state. >> andrea, we got a briefing a few minutes ago from colonel steve warren, who said that the word from the military hospital, he is in stable condition but still requires treatment and hospitalization for what he called, dietary and nutritional needs, along with continuing psychological evaluation.
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now, warren stopped short of describing bowe bergdahl's condition as malnutrition, but after five years in captivity, he has nutritional needs. interestingly enough, he's in phase two of a three-step integration process. and in this process, he's kept pretty much inkmund caddo. he won't talk to his parents until both bowe bergdahl and his psychologist agree that the time is right. eventually when he's released into phase three, they will reinterere interest tegrate him into media engagements and the like. besides being questioned by medical doctors and psychologists, he's being questioned by military officials about the conditions under which
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he was held by the taliban. any kind of intel that he can provide to the military about his incarceration, and perhaps about the people that were holding him. now, they say during any of these phases, one through three, they are not asking him apparently about the circumstances surrounding his departure from that operating base in eastern afghanistan five years ago, where many of his fellow soldiers have claimed that he got up and walked off the base without his body armor and weapon and eventually into the hands of the taliban, andrea. >> mik, briefly, str is there any clarification to his father's suggestion that he might have forgotten english? >> no indication of that whatsoever. he's speaking to the doctors and military intel officials so it
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doesn't sound like there's a communications problem there. >> thanks so much to jim miklaszewski and ayman, you've been talking to people about the conditions that he is going to be held under. there are a lot of concerns among critics that they will be able to return to the battlefield or command and control function because they were so senior. you have a deputy defense minister involved. >> reporter: that's absolutely correct. it's a very ral i had concern but one that quaut ar officials will not allow to happen while these individuals are under the care of the government. we're learning more about the final hours of that deal, if you will, but more importantly, the conditions under which they have agreed to accept the individuals puts restrictions on these individuals. they are banned from traveling outside of quatar for one year.
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more importantly, they will be under very strict surveillance and not be allowed to give media interviews or speak to the public. on the offset, they have allowed the families of these five individuals to fly there and reside with them if they choose to remain there and not go back to afghanistan. the individuals will not be allowed under any conditions to leave for at least one year. what happens after that year, certainly is a valid question. will be they be allowed to return to afghanistan? that all needs to be answered in the next 12 months, for now they are being described as being under house arrest and not granted complete freedom as one might think in this situation. >> and thank you so much. janet shamlian, this is a cause for celebration, many places in the country but no more so than in idaho. the family has been under so much pressure and just what has
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happened to the life back home while he was in captivity, he had a girlfriend that moved on. what can you tell us about the reception at home? >> reporter: first of all, there is nothing but joy here today, andrea and sense of relief. people have never forgotten about bowe, the yellow ribbons didn't come out a few days ago but been here and changed out for the last five years. the signs that used to say bring bowe home, now say bowe is free. what is offputting to people this morning that they are expressing to us, they have no issues with the conditions under which he was released and would you, if this were your child and it's a little frustrating to be asked these questions, they don't care how he was released. they are simply glad a member of their community who they have not forgotten about is coming home. they admit to tampering down the joy they've had since they've been asked this over and over again, how do you feel about the fact that there was a teal, how he was released?
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they are happy he is going to be freed. they are protective of the bergdahl family and don't want to give out too much information. we spoke with the police chief here who has known the family 28 years and spoke to bob bergdahl this morning. they want to protect this family and protect what should be a moment of joy for them that they feel has been a little bit -- >> thank you so much. there are critics of the administration's release of five top level taliban detainees from guantanamo in exchange for the release of sergeant bergdahl. they are calling for an investigation, a congressional investigation, houses armed services chairman buck mccann on the daily rundown with chuck. >> we'll be holding daily hearings. i'm sorry this is portrayed as a republican issue. i think democrats also, it was important for our national security.
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it's important for our responsibility the oversight of the administration and our national security. this is not a partisan issue. it's just a matter of the law and breaking the law and not informing the congress according to the law. >> joining me now is congressman jason chaffetz of utah. thank you for being with us. first of all, the law and practicality. i was talking to tom domlin the former national security adviser and he said there was no notification of congress about the bin laden raid despite what was said. operational security trumps anything else and they had to move quickly within the last five days. what say you? sfwl there is law on the books that says that the president shall consult with congress. i think that's why you're going to have congressional investigations and why we should dive deeper into this. it may not have come to the same
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conclusion if they talked to congress. >> there is the law that says that they have to have a 30-day notification before releases from guantanamo, but there was a signing statement that the president signed or issued associated with that law, basically asserting executive privilege and saying he disagreed with it. i want to ask about susan rice, the national security advicer on cnn yesterday saying that there was an acute health issue. let's play that. >> given the acute urgency of the health condition of sergeant bergdahl and given the president's constitutional responsibilities, it was determined that it was necessary and appropriate not to adhere to the 30-day notification requirement because it would have potentially meant that the opportunity to get sergeant bergdahl would have been lost. >> are you persuaded or is congress going to look into what the acute health issue was?
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he was clearly well enough to be loaded on the chopper to have written a note, sf, meaning special forces. he's now in germany. they say it is in stable condition or serious condition. i'll check that fact. jim mick la chef xi was just reporting from the pentagon. what was the acute health kr crisis? >> to your first point the president signing into law something he thought was unconstitutional, begs into question -- >> part of a defense authorization act. >> you can't veto that type of things and to flippantly say i'm going to sign this even though i think it's unconstitutional, i have some concerns. to point number two, that's one of the things we're going to look at. god bless that this u.s. person is home, but there's bad and ugly parts of that. that's the good part, right.
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bumt the bad of this, we gave the taliban their starting team back. we put the five guys that have led this organization, allegedly killed thousands of people and been responsible back into home confinement which could lead to them being back on the battlefield. that's where we've got a lot of concern. the ugly part is yeah, the lack of consultation and interaction with congress, even though they don't like it, mr. president, that's the way the constitution is set up and that's the consultation that's supposed to happen. even if you can't get to 30 days, try to give some sort of notification. there are ways to do that with the intelligence community and others to be more secretive, but i don't like the way the president just decides to do this unilaterally, not part of the law and not part of the spirit which this country operates. >> there are suggestions that this is the prelude, the confidence building prelude to working with the taliban going forward on reconciliation with afghanistan. they have an office, a political
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office now and this was prove that they can deliver, that we can deal with them. it was trust building. >> let's be honest, the president, the white house the united states of america was negotiating with terrorists. for the white house to suggest it was anything short of that has no credibility. if they are going to try to establish credibility in the united states of america, let's be honest, we are negotiating with terrorist. which is a massive change in public policy if candidate barack obama was debating with john mccain or with mitt romney for that matter and said, well what i'm going to do, if we have this hostage situation we're going to negotiate with terrorists, do we think he would be the president? >> no this is a massive shift in public policy. i think it actually weakens us and put's people in harm's danger over the long term. that's the big concern. you have to look at this in the sober light of date and make these decisions. not the emotion -- ook f course want to bring the american home.
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but we need to have these policy discussions. >> they say they were working through the middle men, but would you leave bergdahl there if that's the only choice? a sergeant in captivity at the price of dealing through a third party to bring him home? >> the price is not just dealing with a third party. we've actually got decent relationships there with the a government and what not. these are not kiwanis characters gone awry. it's why we had them in guantanamo bay. i'm worried they'll be able to direct the traffic of terrorism against the united states and other interest. i feel for people overseas that will be increasingly targets because they get a victory out
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of this. of course we want to bring our american home but at what price? that needs more discussion. >> thanks for being with us. >> a new move to combat pollution and climate change, the epa administrator jena mccarthy coming up next. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. ♪
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the other big news today back here at home the environmental protection agency has rolled out its plan to dramatically cut carbon emissions by 30% from coal-fired power plants by 2013. a plan that has republican lawmakers and even some democrats especially those running for senate seats, fuming. epa administrator jena mccarthy joins me now. thank you for being with us. tell me the thinking behind this and how the president is trying
9:20 am
to use thinks authority his aut something through congress? >> thanks for being here, andrea in. this is really a clean air proposal that will significantly reduce carbon pollution from power plants and all about looking at opportunities to shift to lower or renewable carbon technologies. and also to look at energy efficiency. it's really using the clean air act the way it's supposed to be used. congress gave us this authority and responsibility. the president feels very strongly that we have a moral responsibility to address climate change. this is a significant step forward in that effort to protect public health and make sure we enhance the economy of the united states by moving towards a cleaner energy system. >> let me ask you about what skeptics would say is that what we do here really doesn't matter because of all of the emissions from china and other countries that are still using coal. so what's the point of hurting
9:21 am
us and hurting american jobs? i'm playing devil's advocate here. >> no, i appreciate that. this is really part of the united states leadership on climate change. the united states knows we have to take action to protect ourselves domestically, our communities and our children. and we also know that by taking this action we're going to be a stronger leverage and have leverage in those international discussions so that we can have a global solution. but we don't have to wait for a global solution before we recognize that climate change is impacting our kids and making our communities unsafe and there are actions like this that are practical that are affordable that will keep our energy system reliable and cost effective, and that we can take and should take those actions now. >> let me read to you an early response from mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate who is running in a tough re-election fight now. and he writes, by imposing these draconian new rules on the
9:22 am
co-industry, president obama and every other liberal is picking regional favorites helping their political supporters in states like california and new york and inflicting acute pain on states like kentucky. there's a big coal sector in kentucky and west virginia and other states where you have democrats either trying to challenge mcconnell as allison grimes is and west virginia and other states at stake? >> when the president charged epa with taking this action, he was clear he wanted us to reach scientific and public health responsibilities to reduce carbon emissions but very clear he wanted to make sure we did it in the most flexible way possible. if people look at this proposal, we're doing exactly that. epa is establishing state goals but every state has their own opportunity to shape their plan,
9:23 am
to achieve their goals in a way that's going to be amenable to their economy and supportive of their energy system moving forward and in a way that every other states and mayors have been doing for years. we are not looking for any outside the box answers here. we're looking to stop wasting so much energy, to stop looking at renewable energy and lower energy systems and build them in and even looking at coal staying -- in consistently staying a significant part of the energy supply system. we're not picking winners and losers and not looking at this regionally. we're giving every state an opportunity to step up and do what they know they need to do to produce an energy supply system that is cleaner and that is protective of this and future generations. >> gina mccarthy, a busy day, thanks for being with us today. >> thanks very much. >> and a massive manhunt is under way in california for a
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9:28 am
guantanamo and we do have responsibilities that we don't let anyone out of guantanamo. i will not sign off on any detain ee coming out of guantanamo unless i am assured and our government assured and our country can be assured that we can sufficiently mitigate any risk to america's security. >> covering guantanamo bay for "the miami herald", spent more time there than any reporter and won a number of reports as a result. carol, thanks for being with us today from miami. what is the sense in guantanamo as to how this went down? we have five high ranking taliban and prereleased yemeni prisoners and every court has said they could go, they are low level fighters, but they have not been able to be released because of congressional restrictions. >> there has to be a sense of
9:29 am
disappointment down there, andrea, because these five men who were let go were cat gore eyized as definite forever prisoners and there are other men who have been told once arrangements have been made, they would be able to go. yes, many of them are yemenis and many of them are hoping that the u.s. will find a way to make an disagreement with the yemeni government for them to either lea gitmo eaand go home. they were not on the list to be let go. they were on the list to be held as indefinite detainees. >> because among of them, a former deputy defense ministers, these were the leaders who planned attacks on americans and afghans. these are not fighters from the battlefield, they are decision makers who's could be making those kinds of decisions from their house arrest in qatar.
9:30 am
>> these men are a combination of defense figures, intelligence figures and political figures. this is what we know from their files. in afghanistan and certainly in the taliban, those categories bleed over one into another. what is of interest i think perhaps during the stay at guantanamo these were not trouble makers or difficult prisoners. they were generally for years described as compliant and cooperative captives who got to live in these medium security confinement. they were not considered dangerous, which speaks to what you said about the fact that they are more like the bureaucrats, the upper esh lon. what they will do in qatar and how they relate to the taliban back home and what -- how they will be able to function has to be part of the secret negotiations that went on prior to their transfer on saturday. >> carol, we just got this in
9:31 am
from a conference downtown. dennis mcdonough just spoke and addressed -- part of the criticism of the trade, this is a conference down at csis, also hosted by the treasury department. let's watch. >> let's be clear how we got this done. we've been consulting with members of congress about this effort including the potential transfer of five gitmo detainees for years. i know this because i participated in many of those consultations myself when i served on the staff of the national security council. so this should not have been a surprise to any of the members of congress who have been commenting about it. >> so there's the pushback from the white house, just moments ago, that they were being consulted along the way and for operational reasons could not be consulted before the trade was
9:32 am
done. >> yes, they did not comply with the 30e-day statutory notice requirement. the white house and pentagon said the president had the executive authority to do this particularly because it was this delicate swap for a prisoner of war. and they chose to not notify them until the actual exchange was underway but it shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone. we've known that this administration has been talking about a qatari deal for years now and identities of these five men, this is not something that came out of the blue. on saturday when i saw the c-17 on the landing strip at guantanamo it seemed to me this was the deal that was going down. but it was a surprise to the degree that they didn't get notice and i have to tell you, it was also a surprise to the red cross. they told me this morning they didn't get their notice or have an opportunity to do an exit
9:33 am
interview with these five men. what i think it says is that the administration moved on its own quickly and was in a way using a page from the bush administration playbook of cutting out congress and cutting out the red cross and doing what it thought was right at the moment and telling people afterwards. >> carol rosenberg, thank you so much. thanks for being with us today. >> former nsa contractor edward snowden making headlines once again with another document leak shedding new light on the u.s. government surveillance capabilities. according to top secret documents obtained from snowden and published by the new york times, the nsa is collecting millions of images a day from tech and social media for use in the facial recognition programs. it is becoming extremely important to intelligence agencies to try to track suspected terrorists and other targets. in an interview with brazil's globo news, snowden revealed he
9:34 am
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20 flavors, lots of pieces. chex mix pick your mix. now try popped in white cheddar and sweet and salty. today investigators are searching for clues into why a private jet crashed saturday night in massachusetts claiming the lives of all seven people aboard including prominent philadelphia executive and philanthropist katz. it was a charter jet trying to take off at the suburban airport west of the boston when it skidded down the runway and erupted into flames. he was flying from a fundraiser for doris concerns goodwin. former pennsylvania governor and msnbc political analyst ed rendell had seen katz on friday
9:38 am
night and invited -- had been invited on the ill-fated trip. ed joins me now. our condolences i know this is a preloss to you personally and city of philadelphia to whom he had lewis katz was such a major figure and colleagues at the philadelphia inquirer and daily news. because you had a commitment to the little synagogue in south philadelphia, you could not take the trip? >> yeah, two commitments, but one was for the smallest synagogue in pennsylvania, it's in a rowhouse in south philly. they have a speaker's program where they try to raise money for renovations. they can only fit 100 people in and charge $10 and i agreed to speak. that was the reason i think more than anything else that i turned down the flight because i love doris as you do and i would have gone up. it's what her son did was so
9:39 am
incredible. and you know, lou katz, who has been talked about on tv was a giant of a man who did incredible big things. he gave $25 million to temple for med school and $25 million to penn state for keeping did inson law school alive, so many wonderful things. overpaid for the enquirer by $30 million of his own money because he wanted to keep it independent and keep it going. such a wonderful man on a big grand scale, not just for philadelphia but camden where he grew up as a poor kid. he's done so many wonderful things in that very troubled city. but the thing that those of us who knew lewis are feeling today and i know you knew lewis, andrea, the world is a -- is a
9:40 am
lot less fun without lewis. and that's what -- those of us who knew him and even knew him casually had to come to grips with. i was talking to president clinton yesterday and he said no matter how bad things were going during his time in the white house, if he ran into lewis or spoke to lewis, lewis would always make him laugh. and my wife said if lewis was on your schedule for dinner, you smiled all day in anticipation of the fun you were going to have a dinner. again, the world is a lot less fun today than it was saturday night. >> ed, i know this is just an overwhelming loss. just to explain, michael goodwin is the iraq war veteran, we've interviewed him before. he had come from harvard and gone back to his community and was starting this education -- has started this remarkably he
9:41 am
effective education program among kids who need help and that's what lou katz was going to do. >> it was a funfundraiser right >> and dinner with doris afterward. >> i saw a detail here. you've written on his gulf stream fives, but he has several airplanes of his own. >> no for this reason that got out last night. it's not true. >> clarify. >> one of his two gulfstreams and it was his pilots who, andrea, looked at that plane, if there was a spot of water out of place, they would put the plane down and make sure it got maintained. they were brilliant pilots, none of us can figure out how it happened and it was his crew -- when we heard it was a charter plane we were hoping it was because we knew his pilot and stew ardess and hoping they
9:42 am
weren't on the plane. but it was his plane. the gulfstream is a great plane. it's hard to believe it happened. when you talk about going up there forr education, president clinton told a story that lewis was at one of his global initiatives and her andre agassi talk about how he had given money to start a charter school in the poorest area of las vegas. and president clinton said, lewis stood up after he was finished and said i pledge to give whatever money it takes to start a charter school just like that in camden, new jersey, one of poorest cities in america. and he did and ironically the principal of the charter school was one of the people on the plane saturday night. >> i am so sad. our condolences to drew katz, his son, who has said he's going to carry on on the board of the
9:43 am
"enquirer". >> and he will. >> thank you, ed. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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ask your doctor about experiencing cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. with people worldwide still seeking answers to the kidnapping of almost 300 nigerian school girls, a unique meeting today, u.n. women is organizing a private sector leadership council of 10 powerful ceos to try to curb violence against u.n. joining me now, i'm sorry, i've done a bad job on your name, the executive director of u.n. women just back in may from nigeria. what do you think can be done with the private sector to try to curb this violence against women worldwide? >> we need to take the issue of
9:47 am
violence against women beyond the helm of women's organizations and beyond work of civil society organization into the private sector and also to support the government for interventions that governments need to be stronger and to be coordinated with other sectors in society. and having this powerful ceos means that they are increasing the cycle of allies working for women's empowerment as well as working against -- to end violence against women. >> what is the latest in nigeria? we haven't heard as much in recent days about the search and what the nigerian government may or may not be doing. >> i'm so glad you're also doing this interview. we need to keep the issue in the face of society. we need to keep it in the media. indeed the security forces have not been communicating. one can understand that it is
9:48 am
tricky and delicate but what we know is that the parents are taking a lot of stress, they are not staying in their own homes and that the schools are not functioning and there's a risk that the girls may fear going to school. we need to make sure we continue to encourage skills, not to fear going to school at the same time, think about their safety. >> and it's not just in africa, it's worldwide, certainly we've seen the problems in pakistan and afghanistan for women. but now in india, another gang rape of two children, 12 and 14 years old, just leaving the house to use the toilet facilities. there's just horrific stories about the way girls and women are treating around the world? >> absolutely. in bangladesh against women to this extent, that is why we cannot make this an issue just
9:49 am
of under resourced civil society organizations and do not have authority and power to arrest and investigate and to protect. it has to be a societal issue and need order members of community men and boys to be out there in their communities fighting back on behalf of women and girls. >> thank you so much for joining us from the u.n. we hope you'll come back and stay on all of these stories. thank you again, madam secretary. >> which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? chris cillizza joins us to preview the big primary races tomorrow we'll be watching. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there.
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9:53 am
supporters, rather, does cochran have an edge now? >> andrea, this is sort of the tea party's best chance to beat a senate incumbent, mitch mcconnell that doesn't happen, john cornyn in texas, that didn't happen. a long time member of the appropriations committee, one time chairman, when we looked at this year at the beginning of the year, he looked like the most vulnerable incumbent. largely because chris mcdaniel had unified all of the tea party groups. you mentioned the scandal. i think the mcdaniel, wasn't an aide, someone supporting mcdaniel took footage of cochran's wife in a nursing room. that has changed the conversation in the race, no question and moved things more in cochran's favor. one thing to look at. there is a third republican in the race, it's important neither cochran nor mcdaniel get 50% and we go to a runoff in july. i don't know it will happen but it's a possibility.
9:54 am
>> let's talk about iowa, where earnst has gotten a lot of support. she has the most unusual political ad of the season. let's play it. >> i'm joni earnst and grew up castrating hogs on a farm. when i get to washington, i'll know how to cut pork. my parents taught us to live within their means. it's time to force washington to do the same, to repeal obama care and balance the budget. i'm joniernst and i approve this message. let's make them squeal. >> she's got mitt romney and all of this republican support, it's an open seat. what are the chances of the democrats holding the seat? >> i think first of all that ad is first ad i've seen that talks about castrating hogs.
9:55 am
there's a first there. but the key number to watch with her, she's going to get the largest percentage of the vote tomorrow night in iowa. the question is can she get over 35%. if she gets under 35%, the nominating process goes to a state convention where a group of conventioneers will pick the nominee and can pick someone not one of the current candidates. i think she would enter the general election against a member of congress from eastern iowa in a surprisingly strong position. iowa is a state that has gone back and forth heavily for president obama but terry bran zad has been governor. >> chris cillizza, we'll be back tomorrow with all of the late election primary day campaigning. thank you very much, that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow us online and on twitter.
9:56 am
qu"ronan farrow daily" is up ne. i'm meteorologist bill ca kari karins, on this monday we're watching quiet weather on both coasts but in the middle of the country, that's where the active weather will be. minneapolis, chicago, kansas city from thunderstorms, a few could be on the strong storms and from new orleans down to the sunshine state. have a great monday.
9:57 am
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9:59 am
president obama is accused of negotiating with people he shouldn't be negotiating with. no, not john boehner. >> army sergeant bowe bergdahl. >> one pentagon official described him as quote add worst a desserter, at best a stupid kid. >> the u.s. gave up five taliban fighters held captive in guantanamo. >> i know i am. >> a sweeps proposal. >> the new rules cut carbon pollution from the nation's power plants by 30%. >> the science is clear and the high cost of climate in action keep piling up. >> the outspoken dad of one of the students killed during the shooting rampage at the university of santa barbara met with the father of the gunman. richard martinez says they plan to work together to make sure
10:00 am
other families will not suffer a similar situation. >> republican senator ted cruz narrowly won the republican leadership conference's straw poll. dr. ben carson, an outspoken critic of obamacare was second. >> take a look as a fan launched a paper airplane finally coming to a stop when it hit the peru defender and england went on to beat peru, 3-0. >> a captured american soldier is coming home. normally a cause for celebration and for sergeant bowe bergdahl's family, that's still very much the case. >> you are free, freedom is yours. i will see you soon, my beloved son, i love you, bowe.