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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  June 4, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> some of his former colleagues and also members of the right are calling bowe bergdahl a desserter before all of the facts are even in. we will separate the politics from the actual facts on what the army sergeant could be facing. also ahead, if you thought the nra was coming to its senses, think again. after calling the people who show up at restaurants and stores armed with giant, loaded guns weird, scary, and downright unneighborly, the backtracking has already begun. but we start with the continued controversy surrounding the release of army sergeant bowe bergdahl. as republicans ramp up their questions about the trade for taliban prisoners. and even one key democrat criticizes the white house for, she says, leaving congress out of the loop. meanwhile, the right has gone into partisan hyperdrive attacking the president and even bergdahl's father. this all comes as the taliban released a video they say showed the moment u.s. special forces took custody of sergeant bergdahl from taliban members. in the video, men believed to be bergdahl's former captors can be seen with the army sergeant
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prior to the hand off. moments later, a blackhawk helicopter with what's believed to be u.s. special operation forces flies into the area. the end of the video shows troops patting bergdahl down during the exchange and eventually loading him into the helicopter and flying off. now, while not officially confirming the tape, the pentagon says, quote, there is no reason to doubt the authenticity of the video. now, back in washington, however, the white house today is holding a closed door meeting with senators about the swap. members of the house intelligence committees including the top democrat on the senate committee are attacking the secrecy behind the deal, secrecy the white house says it had to maintain in order to get the deal done and ensure bergdahl's safe return. >> this is a dangerous precedent for the reasons we've cited about the diplomats who are now concerned about having a price tag on their head in dangerous places around the world as well as the soldiers in the field. >> i strongly believe that we should have been consulted, that the law should have been
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followed, and i very much regret that that was not the case. >> here to discuss the politics of all of this is nbc's kristen welker who joins me live from the white house. thanks for being here. i think at this point, kristen, we expect that whatever it is the white house is announcing on a day-to-day basis, republicans will come out to a microphone and just attack, attack, attack what the president is doing. when you have senator dianne feinstein coming out and she, too, is attacking the white house, i wonder if the white house was just caught completely flat footed on how members of congress would respond to the release, the handover of bergdahl in exchange for those taliban fighters? >> well, they were to some extent, joy. i am told that officials here were anticipating that there would be a robust debate about the decision to release five taliban prisoners from guantanamo, but what they are surprised about is that there is not more of a celebration in the fact that america's only p.o.w. was released and is coming home.
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why? is the big question. well, you alluded to it in the top of the show. it's because you had a number of republicans coming out and urging the administration to secure bowe bergdahl's release. in op-eds senator mccain was a very strong advocate of the administration doing more to try to bring bowe bergdahl home. they thought that on some level there would be a celebration in that. instead, of course, what we are seeing, instead of members of bowe bergdahl's unit coming out and celebrating the fact he is coming home you have them questioning his character, calling him a desserter, and, of course, we should emphasize the fact that the administration and bowe derg dal's family has urged everyone to hold off on judging until the investigation into exactly what happened is completed and then of course you have senators, lawmakers saying that the white house broke the law by not complying with that law that says the administration has to notify congress 30 days' prior to releasing prisoners
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from guantanamo. so that is why you are seeing this rare briefing that is going to occur on capitol hill later today. all 100 senators are going to be briefed. of course, i don't know exactly what's going to be in that briefing but i am told it is expected to be heated. i think some of the key questions the administration is going to have to answer are why didn't they notify congress? the administration has said it is because time was of the essence. that bowe bergdahl's health was essentially deteriorating. well they'll have to answer questions about that because of course in the video a lot of people have noticed that he does look healthy. so why was his health, his safety so in jeopardy? then they're going to have to answer questions about why five taliban prisoners were released. that is what we anticipate but, joy, you are absolutely right in that there was some level of miscalculation here. >> i have to ask you one quick question to follow up on that. you say that because you had kelly ayotte, john mccain, other republicans calling for a solution to getting bergdahl
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home, i wonder, i was blogging about the bergdahl situation back in 2009. >> right. >> when you had people going on the competing cable network and saying that the taliban should just save the united states the money and go ahead and execute bowe bergdahl. there was a lot going across that was not that hard to find if you just googled bowe bergdahl's name over the last five years, you would have known there was a nacient right that was waiting to attack this guy, has been attacking him in the worst way going back to 2009. the white house only knew there were some republicans that wanted him brought home? they didn't know about this huge issue on the right about bowe bergdahl calling him a desserter for five years? >> no, of course they did. there was also the rolling stone article pointing to that fact. they absolutely knew about all of this. they will be the first to say this is really complicated.
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i think they did not anticipate, though, the fact that you would have some of those republicans who were initially calling for his release to now be on the other side of that and be so incredibly critical and to not, at the very least, celebrate the fact that he is home. of course, in the initial statements that came out this past saturday when this all broke, you did have senator john mccain saying, i'm glad he's back. however, there are a lot of complicated questions that this administration has to answer. so i think that's the crux of it. they certainly were aware of that criticism, joy, but, again, i think they thought there would be a number of republicans who would rally around the fact that this p.o.w. is coming home. >> it's amazing. the white house still learning six years in who actually runs the republican party. they need to pay attention to the media side not the elected. thank you so much. >> reporter: absolutely. >> the former assistant secretary of defense is now a senior fellow at the center for american progress. larry, i love talking with you and i have to ask you that question. does it surprise you that the
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white house this far in this would not be surprised members of congress would follow more of the wing of the ideological wing of their party rather than what they were saying years ago? >> what surprises me is the fact they didn't realize people would question, you know, why sergeant bergdahl disappeared. they should have been aware of that because i think susan rice when she went on the sunday talk shows talked of, you know, called him a hero and things like that. that's where i think they made the mistake. other than that they shouldn't have been surprised. i think if it had come out that we could have got him out and then they decided not to do it because of logistics or too high a price the republicans would have been all over obama for not getting the last american p.o.w. out. >> that is the lesson that i think they are repeatedly learning. they'll be attacked either way. i want to get to the substance of why we wanted to have you on specifically. you wrote a piece recently, i'll read a little bit, that talked about a thing that i think has please the been talked about
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enough. it's been on our air a couple times. the idea that we would exchange these particular five taliban fighters for bergdahl being somehow shocking. you write this. you say, the exchange of p.o.w.s is a normal part of ending a conflict and part of the laws of war. while the taliban may be a terrorist group they are also america's enemy in the war in afghanistan, just as the communist chinese were in korea. as the white house has labored to explain in recent days the release of five taliban in exchange for bergdahl is a p.o.w. exchange meaning that is how you end a war. that is a message i think that is important to get out. explain to us why had we not exchanged these five people for bergdahl we might have just exchanged them for nothing. >> well, that's true. i mean, we're winding down our combat role in afghanistan this year and will be out completely in two years. therefore, the war would be over. so we would have to release the prisoners under our constitution and under the laws of war. this time we got something for
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him. so, i mean, you know, our hand was declining to get him back. our bargaining leverage was declining every day as we get fewer and fewer troops there. i think it's a good deal from that point of view. >> and there are actually some rumblings of people who were criticizing the president now saying you didn't get enough for him. you should have tried for some missing contractors, too. i think a lot more people than would admit understand what you're saying is true. reinforcing what you said, john belanger who is actually a former bush administration national security council adviser talked about the possibility that instead of trading the five taliban for bowe bergdahl we could have held them forever. he said that is not true. he said the u.s. would not be able to hold them forever. indeed, it is likely that the u.s. would be required as a matter of international law to release them shortly after the end of 2014 when u.s. combat operations cease in afghanistan. isn't the point that because of the complications in guantanamo we couldn't charge them so it is either charge them or let them
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go? >> that's true. those five people released have been there more than 12 years and we haven't charged them. by the way, we didn't capture them. they were captured by the northern alliance or the pakistanis. they're not our prisoners. they were captured in the very, very early days of the war. when people say, well, they're going to go back and cause us all these problems, they're 12 years out of date. the taliban have completely changed their tactics and their leadership and the way in which they are dealing with both us and the afghans. >> and really, i want to play you john mccain then and now on his former briefings as he did know this was a deal in the works. here is how he responded to that possibility a couple years ago and how he is responding to it now. please listen. >> so if there was the possibility of some sort of exchange, that's something you would support? >> i would support, obviously i'd have to know the details but i would support ways of bringing him home and if exchange was one
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of them i think that would be something we should seriously consider. what is the price we may pay or likely pay in the future in american blood in return for releasing these five hardest of hard core jihadists who are not only taliban but also al qaeda? >> larry, is there a possibility something materially changed between february and now or is really senator mccain just playing politics? the same five people. >> i wouldn't ever criticize him because he was a p.o.w. but i think it's important to keep in mind that president bush released 500 people from guantanamo, 30% went back to the battle field. president obama has released about a hundred. only 5% have gone back. so bush had a much worse record. you didn't have this year in gutter. again, after a year, we'll be down to, you know, just a couple thousand troops. we will not be fighting the war, so even if they were to go back, even though they're 12 years out of date, there's really not much damage they can do to us.
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>> all right. thank you so much, lawrence korb, appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up some of bowe bergdahl's former platoon mates call him a desserter. >> he purposefully and willfully walked away and he is not a hero. he did not serve with any honor. there are true heroes that have died in afghanistan looking for him. >> but there is a long road between the understandable anger of the men he served with and actual military charges of desertion. colonel jack jacobs is here to explain the complicated legal road ahead for sergeant bowe bergdahl as an inquiry into what exactly happened the night of his capture continues. then the n.r.a. is peddling as fast as they can apologizing to the guns and restaurants crowd for calling them weird and scary. we'll explain. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste, and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me.
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mr. president, there are questions regarding sergeant bergdahl's disappearance and whether or not military code was violated. these are issues by the united states army not monday morning quarterbacks on capitol hill. >> that was majority leader harry reid speaking this morning on the senate floor about sergeant bowe bergdahl and specifically he was addressing the question of whether he deserted his unit before he was captured by the taliban in june of 2009. desertion is a very particular, very delicate charge. to prove it that bergdahl was guilty of desertion it is not just a rhetorical matter but also under the uniform code of military justice would require proving intent. several hours ago the army's chief of staff reinforced that an important point that is true regardless of how you feel about sergeant bergdahl's comment. quote. it was always a high priority that every soldier deployed in afghanistan would return home. we will never leave a fallen comrade behind. now that sergeant bergdahl is
11:17 am
back and under our control, first and foremost, we must ensure his health is taken care of and he is properly reintegrated at the appropriate time we will conduct a thorough, transparent, and complete review of the circumstances surrounding his capture. colonel jack jacobs, medal of honor recipient, first of all, getting that out of the way, that is the way it works right? this is somebody who has been a p.o.w. but who has also been accused by his comrades of desertion. as a military matter the first thing they'll do is get him healthy and reintegrated and then deal with the legal part. >> yes. among other things he won't be able -- if he is going to be charged he won't be able to assist his defense unless he is healthy. they'll do that first as a priority in any case whether he is going to be investigated or not. >> i want to play you one of his colleagues, joshua cornielsen who was on news nation earlier today and was the army medic who served with bowe bergdahl. this is what he said earlier today. >> he absolutely 100% deserted his post without any shadow of a
11:18 am
doubt. he intentionally left his duty station in our o.p. >> the associated press has quoted a pentagon source who has actually looked at the 2010 report on what is called the article 15-6 investigation. that report said that a pentagon investigation concluded in 2010 that the evidence was incontrovertible that bowe bergdahl walked away from his unit. are the accusations of his colleagues and that report enough to prove desertion? >> it is enough to cause his commander to conduct the next level of investigation. he would be charged after that. then they would have what is called an article 32 investigation which is the military equivalent of the grand jury procedure, except that in this particular case in case of an article 32 investigation the accused has the right to counsel, the right to cross examine witnesses, not like a grand jury procedure in civilian life where one second you're okay the next second you're indicted. the accused participates
11:19 am
actively in the investigation process. the officer then makes a recommendation to the commander and says, nothing here. there is something here. we recommend you do this. there is a lot here. we recommend you have a court-martial. then the commander can decide by himself what he wants to do whether court-martial or not. >> what do they have to prove to take it from awol to desertion? >> if you're back in the states and not in a deployment zone which he was not -- he was deployed. if you go absent without leave you have to show intent to be a deserter and in the states you show intent by being absent for more than 30 days. it's presumed if you're gone for more than 30 days you intend to stay away. in a deployment zone it is not at that level of proof. especially in a case where there is some evidence at least to indicate you intended to stay
11:20 am
away you don't have to be gone for 30 days. if you're gone for 30 days it doesn't have to be because somebody captured you. >> yes. >> the fact that you wanted off is enough. >> can you initially have the intent to stay away but then get captured and sort of can it change? >> oh, it can. but that's not going to help you a whole lot. it may help you a little bit. intent is really, really important in this regard. one of the things the investigation will determine was what his intent was when he left. there's plenty of evidence as you heard to indicate he really intended to stay away but it remains to be seen. it'll be done as the general says in a very open way. there will be plenty of news coming down the pike after he's charged. >> due process. what a concept. thank you for being here, colonel jack jacobs to clarify these issues for us. >> you are very you're welcome. >> a reid alert on scary weather kicking up in a big part of the country. people in parts of nebraska are still cleaning up today from a nasty hail storm that blasted them with baseball sized chunks, damaging nearly 5,000 cars.
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pot piece everyone is talking about one user tweeted but then i'd have to read a column by maureen dowd. maybe i'm not the only one who missed it. others cut straight to the point with tweets like this one. quote, pot candy strikes back. just saw maureen dowd twerking in the street. with tweets that good i might have to read it after all or just have a pot brownie myself. just kidding. now from something that has you giggling to something that has you raging. if there is one thing the world doesn't need it's a remake of the iconic "indiana jones" movies. harrison ford played the character perfectly in four films. this article on the blog defamer reports a remake is in the works and that "twilight" star robert pattinson may play the new indiana jones. now, while i like r. pats and these are just rumors on social media you're hating on it and sending tweets like this one, quote, please do not let robert pattinson as indiana jones be true. please do not let it be true. please, please.
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[ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ just when we thought that even the national rifle association actually had a line beyond which they could spot gun extremism and that open carry fanatics in texas had crossed that line, they went and proved us wrong. yesterday on this show todd henderson of open carry texas appeared to respond to nra criticism of his and other open carry groups' strange, scary tactic of showing up visibly armed with long guns at restaurants and parking lots and everywhere in between. he said, quote, we actually have a different policy now so we're digging up the past here. i understand where the nra is coming from with their statement. we put our heads together and came up with a new plan which was to not bring along guns into
11:31 am
restaurants where we had not been previously invited. other than that statement which is they had changed their minds his otherwise sort of detachment from the reality most people find the sight of a bunch of heavily armed men descending on the restaurant counter odd if not terrifying that prompted this strangely rational response from the nra. in a post on their website they offered the downright reasonable suggestion that gun owners would do well to consider the effect of their behavior on others and that a small number have recently crossed the line from enthusiasm to downright foolishness and using guns merely to draw attention to yourself in public not only defies common sense it shows a lack of consideration and manners. not only is it rare, it's downright weird and can be downright scary. well, now, that public display of rationality really both by the gentlemen who said they don't do it anymore and by the nra didn't last long. open carry texas made it very clear on their facebook page no less its members were already cutting up their nra membership
11:32 am
cards in response and that if the mra didn't retract their disgusting and disrespectful comments oct will have no choice but to withdraw full support of the nra and establish relation shims with other gun right organizations that fight for all gun rights instead of just paying them lip service the way the nra appears to be doing. the back lash actually worked. by last night henderson was tweeting me that the nra had reached out to his group to say, "sorry" and, sure enough, according to chris cox the nra top lobbyist the full page criticism came from one person and does not reflect the thoughts of the nra as a whole. the truth is an alert went out that referred to this type of behavior as weird or somehow not normal and that was a mistake. it shouldn't have happened. i've had a discussion with the staffer who wrote that piece and expressed his personal opinion. our job is not to criticize the lawful behavior of fellow gun owners. >> after that interview open carry texas went back on to facebook to thank the nra for
11:33 am
its obedience saying open carry texas would like to both thank and applaud chris cox and the nashville rifle association for clarification on their stance of open carry. game, set, match. well, while the nra may have cracked down on dissension within its own ranks gun control groups continue to set their sights in another direction. after successfully lobbying several fast food chains to establish antiopen carry policies the group moms demand action is ramping up the pressure on target after open carry texas posted these photos to facebook of long gun toting shoppers. so much for not doing it anymore. as mother jones reports the comments that accompanied the pictures were as offense as they can imagine. with congress apparently unable or unwilling to take on the nra are corporations the next big hope for sensible gun reform? mark, i wanted to get you to first comment on the swift turn about at the nra which essentially gave a very reasonable response to the
11:34 am
public's fears at seeing a group of armed men at the restaurant or in the parking lot of home depot. they had first said that's weird and scary. then they very quickly changed their minds. but the reason i think, and you can comment on whether you think the reason is what the threat to move on to other gun advocacy organizations, is the nra under threat of losing the support of these guys to other gun organizations if they fall away from the talking points? >> apparently so. you know, joy, it's been a jaw-dropping few days watching the nra. i mean, this is very unusual stuff from them and quite fascinating to see them apologize publicly the way they did for a criticism that in and of itself was quite extraordinary. so, yeah. i think, you know, my read is that they were not liking the bad publicity at all that these guys were getting for these various open carry demonstrations but then when they criticized it in an honest way, you know, they quickly were
11:35 am
met with a back lash from some of their hard core supporters and so apparently they rethought that rather quickly. you know, it is very interesting to look at the explanation from chris cox that this was, you know, he basically painted it as the work of a rogue staffer. i find that fascinating because as i reported in "mother jones" on monday shall the nra has been focused on this problem for more than a month. back in april, an nra board member charles cotton who is based in houston was in a public debate with the head of open carry texas and dressed him down, i mean, saying you guys got to stop this. we're getting all kinds of grief from our allies in the state capitol about these demonstrations. so, you know, the nra has known about this for a while and been worried about it for a while. for cox to come out and say, well, this was just some rogue staffer who posted this statement criticizing them is a little bit hard to believe, frankly. >> well, does it surprise you that the nra with this image among a lot of americans and on capitol hill as this super, powerful organization that
11:36 am
strikes fear into the heart of both republicans and even democrats, that they would essentially give what i would call obeisance to what could be called a fringe group in texas because essentially the nra is saying, yeah. we're onboard with people showing up armed to the quiznos? >> yeah. it is quite an interesting position they're in, between a rock and a hard place in some sense because they've really staked their claim on very hard core positions of gun rights and rejection of gun regulation and all that so it's difficult for them to publicly criticize anything having to do with more expansive gun rights even when it's these folks in texas going out and doing these really provocative things that are alarming and frightening people and causing all kinds of back lash, you know, we've now seen seven corporate food and beverage chains reject this whole heartedly, you know, in large part due to the pressure from moms demand action which you were talking about a bit earlier. some of the reporting i've done
11:37 am
previously about some of their more dark and disturbing tactics where they've harassed and degraded women. this is stuff that the nra in a sense has to own because now they're supporting these guys. they're tacitly saying all this stuff is just fine with them apparently. >> as you said spitting into the face of one gun reform advocate and really scary tactics that as you said the nra now owns. i want to get to sort of why they own it. there is a really great piece, she said the nra needs to be understood not as a lobby for gun owners but for gun sellers. their job above all other things is to protect the profits of the gun industry. that means they can't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs which is pandering to and provoking this highly insecure masculinity that drives gun sales. is part of this because the nra can't afford to as she said anger the people who are actually buying more and more guns thus really the only ones increasing gun sales? >> yeah. what else is also really interesting about this story,
11:38 am
joy, is that, you know, the nra can't control everyone, they can't control every politician. they can't control every gun extremist out pushing for whatever they want to push for in the name of the second amendment. and so, you know, i think what this shows is that they really have something of a frankenstein problem at this point. i mean, they've spent many years pampering to fear and paranoia and whipping up anger. there is a certain fringe minority of gun owners who listen to that stuff and they go out and do these kinds of things. so that's another way in which i think the nra owns this for better or for worse. this is to some degree a cost of the rhetoric they use to push their agenda. indeed. you broke it you bought it. i think that is the saying and i think they do now own it. thank you very much, mark. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> now reid alert on the senate race in mississippi going down to the wire. six-time republican incumbent senator thad cochran is dead locked with tea party challenger chris mcdaniel who leads by a slim 2,000-vote margin.
11:39 am
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♪ more than 76% of the governor's contributions have been for $50 or less. >> how about the high dollar -- >> sure. i'm not in a position to speak for these contributors to the campaign but what i can tell you is more than 76% of our contributions have come -- >> you're not answering the question. >> i'll take another question. >> high dollar donors is the question wisconsin governor scott walker's campaign spokeswoman was trying to avoid. why? because since citizens united megarich donors like the koch brothers have been funneling millions of dollars into
11:43 am
elections. on capitol hill yesterday senate democrats held a hearing on a new plan for a constitutional amendment to stop the flood of billionaire money trying to buy our elections. regulating so-called dark money has some republicans fired up. to hear them tell it they're really interested in the first amendment. >> this amendment here today if adopted would repeal the free speech protections of the first amendment. citizens are still astonished that members of congress would dare support repealing the first amendment. >> mr. chairman, when did elected democrats abandon the bill of rights? >> this amendment would give congress the power to ban books and to ban movies. >> no one is talking about repealing the first amendment. not unless you think money is the same as free speech. and people like the koch
11:44 am
brothers should simply have more speech than the rest of us. our guests are the creators of a new film that looks at what this kind of free speech is doing to our democracy. we did reach out to the koch brothers and their organization americans for prosperity for their comments on the film and did not hear back. thank you for being here. i got a chance to check out "citizen koch" your new film. why did you make the film? >> well, we were interested in the impact of citizens united and what we saw on the ground in wisconsin was really clear, super enfranchising the wealthiest and corporate interests, disenfranchising poor people and that is what citizens united has wrought. >> one of the most fascinating characters in the film is this guy who is a sort of republican, union guy, and he talks about sort of the impact that scott walker who is a big recipient of koch donations let's just say even though his spokesman didn't want to talk about it, let's listen to this clip of a person
11:45 am
talking about a republican for the recall of scott walker. >> a lot of people say, gee. you're a republican. how can you recall a republican? it's like, governor walker is a tea partier. tea party and republicans are not the same thing. and i personally do not espouse the tea party principles of cutting government service in order to balance our budget. >> that was a different character but also equally compelling. a lot of these characters are sort of every man, people in their ordinary walks of life who are not democratic activists or anticoactivists but who you showed really became active because of personal experiences. >> sure. well, look. money in politics is a trans partisan issue and affects everyone the same way. dee ives calls herself a proud
11:46 am
reagan republican and when we went to wisconsin we didn't expect to cast republicans as the leads in our film but they feel very strongly, dee and there is a corrections officer and teacher who they feel like the koch brothers and the big money has corrupted their party and they've lost their value. >> what is their specific complaint about what scott walker, about what this koch money has done to them? >> well, it's stripped them of union rights. they're not able to bargain over working conditions. it's given money back to corporate interests in this state and actually taken that money out from working people. >> let's listen to one of the union guys. he is actually talking about scott walker. let's take a listen. >> walker is a bully and i'm a union man. if it wasn't for the union i couldn't have retired. i'd have worked till i was a hundred. >> both my wife and i are county workers. when i took the job i took a pay cut for benefits. i'm losing my benefits. >> i mean shall the thing is a
11:47 am
lot of these guys, you said, are republicans. they probably voted for scott walker and were surprised at his agenda coming in which they thought was about small government conservativism was actually about stripping them of their right to bargain and then they felt the personal impact of it. >> look, when you hear ted cruz talk about free speech, you know, that money should be speech, you got to look at what really happened in wisconsin and what was behind the attacks on organized labor was about minimizing the power of small dollar donors who are union members who aggregate their money to have a political voice. that's what it was about. we heard that from walker's allies on the ground, from americans for prosperity on the ground. so, you know, when you hear ted cruz railing on the floor about free speech you got to just drop your jaw. >> indeed. you do go into the background of the koch brothers and their ideology. these guys spent 400 plus million dollars in the 2012 election cycle and pledged to spend $125 million in this election cycle to, quote, buy
11:48 am
their free speech. what did you learn,t tia about their ideology? >> i think their ideology is money. they had a net worth of $50 billion when we started making the film and now three years later it is doubled. they are the wealthiest men in the world if you put their wealth together. meanwhile most people in this country have not done well in the last three years. you can learn a lot from david koch's platform when he was running in 1980. he wanted to eliminate social security, eliminate medicaid, eliminate medicare, eliminate the post office. you know, they were against requiring car manufacturers to install safety belts and air bags. they just want to get rid of government, get rid of government oversight over their industry, and let's remember they're not just billionaires. they own koch industries, the largest, second largest private employer in the country. they are petro chemical giants, they have refineries, pipe lines, fertilizer plants.
11:49 am
they're industrialists so they want to better their bottom line at the expense of the rest of us. >> indeed. when can people see the film? >> we're rolling it out across the country in june in 50 cities so far. it opens this weekend in new york at the ifc center. >> and in wisconsin. >> and check our website and find out where it's playing all over the country citizen >> i think that wisconsin premiere will be very interesting. thank you both for being here. appreciate it. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. up next on "read between the lines" we haven't forgotten about the kidnapped nigerian school girls and we'll fill you in on the latest and why the situation keeps getting messier. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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remember this? the families of nearly 300 missing nigerian girls and their supporters are still protesting. still demanding their government find their daughters and bring them home after they were abducted by the terror group
11:53 am
boko haram six weeks ago. the girls were taken at gun point from school as they took final exams. now instead of a bright future it's extremely uncertain. the urgency of their situation is not lost on their families but it is very much being lost on the world. the hash tag bring back our girls is no longer trending. though activists continue to keep the pressure on. stories about the missing girls have declined markedly online and on tv. there are new developments to report. according to reporter robert marquant of the christian science monitor some 15 senior military officers including ten generals are under arrest for allegedly aiding and abetting boko haram extremists while nigerian officials banned demonstrations this week calling for return of the girls claiming they pose a security threat to citizens and information the government has received indicates too soon dangerous elements will join the groups
11:54 am
under the guise of protest and detonate explosives aimed at embarrassing the government. as if the entire debacle isn't embarrassing enough. the nigerian government appeared to back off the protest ban yesterday just like they walked back a claim in late may that they knew where the girls were being held but couldn't tell the media and wouldn't use force to get them back. that claim was walked back, too. not for nothing. those familiar with boko haram say they have a history of shooting hostages when confronted with force to take them back. in short, we are no closer to ending this nightmare. all the international outrage and western assistance that poured into nigeria including from the united states and great britain haven't brought the nigerian government any closer to freeing the girls. many analysts are saying they won't be able to absent some sort of negotiation with boko haram involving a very large ransom or even the release of some boko haram prisoners in exchange for the young women two ideas that seem really distasteful even as some reports
11:55 am
say nigerians are increasingly open to one or both which tells you how desperate the situation continues to be. that wraps things up for "the reid report." i'll see you back here tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern. visit us online. the cycle is up next with my friends. how you guys doing? >> hey, joy. we'll be breaking out the green felt. we'll go to a poker tournament. we're talking about the controversy over p.o.w. bowe bergdahl's release and looking at why millennials aren't moving out of their parents' houses having a lot to do with student loan debt and we'll talk about mass incarceration and why it's back. >> deal me in on the poker game. there will be five of us and we can all do that. i'll be right over. ♪ fill their bowl with the meaty tastes they're looking for,
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imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. hoall we do is go out to dinner. that's it? i mean, he picks up the tab every time, which is great...what? he's using you. he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants. so he's just racking up points with me. some people... ugh! no, i've got it. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on dining out and entertainment, with no annual fee. to apply, go to there been a rush to judgment about the return of bowe bergdahl? new questions are being raised this afternoon not only about how he went missing but also about the way the administration has handled recovering america's
11:59 am
only afghan p.o.w. we'll dig into it all this hour. front page politics and the dark money fueling the gop civil war. the primaries proof that republicans are out spending each other? a new book is blowing the lid off money in politics and adding plenty of context to the newest primary results. there is nothing hidden about the money drowning american millennials. the senate takes up the crisis of student loan debt. on the heels of today's hearings up on the hill we are learning staggering new numbers about what the next generation is doing after college. >> and cycling out of control, the money game where the willing are ready to lose it all. we'll take you inside the world of poker like you've never seen it before. shuffle up and deal. "the cycle" is going all in.
12:00 pm
president obama is overseas and back home he is sending top aides to capitol hill tonight to explain the controversial prisoner swap that freed american p.o.w. sergeant bowe bergdahl. big questions remain about the administration's victory lap and unforced p.r. errors after his release. it started with the rose garden statement. the president, flanked by bergdahl's relieved parents said it is this nation'sethos to leave no man behind but with the controversy surrounding his initial disappearance resurfacing he stopped short of calling him a hero. then this happened. >> he is going to be safely reunited with his family. he served the united states with honor and distinction and we'll have the opportunity eventually to learn what has transpired in the past years. >> does the president stand by susan rice's comments that he served with honor and distinction? >> the president stands by actions that he took as commander-in-chief. we all stand by what the defense department has said, chairman dempsey said, and what all the members of the national security team have