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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  July 9, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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formidable military and security apparatus reports in to civilian command, not the other way around. it is past time for president obama to take control of a agency that went rogue long whether he's elected and continues to take liberties today, our liberties. mr. president, please call the nsa and get your spies in check. that is it for "the cycle." "now", starts now. >> the president tries a nim bl two-step on a border in crisis. >> the front line in america's immigration crisis. the president is going to texas but will not visit the border. >> he can drink the beer and play but does not have time to travel to the border.
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>> the president did what he had to do because congress is refused to act. >> we've got to do something about sealing the border. >> 1.1 billion for homeland security to step up enforcement and deter border crossings. >> where's the money to stop people from coming in. we need a secure border. 1.1 billion for homeland security to step up enforcement and deter border crossings. asking for $3.7 billion to beef up tension facilities. we're not turning these people back. >> there's a real moral risk of looking like you're blaming children. >> they can't stay. they cannot stay. >> it is a very busy day in the debate over the border, a day after congress for $4 billion to address the surge of immigrant children coming in across the border, president obama is airborne from denver on his way to dallas where he'll hold an immigration roundtable featuring
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one of his chief an tag in any events, governor rick perry. criticized the president for not visiting the border while in texas to get a firsthand look at the crisis there. a few more of the critics joined the very same chorus. >> how can you have a humanitarian crisis as the white house has called this and not want to go see it for yourself? maybe you'll actually learn something. >> and make no mistake -- >> he's visiting democratic fat cats to collect checks that apparently there's no time to look at the disaster at the devastation being caused by his policies. >> and make no mistake, senator ted cruz is emphatic that president obama is the cause of this crisis. >> this is a humanitarian disaster. but it is a disaster of the president's own making. it is a disaster that is the
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direct consequence of president obama's lawlessness. amnesty is unfolding before our very eyes. >> senator cruz demanded that border security stop being held hostage for amnesty. ted cruz knows a thing or two about hostage taking as a political strategy. asked about the president's $3.7 billion request, including over 1 billion for homeland security to step up enforcement and to deter the border crossings, house speaker john boehner shared his big idea and you'll never guess what it is. >> if we don't secure the border, nothing is going to change. we've got to do something about sealing the border and ending this problem so that we can begin to move on with a bigger question of immigration reform. >> oh, if only there were some kind of bipartisan bill that would boost border security by, say, $30 billion, something that had already been negotiated and
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passed by the senate, something that speaker boehner could just bring to a vote on the house floor. joining me now, member of the house armed services committee, loretta sanchez. thank you for joining me on this busy day. republicans and democrats differ on solutions but everybody disagrees this is a humanitarian crisis. do you have any concerns with what seems to be the white house policy of speeding up the deportation of these children? >> well, we have to do what's most important for the children and so if their parents are in fact back in their home countries if from the children already here in their country or an aunt or something like that it might be better to move them with them as quickly as possible.
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i think having these children in these detention centers and i've been to some of them before, wau back when we were talking at some of them. there weren't holding places for these children and that's been one of the biggest problems as they've come across month after month into this country, we don't have enough beds for this children. really having them in this limbo, not having them with family members is a terrible thing. the sooner we can get them together with their families, the better off the children will be. >> in some cases these detention centers might be a better place for these children to be than where they came from, honduras has the highest murder rate in the world. are you at all concerned with the fact that the white house said the vast majority of these kids are going to get sent home? >> well, again, i think in you think about our family law system and any of other states and that's where that type of law is held, when you look at the judge trying to make decisions about children, we usually know that the best thing regardless of a lot of conditions that are going on,
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whether you're poor or those types of situations has to do with how do we get the child to the parent. if the parent is a loving parent, regardless what else is going on around, that's the best place for the child to be. so yes, there are problems in the central american countries. should we be doing more? absolutely. i've been one of those people that have said we have to build more institutions and we have to make more economic plans and help those countries to develop a type of atmosphere environment that they need to have families stay there. but first and foremost, i think a child is much better off with its parent, regardless of the issues going on around them. >> is the president going to get $4 billion from congress? >> i don't know that the president will. you know, it's so funny because some of these colleagues i have, especially these republicans, first answer, one said last week when we were doing the bill, oh, we need to cut off all of this
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aid to the central american countries, how dare they send their kids up there. that's exactly opposite of what we need to do. we actually have to invest more. we have shown at the border that actually apprehending these people is actually stopping them. but now we've got them on our hands. what do we do with them? >> we have to make sure and ensure their safety and viability, before we do send them back. so we need this money. the president does need money to be able to do that particular situation. so, we'll see if my republican colleagues agree, that in a humanitarian situation, they need to handle things going on in our border. >> congresswoman loretta sanchez, thanks for your time. >> thank you very much. >> joining me now is senior writer for politico glenn tlesh and wayne slater. glen, does the white house think that congress is going to give them $4 billion, which one should note is twice the amount
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circulated in the news last week? >> i think eventually they think this is going to happen but i have to say, alex, they just didn't seem to be prepared for this. they got caught flat footed. the whole distracting argument whether or not obama will go down to the border has really blindsided them. i find in general they don't have a lack of answers. they are really in sluggish second term mode on this. and i think it will ult timatel hurt them. >> how did that happen? if you talk to people in the white house, we have known about this, the media may have clued into it a couple of months ago but we've known it for a long time and been on it from the president on down. how did they get caught flat footed where the wind should be in their sails? >> the last thing you just said is the key. they've gotten arrogant about owning this issue. they love the numbers. was it 67% latino support for the president in 2012.
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they feel this is entirely to their advantage. and i think they were blindsided because this is now an issue where we get squeezed from both ends of the spectrum. and their own base in terms of latinos who feel here we go again with the deportations. >> wayne, let me ask you, rick perry is going to sit down with president obama. if we could only be flies on the wall during that conversation. do you think though that governor perry may be ab ally in terms of making the case for the $4 billion dedicated towards dealing with this crisis? >> you put your finger on something interesting, both sides on this debate agree on so much, we ought to have more resources on the border and ought to stem the tide of immigrants coming across the border. in texas, people believe we ought to secure the border. 62, 63% of hispanics think we ought to secure the border and do a better job at it.
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they don't believe that we ought to talk in nativist harsh disrespectful terms about people who are coming across the border and in the case of children deal with it more successfully. the thing i think perry is going to have to do today and i suspect he will is say, look, this money is a good idea. at least the part that doesn't go to amnesty is a good idea. but it's not good enough. he's going to have to be a governor and say, we need more resources, but he's got to be a republican running for president and say obama is still bungling some in some way. >> glenn, we talk about the short term and how the white house may be caught flat footed but the long game here does not favor republicans, right? the more they talk about securing the border and having -- fixing overhauling a broken system, the reality dawns on everybody that hey, guess what, that plan has already been passed by the senate and john boehner happens to be sitting on it. my sense is the longer we talk about immigration and
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immigration reform, the worse it is for the gop. >> right, the point wayne made is important, the tone of this. you're having republicans overshooting the runway. perry will be able to do the balance as governor and deal with the situation in a fundamentally pragmatic way. when you start hearing bomb throwing going on in the hill and hear ted cruz talking about this stuff, you get a sense that these guys are i think moving beyond where the mainstream of public opinion is from time to time. >> wait, the republican party is overshot the runway? that never happens. >> absolutely, it's -- i was going to say and the amazing thing is, glenn is right, you have these guys like karl rove and others in the republican party who recognize the growing constituency of hispanic voters going to be so important republicans have a message for a portion of this constituency and they are blowing it. also, obama's problem here is not just the people coming across the border, he doesn't
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look like a leader. if he went down there, looked like he was doing something, he's got a program, he could win i think some votes and support. >> glen, i must get your thoughts on this. i don't mean to belabor the border visit, but what's going on? did they make a calculation several weeks ago that they wouldn't be an issue and then this sort of firestorm erupted and it would look like concession if he did go to the border? what do you think is going on inside the administration in terms of him not adviceling the border? >> beats the heck out of me, it would have been like bush -- don't want to do the katrina comparison, going down for gumbo and not visiting the levees. he's got to do it. he's either going to do it on this visit or do it sometime soon. i don't understand why they put him in this position. >> glenn tlush and wayne slater, thank you both for your time. >> after the break, remember when justice alito went out of his way to explain that the hobby lobby ruling was really
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the fallout from the supreme court's hobby lobby ruling is now in full swing. senate democrats alongside women's health advocates introduced a bill to override the hobby lobby decision. house democrats are expected to ipt deuce their own companion bill in the coming days. joining me to discuss, democratic senator from colorado, mark udall.
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could you tell me in detail what the bill does and do you have any republican support for it? >> alex, you're right in your introduction, the mine field the supreme court entered through the hobby lobby decision is deeply concerning to me and many democrats here in the senate. senator murray and i joined forces to introduce what we're calling not my boss's business bill that would return us to the days just a few weeks ago when you didn't need your boss's permission when it comes to your own health care needs. as far as finding additional sponsors for the bill, i'm optimistic there will be some republicans in the senate who join us. i don't have names for you just yet but this is important to women across the country. i know you've heard a lot from your viewers, it's outrageous what the supreme court did we can return to the point at which you make your own decisions bypassing this straight forward piece of legislation. >> justice alito seemed to say -- to try and imply this was
1:18 pm
a narrow ruling but in the days since it has proven to be anything but. on friday or on thursday, the court freed wheaton college from the religious process saying they only had to turn in a note saying the contraceptive man date was too honorous, does congress plan on doing anything about that? >> we're going to push the effort brought forth today but i'll look at what wheaton college can do now. i want to reference what justice ginsburg pointed out. this decision was misguided and we have to take the steps now to push back and ensure women make their own health care decisions. this is not only being able to live the life the way you want to live it and economic empowerment and having health care choices available to you. it's not just been contraceptives but all kinds of medical procedures. if your boss decides he or she doesn't like the provision of those through your insurance
1:19 pm
plan, you can be restricted from having that access. it's not right and not what the affordable care act intended to do and people of colorado think the health insurance system ought to provide. >> it feels a little like a game of whack a mole. you have one work around another i issue pops up. and specifically, create a carve-out or some provision that prohibits discriminatory policies from taking effect. do you think congress will take this up? do you have any interest in a broader piece of legislation to amend future wrongs? >> i'm going to survey the religious freedom act. it was passed to protect individuals in the workplace, not to give corporations and bosses protect and put bosses in charge of your own health care decision. we need to in the short term correct what the supreme court did and then we need to look more long term reat the religious freedom act.
1:20 pm
one of the authors was teds kennedy who took a second seat no known at protecting religious freedom and women's right to choose. >> indeed he does. always great to see you, thanks for your time. >> let's keep on this. >> for sure. >> congress is not the only group responding to last week's ruling, major gay and civil rights groups withdrew support from the enda, something they have advocated for for decades that bans workplace discrimination against gay and transjendser people. they have pulled support from the bill out of fear the broad religious exemption will compel private companies for the right to opt out as they did successfully in the hobby lobby case. joining me now is james essex. >> thanks so much. >> telling me how the hobby lobby decision radically changed the calculus on enda.
1:21 pm
>> it's not so much because we think the decision by itself is going to create problems for lgbt people. we don't think it's going to do that but it is accelerating and amplifying the efforts by opponents of lgbt to use religion as an excuse to discriminate against lgbt people. we know there are going to be lawsuits saying -- it was interpreted in hobby lobby. >> will be used against lgbt people and know it's used in legislative context to say, hey, look what obama did to people of faith and we've got to stop that from happening here. what's going on -- the reason we withdrew our support for the employment nondiscrimination act, at the core of it it's got a religious exemption in the core of the law. that's something that says, look, the whole idea of the law you is can't discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender
1:22 pm
identity. but some people can do that. and the people did do it are people who work for religiously afill yalted organizations. >> here we're not talking about churches or mosques or synagogues. those are not covered by the civil rights laws, any of the civil rights laws anyway, we're talking about hospitals and schools sean day care centers and places like that. those are places that they employ people of all faiths. they serve people of all faiths and there's no reason to think they should get special license to discriminate against gay people. >> what does this mean for enda? the values under girting, protecting lbgt americans, is there a sense in the advocacy community that a new piece of legislation will be drafted to fill its spot? >> there are two things that may happen going forward. one is there's an easy fix to enda, take the religious exemption out and have the same
1:23 pm
rule for lgbt discrimination that they have. >> do you think that's viable? >> i do think -- a year ago i think politically it wasn't viable in the congress. i think now we're getting to a point where it is or soon will be. you may remember the arizona bill last february govern brewer was asked to veet to it and she did. it was a bill that would have authorized discrimination against lgbt people by businesses serving the public. that hit a chord and nerve with the country. this is not like massachusetts. >> this is not provincetown. >> governor brewer, sued more times than i can count, she does the right thing here and says, you know what, that's not what america is about. >> in large part because of national public outcry -- >> precisely, i think that national public outcry is what
1:24 pm
is different about the religious exemption issue this year opposed to last year. >> i think you may indeed be right, given the fact it's ironic that the doma signed by a democrat being president, both not the religious freedom -- rfra in its entirety but the notions undergirting it that allowed discriminatory practices to be put in place, may be in some way going -- >> i think that's right and i think in terms of going forward, one thing is to take the religious exemption out of enda. the other thing is, lgbt advocacy, organizations are getsing behind the idea that we need a broader bill, that is a broader full civil rights bill for lgbt people. >> zo do it, that's what i say. coming up, tension rises in the middle east as israel and hamas
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the bloody battle between israel and hamas continued as israeli air strikes and hamas fired dozens of rockets in central israel. the israeli military intercepted at least 15 rockets from gaza. there are no reports of israeli casualties of yet, 51 people killed in the gaza strip since yesterday, including 13 children. yesterday the israeli military authorized 40,000 reserves in tanks to be masked along the border with gaz za. netanyahu said israel decided to intensify their attacks on hamas and other terror organizations in gaza. he noted that the military was quote, prepared for all options. palestinian president abbas
1:29 pm
appealed to ban ki-moon. it has been one week since a teenager was murdered in retaliation for the murder of three israeli teens and no sign the violence will stop any time soon. just ahead, did the nsa target a group of high profile muslim americans? the intercepts. glenn greenwald joins me live coming up next. don't just visit san francisco.
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1:33 pm
high profile muslim americans, the executive director of the council on american islamic relations or carr and country's top muslim civil rights organization. also included is gill, a former bush administration official who held top secret clearance while working at the department of homeland security. >> i was a very conservative reagan loving republican. i just don't know what's in my background. if somebody like me can be surve surveilled, i can only imagine. >> none of five have a criminal record or any known ties to terrorists. they were likely targets because of their muslim background. today the director of national intelligence rejected that saying in a joint statement it is entirely false and u.s. intelligence agencies conduct electronic surveillance of political religious or activist figures solely because they
1:34 pm
disagree with public policies or based on ethnicity or sexual orientation or religion. but the targets of that surveillance aren't buying it. i feel i'm being targeted because of my first amendment activities protected under the constitution. >> i believe i was targeted because of my name, that had something to do with it because there were former bush administration officials representing aweddy entities and i doubt their e-mails were tapped. >> not helping the argument that this had nothing to do with ethnicity or race or religion. a nsa training document that uses the fake name mohammed rag hold as a place holder for a target name. the nsa would not comment on that authenticity and says the nsa has not and will not approve
1:35 pm
training documents that have insulting or inflammatory language. author of "no place to hide" glenn green wald. i'm get right to it. there's a short delay. the "washington post" this weekend discussed indiscriminate targeting and your piece focuses on really specific targeting of individuals. i wonder as someone who has a great of familiarity with all of this, how do you interpret that? are we to conclude from these two sort of different stories great enept tudor is it more insidious than that? >> i think it's both. part of the story of the last year has been that the nsa surveillance net is indiscriminate and limitless, that all of our communications data is swept up in it without regard to whether we've done anything wrong. the "washington post" did a great job of illustrating how even when they are collecting what they think is targeted surveillance, not just nontargets but people who are american citizens end up having
1:36 pm
their e-mails read without any warrants just incidentally, huge numbers, 90% of what they sweep up are not targets. our story was trying to put a human face on surveillance. the point making for a year, we're only targetsing people who pose a threat of terrorism or other national security. here are five prominent muslim american citizens who have been subjected to the most invasive form of surveillance possible. i think it's really -- >> we are having some technical difficulties with glenn down in an offsite location. we'll be back to you with more after the break. [ cat meows ] ♪ ♪ da-da-da-da-da, bum-da, bum-da ♪ ♪ bum-da, bum-da ♪ the animals went in two by two ♪ ♪ the sheep and the frog and the kangaroo ♪ ♪ and they all went marching, marching in two by two ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the nissan pathfinder,
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five muslim americans with no terror ties who have been surveilled by the nsa. what is perhaps most shocking in this is that you still don't know -- they may be being targeted, it's unclear whether the nsa stopped surveillance of these people. can you tell us more about that? >> sure, it's a 2008 document that we reported on and in some of the cases for some of the examples of the spying sites it said it was terminated on a certain date and another case it says surveillance is sustained, which means it's ongoing past the date of the document. we asked the justice department and nsa to say whether or not the americans are still under surveillance and refuse to answer. clearly there is a very active program of targeting a whole variety of people, including prominent americans and unfortunately it all takes place in secret. influen
1:41 pm
>> i think it's ground breaking in terms of this piece of information is that these guys have standing to take this to court. the supreme court effectively has not heard large cases about the nsa surveillance program because it is said that nobody has suffered personal abuse. do you see this being an entry point to take this to the highest court in the land? >> absolutely. this is a crucial point, alex, you just asked about. the obama administration has been saying for years but certainly over the last year. you need not worry, spying is completely legal and constitutional. every time the aclu and other groups and people sued to get a ruling on whether or not this is legal and constitutional, the obama justice department goes into court and raises a technicality and says they can't prove they were subjected to the spying and therefore they have no standing to actually sue because we all do it in secret and nobody can prove they were spied upon. the courts throw the case out. the five right wing judges on the supreme court last year accepted the argument and threw
1:42 pm
the indicaticases out. now these people have prove they were subjected to spying and you'll see lawsuits that the spying framework is unconstitutional. >> glenn, i want to get your nouts on news of the day, especially given your experience in the book published. edward snowden applied for another year of asylum in russia -- current asylum permit expires on july 31st. do you have any reaction to that? >> i do. he think it's really tragic that edward snowden is forced by his own government to stay in russia because he knows if he steps foot outside of it they'll put him into prison, probably for the rest of his life, certainly for the next several decades. what we learned as a result of what he did what's being done to fellow americans, muslim-american leaders. he deserves our thanks and collective gratitude and not decades in prison or the other option of having to seek aeye lum in russia. >> glenn, always good to talk to you.
1:43 pm
you're the first person i've spoken with in brazil since the humiliating defeat. are they still crying in rio? >> they are only processing the extent of the horror. >> thank you for your time and patience. coming up, apparently john boehner's lawsuit against p president obama is not good enough because why sue when you can impeach. dana milbank discusses the "i" word coming up. josh lipton has the market wrap. >> here's a look at how stocks stand going into tomorrow. u.s. stocks climbing today as minutes from the federal reserve's last meeting noted an improving economy and labor market and dow jumps 79 points and nasdaq higher by 27 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. so get out there, and get the best price guaranteed.
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john boehner just can't win, for months, the fever dream of the right was for the house speaker to bring a lawsuit against the president of the united states. so speaker boehner did what speaker boehner does best, he caved. >> constitution makes it clear the president's job is so faithfully executive the laws and in my view the president has not executed the laws. >> on what grounds is boehner suing the president? he didn't say. in an -- including his health care law and foreign policy and education. there must be accountability. he is suing over everything. but the tea party giveth and taketh away. >> a lawsuit being filed by congress because you don't bring a lawsuit to a gun fight and there's no place for it lawyers
1:48 pm
on the front lines. >> you don't bring a lawsuit to a gun fight. what could possibly be the gun fight to which sarah palin is referring? >> impeachment is a message that has to be sent to the president that we're not going to put up with this lawlessness. he has allowed fraud. his subordinates and he himself to fraud the american people on these programs and policies. >> yes, the impeachment legal eagle has landed on the national stage. what is john boehner to do? former vp candidate sarah palin bringing a lawsuit to a gun fight that president obama should be impeached. what's your response to governor palin? >> i disagree. >> what about the folks in your conference, talk about impeachment? >> i disagree. >> how long the house speaker can remain in disagreement with the you will at a right wing of his own party remains to be seen. joining me now is political
1:49 pm
columnist for "washington post," dana milbank. this would seem to only end in tears, right? what does he do now? >> i think he'll probably be okay with a lot of his base. you have to realize, just how out there sarah palin is right now. even among conservatives. nbc wall street journal had a poll saying not only do a majority of americans wish sarah palin would shut up, 40% of conservatives and 40% of republicans want her to shut up. but she's representing a minority even really among conservatives now in calling for impeachment. but there are very vocal minority. what boehner is doing is trying to take some of the wind out of their sails, saying i'm not going to give you impeachment because he knows how preposterous that would go. he's trying to just give them a little. they are going to keep pushing back at that. but he knows if he tries
1:50 pm
impeachment it's not going to work and number two, against all odds if it did work, do they suppose a president joe biden will be better for the conservative? >> dana why bother? there was a moment when john boehner was making fun of his caucus and came out against outside conservative groups and some would say ted cruz, this sort of rousers of the party and said basically enough then capitulated once again. why even throw them the scraps of bloody sinu in the hopes it would sashiate the craving red meat. >> it looked like he was going to get bold and stand up to this and then we had the eric cantor debacle. john boehner is now -- speaker in a nominal sense, not actually leading the party in any direction. the way he keeps his job is by saying, what do you want to do? i'll do it and try to give them
1:51 pm
just enough to keep them sated and peaceful and keep his back benchers from rising up against him. he's trying to just survive at this point. >> that's so depressing. what is in the lawsuit? i know it's hard to read the tea leaves on the tea party, but what does boehner put in there? it would seem like at one point, on one hand, he has too mention the president's moves on immigration and executive action regarding dreamers or anything having to do with that subject. right? he has to talk about that because there's been so much outcry on the right about that. at the same time, he can't really do that because then republicans will be in a position where they have said deferred action for dreamers is a terrible thing and we're suing the president over it. >> certainly immigration is the flavor of the week right now. can you imagine, john boehner filing a lawsuit that has nothing to do with obama care? the pitch forks would be out for him in that case. he has to pick something as a test case. in a way the whole thing is
1:52 pm
silly because the likeliest thing is the courts will say, look, mr. speaker, you don't have standing because there's no injury here. that's what the courts have always done in the past, the two elected branches, you work this out. this is not going to be our province to get involved here. that's almost certainly what's going to happen. so boehner really is just doing this to placate the sarah palin wing or what's left of it. >> i feel it actually might put him in worse standing with the ultrafar right, not because the appetites haven't been sated but they see it for what it is, a very craven political move. i'm going to sue the president, don't worry about it. it's all good. clearly that's not going anywhere. eric ericsson effectively said as much today and question whether john boehner and house republicans had the testicular fortitude and sarah palin questioned whether they had
1:53 pm
kajones. because it is so trans parents, i wonder if it doesn't set him back and raise the ire of the people he's trying to placate. >> it's hard to think john boehner could be in worse standing, they have it out for him already and the idea is the whole notion that you can deal with these people in sort of a reasonable way. forget about the vul ger language that you just cited. think about chris mcdaniel, the tea party guy who lost to thad cochran down there in mississippi. he's still acting as if the race is going on and running. there's a certain palin wing that has untethered from the rally the rest of us dealing with. trying to talk reason to them is not a winning strategy. >> oh, dana, it's a topic we'll be coming back to. >> i'm afraid so. >> it is fodder for many columns, my friend. >> "washington post" dana milbank, thanks for your time. we have breaking news to
1:54 pm
report, governor rick perry will be on the tarmac to greet president obama when he lands in texas in the next hour, according to white house press secretary jorn earnest, governor perry will fly to a round table meeting on the humanitarian crisis at the border and the president will make an on-camera statement about the border situation following his meeting. we'll bring that all to you live. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain. it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease
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with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares. the latest installment in climate change denialism comes from kentucky, where brandon smith said manmade climate change is impossible because mars and earth share the same temperature. >> i don't want to get into debate about climate change but i will point out we all agree that the temperature on mars is exactly as it is here, nobody will dispute that. yet there are no coal mines on
1:58 pm
mars and no factories on mars that i'm aware of. >> really? no one disputes that? no one but those quacks at nasa on the quick facts about mars web page, the average temperature on earth is 57 degrees fahrenheit. while the average temperature on mars is negative 81 degrees fahrenheit, which is just a slight difference of 138 degrees. but yes, state senator smith is absolutely right that there are no factories or coal mine on mars, at least that we earth lings know of. proving in kentucky idiocy is not one side of the aisle. at the very same hearing, saying the dinosaurs died and we don't know why and the world adjusted. to say this is what's going to call detriment to people, i don't think it's out there.
1:59 pm
so to recap, the dinosaurs didn't die of manmade climate change, although they did die. but species extinction is apparently no big deal because the world adjusted. therefore, even if the human race doesn't go extinct because of climate change, if our species is wiped off the face of the earth, the world will adjust and they can run our coal plants. you're welcome, america. that's all for "now." i'll see you back here tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern, the ed show is coming up next. good evening, americans, all the way live from new york, i'm michael eric dyson in for ed.
2:00 pm
let's get to work. >> articles of impeachment, let's get going on that. >> should we replace him with a space robot? >> make it hurt. >> removal from office, whether that's i mpeachimpeachments. >> articles of impeachment against president obama. >> impeachment is a message that has to be sent to our president. >> this is not about impeachment. >> impeachment. >> this is not about impeachment. >> not me, man, i go rogue. ♪ >> you're looking at the live shot of the president of the united states of america about to be greeted or being greeted by rick perry, the governor of texas. u.s. one landing in dallas, texas. the meeting of president obama with local leaders and faith leaders as well, rick pe