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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  September 8, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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favor once in office, who will pay for them to win that office? who, indeed? well, thanks to last week's trial, we are on a very interesting course right now. that's "hardball" for now. all in with chris hayes starts right now. >> it's something we saw for the first time today, you know, all of us. >> renewed out rage as new video services nfl running back ray rice punching his then-fiance, the league goes into damage control. the ravens cut rice from the team, the nfl suspends him indefinitely but is it too little too late? then, the strategy. the country is going back on a war footing. tonight, we have new details about the president's game plan for isis. and the fallen. as president obama delays action on immigration until after the midterm elections.
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what now? >> this cannot continue. our families are suffering. and we need for the president to take action immediately. >> all-in starts right now. >> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. tonight, the center of a fire storm showing ray rice punching his then-fiance. a video released by tmz sports has reig nieted out rage over the nfl's handling of domestic violence. within hours of its release, rice was terminated from the team and suspended indefinitely from the nfl. we will show you this portion of the video tape once with a warning that it contains physical violence. >> this is not the first we've heard of this incident. you will recall another video from tmz showing the aftermath of that same altercation of rice
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and palmer, his then-fiance. the newly-released video also shows that same scene from a new angle, rice dragging palmer out of the elevator and basically dropping her to the floor. rice was charged with felony assault, a charge that was later reduced to court-supervised counseling. rice refused to testify against her husband. when the video was first released, there was out rage over the nfl vk suspended rice for only two games. this, in a league that had seen multiple game suspensions for marijuana possession. a tweet from ravens announcing the action at 2:18 eastern time. roger cadel announced he imposed an indefinite suspension and would have to apply to be reinstated.
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>> a chance after seeing something this morning, a chance to get together was steve. we had a meeting, it was not a long meeting, we came to the decision to release ray. that's what we did. had a chance to start with ray. and, you know, nothing but hope and goodwill for ray and janay. we'll do everything we can going forward. harbaugh referring to a decision made by himself and others including its owner, steve biscotti. other than wishing rice the best, harbaugh deflected further questions and the incident concerning the nhl.
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dave, this is an astounding day for a number of reasons. one is nothing in that video is anything other than what basically anyone knew what happened in that elevator when the initial fire storm happened. and, number two, i have never seen a league or a institution as large as the nfl act more ineptly than they have over this entire incident. >> yep. and they've always apted ineptly on the issue of domestic violence. even the issue they send today, both the baltimore ravens and the national football league is quite bluntly, if you are going to hit your parter in, make sure you are not caught on video tape. that was certainly the message that i received from john harbaugh's video tape. they were also shocked when they saw the video. everybody knows what happened on that elevator. maybe the showing of the video does shock some people to seeing the reality of domestic violence. the fact of the matter is janay
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rice did not give consent for that video to be shown. i do not believe that the bottom feeders at tmz give one damn about women's rights. i'm just shocked that way the the nfl has treat ds this like a public relations problem. >> that's true, but, goldie do you agree with that? there's this question of what is the significance of video if all it does is show the thing that people knew abstractly and yet, we are seeing that the reaction, whether overly dramatized or sort of fake out rage from a lot of quarters who should know better is having a real effect? >> i think ray rice was allowed to lie. he lied to his teammates, he lie today nfl executives, he lied to his coaches he lie today this country. there are people on social media who can't lie for you. it all fell apart with the showing of that video tape today. i've got some reservation about playing it on constant loop. but i think people do need to see it. i think people need to see the
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very raw brew it willty that is domestic violence up close and personal. you know, was she -- did she do something that somehow mitigates what he did to her? well, she absolutely did not. so that word provocation needs to be thrown away. i hope, you know, really, once and for all. but at the end of the day, what we saw on that elevator wasn't really domestic violence. it was aggravated assault. it was a felony that should be pros cuted by a district attorney who failed in their job, who put this young man into a diversion their program. the nfl took their hat tip from them and then gave him a two day suspension. so everybody took a walk on this when we knew better. we knew what happened on that video tape. >> the district attorney in new jersey, of course, the one who allowed that plea be allowed supervised counseling, it seems even the district attorney, if no one else, had access to this video tape.
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dave? >> yeah, that's a real question, though, about who had access to this tape and who did not. who was able to see it and who didn't? the nfl and roger cadell claim that they did not see this before today. once again, treating this like a public relations crisis, not a domestic violence crisis, which is what it is. >> after the suspension was announced, everyone from the nfl to the raven's organization, in particular, basically tried to say, okay, let's all move on and reconciliation. they have this awfully staged press conference in which, you know, now ms. rice was, i don't know if she was there of her own valition. >> chris, it really went further than that. they interviewed this young woman in the presence of her attacker. that violates every moral code and everything we know about domestic violence. and then he put on this stage show, put a rep on a riser when they knew that she would defend him publicly. and then the raifbs went and
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made a tweet that they only took down today showing that she had, you know, forgiven him. that they were working through the issues. >> absolutely. and, once again, treating it like a public relations crisis and not a domestic violence crisis. there may be news coming out tomorrow that the nfl actually did see this video tape and wasn't telling the truth about that today, which will cause another fire storm in and of itself. we've got to speak clear about this. this is how the nfl has always dealt with doe mystic violence. i was pretty shocked to hear a leading nfl reporter on how it was called the biggest black guy in nfl history. let's put the phraseology aside. there have been who riffic issues for domestic violence. a former player for the saints is on trial for habitual systemic rape. >> kansas city chiefs player, of course, killed his girlfriend and himself in a parking lot outside the stadium.
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>> yes, casndra perkins. >> it's unbelievable. why are people calling this the biggest black guy? the biggest scandal? it's because it was caught on video tape. once again, pr crisis, not domestic violence crisis. >> thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> prior to suspending rice indefinitely, the nfl released a statement this morning saying we've requested from law enforcemented any and all information about the incident, including the video from inside the elevator. that video was not made available to us and no one in our office has seen it until today. an employee of the hotel told tmz before imposing the suspension, which the league has denied. tmz saying tomorrow they will present evidence that the nfl at the very least, knew of the presence of this video tape.
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nfl's commissioner was roundly criticized for rice's two-game suspension or merely assaulting his fiance. blapg blank so everyone if the nfl did not see the video until today, we know from cadell's video alone, we dough played the severity of the incident. today, nfl reacted again in suspending rice indefinitely. and, again, amid a furious public out cry, which cretes the appearance of an institution, simply trying to get caught trying to minimize a serious domestic assault. joining me now, david cornwell, director of the national football league's coaches association.
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today, after the video comes out in backlash, then to, you know, essentially, indefinitely, suspend ray rice. >> there's no question that this is a -- it took a route that no one is pleased with. and it took too long. but the nfl now has finally gotten it right. the ravens gotten it right. allowing ray rice to wear the nfl shield is an insult to current, former and future nfl players. and now he's out of the game. they got it right. >> but how many player, let's be very honest, how many players have done what ray rice did and not been kaukt on tape and not have the sanction that ray rice had? >> i don't know. you don't know. but we do know -- >> the number is greater than zero.
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>> well, certainly. but i'm not sure what that proves other than to make the nfl defensible. by condemning ray, you stands up for the men and women who play well on the field and conduct themselves with dignityoff of it. ray rice doesn't belong in the narnl football league and he is out. the national football league may have taken a securetous route, but they got there. i think going forward, whether or not there's tape or not, they're going to err on the side of imposing more and strict er discipline on men who raise their hand to women and it shouldn't be any other way. >> why did they take this, though? this is the thing that is hard for people is, you know, why has it taken this? why did it take first ray rice being in the spotlight.
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second of all, the backlash after the two-game suspension when people were getting longer suspensions for marijuana possession and now the video? what does that say about the league? it says that the league was not adept. it was not well-equipped to respond to domestic violence. this is a football league. but they recognize the issue roger came forward and said i got a letter and we're going to impoesz more discipline. if, in fact, they did not see the video, then seeing the video warranted a stricter discipline. and as soon as they saw it -- why is p why? why though? why did the video warant stricter discipline? >> because none of us -- all of us had our own idea, our own image of what happened. but seeing that young lady fall and seeing her face hit the back of the elevator and seeing her
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face hit that bar and the elevator, we're lucky that we're not talking about somebody who had more serious injuries or death. and no one imagine ds, i certainly didn't imagine, that it was that vicious. that disgusting and seeing it, a picture is worth a thousand words and they did respond. >> but, david, i understand that. i understand that. i understand saying seeing it is it's different than you didn't imagine it being vicious and disgusting. but domestic violence is savage and brutal and cruel and sadistic. so the idea that we're surprised that this very strong, athletic young man did something as sadistic and cruel and forceful to this woman strikes me as just ignorance. i can't understand why people didn't understand when he pled to what he pled to, when she's dragged out of the elevator unconscious exactly what had happened in that elevator. >> but it sounds like you're making the point that the commissioner made.
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we got it wrong. that's what he said, in connection with the two-game suspension. he said he got it wrong. and then, seeing the video -- and, you know, i'm not quite sure i understand what the debate is about. the football league has admitted that they got it wrong. i guess you can debate that it is deplorable as it is visually. but there's no question that when you see this, it is beyond anything that most people could have imagined. >> just -- just -- >> that this woman endured. >> let me just say for the sake of clarification so i'm clear on what i'm saying here. my point is this. if the nfl doesn't, themselves, understand why they got it wrong in the first place, i have no comforts and trust that they are going to get it right in the future. or that future reactions to this are going to be the proper one. that's my point. my point is that i am
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unconvinced by the handling of this at every single juncture which has been handled in the most e gree jously, factionble factor that they're going to deal with the severity as a matter as opposed to a pr matter. david cornwell, sports attorney, thank you very much. we'll be right back. quick look at the weather. nice day, beautiful tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow. [ mala bit of italy when ycomes home with you. bertolli. your house? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] with the taste of our chicken florentine farfalle skillets for two.
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the president says we're going to start going on offense against isis. should we believe him when he says it's not going to be another iraq war. another iraq war. n do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. centurylink your link to what's next.
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president obama announced he'll address the nation
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wednesday to start going on some offense against isis mill tant ins syria and iraq. it will be a three-phase campaign that could last well beyond the end of his term. the president says this is not another iraq war. >> this is not going to be an announcement about u.s. ground troops. this is not the equivalent of the iraq war. what this is is similar to the kinds of counter terrorism campaigns that we've been engaging in consistently. over the last five, six, seven years. and the good news is because of american leadership, we have, i believe, a broad-based coalition internationally and regionally to be able to deal with the problem. >> first phase, an error campaign over iraq is, of course, already underway. the next phase is expected to involve quote, and i'm quoting drektly here "an intensified effort including possibly members of sunni tribes."
5:21 pm
if that sounds oddly familiar, it's been a part of the u.s. strategy in iraq over the last 11 years. we saw how well u.s. training paid off when iraqi troops turned and fled. according to the times' report, phase ii begins after iraq forms a new inclusive government. leaders taking a move to approve all by two key ministerial posts. >> tonight, we mark what is unquestionably a major milestone for iraq. and what president obama has made clear will be a corner stone of our efforts against isil. now is the time for iraq's leaders to govern their nation with the same vision and sense of purpose that helped to bring this new government together in the first place. >> according to the new york times, phase three will invovlt attacking isis positions inside syria. it's expected today be the most difficult step and the toughest cell as the coalition is built.
5:22 pm
secretary kerry traveling to the middle east this week. calling on member states to combat iisis. so far, turkey is the only nation to sign onto a ten-nation coalition led by the u.s. the president's announcement returns from its summer recess. the white house expected to seek some kind of sign-on or buy-in from capitol hill. congressional leadership set to meet with president obama tomorrow with senate and house briefings to follow later in the week. the administration stopped short of calling for afo. >> its's important in the mind of the president for congress to be a partner in these decisions. they have a solemn responsibility as they elected rep zen tiffs the american people to be engaged in this process. but, ultimately, it is the responsibility of the commander in chief to make the kinds of decisions relayed to our military that rests on the shoulders of the president.
5:23 pm
>> joining me now is juan cole, professor of history, director of center for middle eastern and north african studies. het's author of engaging the muslim world. what is your reaction to the news about this three-prong strategy as it takes shape. it's awfully difficult to pull off. isis which has 5-10,000 fighters, they coordinated with urban masses to stage an uprising against the shiite government of baghdad. unless you can undo that political coalition, then killing a few of these fighters here and there with air strikes is useless. >> there's something just' reel about hearing a strategy about
5:24 pm
calling thems try pal leaders that was used back during david petreus' high water mark counter surge. to hear that again and to hear the strategy that the second prong is to train the iraqi army, it seems we have gone in just a bizarre, surreal and december spiriting circle. squl it's true. and the problem isn't mainly in the rural areas. so these trench people aren't, for the most part, urban leaders. we have to get the notables of moso and faludguh and ramadi to give up their alliance of convenience with isis. moreover, the last time this was done, as you know, they were betrayed in the end. some hundred thousand fought al-qaida, some hundred thousand sunnis.
5:25 pm
and at the end, they weren't given government jobs. >> one of the things that's made your blog so valuable is just reading the press. if you could talk and say to americans about what is coming through in arab world press that maybe americans aren't getting, what would you say? >> well, you know, isis is widely hated in the arab world. people don't see this crisis in iraq and syria necessarily just through the lens of these small groups of fight eres.
5:26 pm
it's a problem of regional and ethic crisis. that skew has to be changed if there's going to be a settlement. >> ron cole, thank you so much. two more eyewitnesss to the shooting of michael brown may have come forward and a remarkable pattern is emerging. their accounts ahead. their accounts ahead. [ sighs ] [ inhales ] [ male announcer ] at cvs health, we took a deep breath... [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] and made the decision to quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. now we invite smokers to quit, too, with our comprehensive program. we just want to help everyone, everywhere, breathe a little easier. introducing cvs health. because health is everything.
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. we are hearing new eyewitness accounts to the shooting of michael brown. two men were doing work near the apartments when michael brown was shot at the time of the shooting. both men have now given statements about what they saw to the st. louis county police. one man speaks with ktvi back in august accounted what he saw. >> then the witness says three officers appear.
5:31 pm
>> the other man who did not know michael brown or darren wilson had no ties to ferguson and told the post a similar story over the weekend. they heard a gunshot and saw brown running. when wilson fired another shot at brown, his back was turned, he stopped, put his hands up, turned around and said okay, okay, okay and there are more than half a dozen eyewitness accounts of his death. a resident spoke to the media after seeing brown die. michael brady, wlom i've also spoke to. and others who have spoken to newspaper reporters and other media out lets. the contour of most public
5:32 pm
accounts are similar in several key expects. most involve wilson following brown, firing one shot as brown fled and several more after brown turn ds and held his hands in the air. yet, there's another version of events that he attacked the officer. there are no witnesses, that we know of, that have been made public who've said publicly that mile kalg brown charged at darren wilson. moon while, the grand jury continues to meet every wednesday. darren wilson continues to collect a paycheck and the fallout in ferguson continues. tomorrow, the ferguson city council will meet. the city will announce a plan to establish a warrant recall docket for applicants who are having trouble repaying fines. we'll have more on that tomorrow. tomorrow. jim falls short in getting portant nutrients from food alone. jim, here's $2 off one a day multivitamins to get key nutrients you may need.
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5:36 pm
team after an e-mail surfaced he sent to the team's general manager that basically said the following. we have way too many black people at our basketball games and want to know how we can get more white people. it's interesting how it came to light in the first place. hawk's general manager was reading a scouting report to members of the team's ownership group in june. and that report, according to both yahoo sports and the atlanta journal institution referred to the nba. this is what general manager danny ferry read allowed. there has been report that is after the meeting, one of the hawks stake holders called for an internal investigation possibly thinking what exactly was i doing in a scouting report and what the heck did it mean?
5:37 pm
it was that investigation that was called for that unearthed leaven sovereign rson's fateful e-mail that has come to light and caused him to apologize.
5:38 pm
>> lefenson tried to couch his e-mail and seems to ultimately be saying the white fan base is more valuable than a black one. joining me now, nba veteran aton thomas. your reaction to reading this e-mail from mr. leavenson? >> something just really kinds of seems a little fishy. he kind of fell on his sword too quickly. he didn't give up a fight and say no, i didn't really mean this, i love black people, you know, he didn't say any of that. he just threw himself at the mercy of the court. an what i suspect is he's watched from afar what has gone on with donald sterling and the clippers and what they actually sold for. donald sterling was punished, but he wasn't really punished. he sold the team for over $2 billion. i suspect that he saw that and kind of sees an opportunity to
5:39 pm
cash out. >> my big question, and i agree, the entire way in which it was announced on a weekend and then released add then he's going to sell was strange. i agree, that whole trajectory is a bit odd. what else is in that investigation? they did all of these interviews. if there's money like this, you've got to wonder what else is in that document? >> well, that's definitely true. looking at the particulars, therp a little troubling. i hear a lot of different discussion of saying no, it was just business. it really wasn't racist or anything like that. there was a great part and piece in time magazine. he said it was really just that he's a businessman and not really like somebody like donald sterling. but i have to respectfully
5:40 pm
disagree. i have to disagree with him on this. it's kind of like how real estate agents back in the day with integration. listen, we don't really want ewe to come into our all white neighborhoods. it's just from a business standpoint. >> that's right. the property value's argument is i'm not a racist, but the other people will and they'll sell at the price. >> exactly. that's the same thing that donald sterling also did in their apartment complexes. so there ice a lot of similarities here. you knts cower under the umbrella of it's just business. it's not really racism. people will find you out and will be able to see, just as my daughter says, that you're full of garbage. >> this is the key argument in the room. it's predominantly white in its
5:41 pm
ownership structure and it's demographic base is the blackest demographic base of any fan base. it's three times higher than the nfl or ncaa basketball. it's fearful it's going to be seen as too alienating black. and this is the thing, one of the examples that he gave was able poland. i saw how able poland conducted business. the thing about it, we had
5:42 pm
people of all races. for him to be able to use the late able poland as an example, and able poland was here when -- he didn't do that. it just -- the entire thing is really, really a mess. >> it's a great thing about going into an nba game, how incredibly diverse the fan base is. the human toll president obama's broken promise has taken. ahead. big data solutio ns are feeling the love, too. by offering things like on-the-spot data upgrades -- an idea that reduced overcharge complaints by 98%. no matter how fast your business needs to adapt, if hp big data solutions can keep wireless customers smiling, imagine what they can do for yours. make it matter. i am so noh my, it's not even funny. imagine what they can do for yours. driver 1 you ready? yeah!
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. it's news that immigration delegates have been dreading. promise to take executive action by the end of the summer. that was his promise and, instead, punt until after the midterm elections.
5:46 pm
the president could keep millions of undocumented immigrants from facing the deportation. the white house has promised to act by the end of the year. the decision to delay grew from a political fire storm that could keep congress from passing comprehensive immigration reform. the move is widely seen from red state democratic senators facing reelection this year. some of whom directly urged the white house to delay an action they worried could doom their action. the white house requested polling data in key senate races and received number frs arkansas and iowa to very competitive states which showed voters overwhelmingly sided with those opposed to the president taking action on deportation. and an anti-deportation rally at the white house today, immigration advocates accused the president of playing politics with people's lives. >> this cannot continue. our families are suffering.
5:47 pm
and we need for the president to take action immediately to relieve the suffering. every day, a thousand families are separated. every day that passes, it's another thousand families. the situation is untenable and we need for it to end. >> earlier, an 8-year-old florida boy broke down while discussing his father who had been deported. 6
5:48 pm
. well, chris, i'll talk about the politics first. when you play it safe, politically, that is take four or five states and say well, i'm not going to make a decision so that i don't afwekt these democrats in these states. you usually don't get good, public policy that you can be proud of. it's bad, right? if you have too fuel polling places, you make it difficult for people to vote. you suppress both that way. you're not supposed o to suppress both. and you know what, the political
5:49 pm
equation here, it's wonderful. squl isn't that exactly the issue here? when you largely soom in, it seems -- and i'm not defending it on the merits. >> you know, we have a coalition, right? i believe gays and lesbians should have the same right to marry that i do and we should respect that.
5:50 pm
>> we have principles. so what happens in 2016. when all
5:51 pm
broader group of us meeting with him and talking with him so with can get them their documents, right? >> what is this really all about? so the president says oh, luiz, i want to educate people better. well, look, there's nothing i can do to change the president's mind. there's nothing i can do or say tomorrow when i meet with them. jay johnson is wonderfully sitwaited. i really think he's a man of compassion when it comes to imgrants. i want to work with him so we can get that. not so much because of the political situation, but because i care about all of these wonderful constituencies in america and i want to keep them in the fold of fairness and justice.
5:52 pm
i want to work with the president. i want to work with this administration. and, you know what, i, too, believe -- here's -- i want to say this. i haven't given up on this. this administration, and i still believe, i want to reiterate, i told you first months ago, i think it's going to be millions, four, five, six million people. we're going to work to get there. and i still believe, and i want people to know, don't give up hope because we're going to get it done. and this president is eventually going do do it. >> they have raised the stakes in the white house. thank you very much. a few sources tolds me how the white house understands their political odds this term, that's ahead.
5:53 pm
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we're back. national correspondent for the upshot, communications director for emily's list. i've had people tell me that they thought the white house made this announcemented. that they pushed it off. i think clearly the last six weeks -- i'm biassed because i work at the times.
5:57 pm
the states that are competitive in the senate are states where it does not look good to run around congress and have a much broader deportation delay program. i don't think that's going to play well in arkansas or alaska. >> what is the case for democratic optimism 1234. >> i think right now, we can have as much data as we want. it's all completely irrelevant. what we, in the beltway and in the political chattering class think of as the home stretch, voters think of as the beginning. they are not paying attention yet. the issue profile favors democrats. remember when elections used to be putting in as many ballots as you could because ewe knew that would be the issue? this year, it's raising the min much wage, ending gender
5:58 pm
discrimination in pay and paid sick leave. those are ours. he has a story about why he hasn't done that. it's difficult to sell this message about i've been trying hard for all this time and everything that's happened wrong is republican's faumt. >> here's what i would say. the argument about why you should vote is most germane to the house which is also the place where there's the least competitive risk. that's also part of the problem,
5:59 pm
right? it's all the house. so the democrats have this mismatch where they have to fight this on the terrain of the senate races. jess, which i think you would agree, in uphill state ins terms of alaska, arkansas and louisiana that are red states. >> we have the issues and we have the candidates. that's the case for optimism. they favor a minimum wage increase, but they don't see thems as an economic benefit. >> what they need is an economy that's growing faster.
6:00 pm
although the fact that the president has been so focused on deficit reduction. >> thank you both. that is all for this evening. rachel maddow show starts right now. >> thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. in 1987, the new york times magazine did a long profile of presidential hopeful named gary hart. in the 1988, gary hart was going to be a real contender. the miami he recalled had run an investigative piece specifically running him in miami.


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