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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 22, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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ten most wanted list. announcers announced they're closing in on the suspect. they said the general public is not in danger but many local residents today remain fearful and are staying away from their homes. we'll monitor the news conference. an intense search on for three afghan soldiers who disappeared from a national guard base in cape cod, massachuset massachusetts. the soldiers were taking part in a training exercise and were last seen saturday night at the mall. you've been covering the story since the early developments. authorities said they don't believe the individuals are a danger or threat. how can they be certain of that? >> you can never be certain. they're pretty sure because any time foreign military personnel come to the united states for training from whatever country, they go through a very stringent
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vetting process to try to figure out if they have any remote connections whatsoever to any kind of military groups. in this case because they were afghanistan did they have connection to the taliban. they were cleared of all of that. and there's -- they insist and stress when they disappeared from that shopping mall in cape cod on saturday night, they did not have any weapons. over the years, dozens of afghans, iraqis, pakistans who have come to this country for military training have left the base, have some have disappeared entirely. most are found shortly thereafter and returned to the base and eventually returned to their country. while they do -- the law enforcement, federal, state, even military consider this a serious issue, they're not in any kind of high alert as to any kind of potential threat that these three military officers, two captains and one major, may
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represent. >> do we know any details regarding the search. are they waiting for the three individuals to pop up or return to the base? >> well, in the past they have found some afghans in particular in various afghan communities around the country which will indicate even before they got here, they may have been planning this very exit, escape, to disappear into the fabric of the united states. but so far no indication whatsoever. that's what has been done. so far, no hint either as to where they may be. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. to the unprecedented white house security breach. the iraq war vet who jumped over the white house fence and made it through the front doors is due in federal court this afternoon. the secret service is launching a review just how that man has been identified as 42-year-old omar gonzalez was able to make it into what should be one of the most secure buildings in the
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world friday night. police say gonzalez was carrying a 3 1/2 inch knife in his pocket similar to this one. the first family was not home at the time. however, the incident is raising questions about their protection and their leadership of the secret service. including from lawmakers like congressman peter king who said he expects congressional hearings into this incident. >> the fact they say he wasn't brought down because he didn't have a weapon. he could have had a body bomb or a vest. he had a knife. there could be a lot of conspiracies against the president. this is the most basic and simple type of procedure and how anyone, especially in the days of isis. having a concern about terrorist attacks someone could get into the white house without being stopped is inexcusable. >> less than 24 hours after friday's breach another man was arrested after pulling his car
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into a screening area and refusing to leave. chris jansing joining us now. congressman king is not the only one wanting answers. >> there's already an internal investigation underway. let me lay out what happened. we call them jumpers do happen on a somewhat regular basis. it's nebrasver happened somebodt in the white house. i was here friday night. we had people yelling and saying we have a jumper who got to the white house. then an evacuation of white house staff and the press there through the west wing. a part of the white house where we don't usually go. the man scaled the fence, sprinlted across the lawn, goes up through the north and enters. what might have happened and what will the refew focus on? there are canines. i've seen them in action with
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other jumpers. they are intimidated. they're trained to knock someone down. they can put their teeth on them if they feel it was necessary. the canines were not released. why? there are agents with guns. why there was not a sniper. you heard questions raised peter king and other members of congress. they have discretion. they want to see if the person is armed. does it look like they might have, for example, a suicide vest strapped to them obviously the decision was made it was not that kind of threat. and how do you get through the front doors? there has long been this sort of push and pull. it's the peoples' house. it's representative of our democracy and so there has always been concern about making it look too much like a fortress. but now after this incident given the threat of isis, given the concern about foreign fighters, we can confirm there are some reviews underway. should visitors be kept further away from the white house?
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should there be a screening as far as a block away? in the past where there have been incidents people talked about putting barbed wire, for example, on the top of the fence. they don't like the message that sends visually that the home of the leader of the great democracy, the greatest democracy in the world has to be behind what looks like a prison wall. all is under investigation. as you heard from peter king will continue to be under investigation when congress comes back after the election and surely will be hearings. we'll wait to see what the judge says in federal court. gonzalez's family has suffered from ptsd and lived in his car. the president, the white house released a statement saying they have full confident in the secret service in their ability to protect the first family who had left about 10 minutes before the incident and headed to camp david. >> thank you for the details. and president obama heads to new york tomorrow for the united nations general assembly meeting
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a major focus will be building a coalition in the battle against isis. secretary of state john kerry is here in new york and has been holding meets all weekend. in an interview exclusive interview on morning joe over 50 countries have joined the fight against isis. but is yet to say whether any of the countries have committed ground forces. >> now we're beginning to put together the specific tasks that each nation will undertake. over the next days the strategy will unfold. the participants will unfold. we have to give it a little bit of time. >> we'll have more on secretary kerry. and reintegrated president obama's pledge to no u.s. troops. i want to you to pennsylvania. it's governor corbett.
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>> in addition the resources have been granted from new york and new jersey. i would mention i'm told that other states have continued to offer any assistance we need at this time. there hasn't been a need to do that. and my fervent wish is we can conclude it as quickly as possible. i'm sure that's everybody i's wh out there. i've had a full briefing. it's an operation. for pike county it was something they built the command center for emergencies. i don't think they thought it would be something like this. it has been yuflt to bring the resources that have been brought in. i want to thank the individuals like the different restaurant shas have been providing food for everybody that is out there. the red cross, the salvation army have been working on this tirelessly. and particularly all the civilians here in this area.
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they have been wonderful for state troopers to work with. we remind them to continue to remain vigilant so make sure they are safe. i think the colonel would agree with me. keep your doors and cars locked. we believe there is -- i always believe there's progress. troopers are out there actively. the fbi is out there actively. and i feel confident that we should be able to apprehend this individual. i'm very positive about that. i also want to thank all of you for your reporting on this. this has been extremely important in this reporting to get the story out there and get the story out there accurately. as i said, this individual assassinated one police officer, tried to assassinate another police officer. he's out in those woods right now. my thoughts are constantly with
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everybody out there. everybody involved in it. particularly those who are going through the woods. as you may or may not know, some of you that aren't from the area how rugged of terrain how it is. how rocky of terrain it is. it's slow moving. >> we're listening to govern of pennsylvania tom corbett updating the nation in a way, so many people have been following this story now the individual eric fraein has been placed on the ten most wanted list of the fbi. after the shooting at the blooming grove barracks. one law enforcement personnel was killed. another critically injured. it's been going on since the 12th of september and left the community near there under a lock down. until this weekend the governor talking about the terrain and the difficulty of finding this individual with the manhunt in pennsylvania continues. as i mentioned before the news
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conference. president obama will head to new york tomorrow for the united nations assembly. he'll address them on sundwedne. after many meetings arab countries like saudi arabia, jordan, bahrain have committed to assisting the coalition but have not said whether or not are willing to put boots on the ground. joining me live is managing editor for msnbc. formerly the united nations reporter for the associated press and washington post security reporter. here is secretary kerry on morning joe laying out the ground work but clear, at least, in what he said to their questions. the plan is far from being complete. >> we have to remember the president obama is coming to the u.n. tomorrow. it's 12 years after his predecessor bush made a speech to the general assembly asking for people to be part of a
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coalition at that time to invade iraq and get rid of saddam hussein. we have another president coming. iraq is the focus. it has broad ton include syria and isis. the issue is do they get the support from members of united nations they're looking if or it make it a success? >> and also, what type of ballot will we see from the president regarding isis. the threat compared to just over the weekend there was a new report of an entire different terror organization whose name we'll be saying soon i'm sure. balancing the threat, what it means, and the appropriate anxious to take. the war, as we know, will be another terror organization target the united states. >> right. president obama has to bring in allies. kerry was asked this morning bring in allies with different perspectives and the militant groups on the ground. fighting in some of them to try
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and unseat assad the leader of syr syria. as bush hoped to unseat saddam hussein 12 years ago. they have to play it carefully with countries that can come in to do some things and others. key allies will be australia, with the u.k., france, and what support president obama. >> you have another video reportedly from isis in which includes a recording threatening americans and france as well. saying civilians will be targeted. nbc hasn't authenticating it. france already responded saying they're not afraid. as the coalition is formed, isis is mocking the united states saying no ground troops. >> in the recording specifically mentioning president obama by name. talking about the president as an individual, as the leader of the country. and i think this is a brutal organization that has beheaded
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american journalists, british aid worker, french citizens have been held by isis. i think, you know, the threats here are significant. again, will it be enough to pull in the kinds of people that the president needs to really kind of defeat isis and other emerging grouches? >> thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. and coming up investigators are searching for the man described as a person of interest in the case of the missing uva student. this as the family pleads for help. please, please, please if you have anything however insignificant you think it may be. call the police tipline. >> i'll talk live with the police chief leading the investigation. new reports say ray rice may claim that the surveillance tape of him assaulting his wife was edited. the ravens expected to respond
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new details in the case of missing uva student hannah graham. police are searching for the last person believed to be seen with hannah. police have issued arrest washt for jesse matthew. they say he was the man in the video walking with graham in downtown charlottesville. speaking for the first time, hannah's parents begged the public for help. >> please, please, please, have
8:19 am
you have anything however insignificant you think it may be, call the police tipline. >> joining me now is charlottesville police chief. let's talk about this arrest warrant that has been issued for 32-year-old jesse matthew and the reckless driving charges. what were the circumstances leading up to the incident? >> as you know, mr. matthew came to the police station saturday afternoon accompanied by two family members. he asked for an attorney. we obtained an attorney on his behalf. when the attorney got there they briefly chatted and shortly thereafter left. sometime thereafter he was under overt surveillance. we were monitoring his movement. we observed him jump into a vehicle and sped off at the high rate of speed. his driving behavior was so
8:20 am
reckless the agents had to disregard further following him and went to the magistrate and obtained warrants for driving behavior. >> you've not heard from the individual since then? >> no, madam. we certainly would like to hear from him. we need to. we believe he was the last person that saw hannah before she vanished in the downtown area. if, in fact, he wasn't the last person and parted ways on the mall we immediate to talk to him and find out where hannah is and find out what happened. >> when he arrived a the population it was after a conversation, a request made by authorities to come in and let you know what he saw that night and what he did? >> i believe there was a phone calm earlier that morning. i don't know. he spoke with an investigators. i don't know the extent of the phone call was. i was surprised to learn he was in the lobby of the police
8:21 am
station saturday afternoon. >> what do do you regarding an investigation. you have a person of interest woo is now missing. you have shown the surveillance tape now played nationwide here. what is next in the investigation? >> so we're searching phone records as you can imagine. have been for the last week and variety of different fashions. we have obviously searched his apartment. we've seized and searched his vehicle. we have what we hope is forensic evidence the state lab and hope to hear back today. we're recanvassing the area for video surveillance cameras that may have captured him leaving the downtown area with or without hannah. we're engaged with the virginia department of emergency management searching every inch of the city and the surrounding county. >> i know you believe he was the last person seen with hannah early in the morning. you're basing that on surveillance video and also as i
8:22 am
understand witness account the other individual that we see in that video as well? >> yes. there are witnesses inside a bar restaurant downtown and observed him and hannah inside that restaurant shortly after 1:00 to 1:15 in the morning. >> chief, thank you for your time. i know, you're bus spin you've talked about as a father yourself how this has taken an emotional toll on you. we have seen saw hannah's parents as well. we wish that she's returned home safely to her parents who love her so dearly. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. ! moments ago tom corbett said he's confident that police will find the person wanted for ambushing and killing a state trooper as the han hunt enters the 10thth day. why texas governor rick perry mentioned joan rivers while defending a controversial state law. it is one of the things we thought you should know. here is a look what is
8:23 am
happening today, monday september, 22nd. the last day of summer. right now in florida jury selection is underway in the retrial of michael dunn. the man accused of killing 17 gerald your dan davis during an argument reportedly over loud music. tonight the city of ferguson will hold the first in a series of town hall meetings. city officials say it will help bring the community back together after the death of michael brown and the demonstrations that followed. 3- [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks.] right on cue. [cat meows] [laughs] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with 100% complete and balanced nutrition, and the taste, textures and variety cats love, it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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8:27 am
also, you have heard people who have been told you can go back into your home. but they're too afraid. perhaps lurking in the woods there. >> that's correct. the tension has been building throughout this manhunt. there is no shelter in place. there are no people not allowed to go to their homes right now. this situation in their area the border pike and monroe county where frein lived with his parents. it's thick with police officers who are checking cars and ids. the state police updated us on the investigation after the governor spoke saying they are closing in on frein. they say there have been several sightings they believe could be legitimate at this point. there was a lot of activity overnight. roads closed. a lot of searching and that activity has spilled over into today. this area where frein lived with
8:28 am
his folks is about 20 miles from the attack happened. they believe he made the trek on foot. the confidence that he's in the area prompted several schools to reopen today. schools closed for several days last week saw a steady stream of buses and parents dropping students off. >> what did you say to your 13-year-old? >> just be alert. look around. know your surroundings. and we've had talks like this before. so yeah. just be alert. >> now schools in the immediate area where authorities are searching that's the poke know mountain school district. there are nine schools there. they're closed today. it's affecting 9500 students. authorities are urging people to
8:29 am
stay inside in their homes away from the windows to stay out of the woods. they're asking those folks to just stay out the area. give it a couple more days. they feel they are close to getting the guy and hope to put the ordeal to rest in the next few hours if not days. >> let me bring in jim kavanaugh. a former atf speci. they believe the man planned it out. question begs perhaps he planned an exit as well. how confidence are you he's in the area with what you know? >> good morning. i think i'm confident based on what the state trooper commanders have said, i believe the tactical teams have found evidence he's there. the rifle on the tree, the magazine on the rock which looks like it was placed for tactical retreat. and they probably found some
8:30 am
food items and wrappers and various things that indicate he's in the area. i think they're right about that. and i think he's he wants to confront the offices at the redoubt. >> he's been described as self-taught survivalist. he said his son was a great shop. when you're negotiating with someone who sees the government as the enemy here. how as a negotiator do you find any breakthrough or are you hoping simply they are worn down, their survival skills are not great as they believe or simply can no longer stay on the run. >> that's a great question, tamron. you can negotiate with anybody who is a human being. it takes the right circumstance. it takes the right situation. if he can get contained, if tactical officers can surround it and safely contain it.
8:31 am
h which is a big question. he likely has log or sandbags, dirt berm, firings positions. if they get there they'll be able to at least to attempt to dwoesht. i think he desires the grave. his only destination is going to be that or the last cell in the darkest prison of pennsylvania. there's no way out for this guy now. he's planned it. he's not leaving there because he wants confrontation to be there. that's why he's still there. >> how much more are things complicated bit fact you have people allowed into their homes. understandably saw. i saw a heartbreaking interview with a dad who left for work with his kids and wife at home. when he went to return he couldn't. he had the wife and two kids alone without him and the search around them. folks are being let back in. does it make it more difficult? >> everybody needs to be alert
8:32 am
and cautious. but it does help the police if there's more people afoot. you remember in the marathon days when the residents were let back into the boston. it was a neighbor that saw the tarp moved and called the tactical officers. i think the troopers believe he's in the woods. and they're hot on the trail with all the teams. they're pushing him back. that's what he wants. they're going to have the confrontation in the woods at his redoubt. that's going to be the end of it. thank you so much for your time. there are new questions about when the ravens new about ray rice's attack on his wife in the elevator. a new report comes out that rice may claim the elevator surveillance tape was edited. >> how more than 700 newborn babies were exposed to tb in a maternity ward. it's one of the stories we're following around the "newsnation." and one senator's unique
8:33 am
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♪ welcome back. this afternoon the baltimore ravens are expected to address a new report saying officials were informed of what happened between ray rice and his fiancè hours after the incident occurred. the espn outside the line report citing more than 20 sources indicating team executives began kpans pushing for leniency for rice for several fronts from the judicial system in atlantic county to commissioner goodell. the report contains numerous errors and inaccuracies. in addition to a separate report in his appeal of the indefinitely situation he attempted to argue that the nfl based the punishment on the
8:37 am
clean up edited version of the security tape. th criticism of roger goodell continues following his press conference friday in which he says he has no plans to resign. >> when i make a mistake or don't get something right, it bothers me more than anybody. i think the owners have seen that in me. we have tried to do the right thing. mistakes happen and i'm sorry for that. we're going get it right. >> joining me now a columnist for espn w serving women as fans and athletes. thank you for joining us. let's talk about the espn report ravens allegedly engaged in an extensive cover up according to the report. they aledly spoke to a police officer who described the video in detail. >> yeah. according to the report, the ravens obviously had the video
8:38 am
within hours after that incident. realist lick, it's not that outlandish to think that the ravens would that video. we're talking about a casino. their star player. of course they're going to have to see the video. i think the report lays out the facts pretty clearly. there's the question of what the nfl had, what goodell had, what evidence they had. clearly if tmz can get the video, the nfl if it wanted the video almost certainly could have had the video. >> another bombshell allegations that ray rice claims once the video emerged the owner tried to get him to keep quiet by offering him a job when his career is over. two text messages said we love you a player. it was great having you here. hopefully all the things will die down. when you're done with football, i would like you to know you have a job waiting for you with
8:39 am
ravens helping young guys getting acclimated to the league. >> it's an interesting part the story is by all accounts and in addition that otl report ray rice was very forthcoming about what happened that night and what happened in the elevator. it seems like if you're to believe that report and proves to be correct, the biggest issue is how the nfl wanted to handle this. how the ravens owners and how the nfl wanted to punish domestic violence in which reflects of course back on the nfl's problem with punishing domestic violence, with handling the allegations. they wanted the ray rice punishment to be in line with how they previously handled domestic violence. ray rice, of course, what he did was wrong. he's finding himself in the nexus of this huge social issue at the wrong time and by all accounts on the report he seems to have been pretty straightforward on what happened. >> so you have a new report that
8:40 am
part of ray rice's defense strategy to get back in the league that the tape was cleaned up and edited. >> i don't really know. i'm not sure how it can be edited where it change the outcome of public perception. i think the key thing that gets confusing here is that ray rice was already punished for this incident. if he gave the nfl all the information and the video and happened down a two game suspension and if now the nfl can't prove he lied or omitted and they have changed the punishment that amounts to double jeopardy. that's the are issue here. it gets tricky. >> we'll see what the ravens have to say? response to the new explosive report out there. one day after massive marches over climate change, protesters will continue their demonstration today. it is one of the stories we're following around the nud
8:41 am
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welcome back. a deadly tour bus crash in delaware tops our look at stories around the "newsnation" today. state and federal officials are investigating the horrific case in which two people were killed and 48 others injured. the bus was traveling from washington, d.c., to new york city yesterday when it hit a curve on an offramp and overturned on to the roof and on to its side. one woman was trapped under the bus and died on the scene. another woman later pronounced dead at the hospital. a big health scare at the el paso hospital. hundreds of newborn babies are being tested for tuberculosis at
8:45 am
the employee was diagnosed with the disease. as many as 700 newborns and dozens of employees could have been exposed to the disease which could be deadly left untreated. the hospital contacted families scheduled tb screenings. hundred of thousand of demonstrators took to the streets of new york city yesterday to demand action on climate change. one of many similar demonstrations across the globe. ahead of tomorrow's climate summit at the united nations. which will be attended by world leaders including president obama. right now hundred of protesters are gathering in lower manhattan with some planning to risk arrest with the same message on climate change. some 400,000 showed up yesterday. time for our born in the usa. our "newsnation" series highlighting american business success stories. meet chi lie simon. she's 11 years old. that's no ordinary backpack.
8:46 am
it's anni iv backpack. she's a cancer survivor. who remembers how hard it was to move around with a traditional iv pole. it provides kids a little more freedom and can come in different designs. guess who is with me in studio? hey, how are you? >> hi. i'm good. >> so i met you a little bit earlier in makeup. told you you didn't need it. you look beautiful the way you are! you've been through a lot. you want to help other kids. >> yes. i do. that's it's very special to me that i got to how i get to help all the kids and it's just giving back. it makes me good good. >> tell me how it felt when you were going through your treatment and you had the iv pack. >>well, it was really scary for
8:47 am
me at a young age, which was 8. i had to use the big iv poles which were actually, like, really heavy to push around. they have a lot of wires and tubes that i would trip over and get tangled in. >> and so just getting around was hard. >> yes. >> and, again, you said you were 8 i imagine it was pretty scary. all the gadgets and things connected to you. >> yes. it scared me. >> well, you look great now. i know, you're healthy and you look very well. and so you want to help other kids not have that same fear. tell me about this pack babackp >> well, it's an iv backpack which has the pole on the top on the corner. this is the protector for it. no case the bag, it won't let
8:48 am
the medicine out. on the front is the machine. >> it's a prototype. it's card board now. were you sitting at home did you say let's put it together? >> well, it was a school project that i had to -- they assigned me. i thought of making an iv backpack. >> what was the challenge they gave you at school? >> well, an everyday problem we had to solve for a science fair, kind of. and so i had just had to make a prototype. i found this backpack. which i love hello kitty. >> duh. >> and i had to use just normal products. because i couldn't get the real. >> yeah. the real medical form of it. this is what you made after your project. now you're hoping with some support to be able to make the prototype and eventually maybe children's hospitals and
8:49 am
different hospitals where kids are being treat can provide these. >> yes. >> okay. so you're looking for support right now. it's your idea you want to turn into a huge success. >> yes. i need support to make the real prototype and have it get to hospitals. we'll have it adjustabled in to fit any kind you want. this would be in the middle there would be a flag to the open up to the inside to get to the controls. and so right now i have a provisional patent from when i went to the ct invention convention. i won the top award, which is a patent award. i have to make a real prototype for it by may of next year. >> it's the deadline. do you know the cost of the prototype? >> we're thinking about $50,000. >> and you're at $43,000 now? >> yes. >> you're right there at the door of getting this? >> yes. >> hopefully people will help you out. we'll put the information on
8:50 am
"newsnation." i'm sure you your teachers were so proud. you came up with the idea. >> just flipped. >> teachers just flipped. >> you are fantastic. and congratulations on congratulations on everything. i know your parents are super proud of you and we are too. $50,000. we are right there. >> you can get to all the info on our website, courage by kylie. >> on our website you can link as well. high five. smack. good job. thank you. up next, we will have our "news nation" gut check. more information on kylie, but gut check is up next. support both mental sharpness and physical energy with berocca. proud sponsor of mind and body.
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go to checkyourspeed. if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. >> there is a lot going on this morning. here are things we thought you should know. a republican group is out with a new ad for the mid-term elections that attracts women
8:54 am
voters with the fad boyfriend card. a woman describes her declining relationship with president obama. >> in 2008 i fell in love. his online profile made him seem so perfect. i trusted him. by 2012 our rep was in trouble but i stuck with him because he promised he would be better. he is great at promises. i know i am stuck with barack for two more years, i get that. but i'm not stuck with his friends. >> mary landrieu was photographed before the lsu game helping a fan perform a keg stand. he was encouraged to do her own and thankfully declined. those are the things we thought you should know. time for the gut check after two
8:55 am
incident this is weekend. a man carrying a knife jumped the fence and ran towards the entrance. he was able to get inside before being tackled. the first time a fence jumper made it inside that far. he refused to leave. it is part of a series of embarrassing events surrounding that agency. in 2012, a dozen agents were sent home after being accused of drinking and bringing prostitutes home. in march, one passed out in a hotel hall way. the agency's leadership needs an overhaul. the republican congressman has been investigating the secret service for sometime and frustrating good men and women. huge question marks for their leadership. this is not the first time they have shown too much vulnerability. there were other incidents. i will continue to push it. what does your gut tell you?
8:56 am
do they need know overhaul? go to "news nation" to cast that vote and we will let you know the results for tomorrow. i will see you tomorrow. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." mom usually throws a gogurt in there. well mom's not here today so we're doing things dad's way. which means i get... two. (singing) snack time and lunch. (singing) snack time and lunch. gogurt because lunch needs some fun. ♪ [music]
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8:59 am
tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. those three important reasons are why eliquis is a better find for me. ask your doctor today if eliquis is right for you. >> the judgment of everybody is that a great deal can be accomplished. by training the free syrian army is open, i think we have to make the beginning begin. >> right now, now and then "morning joe" exclusive insisting the arab nations will put up the ground troops to combat isis. the former defense secretary and cia director said the president should have armed the rebels two years ago.
9:00 am
>> we paid a price for not doing that. >> where were the dogs. they scramble to explain why they didn't unmuzzle attack dogs trained to stop fence jumpers until they get close to the white house. will there be changes to the security. we will have security adviser ben rhoades and follow the money. why doesn't the nfl pay federal taxes. another question for a league still battered by origroger goodell's friday fumble. >> good day, i'm andrea mitchell in new york. the search is under way for three soler


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