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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  December 8, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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times of london we are sure luke would have given support to the discussions rather than the conflict approach. there were threats that were not carried out. we are learning much more about that attempted rescue and have everything you need to know in a few minutes. here in new york, protests continued after the decision not to indict an officer in the death of eric garner. demonstrators shut down the bridge during morning rush hour. there new comments from president obama as well about the deaths that prompted so many of these protests. he sat down with bet for an interview. >> we can't equate what was happening now to 50 years ago. if you talk to your parents, grandparents and uncles, they will tell you that things are better. >> also today, a major announcement from the department of justice. it is rolling out new rule that
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is it hopes will curb racial profiling. in addition race and ethnicity, it will cover gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation and gender banning using any of the characteristics as the exclusive basis for spontaneous enforcement like pulling someone over. these will apply to federal law enforcement as well as state and local officers participating in task forces. detainees held at the prison have been transferred to uruguay. they are for syrians. this is the largest group to leave the prison since 2009. all had been held for at least a decade. all a part of president obama's long standing and thwarted efforts to close the facility at the naval base.
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a massive fire shut down busy freeways that started in an apartment tower, a building about the size of a city block. it burned so hot it burst windows in nearby buildings and melted highway signs. it took 250 firefighters a fourth of the city's entire force to get that under control. the fire shut down sections of the 110 and the 101 freeways, but the 101 we are learning is open. over in washington, the story everybody seems to be talking about, the imminent release of a senate report on the use of torture. now prompting embassies to prepare for the worst. that is expected to confirm that the cia did torture people and suggested that the agency may have lied about that to the white house and to congress. they are asking them to delay the release fearing violence against americans overseas. an additional detail we are learning, the pentagon is
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warning their staff to be on guard as well. joining that similar warning out of the state department. bob is following this. bob, when could this report be released according to your sources? >> we expect to see release mitt day tomorrow. the best bet is probably between 10:00 and 2:00 p.m. it has been contentious and a lot of fights between the agency and the senate. what is the next pit ball for this? >> other than what you spoke about in terms of overaccess reaction, what this means for the agency. we are told, for example, within the next 24 to 36 hours after the report is released, cia director john brennan will be making a public statement and i know a lot of that will be about morale. within the context of all of
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this, you have the possibilities that there will be some sort of reaction overseas. >> john kerry asking for a delay. this would presumably have the same explosive impact. >> we are talking about 480 pages of the senate intelligence majority report. another 120 by the minority that takes issue with a lot of the majority report. we will see the cia responses and individual responses by various members on both sides. there is going to be a lot of detail. how much of this is new is going to be interesting to determine. >> a fascinating issue and also contentious. you will be pouring through all of that when it hits. should the senate release that torture report or should it as
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secretary of state john kerry is proposing be delayed over u.s. sentiment? it ended with members of al qaeda in yemen. the terrorists also killed a teacher, pierre corky who was hours from release, we are
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hearing. the chief global. >> a stunning story with a tragic ending and we don't know exactly why the mission, what went wrong. we know from a number of eyewitnesss that when it came to the critical moment, there was a great deal of noise. the commandos were calling out on people inside the buildings to surrender by all accounts, there were dogs parking and people have spoken. flood lights. clearly the element of surprise was lost. we can draw our own conclusions from the narrative we know. 1:00 in the morning and about three dozen commandos arrived at this remote location in at least two helicopters.
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it was basically a large wall of compound. they moved forward, but it's thought about 100 yards from the compound. some of the six or so guards heard them coming and the soldiers began to call to surrender and that's when the firing started. they were being held the result of a long period of spy surveillance of drone surveillance. of listening in and eavesdr eavesdropping. the window of opportunity is absolutely tiny. the risks at that point were huge. basically they had been rumbled and could move forward. a senior military analyst and official in washington said that some of the commandos saw a militant move towards the building where the two hostages
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were being held. a few minutes after that, they went into that building and saw the two hostages and neither of them were dead at that point. one died on the helicopter and another died on the amphibious assault ship. exactly what led the mission to go wrong, we don't really know. this was the second rescue attempt. just ahead, protests and public outcry going strong after that grand jury decision not to indict a police officer in the death of eric garner. now new york state's attorney general is calling for a big change. he is in the first interview on this, next. we've made hiring anyone from a handyman to a dog walker as simple as a few clicks. buy their services directly at
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>> some turning violent in berkeley. right here in new york, a new round of protests expected today. now new york state attorney general has a new plan to address the calls for justice. he is asking the governor to grant his office permission to investigate death at the hands of police. eric schneiderman joins me now for the first interview since making that announcement. thank you for your time. you wrote this letter to governor cuomo asking to investigate and be a special prosecutor on the cases involving alleged police brutality. you are only asking for that temporarily, but do you see that as a sustainable solution?
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>> we are not prejudging what they are going to do to have a permanent fix to the situation, but this would go a long way towards restoring public confidence which is shot. this crosses racial lines and ideological lines and public confidence and our system of investigating and prosecuting police misconduct. the legislature must address this and this proposal can provide a temporary order which he has the power to do under the executive law. we can restore possible confidence. the law in new york state has to be rewritten. people don't realize it, but even if the prosecutor had gone to court to seek because of the appearance of impropriety, that would have been denied. the only person who can be appointed to deal with the cases
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is appointed by the governor. that's what we are requesting to do and we are not prejudging. the law has to be rewritten. >> sorry your office distanced enough to provide the kind of adversary representation that many say they lacked in giving instructions to grand juries? >> i am elected by the voters of the state. i have 13 offices around the state and any given jurisdiction, we were able to resonate people who do not work with the local law enforcement agencies in that jurisdiction. it is something that has been used before by past governors. some people will remember the commission, governor rockefeller superseded the five district attorneys in new york city. this has precedent and is a tried and true solution. they are requesting this on a temporary basis and provide me with the jurisdiction to handle cases where civilians are killed by acts of law enforcement and
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this order is designed to expire as soon as the governor pass law to fix the situation. >> sorry this a proposal you developed in coordination with people on the team or is this something you are barrelling out of the gate with with a solo idea from the office? >> we talked to many people about it, but it is an idea that came from our office. i don't know if you have been out in the streets with tens of thousands of people. i am proud of the fact that the protests have been nonviolent. the men and women have been superb. there is a lot of respect being shown. we are operating in a system that originated in the 1600s when grand juries were very important. people were concerned about the british crown. it's time to take a fresh look and restoere confidence.
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justice must provide the appearance of justice. what's what we need to do immediately. >> so many calls for that in new york and elsewhere. we should mention this wouldn't apply in the eric garner case, but if you were the prosecutor and i understand there limitations in how you can answer it, but what would you have liked to have seen conducted differently? >> i really can't comment on that. we don't know what happened in the grand jury. i have high regard for my colleague, the stan et island district attorney. one of the things that should be looked at is in new york state. against disclosing not the case in other states. this is part of what it should be looking at immediately. >> if the office were to assume more police brutality, would you aim for more of that
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transparency? >> right now the way the law is written, it's a felony to disclose anything that takes place in a grand jury. this would at least provide the public with a sense that there is more independence and it's not that i don't believe the district attorneys are completely committed to integrity of the process. there district attorneys who have indicted the police officers and there district attorneys who are completely committed to the principal of independence. this is something to restore public confidence. the appearance of justice has to be restored and a sense of equal justice under law and disinterested prosecutor has to be restored and also, it helped them to take action. it would be very, very disappointed. all of the energy of this protest comes away with nothing in the way of performing and
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that's something. >> they try to answer these calls for justice. >> eric schneiderman, thank you for the moves and taking the time to explain it in the country. now to new jersey where a report released by a state panel found no conlouisive evidence that chris christie was involved in the scandal known as bridge gate. he didn't know anything about the actions of an aide who called for the closure of the bridge last year. the retribution against the mayor of ft. lee who didn't support his reelection. the latest from trenton, aaliyah, did we learn anything from the report that hadn't been revealed in the previous christie commission report? >> this was far more skeptical in tone.
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three big issues that came out of it. is that there so many unanswered questions that we don't know who ordered the lane shut downs and why. it also takes notes that we don't have a complete picture. it criticizes the governor's office for creating a culture in which the governor's staffers and allies thought it would be okay to order these lane closures and seemingly for political retribution. what is important to note, governor christy is not completely out of the woods yet. as r as nbc news reported, they had six federal inindictments that come down as early as january. those would be served to former staffers of the governor in addition former port authority officials. the chapter on this is not yet closed. >> msnbc is covering this story
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> they are really, really here. today was the first full day in the u.s. for the duke and duchess of cambridge. today they went their separate ways, will to washington to meet with the president. kate and her baby bump in harlem doing good. the two will be back together to
10:24 am
watch lebron james. sounds like a tough gig, this royal thing. kristin, what do you know about the rumors that kate and will will be hanging out with beyonce and jay z tonight? >> how are you doing, ronan. if the u.s. had royalty, kate and will were rubbing elbows with them. now this nets game later on tonight. we don't know for sure how it's going to go down, but at least half the game they will be courtside. we expect the two to spend time together. they will be there watching the cavaliers and the guy known as king james going to be playing, lebron james. he was asked about this. this was so cute. you would think that lebron james is not impressed with meeting famous people because he
10:25 am
is so famous, about you he said he is excite and honored to be playing in front of them. this is a really big deal. he said these are the people that you read about in storybooks and he is hopeful he is going to be able to meet them. we don't know if that's going to happen. probably after the game they might have a little time with lebron james. >> a very sweet reaction. we are also hearing they may have a meeting with hillary clinton, will having that on the schedule? confirmed? >> later on today there is going to be an event that is cosponsored by the clinton foundation and they are going to be accompanied to that event by hillary and chelsea clinton. they are going to make the rounds and fit a lot into these three days and meeting a lot of people. >> thank you for the details run in their schedule. also a pressure. we fought a war to not care about them and the royal visit is trending all over social
10:26 am
media. they were saying they really care too. we thought we would take a look at the meets we have seen through the ages. here is fdr with king george. there it is. king george and queen elizabeth in 1939. the first official visit with any british monarch. the kennedys and queen elizabeth. buckingham palace in 1961. there it is. princess diana dancing at the white house in november of 1985, including with mr. saturday night fever himself, john travolta. a couple of other stories spiking on social media. a sad one in a florida indian reservation. three-vehicle chain reaction of an accident. the first is an suv that hit a 300 pound black bear. a bear in florida. then people in the second car stopped for help, but a third
10:27 am
one plowed into the suv and a sad story. the identities of the victims were not immediately released. the bear also died when it was struck by the suv. in a lighter note, in the frigid midwest, several thousand people were evacuated. there was an intentional gas incident that sent 19 people to the hospital. a lighter note here, no one was seriously hurt and wait for it, those waiting outside had extra protection on. yes, that is because the hotel happened to be hosting the midwest fur fest convention that celebrates art and performance based on yes, act row po morphoic animals. >> we have been in the puddle
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puddles. thank you, thank you. i am givinger had a jacket and a blanket. >> great americans there. up next, serious journalistic missteps by rolling stone having a profound effect. what does it all mean for other students coping with a real phenomenon of sexual assault on campus. the period joins me in the midst of all this after this break. don't go away. go power...oats! go! made from oats cheerios! cheerios! go, go, go! go power oats! go! cheerios! go power! go...power! yayyyy!
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ah, the gift of clean diesel. for the new volkswagen on your list this year, just about all you need, is a pen. festive, isn't it? get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. new fallout from rolling stone's report from an alleged gang rape from the university of virginia. we now know each an apology that may took issue with in the face of new information, there appear to be discrepancies and our trust in her was misplaced. they revised that language writing these mistakes are on rolling stone and not on jackie.
10:32 am
>> peter alexander was following this. let's lock at what we know what what might have gone wrong. >> a lot of questions are being raised about the process of gathering as well. they concede that they erred by relying on the accuser's story and not reaching out for the other side of the story. the seventh man that is accused of being the rapist in a fraternity on the campus of the university of virginia. they were trying to err on the size of sensitivity, but realized as they said that it would have made their case much stronger obviously. had they reached out to the other side. it would clear up a lot of d
10:33 am
discrepancy. they tried to do a disciplined job of reporting sexual assault. i appreciate it. we know that this reporting process did have problems. the warning not to discount the story completely either. she has written a new column saying this. i cannot say what happened that night, i cannot disprove the valit id. this is not a hoax, a lie or a skeechlt something horrible happened to jackie. that is part of an outer toing on that campus. there in the thick of it right now. what's the administration's reaction from the rolling stone
10:34 am
piece? >> thanks for having me back. the students we set up entirely separately. what we can do, we are in the period where they are generating inside from the thousands of people engamed on this. we are trying to figure out what we can change. >> the college cannot sue, but the frat can. do you have a sense of whether they can do so? >> i haven't heard anything about that. what i am more concerned about, they are still laser focused on is the issue of sexual assault. people focus on the issues of reporting in rolling stone and what i am focused on is fixing the problem of sexual assault. we are going to try to stay
10:35 am
focused. >> on this case, we reported that this young woman is writing she feels a assault did happen. this was the roommate of jackie, the woman at the center of this story. is there going to be any ongoing campus investigation? >> the police are investigating procedures at the university. if she would like to pursue those, those are open to her. what we can do is think about the cultural changes. on advocacy and alcohol to figure out how to keep them from being more stories like this. i am with her in this and i believe something horrible happened to her where or when or by whom. >> pulling back to the broader problem and according to surveys, as many as 20% of young
10:36 am
women at college will experience a sex assault on campus. 60 percent per are not reported. whatever the details, it had prompted action and the school announced they would revise. who is keeping tabs on that? >> the administration board spoke with them and they are committed to making sure we are making the right policy. they pulled back community and 15 to 20 of us are each representing groups. all of us are engaged and they understand this is still a problem. we are making sure that happens. >> student council president, thank you for coming on. it's important to note, the department is still investigating these cases. the magazine is continuing their
10:37 am
investigation of the story. we will keep you posted on both. developing news from the white house. just confirming in the daily briefing that they plan to sit and give you earlier to release the report on the use of torture tomorrow. they notified the white house of this and they said the white house supports the release. we will bring you anything more that comes out of it. we are looking at an important question. does your police department need armor or weaponry from war zones. next i hear from a lawmaker who is aiming to fall into untrained hands. >> police met peaceful protesters on their knees. i can't breathe. weapons of war. a sure force on the streets.
10:38 am
i can't breathe.
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>> i think there is something that is a responsibility of the folks at dhs. i think that the best law enforcement, the best interaction that enforcement has with the public, we are most effective when we don't do things on the basis of stereotypes and we look at that other factor and we look at things and come up with ways in which we use the resources we have. >> eric holder on new rules he is saying on racial profiling. this is the latest in a series of steps they are taking to address a lack of trust in the police from police body cameras to a task force on this problem nation wight.
10:42 am
curbing use of military equipment by local police. they uncovered high powered weapons and tactical vehicles and local police in the last year. the white house is standing by this practice and saying it could be useful, but many are looking at responses to protest and calling for change. the congressman from georgia sponsored the protest and to stop militarizing law enforcement. that is supposed to do just that. he defended this practice of disbursing military to really police and said these kinds of programs have been useful in contributing to assemble safety. is the white house wrong to stand by this?
10:43 am
it would 1678ly restrict the transfer of surplus military rep ones great arms to state and local agencies. it does not ban them from a firing that equipment, but it stops the proliferation through the defense department from the battlefield to the streets of surplus military weaponry to reports that have not evidenced a need to have that equipment nor have officer who is have trained and know how to utilize it and when and how to utilize it. >> almost half a million pieces are in the hands of state and local police. look at missouri is with 12 assault rifles and three
10:44 am
helicopters and two night vision pieces. what do you say to police who want more equipment and not less? >> the fact is that statistics show that crime levels are going down. also the rate of individuals incarcerated is decreasing and so our society is becoming less violent internally and yet our police are become more militarized. it's in direct proportion to the shut down of wars in iraq and afghanistan and the surplus that derives from that. i don't want to see that distributed to state and local law enforcement agencies willie nille and without their local governing authorities being involved in the process.
10:45 am
that element is lacking and it's snag is undemocratic and i think every citizen out there regardless of skin color or political persuasion they have, they should be concerned about a law enforcement agency being able to a fire for free this weapon r50e directly from the defense department and with no say or authority. my legislation would stop that. >> one of the things about this, we are seeing support for this. it's not on the line and you appeared on the house floor seeming to be very moved by the ferguson grand jury decision and the reaction to it. you called congress cowardly. what can they do to be more brave? >> one thing congress to do is stomp engaging in the messaging
10:46 am
emphasis and messaging emphasis and start dealing with this substandive matter that they need about it. we have been the do nothingest congress in the last two sessions. congress has been playing messaging games trying to get rid of democrats and president obama. i predict they will continue to do that into the 114th congress and hopefully by the time that it ends in 2016, the american people will be fed up with it and elect people who are willing to come in. my hats go off to raul labrador and mr. mcclint ok from california. those representatives despite the games that their party are
10:47 am
pl playing stood up to the plate and i appreciate their by partisanship that lends to the success of this legislation. >> it does stand in contrast to the politics being played as you just mentioned. you talked about that hollow messaging. this is a politically fraught issue. so many that want this equipment and some don't want it taken away. this is a risky move. >> your viewers can go and evidence their support for the bill. >> we will call on them to express themselves. thank you for your time. if you think police forces should be left militarized and responded to that appeal, we are asking you to use all the tools
10:48 am
to let people know. for this week's call to action, ask them to pass the bill you just heard about. you can tweet out at ronandale tow let us know what you thought. we will keep you coasted on your responses all through the week. up next, is this issue about black and white or bigger than that? the mother of the story that moved so many of us. she lost her son in 1999 when they fired a combined total of 41 shots at the immigrant outside his apartment. he was of course unarmed. don't go away. ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ oooh baby baby. if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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in cleveland, ohio, we heard for the very first time today from the parents of a 12-year-old boy shot and killed by police. the father and mother of tamir rice spoke to reporters at their church. >> two little boys came and
10:52 am
knocked on my door and said, the police just shot your son twice in the stomach. i was trying to get through to my son. the police told me to calm down or they will put me in the back of the police car. and so, of course, i calmed down. >> tamir was shot in a park by officers who say they thought he had a gun, which of course was, in fact, a pellet gun. prosecutors tasked a grand jury with whether or not to indict the officers in young tamir's death. behind these killings of tamir rice, eric garner, there are families forced into the public light while dealing with personal grief. the mother of amadu diallo, who was killed in 1999 when police fired 41 shots at mr. diallo, striking him 19 times outside his apartment. he was unarmed.
10:53 am
police officers say they believed he had a gun. and all four officers involved were acquitted at trial. thank you so much for taking the time to talk about this very painful issue. >> thank you for having me. >> when you see the uproar in response to these recent cases, like tamir rice, what goes through your mind? >> i'm reliving my son's death all over again. people protested it then, and i was hoping all these years later we will not be dealing with the same issue again. however, we all know now, it's not going to stop until we together, community, parents, all races and creed come together and solve this situation because it's getting worse. >> you mentioned there were protests at the time. we all remember those. why wasn't there change out of that round of protests back then?
10:54 am
>> i think it takes time. reverend sharpton organized demonstrations. people got arrested. it's interesting because when trayvon martin was killed, i went to the demonstration and i met with one man who had his son on his shoulder and he said that when amadou was killed, he march with him, he was 3 years old. he was now wearing a t-shirt and standing about 17 years now. >> in your own case, several years ago, and years after the incident, one of the officers involved in the shooting of your son was reinstated in the right to carry a firearm. what was reaction to that? >> really when i learn that, i was stunned and surprised. because the investigation of the nypd, of course, exonerated the police officers but they did not
10:55 am
implement changes. that officer was not the first time he was killing an innocent young man. he has killed before. and he believed in his head he could do the same work again. i condemn that. because it's okay to believe that you do wrong, and make sure that this will not happen again. instead of being in denial, because that police officer being reinstated proved to me that it's still continuing. >> and what is your message to police forces that you see as continuing this? >> my message to law enforcement community is that we have to restore trust in the neighborhood. because humanity is important. we have to understand that every community need them, but we need to work in partnership with them. and also racial tensions should be addressed in this country because that's the problem that is happening in this country.
10:56 am
>> thank you so much. i'm so sorry for your family's loss. >> thank you for having me. >> we will continue to keep the diallo family in all of our thoughts. it's time for the results of our hashtag battle of the day on another difficult issue. we asked you, should the senate release its cia torture report? many of you weighed in. the results, 63% said, yes, release the report now. 37% said, no, delay it. the outcome we know is that tomorrow will-t will, in fact, be released. that wraps up things for today's "r.f. daily." "the reid report" is up next. it's her birthday today.
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we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome to "the reid report." we're following developments on
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several fronts today, including new details in this weekend's failed mission to rescue an american journalist held by isis in yemen. attorney general eric holder issues new rules to curb racial profiling. we're following new fallout for rolling stone. in maryland, crews search for survivors after a small plane crashed into a d.c. suburb, killing at least three people on board. we start today with the latest on the american photojournalist who died during a hostage rescue mission in yemen. the body of luke somers will return to the u.s. tomorrow as they piece together how the militants were tipped off to location of navy s.e.a.l.s. nbc news jim miklaszewski is live at the pentagon. what do we know about what happened and what went wrong? >> u


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