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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  December 9, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> this report that's being released by the senate intelligence committee. >> described brutal around the clock interrogations. >> i hesitate to use that term, torture. >> it was an ugly visceral description. >> i know from personal experience that the abuse from prisoners will produce more bad than good intelligence. >> we tortured some folks. >> it's use was shameful and unnecessary. >> they never inthe viewed anyone of us who had anything to do with this program. >> we promized our basic values. >> using those techniques saved lives. >> the program proved its worth. >> that's a claim we can prove is inaccurate. ♪ ♪ good to have you with us tonight folks, thanks for watching. earlier today the senate intelligence committee released
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525-page report of the cia's use of torture during the bush administration. the report is disturbing. it goes against everything this country stands for. every american should know the key findings for this report. many disagree saying enhanced n interrogation did provide information. the report goes on to find -- finally, . >> some in washington are
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extremely upset this report was released, they claim it might compromise national security or put american lives in jeopardy and at risk. earlier today senator fienstein made a solid report why this report had to be made public. >> i'm releasing this report because i know there are thousands of employees at the cia who do not condone what i will speak about this morning and who work day and night long hours within the law for america's security in what is certainly a difficult world. it shows the cia's actions a decade ago are a stain on our value and on our history. the release of this 500-page summary cannot remove that stain, but it can and does say to our people, and the world, that america is big enough to
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admit when it is wrong and confident enough to learn from its mistakes. releasing this report is an important step to restore our values and show the world that we are in fact a just and lawful society. >> minutes later, senator mccain took to the senate floor in support. >> i fliez supporise in support the long-delayed release of the senate torture report unclassified review of the so called enhanced interrogation techniques that were employed by the previous administration to extract information from captured terrorists. it's a thorough and thoughtful study of practices that i believe not only fail theed failed their purpose but
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actually damaged our security interest as well as our reputation as a force for good in the world. i believe the american people have a right, indeed, responsibility to know what was done in their name. >> details of the summary are extensive and disturbing. the report reveals 119 people were tortured. so what's in this report. this is a quote. >> one cia cite known as cobalt was exceptionally disturbing. one of the most disturbing cases involved 9/11-planner saying he
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was waterboarded 83 times, 24/7 for two and half weeks at one point becoming completely unresponsive with bubbles coming out his mouth. he survived the experience of enhanced interrogation. one person unhappy is former vice president dick cheney saying this. >> the bush administration's legacy of enhanceed interrogation is one that deeply divides this country. >> this story is very simple, the u.s.a. tortured people for
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intelligence and it didn't work. over the next few weeks will you see a tired old debate in america. half this country thinks torture is just fine. >> i celebrate what the cia did in the aftermath of 9/11. >> these techniques worked in a dark moment in our country to keep our country safe. >> we did whatever we had to do and i pray to god that until the end of time we do whatever we have to go. >> look i'm on record of saying i'm in favor of waterboarding because it worked. >> it doesn't mention all the lives saved, and there were thousands of lives saved by the information they got. >> half this country thinks bush and cheney committed war crimes. >> i find it an enormous problem that they go after something like this benghazi, tragedy as it was and they don't go after the war crimes of bush and cheney. >> it is clear to me the bush
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administration did was war crimes. >> the administration with 9/11 on their watch muddied the water on torture time after time. >> you can't expect me and people in this government to do what we need to do to protect you and your family if we don't have the tools that we think are necessary to did so. >> you said within the law. >> yeah. >> and yet you admitted there were cia secret facilities. >> so what. why is that not within the law. >> the head of amnesty said secret sights are not within the law. >> we disagree with them and plus my job is to protect you. >> we were very careful to stay within the limits but we did develop techniques that were absolutely vital in collecting information. >> they still have a 24/7 mentality today and fantasize about pulling vital intel before
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another attack. this is fantasy. some won't be happy until bush, cheney and rumsfeld will have their day at the hey, this is also fantasy. president obama decided not to go after the administration early on. here's the simple truths, one, american tortured, two nobody is held responsible. >> and let's not forget cia director was given the presidential medal of freedom, little did we know he was in charge of an organization according to this report that was running a rogue organization through the cia. zubeda was tortured 83 times for two and half weeks straight. he was a planning for 9/11. i would venture to say that most americans probably don't care that he was tortured saying we lost over 3,000 americans back on that day back in september 11th, 2001, but the fact is we don't torture as a country
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because it is against who we are, against international law and we don't want our people to get tortured. now where do we go. i want to know what you think on this issue. tonight's question, do you think this senate torture report will make america stronger or weaker? text a for stronger. text b for weaker to 67622. go to or blog and leave a comment and we'll bring results later in the show. for more bringing in senator of road island. good to have you with us. i want to go right to the accuracy of this and how it is being debunked by former administration officials. do you believe that this report is accurate and true? >> absolutely, positively, certainly. the authors of this report, the members of the committee and the staff went through millions of
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documents, they were operating off live e-mail traffic happening as these investigations and interrogations went forward. the amount of information that they worked with was very strong. it is massively foot noted and back stopped. indeed the cia tried to take it apart and come up with one factual correction. so the talk that's happening is a continuation of the spin campaign to support the program but in terms of the serious one-on-one look at the report for factual errors, not there. >> senator do you think this country did the right thing by not going down this road earlier and seeking prosecutions if laws were proeken? were broken? >> well that's a difficult conversation for me to have because i was not in the grand jury that investigated this. i was not part of the prosecutive team. one has to have faith in the system.
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i know the prosecutor john dunham who worked on this. i think he's a incredibly legitimate solid person. did he not go in the tank, so have to trust the process that there was no charge to be brought. >> so how does america make this right as you see it. many think had will damage our standing in the world. we push for human rights and social justice and have our own issue in that regard clearly with 38,000 foot notes in this report how do we make it right? >> i think this report is a long step towards making it right. it's really important that americans know what was done in their name. and they should be aware of the context of this. which is that we have actually prosecuted american soldiers for waterboarding during the
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philippines insurrection. we prosecuted japanese soldiers for waterboarding in world war ii. we can't be a leader having a double standard for ourselves. it's just wrong. a lot was broken and bent out of shape trying to protect this torture program and we need to set all of that right as well. >> who is at the root of it, in your opinion senator? is this just some rogue agents that went off on their own because she wethey were upset te country got hit or do you think they took orders from the white house and it got out of hand. how would you describe what unfolded. >> i think there was a white house connection here. whether y when you look at the way in which the rules over at the justice were written up in a way that allowed torture program to
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proceed ignoring united states circuit court case law that cold waterboarding torture, it really looked like the justice they cooked the books to allow the department to go forward. the cia and department of justice together kept it to a very small group so there was no peer review and people not in on the deal wouldn't say what? that's crazy. so there's lots of signs that this was maneuvered in a way that was aware of the wrongfulness of the program, both in the lead up to it and trying to justify it afterwards. there's kind of a cover up around this as well as the program itself. >> so senator everyone involved walks scott free.
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how does that sit with you? >> well, not great. but i do think something very important was done in getting this report out. the truth -- >> okay. >> -- really matters in america. >> all right senator sheldon, white house, great to have us with us on "the ed show." appreciate your time sir. let me bring in program director for new america and federal public defender representing eleven gitmo detainees. heather what jumps out about this report? >> two things. one is the amazing incompetence of the cia that this depicts. even if you're still not sure whether torture works or not you should have a ream problem with a government agency that operates this way. and second there's no critique of anything in the report september the assertion that torture doesn't work. there's no dispute of the facts, about the techniques, there's not a dispute that totally innocent people were held and
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tortured. if sourc so most of this report in fact is not disputed at all by anyone. >> what about the defense that dick cheney is putting up in dealing with this saying if he had to do it all over again that's exactly what he would do. he said it was cleared by the department of justice, your thoughts on that? >> well, you just heard senator white house say everything they did was diemed to be within the law by a group of lawyers that was convened and directed by the white house to make sure it was within the law. if you look at records from fbi officials during the same period and statements the by intergators who dissented you will see there were people who were saying this is outside the law and number two, we were getting better intel before the torture started. >> carlos the details in this report, obviously disturbing.
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first of all your reaction to it. what legal ramification can become of any of this as you see it? >> well i think senator white house was lied to. i think if you look at the back of report, the report is written as an indictment against michael hayden and mr. rizzo, there's perjury. they go into great detail about how michael hayden, the director of the cia, lied to congress and we see it every day in the courts in the united states, my clients are often prosecuted for perjury for much less. i saw 30 counts of perjury my question is why isn't mr. hayden prosecuted. if we follow the rule of law we have to enforce it equally from top to bottom. >> what do you think the legal reaction will be from the international community, carlos, if any. >> well, i think the president
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has been very clear on this and he's correct that we have to practice what we preach. we cannot go to foreign nations and tell them all the wrong things that they're doing in the world and they can look at this report and nothing in this report came as much of a surprise, it shouldn't, to the public, the bottom line is we knew there was torture going on, it's inhibited our ability to relate to other countries internationally. guantanamo is a horrible black stain and frankly causes the president to not have the credibility to do what he wants to do international with these kind of black marks. >> heather where does it go from here? how do we mop it up? >> what i would like to see is cia oversight reform so we can
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be confident more members of congress are getting more extensive information so we don't have to hear senators are lied to. so we continue to see the questions about the investigation itself, there's clearly major internal clean up within the cia needed. >> if most of the work was done by psychologists that cost this country $80 million it would seem that somebody on the intel committee should know that long before it unfolds or is that expecting too much. >> it seems to be expecting too much. i think there do seem to be a number of things that overseers in the white house and congress should have known and maybe didn't want to know. >> all right. and carlos, finally, what does this change if anything with those who are at shukrijumah those who are gitmo.
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>> one of the shocking things that came out is they tortured at least 26 innocent individuals, the wrong people. we have said for years that that condition exists in gitmo. it is difficult to take our case public. we should ask who are they holding and why are they there and frankly why can't we close it. it's something the president wants to do but the right keeps pushing back. >> all right. great to have you both with us tonight. appreciate your expertise on it. coming up using power and celebrity to usher in social change in america, weighing in on the "i can't breath" moment. but first. we talk about elizabeth warren in a new 2016 push. trenders is next, stay with us. ♪
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time now for trenders. we want you to keep in touch with us on twitter and like us on face facebook. thanks for that. you can get my podcast 24/7. it's there 24/7 there for you. here's today's top trenders voted on by you. >> i wish my brother george was here. >> the number three trender, brother's back. >> he knows i want him to run. if i need to reiterate, i will, run jeb. >> run forest, run!
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>> i think he'd be a great president. >> w puts his money on jeb in 2016. >> you've often referred to bill clintor. clinton. what's that make hillary clinton? >> my sister-in-law. >> do you think he could run against her. >> yeah and i think he'd beater. >> so you'd take that bet. >> absolutely. >> the number two trender the british invasion. >> the couple flew in to jfk on a commercial flight. >> the duke and duchess meet american leaders. >> began with white house meetings first with vice president and dr. biden and later with president obama. >> along with queen b and king jameiss. >> william and kate met beyonce and jay z. >> gave many him a special
2:25 pm
jersey. >> is it cool or what. >> in today's top trender, make it a move. >> is prepared to spend a million bucks to draft elizabeth warren. >> you choose me. >> elizabeth warren has positioned herself as the democratic party's leading cruise aider against wall street of. >> elizabeth warren is out there saying substantive stuff. >> hillary clinton not adapting fast enough to the message. >> we got to be willing to get out there and fight back to take this country back. >> joining me now cofounder from the progressive change campaign committee. good to have you with us. can there be enough grass roots support generated out there that might get elizabeth warren to run for nomination for democrats, could it happen?
2:26 pm
>> well i think this will certainly turn some heads. and the single biggest priority of progressives going into the 2016 presidential election is making sure whoever the democrat campaign is actively talks about -- investment in jobs, making education affordable, things like that. will this grass roots effort make a difference? certainly will for the national political dialogue, if the effect is only that thousands of people hold local evening events clamoring over candidates with big idea, that will tilt the country. >> do you think elizabeth warren can be recruitedcy guess is the question. she stated she will not run but there's a ground swell effort that will take place. move on going to spend a million. your organization has been very
2:27 pm
connected to elizabeth warren and a big supporter. what would move her to take a look at this and get serious. >> yes, we led the draft elizabeth warren for senate campaign in 2011-12 and raised millions of dollars ultimately. it shows someone if they run they can count on support. in this case elizabeth warren has said she's not running, she's also said life opens unexpected doors, so who knows. here's the bottom line, every progressive actor needs to impact the race to ensure hillary clinton and others understand to incentive campaigns, whether running for president themselves, or us sending our first new hampshire organizer up to talk to local
2:28 pm
union and democratic party leaders foreseeing who is in and who is out, everything leads in the same direction, we want i democratic party that stands for big economic ideas. >> does hillary clinton fit that. >> time will tell. he's talked about a lot of issues almost not at all has she talked about wall street and corporate power and will she appoint wall street folks or p populis populists, what we can do now between the time she decides to run or not run, what we can do is change the environment. show visible suppose sort across new hampshire and across america for a presidential candidate that will fight for the little
2:29 pm
guy against the big guy. >> all right adam good to have you with us thank you for joining us. coming up king james makes a royal statement in brooklyn and president obama makes a bold statement on keystone. your questions next on ask ed live. mhere's our new trainer! ensure active heart health. heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium...
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talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit don't let non-24 get in the way of your pursuit of happiness. welcome back to "the ed show." appreciate all the questions from our viewers. tonight in our ask ed live segment, first question from julie. well, he could negotiate anything into an immigration plan but if he does that he will have to think the republicans think they are really getting something so the president will have to come out against keystone in a big way and then negotiate it away. in my opinion i think there's a million things the president could negotiate away other than the climate. i'm a believer that keystone is
2:33 pm
not good for the climate in the long run. next question from cheryl. the coffee is on at 6:00 a.m. no matter what time zone i'm in. that's when we get it going. then i got to walk the dogs, buxter and ducky and they do what they go to do. thanks for asking. stick around rapid response panel is next. denver international is one of the busiest airports
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welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for joining us tonight. you know, people in positions of visibility sometimes use that visibility in a very powerful way. the king of the nba has inserted himself into the biggest story of america. lebron james wore an "i can't breath t-shirt" on monday with five other players in the league. cue the conservative outrage. >> people like pro athletes have the responsibility to know what they talk about before they
2:38 pm
protest on the company dime. >> does that work for cable hosts too, old bill-o. lebron gentleman e. fwlap. knows the power of his visibility inclipses any sneaker contract. >> my mind went back to when i was 17 or 18 or 20 and as i told them, not only do i hear the pain and frustration of being subjected to that kind of constant suspicion but, part of the reason i got into politics was to figure out how can i bridge some of those gaps and
2:39 pm
understanding so that the larger country understands this is not just a black problem or a brown problem, this is an american problem. >> the president recognized the power he holds. >> dr. king once said when he was asked about anti-lynching legislation, somebody said you can't change what is in the hearts and minds of the white folks in the south, you know, you can't legislate what is in their hearts he said you can't legislate what's in their hearts but if you can just stop them from lynching me that's progress. that's a pretty good thing and over time, hearts and minds catch up with loss. >> joining me tonight on our rapid response panel, doctor and professor at georgetown. gentleman, great to have you with us. congressman how is the president handling this crisis of justice.
2:40 pm
there's very little he can do other than to give interviews that would impress people because he doesn't hold the legislative power to change things or do you see it differently. >> this is a national moment of opportunity to really get something done on an issue has been plaguing american for generations and the president has stepped in and his momentum should continue. particularly given what took place with the michael garner situation and the failure of the grand jury to indict. i think there are people everywhere who are prepared to have a real conversation that leads to action now on this problem of young unarmed innocent african-americans being killed by the excessive use of force. >> doctor, there's a lot of talking going on, a lot of athletes making a statement, but what action can be taken? >> well, first of all, talk is
2:41 pm
necessary. mart martin luther king, jr. spent most of his time talking. yes, he was in the streets. yes, he was forging commitments and connections with other like minded activists to change mind and to under mind the cultural practices that have been destructive to black people, but they spent a lot of time talking. can't under estimate the bully pit. i don't want the president to come off as a spectator and he does. he has to say what about now. make a plain statement. it is egregious and unjust for young african-american men to be subjected to the kind of police brutality and lethal force that expresses unfocused bias and leads to death. we are american citizens, talk
2:42 pm
about what that pain is. when the president does that it signals to the rest of the nation to follow. then we have to talk about what police something about in america. those conversations are critical and the president can exercise a far more aiggressive stance tha he has taken so far. >> yeah. congressman, president obama is always very measure in his demeanor, what if he sounded like michael just right there, what if the president did what doctor dyson just said and approached it that way would it make a difference. >> i think the president was passionate in his response in the after dmath of the tray von martin situation. i think you have ongoing situations in ferguson and with michael garner situation, and he
2:43 pm
has to be careful. this is a moment we need an all hands on deck approach and presidential leadership, passionate, informed, engaged leadership is important. the president has said that this time will be different. i think that is an important contribution. he said he's involved, he has two years to deliver on that promise. >> congressman, do you think lebron james and other nba players make a difference? >> absolutely. and as indicated we need athletes, entertainers, congress, all hands on deck to solve a problem that has impacted america for generations. in the great tradition of this country you can look at jesse owens when he went to germany and defeated hilt letttler prov
2:44 pm
a arian race wasn't superior. you can look at many people and lebron james can do the same thing. >> do you think the 20-somethings that are out there protesting are gathering what happened in past generations of activism. you got the columbia law school that will allow students to postpone their exams if they feel unnerved by the recent grand jury decisions, seems to me the school is making a statement. do these 20-something's realize this was a generational fight? >> i think they are extremely intelligent. my students at georgetown are well-informed and they understand it is a reflection on
2:45 pm
a problem that we have not yet dealt with. let me say this about the president so i won't be mistaken, the president keeps saying he doesn't want to weigh in on a particular case, i don't want him to, i want him to weigh in on the case of black unarmed people being murdered by the police, nothing specific, not michael brown, not michael garner, i want you to say in general, without there being a case, that it is wrong and unjust for this to occur, he is taking a technicality behind which he can now cowar because se a brilliant man. he can no longer be allowed to be a spectator no longer allowed to use the bully pulpit. he zn zn the have to .
2:46 pm
>>. >> thank you both for your time tonight. the heisman candidate s are set.
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drill. a race for the heisman is on. marcus mariota, alabama wide receiver amari cooper. had a big game at the right time. and wisconsin running back melvin gordon. all were named as finalists for the heisman trophy. i've only see gordon play in action, he was awfully impressive at iowa and the week before over 400 yards. mariota, great numbers, i think alabama would be a great team even if cooper wasn't playing, but this is an individual honor. they're all great, but i got to
2:51 pm
go with gordon. this guy, what he's done for wisconsin, the thing that's going to hurt him, they didn't show well against ohio state. but every down, this guy's a threat. every down this guy plays as much as he handles the ball. very strong between the tackles and he's got a second and third gear. i think he's the best player in the country. coming up, we're talking keystone. stay with us. >> in a world where we already know temperatures are going up. and keystone is a potential contributor of that. it's not going to push down gas prices here in the united states. it's good for canada. it could create a couple thousand jobs in the initial construction of the pipeline, but we have to measure that against whether it's going to contribute to an overall warming of the planet that could be disastrous. >> the president doesn't sound like a believer. we'll have the least on the keystone xl, stay with us. ignore signs of damage in your home.
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2:56 pm
early next year, big oil will have the senate. senator never explained this fact. >> it relates to the keystone pipeline, and the decision that you are going to make and the administration is going to make about a critical, in my view, piece of infrastructure, that will transport safely the cleanest barrel of oil produced in north america, contrary to popular belief. >> she got smoked by 12 points. republicans have both the louisiana senate seats for the first time in 132 years. landrieu's lost is a message to other damages as i see it. backing big oil hurts the environment and it doesn't buy you one extra vote. she tried to out-keystone the opponent. it didn't work. maybe if she had said, let's do
2:57 pm
the responsible thing, it's not going to affect our economy in louisiana a bit, and we got to concern ourselves about the climate, maybe she would have won. join me tonight is the executive director of bold nebraska. good to have you with us tonight. is this somewhat of a message to democrats that it's better to go with the truth. it is the dirtiest oil, not the cleanest oil coming out of the ground. she tried to spin that. and i think she paid a price for it. how do you see what unfolded here? >> she's not only lying about how carbon intensive it is, it's the dirtiest form of all. but she lied on the u.s. senate. so i think when you cheer lead for keystone xl, you're going to get the boot. people do not want to see big oil destroying our land and water and increasing carbon pollution. >> she tried to out-keystone her
2:58 pm
opponent and it didn't work. so now the republicans have got another senate seat. is this going to make it harder to do anything on the climate? it probably will as i see it. your thoughts? >> i do think president obama has a lot of things moving forward through executives actions and already using things that have the clean water act. so we've seen big climate moves that the president has done. we now need to see a rejection. so what i think needs to happen next, the epa honestly needs to look at the changes that have happened since the state department released the report. and they need to submit new information to the state department because the price of oil has dropped. it completely changed the climate change equation in the state's report. so i really hope that's what the epa is going to do next. >> why would we bring this oil to market if prices are dropping? obviously there's enough oil and consumption is down. what do you expect next year?
2:59 pm
>> i expect more of the same next year. mcconnell and all of the big oil-loving senators, they're not going to do anything to help farmers and ranchers. certainly not going to do anything to help climate change. we look to president obama for that leadership. he has two more years where he can enact strong climate regulations and make sure he's showing climate leadership and reject keystone xl. it's not going to happen in the senate, certainly not in the house. we know that. as americans, we have to rise up and start electing more populist folks. we can't keep on risking our land and water and throwing away property rights all in the name of, quote/unquote, energy security and jobs. >> so you don't think the senate vote is going to take place that would give the stamp of approval to keystone, when they get the majority? >> i certainly think that's a possibility. but i think the president can reject and veto those bills.
3:00 pm
he can use the pens that americans are across the united states are sending him to veto those bills and use that same pen to reject keystone xl altogether. we don't have to live in a society where they dictate where our policies are going. >> jane, good to have you with us tonight. appreciate your time. that's "the ed show." "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed, and thanks to you for tuning in. we start tonight with breaking news, the truth about torture. democrats on the senate intelligence committee released their bombshell report on the cia today with stunning details about the worst abuses from the bush war on terror. horrific acts done in our name. at least three prisoners were subjected to waterboarding. and one case described as a series of near


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