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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 19, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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named after him after all. but honestly, he said just a couple days ago how psyched he was. if the students hadn't protested it was going to happen. if that's happening in texas at rick perry's alma mater, who e of the united states? good morning. right now on "first look," america's security and privacy exposed calls for the u.s. to get tough and retaliate on the zony hackers. the second horrific scene out of australia. this time involving death of eight children. as the russian economy tanks with the stocks skyrocket. good morning. i'm angie goth. it has kriped a big company. it caused a studio a major motion picture, and a cost to privacy. the electronic attack on sony pictures goes on they are pointing a the source. it was launched from inside
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north korea. details from pete williams. >> security analysts say even though north korea has a force of nearly 6,000 people assigned to do cyber ahacks, the previous attempts have been primitive. now they say the name of the sony attack, who it targeted, the splashy claims of credit and the dumping of e-mails said if the north koreans were behind the attack they had help. >> now all of a sudden they have done something sophisticated abruptly out of nowhere. so how do they suddenly acquire that capability? it's hard to imagine they can do it without outside help. >> even though u.s. officials say they found no definitive sign that sonied iners were involved. the attack may have begun months ago and bounced all over rooted through a series of servers to disguys the origin. was launched by north korea how to respond. the obama administration said the ahackers may be inching for a reaction. >> sophisticated actors, when
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they carry out actions like this are oftentimes, not always, often seeking to provoke a response from the united states of america. >> responding in kind with a cyber attack might not be effective because north korea doesn't have much of a cyber footprint. >> there's no banking structure in north degrkorea. north korea already suffering major power outages on a daily basis. >> and a former federal crimes prosecutor a country that mounts an attack over a movie looks weak. >> if it is north korea it's silly they would almost engage in an act of war. >> pete williams reporting there. pete said definitive word on the source of the attack may come today. a tragic and horrific screen in australia. eight children from 1 1/2 to 15 found stabbed inside a home and
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dead. the 34-year-old woman was stabbed in the home but alive. they haven't identified a suspect. it comes days after a deadly siege where a gunman took 18 people hostage and killed two. it has been a busy few days for president obama before he heads out for the 17-day hawaiian holiday vacation. he'll hold a news ends news conference. there's a lot to talk about. >> that's okay. ed media is going to help him with where to start. whenever he starts they're going to add more. let's start with cuba. the president made the historic announcement earlier this week. now the focus shifts to congress and whether or not they lift the trade embargo.
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a lot of republicans especially those in florida said they'll oppose it. lifting travel restrictions are going to move pretty quickly a matter of week not months. the sony hack you were talking about likely to come up. a white house spokesman said the president considers this a serious national security matter. his homeland security secretary jay johnson said they previewed the film while it came out. they won't say publicly north korea is behind it, but you heard that's the belief of their government. immigration, the secret service, the report out recommending fencing and agents and training and a new director at the secret service. the president is likely to be asked about that plus new possible sanctions on russia he signed off on this week. and afghanistan, remember the combat mission is winding down at the end of this year. >> a lot to squeeze into an hour. thank you. last night stephen colbert
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hosted the final "colbert report." there was a sing along with one of the greatest collections of celebrities we've seen. since we don't have time to play the entire song, here are some of the highlights. ♪ ♪
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♪ nbc faces, big a lot of people were there. let's get down to business with landon dowdy. i think we're the only ones not there. >> no kidding. what a happy friday. great crew. the market rally looks like it could roll on for a third day. stocks had the best day of the year on thursday. the fed reassured investors they'll be patient about raising interest rates. rising more than 700 points in two days. it's the best in six years. more people are doing their peyton manning with the smartphones and tablets. 35% of all transactions. it's more than at m and the branch visit. they are using it for basic services such as checking balances and depositing checks. >> google is preparing to wire the android software directly to your car. accessing streaming music, maps,
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and other content without having to plug-in their phones. google could roll it out until the next year or so. back to gryou. >> pretty cool. in sports a battle of the two on thursday night football. jags lead the titans by four in the fourth quarter. jordan breaks free there. down the middle for a 62-yard score. the longest scoring play of the season for the jags. on the last play of the game derek with a sack. that earned him a $600,000 bonus in his contract for getting eight sacks on the season. jags win it 31-13. kevin durant scoring a season high 30 points in the first half. but then durant comes down with the mild right ankle sprain after stepping on the foot of another player. good news x-raies on the ankle were negative. a big trade in the nba the celtics are sending ran dough to
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the mavericks. beijing is hoping to be the first to host the summer and winter games. they're ramping up for a bid for the 2022 olympics. ben zully had a brief score when he lost his world series ring. he sprang into action tweeting. it took nine minutes and they tweeted out the ring was found where? in one of the shopping bags that he was packing food into. crisis averted. a pair of game shoes michael jordan wore as a freshman at unc sold yesterday for more than $33,000. the shoes were given to one of jordan's high school teammates. i guess they could be considered
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the original air jordans. just ahead the texas highway mishap being dubbed a christmas miracle. and what professions do americans think the most honest and ethical? the answer when "first look" returns.
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which profession s do americans view as having high ethical standards? nurses bay long shot. they take the top spot. not car salesman. and they're followed by doctors, pharmacists, police, bankers, and down to the bottom of the barrel with members of congress. major rain may have put a dent in the california drought. this was the view from space two months ago. take a look. lots of brown there. we slide over the image from this week, and what do you see? a whole another picture! another a lot of green in the valley. the snow in the seierras.
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the lowest in six months. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here. >> it's a start! ? >> it's a start. you said it's not enough. >> it's not close. when you hear the numbers how much rain is needed, it's mind blowing. again, you have to start somewhere. 10 inches of rain in san francisco this month alone was where we've started. the rain this morning down in texas. we're getting drenched. it's amazing how little in the way of snow and ice and sleet and even freezing rain we talked about so far this winter season. once again this weekend mostly dominated by rain. today down along the texas coast, louisiana kind of pushing to the southeast today, tonight, and be with you tomorrow in the southeast. not a lot of snow to be found or icy conditions. watch out around buffalo in western new york. a little bit of freezing drizzle. a rain i dy day in the southeas tomorrow. by the time we get to sunday -- we have northern plains that could get a little bit of wintery mix but more rain in the south.
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the biggest headache we're going to have up until christmas is going to be on christmas eve itself. it looks like the eastern sea board, a pretty good sized storm. it's rain but it will be windy, a lot of heavy rain. in other words, if you're driving probably won't have any problems getting to the destination but the airports could have significant impacts from the weather on wednesday. >> a lot of challenges ahead. other stories we're following now. more retribution following the attack at the school in pakistan earlier this week. ground forces killed 589 militants near the border while another 32 terrorists were killed by security forces. today only days after the school massacre. and the irs did the math and budget cuts could mean trouble. cuts just enacted by congress could hurt enforcement efforts, reduce taxpayer services, and most portly delay refunds. half the people who call the agency this year will not be able to get through to a live person. after an investigation
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authorities determined that the massive fire in los angeles last week was arson. the fire destroyed a seven-story structure on a construction site and took nearly 250 firefighters to put the blaze out. and check out the security footage that shows an attack from a flying tire? wow! yeah. after the tire fell off a truck traveling down a texas highway, it bounced off the road and into the window there. luckily doctors are calling this a christmas miracle as the man has no serious injuries. salvation army bell ringers found an unusual donation. a gold tooth. the organization is holding on to the duty in case it was an accidental donation. russia's putin mocks a stroke victim, boehner's christmas wish, and barack obama's surprised bone scam.
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ask your doctor about invokana®. for a happy friday version of scrambled politics. for just 690 days until election day 2016. but there's news every day. from keith el sis said i would love to see elizabeth warren run. it would be, quote, fantastic. it the massachusetts democrat is, quote, one of the great bright lights of our time. and another female politician could be readying her
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campaign this time on the gop side. national reports the former ceo of hewlett-packard is laying the ground work for a, quote, imminent presidential campaign. last night louisville became the first city in kentucky to raise the minimum wage. it will go to $9 an hour by 2017. that's awkward political news, at the annual news conference yesterday, putin president tried to be funny when a journalist asked him a question. putin implied the man was drunk. in all reality the journalist suffered a double stroke. talk about passionate politics, opposition members forced on to the floor and threw papers to protest a controversial security bill. that eventually led to a fistfight. john boehner got festive in his latest dig on president obama. >> the end of the 113th countdown again.
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the new american congress would soon be at hand. time to take on the tough issues like taxes. reform is needed for ohio to here in capitol hill but not by executive order but instead by a bill. >> a little poetic politics there. president obama took a moment to have a little fun with one of his favorite governors. check out the prized phone call to deval patrick's radio show. >> hello. >> hello. you're on, sir. you're on with the governor. >> governor, this is barack obama formerly of summerville. i've been -- >> come on! >> i have a few complaints about the service around the neighborhood. b >> you're kidding, mr. president. >> that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. >> obviously they weren't screening calls there. in washington i'm joined by
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my friend, a reporter for the hill. t tgif! >> happy holidays. happy friday. >> we want to start off with the big story the sony hacking. how the u.s. is responding. the things we're hearing, financial sanctions against north korea. boosting the military in south korea. is there any talk about how effective it could be because, let's face it, north korea is very isolated. >> that's a great question. so you to remember that the details are still emerging today as to if north korea acted alone. there are reports that there could be other countries involved with this hoshrrible attacks. reports of iran within some pointing to russia, even. as well as china in some reports. i think the details are still i merging. if you look from a financial perspective, the sanctions that we've imposed on other countries, you know, i think clearly there's a precedent for
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that to be done. the second point quickly that i want to make on the sony hax, when you look at the tactic that the administration has had in publicly pointing the finger already at north korea, that's a little bit different than previous tactics they've used following other hacks. you know, usually they've attempted to navigate this behind the scenes. it's a very clear signal that the administration is sending worldwide this type of attack is not going to be tolerated and going to be treated very seriously specially on a large company like sony. >> we'll have to see the response. now we have to be worried about copy cat. i want to shift gears to talk about cuba. rantd paul, shocker, breaking from the ranks backing the president on this one. does it really pit him against other top presidential politics now? >> senator paul is tapping into his libertarian leaning policies
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by backing the president on cuba. every other major 2016 candidate from senator marco rubio to florida governor jeb bush have all indicated they oppose these sanctions. but also some democrats including most notably senator robert menendez, a democrat from new jersey opposing the sanction. a huge congressional battle looming for the new year on cuba. we'll have to see what happens. >> quick, we did get word that the panel had new recommendations for the secret service. they are recommendations we've heard before. this time it has to be different, right? >> it has to be different. it has to be different, angie. it's been an embarrassing year for the full of headlines that the secret service don't want to use. the one of the recommendations is to build a higher fence. i think the secret service is going to be making some strong changes. >> a lot of work to restore the faith of the american people in the agency. >> absolutely. have a great friday and holiday!
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leading the news in usa today police are suing nearly 79,000 fugitives. nationwide police and prosecutors quietly told the fbi they had given up chasing people charged with armed robbery and raping children usually without informing their victims. the reason? because they had crossed state lines. on, contact high court nebraska and oklahoma sue
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over colorado pot legalization. filed by state attorney general argue that colorado marijuana entered their state leading to more arrests, impounded vehicles with and higher and jail and court costs. now entertainment news at the box office this weekend the ho hob bit has the first weekend expecting to grow $64,000. night of the museum is looking to take second place making $32 million. annie gets officially released. expecting $18 million. and the biggest stars of the year were honored last night at the first ever people magazine awards. jennifer aniston won actress of the year. >> i know nothing about kate. >> i know. obviously it's good. michael keaton. for their roles in the movies. >> everyone said birdman. >> as for comedy star of the year that went to kevin hart. it was this woman who walked away the sexyist woman. >> i guess she's all right. kneel patrick harris is
2:29 am
joining the freak show. joining american horror show. >> he's perfect for that! >> he's going to be great. it starts january 7th and he's playing a traveling magician. >> that's good. he's going to knock it out of the park. this is "first look" on msnbc. way too early with thomas roberts starts right now. ♪ folks, if this is your first time tuning into the colbert report. i have some terrible news. [ laughter ] this, in fact, this, in fact, is your last time tune into the colbert report until -- no! no. folks, until ten years from now when they reboot it directed by j.j. abrams. i'm going to wreck some [ expletive ] on the new light sabers. a very colbert farewell. he says goodbye to farewell
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nation. wait until you see the familiar faces. and then protecting the leader of the free world. a secret service review recommending sweeping changes to the agency. will the organization listen and act? christmas comes early for investors. a marge surge with gains not seven in seven years. will the dow break 18,000? this is "way too early." hey, everybody good morning. i'm thomas roberts. the friday before christmas. can you believe that? welcome to "way too early." the show not invited to sing backup for colbert. we're tone deaf. what a great farewell colbert had. we'll show you that star-studded conversation that came out.


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