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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  December 22, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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making it up. he has done an incredible incredible job with this movie. it's amazing. >> great project. >> it's if way too early, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." but stick around right now. it's time for "the rundown" with jose. >> and a good monday morning to you. the shock surrounding the execution-style murders of of two new york city police officers is giving way to heat anger and heated politics and the police. some police are so angry several rank and file officers turned their back on him saturday. this morning, commissioner bill bratton telling matt lauer the tension in this city is the worst he's seen since the '70s. >> when i first came into policing, my first ten years were a lot of this type of
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tension. who have with ever thought day jay view all over again. that would be back where we were 40 some odd years ago. >> new york city has become the focal point of new anger. following the execution-style murders of wenjian liu and rafael ramos. saying ismaaiyl brinsley ambushed the police officers. now more than a dozen threats of violence against officers on sunday alone. and it's not just new york. newark, new jersey police got warnings similar to the ones sent out by the nypd union, don't patrol alone. officials in boston and philadelphia are also warning officers to be on high alert as well. nbc's stephanie gosk has been following the story. have we learned anything more about the gunman? >> we are learning some new
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details. dsks say. detectives say the suspect has been arrested 19 times before this and he served two years in a georgia prison for weapons possession. his mother told police that he was, quote, often violent, and that he had even tried to take his life in the last year. now, detectives have also released some details on the time line of that day. they believe that brinsley shot his ex-girlfriend in the early morning hours in baltimore before he came up here and ambushed ramos and wenjian in their squad car. in those messages referenced both michael brown and eric garner. saying in part they took one of ours. let's take two of theirs. now, police say right now they believe that he acted alone. and was motivated in large part craig, by a hatred for the
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police. >> i know you've been in that neighborhood for a few days. what are folks there saying about all of this? >> well you can see this memorial that's behind me. that has grown in the last 24 hours. considering people have been stopping by. a lot of people in this area were part of the protest were triggered after the grand jury decided not to indict officers in the eric garner case. they've been out in recent days saying this is too much. they've come out in support of the officers. also the president of the brooklyn borough has been out. he too says he supports police refor but wants those protests to end until these officers can be buried. >> stephanie gosk for us in brooklyn, thank you. while the shooting has sparked new questions about the relationship between the police and the public the relationship between new york city mayor bill de blasio and his police force has gone from bad to worse now.
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the mayor will try to repair that rift when he speaks to the police athletic league around 1:15 eastern this afternoon. de blasio angered many when he sympathized with officers following eric garner's death. on saturday the union officials drew a direct line from de blasio's sympathetic actions to saturday's murders, accusing the mayor of having blood on his hands. michael is president of global grind. he's an activist. we should also note lives relatively close to where all this went down on saturday. thanks for being with me as always. i want to go back. i want to start with this relationship between the mayor and the police force. because a lot of folks have been saying it was the eric garner case that really strained the relationship. but correct me if i'm wrong, de blasio had a bit of a strained relationship with the police force even before he came out in support of the protesters, did he not? >> i think de blasio recognized when he came into office and part of his campaign was the
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police force -- certainly stop and frisk. and have made those changes and should be recognized an well as commissionerer bratton. it wasn't so much sympathize with protesters. he recognized there is structural racist problems. racism in the police force causing these bad policies to take place. >> but the police union saw it as the mayor sympathizing with police officers. >> the police union have said some very divisive things. to have his officers turn their backs. at the press conference at the hospital. was incredibly disrespectful two what's the motivation there? >> it's political. he wants to make the mayor the bad guy. say there's no problems in the police department. nothing should change. we all know there's problems in the police department. we certainly as protesters we send our deepest condolences to the families.
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none of us are saying this should have ever have happened. but we still can also have a conversation at the same time about what's wrong with the police department how we can make those changes. >> you tweeted that anyone who links violent acts of one man to hundreds of thousands of protesters misses the purpose of the protests entirely to end violence. how concerned are you, though that these protests could potentially spark more violence against police officers? >> we had a silent vigil last night where thousands of people showed up and marched in harlem and prayed. we have no concern that the people organizing this have any sense of violence in them. this man who killed these two also shot his girlfriend as reporters said in the stomach. let's also recognize one-third of women killed in this country killed by their male partners. this was not a revolutionary act. it was not an act of protest. it was a senseless disgusting murder. >> we should also note there's
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been no indication so far he was even involved in any the organized protests before the shooting on saturday. >> that's right. >> the mayor speaking this afternoon. what does he need to say? what can he say? how do you close the casehasm that exists between the new york city and the new york city police department? >> have a one-on-one conversation. going through the media and going before the public i don't think is working. i would highly recommend both men to sit down. discuss their differences and really bring the city together. >> michael, always good to have your insights sir. thank you very much. we're going to have much more on this. in fact i'm going to be talking to new york congressman charlie rangel. in our next hour. let's get to our other big story on this monday. north korea ratcheting up its rhetoric in the wake of the massive sony hacking. the country warning of strikes
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against the white house, pentagon and the entire united states mainland. just days after the u.s. said north korea was behind that cyberattack on sony. meanwhile, new comments from president obama this weekend on that cyberattack. and the possible u.s. response. >> i don't think it was an act of war. i think it was an act of cyber vandalism. we will response proportionately. >> what more is president obama saying about all of this? >> so one of the big questions that had come out is what does it mean that the u.s. will have a proportional response to this. we heard from president obama a signal that it may be putting them on the state sponsored list
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of terrorism. it means more penalties against north korea if it were to happen. one of the other options could be, for example, some sort of retaliatory cyberattack. experts say that probably not as likely only because it opens a kind of pandora's box. making it seem okay to have this retaliatory attack if somebody does perform a cyberattack on your own country. you heard him say it was not an act of war it. the president's critics say that does not go far enough. calling this a new form of war. certainly new developments on that too. >> halle jackson for us in los angeles this monday. thank you. let's bring in executive director of advancing human rights. also daily beast contributor david keys. sony lawyer also saying now "the interview" could be released at some point. ways the
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what's the likelihood of that happening? >> i hope it's high. i think even the fact it won't be in theaters is a real blow to the american way of life. the fact that a north korean tianttie tyrant thousands of miles away can determine what we see in theaters is a profound attack on the american way of life. >> you reacted strongly in your new piece. it's called america's craven capitulation to terror. you wrote by giving artistic veto to a mad man, we submit to the mind-set of a slave. if anything is worth fighting for, it is this. how do you propose we fight? >> well i think this fight can be fought in a few levels. the first is obviously the president or the administration needs to have a strong and overwhelming response to the north korea be regime. i think a lot can be done on the level of average people. we launched a movement as a crowd sourcing platform for human rights where anyone can stand up for human rights and
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hit these dictators back. a few examples, you know, maybe this christmas eve everyone should go to the movies they do see dressed as kim jong-un. >> that's a solution. >> well, no hear me out. i think on the grassroots level, these dictators really fear being made fun of. senator kirk offered to host a whole salon with this movie showing. i think individuals even i spoke to salons have offered to give free haircuts to people kim jong-un haircuts. >> that's the thing, kim jong-un jong-un, he has been widely mocked widely ridiculed. i think you could argue of the dictators we have today, he's the one we've made fun of the most. the fact he's drawn the line on this particular movie, it's quite odd. there's another working theory out there.
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thank you. thanks for the suggestion. we are just getting started on this monday edition of "the rundown." it is a pretty gray day here in new york city. that's the case for a lot of cities up and down the eastern seaboard. the calm before the storm so to speak. things are going to get pretty messy here. especially for the millions of others across the country who are going to be traveling for the holiday. quick check on the forecast after this. we'll also head out to the airport. we'll tell you where the trouble spots may be as you head over the river and through the woods this holiday. it's also a big day for dreamers in arizona. where as many as some 22,000 people will qualify for a driver's license starting today. i'll talk to one of them later in this hour.
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the fact it's the first full day of winter is not the big story today. it's the forecast for the week. it's got a lot of gateway travelers on edge. millions of folks on edge. meteorologist dominica davis is here. americans, are they going to make it home for the holidays? >> well it's going to be tricky. the day before thanksgiving with a lot of rain up and down the east coast. yes, it's the first day of winter but it's not snow we're talking about. it's mild temperatures that we are going to be looking at. a warming trend for the rest of the week. here's a look at the satellite and radar. mainly through the midwest. starting to push up the i-95 corridor into d.c. we're going to see these showers for the next couple of days. but the brunt of the rain and the wind is going to be on christmas eve. it stretches back into the midwest. where we'll have some lake-effect snow. the winds and heavy rain will be
6:16 am
up and down the east coast. i-95 area. so we are going to be looking at a lot of airport delays from boston all the way down to miami and even back chicago. we are talking very mild temperatures. that is not christmas-like at all. we could actually break some records on wednesday. >> dominica we'll come back ton you next hour. thank you so much for that. nbc's tom costello. you closely follow these airlines, mr. costello. what are we expecting in terms of delays. >> i think today is will be smooth sailing. it's cold here and gray and overcast.
6:17 am
rain not snow and ice. i'll take rain over a blizzard any day. let's look at the airports to watch. let's start with tomorrow tuesday. we're watching the airports tomorrow, atlanta and chicago. low clouds and fog likely to impact operations. and then of course we're looking at a possibility of snow in minneapolis. minneapolis could be affected. but now here comes the real tricky day. christmas eve. these are the airports to watch. with that big rain storm moving in. it's going to affect all the major hubs up and down the east coast. philly new york city. you stretch it to the west, cleveland, detroit, chicago. this is a big storm that's going to impact a lot of flight operations on the east coast, especially the east coast and midwest. the good news for christmas day,
6:18 am
things should be relatively quiet. we are expecting the possibility of snow affecting operations in salt lake city and denver. for the most part for those people flying on christmas, it will be a lightly traveled day, operations could go pretty smoothly. the good news is we're talking about rain not snow and ice. listen, let me be the optimist here. last night was the shortest day of the year right, which means starting today, it starts getting longer. we're on our way to summer already, right, craig, back ton you. >> tom costello the eternal optimist. after the break, a check of the markets. we'll also zoom through some of the top stories of the day, including hundreds turning out at a rally in miami to protest president obama's policy shift toward cuba.
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a florida police officer killed arrest in pakistan and cuba shift. let's zoom through some of today's top stories. tarpon springs paying respect to an officer killed in the line of duty. they placed flowers on a patrol car. police say a fugitive shot and killed officer charles condek. the 45-year-old wallace a father of six. he was also a former new york city police officer. investigators say the 23-year-old is back in custody. he was wanted on a parole violation. new developments in the search for missing college student shane montgomery in pennsylvania. a voluntary diving recovery team found montgomery's keys after searching more than four hours in a river in philadelphia. nothing more was found though. the 21-year-old student was out with friends on thanksgiving but he never made it home. overseas pakistani police say they've arrested several
6:23 am
people in connection with a massacre last week at a school. the pakistani police have not said what role those arrested may have played in the taliban attack. over the weekend thousands of pakistanis protested the school attack calling on the government to do more to fight terror. and they've also started bombing militant hideouts along the afghan border and also reinstated the death penalty in terror cases. new jersey governor chris christie has sent a letter to president obama asking him to press cuba for the return of the fbi's most wanted woman. she was convicted of killing a new jersey state trooper in 1973. over the weekend, cuban leader raul castro addressed the national assembly declaring victory while praising president obama for the policy change. he also demanded the united states respect cuba's communist rule as the two countries work towards normalizing diplomatic relations. and in miami, hundreds of
6:24 am
cuban-americans rallied against the president's plan, calling it a mistake. about 40 cuban exile groups put the protests together. local politicians blasted the president, saying candidates will pay at the polls in 2016. let's get a quick check on wall street right now. where christmas shortened trading week is about to get under way, about five minutes away from the opening bell. cnbc's mandy drury join us with a christmas rally. >> it could, at least for today. it looks like the dow is going to open higher at the moment it the futures suggesting a gain of about 50 poibs at the open. but this would be building on the s&p's best weekly performance in almost two months. we saw a gain of 3.4%. and the news gets even better. because gas prices keep on falling. the average price has dropped another 25 cents a gallon in the past two weeks. so now you're looking at 2.39 a gal be on average.
6:25 am
the lowest in over five years. we've got some extra news out of saudi arabia. saying you know what if they're going to get the demand from their customers, they could even increase their output which would mean more pressure downwards on oil prices on gas prices as well. there's been a lot of bottom feeding going on in the energy stocks. the s&p energy index. all those energy related names. nearly 10% last week. a lot of people out there might be thinking we haven't got further to downside to go. i'm going to start getting in there looking for some bargains. >> mandy, thank you. we of course will be keeping a very close eye on the opening bell. just about 3 1/2 minutes away. we're also watching several developments in new york city in the aftermath of the point blank shooting of two police officers law enforcement on high alert across the country for possible copycats while the mayor of new york city is feeling the pressure.
6:26 am
we will be hearing from bill de blasio this afternoon as the family of one of the fallen officers pleaded for calm. >> i hope and pray that we can reflect on this tragic loss of lives that have occurred so we can move forward and find an amicable path to a peaceful coexistence. >> new york congressman gregory meeks is here in the studio. turn the trips you have to take, into one you'll never forget. earn triple points when you book with the expedia app. expedia plus rewards.
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did you get chips for the party? nope. (ding) cheese plate? cheese plate. no, i made something better. you used the oven? boom.
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live look now. the new york stock exchange. caterpillar. ringing the opening bell. this is the 85th anniversary of their listing on the exchange. you might recognize that logo there on bulldozers and dump trucks. the largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment in the world. let's get back to the top story.
6:29 am
police departments around the country are on heightened alert this morning after the execution-style killing of two new york city police officers over the weekend. officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos. one a newlywed the other a father of two. both being mourned today. their deaths are straining an already tense relationship between the city's cops and mayor de blasio. some officers turned their backs on the mayor as he arrived at the hospital saturday night. we're going to hear from the mayor this afternoon at an event aimed at strengthening the bond between the police and the community. former commissioner ray kelly was on "morning joe" this morning. >> there's a heightened risk. we know we see the threats on social media. we know they're coming. they have to be alert. but they have to do their job. they're going to do their job. in my experience i've never seen police officers shirk from
6:30 am
their duties. >> with me now, democratic congressman gregory meeks who represents part of new york city queens part of nassau as well. this rift that exists between mayor de blasio and the police department, is it a relationship that's that's capable of being repaired? >> it has to be repaired. i think personally mr. lynch has to tone down his rhetoric some. this is the wrong time -- >> the head of the union. >> that is correct. >> i think that the mayor for his part he has been trying to bring the voices and the people together in the sense that when you are a mayor, you represent all of the people. clearly, he has appointed the police commissioner that has experience, has been in new york before. he also has experience because of being a member of the city council and having a son that is black, the pressure taking on with policing and the police department. for him to express what's taking
6:31 am
place, talk to those others especially those policing us is very important. i think as oppose to heightened tensions, what we need to do on both sides of this point is to lower those tensions and have the dialogue. >> do you think with what happened, the mayor will thing twice publicly in any way, shape or form, criticizing the police department? >> i know you get criticized in the news media, i get criticized in the political arena. the police department are not above criticism. you should not take it hard. you got to understand criticism comes with the territory. >> those who have said there's a correlation between the protests we've seen in the city a correlation between those protests and the shooting deaths, what would you say? >> i would say if you listen to
6:32 am
whoever was either a coordinator and to the vast majority of the people who were demonstrating. if you listen to the brown family. you will see and hear that everyone was talking about nonviolence. and anybody who was violent was against the movement for justice they were calling for. what i heard was the violence towards police officers. those that this act, which is an isolated act i don't think was connected at all to the individuals who just simply want the justice system to work. and, listen i'm a former prosecutor. i know how important, how diligent the police department is. but i do know there are occasions, some who stray. and those that stray need to be criticized. those that don't -- i think now we're at the point, though and i think president obama adams has it right. we all should be doing is being
6:33 am
together while we put these two hero officers to rest. my heart and sim pathy goes out to their families. >> let's turn to international affairs. you just got back from iraq and afghanistan. you were there for almost two weeks. what did you see? >> well i saw in afghanistan first. >> the new leadership of afghanistan. clearly the old leadership has taken this place down. there were fights among themselves. widespread corruption. when i spoke to the new president and listened to the fact that over 7 million people came out to vote in afghanistan, which had not happened before.
6:34 am
not the fact they ran against one another. they both seem to put aside their differences to say they want to move forward with the progress of the country. that then gives me some hope that they will come together. it's a very violent place. i left the hope that the new leadership of afghanistan is going to make a difference. the president's response or consideration of the response to north korea, what should it include? >> when he says there's going to be a response, you know there's going to be a response. there are ways and things that are going to be done.
6:35 am
some of it the public may never know about. that we will make sure this is in check. i think most importantly, we need to do all of the investigations so there's no penetration not only of sony but of any of our national security interest, anything of that nature also. >> new york congressman, thank you. let's bring in msnbc contributor steve clevens of the atlantic. steve, always good to see you as well. let's start with north korea. let's just pick up where congressman meeks left off there. this administration's potential response. what should it be? >> well, think one of the things that's been discussed. but the president hasn't said what he's going to do. one thing we will probably begin looking at is returning north korea to the list of state sponsors of terror. not that this act alone constitutes that. but a range things that north korea has been involved in will likely lead that direction. which leads to all sorts of
6:36 am
cascading effects on travel for any north korea broadly. a lot more scrutiny. >> you know north korea spent the better part of the last 10, 15 years on that list. kim jong-un has demonstrated time and time again he has absolutely no regard for the people that he's supposed to be leading. wanton poverty all over north korea. what good with that do? what purpose would that serve? >> it does good in an indirect but important way. you just nailed it. america has very few options with north korea because it is so isolated already. we don't have lots of levers short of military conflict. so what do we have? we have things like the state sponsors of terror list and some other measures. this puts pressure on china. which sits right next to north korea. and is its patron. alibaba is one of the biggest companies that's just come out of china listed on the new york stock exchange. it is a tech -- china is a tech world that doesn't want to be seen as a place that is creating a safe haven for the kind of
6:37 am
mischief north korea has engaged in. so by doing these things that look symbolic but in a way impotent, they put enormous pressure on china and then china becomes the one. rarely interested to see over the weekend a leading general in china said if north korea begins to fail, china should not stop its failure. that's the first time i've seen any kind of candor out of the pla that north korea's becoming morgue of a problem than an asset. that's what i think is the real effect that the white house could have on north korea. >> let's pitch vote to aes's pivot to cuba now. this is what the president said sunday. >> cuba offers us an example of an opportunity to try something different. for 50 years, we've tried to see if we can overthrow the regime through isolation. it hasn't worked. if we engage we have the opportunity to influence the course of events at a time when
6:38 am
there's going to be some generational change in that country. >> what's the measure for success? how will we know if this new policy from the obama administration is working? >> i think you're going to see a lot more travel. we had my colleague jeff goldberg saying that in the square in havana where book sellers are selling books, they'll be selling things other than that in two years. more broadly, most likely in cuba a slow evolution along the lines of what's happened in vaet nap vietnam, china. that the people end up with more resources and more connectivity with the rest of the world. it doesn't solve all of the property disputes or other political challenges. but this is a -- they'll be a tsunami contact between the united states and cuba and my sense is the cuban people will grab and absorb that and begin to move in a different direction. >> also in that same interview
6:39 am
yesterday, president obama dismissed the notion that vladimir putin has bested him over the best few years. what impact are the sanctions on russia having on that country? >> oh the economy's in free fall. the ruble's in free fall. the russian economy in part, you know, not only because of the sarngs sanctions but also because of the very low price of oil. the world bank has projected the russian economy will contract next year. you've got mass itchive capital flight leaving russia. will combine to misery for the russians. the russians have extra traction in that kind of context. what vladimir putin put in play is extremely costly for that country. and we'll see how stable his political fortunes are after people begin looking at the price tag for cry mereimea.
6:40 am
>> still ahead here on "the rundown," as if you haven't been counting the days. the countdown to christmas on. this is in fact what is it christmas eve eve? we'll go live to the north pole. the reindeer appear to be ready. first, christmas wish coming true already for up to 22,000 arizona dreamers who can get their driver's licenses starting today. i will talk with one of them next. if i can impart one lesson to a new
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expected to be more crowded than usual starting in just 15 minutes, 8:00 local time. clearing the way for arizona dreamer, the young immigrants to apply for driver's licenses there. all in the face of arizona's republican governor jan brewer promising to fight that ruling all the way to the supreme court.
6:44 am
but not before a potential 22,000 dreamers can apply for their driver's licenses starting today. including my next guest. the co-director for dr inaction. a familiar face on the show. erica, good to see you. first off, why is this so important to dreamers in your shoes? >> yes thank you, good morning. well, this is important. this is the two-year battle. it was tough, the same day we can start applying that same day we were having a celebration on our office and then we hear the news the governor has decided to take them from us. it was devastating. tons of people that marched with us to the capital and we said we're going to keep fighting for this.
6:45 am
part of what we fought for. they're getting ready to get a driver's license. something that should not have been taken away from us in the first place. >> as you know your governor is very opposed to this. she indicated a statement after the judge's ruling that read in part quote, it is outrageous that arizona is being forced to ignore long-standing state law and comply with a flawed federal court mandate that requires the state, at least temporarily, to issue driver's licenses to individuals whose presence is in violation of federal law, as established by the united states congress. what's your response to that? >> we've been telling the governor and many folks here state government that they can get -- they still have a chance to get on the right side of justice and they haven't. the governor is going to be out of -- out of office and really soon. she has a couple more days. and she ends her, you know, her
6:46 am
year her term. with such a, you know, bad news for her because we know that she's on the bad side of justice and we know that arizona has, you know, been like that for the past couple of years. a lot of laws against our communities. but it has been shown over and over again that they're not on the right side. we're going to continue to find not only for our driver's licenses, we know there's tons of people who are also getting pulled over on streets of arizona, who don't have a driver's license. we know that january brewer is going to leave and we'll have a governor who chooses to be on the right side. >> the lines can be ridiculously long. >> yeah they will be. >> coming up one item that
6:47 am
could be coming to a christmas tree near you if you were on the nice list. we'll talk about that. also, we'll go live to the north pole. that's right. the north pole. what else could we be talking about here except jolly old nick himself and his eight reindeer? hopefully the weather does not disrupt santa's sleigh too badly. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing zero down, zero deposit and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. [ male announcer ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater? try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve
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we are, in fact as you know in the holiday home stretch. just three days until christmas with everyone working on last minute preparations including the jolly fat guy himself. santa claus. let's go to the north pole. north pole alaska that is. that is where bob joins us. bob, crunch time! what is he doing today? >> reporter: santa has me
6:50 am
outside the pen. merry christmas, to make sure that the reindeer don't take off early. they just woke up. they're ready to do the daily exercises and practice lift offs which are important come within 48 hours from now christmas eve they have to lift off and haul the very heavy load of toys in the sleigh for that big man mr. c. himself. santa was selling us he had some unexpected hurdles this christmas season. i'm talking about hackers. that's why he's giving us exclusive inside peek into the cyber command base. he assured us that his secrets are safe and no one is able to break in and get the delivery codes. wait a minute! something is going on here. i've never seen this happen. it looks like someone is trying to break in now. he's launching a counter attack. that didn't work. hit criminal, alt, dedelete!
6:51 am
try the escape key! there you go! again! pfew! craig, that's what you call a close call. as you can see, the threat was neutralized and none of the secrets were stolen. >> amazing! perhaps sony should look at hiring folks who work in the i.t. department at the north pole. always good to see you, thank you, sir. merry christmas! >> one of the most popular tech toys in the sleigh this year? drones. cnbc tech correspondent joining me live now in san jose california. drones, huh? >> well, craig, of course right around the corner here. expect to see a lot of tech toys under your tree. tech spending during the holidays will reach a record $33.8 billion according to the consumer electronic association. what will be the hottest tech
6:52 am
gifts? the consumer drone market craig, is soaring. one problem can be the price of the unmanned aerial vehicles. that's a worry for rookies out there who might crash and break their drones on the first flight. one answer is to buy a small cheaper drone like the f 4 which sells for about $40 on amazon. >> i have one of those. >> the propellers and the pieces come in easy replacement kits and you can fix it yourself. it's a great way to start flying a drone if you've never done it abilityables with the rage. there are options out there such as the. moto 360 fans talk about the design and the usual features of a smart watch including notifications, voice control and apps. finally, go pro expected to enjoy a big holiday season. that company now offers models at multiple price point ranging
6:53 am
from $130 to $500. the expectations here drones wearabilities, action cameras. we'll find a lot of new fans this holiday season. >> all right. josh thank you. coming up as we take the turn on "the rundown." new developments out of new york city following saturday's execution-style murder of two police officers. the fallout expected far beyond the street of new york. law enforcement across this country on high alert for copy cats. also new details about the sony hack attack and the escalading war of words between north korea and the white house. a live look at rockefeller plaza, the skaters, the tree. the holiday rain about to move in. the latest weather and travel forecast coming up on "the rundown."
6:54 am
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you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i'm a non-smoker, that feels amazing. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. welcome back to the rundown. new developments right now with the shooting of two nypd
6:57 am
officers. msnbc learned that the mayor, the governor and obama administration are asking the police union not to do interviews until things cool down. tensions are running high in the wake of saturday's ambush. these are some new pictures from brooklyn where police arrive for work at the 82nd precinct. bill de blasio scheduled to speak at 1:15 this afternoon. speaking about thestrengthening the bond. eric garner's mother is speaking out against saturday's attack. >> standing here in sorrow about losing those two police officers. that was definitely not our agenda. we are going in peace and anyone who is standing with us we want you to not use eric garner's
6:58 am
name for violence because we're not about that. >> lots of layers to the story, but it starts with a man who pulled the trigger on saturday. adam reese is in brooklyn. he's been following the story. adam, what are we learning about the gunman? >> reporter: well, craig. let me start out about telling you the memorial behind me. flowers, candles, more and more police officers are coming here to grieve and pay their last respects. we're learning more about the criminal record and the hours leading up to the shooting. we know he was arrested 19 times in georgia and ohio. and he served two years in jail for gun possession. his mother has told police he attempted suicide in the last year, and we know on saturday morning the early morning hours of saturday morning, when he allegedly shot his girlfriend he made his way to new york after that by bus. posting on instagram anti-police
6:59 am
messages including one that said they took one of ours, we'll take two of theirs. police are looking at the interviews they did with ten eye witnesses and 35 earwitnesses. those are people that heard the shots fired here on the street. they're also talking to the people in the neighborhood trying to see if they can find more eye witnesses or earwitnesses. they've also looked at five videos and now, finally, they're looking at two men who spoke to him just minutes before the shooting. he said to them that he wanted them to follow him on instagram. he wanted to know their gang affiliation, and he said watch what i'm going to do now. >> adam reese for us there in brooklyn as we see officers there coming to the memorial behind you laying flowers to remember rafael ramos -- the two officers gunned down on saturday. how concerned are you about
7:00 am
copy cat attacks at this point? >> there are orr individuals mentally un mentally mentally unstable who might be compelled by the particular attention people are getting. people are trying not to use the name. but the image has to be used but the media is try to be responsible in not sensationalizing this attack. >> how does this change the conversation that has gotten away in this country about race and police? >>? >> it changes it in some unfortunate ways. unfortunately, this very power ful movement and manage violence
7:01 am
in our communities that comes from law enforcement is now being contaminated by people trying to use the awful murder of these two police officers as a political football to try to quell the energy in the movement to try to address police brutality. we have to work hard in the media, i think on the ground. protesters and the leaders are doing that to keep the issues at stake. the actions of one lone possibly deranged person with mental challenges cannot be indicative of a movement of hundreds of thousands of young people who have been in the streets for over 130 days to address the issue of violence in their own community. i hope we can try to keep the things separate. it's unfortunate how the timing of particular issue changed the discourse a little bit. >> james peterson good to see you. i want to bring in long time new york democratic congressman charlie rangel.
7:02 am
bratton said he doesn't remember this tension since the '70s. is it accurate? has it not be this bad? >> it's bad but i'm a new yorker. this is just the challenge. i believe we can overcome anything. this is one of them. i like your phrase this is a many layer problem. i'm also pleased to see race came up in it. people think sometime i see a problem i attach it to race. this is a time to be talking about not about the racial issue but the burial and memory of two people who died courageously and defense and support of people of city of new york. it should be awkward and embarrassing that a mayor and governor and president should tell a union leader not to have any -- >> so you think it's perfectly
7:03 am
fine for the union leaders to be out there conducting interviews and slamming the mayor to a certain extent? >> no. they should be conducting interviews, mourning those they lost and their families talking about how do insane people get firearms and not criticizing but seeing how we can stop insane people from getting an opportunity to get firearms to kill anybody. that's what they should be interviewing about. and that's disappointpointed out. yes, we have problems in our family but not pointing fingers at each other. >> you keep saying insane. what we know he was arrested 19 times. spent two years in prison. we don't know he was clinically insane. >> yes, we do. i mean, you don't have to go to school to understand that anyone that shoots his girlfriend and comes here and shoots two cops and he's screaming and yelling.
7:04 am
listen that should be the worst of our problems trying to determine the sanity. the fact is the guy is not thinking clearly. you can say he has medical difficulties, mental difficulties, but two human beings were shot dead. we should not be pointing fingers at the mayor of this city of new york. what we should do is follow cardinal dolan and having our spirit yule leaders say we can fight after the burial after we heal the wound that are lost by this tragic episodes. we have serious problems to deal with. and screaming and pointing fingers about blood on your hands, no. we have to come together as a city and other cities are watching us just as well. >> i want to pivot here and talk to you about cuba. i know, you praised president obama's decision to normalize -- >> i was there -- >> i know! on saturday raul castro declared victory saying after 50 years
7:05 am
cuba finally got what had been fighting for. what is your response to that? >> i think everyone any time declares victory something -- >> search a winner. >> that's right. but it's so exciting for my country! i never felt more proud to be an american. it brings us into the family of nations. >> you know at lot of cuban exile exiles. they feel betrayed. >> yes. they're older people like me. they have very emotional ties to president castro and they suffer a lot of pain. it is true that most of them have cast the vote for embargoes and punishment for the cuban castro regime. but, frankly, this has changed dramatically, and people have to understand that even though we are concerned as americans about their feelings that we have to do what is in the national
7:06 am
economic interests of the united states of america and not one of them had said that cutting off economic and political ties with cuba has done anything to bring down communism here. >> are you confidence in that government's ability to enforce the rule of law? and by that, i mean are you confident american businesses will be able to go to cuba conduct business and be productive? >> if they can do it. a billion communists in china and they can do it in vietnam, you surprised what capitalists can do anywhere. and the truth of the matter is most of the cubans told me this there's two things they like about america. one, american movies and the other is everything else. >> congressman! >> it's going to be an exciting reunion of our partnership. >> congressman charlie rankle. good to see you. merry christmas. >> and to you, too. a weather alert on this
7:07 am
first full day of winter. millions of travelers are bracing for some serious holiday headaches. nbc meteorologist joins us. how bad is it going to be for people trying to travel on christmas eve? >> it's going to be more than a nuisance. i think we'll see quite a bit of flight delays. not only stretch up-and-down the east coast but go into the midwest as well. let's show you the worst. here is a look what we're expecting on christmas eve. the storm system is going to carry lake effect snow but the snow is not the big thing. it will be the winds and fog. we have warm air coming in with the storm. so fog will be an issue along with low ceilings and gusty winds. those are things that make it a nightmare in the airport. that's what we'll be dealing with from start to finish on wednesday. it will certainly be a tough travel day. if your travel plans are christmas day, you will luck out. that storm system will be over. on the backside of that will be carrying some winds that will go
7:08 am
from the great lakes off to the northeast, but we're not dealing with the wind as gusty as they would be on christmas eve and certainly no rain. but that will be a better travel day. if you can change your plans, craig, it would be good to do so. either leave on tuesday or thursday. >> i'm going to have you call the boss for me to see if we can make it happen. >> i'll do it. >> thank you. coming up a major lead forward for marriage equality in the sunshine state. two plaintiffs will join me live. first up the sony hack. the hack attack that failed to escape the snl writing room and earned a stern rebuke. >> sony north korea, it's time to get a trapper keeper and some loose leaf. about i'm to take you to school! let's start with you, north korea, you're one of the most evil countries in the world.
7:09 am
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war of words is escalading in the wake of the sony hack attack. north korea threatening strikes against targets in the united states. including the white house and pentagon. the warnings come after president obama said he's currently reviewing possible responses to north korea after the fbi officially blamed them for the cyber attack on sony pictures, and as sony executives plan the next move president obama had more to say about the company's decision to cancel the release. this is what he told cnn. >> if we set a precedent in
7:12 am
which a dictator in another country can disrupt through cyber, you know, companies distribution chain or its products and as a consequence we start sensoring ingourselves that's a problem. >> i'm joined by author of nuclear show down. north korea takes on the world. gordon changeeck cheng is here. gordon, let me start with you in the studio. are these latest threats against the united states by north korea where they anywhere different to similar threats in the past? >> what i think is different is that, you know this sounds like bluster. north korea is very good at bluster. we have to remember if we go back six months we heard bluster directed at sony and neither sony nor the u.s. government took it seriously at
7:13 am
that time. look what happened in november with the attacks that really have crippled sony. >> you think the threats against the mainland should be taken seriously. >> we should take every north korean threat seriously. this one i'm a bit even more seriously considering what happened with regard to sony. >> scott, president obama, as you know calling the hack attack an act of quote, describer vandalism. not an act of war. how do you read that? >> i think even that might be a little bit strong. this was nasty. it was nasty for sony but north korea has very limited cyber attack capabilities. it's unlikely they did this alone. they needed somebody to help them to do this. it's also not established without a doubt this was north korea. >> scott, it sound like you're somewhat skeptical that north korea is behind this? >> that's right. it's possible the government has some kind of other source of information about things going on in north korea, but base obd the forensic analysis of the
7:14 am
atab sa attacks it is not obvious it is north korea. there's nothing here that couldn't have been faked by somebody with a capability of carrying out this attack and it's also possible that somebody could have inadvertently looked like north korea. >> they set them up and fooled the fbi in the process? >> the fbi doesn't have any magic tools for doing cyber forensics that the rest of us don't have. in fact they learned -- the fbi learns how to do this sort of analysis from organizations like mine. so really -- and, by the way there was enormous pressure on the fbi to blame north korea. but it didn't come from anybody who knew anything about cybersecurity. it came from hollywood celebrities, it came from george clooney, it came from people on talk shows doing political commentary. >> gordon i know you're not a cyber terrorism expert. i don't want to put you in an awkward spot. you know the north koreans better than most.
7:15 am
the claims by our government against theirs, i mean, do the claims fit the mo? >> they certainly fit the mo. i think george clooney is indeed powerful. i don't think he's powerful enough to intimidate the fbi. the united states as well as private organizations do have the capacity to trace back cyber attacks to terminals. we do that with regards to the pla in shanghai with regard to the attacks earlier in the year. i think we probably did this with regard to north korea. the fbi, of course spent a lot of time doing this. they've been monitoring north korea for a long period. >> i want to get your take on something that i came across last week. in is an article from fox. it's written by a guy named max fisher.
7:16 am
this is a snippet. what is your take on the theory? >> i think it has a lot to do with sonny also we have to remember that north korea may not as be stable as most experts think. kim jong-un came to power three years ago. he quickly consolidated control. we've seen a lot of executions which indicates fluidity at the top of the regime and things are unsettled. kim jong-un may be using the attack to bolster his position. >> gordon cheng, thank you so much for your insight. up next we'll zoom through some of the other stories making news including new information about the sunt who tried to run down people in the streets of eastern france. the ups says it's ready to
7:17 am
deliver tens of millions of packages today alone! all to make sure your holiday gifts get there in time. bizarre twist following the historic change. wait until you hear the behind the scenes negotiations that lead to alan gross' safe return.
7:18 am
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kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. a bizarre new twist following theistic u.s. cuba agreement. one of the cuban spies as part of a prisoner exchange twine the united states and cuba returned home to his obviously pregnant wife. got a lot of folks asking how did that happen? during the negotiations to free perez and the rest of the cuban five, as they're called, his sperm was apparently collected
7:21 am
and spent to cuba where his wife was artificially inseminated. nbc news confirmed the lawyers in the case made the unusual arrangements. the united states reportedly agreed to allow the procedure in exchange for better conditions for alan gross. gross, the american contractor being held in cowuba. he was released as part of the exchange exchange. let's zoom through today's top stories. in eastern france a driver shouting "god is great" in arabic. deliberately ran down pedestrians. 13 people were hurt two seriously. the man attempted to strike at five different locations during that rampage that lasted about 30 minutes before he was arrested. the prosecutor said the suspect was not carrying out a terrorist act but has a long history of psychiatric problems. in a separate attack saturday french police shot and killed a man that attacked them with a knife also shouting "god
7:22 am
is great." back here in florida state jameis winston has been cleared of accusations he violated the school student code of conduct stemming from an alleged swult two years ago. former supreme court judge stated that the evidence against winston was, quote insufficient to satisfy the burden of proof. he won the heisman trophy last year and lead the seminoles to an undefeated season this year. ups expects today will be the busiest shipping day of the year. predicting it will deliver more than 34 million packages. that's double the amount of a normal day. and learning from past mistakes ups hired some 95,000 seasonal workers to handle the workload. they're hoping to avoid a repeat of last year. when the company hired about 55,000 workers but caught off guard by a surge of last-minute online shoppers. up next disturbing new details about the 43 missing
7:23 am
students in mexico and what leads our fbi is now following. also, new surveillance video has rice and the discussion of domestic abuse in the spotlight once again. a quick look at the big boards on the monday. the new york stock exchange. there's the dow up about 96. looks like the santa claus rally is back on. get ready for some german engineered holiday excitement. at the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. right now, for practically just your signature,
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dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is. when the game's on the line. hit him with a hard count, see if they'll tip their hand. the nfl trusts duracell quantum to their game day communication. they're blitzing up the gut! get out of the pocket! hut! duracell quantum. lasts up to 35% longer than the competition. developing right now here on "the rundown." we're hearing from new york governor andrew cuomo this morning. he went on public radio and responded to the head of the police union who said mayor bill de blasio had blood on his hands after the murder of two nypd officers.
7:26 am
mayor de blasio scheduled to speak at 1:15 this afternoon at the event where he'll be talking about strengthening the bond between police and community. also developing this hour we just learned a few moments ago that the district attorney in milwaukee, wisconsin, decided not to charge a white former police officer in the april shoot death of a black man. the d.a. said based on evidence and analysis presented, he concluded officer christopher mannings's use of force was justified in the april 30th incident. officials say manning was responding to welfare check on the man sleeping in the park. many said that hamilton resisted when he tried to frisk him.
7:27 am
the who exchanged punches and hamilton got ahold of mannings' police baton. he opened fire hitting hamilton 14 times. officer manning was fired from the fire department. he is appealing that decision. before the decision on saturday about 70 protesters angry over the case were arrested when they blocked both directions of i 43 in downtown milwaukee. the protesters are drawing comparisons to the other recent decisions not charge police officers in the michael brown case in missouri as well as the eric garner case here in new york. the milwaukee attorney general set to hold a news conference about 30 minutes from now. set to hold a news conference at 11:00 a.m. to explain his decision in the to charge the officer. to politics now. a fight between republicans marco rubio and rand paul over president obama's new cuba policy. senators sparred over the weekend in what could be our
7:28 am
preview of the 2016 gop primary. rand paul if he wants to align himself and become a supporter of obama foreign policy, that's his right. >> i'm going to continue to oppose the obama foreign policy on cuba because i know the freedom and liberty for the cuban people which is my sole interest here. >> i never start a happyfight. i think the remarks were rude. >> rude? let's frame the debate. i'm joined by a democrat strategies and republican strategies. neither of them rude. >> no. >> chris -- >>ly not be rude. >> senator paul also said this on twitter. marco rubio is acting like an isolationist who wants to retreat to our borders and perhaps build a mote. i reject this isolationism. what is going on here? are you surprised we're seeing such a public back and forth
7:29 am
between the two prominent republicans. >> it's the holiday season. it's a time for forgiving. and clearly senator rubio and senator paul decided to give, you know, the media and democrats an early christmas gift. this is just the opening. what you'll see is a brutal fight. because it's an open primary in terms of -- there is no frontrunner per se in the republican primary that is going to come up. and i think you're seeing this beginning fight and drawing the lines. paul really gets under the skin of some of the more traditional republicans like rubio and others. so i think you -- this is going to be a very temple rate remark and exchange compared to what you're about to see over the next couple of months.
7:30 am
>> will it get nasty? is this just the beginning? >> well, this is the season for both giving and forgiving, i guess. it's fair to say inside the republican party there's a lot of i did v.ty of thought and a range of issues. >> really? >> well, look at this one! look at the issue having to do with cuba. and normalizing relations with cuba. you have republicans and democrats and both sides of the issue who agree and disagree with what the president has done in terms of normalizing relations with cuba. so a lot of diversity. >> i always -- i was laughing at the combination of diversity in the context of the republican party. i'm sorry. >> we're building a bigger tent. and the only way we are competitive in 2016 if we're the party that attracts latinos, african-american, and people from the lgbt community and women and young people and independents. groups weapon ss we didn't win in
7:31 am
2008. >> let's talk about -- you mentioned diverseity of thought. let's bring in another voice. jeb bush. rubio asked about a possible primary show down with the former florida governor. this is what he said. take a listen. >> if he runs jeb will be a credible and form midble candidate. i have tremendous respect for him. i have outlined earlier you think about running for president, as i am. so you to make your decision on whether you think it's the right place for you to achieve your agenda and serve your country. >> very respectful there. he was very respectful of jeb bush. what can we make of that? >> i think it's very smart. marco rubio is a talented politician and campaigner. he's doing a great job as a u.s. senator. he would be a formidable candidate if he chooses to run for the presidency. no doubt. i think jeb bush entering the race makes it harder. essential in the stays -- certainly in the state of florida. jeb bush has great national
7:32 am
attention already. i think he becomes one of the frontrunner if he chooses to one. >> i wish i had more time. chris, i wanted to talk about joe biden. we had breaking news. thank you. merry christmas to both of you. >> thank you. a major development in a story we have been following closely on this show especially. the fbi is now involved in the case of 43 missing students in mexico. the case prompted marches, protests, even violent clashes with police as families demand answers about what happened to their loved ones. at the same time more mass graves have been uncovered in the troubled mexican state where the students disappeared in september. all of this is happening ahead of the mexican president's planned visit to the white house through the first week of january. telemundo is live in los angeles this morning. julio, what have you learned about the fbi's involvement in this case now? >> hello, craig. mexico's foreign ministry has
7:33 am
said that the u.s. ambassador to mexico has offered help to the guerrero government in the frame work in the initiative. the initiative was signed between the mexican government and the u.s. government in 2009 and has received over $2 billion in funds from the u.s. congress to fight -- to help on the war on drugs. this was said by the foreign minister and some days ago they are fed up -- mexico also admitted that fbi is helping in the investigations in this case of the 43 missing students. so it seems that the fbi is quite involved with the case. >> what more are you hearing about the discovery of even more mass graves there? >> well, you see it's been unit you know on of people and organizations of gurerrero found 17. more massgraves.
7:34 am
it's not the government. it's the families of the 43 students and nongovernmental organizations that have been on the search of more mass graves and have found the mass graves that don't have the bodies of their missing loved ones but other bodies. so that makes the case much more worse. it's not only the 43 students who have gone missing in ger guerrero. >> thank you. we're learning more this morning about the infamous february 9th when ray rice punched his then fiancè in the atlantic city casino. we're seeing the moments immediately following that widely seen video. over the weekend a new surfaced. it's putting the couple and the discussion of domestic abuse back into the spotlight once again. the new video has some advocates calling into question how new
7:35 am
jersey authorities responded. a newly released security footage obtained by nbc following a court ruling. you can see rice being direct away from his fiancè in handcuffed. at that point authorities question a crying palmer and give her medical treatment. after the punch that left her on the elevator floor and unable to get up. she and rice kiss in the elevator both are handcuffed. both are arrested for simple assault. the charges against palmer were later dropped. rice entered an intervention program. some are questioning the way authorities handled janay palmer. why the woman knocked unconscious when the security approached the couple hand scuffed and why would authorities allow the man being arrested for assault close enough to kiss his viem. >> if you're looking to law enforcement to provide a service and keep you safe and they act this way, of course it further solidifies for the victim that help is not available.
7:36 am
>> the couple married in march and janay continues to stand firmly by ray. over the weekend, they appeared together at the charity event. in an exclusive interview with matt last month, she talked about how to their incident may serve to educate others. >> it is learning. there's sotd many -- >> i feel like god choice me and ray for a reason. it was to bring awareness to what people are going through every day. even though it's not what i'm going through every day. it's definitely brought, you know, this topic to the forefront. >> the new video the topic is definitely at the forefront once again. rice won reinstatement after a successful appeal. no team has signed him yet. with one game left in the regular season, it looks highly unlikely for this season. coming up on "the rundown," it has been a big year for supporters of same-sex marriage. now a huge step forward for marriage equality in the sunshine state. two plaintiffs in the
7:37 am
ground-breaking florida case will join me on the other side of this break. also right now a live look at the top of the rock. moving, foggy new york city. rain is expected now through christmas eve. that weather system nothing compared to what we've seen this year. buffalo buffalo buffalo snow, tornados, hurricanes. the year in weather coming up in the five things. it's not about how many miles you can get out of the c-max hybrid. it's about how much life you can fit into it. ♪ the ford c-max hybrid. with an epa-estimated range of 540 miles on a tank of gas. and all the room you need to enjoy the trip. go stretch out. go further. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility?
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ed a have cats for same-sex marriage from in the 2014 on a high note. the supreme court cleared the way for marriages in florida. currently 35 states and the district of columbia all recognize same-sex marriage. this before year. only about a third of those states had marriage equality. in two weeks florida could make 36. in january the fifth circuit will hear challenges from cases from texas, mississippi, and
7:41 am
louisiana. with me mow from miami are two of the plaintiffs in the florida lawsuit. along with an lgbt advocacy group. sandra, you may be able to get married on january 6th. do you plan to tie the knot that day? >> well, actually, we were marry married in massachusetts in 2009. >> in florida -- i mean, in florida. >> in massachusetts. so in florida we're planning on having our marriage recognized. >> okay. >> and we do plan on celebrating that occasion along with many people who are going to get married for the first time. we're very excited. >> that's the important thing about the case. the case that is winning marriage equality in florida is a case of plaintiffs that have all been married in other states and now as of january 6th their marriages will be recognized. >> how do we plan to recognize
7:42 am
the ceremony down there? >> the aclu of florida who litigated the case and saved my organization were planning for a mass renewal of vows celebration at the miami beach botanical garden. not only inviting our mr.plaintiffs to renew their vows or any couple in south florida or florida to renew their vows and celebrate the fact that now everyone is being treated with equality. >> yeah. sandra sandra, that was my question to you and denise. are you participating in the ceremony or planning something else? >> we'll be participating in that ceremony. as well as just in inenjoying the moment with our family and friends afterwards. it's a great feeling to know that the same benefit of marriage that we had while we lived in massachusetts is now being afforded to us here in florida. it's a great feeling. we're excited to end the year this away. >> denise you got married in massachusetts then you moved to
7:43 am
florida with your son. how was life different between massachusetts and florida? >> well, in massachusetts once we got married, it was, you know, pretty normal. we didn't have to explain ourselves. it was just one other couple coming to the hospital to get treatment for our son, another couple when we walked in to get the marriage license. it was, like okay. stand in line fill it out. coming to florida we had to go through rules, particularly with our son and buying property and things like that and getting protections in place that other folks didn't have to get. now we're -- our marriage is recognized all of that is behind us. we're excited. >> denise and sandra what do you hope that the son that we saw there in the pictures. what do you hope he takes away from the lawsuit and the decision now down in florida? >> well, i think one of the things we've tried to teach our son who is here with us today, actually. but teach him to speak up. to always speak up and share
7:44 am
your thoughts and opinions and really fight for changes when things that impact your life significantly aren't right. you know, and he was a big proponent of us doing this because when we adopted him after we got married in massachusetts, and we decided to move home to florida, his question was, well what about your marriage? and will you have to get married again? so it was important for him as well as for us to take this stand and say our marriage mattered in massachusetts and it matters here. >> you mentioned -- go ahead denise. >> explaining that to him and the other children in the family. what do you mean it's not recognized here? i don't understand that. this is really a movement forward in them not having to think about that or any other lgbt young people that want to get married in the future. >> thank you to all three of you. >> thank you. up next take a look at this time lapse video that we put
7:45 am
together here. who can forget the chilly images of upstate new york buried a of the the snowstorm? we'll show you other wild weather systems that hit this year. live look at rockefeller plaza. there is the tree! no forecast in the forecast. just a lot of rain and wind as well. we'll be right back.
7:46 am
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all right. we have good developing news to pass along on this monday. just got word from the spokesmen for mohamed ally's family that the boxing lenltd's condition has vastly improved since he was admitted to the hospital since the mild case of pneumonia. mohamed alley
7:48 am
he's hoped to be discharged this week. >> three, two, one! [ cheers and applause ] >> impressive. impressive. that was al roker breaking a world record in november for the longest uninterrupted weather report. 34 hours! that's this broadcast reason "the rundown" 17 times other. with the holiday around the corner it's been quite a year in weather. so let's storm through the year with five things weather 2014! the california drought reaching record levels this year. some studies finding that it may have been the worst in the last 1200 years. nasa finding it would take 11 trillion -- trillion gallons of water to reverse the drought in the sacramento river basins alone. number two some of the water could have been found in the floods we saw from florida to
7:49 am
alabama to detroit to salt lake city. as you can see, 2014 was also a very wet year for many. number three, twin tornados. this is the aftermath in nebraska where a pair of violent tornados tore through the tiny town with a population of 380. the tornados causing two deaths. the first tornado-related fatalities in nebraska in ten years. number four from twin tornados to tornado hurricanes in bermuda. this is what it looked like from outer space. i think we had that advantage point. the second hurricane in less than a week hit -- there it is there. that's what it looked like when the second hurricane less than a week hit going back in october causing up to $400 million in damage. number five from that to this.
7:50 am
a record snowfall burying the buffalo area in upstate new york just before thanksgiving. 7 feet even postponing the jets bills game due to the 220,000 tons of snow blankets the stadium there in buffalo. and if you're a jets fan, it just delayed the pain i guess. that's going to wrap up "the rundown" here on this monday on msnbc. i'm craig melvin in for jose diaz-balart. next. tamron will talk to brooklyn burrow president who is calling for protesters to hold off until the murdered nypd officers are laid to rest. time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. christmas may come just once a year. at roger's company it happens yearly every day. his new oxford pennsylvania store is a christmas house is closed only four days a year.
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good morning everyone. i'm tamron hall. this is "newsnation." we begin with emotions running extremely high this morning after the ambush murders of two
7:54 am
new york ploifr spolice officers. wenjian liu and rafael ramos gunned down saturday as they sat in their patrol car in brooklyn. in an apparent revenge attack by 28-year-old ismaaiyl brinsley who came from baltimore to the city. there's been an outpouring of grief including at a growing memorial at the station house where both work. there's been heat the rhetoric exchange between police unions and politicians. as the new york times notes a widening rift between new york city mayor bill de blasio and the police department has been ripped open. one police union said the mayor has bloods on the hands after the way he portrayed police. police officers also turn their backs on mayor de blasio as he and the police commissioner walked through a hospital saturday to address the officer's deaths. an action b
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