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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 13, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> and she says she removed an assault rifle from his home. christina, thank you very much for joining us. i want to be the president. is mitt romney -- yes, that mitt romney -- ready for his close-up? let's play "hardball." ♪ good evening. i'm cris matthews in philadelphia. can you believe it? mitt romney, the man telling the 1% how much he thought the 47% were just takers, the guy who said corporations are just regular folks, the guy who said when he ran for president the second time, you have to get the illegals off your lawn if you're headling for the white house. can he run for president a third time? this fella showing his deep commitment to the fight against
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poverty. that's right, a guy who as elevator foss his car, who throwing illegals off hits lawn, but ties rover onto the room. he's still for the iraq war, still for marriage between one man and one woman, has to keep the numbers straight for self-deportation, and -- now he's betting he can sell himself on the personal -- we'll doing the elizabeth warren third try the trick? how does -- affect the rest of the feel? could they carve up the establishment vote, leaving a clear lane for a rand paul other even scott walker to win the nomination on the right? joining mess is former rnc chair michael steele, and former dnc chair ed rendell, both of msnbc political analysts. i want to start with governor rendell. how can mitt romney do this
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complete change from who le is, for a guy who was a intel, who know is a bobby kennedy kind of guy, i don't get it. it seems like a fast switch for me. >> it's a difficult switch, but i think jeb bush sort of set the tone. if you read what he's been talking about, he's taking a page out of the play book of george w. bush, and actually, chris, rick santorum starteded this, when he said republicans have to care more about people who are disadvantaged and people who are who are poor. i think they're getting it. i would be cynical enough to suggest, and i think michael might disagree with me, is they're not really care about people who are poor, but they realize that's how to get moderate and independent voters -- can it work? i'm not sure. it's a tough sell.
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i think jeb bush probably has a better chance to make that work than governor romney does, but you've got bush, romney, christie, carving up the establishment vote, but you've got a number of conservatives on the other side as well. >> it looks to me, michael, like he's put a patch on his tire. he blew the tire in the last election by looking too elitist, so he said i'll fix that, i'm for little people. >> do you believe it? >> no, i don't believe -- from a cynical standpoint. look, i believe that what mitt romney has decided to do in taking on this third opportunity, is to be himself, is to try to do this less the way the consultants and the people who get out and promote presidential candidates want him to do it, and really wants to come out of the box a little i think the governor is right to the extend that jeb bush, rand paul, for example, both of them have started this conversation
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about poverty, but criminal justice, and they're both right. for those of us republicans who have been talking about poverty and trying to push this issue, going back to the jack kemp days it's refreshing to see it come to the foreearly on in the campaign. i think it's just interesting to watch. >> i'm skeptical. what is happening in mitt romney's life to change him from a hard-nosed conservative on market issues, let the market prevail. we have a 47% of the country hanging on, living off welfare or food stamp, and all of a sudden, into you he's going to make another try of it, going through this philosophical shift. that's what i'm very skeptical about, michael. very skeptical. what has changed in his life. has he had an epiphany? >> maybe. >> has he gone through some human experience? >> i don't know if it's a human experience with poor folks, but
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look, romney comes out of a tradition of service. he's a mormon, as a man of faith, he spent a lot of time. he's been out in the world. he's worked in some tough places as part of his mission growing up. he brings that experience i think to the conversation, something he hadn't done twice before. i think this is him trying to be authentically him. we'll see how it works. some of romney's self-destructive gaffs came when he betrayed how much out of touch he is with hess health. let's review how he talked the last time he ran. >> we went to the company and said i'm running for office for peet's sake, i can't have illegals.
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>> tell you what, $10,000? $10,000 bet? >> there are 47% of the people who -- i know a lot of people employ people who may not have documentation, and nobody considering it really criminal by anybody's standards, but a guy is openly saying only if you run for president should you stop doing it. that's what i'm suggesting he's up to here, a flip, a cross-dress. i go all of a sudden from a guy who would normally hire people illegally, but since i'm running for president, i can't do it anymore, but i've got to be for poor people. it sounds very convenient politically, this change of heart. >> and i think hess's going to bump up against jeb bush and
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christie. he's still against common core, though he was for it when he was for massachusetts. he's against common core, because jeb bush, they're trying to pin common core on jeb bush, one of best things that jeb bush ever did. >> that is a fascinating distinction. he takes conservative positions, but he says believes in immigration reform. he respects people in same-sex marriages. it seems like he hayes beliefs, where romney is so versatile here, governor. let me get back to mike on this, so versatile that he can put on anything he has to put on, whatever apparel is necessary to the occasion, he's ready to switch. >> i think, chris, that is going to be the rub here.
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you've got two presidential candidates -- campaigns that predate this. you've got this now movement, if you will, in a new direction, so he's going to be buffeted by two competing interests. one is having to go back and explain. you've run the catalog. and then he's going to have to look to his right. he said he's going to run to the right of jeb bush and presumably rand paul that's going to be interesting in and of itself. so this is a campaign, while it is in its infancy, looks interesting, will be procedure problematic longer term if they don't come out of the gate the right way, explaining this new tone, this new approach. >> romney or jeb bush, which one is the conviction politics, which one is the opportunist? >> i'm not stepping on that one -- , whic called tonight?
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>> jeb bush, whether you agree with him or not, sticks to his positions, he says what he believes, and he believes things that aren't put into easy boxes. common core is an idea that was visionary, and may be a little progressive, but it was an idea that was important. i mean, is there anybody who thinks that kids should graduate from high school without having a decent education? that's all common core is meant to achieve, make sure that that didn't happen, so jeb, has principles, he's strongly principled. he was easy to work with when we were both governors, so was mitt romney in that regard, but jeb bush is clearly a principled candidate. >> we have the news that mitt romney will attend the rnc meeting this week in san diego.
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he'll make his first public comments since the news first surfaced this friday that he is considering running for president for third time. he's scheduled to deliver marks on friday evening, which means it will be one of the last events of the evening. let me go to michael on this, because it's your party. it to me like they two establishment figures, romney and of course jeb bush round out the establishment. is there anybody else who fits into that category, who can actually beat both of them and win the nomination? or will it be those two guys against the right wing? >> that's a very good question. i know there's conversation about a chris christie potentially. i think that will be more of a reality if and when he puts together those pieces to run, but right now, chris, i think in terms of the establishment -- when we say establishment at this point, we're not talking politically, but money interests. those two men definitely cover those two areas for the
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establishment. the rest of the field is going to be playing catch-up. but the fact of the matter is those two, romney and bush really cover all the bases there. if christie gets in, cha thanks the dynamic a little bit. the question is by how much? that remains to be seen. the other piece is governors. when you get a mike pence or john kasich or someone like that, a scott walker, for example, that then becomes another equation that has to be factored in for the establishment on the money side. >> okay. i think you're right. i think it's going to be governor jeb bush, if he wins the nomination pairing up probably with one of the mid
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western governors. coming up, chris christie makes his state of the state address, what is the state of the new jersey governor himself? a federal prosecutor in newark could be lining up an octet indictment that could derail his presidential hopes. ms. a new video, while here at home, the right-wing criticism of the paris no-show hits a new low. a republican congressman has compared him to hitler. here's a way to get back at steve scalise -- get him to sponsor voting rights legislation, that's what some members are trying to get him to do. are they taunting him or pushing him? and the clown car heading to paris this time. this is "hardball", the place for politics. [coughing] dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling sneezing, coughing aching, fever, best sleep with a cold medicine. flo: hey, big guy. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time.
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but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates you can't win them all. the important part is, you helped them save. thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ. with sprinkles? sprinkles are for winners. i understand. a look at u.s. senators about to have oversight over nasa. it's ted chris. he's in line to chair the submittee on space, science and competitiveness, but he historically shut down the
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government for 13 days, barring the nasa employees from going to work. and he's also a -- climate change, an area that nasa often studies. what a great assignment for ted chris. we'll be right back.
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is. welcome back to "hardball." the chris christie presidential convoy and the u.s. attorney in newark may be on a collision course. christie's aggressively gearing up for his one big shot at running for president. today he delivered the state of the state address from the capitol in trenten, as reuters reports it's potential the biggest speech he'll make before announcing his intent. in that address, christie made sure to take a shot at the president. this is america's leadership at the world.
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it's called into question, and inconsistency. and during this time of uncertainty it seems our leaders in washington would rather stoke the vision for their own political gain. >> when we stand here in one year -- and by the way, i'll be standing here in one year. [ applause ] for some reason i see less applause on this side of the room. i don't understand. i'll give it one more try. i'll be here in one year. meanwhile, it's being reported that federal prosecutors are running a batch of criminal charges for up to eight of the governor's staffers. those charges would also come at the end of this month. that is reported from brian thompson. brianwise is here, who once represented tom delay, and tom butler, a professor at georgetown university. gentlemen, what do you make of this christie? sort of like he's one of those characters that keeps walking and doesn't look down, he's not looking down yet, brian?
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>> you knee he's a nightclub act. for somebody who faces the potential, some of besties. and the not too das futures. in the next couple weeks at 6:15, 6:30 p.m. >> last month, this is last month, investigating the lane closings last year, are considering charges fraud statute under which they could argue that they use the bridge for a pert other than its intended one.
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let me ask you about that. it will be somewhat enterprising here. i think they ask themselves for fundamental questions. is this the imagine who we can have confidence and that he's in the up-and-up. he has a reputation as being a bully, as being petty and he says, i knew nothing about it. is that credible? i don't think so. then they've got obstruction of justice, conspiracy, abuse of federal funds. at the end of the day, i don't think it's going to be a problem to find a federal crime to pin on him. you know, when governor --
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that's a lot of time for something he probably thought was fine. if the krnt current standard is, you can't bully people around, or you can be punished for it. here's a guy, it looks like what he did was set up an operation in his office that went around to all the democratic mayors of the stays. if you're not with me, the bridge closes, things like that happen to you. you don't back me on a waterfront development, and all of a sudden you don't get any federal money. could that be seen as -- in criminal in itself, brian? >> i'm remind of that great scene with gordon gekko, if you do good, you get lots and lots of perks. i think this is the case --. now everything, guys is the
11:21 pm
proverbial federal case, in the official misconduct -- i think of a sheriff's deputy who uses the sheriff's department's wifi to surf porn. i don't think that ought to enter into the big picture. >> what happens if a prosecutor brings the case, the indictments, and gets a jury for convict? that's not hard to do today. you put them in a defense stand. >> he wants to use the considerable resources of is the resources of the fib to go after the big fish. it's always something. if it's not bridge-gate.
11:22 pm
private information about state employees. if it's not that, it's how is he traveling? so, again, anyone of these by themselves may seem like the crime of the century, but stuff adds up. do we have confidence in this man or is he abusing public trust? >> i want to bring up something i haven't talked about, the public behavior of this governor, and how that might square in a jury box. juries are wary. he's been dogged by overly aggressive nature on the political trail. let's watch him over the years. >> you conduct yourself like that in a courtroom, your rear end will get thrown in jail, idiot. damn, man, i'm governor. could you just shut up for a second? you know. >> are you stupid in on topic, on topic.
11:23 pm
>> if she wants to get on a plane to come here to new jersey and ask to competent me, i'll have a conversation with her. until that time, she should shut up. >> and you know what? you know what? let mess tell you this. sit down and shut up. >> brianwise, how will that sell before a jury? >> it won't. let me tell you. all i can tell you is juries don't like bullies, if god forgive chris christie ever sees the inside of a courtroom, if any of hess subordnance, he's going to have to do something to tone down that posturing. i'm listening to that audio, and i'm chuckling. this is a guy who at some level, chris has become a cartoon caricature of himself. thank you, brian and paul. up next, dramatic new video
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welcome back to "hardball." there's dramatic new video showing the brothers achieve i have and said kouachi. let's watch. the video shows the men getting out and shooting before eventually driving off. meanwhile, the new issue of charlie hebdo is published, and they're not backing down, it shows a weeping muhammad, showing a sign.
11:28 pm
staffers today talked about the new issue. >> translator: more than anything we tried to put the drawings of those no longer here like in the newspaper. the drawings are here. everyone is in this things. >> also today france buried three police officers killed in the attack. all awarded the legion of honor. and in israel those -- meanwhile, the investigation is moving ahead.
11:29 pm
in bull gary, prosecutors announced that a french citizen already in custody on terrorism chance had been in contact with one of the kouachi brothers. i'm joined by ron allen right now. give us the latest. is shows how cool and calculated they were. they had the firepower to move past the police officers. and they turn the counter, and they execute one police officers, as has been said. just an incredible scene. it explains why, a good indication of why the authorities here now as they really have stepped up security. tonight it's hitting newsstands. people are signing up on waitlists to reserve a copy. this sold some 30,000 copies, and now it's going to try to sell some 3 million. and and you're right, they're
11:30 pm
not packing away from controversy. and on some media outlets has sparked a lot of controversy. and the magazine publishers and cartoonists knew it would be offensive. they say it's freedom of speech. these -- in addition to the public mourning, the funerals, today there was an interesting -- laid out new measures. they're going to fundamentally in some ways change the way that france lives. just as america changed after 9/11. there's going to be more surveillance. because of the concerns how the internet is used to recruit new jihadis, and also as a
11:31 pm
propaganda tool. but tell become much more of a surveillance state. chris? >> great report, ron allen, who is over in paris. i'm joined by don into relyi, former assistant special agent. he's also an msnbc contributor. don, where are we ought on this thing? i think it's a culture war. people don't like they depiction shuns of the prophet muhammad. that's going to go on. it seems like people in the journalism world, they tend to push the tolerance level, so it seems like that's going to go on. there's going to be strife between east and west. absolutely, chris. 'em maghreb jumped into the
11:32 pm
fray, issued a warning guess charlie hebdo and other organizations who want to depict the prophet muhammad. so you have this threat and this growing, you know, concern of the division between, you know, the -- what the government is doing and the threat to these newspapers and these social media, as you mentioned is just keeping fueling the fire. you've got threats against police officers. you've got threats against government, basically as isis and al qaeda is putting out the message to citizens to take action into your own hands, do what you can and jump into the fight. and we've seen so many foreign fighters from western europe that have traveled to iraq or syria to join isis, much more than we have seen in the united states, so they seriously have a bigger problem than we do in the u.s. what does a police officer on the beat do, now that we've had this ethnic or racial unrest in the united states because of the ferguson and garnered those
11:33 pm
cases, of course, and the other kid in cleveland who was killed in a school-yard. what is does a police officer do, goes to worked for an eight-hour shift in new york city, or anywhere else, there's almost a fatwa issued for him just because he's in blue. what does he do every day, when he's on the grave-yard shift? does he look at everybody who might be arak or islamic? how does he react to this sort of threat against him because he's a cop? >> you can't look at somebody just by whether you believe they're muslim or arabic or whatever.
11:34 pm
you have to look at basically everybody is a potential threat. it's such a dangerous job. domestic violence, you get called to these situations and they come into harm's way. we've seen so many innses where they're in these dangerous situations. and trying to have good be gens. the best thing is if you have information that's available to you before you go out on your shift that's one of the best things that can do to arm yourself as a police officer. unfortunately these men and women take to the streets without knowing what dangers they are going to face. >> i agree. one more danger. one more danger. thank you, don. up next the pressure continues to build on the number three republican in the house. steve scalise. they're going to make him walk the plank and do stuff for the interests in voting rights. you're watching "hardball", a place for politics. sfloo .
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back to "hardball." they have a message for steve scalise -- less talk, more action. though he has apologized for speaking to a white supremacist group 12 years ago as a louisiana state lawmaker, members of the congressional black caucus would like to see him do more. some have suggested he deliver a major address, or push a big
11:39 pm
restoring key provisions of the voting rights act which were struck down by the supreme court. or she should consider attending the 50th anniversary of the march in selma, or even make a point to meet with the black caucus to explain his historic views. the seedry set if i was steve, i would be concerned about my legacy, and i'm sure he doesn't want hi legacy to be that he spoke to a david duke crowd. one southern government republican laking toed held newspaper that i think he would be prudent to put hess action to words. jonathan capeheart joins us, and kristin bell atoni, and -- i want to start and one through the job, jonathan, kristina and jack, all of you get in here. what should the member of congress do to respond -- it's
11:40 pm
hard to read it, or trust suggestions for his own welfare. jonathan, you first? >> it's definitely needed. if he wants to show some sort of contricks or action behind the words, then he will do something, bring a bit to the floor, and he'll make sure that his name is on a bill as a sponsor to fix the voting rights act. the suggestion he go to the bridge in selma is also a good suggestion. what is not a good suggestion is for him to give a major speech on race. i mean, he gets in trouble for a speech he made 12 years ago to a white supremacist group and then suddenly he's going to give a
11:41 pm
contingent speech on race? that's a little too much to ask of him. if you're thinking, you're a good american, you want to put this to bed at some point, what will you do? >> he's going to have to elbow out a lot of presidential hopefuls. this is somebody who has got to the position where he is by being somebody who reaches out to a lot of his different colleagues. that's definitely something you will see him move toward. this is at a time when the republican party is looking to reach out to more voters. and so every gop candidate is going to be looking to be more inclusive of a message. >> let me go to congressman case
11:42 pm
on this, you know, i think the man has pride. i don't see how, on the issue that's been raised here he can call for a restoration of section 5 that would put louisiana back into play. it puts it back in this position of being a confederate state under surveillance. >> i think you're right, chris, the voting rights legislation is tricky politics. i supported it as a member of the house, but when section 5 was thrown out, that settled some of the controversial parts for really the republican base, but i do think there are things he could do, for example, some of the education program, some
11:43 pm
of the scholarship opportunities. one of the things i've gone to africa twice with members of the cdc in terms of aids in africa and african trade and african development opportunities. he can be a major player in that, and it's in america's interests, it's international stuff. people would appreciate it. then in my home state of georgia, the governor has done a lot with criminal justice reforms, because so many in jail are coming back, and it's something that is hurting the african-american community that i think there's a great opportunity for republicans to join forces with the cbc and say what can we come up with? because it's not working for anybody. >> let me go back to jonathan, my friend on this. what does the african-american community want? he went to this meeting, apparently. he's going to keep apologizing
11:44 pm
for it, but what do people want? do they want him to say i've changed or i wouldn't do that today? or i feel guilty, or -- i may not feel guilty, but i know i owe you, the african-american community some kind of comment or response. what are we looking for in terms of genuine response this. >> i mean particularly members of the cbc, not calling on him to apologize again, to fall on the sword again, but what they are asking him to do is, you know, you apologized, said it wasn't the right thing for you to do and you're not racist, now is the time to actually show people, show after kaj-americans there's some substance behind what you're saying. if he does something what congressman kingston just said about doing things with criminal justice reform in the way that senator paul and senator booker
11:45 pm
over in the senate are working on, if he does concrete things that african-americans can look back to and say, you know, that steve scalise, he did a stupid thing back then by speaking to that white supremacist group and got blasted for it, but look what he's done to try to make amends. he wouldn't be the first person to do it. >> i agree. i think most religions believe in restitution as part of any kind of determination of change. restitution is not a bad thing to put on the table. our roundtable is coming back with that ridiculous comment compares president obama's no-show in paris to adolf hitler. why do people talk like this? this is "hardball," the place for politics.
11:46 pm
11:47 pm
well, the race for barbara boxer's senate seat in california is getting hot. today attorney general of california, pamela harris, announced she is running. the democrat first connected to -- since boxer announced last week she's not running for a fifth term. other contenders could including former los angeles mayor antonio ville ra gossa, congress sanchez, or tom steyer. he'll likely focus on the governor's race in 2018. we'll be right back.
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a $29 value -- when you use promo code go. call now. well president obama has been criticized from both sides of the isle for not attending the march in paris. but congressman randy weber of texds pushed the envelope too far. he compared obama to adoll of hitler. obama could not do it for the right reasons been for the record, adolf is spelled with an "f." not a "ph." he apologized for his statement saying i need to first apologize to all those offended by my tweet.
11:51 pm
the mention of hitler was meant to represent the face of evil that exists in the world today. i realize that hitler hurts those that were victims of the holocaust. back to our panel, your thoughts on this guy that just discovered that the holocaust has emotional fire power today in comparing hitler to the president in something different. it is not exactly the same as not showing up for a very important event. >> in political rhetoric, i think there are three things off limits. your children, your mom, and adolf hitler.
11:52 pm
if a staffer tweeted that, they would have been fired. he did the right thing in apologizing. members of congress sometimes put out stupid things on their twitter feed without thinking. there are a lot of things that happen for both parties. >> what he is apologizing for is not the stupid reference, that e had may have offended people, especially jewish people and others involved by the holocaust. he was more worried about the group of people offended than the ridiculous reference. >> i think it did sound conditional in his apology. i think it is hikely in their office there will be shuffling. i think 70 to 80% of the members of congress delegate their
11:53 pm
twitter, e-mail, and web page stuff. i will say this as a republican, when statements like this are made, it steps on the message. and what it was, and is for conservatives and both parties is that 40 world leaders were there and the president of the united states wasn't, the vice president wasn't, the secretary of state wasn't, not a cabinet member, and i think it was a great issue. it was time to thank ahead to world leaders for being part of our coalition in iraq and afghanistan and to say that we're all in this together and it is a global war on terrorism. >> not all criticism is partisan, or even in it's nature partisan. it could just be you think the president blew it. that's what i thought, but i'm not going to call him hitler. this clown, she a clown in this case, completely distorted and shifted attention away from the president's mishap to his own horrible hitler reference. >> i will go as far to say as i
11:54 pm
do in a piece that i just wrote, is that what we saw in that apology is how not to apologize. his apology was conditional. to all those offended. that's the equivalent of crossing your fingers while you take an oath. you don't mean it. i apologize to those for being so sensitive. it's not that he is taking responsibility for the dumb thing he said, he is blaming the person offended for being overly sensitive. i don't think it is an apology at all. >> this is the way you turn the blame to the other people. those victimized. thank you for your two cents. i think you put it in perspective. we'll be back after this. one day, it started to rain. the house tried to keep out all the water,
11:55 pm
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. let me finish tonight with this. hitler thought it was mother important to get to paris. that was a nasty comment by a congressman about president obama. i know you're a republican and the president is a democrat and our country should have been represented better, but adolf hitler? what in your mind is comparing
11:59 pm
our president with le fuer. wouldn't this be a good time to think about you, congressman been randy weber, congressman from texas, think about things. what if we returned to saying we republicans and the democrats just have an honest disagreement on some big stuff. sarah palin also got involved. she skipped out on the second half of her term where obama failed to show at this single important event, she failed to show for an entire two carries. what do you call that? i think the term is taking french leave, madam palin, you
12:00 am
have been accused. "all in" with chris hayes is now. >> tonight on "all in." new video of the attack on charlie hebdo. new response from the surviving journalist. >> today the french parliament voted to continue bombing isis in iraq. >> we need to kill them. >> then romney 3.0 continues to cause shockwaves. >> is it real or just a dream? plus the new jersey congressman calling for another federal investigation of chris christie, and the shroud of dark meet has fallen.


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