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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  January 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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[ siren ] each day, law enforcement officers set out to protect the public and make it home alive. at risk -- >> i was shot in the left arm. i was also shot in the head. >> -- and under fire. >> i fired at the only target that i had which was his head. >> officers put their lives on the line to assist those in need. >> these people are dangerous. they need to come off the street. >> chases. >> bad things are about to happen if you don't stop. >> crashes.
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and shootouts. >> did i have a plan? no, i did not have a plan. just hoping i wouldn't get shot. >> all caught on dashboard camera. >> officers put their lives on the line to assist those in need. >> these people are dangerous. they need to come off the street. >> may 22nd, 2010. sugarland, texas. bank of america security cameras capture a gun-wielding man demanding money from a teller. as he flees, another security camera records images of his getaway vehicle.
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a white van. an all-points bulletin goes out. within minutes, deputy charlie scott of the ft. bend county sheriffs office spots a vehicle that matches the description. >> i saw a white construction van that didn't have any construction materials. upon activating my lights, it was more or less like a routine traffic stop until they came to an abrupt stop. >> as deputy scott's dashcam rolls, the van stops, and the rear door flies open, revealing a man brandishing an ak-47. >> i really didn't see much of anything except the doors opening. the next thing that i heard was a gunshot. the suspect then fired another round. that round went through my windshield. i attempted to dive to the right passenger seat to get underneath the engine block for cover, and trying to get cover, i was shot in the left arm and i was also shot in the head.
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i then returned fire back over my head. like being hit in the head with a baseball bat. shots fired. shots fired. i put my hand on the back of my head because there was so much blood. i thought the back of my head had been blown off. as i was getting out of my vehicle, i was thinking about a lot of things. my wife's going to be really mad at me. i was thinking about my children. i was thinking about my partners. at one point, i thought about trying to get in my car and pursue the vehicle. however, i was disabled significantly and losing an awful lot of blood. i'm hit. i'm hit. >> deputy scott is bleeding profusely but manages to radio for help. >> 99 northbound. >> i feel that the suspects made a mistake by not finishing me off. >> 99. he's been shot. >> i was able to get out the information and get my partners
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over there to help me and potentially locate the vehicle. >> as officers rush to deputy scott's aid, deputy frank sr. hears the call over the radio. >> i advised dispatch i was going to go north on fm 1464 to try to intercept the van. within a couple minutes, another deputy saw a white construction van turning on to a street. >> knowing the men in the van are willing to use deadly force, the officers proceed with caution. deputy carlos is also in pursuit. >> as i was exiting the vehicle, the rear door from the suspect vehicle opened up and they started firing. >> the dashboard camera is not pointed at the van, but it picks up the sound of the gunfire. >> the gun fired, i ducked down for a second, across my computer. when i came back up, the van was right in front of me. i tried to block with with my patrol vehicle. the video showed the van veered
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around me. they're shooting. >> the van pulls out into traffic, and the deputies give chase. >> the suspect just continued to fire from the rear doors of the vehicle. and we just continued to follow them. >> it's now about 10:10 in the morning. it's a busy saturday. we're zigging and zagging through traffic. this gunman has no regard for anyone. deputy banks who was in front of me had taken a round to his front windshield and blew out his back window. >> the windshield has been shot out. >> are you okay? >> i'm good. >> the deputy edges closer to the van. as it turns on to a side street into a residential neighborhood. >> i looked up at the street sign and i said dargail. i wanted to make sure dispatch knew where i was. so i spelt it out. d-a-r-g-a-i-l.
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i believed they had stopped him, waiting for me, as they did with charlie scott. i stayed there what seemed like an eternity but it was only about ten seconds. i looked at my right deputy, carlos, pulls up in his vehicle. >> and i checked on him. i knew he was okay. he said he was okay, just go ahead and go. >> the van takes off, and the deputies follow it as it heads into a vacant lot. >> the van made an arcing turn and started gunning the engine. i advised dispatch i was prepared to be hit head-on by this van. >> he's coming on, head-on, head-on. >> at the last minute, the driver elected to pull to the right and struck my patrol guard. >> the van speeds past the patrol car and the deputy finds himself once again exposed to the back of the van. >> shots, my vehicle has been hit.
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>> i expected the back door to open when he passed by and possibly be executed at that point. so i elected to cross some open ground to take a new cover behind a country mailbox and a trash can that was out. >> the deputy pulls up a few feet away. >> my goal was to stop the rear doors from the suspect vehicle from opening because i knew if the doors opened, it was going to be a bad day for us. did i have a plan? no, i did not have a plan. just hoping i did not get shot. if i did get shot, i was hoping it wouldn't be in the head. so i exited my patrol car and i started firing on the suspect vehicle. >> i was going to resort to my nypd training, kneel down, make yourself a small target and gaze the target. as soon as my right knee hit the ground, i did a controlled firing with my .9 millimeter. there was no hesitation. i mean, i'd been in the business long enough. whenever there's a threat out there, my goal is to go home
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after shift every night and keeping my head in the game and i'm going to take care of business until i've either neutralized the threat or i'm out of game. it didn't take but about 10 or 15 seconds before the driver opened the door and surrendered. >> officers converge on the van and find that the shooter is killed during the fire fight. the driver is later convicted of aggravated assault and robbery and sentenced to 45 years in prison. >> these individuals were on the fbi most's wanted and "america's most wanted" and had been aggressive, violent bank robbers for three years. >> officers keep the white van at the police impound lot. its bullet-riddled exterior a reminder of the officers who put their lives on the line. a year after the incident, deputy scott is awarded a purple heart for the injuries he sustained and all of the officers who were involved are honored for their bravery. >> i have an awful lot of
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respect for my partners. i think they did a phenomenal job that day. i think they did it with dignity and courage. >> i'm old-school pd. >> i'm hit. i'm hit. >> if an officer put an assist over the radio, especially being shot, you continued in that endeavor until either you or your patrol vehicle was taken out, and if your patrol vehicle was taken out, you get into another vehicle and continue in the endeavor and you're going to keep going until you track this culprit down. coming up -- >> no! >> see a man's head and a gun in his hand. i fired at the only target that i had. >> when "kaugt on camera: dash cam diaries continues. vo: introducing the starbucks flat white.
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a high-speed pursuit ends when a police vehicle and a suspect's car run off the road. as officers move in, the suspect
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emerges and opens fire. >> from that point on, it was pretty much a reaction of instinct and training. >> july 7th, 2008. pend oreille, idaho. a security camera at a local liquor store captures a man leaving without paying for three bottles of whiskey. when confronted by a store employee, the man flees. the store clerk calls police and is connected to corporal crystal horvath who is at the police station a few blocks away. >> i drove around a little bit looking for a vehicle that matched the description i was given. when i found it, i was able to initiate a traffic stop. >> with her dash cam recording, the corporal pulls the suv over, but it's apparent this will not be a typical traffic stop. >> the gentleman that was driving it actually got out of the vehicle almost immediately and he had something in his hand. sort of looked like a billy club, maybe 12 inches long. i couldn't really understand anything he was saying.
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then he yelled at me and he yelled "no." that's the only thing i actually could understand that he said. then he got back in his car and he drove away. and so i continued to follow him at that point and i requested chief hudder to come assist. >> what starts as a shop lifting call escalates into a car chase. chief michael hudder joins the pursuit. >> upon catching up to the suspect vehicle, it was traveling a low rate of speed. that is probably not typical, but we've seen it happen before where people just refuse to stop. >> he didn't stop at stop signs which is normal for pursuits, but at 20 miles an hour you're still like, are we really in a. pursuit? >> got your video going? i'm going to try to do a rolling roadblock. >> i decided to initiate a rolling roadblock, which is a maneuver where i would take the police vehicle, pass the suspect and basically block his path while we're driving along and start slowing down until finally come to a complete stop. >> but the plan doesn't work. >> subject swerved when i was
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trying to do a rolling road block. >> and the chase revs up as the suspect leads police behind businesses and through a vacant lot. then on to the highway. the suspect makes it known to chief hudder exactly what he thinks of the pursuit. >> subject just gave me the bird. out the driver's window. >> chief hudder calls for more units and comes up with a plan. >> i had spoken with the deputies involved in the pursuit and advised them that if we arrived in a straight stretch of roadway with no traffic approaching that i was going to attempt a rolling road block again. >> with dashcam rolling, sheriffs deputy mitch parnell is directly behind the suspect's suv. >> chief hudder came around my patrol unit and attempted to pass the suspect vehicle. it appeared it was his intention to ram chief hudder off the road. the initial thing that went
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through my mind when he was running me off the road was i was in a bigger vehicle and i should be pushing him in the ditch and him not pushing me in the ditch. it was a little surprising. he had a better angle on my vehicle is why he was able to do it. >> deputy parnell stops right behind the suv and approaches the passenger door. >> don't move! i saw the passenger side door open slightly, then it opened more fully and i could see a man's head. his hand, and a gun in his hand. >> the suspect fires one shot, coming within an inch of hitting deputy parnell. >> as the suspect fired, i felt a puff of air by my neck. i also felt a tug at my collar. the bullet went through the side of my collar and bunched a hole in the back of my patrol uniform. we fired almost simultaneously. don't move! i was moving at the time. that was probably what saved my life.
5:17 pm
and continued to engage the suspect, you know, while i was moving as well. >> at that same moment, chief hudder, who is trapped in his truck, deploys his taser. >> i was able to aim my taser through my rear passenger window, through his driver's window which he had open to previously flip me off and able to tase the suspect in the back. >> don't move! >> in this video taken from a camera mounted on the taser, you can see the suspect attempting to open his passenger door as chief hudder fires. >> suspect's being tased. >> it's a direct hit. >> i could see that the probe struck him in the lower back. he immediately stiffened up, and so i could see it was working. when i ultimately turned the taser off, then the suspect slumped back into the driver's seat of his vehicle and came to a stop. >> deploying his taser when
5:18 pm
he did may have prevented the suspect from firing more rounds and may have saved deputy parnell. >> he fired one round prior to the taser being deployed and no rounds after that. >> watch again as the suspect's gun appears through the opening car door. deputy parnell manages to get off 12 rounds as other officers also unload into the back of the suv. >> i fired at the only target i had which was his head. the facial area and the gun hand that was exposed. >> as units converge on the suv, it becomes apparent that the shots deputy parnell fired have been fatal. >> deputy parnell was very fortunate. the suspect missed hitting him in the throat by less than an inch. >> i thought the whole incident was a pretty senseless act. to go to the drastic measures and take the actions that the suspect did just for stealing a few bottles of liquor. i'm not really sure what he was thinking. >> if he would have just stopped and given up, he was looking at misdemeanor charges, not even felony charges.
5:19 pm
ultimately, even once he had ran me off the roadway, if he would have just given up at that point, results would have been significantly different. >> he made the decisions that he made that day. don't move! and fortunately, i was able to go home. coming up -- don't get too close. >> the shockwave from the gas tanker pushed me backwards about ten feet. >> when "caught on camera: dashcam diaries" continues. we monitor every purchase every day and alert you if anything looks unusual. wow! you're really looking out for us. we are. and if there are unauthorized purchases on your discover card, you're never held responsible. just to be clear, you are saying "frog protection" right? yeah, fraud protection. frog protection. fraud protection. frog. fraud. fro-g. frau-d. i think we're on the same page. we're totally on the same page. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you.
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so help protect your eye health with ocuvite. a first responder finds himself needing rescue when a traffic accident on an icy road goes from bad to worse. >> there's a couple of thoughts that went through my head right away was, number one, i was completely shocked that it happened. and number two, my thought was this isn't going to end well. >> march 26th, 2013. residents of dayton, ohio,
5:23 pm
awaken to a snowstorm. the freezing temperatures and icy roads quickly become a nightmare for early morning commuters. >> unfortunately, it's causing a few problems this morning on the roads as yesterday's melting has created some slick conditions with temperatures that have dropped into the 20s this morning. >> fire captain barry and his crew respond to the scene of an accident on route 35, an area where wrecks are common during bad weather. >> i knew fairly quickly that we were going to have to get the eastbound lanes completely shut down in order to make it safer for all of us to work. >> as dayton police officer jason ward begins to stop traffic, his dashcam is recording. >> i had to slow down tremendously to go over the overpasses. i could tell that the overpass was iced over completely. >> the fire crew is freeing a woman from her car. suddenly, a truck spins out of control and slams directly into the wreck, narrowly missing the captain. >> whoa! holy [ muted ]
5:24 pm
watch out. >> when the second car slid in and hit the first one, that raised the anxiety level on the scene. >> as i started to exit my vehicle, i could see the captain had walked over to the overturned pickup truck to assist the driver of that vehicle. at that time, a third vehicle lost control, striking that pickup. then the pickup truck struck the captain. >> i heard the tires sliding on the ice. barely had time to react and look up and felt and heard the impact of the third vehicle hitting the second. >> my initial thought was i just witnessed a firefighter's death. and then i knew that i was the only one that had saw him get hit because everyone else was dealing with the other vehicle that was crashed. >> the impact of the crash hurls the captain 20 feet into a pile of snow.
5:25 pm
as he lays stunned, the wrecked truck comes dangerously close to landing on top of him. >> my intention was to get up and over the guardrail where it was a safer area, but with the pain and everything else, i just couldn't move a bit. i was expecting that that's where it was all going to end, was right there. lying there, you start thinking about a lot of things. your family comes into your mind right away. wondering if you're ever going to see them again. >> seconds later, officer ward rushes toward him and screams for help. >> i started yelling for the other firefighters, and initially got ahold of the on-scene chief. notified him that the captain had been hit. >> as i lay there, i remember a police officer coming up to me and yelling, don't move, don't move, i'll get you some help. and some time shortly after that, i had firefighter nick harrison, firefighter tony jolly came over to my aid and between them and officer ward, they were able to get me up and over the guardrail to where it was actually safe.
5:26 pm
>> the captain is transported to a local hospital where he's treated for broken ribs and a broken leg. the other drivers involved in the crash escape without injuries. six weeks after the incident, the captain is able to return to full active duty. after seeing the dashcam video, he knows that the outcome could have been different. >> i think this was a whole series of unfortunate events that all came together all at once and i feel extremely fortunate to be alive. >> we just had a firefighter hit. emergency workers are in peril when they respond to a call about a disabled tanker truck. >> whoa! >> we need some help out here. just blew. >> april 15th, 2008. about 4:00 in the morning, state trooper pat lower is dispatched to a tanker in trouble outside bristol, virginia.
5:27 pm
when he arrives on scene with his dashcam rolling, flames are visible on the right side of the undercarriage. >> i noticed the operator of the truck was standing about 30 feet to the right of the tanker. i ran up to him and asked him what was he hauling? he said it was empty. i said, what was it hauling? he said that it's a gas tanker. and at that point, i knew that the situation got worse because i know that an empty gas tanker is more dangerous than a full gas tanker. >> even though the tank is empty, gasoline vapor remains inside. gasoline is flammable, but the vapors are even more likely to explode. >> i asked the operator whether or not he could separate his cab from the tanker and he said he tried but he couldn't. can you separate it? >> no way. i cannot. >> fearing for their lives, trooper lauer and the driver take cover behind the police cruiser out of view of the dashcam.
5:28 pm
they hope the fire department arrives before it's too late. lieutenant brian, his brother, jeff, and firefighter janet evans respond from the bristol fire department. >> when we arrived on scene, the rear tires of the truck was on fire. at that point, we didn't know how long the fire had been burning or how long it'd been exposing the aluminum tank. being aluminum, it has a failing point rather quickly. >> the lieutenant and his crew decide to park in front of the burning tanker and for good reason. >> we parked in front of the truck to give us protection from being uphill, upwind. we also parked in that location to use the truck as a shield in case something did happen. >> less than a minute after they arrive, the fire reaches the vapors in the tank. >> we need some help out here. just blew. >> the explosion unleashes a fireball and showers the area with twisted metal.
5:29 pm
>> whoa! >> the shockwave from the gas tanker pushed me backwards about ten feet. >> whoa! >> there was a large probably five-foot tall by eight-foot wide circular disk that blew out of that tanker. >> we need some help out here. it just blew. we got parts -- in the road. we need a lot of help. >> the trooper and the trucker are a safe distance from the explosion. the firefighters are dangerously close. >> i ran up to the firemen because i knew they were only just feet away. i expected to see injuries, you know, concussion injury or something. i ran up to the scene, found them and they said they were all okay. >> all the firemen are 10-4. don't look to be hurt. >> firefighter evan's seat belt got stuck, delaying the the rest of the crew from getting out of their rig and reaching the fire.
5:30 pm
>> firefighter evans had an issue or two as far as getting out of the truck which delayed our response as far as getting an attack line on the fire by two to five seconds which in turn turned out to be the two to five seconds that might have saved our lives. >> unscathed, the firefighters battle the blaze. >> the explosion caused a lot of the fire to be self-extinguished. >> whoa! >> and just a short time later, we had those fires under control. >> it's only later when he sees the video caught on the police dashcam -- >> whoa! >> -- that the lieutenant realizes how dangerous the situation was. >> we all went back to the trooper's vehicle and was watching the vehicle and i was like, oh my goodness, that was really, really close. everybody went their separate ways and went home. first thing i want to do was go home and grab my little boy. my little boy was 3 years old at the time. as soon as i walked in the door, picked him up, hugged him, squeezed him as hard as i could, grabbed hold of my wife and gave her a big hug.
5:31 pm
from that point on, it will be a day i'll never forget. coming up -- this isn't your typical police chase. >> the danger is that it's an 80,000 pound vehicle. it's going to run over or destroy anything else on the road. >> when "caught on camera: dash cam diaries" continues. i want his bedroom to smell like he's away at boarding school. surround yourself with up to 6 hours of luxurious, long-lasting scents... ...introducing new unstopables air refresher. for over 19 million people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real.
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go to the post office again. i'm richard lui with the hour's top stories. a potentially historic storm for the east coast. 29 million people are under blizzard warning the next two days. 70-mile-per-hour winds are possible, and snowfall of up to three feet is expected. over 2,000 flights already canceled. two men are dead after a shooting at a new york city home depot. a man argued with a supervisor before shooting him and himself
5:35 pm
several times. home depot said it is deeply saddened by the incident. now back to "caught on camera." a suspect in a tractor trailer tries to escape police endangering everyone in his path. >> the sheer size of the semi pushes everything else out of its way, will run anything else over. it could cause substantial damage to anything it runs into it. >> may 21st, 2005. medford, wisconsin. police are in pursuit of a speeding tractor trailer. the driver, rob collins, is wanted in connection with an alleged sexual assault on a child. before police can arrest him, he takes off. detective steve bowers is one of the officers in pursuit. >> this was the first chase that i've ever had that involved a truck, and the danger is that it's an 80,000 pound vehicle. it's going to run over or destroy anything else on the road.
5:36 pm
>> alerted by other truck drivers that the suspect is listening to a police scanner, bowers tries to convince the man to give up. >> you need to pull over and stop now before you get shot. >> but the suspect ignores the warning. >> bad things are about to happen if you don't stop. >> with few options, police deploy stop sticks in the path of the semi, but the truck manages to avoid them. another unit waits at the top of a hill, but the suspect spots him and swerves to the right. >> he switched lanes to avoid the stop sticks and sideswiped the other car occupied by two elderly people. >> thrown out two sets of spikes. >> further down the road, deputy troy and trooper patty falk are getting ready to deploy more stop sticks. >> got in position, got my stop sticks set up on bridge where i could deploy them and within a matter of several seconds he was on top of us and trooper falk was on the other side of the road.
5:37 pm
she deployed her sticks from the east side of the road. i deployed mine from west. >> the big rig veers off the road and heads straight toward the deputy. >> it was apparent he was turning toward me. it was quite surreal. it becomes more apparent that he's going to -- he's leaving the roadway and he's heading toward my squad. >> the semi slams into the back of the cruiser, narrowly missing the deputy. >> as his semi attempted to go around the stop sticks, he smashed into the side of the car spinning it around and tearing the side of it off. the car flew out of the way and the truck kept going. >> but the semi isn't able to completely avoid the spike strips. >> i was able to get the rear tires and i believe trooper falk got one of the steer tires on the front of the tractor. >> another officer lays out even more spike strips. and as it did before, the truck goes on to the shoulder, almost hitting him. the truck's tires shred, littering the road with huge chunks of rubber.
5:38 pm
but the driver doesn't give up. >> it was clear at this point that he was not concerned for anyone's safety and was just trying to get away. >> marathon squad, tried to run over two or three officer. >> after collins' semi hit the deputy's squad car, marathon county authorized the use of deadly force to stop this pursuit. >> get off the road. >> as we pulled into the town of spencer, i observed an officer with a shotgun standing on the side of the road. i then saw him fire one round into the truck. >> the officer fires into the cab, but the suspect is able to duck at the last moment. the chase continues and the semi heads into a construction zone. >> due to all the barrels and barricades, the road was down to two lanes with no shoulders. this gave us an opportunity to completely cover the road with spike strips. i was sure that the pursuit was going to end at that point, but he continued going. it was easy to follow where he was going due to the gouges his
5:39 pm
rims were digging into the cement roadway surface. >> driving on its rims, the semi has slowed considerably. up the road, another officer is positioned, ready to fire. >> i could see him standing on the side of the road with an ar-15 rifle. as we went past, i saw him fire several rounds at the truck. shortly after, it pulled over to the side of the road and collins jumped out. >> he just bailed out of the car. i don't know if they shot him, but he went down. >> it surprised me that he did this. after everything he'd gone to to get away, he gave up without any resistance. >> rob collins pleads no contest to recklessly endangering safety and eluding an officer and pleads no contest to second degree sexual assault of a child, the original reason police were pursuing him. he's sentenced to 15 years in prison. >> when i watch the video today, it reminds me we can go from a very quiet shift to a very
5:40 pm
volatile situation in a short period of time. >> that pursuit with a semi is very rare. i've never had one before this incident. i've never had one since this incident. i've never heard of one happening to anyone around here. i think it's a miracle no one was killed during this pursuit. coming up -- high impact during a high-speed pursuit. >> i find the rewind button to let the truck get through the intersection. >> when "caught on camera: dash cam diaries" continues.
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5:44 pm
pickup is crushed by a cement truck. >> all i was thinking was please make it through the intersection. and before i knew it, there was a collision. the settlement truck collided with the truck. collision. collision. >> march 16th, 2012. desoto, texas. officer steven of the desoto police department is patrolling in the early morning hours when a burglary report of a stolen air compressor comes from dispatch. >> we received a call of a burglary in progress call, and i was right around the corner from it. and a dark ford f-150 pulled out in front of me and was coming from an alleyway. and as i got closer, i noticed that there was a red air compressor and this was all in the bed of the truck. i knew that this was most likely the suspect. right when i initiated my lights, he pulled to the left into a turn lane and made a very slow u-turn. he was looking at me the entire
5:45 pm
time. i was making a slow approach hoping that my backup would be there pretty quickly. >> but backup hasn't arrived. the officer is on his own. as he approaches the truck, the suspect opens his door. >> shut your door! turn off the car. when i asked him for his license, he told me he doesn't have one. and then he started reaching and digging inside the center console. so i asked him why he's digging, because he told me he didn't have a driver's license. he looked up at me and he shook his head and then started reaching back in the center console. >> the situation is intensifying, and the officer is still without backup. >> he's not listening to what i'm saying. he's acting very nervous. at this point i'm thinking he's trying to find a weapon in there. had no idea what he was doing. so i felt at that time it was safer for me to get him out of the vehicle. >> the suspect gets out of the truck and at first seems to
5:46 pm
be following the officer's commands. >> basically i was trying to conduct my pat-down. i was hoping that my backup would be there. and then he reached back in the truck with his left hand. all i could do at that point was grab him and try to pull him away from the truck. >> the officer is able to wrestle the suspect away from the cab but realizes he's no match for the larger man. >> he was probably about 6 foot, 240, 250. i'm 5'9", weigh 160 pounds. when i pulled him away from the vehicle, he was trying to pull his weight. he wasn't really trying to fight with me. he was just trying to pull away from me. he kept trying to turn and throw his weight, trying to get back to the truck. i kept pulling him back. >> the struggle takes a dangerous turn. >> he reaches for my taser and he grabs ahold of my taser and i kind of -- i try to throw my weight down so it throws him off balance so he didn't get a good
5:47 pm
grip of the taser. and when i do this is when he reaches across and grabs ahold of my weapon, my firearm. all i could do at that time to keep him from getting my weapon out. >> the suspect jumps back in his cab and the officer tases him. >> when i deployed my taser, i hit him with one probe. the other probe hit the door and bounced up. didn't make contact with him. i reached in to grab him to pull him out of the vehicle. when i did, i must have grabbed the probe or wrapped my hands around the wires when i did that. >> the live wire shocks the officer and gives the suspect enough time to close the door. >> i move toward the back of the vehicle. i continue to give orders for him to put his hands up, let me see his hands, step out of the vehicle. he would not comply. then he put it in gear. the vehicle rolled back. that's when the subject took off.
5:48 pm
>> speeding in excess of 90 miles per hour, the truck blows through several red lights. >> we were very lucky that it happened so early in the morning. there was not very many vehicles on the road. >> but the suspect's luck is about to run out. as the truck races toward another red light, the officer sees a cement truck driving toward the intersection. >> it was happening very fast, but at the same time, it was in slow motion. i could see the cement truck coming. it was traveling eastbound, and the suspect vehicle was traveling southbound. all i was thinking was, please make it through the intersection. and before i knew it, there was a collision with the cement truck. 31-32. collision. collision. >> watch again as the cement truck barrels through the intersection and sideswipes the
5:49 pm
fleeing pickup. the force of the collision flips the cement truck on its side and demolishes the pickup. >> collision. the suspect's truck was actually completely smashed on the passenger side. it looked like half the truck was left. >> the suspect is still alive. you can see his shadow here as he gets out of the truck. but he only gets a few feet before he collapses. >> when i approach the suspect, he was pretty badly injured. i was hoping that there was something i could do for him, but there was nothing i could do for him at that point except wait for the paramedics to respond. >> within minutes, paramedics arrive and the cement truck driver and suspect are both rushed to the hospital. the truck driver is treated for minor injuries. the suspect is pronounced dead on arrival. when the officer watches the dashcam video, he sees how quickly the situation escalated.
5:50 pm
>> when i watch the video now, i just realize how scary the situation was. how bad it could have gotten. it was almost like i was watching a show on tv and it was happening right in front of me. i was hoping i could find the rewind button to let the truck get through the intersection. coming up, a high-stakes police chase. >> i had to constantly think, you know, what if we have a crime go on here? we've got every cop in town chasing this fool. >> do we have a plan to corral this guy or are we just going to keep chasing him? >> when "caught on camera: dash cam diaries" continues. a mouth ! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do,
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a suburban police force gives new meaning to the term "running with the bulls." >> he had a lot of stamina and
5:54 pm
he was going to do what he wanted to do until he was stopped. >> auburn, washington, is a small blue collar city located 26 miles south of seattle. the area has traditionally been home to a number of farms but has become more cosmopolitan in recent years. in 2011, the combination of city and country living leads to one very bizarre night for the police department. sergeant john thornton is a 22-year veteran of the force and is on duty just before midnight as august 6th turns to the 7th. >> we had a typical saturday night. officers are going to theft calls or unwanted persons. >> in the normal call log is a report of an animal loose in the town which, at first, seems routine. >> people will call about stray cat or found a stray dog or there's a dog, you know, running down the street. >> this stray, however, is a little larger. >> i heard one of the officers
5:55 pm
respond over the radio and she said, i see a group of cowboys chasing a bull down lee hill road. it kind of caught me off guard a little bit. i thought what she just said is there are cowboys chasing a bull. >> sure enough, another officer captures visual confirmation of the bolting bull on his dashcam. you might notice the time of day between the dash cams jumping around. their clocks are not in sync. >> they advise, this is a real bull. another couple officers started moving that way to try to control the intersections. >> with residents' safety at stake, more units are dispatched to clear the streets of pedestrians. >> man, need you guys to go inside real quick. i have a bull that's going to be running through the parking lot here. a real live bull. >> i had stopped and talked to two males and females on the corner. told them there's a bull running around right here, you need to get back in that bar right now for your safety. one male turned to other male and said, i [ bleep ] told you there was a bull running in downtown auburn. >> you might want to run. coming this way, partner.
5:56 pm
run! >> soon a perimeter is set up, as police try and corral the wayward animal. >> i don't know how much a bull would weigh on the hoof, but he was probably close to 1,000 pounds, and full-frame bull. young bull. so he had a lot of stamina and he was going to do what he wanted to do until he was stopped. >> all right. do we have a plan to corral this guy or are we just going to keep chasing? >> i don't think he ever stopped actually running but he was kind of loping down the road most of the time and we're just trying to funnel him to where he wanted to go, but he's a bull so he kind of decided where he wanted to run. >> we're in a trot. >> using their lights and sirens, the units slowly but surely chase their unwanted guest out of the city limits.
5:57 pm
and once pedestrians are out of the way, the chase takes on a more festive tone. >> easy, boy. >> the officers' mood was jubilant, having a lot of fun, kind of like a bunch of kids. >> hey. hey. >> i guess chasing a cat or a chicken or something. because they were having a pretty good time. i heard a lot of yahoos and yeehaws going on. >> as the officer in charge that night, sergeant thornton's mind is elsewhere. >> as the chase went on with this bull, i had to constantly think, what if we have a real crime go on here? we've got every cop in town chasing this bull. >> luckily, the cavalry arrives. the cowboys who had been searching for the lost bull. >> when the cowboys showed up, there was a bit of relief because they knew how to handle the bulls and kind of paired up with the officers and the officers, a couple them got ahead. a couple of them stayed right with the bull and were trying to wrangle the bull.
5:58 pm
>> the pursuing officers have a renewed sense of optimism that the chase may be coming to an end, but the bull has other plans. the cowboys try, first on foot and then from the patrol cars, to lasso the bull without success. >> we were not impressed with their lassoing abilities. in fact, there was chatter among the officers that one officer's cowboy was fired because he couldn't lasso the bull. >> your cowboy's fired. >> there was another one, i don't know if he couldn't get it extended or what the deal was. >> it's clear that an unorthodox problem needs an unorthodox solution. >> we had wranglers sitting in the passengers seats of the patrol car and they couldn't get their lariat out, extended i guess. one officer let one of the wranglers sit on the hood of the car, and he was able to extend it all the way out. >> that's cheating.
5:59 pm
>> i got one horn. >> the bull is no longer on the lam. >> whose cowboy got him? was that josh's cowboy? >> but getting him to come quietly is a different story. >> we're not done. >> but with cowboys and cops working together, the bull is outflanked. much to sergeant thorton's relief. >> how do we plan on getting this thing home? >> we had received zero training on how to wrangle a bull. all the officers, for all the fun that they had, they all kind of kept their job, what they had to do, try to wrangle the bull, get the bull home safely. nobody fired a shot. nobody got hurt. >> and he's also happy to find the entire incident is recorded on dashcam. >> actually wasn't until later that i thought, you know, this is a good thing this was on video because officers are always out there trying to do their job and be very professional about it, and it's just kind of nice for people to see that we are actually people doing the job. that we have a little fun once in a while and a lot of times it
6:00 pm
gets caught on tape. brave officers caught in the line of fire. desperate criminals creating chaos. disturbed minds seeking vengeance. almost every day across the country, someone is staring down the barrel of a gun. and somewhere, somehow, the


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