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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  March 23, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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excitement that they exhibited just from being able to wave to him should have been a warning about what would happen when they were allowed to touch him. he was making decisions about how to spend his papacy, but occasionally amazing things happen all around him. he smiles through it all. whoo! that is a thing that happened. that does it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> last week was anchor man spring break for me. and that was, of course a news blackout. everything i know about the news is what i've just heard from you in the last minute. that's all i know. i know nothing more than what you've just said in the last minute. >> pretty much it's all pope and firing squads. that's pretty much all you need to know. >> good. i am he'm up to date. well hillary clinton spoke in washington today and she sounded like the presidential candidate that the boston globe
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endorsed yet, elizabeth warren. >> i'm running for president of the united states. >> senator ted cruz became the first candidate to enter the presidential race today. >> this had the look and feel of a megachurch sermon. >> strange combination of john lennon and barry goldwater. >> he kept saying imagine, imagine, right? >> imagine a simple flat tax. imagine abolishing the irs. imagine a president who stands unapologetically with the nation of israel. >> imagine all the people -- >> netanyahu has just apologized to remarks warning about lealy arabs going to the polls in droves. >> he should go on the road as netanyahudini. >> get over your temper tantrum, mr. president. >> posted on the internet names
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photos and home addresses of 100 u.s. military. >> urge followers to do them hafrm. >> the pentagon contacted all 100 but offered no perm protection. >> for months after rolling stone published the widely disputed article. >> today police said they found no evidence that it was true and have suspended the investigation. >> that doesn't mean that something terrible did not happen. >> the annual white house science fair. >> oklahoma girl scouts show the off their inventor chops with a robot made of logos. >> it's a prototype. >> it's a prototype. >> the robots i see keep getting smarter every year. we are keeping an eye on that by the way. you're on notice sky net. >> i'll be back. the boston globe did something yesterday that it has they ever done before. the globe endorsed a presidential candidate before that candidate has even
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announced that she is running and despite the fact that that potential candidate has insisted that she will not run. in an unprecedented lead editorial, the boston globe urged massachusetts senator elizabeth warren to run for president, and adding unprecedented to unprecedented, the globe ran three separate op ed column urging elizabeth warren to run. since 1960 when john f. kennedy won the presidency the boston globe has grown accustomed to endorsing a local boy. john kerry in 2004. the globe never had to urge any of them to run for president. in an editorial entitled democrats need elizabeth warren's voice in the 2016 presidential race, the globe specified some policy differences between hillary clinton and elizabeth warren. unlike clinton or any of the
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prospective candidates warren has made closing the chick gapeconomic gaps in america her priority and calling for more bankruptcy protections. if she runs if will ensure that those issues take their rightful place at the center of the national political debate. with that globe editorial no doubt in mind today in washington at the center for american progress hillary clinton said this. >> one of the biggest issues we face is income inequality combined with wage stagnation. they really go hand in hand. it turns out that places where the fabric of community is strong with a vibrant middle class, places that are more integrated across class, places with good schools, places with unions places with religious organizations and civil
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organizations help people feel rooted, part of a community, and then being able to pull together all of the aspects that play into upward mobility. so we need to think hard about what we're going to do now that people are moving back into and staying in cities to make sure that our cities are not just places of economic prosperity and job creation on average but do it in a way that lifts everybody up. >> and tonight at an awards dinner for excellence in political reporting, hillary clinton decided it was the perfect audience to make jokes about her e-mail. >> i am all about new beginnings. [ laughter ] >> a new grandchild. another new hairstyle. [ laughter ] >> a new e-mail account. [ laughter ] [ applause ] why not a new relationship with the press? so here goes.
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no more secrecy. no more zone of privacy. after all, what good did that do me? but, first of all, before i go any further, if you look under your chairs you'll find a simple non-disclosure agreement. my attorneys drew it up. old habits last. >> joining us now, one of the authors of the four boston globe pieces yesterday urging elizabeth warren to move, the executive director of move and also of a professor from columbia university, host of "nerding out" also howard dean and sam stein, the guy who got the big get with president obama. politics editor and white house correspondent of the huffington
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post. anna tell us your case for elizabeth warren running. >> so this moment was made for elizabeth warren. i think we all know that. we know that economic inequality is surging, it's at the worst levels in decades. and she has made her life's work speaking out for the little guy. standing up to wall street banks, to billionaires and fighting for their regular american right to get by, to make a decrept life for themselves. our message is simple. we need her track record in the presidency. it's a powerful message. she'd be a formidable candidate. because she could win in the democratic primary and because she could win in the general election, and because if she doesn't win, we will not have the feisty real deep debate that we need about where our country is heading and the
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policies that we need to embrace, especially when it comes to economic inequality and entrenched corporate interests. that's the case. and i think the boston globe's op ed made the point over the weekend, the fact that the biggest paper in senator warren's home state came out in that way and the substance of the case are just more momentum for this campaign. >> howard dean, it was really an extraordinary moment in the globe's history. they've had a lot of potential presidential candidates in their reading jurisdiction up there, obviously from jfk forward, and they were never moved by any of them to get out there and say, this candidate really needs to get in and run. what was your reaction to it? >> well i think elizabeth warren does have. i agree with almost everything amy said, except for the end where she said that we're not going to have a debate unless elizabeth gets in. i think it's pretty clear that elizabeth's not getting in. i also think elizabeth warren is
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saying exactly what needs to be said. so i agree with a lot of what she says but i think hillary clinton's going to be the nominee and hillary clinton's going to win. and she's already adopting some of elizabeth warren's message. the clip that you showed earlier was very very important. everybody's getting the message. people know how to read polls and how to listen to electorates and i think hillary clinton is not an exception to that. >> the dramatist in me doesn't want to reach for this particular piece of paper on the table here. it is the statement from elizabeth warren's press office. the statement says as senator warren has said many times, she is not running for president. party pooper howard dean there just said it for us. but please keep the speculation going for another couple minutes before we have to go to a commercial. the point every one of these four pieces makes is it will help hillary clinton if
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elizabeth warren runs for president. it will make her a better nominee if she's going to be the nominee. >> yes, it will help hillary clinton. it will help the democratic party to have a competitive primary process. but let me say this lawrence. senator elizabeth warren no relation by the way, although maybe spiritually. she is already running. this is a shadow primary. and she has been vocal on these issues like anna pointed out. the clip you showed of hillary clinton, if you didn't show it to us and we just listened you might have thought it was senator elizabeth warren. she has already moved to the left to respond to the populism of elizabeth warren. so in some ways she's running. maybe she hasn't declared fishily. she's running in a shadow primary and already influencing the language the rhetoric of former secretary of state and soon to be presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> lawrence could i --
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>> let me get sam in here and i'll come back to you. there were a lot of overlaps in these pieces. a lot of redundancy eloquent though anna's was written in her style. robert cutler's was written in his. one of the points that robert cutner makes is that in the democratic party, the heavily favored front runners have frequently stumbled and not done so well. and not been there at the end. and as hillary clinton showed in 2008, against what was to become president obama. >> yeah i mean hillary clinton is a personification at that. i want to guess what anna was going to say -- >> no. >> i bet i can get it. the keyword in the boston op ed that we read at the top was to make these issues a priority. anybody can talk about the
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issue. i was at a conference where ted cruz was talking about two americas. so the rhetoric is being adopted not just within the democratic party but across ideological lines. that is what the draft movement is all about. that said i've done some reporting on this. it's not monolithic within progressives that people want elizabeth warren to run. there are people who are worried that this will marginalize her because the moment she steps in she becomes more of a politician, someone who responds to political incentives as opposed to someone above the political fray. it's not so cut and dried that every progressive wants elizabeth warren to enter the race. >> since sam did a beautiful job, i think it's important to note that elizabeth warren, being a credible threat to step into the race is what has allowed her to make her, you
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know, heresh issues are the center of the debate for republicans as well. they won't match that rhetoric with policy proposals, but she is she is defining the political debate we are having right now in part because she could step in. and what move on members around the country are saying what our partners from the workers party, from 300,000 plus people who have signed a petition calling on her to get in the race what we're all saying is you actually need to be in the fray to keep defining the conversation that we're having. to talk about inequality not just now but for the next 18 months. we need her to be in the race making that case. >> i have a quick question though. we've narrowed it but if you run for president, you have to have a foreign policy as well. and i don't know what her foreign policy is. are you comfortable with looking at her inequality? >> we're not going to have a debate about foreign policy gun
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control, about any of these vital issues that we need to be talking about and yes, having a fierce debate about. we're not going to be having a serious debate about that if we don't have a real contest there. and so one of the very important reasons the move on members have voted overwhelmingly to get behind this effort to encourage senator warren to run and why we're seeing all this wind in our sails and momentum like from the boston globe's op ed, she needs to get into the race to create that space for that kind of genuine conversation. there will be plenty of time to ask her questions about where she stands including foreign policy, if she gets in the race. >> i have to say to anna i have to say that elizabeth warren has already carved out that space. she's performing an an incredibly valuable function. i don't think it matters if she runs or not in terms of setting the agenda she has contributed a lot.
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the last thing i'd say is i think we ought not to undersell hillary clinton. she is incredibly smart. and facts drive her decision making. and the facts are that income inequality is an enormous problem in this country, and nobody ought to run for president without being willing to address it. and i think she is addressing it. >> but that's the thing. foreign policy is probably hillary clinton's weakness. in 2008 it wasn't on foreign policy that you had it. >> we're going to have to take a break there and to that foreign policy point, hillary clinton is the only candidate who's going to be in the race with foreign policy experience. none of the possible republicans have any foreign policy experience. we're going to break it there. anna, thank you for joining us on this. >> thank you very much. coming up ted cruz big surprise, made it official his long-shot candidacy for the presidency is now under way. and later, someone you know and love has or is going to have
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ted cruz who is from canada and texas went to virginia to announce his presidential candidacy and managed to catch the attention of "the view." >> he was not born in america. he was born in canada. >> what? >> how can he run for president? [ applause ] >> that's the least of his problems. >> i'm a ted cruz birther. >> for you to say as a republican that him not being born in this country is the
7:19 pm
least of his problems is insane. insane. i love you, darling, but with the birthers and all of that stuff, they made it a huge issue. >> i never asked, look, i think -- >> i did not know that. i did not know that. >> well it has come up before for this very reason because, you know he's one of the people who said well he should the president, well hon, you know. >> whoopee wants to see your birth certificate. >> i do. >> we'll have more after this. ♪ the new, twenty-fifteen ford focus believes in "more." more to see.
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i believe in the power of millions of courageous conservatives rising up to reignite the promise of america. and that is why today i am announcing that i'm running for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> today just for a moment ted cruz became the most honest presidential candidate by becoming the first presidential candidate for admitting that he is a presidential candidate, but today he asked only for the votes of conservative americans, which translates to only 38% of the electorate, which is just about exactly what he gets in a poll one on one with hillary clinton. no republican candidate polls worse against hillary clinton than ted cruz does. but today he said nothing to try to appeal to swing voters.
7:22 pm
>> imagine in 2017 a new president, signing legislation repealing every word of obamacare. imagine repealing every word of common corps. imagine a simple flat tax. imagine abolishing the irs. [cheers and applause] >> howard dean i'm going to steal jonathan's line that i heard him say earlier on this network. it was a combination of john lennon and barry goldwater. [ laughter ] >> it's a good line. it's a good line. i, you know i, i would never want, i'd want to be careful about saying things like this, but if i had to choose somebody on the republican side to run against, i think ted cruz would be my first choice. he is so polarizing and he you know, he puts himself in a position where the majority of americans can't relate to him at
7:23 pm
all. so we'll see. he's a good speaker. he gets people all cranked up. there's nothing moderate or reasonable about him. and i think that's a great candidate to have on the republican side as far as the democrats are concerned. >> we're joined now by brian sweeney, the editor in chief of texas monthly. been following ted cruz for longer than any of us have. did we learn anything about ted cruz in that announcement? we learned about his family history, but it's not a new story in texas. >> i think that's right. he was trying to take literally center stage to define with himself to the nation. part log cabin, part evangelical speech. and as you said i think the key take away for me here was that this was something that was very narrowly tailored to the base, and the base, which has served him so well now for so long isn't interested in a candidate reaching out across the middle.
7:24 pm
they're interested in a candidate who will carry their flag forward. >> when he was running in texas, did he have to make any adjustments in the general election when he was trying to appeal to the full state? or is there enough of a big hunk of conservative voters? >> there's not such a thing as a general election in texas at this point. the big fight that he had when he announced in 2011 that weighsas going to make the race. he had about a 3% support. he was running against a long-term incumbent lieutenant governor who was wealthy and could self-finance and everyone thought that he would win in a lark. it was one of the most stunning upsets we have seen in recent history in texas and i think senator cruz did that by knowing precisely who his base was in texas and making sure that his opponent david due hurst did not get to the right of him. that is a front no texas where
7:25 pm
there is no real democratic opposition. what does this do for him in a national election. it may help him in the primary not so much in the general. >> ted cruz did address that issue that the women of the view were talking about earlier today. >> i was born in calgary. my parents, as a legal matter, my mother is an american citizen by birth. and it's been federal law for over two creptenturies that the child of an american sitcitizen born abroad is an american citizen. >> case closed. move on. that's it. >> going back to john mccain's candidacy, this question came up during john mccain's candidacy in a polite style. some scholars started to wonder given that john mccain was born to two american-born parents
7:26 pm
abroad. he was not born in the united states, while his father was in the navy. what effect might that have. did the scholars ever figure that out decisively in the mccain case? >> i forget. [ laughter ] >> but i'm pretty sure they decided that it was okay, and i'm pretty sure that ted cruz will not be tripped up. >> it's okay to come in second. in the campaign for president if, you know, were you born outside the united states. we'll see what happens. if ted cruz comes in first, then we'll really dig into this. >> i was going to help sam out there. we've both been up since 6:00. i want to see the birth certificate from ted cruz. i'm sticking that out now. >> it's a canadian birth certificate. but it does confer on him. he's right. he is a natural-born citizen. >> there is an interesting, we've been having a discussion about the base and ted cruz speaking to his base and if you watch that video you showed
7:27 pm
closely, you'll see students in the audience. by the way, they were mandated to attend. you'll see students in ready to shirts. those were rand ball tee shirts. there's a social app where you can post things anonymously on college campuses i think it's called yik yak. the critical commentary the boredom of ted cruz the making fun of him for the imagine lines, that was supposed to be his base. i'm not clear that was his base at the end of the day. there's a lot of folks on the right who don't like ted cruz who would prefer someone like rand paul. especially the younger generation of conservatives. >> he got some big bursts of applause, especially when he talked about repairing the so-called presidential rift with bibi netanyahu. >> it wasn't liberty university which is very, very conservative. although interestingly enough they have a democratic mayor, at least they did the last time i
7:28 pm
was down there, because liberty tells all their students they have to go out and vote for the republican, and it's a republican area but the townspeople got so mad they elected a democratic woman as mayor, so i think it is very interesting about the resistance in the audience. i noticed there were a bunch of people not clapping. just to get technical on the birther issue, john mccain was born in the canal zone which at that time it was an american territory, not an american state. and this is a newspaper-onissue, except everyone's going to have a lot of fun because everybody was so obsessed with where obama was fun. i doubt it will influence a lot of vote, but it will be a lot of fun on jon stewart. >> what do you think of the most important things that came out of it. >> everyone's focussed on the international stuff. and rightly so it's the news of the week. but he laid down a firm line in
7:29 pm
the sand when it came to budget battles. i asked him if he would sign a bill in october that did not eliminate of sequestration. we could be heading to another shutdown. it got lost in the iran stuff. but it remains a budget battle over this summer. >> i want to show a piece of what the president did say to you about the situation that developed with netanyahu and the situation with israel. let's listen to this. >> we take him at his word when he said that it wouldn't happen during his prime ministership. and so that's why we've got to evaluate what other options are available to make sure that we don't see a chaotic situation in the region. >> and of course sam, he's speaking there about a possible two-state solution which toward the end of the campaign bibi
7:30 pm
netanyahu said never going to happen. >> and netanyahu's backtracked. but the white house is operating under the idea that the first statement was operating and not the second. when it comes to the statement about arab voters showing up in droves he called it antithreatic. and now we see netanyahu apologizing for making those statements. i wonder if you can unring that bell from the vantage point of the administration though. >> that was typical bibi who's a politician first and a statesman second. he took four votes away from the far-right party, and that gave him the 30 votes that he needed to have a clear victory over labor. that's why he did it. he did it to appeal to the far right in israeli politics and it worked. the problem is he now has to live with everything that he said, because most of us think
7:31 pm
that was the true bibi and it's going to have a huge effect because i am waiting to see what happens in the u.n. security council the next time the united states is called upon to be the only vote in favor of bibi netanyahu. it's going to be a tough sell. >> the united states will cast that vote the way it always has, i think. brian swaeny, thank you ninkokvich for for joining us. coming up, police have suspended their investigation into the uva rape allegations that were reported in a rolling stone article. and another fraet is accused of racist and sectionist remarks. this time in north carolina.
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charlottesville police announced today the suspension of a police investigation into an alleged gang rape at a fraternity house on the university campus in 2012. the rape was first described in a rolling stone article. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: charlottesville police had been investigating this for months. the police chief now saying that he can't rule out something happened but it wasn't what was described in that "rolling stone" article. it was the story that rocked the university of virginia. and sparked a national
7:36 pm
conversation about sexual assault. today police said they found no evidence that it was true. and had suspended the investigation. >> that doesn't mean that something terrible did not happen to jackie. we are just not able to gather sufficient facts to conclude what that something may have been. >> reporter: the lengthy "rolling "rolling stone" article ran in late november and a woman named jackie claimed she was gang raped by seven men. were you ever able to find the person who orchestrated this attack? >> no, we were not. >> reporter: they said jackie did not cooperate with the rape investigation. the shocking story initially led all greek activities to be halted. but soon jackie's friends began to raise doubts. >> she said there were five men. the rolling stone article reported seven. >> reporter: rolling stone apologized to its readers,
7:37 pm
saying there were discrepancies. some worry the story will have an effect on future assault victims speaking out. tonight tonightfy kappa sigh is exploring the issue. for its part rolling stone will only say it expects an investigation to be published within the next few weeks. we're joined now by karen desoto. she is a legal analyst for the weekend "todaytoday show. what ner'they're saying is one of the lessons is go to the police early. >> even when they're timely they're very very difficult. especially when you have
7:38 pm
fraternities and sororityiessororities. the fact that you don't go right away it's a very difficult thing. and it's humiliating and degrading, and that's one of the things you take into consideration when you're a prosecutor. >> you work on a campus that had this issue develop in different ways, and cross currents of is this true and soforth. one of the things that you see is that women studenting feel that the first protective shell against them is the university. and so that is logically where they go first. the police are alien to them. it's not something they know. it's understandable that they would go first to the administration of the university. >> right now, lawrence there are over 100 universities that are being investigated around sexual assault charges by the justice department. ongoing investigations right
7:39 pm
now. so it raises a bigger question. what is the role of the university in creating a safe campus climate for all of its students. and when you look at uva and take sexual assault and then marquise johnson who by the way went to my high school in chicago, and was brutalized not by campus police but by another law enforcement agency. and in this case you don't have campus police doing this investigation, but charlottesville police. what are campuses doing or not doing to keep all of their students safe? why aren't they the first place of recourse for students who in some way feel violated. >> that's an easy answer. because universities are -- it's a business, and you want people to go to your school and moms and dads don't want their daughter to go to school where there's a high rape incidence. you want to protect that maybe cover that up because you want students to go there, so that's part of the problem. are you going to have campus police? are you going to report it? so the policies and procedures
7:40 pm
at a lot of these universities are what are in question. are you going to be for the student or for the image. >> is it getting to the point where a lot of universities may simply say, just take themselves out of this completely and if a woman student knocks on the administration's door saying i want to complain about a sexual assault, they just say go to the police? >> i hope that's not the case. and in fact universities have a responsibility, when you think of the magnitude of student debt in this country and how much students and their parents are taking out in loans to provide a safe learning environment for students, it is unacceptable for universities to say we're not responsible for creating a safe climate. >> i think they should go to the police. i absolutely think if they knock on the door it should go to the police, not the university, because they're the ones who are trained. they are ate one whose know how to do the rape kit. let them go to the police. >> but some of these are not actual rape and they might not
7:41 pm
necessarily cross a prosecutable criminal line. and so that's one of the other reasons why they're at the administration's door looking for direction. >> i've had cases where someone grazed somebody with the intent to be sexual. that goes to the prosecutors. to the police department. they are ate one're the one whose are trained. coming up the racist remarks that got a fraternity at north carolina state suspended. and in the re-write tonight, what did the governor of maine say that has provoked and i mean provoked, author steven king to demand an apology?
7:42 pm
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7:45 pm
racism. there's pedophilia. there's rape. there is a lot of slurs about trans women. people with disabilities. >> the fraternity which is called pi kappa phi has a ceo. which is a surprise to me. and he issued the typical statement, saying these statements are inconsistent with the values of pi kappa phi and will not be tolerated. apparently they have been tolerated for some time. north carolina state university has temporarily banned alcohol at most fraternity events after this fraternity discovery and other fraternity problems there. up next why stephen king is demanding an apology from the governor of maine, and why he should get that apology. that's next in the rewrite.
7:46 pm
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. are you concerned about me? of course you are. ever thought about my responsibilities? >> what are you talking about? >> have you ever had a single moment's thought about my responsibilities? >> that is of course jack nicholson in stephen king's novel "the shining". stephen king obviously takes responsibilities very, very seriously as his character just made very clear. so maine native and life-long resident of maine stephen king was distressed to hear his name invoked by his governor paul la
7:50 pm
page in the governor's campaign to eliminate the state income tax. >> remember who introduced the income tax here in maine. well today the former governor ken curtis lives in florida where there is no income tax. stephen king and roxanne quimby have moved away as well. >> that got this response the next day from stephen king in a statement released to a bangor radio station, a station that steven king owns. governor le page is full of the stuff that makes the grass grow green. we pay every cent of our maine state incometations taxes. and are gad to do it. we see our taxes as a way of paying back the state that has given us so much. governor le page needs to remember there ain't no free lunch.
7:51 pm
that got no response from governor le page. and the next day stephen king tweeted, governor paul lepage implied that i don't pay my taxes. i do every cent. i think he needs to apologize. and in 2013 my wife and i paid approximately $1.4 million in state taxes, as this is a matter of public record i have no problem telling you that. i would imagine 2014 was about the same but i do not have those figures. in addition the king foundation gives grants from $3 million to $5 million annually mostly in maine. we consider this a fair price for living in the most beautiful state in america. still, there was no apology from governor lepage. but the governor's official printed version of his remarks rewrote the stephen king reference out of existence.
7:52 pm
stephen king's sentence just disappeared. the governor's spokesperson said we had to take steven kick at his word. he said he pays income taxes in maine, so we corrected the radio address. now, as i said stephen king takes responsibilities very very seriously, and so correcting the radio address wasn't good enough for him. he still wants an apology from the governor. yesterday, stephen king tweeted, no apology from governor lepage. some guys are a lot better at dishing it out than taking it back. maybe governor lepage is waiting for stephen king to apologize for supporting the governor's democratic opponent in the last election before he apologizes for not telling the truth about one of maine's biggest taxpayers. never before has this kind of passion
7:53 pm
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>> president obama hosted more than 100 student scientists from across the country today at one of his favorite events what is now the fifth annual white house science fair. one of the participants is kenneth, a 16 year old junior at the horace mann school in the bronx. after his grandfather developed alzheimer's he developed an app that helps caretakers keep track of alzheimer's patients who might wander off, which is a big problem for people caring for the 5.2 million americans who suffer from that condition. his device won the science in action award at the 2014 google science fair. kenneth shinozuka, you were at the white house today. >> yes. >> this is an astonishing
7:58 pm
invention you had. when were you about 4 years old, you were with your grand father in central park was it? and he kind of you realized at a certain point he's lost. >> absolutely. so we walking in the park and my grandfather suddenly got lost and didn't remember the way to get back home. and it was one of the scareyest moments of my life. and it was the first -- >> at 4 you didn't know. >> exactly. >> so there was the two of us. >> and it was the first incident that informed us that my grandfather had allalzheimer's. >> was there a moment when you go oh, what about this? >> one night i was looking at my grandfather and saw him stepping out of the bed. and the moment his foot landed on the floor i had this light bulb moment i thought why don't i put a pressure sensor on the bottom of his foot and that could help the problem of wandering. >> is there a way to make this commercially available to
7:59 pm
people? >> that's the next step definitely. i'm hoping to commercialize the device and make it available to people who need it, including caregivers and patients. >> when i was a junior in high school, i was hoping to maybe get my homework done. that was my biggest aspiration and maybe winning a baseball game or two. this is amazing that you've come this far. and the google prize that comes with some real cash doesn't it? >> yes. the science award is accompanied by a $50,000 cash prize. >> and i read you're using that to create a company to produce this device. >> right. i started a company last summer to commercialize the device and bring it to the people who need it. >> you'll be applying to college next year. >> yes. >> m.i.t.? >> i'm looking at colleges that specialize in neurosciences. >> what are the frontrunners for your applications? >> well i'm definitely investigating a number of options. as you said m.i.f. and harvard
8:00 pm
have very good neuroscience programs. >> we could be seeing you around campus. there's a very high chance of this. thank you very much for this. this iswork. your family is so lucky to have you do this. this is fantastic it. >> thank you. >> chris hayes is up next. tonight on "all in" -- >> we stand together for liberty. [ cheers and applause ] >> the man who shut down america's government now wants to run it. ted cruz is officially in and the 2016 race is officially on. >> i am announcing that i'm running for president of the united states. >> then as ted cruz declares, how will the campaign press corps handle climate deniers. >> i just came back from new hampshire where there's snow and ice everywhere. plus an entire country running exclusively on renewable energy. and the church of scientology gears up its campaign against an hbo documentary.


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