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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 3, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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t. the nsa spying program is back up and running as new revelations are uncovered about the unique way the fbi has been conducting surveillance from the air. >> reporter: according to one associated press investigation, they're all equipped with surveillance cameras that can capture images like this and are often outfitted with cell phone tracking devices. soccer's shocker. the head of fifa stepping down as investigators reportedly close in on sepp blatter. >> i don't know what i'm more surprised by -- that fifa officials were arrested or that america was behind it. it took a country that cares the least about football to bring down the people who have been ruining it. good day i'm luke russert in for the great drich drich.
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and more -- great andrea mitchell. and more details emerging in the alleged plot against boston police. right now the fbi and rhode island state police are on the scene at a home in the city of warwick. the fbi confirms with nbc news that this is a court-authorized activity currently underway. late yesterday, police and federal agents arrested another man related to the possible isis-inspired plot. this came just hours after usaama rahim was shot and killed by police. and fbi agents as they sought to question him. officers said they opened fire after approaching rahim, and they lunged at him with a knife. we'll bring you more. nbc justice correspondent pete williams joins me from boston with the latest. i think we'll" g go to rhode island. what can you provide on activity, is it perhaps related to this incident? >> reporter: that's our understanding. they've been doing this since
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yesterday. it's a search. so far no arrests. the arrest was outside of boston in everett, massachusetts. david wright will face charges in federal court here in about 2.5 hours. 3.5 hours related this to case. we tonight know exactly what he'll be -- we don't know exactly what he'll be charged with. we're still preparing the documents. the news conference you referred to is by the police and the fbi. i doubt they'll say much more about the investigation. it seems like their interest is to try calm the concern of the islamic community about the fact that one of their own was shot and killed at this bus stop yesterday. the police insist they were justified in shooting. that they went to question him, they did not have their weapons drawn, they say, he came at him with a knife. they say the surveillance video that shows it all. i've talked to people who saw the video, had a sound on it as
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well. the hope is by showing this to the committee, they can answer some questions. i doubt that we'll see it however. the district attorney who is conducting the investigation of the shooting says he doesn't want witness recollections to be tainted by seeing that video. >> and pete the deceased's brother has said that he was shot in the back three times. was yelling, "i can't breathe," a reference that we've heard over the last year in terms of reactions to law enforcement and community. what can you tell us and what is the boston police community doing in terms of meeting with islamic community leaders? >> reporter: that claim was made by usaama rahim's brother, a former imam in boston at a couple of mosques. he said that yesterday on facebook that he claims that his brother was on the phone, on his cell phone at the time talking
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to their father. and that the father heard three shots, claims that he was shot in the back and his last words were "i can't breathe." it probably is correct that three shots were fired. that's our understanding. police say he was hit by just two rounds, one in the torso one in the abdomen not in the back they say. >> nbc's pete williams, thank you very much from boston. we appreciate it. take care. the usa freedom act has been signed into law by president obama after the senate passed the bill yesterday. the legislation is a major overhaul of the nsa's surveillance authority is that's been in place since 9/11. eliminating the bulk collection of americans' phone records. has its fair share of supporters and critics. here with me senator john thune of south dakota the chairman of the u.s. estimate commerce, science, and transportation committee, primary oversight and legislative jurisdiction of the tsa. we'll get to the tsa in a second. i want to start with you on the
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nsa, the usa freedom bill. welcome to the show. >> thanks, good to be with you. >> you were one of 30 republicans who voted no on this legislation. i want to play what a colleague of yours in the house said about it. that's the leader kevin mckaertd. i want to play -- mccarthy. i want to play the clip. >> i understand we did this early so we wouldn't be in the situation we are today. i understand the senate has many different ideas. but the one thing the senate should find this morning is common ground the way the house did and send it to the president so the rest of america can be protected. >> 338 supporters in the house including boehner mccarthy, conservative republicans. what was wrong with the legislation? >> there were a couple things we thought could be done to strengthen and improve the legislation. one is you're talking about the responsibility that's been housed at the nsa and handing it over to 1,400 telephone companies and 160 wireless companies with no requirement
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that they retain the data that can be queried. it also put additional hurd else in place, to make it more difficult, more complicated to get the data that's needed. this is an issue of speed. if you're trying to prevent a terrorist attack, you've got to get the information quickly. we thought there were things about the bill that could have been improved. . that's what the senate process was about. we voted on amendments they failed. ultimately the house bill will get sent to the president. >> regarding speed, do you think in retrospect it would have been a better idea to have worked on this list ahead of the memorial day recess that perhaps mitch mcconnell's strategy was flawed? ostensibly it left american people unprotected for a period of days while the senate was hammering out amendments on this house-passed bill. >> reporter: you know, the senate, of course, can be ground to a halt by one person. one person objects you can literally shut the place down. i think there were things that happened, we've got people running for national office that
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asserted their rights and privileges as senators that prevented us from moving forward. at the end of the day, senate needed to be heard from. there were a lot of senators who wanted debate this, to offer strengthening amendments, amendments that would improve the underlying legislation. we went through that process. yes, the thing is done now, there were a couple of days that lapsed there, but in the end, the programs, at least the lone wolf program and the roving wiretap program which are so important are going to be continued. the 215 program that a lot of us were concerned about the data we think there were changes that will make this program difficult to continue to use effectively as a capability to fight terrorism. that said, it's on its way obviously or -- it is on the president's desk. and we'll have this authority, some authorities back in place soon. >> you're in the leadership, something mcconnell has talked about as effective governance for the republican party. you alluded to this perfect, rand paul who is fundraising off
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of this in terms of his presidential campaign. you obviously have marco rubio running for president. ted cruz running for president. do you fear that with some other big-ticket items on the horizon, for example the debt limit, that the senate floor could be held hostage by presidential politics? what is leadership doing try and rectify that? >> it's very tough. i think people have -- running for national office are trying to draw attention to their campaigns. we may not have some of those people here when we need them. we need them for votes, big votes. we hope that we'll have them here. sometimes when they are here they may be doing things that we think are counter to what we're trying to get done in the senate. but at the end of the day, the senate has to function. i think our republican candidates for president who are also senators know that. and i hope that they will work with us constructively to try and enact legislation, function effectively. ultimately their campaigns for 2016 i think are closely tied to the success and effectiveness of a republican majority in the senate.
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>> let's talk about the tsa for a moment. are you in charge of the committee which has oversight over the tsa. and if they were students they certainly failed in terms of these last undercover investigations. as i see up on the screen 67 out of 70 attempts in terms of agents that were able to penetrate and breach tsa. 95% failure rate. there's a lot of blame going around. the white house saying that, look, we understand the problem here but we need our nominee to be confirmed. a gentleman from the coast guard, mr. n effinger. you said "neffinger must be confirmed by the senate. chairman thune said his nomination would receive prompt consideration. he praised the service saying it offers essential leadership skills and understanding of the threats our nation phase." that's almost a month and change ago. do you think he'll got a confirmation vote soon? >> he will. that could happen as early as
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this week. last night we got response was his confirms hearing in writing. it's a process obviously that we go through. the process starts could luke when the president sends a nominee. and the previous administrator announced that he will be resigning in october. he was gone at the end of last year. we didn't get a nomination from the white house until april 28th. we're going to process it quickly. i said we would. we will. it will get through the senate. we'll get somebody over there. we've got to change the culture at the tsa. these red test that were done by the dhs inspector general's office were very alarming and very disturbing. and all that does is invite our enemies to test us. we've got to get this fixed quickly. i have spoken with secretary johnson with b this already. we've asked him and the inspector general to come up and brief senators next week. was this a failure of some of the expensive equipment that they have? was there a lack of training or not appropriate oversenate we've got to get to the bottom of this. it's got to be fixed. >> you make the point that isis
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is cog swlant zandt of these failures. i'm sure they're -- cognizant of these failures. i'm sure they've tuned in. who is@fault? machinery, human error? what do you think suspect, what do you think can be done? >> i think it's -- it may be a combination combination. we spend a lot of money on equipment. if there are failures we need to know that. is there a lack of training? is it part of this the culture at the tsa? obviously they've got 50,000 employees there. clearli, this is completely unacceptable. it's a vulnerability in our air travel system that's got to be corrected and got to be fixed. we're going to get to the bottom of it. and secretary johnson has taken steps after he met with these folks, when this was initially leaked out. it's important for the sake of the american people that they know that the people screening their airports are doing the job well and making sure people who are trying to smuggle weapons or
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explosives or that sort of thing aren't going to get through. this draws that into question which is why it's got to be fixed. >> indeed. certainly a story we'll keep an eye on. certainly a story that you guys will provide oversight for. senator john thune of south dakota. thank you. we appreciate it. >> thanks. we turn to china where at least 19 people have died after a cruise ship capsized on the yangtze river two days ago. hundreds of rescuers are working around the deadlock find more than 400 people still missing inside. let's bring in nbc's ian williams who's in china at the staging area for the rescue operation. extraordinary images of rescuers taking hammers actually hitting on the hull trying to listen for signs of survivors. what do we know about what happened here? >> reporter: the rescue operation is continuing throughout the night. it has been painstakingly slow with only 14 people having been
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pulled out alive. yes, more than 400, mostly elderly passengers, still unaccounted for. desperate rescue efforts were being struck in the hull of the vessel, yet there were no signs of life below. where divers combed the ship, bringing up just two more bodies early this morning. this diver said visibility was almost zero in the muddy waters. forcing them to rely solely on touch. heavy rain and waves also hampered the rescue operation. official are describing it as china's worst maritime disaster in decades. the ship on a cruise up the yangtze river was hit by a severe storm monday night. these pictures the last of the "eastern star," taken by a passing vessel. quickly capsized and sank. state media is reporting that more than 4,000 rescue workers and 100 vessels have been mobilized.
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the search area has been extended to 135 miles downstream. officials fearing bodies might have been swept away in the fast-moving waters of the yangtze. as of this morning, only 14 people have been found alive. more than 400 missing. preparation are being made -- preparations are being made for the worst. survivors are being treated at a nearby hospital. there are reports of growing anger among relatives. even as china's prime minister has urged an all-out rescue battle taking personal control of rescue efforts. luke, the very latest we're hearing from the river is that rescue workers have started to cut open in the hull of the ship. at the same time, cranes on ships are being deployed, salvage ships close to the hull. and we believe they may try and raise the ship as early as tomorrow, thursday. conscious as they are that they're running out of time to
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find people alive. >> nbc's ian williams thank you very much for your tireless reporting. take care. ahead on "andrea mitchell reports," hillary clinton's weakness. should new poll numbers be a concern for the democratic front-runner? a lot of people worried about those. and interpol places a world of football executives on its most-wanted list as the circle tight owns soon-to-be ex-fifa president sepp blatter. who wins by toppling the most powerful man in football? >> as america keeps driving this investigation and finds something to indict him, i don't think you understand how much that would mean to everyone on earth. if the dutch somehow found a reason to extradite and lock up donald trump you would think, holy [ bleep ] the dutch are awesome! the dutch are -- what a country! that is what is on the table for you, america. ♪ ♪
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fast track trade legislation supported by president obama and a majority of congressional republicans has made its way through the senate to the house where the democratic president's biggest political opposition well is his own team the democratic caucus. california congressman javier bessera is the chairman of the house democratic caucus and joins me now. congressman, thank you very much for being on the show. >> luke, great to be with you. >> so this is a fascinating debates. it essentially pits harry reid and nancy pelosi against president obama. you have said that it's a vote of conscience in terms of the tpp and deal with asia. you yourself i believe, voted against it in committee. where do you see this going? it's certain that boehner's going to need democratic help if it gets over the finish line.
9:20 am
is the white house lobbying aggressively for your colleagues' vote, or is this a matter of conscience? >> all sides are working hard to make clear their position. it's going to be a rocky vote. i don't know if we can say until the vote is up on the floor where things will end up. it will be close. >> one element is there idea that medicare reimbursement cuts are supposed to cover sort of retraining programs within tpp. that's been a progressive call to oppose the bill. do you think this will be enough to get rid of it? >> luke, it's not just progressive member of congress who are saying it's outrageous that would use cuts to medicare beneficiaries, to people on medicare to pay for services for american workers who lost their jobs as a result of some trade deal. we want to make sure that you're not having people harmed. to the degree that there is a need to provide dislocated
9:21 am
workers with treat retraining or assistance as a result of trade deals that make americans livelihoods their job, it shouldn't be done at the expense of seniors on medicare. so that's the difficulty i think some proponents have. and that shows how the president is having to support the republican drafted bill on fast track. this isn't the president's bill. it's the republican bill that the president is now in a position having to support if he wants to move forward on trade. >> certainly going to be interesting to see how the debate plays out. you are somebody who i think has a good grasp of national politics. you certainly lead the house democratic caucus in terms of being the caucus chairman. there are worrisome numbers for hillary clinton. a new poll from the "washington post" shows that 52% of americans believe that she's not honest and trustworthy. and 49% view her negatively. is this just the bloom off the rose because she's now back in the political process? or is there some real long-term concern that because she is
9:22 am
basically the nominee that this could be very problematic as the campaign plays out? >> i think you're reading what was said yesterday, what people thought the day before. polls change dramatically. the only one that counts is the vote on election day. hillary clinton is tested experienced, has the ability to walk into the white house knowing exactly what to do because she's been at the various levels of government doing it. she will have an opportunity as a candidate to prove her case. i think her mettle is strong. she'll do very well. again, it's -- it's a test. it's a campaign. and i think the biggest question is compared to what? hillary clinton compare to the what. when it's compared to what, i think in every case hillary clinton wins. >> let's talk about that quickly. one thing you're seeing is especially with marco rubio as a sort of generational approach. often what we hear is in a democratic operative, when put the issues side by side, it's
9:23 am
flow question. what can you try and do effectively to make sure the campaign is on the issues where the polls show that you're in favor so that a candidate like rubio can't crack that 40% number for latinos? what's going to be done on the ground specifically for that? >> talk about the facts on the ground. people care about your vision they care about your values. at the end of the day they care more about what you'll do your deeds. you can talk all you want and dream all you want but if what you've done is harmful to the people you're looking to vote for you, they're not going to vote for you. in this case a latino community can look clearly at the candidates. i don't think anyone matches up to hillary clinton when it comes to the aspirations of the latino community. and i believe latino votes will go very strongly toward hillary clinton. not because she's hillary clinton, it's because she has a record that she can point to and deeds that she can highlight that show what she's done. the other candidates i think
9:24 am
aren't going to have -- are going to have real issues on the republican side. >> real quickly, there's an open senate seat in the biggest state in the country with the largest economy of any state in the country. do you have any interest, sir? >> you noticed that, right, luke? i've noticed it, too. i'm taking a strong look at that race. i may jump into the senate race in the state of california. if i do so i hope what i can do is hit the ground running so california won't miss a beat in having the most aggressive representation it needs to get its fair share out of the treasury in the fast. >> as a political reporter, let me tell you to go ahead and do it, sir. it would be a joy to cover that one against harris. that's a lot of money in advertising. that would be a whirlwind campaign. javier becerra. thank you for being on the show. appreciate it. >> i'll take that as an endorsement. >> thank you. fifa, world soccer's governing body, issued notices to executives for charges involving racketeering, conspiracy, and corruption.
9:25 am
might be chicago in the 1930s. the red notices are the equivalent of placing officials on an internal most-wanted list. -- international most-wanted list. this comes a day after sepp blatter resigned as fifa president. a stunning turn after winning re-election friday for a fifth consecutive turn. joining me is joe prince wright lead writer and editor of nbc sport "pro soccer talk." and espnw writer julie fuady, former captain of the u.s. women's team and one of the most accomplished female soccer players in the world. welcome, thank you very much for being on the show. >> thanks, luke. >> thanks. >> what do we know here in terms of what happened over the last few days to get sepp blatter to resign? it seems the investigation moved closer and closer to his inner circle. >> that's it really. on fridays, he was only re-elected for a fifth straight fourth year term. four days later, he's walking away. yes, there's been some things going on behind the scenes. what was the final straw?
9:26 am
we're not sure. it was a combination of things. pressure from sponsors about the corruption allegations. and jerome welker, his right-hand man, was involved and mentioned in a $10 million bribe. the fbi calling it from south africa to fifa officials. that was paid in 2008. yes, it's gone back to sepp blatter's door, the fifa president. and he's not there anymore. he's resigning. we've still got six to nine months until he officially leaves. now as one big mess is sorted out, a new one has to clean it up. >> i've heard you about about alexi lawless, fifa will be inherently problematically corrupt until mr. blatter is gone. what does it mean for the governing body and the sport overall that we're kind of in this purgatory? ostensibly he is in charge if he wants to be until we might have legal ramifications.
9:27 am
until early next year, how does the sport grow and change if he's at the helm even in an interim basis? >> at least they're taking the right step forward. there was a lot of rejoicing if you imagine the news that sepp blatter was going step away. literally people thought it would take grabbing him and getting him out kicking and screaming to have him resign. that was a surprise. i think that's the first step. the second is even though you have this weird six-month gap where sepp blatter is still in charge you have to start looking at reform in so many different areas. it's just not one man, of course. this is a culture within fifa that is legendary. it's going to take a lot of cleanup. it's going to take a lot of transparency. it's going to take a totally restructuring of fifa in general and the culture within. and it starts though yesterday. and i think that is a great
9:28 am
sign. so our hope is that you don't replace the face and have the same fever amp you have a full restructure. >> when you say the same old fifa, it is old and outdated. you've seen the remarks before. i want to read them a little bit. blatter said to a swiss newspaper in 2004, "let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball. they could, for example, have tighter shorts." also, you have the women's world cup which is being played in canada. look at some of these pictures of the legs of the women. they're torn up because of this awful, artificial turf that they play on at the behest of fifa. when we talk about the, corruption is, corruption is one thing. you have the twokworld cup to qatar. this is a detrimental impact to how the sport is played that the players have their legs scraped up because of this absurd behavior. what is going on there? >> well that was a lawsuit, too, that the many u.s. players
9:29 am
and international players tried to fight fifa on to get the women's world cup off turf. in the end the timing wasn't going to work. they had to drop the lawsuit. that is add to the list of reform, one of the things that is also the legacy of fifa. they're putting the world cup artificial turf which i think in itself is crazy. if it's chuck blazer the american delegate who was essentially wiretapped and had -- a turn for the fbi and gave a lot of this information, he had two penthouses in trump tower, one for just his cat. then you hear about women's teams from trinidad who come to the united states for world cup qualifiers and can't afford meals because their federation has given them no money. i think the list is long. it will take time and a cultural shift. >> certainly. and joe, real quick to you to finish up the discussion, the united states is not often thought of as a soccer powerhouse by any means. how is the international
9:30 am
community reacting to the fact that the u.s. took the need rooting out fifa something that many people have wanted to see worldwide for decades? >> the u.s. is the most loved soccer nation in the world now. it's euphoria. that the fbi has tried to bring down fifa. and people have been trying to do it for years. 17 years sepp blatter's been in charge the incumbent. he's been untouchable at times. now he's resigned. and everyone loves the usa. >> finally american intervention abroad that the world can get behind. we appreciate it. joe, julie, thank you for being on loan from the worldwide leader. we appreciate it. great to see you. take care. thank you very much, guys. be well. >> thanks. soccer history was made in cuba yesterday as the new york cosmos defeated cuba's national team 4-1 in a match at the stadium in havana. it's the first visit to cuba by a u.s. professional sports team since the two countries began restoring diplomatic relations. skaub crazy for baseball -- cuba is crazy for baseball, but
9:31 am
soccer is growing in popularity. the driving rain did not deter thousands from filling the stands to cheer on both teams. i also think the orioles played there a few decades ago. we'll check that for you. next asset or liability? what caucus-goers think about jeb's big brother, george w. and later, the mysterious planes circling some american cities. it's the fbi at the controls. find out why they're doing that ahead. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites.
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because sentry® fiproguard® plus has the same active ingredients but costs less than vet prices. and saving money helps you buy... (laughs happily) more tennis balls. sentry® fiproguard® plus - available at these retailers. i was talking to my friend mark zuckerberg on about about the ideas. what does reform really mean? i said mark, you want it boiled down? it means you get nothing. [ laughter ] you're doing well, buddy. you're not getting anything. >> that was new jersey governor chris christie getting a laugh
9:35 am
in greenville, south carolina. keeping up the scheduled stops in early primary states and trying to rejuvenate 2016 buzz. joining me are buzz-worthy folks. "daily fix," "washington post," chris eliza, and mally -- molly ball political writer at "the atlantic." molly, we'll start with you in studio. chris christie he's not polling particularly well. you see him in those coffee shop/diner settings. what does he have to do to break through? >> i think his only hope is to break through by force of personality. he has a compelling presence when he's in front of people. the question is, i think he may have a rick perry problem which is that rick perry can give a good speech. we've seen him at cattle calls bring the house down then he doesn't register in the straw
9:36 am
poll. even when people like him and are attracted to him personally they don't want to support him because they are not convinced he's a candidate who can win in the primary or general. >> chris another person who's working on trying to cut through is lindsay graham. he had a wide ranging conversation with our own chuck today. i want to play a -- chuck todd. i want to play a clip, an interesting phenomenon within the gop electorate. >> a lot of people in your party say no senator, we need a love. the party needs a governor needs someone with executive experience. you don't have executive experience on a political level. >> if i was governor that's what i'd be saying. the country needs a leader. it's not my goal to manage the government. i want to lead agration nation. i'll work with the washington democrats -- i don't care where you come from, where you're going to go is washington. i don't care what do you in state x you're going to be dealing with democrats. and i know them all.
9:37 am
i get along with most of them. i think that's an asset. >> two thing at play. one, saying look, a senator can be president. number two i have not heard a single candidate on the republican side saying i can work with democrats and know them all. they're my friends, i want to work with democrats. it's interesting ground lindsay graham seems to be carving out here. >> a terrific general election message. the problem for graham is he has to get through a primary first. look i think he is -- whether or not he's a viable candidate, i think he probably isn't if you believe polling. the race is so wide open, who knows. i think he is sort of a welcome addition to the race. i think he is a thoughtful guy. he's a guy who's been around the political block. i think he's a guy willing to speak his mind. i think he's a got who ultimately will probably make the conversation in the republican party better over the long haul. he may or may not make it to
9:38 am
base. i think he's a worthy addition to the base even if he never really has a breakthrough moment where we talk about, oh, well lindsay graham might be the nominee. >> molly? >> i followed lindsay graham around last june when he was in a primary race with conservative challengers. in south carolina, one of the most conservative states in the country where the tea party has taken over most of the republican offices, this was his message. he was saying i work with president obama, i work with democrats. graham wants to prove there is a hunger in the republican party for that bipartisanship and that kind of dealmaking and conciliation. he believes it is -- >> he's been front and center on issues. this topic jumped out, conventional wisdom breaker. new polling from bloomberg the "des moines register." from 57% of likely gop caucus-goers, say it's mostly good that george w. bush is a close adviser to jeb bush. i didn't see this coming.
9:39 am
>> i think our tendency is to see national polling where there would not be a majority. democrats would be so opposed to it and independents would be opposed to. it remember, george w. bush is not the least popular person in the party. there's an element that doesn't like him, but he's never been nearly as unpopular in the republican party as he has been nationally. so somewhat surprising. i think skewed by how negatively independents and democrats have viewed him for a long time. >> molly that point? >> yeah. again, these are republican you're talking about. like chris says, there's loyalty. i think time has made george bush look better to people -- >> there's another poll -- >> he's doing more favorably than obama. that's because like the people -- dislike people felt for him has faded into memory. and as people sour on obama, they look back to those times not being so bad. >> stay off of tv for a long period of time everybody loves you again. molly, chris, thank you. appreciate it. take care.
9:40 am
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some 10,000 isis fighters have been killed in iraq and syria according to the u.s. defense department. officials also estimate somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 still remain. where do we stand in the battle against extremism in the middle east and beyond? i'm joined by senator chris coops. senator of the foreign relations committee. when we heard about the numbers i wasn't around but heard about the history of vietnam, body count numbers. and oftentimes people would feel good about themselves. what is the death of 10,000 isis fighters mean? we have no idea to know how many are coming in coming out. they don't exactly where uniforms with i.d. cards on them. is this in any way significant?
9:44 am
>> well i appreciate the way you framed the question because what concerns me and i think should concern all of us is the larger challenge of confronting extremism in the middle east. one of the numbers that's missing is how many new recruits are joining isis in their fight in the middle east. and my concern, my impression is that their recruitment numbers are steadily climbing. while we can recognize the accomplishment of 10,000 isis fighters killed on the battlefield, a strong and growing coalition of america's allies and partners in the region, i think we have to be concerned about isis' recent advances. their capture of palmyra, but ramadi in iraq and the ways in which they're threatened aleppo in northern syria. so -- >> and i want to talk about that i i -- i think aleppo is an important issue. assad is allowing isis to go
9:45 am
there because alep so mainly held by -- aleppo is mainly held by the rebels against assad, now aligned with isis. they've been asking for u.s. air support. should the u.s. be doing more to try and protect them, who are now fighting isis and assad? and what's assad gain by allowing isis to invade that city? >> i think assad's position is to narrow the options and say options are me or isis. and to make sure that a moderate sunni opposition to assad's brutal regime is snuffed out. my concern with america's train and equipment mission with moderate sunni opponents of assad is that as we introduce them back into syria as they rejoin the fight in the battlefield without a more proactive american presence and protection from our allies in the reason or from us, i think they will be the targets of assad's unrelent inging aggression
9:46 am
and will be easily knocked out. my concern is that if aleppo falls to isis or the moderate opponents of assad who have held much of alep no recent years, are replaced by assad, it -- it narrows the field in the way i mentioned a moment ago. it strengthens assad's case to say to the west look, i'm horrible, but i'm less bad than isis. are you sworn enemies isis. you should work with me in the battle against isis. i frankly don't want either outcome. i think we should continue to supported and strengthen the nonsupport, but that means stronger engagement in syria not just by the united states but by our regional partners. what -- >> what more could be done? air power, more of the operations of aumf that we saw in syria by special forces that essentially target heads of isis? should we do more of that, you feel? >> yes, we should.
9:47 am
frankly, the senate needs to do its job, as well. we need to take up and pass a bipartisan authorize with the military use of force. we tried repeatedly at the end of the last congress we tried at the end of this year. a number of russ trying to renew conversations about on what grounds, what basis could we reach a bipartisan aumf that the president would sign. it's been tricky so far. we we need to come together in congress in a way that shows our support for a strategy that can win in iraq and syria against isis. >> we've had operations dating back to september of twe 14 still now a -- of 2014, still now more.
9:48 am
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9:51 am
cuyahoga county prosecutor's office. you may remember november of last year 12-year-old tamir rice was shot and killed by cleveland police officer timothy lohman after he and another officer responded to a 911 call. rice was playing with an air soft gun. police say it was undistinguishable from a deadly fireman. he died in a hospital the next day. there was a lot of question about the response to the incident. msnbc national correspondent joy reid joins us on the phone. joy, i understand we do not know the contents yet of this report. we know that it's out right now. >> reporter: absolutely, luke. what i understand from the lawyer who represents rice's family this is going to be a report. it's not going to come to a conclusion as to whether the officer was guilty of a crime or may be guilty of a crime. it's a s. factual statement of -- it's a simple, factual statement of the case.
9:52 am
when the sheriff began the investigation, they said they were going leave no stone under turned in trying to uncover every fact associated with the death last november of 12-year-old tamir rice. this is going to be a simple statement. then goes to the county prosecutor, tim mcginty who will then have to take it the next step. he'll probably acknowledge receipt of that report. and then it's going to be up to the prosecutor to take it the next step, whether that's a grand jury or whatever happens next. >> let's update that in terms of a timeline. this was obviously the first shoe that needed to drop in terms of the case moving forward. i think it's fair to say. do we have a timeline of what happens next when we could know if in fact there will be more development especially on the legal front? >> reporter: that's been one of the issues for a lot of activists in cleveland. people watching this case. it has seemed to take a very long time in an incident that was captured on surveillance -- video so that people know a lot about the case or feel they know a lot about it.
9:53 am
it takes a long time. you have to remember the context of this, the prosecutor concluded a high profile, unsuccessful prosecution of officer michael brelo in a case involving a couple shot at 137 times in their car. that officer was acquitted i believe about a week ago. you also had in the interim this consent decree which was brought down by the federal government against cleveland, a devastating report and requirements for exhaustive change in policing. this is the first action on the consent decree. it did not consent. the unit will be handling all use of forekaesz against police. this is the inaugural investigation. presumably they have a lot of spotlight on them and want it to look transparent. >> we appreciate your report. take care. we'll be right back.
9:54 am
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that does it for this edition of andrea mitchell reports." msnbc live with "thomas roberts" is next. we expect a press conference in the next few minutes to begin about that terror incident in boston. don't go anywhere, keep the dial on msnbc. it takes nature 90 days to grow the most golden oats. 7,200 hours to create the purest honey and, it only takes you 3 minutes to enjoy it. perhaps we made it too delicious.
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9:59 am
convey not only to our various constituencies but to the general public that what has been stated that the individual was shot in the back while he was on the cell phone talking to his father was false. and that there were three shots to the individual. one to the shoulder one to the abdomen, and one to the chest. so those are the fact as we know it. i'll stop here to see if reverend scott and reverend gerald want to make any other comments, they'll i'll come back. >> there aren't too many other things to say other than what donnell has covered. some of our muss littman him colleagues are still upstairs asking questions, still in conversation with the police. one of the things we want to do going forward from this to s to make sure the drag and communication involves the entire community people of all
10:00 am
faiths. we want to ensure that we sort of work our way through this difficult on inas-- difficult incident as a boston community, communicating and working together. the last time we suffered one of these tragedies was with the officer moynihan and angelo west event. the police had many of the same people in the room to have this same kind of conversation. one of the requests we made then, then when the video was clear, it was facial obvious in watching the video what had happened, that they would do it repeatedly. the next time it happened. this time, there is video. we did see it. it certainly makes it clear that the gentleman was not shot in the back. that he was shot in the front. but the camera is at a distance. you can't see it quite as clearly, yet they're still


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