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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 6, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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rning power the comedian yields. this is "way too early." ♪ good morning everyone. it's thursday august 6th. i'm ayman mohyeldin. we begin with another armed attack at a movie theater. this time in antioch tennessee, just outside of nashville. the suspect, 20-year-old montano. >> just before 1:15 local time reports came in of a man carrying a gun and hatchet at the hickory hollow cinemas. >> 901 bell road.
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>> shots being fired right now at the movie theater. >> inside the theater during a showing of the film the officer saw the gunman. >> the gunman opened fire on the officer. the officer returned fire and back add way out of the theater. >> the gunman fled out the back door where the swat team confronted and killed him. from the air, the suspect's body could be seen lying on the sidewalk. witnesses tell police the gunman had pepper spray and used it on movie goers. he hit one 58-year-old person on the shoulder with a hatchet. he was not injured. >> this man is identified as a 51-year-old local man. he was wearing a backpack on his chest, wearing a surgical mask. the mask may have been trying to
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negate the effects of chemical spray. >> police detonated the suspect's backpack. this comes on heels of a shooting last month in lafayette, louisiana where three were killed including the gunman. as the jury decides the fate of james holmes convicted in killing of 12 at a theater in 2012. >> according to police montana was carrying an air soft pellet gun. the attacker had a history of mental illness. he was committed to a facility four times. the first officer fired in self-defense and had to back away from the scene. moments later, the swat team entered. the attacker opened fire. four officers shot back killing him. breaking news many the search is for missing malaysian airline 370. investigators have found a plane window and other debris from the
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same island they found the boeing 777 wing last week. officials announced the biggest break through in the case yet. that was the wing fragment that was found was actually from mh370. the u.s. official are from the investigation says the wing piece is clearly from 777 but experts in france haven't found anything linking it specifically to that missing plane. the first debate of the presidential campaign is here. the stage is set in cleveland to see the contenders square off. ten made the debate stage. the other seven will debate an hour earlier. the conventional wisdom is that donald trump the man who dominated the headlines, will also dominate the debate. "the new york times" says trump will likely make elusive target
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since popularity is built on style. opponents may find his policys difficult to attack. the chairman says he's not worried about things going negative tonight. >> it's a diverse field. it's a young field. everyone brings something different to the table. ultimately the real issue here is hillary clinton barack obama, and the fact the country is not in a good place mownow. hillary clinton had a lot to do with it. that's what the focus s. you're going to see a republican party yuan tide, talking about how to get the country back on track. >> donald trump didn't hide the fact he made donations to both parties. it was a recent phone call with one candidate's spouse that's getting attention. the washington post reported trump recently spoke by phone to bill clinton in late may shortly before trump joined the
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presidential race. the trump aids and one clinton associate said he encouraged trump's efforts to play a larger role in the republican party. a spokesman for clinton said it was a casual talk, and they never specifically discussed the 2016 race. cementseptember 8th, the the day the senate will debate the nuclear deal with iran. president obama is going all out to win support is. he invoked the iraq war to defend the new deal. president obama also referenced president kennedy's speech in 1963 on arms control talk at the soviet union. he used strong rhetoric to go after critics. >> this is the strongest ever negotiated. because this is such a strong deal every nation in the world
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that is commenting publicly with exception of israeli government, has expressed support. i recognize prime minister netanyahu disagrees strongly. i do not doubt his sincereitysincerity. i believe he's wrong. it would be acting against my best judgment because it causes friction with a dear friend and ally. i do not believe that to be the right thing to do for the united states and for israel. just because iranian hard liners chant death to america, that does not believe that's all wha all believe. it's those chanting that are most opposed to the deal. they're making common cause with the republican caucus. >> republican senator and presidential candidate lindsey graham was equally blunt in his
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response to the president obama speech. >> shows how delusional our president is. this is the man that tells you the deal is good. at what point will we realize he doesn't know what he's talking about? there are no hard line skpers division inside of iran 's government. moderates were killed in the street in 2009 while obama sat on the sidelines and did nothing. >> on capitol hill the lead negotiator during nuclear talks told senators she's only seen rough drafts of the secret side deals between iran and iaea. u.s. has started conducting u.s. drone strikes. syria was hit tuesday. now the strike marks the beginning of combat flights from
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the air base in turkey and a sign of deepening cooperation between u.s. and turkey in the fight against isis is. a by partisan investigation showed the irs did target groups for years. there's disagreement over why. the probe began after reports emerged irs officials gave duty to conservative groups trying to get tax exempt status in 2013. it ultimately led to resignation of louis lerner. lerner considered opening up an audit into bristol paylin's fund. the bipartisan report calls for change, but what remains to be seen whether a bitterly divided
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congress can actually pull it off. a federal appeals court struck down the voter id law yesterday saying it violated part of the 1963 act. it required voters to show id before casting ballots. it was rejected amounting that it was an illegal poll tax. supporters of law including texas attorney general didn't see the ruling as a defeat. he called it a victory on the fundamental question of texas right to protect integrity. president obama is set to call for restoration of the voting rights act on the 50th anniversary. death toll is rising after the largest outbreak of legionnaires disease. 97 case have been confirmed
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since july 10th. de blasio and administration are facing criticism over the outbreak. their response, de blasio says they'll push for legislation on cooling towers that spread the bacteria. let's go to a major story we told you yesterday. sec passed a measure that calls for ceos to disclose the pay gap between ceos and employees. advocates warn the chamber of commerce could change the the pay ratio rule. let's get to other headlines. we head to c nbc. what are economists expecting? >> quite a robust picture. looking looking at the field.
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goldman sachs updated yesterday. non manufacturing was at strongest level since august 2005. this came after a separate report from adp which showed u.s. economy generated 185,000 jobs last month. that was below consensus forecast of 215,000. initially sparked concern the report could disappoint tomorrow. we saw several bodies including goldman sachs upgrading the forecast. you may wonder why so many are paying attention to job figures. we have the federal reserve hike next month. many are wondering if the fed will react next month or push towards december. based on the report yesterday, more and more are calling for lift- lift- lift-off in september. >> thank you nancy is. still ahead on "way too early" p two contenders making news in 2 sports world.
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one of them marco rubio, will tell you what he said that drew boo's from the crowd. which could be heading to the vatican to meet the pope? one that could have to watch his mouth a will little bit. those and more stories when we come right back. ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious.
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i know there's a debate orm. i came in early today trying to the convince lebron james to come back to miami. just wanted you to know. don't worry, it didn't work. >> good news for folks in cleveland. lebron is staying put. time for sports. vikings running back adrian peterson is reportedly off probation early, just nine months after he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor reckless
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assault of his son. peterson became eligible for early termination after completing a third of probation along with 80 hours of community service and paying a fine. prosecutors are expected to appeal the decision because they believe the terms of probation have not been met. wisconsin governor scott walker will sign a bill to use $250 million in taxpayer money to build a new arena for bucs in milwaukee. both branches pass last month. the rest of the money for the $500 million plan plan will come from current and previous team owners. ugs go. subpoenaed lance armstrong's medical records to see a if doctors knew about his performance of enhancing drugs during 1996. it comes as part of the lawsuit to recover millions of dollars
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in sponsorship money paid to his team. his lawyer blocked it calling it violation of privacy. in denver rockies trailing mariners 3-0 in the sixth. kyle parker sprinting for a ball a long the left field stands. flying into the crowd and hangs onto the ball. spectacular catch in foul territory. that's impressive for the out. hot one in denver yesterday. seattle closer took advantage of the bullpen seeking shade under the trees. rodney blew the save when in the bottom of the ninth. walking a batter and allowing back to back hits that tie things up and sent the game to extra innings. in the bottom of the 11th tied at five you could tell are from
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the sound that the bat and ball made. two run shot out to left field for a 7-5 walk-off win. now soccer during a friendly match yesterday. a stoppage of play leads to altercation between two players. it's unclear what caused the dust-up, but it incites a head butt and check hold. that's rare to see. he's been a calm player. that's not even season yet. >> that's suspension right? >> not necessarily. it depends. >> it's friendly. >> any mets highlights in there? >> we don't want to jinx them. >> that's why you didn't throw it in? >> we can always count on you for a mets update.
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>> i'm not a huge mets fan. i've gotten into this thing. as far as your day today, storm system across the ohio valley. it's strange almost cold in spots. temperatures in the 60s with soaking rain. much in central indiana and illinois. we're going to get rain in northern al a. as far as bad weather, dangerous weather today, two spots. slight risk of storms in iowa and nebraska. also southeast. atlanta, birmingham montgomery charlotte, columbia, upstate of south carolina. wind damage threat with strong storms today. definitely going to like the rain. it's going to cool you off. very hot and humid until it goes through. 106 in dallas. one of the hottest all summer long. heat advisories oklahoma city tulsa, little rock and dallas. the areas that don't get the the rain, it's going to be bitterly hot. beautiful weather chicago, detroit, cleveland, all the way through boston. let's talk about this huge storm, one going to get the
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headlines in next 24 hours. s a monster size storm. intensity dropped down some. it's category 2 bordering category 3. it's heading straight for taiwan. it's over warm water. it has 24 hours before it strikes taiwan. it could strengthen a little bit, thinking category 3 when it hits. big flooding threat with this. let me show you the image. there's a t lo of small islands out there. every two minutes they took this imagery. it's different than the stuff i showed you, every 30 minutes. the center of the eye, a black and clear spot in the center. we saw this one picture of a board that flew through a tree which was amazing. that's on one of the small islands in the pacifics. we'll wait and see how bad this storm turns out to be.
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24 hours in taiwan. strongest system we've had this year. >> that's territory that's experienced a lot of typhoons over the years. one not too long ago. >> taiwan has a lot of mountains. it protects the mountain from approaching storms. a lot of populated areas are on the west side. we'll see how bad it is. flooding will be the biggest threat. >> hopefully it keeps getting codowngraded. still ahead, jon stewart 's show ends tonight. he has things to clear up. >> at the end of my tenner with all my targets pull va rised into ash before me i'd like to take a moment to see my crushed enemies driven before me and hear the lamentation of their women. ♪ wheat? in new purina one true instinct grain free real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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i feel like what we've built here is a monument to issues pun don'ts, politicians. we here at the show left no target undisem bowed. in fact if you're still walking around with a belly full of viscera, know this we didn't forget you. we'll put it all up on the web. by the way, it wasn't just vis rating, we demolished crushed. we nile lated things. i remember one night, the hulk
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was like dude, slow down. >> he's going to be missed. jon stewart will tape the final broadcast. he started "the daily show" 16 years ago and became one of america's premiere political satirists. tonight's episode expected to run 50 minutes long. it's secret but this much is known. the icon pick set will be donated to museum in washington d.c. as for commercial spots in the last episode, believe it or not, they're not coming cheap. marketers are paying out quarter million dollars for a 30 second spot. in texas, there's proof no one can escape jury duty. bush was spotted reporting for jury duty. he was called when governor and quickly dismissed. this time bush spent three hours in the courtroom and later posed
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for pictures with fellow jurors and court staff before being dismissed. pope francis is asked for hollywood big shots to help improve the catholic church's media. he reportedly invited oprah to the vatican this fall. if new york magazine had it pope invites oprah, matt damon, emmanuel. many consider the beatles album one of the best of all times. legendary guitarist keith richards is not within of them believe it or not. he said in an interview, quote, some think it's a genes you album. i think it's mismatch of rubbish. many say his that came out the same time was just as bad.
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ten of the top republican presidential candidates prepare to take the stage in cleveland. helpful tips like don't be a jerk. we'll explain that. republican national committee chair also joins joe and mika as well as the top advisor to the came. josh earnest joins the conversation after the president's hardest sell on the iran deal yet, calling it quote, the strongest proliferation agreement ever negotiated. that and much, much more coming up next on "morning joe." ♪ ♪ ♪ it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app.
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it is the top of the hour. welcome to "morning joe" live in washington this morning here in the set in d.c. columnist and editor for "the washington post," david ignatius. michael warren. columnist for the washington


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