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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  November 9, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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conference with the athletic director, with the coach who you see on the left side of the screen, gary pinkel of the football team there, talking about the resignation of the president of the university, talking about why he wanted to support his players on the football team. he said i did the right thing, and i would do it again. and that does it for this hour. i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" starts right now. ♪ if it's monday, it's a close encounter in the oval office for president obama and israel's prime minister. can some private chats reshape the road ahead for the middle east? this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> hello from new york, i'm steve kornacki in for chuck todd. after months of tension, the president and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu meet
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to discuss security in the middle east. u.s. ambassador to israel daniel shapiro will be here in just a minute to talk about that strained relationship between those two leaders. plus, campus activism led by student athletes prompts the resignation of the university of missouri systems president. we'll talk to missouri congressman emmanuel cleave over concerns about racial remarks and the perception that leaders didn't take them seriously. we'll also hit the campaign trail with just over 24 hours to go until the next republican presidential debate. all of that ahead, but first let's hit the press box. ron allen is at the white house and jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon with the latest on the attack on a military center which killed two americans. president obama sat down with benjamin netanyahu for the first time since that iran nuclear
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deal was passed over netanyahu's objections this year. it's marked the first fa face-to-face meeting between both leaders. the meeting came as yet another attack was carried out in the west bank, underscoring both leaders' need to discuss safety and security in the region. >> this is going to be an opportunity for the prime minister and myself to engage in a wide-ranging discussion on some of the most pressing security issues that both our countries face. >> thank you for this opportunity to strengthen our friendship, which is strong, strengthen our alliance, which is strong. i think it's rooted in shared values. it's buttressed by shared interests. it's driven forward by a sense of a shared destiny. >> and joining us for more from the white house is nbc's ron allen. ron, the body language there
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very interesting. we all know the strained relationship between these two. was there any sign of progress, toward any kind of reconciliation between them? obviously they were civil toward each other, but any indications that anything happened behind the scenes? >> we didn't get a read on the personal dynamic between the two. and we didn't see them afterwards. they made those comments before they sat down. the prime minister was here for several hours. very tough talks. a lot of very tough issues. what the white house has been emphasizing, the two leaders agreed about the need to re-negotiate a broad security agreement between the united states and israel that accounts for billions of dollars in military assistance to the israelis every year. and that number is going to increase. there's a process under way whereby the israelis are saying to the united states what they think they need, given the increasing threat there and the united states will respond with what the united states thinks it can provide to the israelis. so that so-called memorandum of
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understanding is something the leaders wanted to focus, but of course there are much tougher issues ahead. like the iranian nuclear deal. like the question of whether there's going to be a peace agreement between the palestinians and the israelis. and a two-state solution. the answer to that, of course, seems to be "no." because before the prime minister arrived here, the white house sent out the message loud and clear that the president doesn't think that a two-state solution can be achieved during his time at the white house, which is a monumental marker. the president, along with others, previous administrations, failing, not able to bring these two sides together. so, a very difficult meeting, i would think between the two. not much of a read on what happened. and we'll see going forward what's going to happen. the most positive thing to come out of this is going to be this agreement, this ten-year multi billion dollar agreement about sharing military cooperation between the two countries, something that's in place now and that will go on for perhaps the next decade or more. but on the issue of the iran
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nuclear deal and the two-state solution, nothing very positive to report. steve? >> all right, ron allen at the white house. thank you for that. meanwhile, the death toll in jordan now stands at six, this after a former jordanian police officer went on a shooting rampage that left two americans dead. the attack sat a u.s. funded military training center in jordan occurred when a jordanian police officer opened fire. this afternoon, the state department echoed what president obama said earlier this morning regarding the investigation into the attack. >> the investigation is ongoing, in fact, has just begun. it's premature to speculate on motive at this point. we are, as you might imagine, working closely with the government of jordan and local security services on this full and comprehensive investigation.
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>> jim miklaszewski joins me for more. are we getting any indications about what prompted this? >> well, steve, that's the big question in regard to this shooting incident. what drove this former police officer to open fire on a shooting spree, killing six people, wounding seven others. that included two americans killed, two americans wounded. there's no indication, according to officials so far anyway, that the americans were specifically targeted. according to officials, that might indicate some kind of connection or at least sympathy to some kind of militant or terrorist group. the other possibility, according to officials, is that as a police officer, he was reportedly recently fired. so was this an act out of revenge for any grievances that he had against the jordanian military and police institution.
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this was an international police training institution. the four americans, the two killed and wounded, worked for a private contractor back here in the united states for the state department. and they were assigned there, to both train and monitor that training facility. again, the investigation has not yet uncovered a motive for this shooting incident. and as officials here and over at the state department tell you, the investigation is just now beginning, steve. >> all right, jim, appreciate that. let's turn -- we have to take a break right now actually, i'm told. we'll be right back with more of the show after this. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? hey! how are you?g? where are we watching the game?
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coming up on "mtp daily," we still expect to be joined by the u.s. ambassador to israel to talk about that meeting between the president and benjamin netanyahu. also, we'll hit the trail with a bonus press box today. we'll head to woisconsin where many republicans are prepping for the big debate. and we'll head to new
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hampshire where hillary clinton filed for the primary. on friday, the democrats were in the first in the south democratic forum at winthrop university. >> i can't walk down a hallway in the nation's capital without people begging me to beat up on hillary clinton, attack hillary clinton, tell me why she's the worst person in the world. and a resisted and i resisted and i resisted. because unlike our republican friends who think that politics is about attacking each other in incredibly stupid ways, what we are trying to do is have an important debate about the issues facing america. >> what do you say to people like senator sanders, who have criticized you as basically being too close to that most powerful special interests, to close to wall street to be trusted to reel them in when
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they need to be? >> first of all, i represented upstate new york, dying industrial towns new york, and i represented new york city and there's a lot to new york city beyond wall street. but anybody who thinks that they can influence what i will do doesn't know me very well. and they can actually look and see what i have said and done throughout my career. >> we will hit the campaign trail ahead on "mtp daily." plus, a college football team scores a big win off the field. how the university of missouri sacked their school's president. look at you, saving money on your medicare part d prescriptions. at walgreens, we call that "carpe med diem." that's almost latin for "seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d." from one-dollar copays on select plans... now reward points on all prescriptions, walgreens has you covered. so drop by and seize the savings! walgreens.
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at the corner of happy and healthy. tcount on someone's kid mistaking me for santa. i'm so sorry. come on sweetie. it's okay. and knowing right when my packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. one more reason this is our season. >> let's turn back to today's meeting between president obama and israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu. after months of tension between the two leaders, today's meeting may be a reset of sorts. they need to find common ground. that need to find common ground was also reiterated this morning by the president.
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>> it's no secret the prime minister and i have had a strong disagreement on this narrow issue, but we don't have a disagreement on the need to making sure that iran does not get a nuclear weapon. >> and joining me now from the white house the u.s. ambassador to israel, daniel shapiro. ambassador, thank you for joining us. it's striking to me to hear the president talk about the iran nuclear deal as a, quote, narrow issue. this was something this administration invested enormous political capital in trying to get through. it's been talked up as maybe the signature accomplishment for the president. yet he called it a narrow issue. how can you reconcile that? >> what the president is referring to, there's never been a disagreement about the strategic objective, to prevent iran from acquiring nuclear
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weapons. we believe the agreement does that. israel had disagreement with that. that was a disagreement among the method to achieve that goal. so that's what the president is referring to. >> but at the same time, with wasn -- it wasn't just a disagreement. netanyahu said this agreement paves the way for iran to get a nuclear weapon. >> there's no question. that was an honest disagreement between allies who share an objective but a difference on the method of achieving it. what today's method was about is looking forward. to ensure that that agreement with iran is properly implemented and enforced and that iran meets its obligations to address other non-nuclear threats that iran poses in the region, such as sponsoring and arming terrorist organizations and to work together to counter those. and ensuring that we and israel
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work together to ensure israel has the ability to defend itself by itself through the provision of u.s. military assistance. so all of those were on the agenda today. those were areas of convergence and common interest and that was the direction that the two leaders were looking. >> i want to ask you too about the long standing issue of a peace deal between the palestinians and the israelis, the two-state solution, everybody talks about it and affirms their support for it. benjamin netanyahu did today at this meeting. but just last week, rob mali, the white house middle east coordinator, he said, we have an administration that faces a reality where the prospect of a "new york times" two of had state solution is not in the cards for the remainder of obama's term. is there not going to be any progress toward that the next year and a half? >> we do believe it's going to be very difficult, after two unsuccessful attempts to negotiate and after a period of violence, which of course we
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condemn, to generate the atmosphere in which two sides can sit down and negotiate. and if they were to negotiate, that they could reach an agreement on two states. that's unfortunate. we wish it were otherwise. but since we believe in the importance and the urgency of a two-state solution, we want to find steps that both parties and others can take on the ground and in the international environment that will help generate some trust and some momentum in the direction of two states even as the negotiations themselves are going to have to wait for a somewhat later period. >> ambassador, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. and coming up, more reaction to today's resignation by the university of missouri systems president. plus, with his campaign on the ropes, jeb bush stumps in wisconsin with a guy who already dropped out of the republican presidential race, governor scott walker. and later, ben carson responds to scrutiny over his
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facing growing pressure over racial tensions on campus from students, staffs and elected officials, including a hunger strike by one student, and a football team refusing to take the field. the president of the university of missouri today resigned. >> i take full responsibility for this frustration, and i take full responsibility for the inaction that has occurred. use my resignation to heal and start talking again. >> students erupted in tears when they heard the news. grad student jonathan butler ended his hunger strike, calling wolfe's resignation a powerful step for the school. >> everybody who chose to stand up made this possible. this is not jonathan butler,
2:21 pm
this is tis the mizzou communit standing together united. >> that included members of the yesterday's football team who announced this weekend they wouldn't play again until wolfe was out of power. a forfeit would have cost the school a million dollars. head coach gary pinkel backs them up, tweeting, quote, the mizzou campus stands as one. the anger stems from acts of racism and what many say was president wolfe's inadequate response. african americans students say they have faced repeated racial slurs shouted at them and last month a swastika of human feces was drawn in a campus building. sarah, this unfolded really quickly after the football players said they weren't going do play again until the university system president was out and this morning, he's out.
2:22 pm
>> reporter: it really was a turning point when the players announced they would boycott all team activities, including practices and games. missing saturday's game against byu would have cost the university at least $1 million. so it was the football team who really pushed the story into the national spotlight. but the controversy and frustration had been building for weeks after the president failed to respond adequately, some say, to the instances you just detailed. this prompted walkouts, it prompted sit-ins and in the case of one graduate student, that hunger strike, which lasted seven days. the surprise news this morning that tim wolfe would be stepping down, was very emotional for students and faculty who were outside on the campus, demonstrati demonstrating, someek brai broko song, wiping tears away. they want to seize upon the momentum and make real and lasting change at the
2:23 pm
university. right now, there's a press conference with the football coaches going on in the building behind me. they're addressing the media and the game against byu is scheduled to go on as planned. >> thank you. joining me now, congressman emmanuel cleaver of missouri. let me start with this. this is something that a lot of observers really didn't hear about until the football team got involved in this, the threat to boycott the rest of the season, the coach stood up for them. does this happen, does the university president resign if the football team doesn't get involved? >> probably not. certainly not as quickly as we've seen. but make no mistake, that was a powerful statement when more than 30 of the players said they were not going to play this coming saturday. and it shows you the power of
2:24 pm
athletics in our college system. but it also demonstrates something that a lot of people believed to have been missing from the contemporary american. that is, an awareness among young people. i think that awareness is growing and growing and growing. and this is a fabulous example of what young people can do. it teaches them also that they can change things. >> well, i'm curious, tell us a little bit about the community we're talking about here. columbia, missouri. i think the stats i saw, the football team, about half the members of the football team are black. but when you look at the student population, the student body population at the university of missouri, a much lower share, 11, 12%. something like that. is there an issue in the university community with the white community not understanding what it's like to be black on campus there? >> well, columbia, missouri is a relatively progressive
2:25 pm
community. it is a college town, not unlike college towns anyplace around the country. at least in the -- above the southern part of country. it's very, very progressive. not unlike austin, texas, for example. here's the problem. we've had problems at mu for decades. not constantly, but off and on for decades, probably going back to the '70s. and what i'm hoping -- >> where does that come from then? it goes back four decades? where does the problem come from? >> well, we've had, from time to time, issues regarding minority students on campus. and i think that it hasn't been anything that was organized by the clan or that kind of thing.
2:26 pm
i just think from time to time and maybe for a variety of reasons, some of them uniquely mid western, we have these kinds of issues bubble up to the top. so if you go back and look at the news from the 1970s on, you'll see maybe every five or six years, you'll have an issue that will end up in the -- at least in the state media, but i'm glad this happened, as one missourian, and i the reason i think chaos can do us a favor, but if all we do is discuss the chaos, we'll very likely flunk the favor. because we have an opportunity now to do some systemic changes. having a resignation today didn't solve the problem. one human being cannot be blamed for the problems they're having
2:27 pm
down on campus. so if we end this today, if everybody steps aside, it's going to bubble up again, it's just a matter of time. >> that's the interesting thing to see, the president steps down, what happens next beside the changing of the guard at the top of the pecking order anyway. congressman, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> good to be with you. and moments ago, the head coach for the university of missouri's football team, gary pinkel, told reporters why he stood behind his team's protest. he said that the life of the student staging a hunger strike was the heart of the issue. i'm talking to guys who have tears in their eyes, they're crying. they asked me if i would support them, and i said i would. i didn't look at consequences, it was about helping my players and supporting my players when they needed me. and i did the right thing and i would do it again. >> let me bring in a sports writer for the kansas city star,
2:28 pm
thank you for joining us. you know the program and the school really well. maybe take us behind the scenes. university of missouri football team, it's a big time team, they play in the s.e.c., some big dollar bowl games. you have the players saying we're not going to play any more games until the school president goes. they have one this weekend against byu, would have cost them a million bucks if they had to cancel that game. when gary pinkel stood behind the players, what happened behind the scene then? how did word get to the president that he had to go? >> it's been an amazing really 48 hours. because it really doesn't start to transpire until saturday night. it was a big day in college football, but at the end of the night the lasting image was of the black missouri football players saying they were going to protest and sit out games and
2:29 pm
practices, unless something was done about this. the next morning, it went to the next level where the entire missouri football team was photographed and the head coach gary pinkel supported the action and in essence, stood against the university system president tim wolfe. and that accelerated the resignation of tim wolfe today. >> i was asking the congressman about the culture there, and the school in particular, i'm asking this because i was at a game down south this weekend. what jumped out at me, i looked around the crowd, i barely saw any black faces. but on the roster, you know, half the team, more than half the team was black. i wonder if there's a part of this story here where there's that same imbalance, and the players on this team almost felt alienated from the rest of the school? >> well, i think that's a possibility. missouri and columbia is not unlike many other college
2:30 pm
campuses and the ratio of blacks on campus is probably similar to many other state universities like that. i think the number i heard today is 56 of the 85 scholarship players are black. between 7 and 10% of the university enrollment is black. and i don't think that that is inconsistent with other major universities. you don't go to a missouri football game and see confederate flags. there's nothing like that at missouri. i listened to congressman cleaver's description. he knows the territory so very well, having been here for so long. i thought he accurately described what columbia was like as a college town. >> all right, thank you, blair for the time. >> thank you. still ahead on "mtp daily," a bonus press box for the campaign trail. pre-debate action in wisconsin. donald trump's rally coming up tonight. and hillary clinton makes it official in new hampshire. but first, hampton pearson has
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don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. take the free home energy checkup. honey, we need a new refrigerator. visit and get started today. back with more "mtp daily." i'm steve kornacki in for chuck todd. a very busy day on the campaign trail on the eve of the next
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republican presidential debate out in wisconsin. so let's hit the press box again. round two here. kasie hunt is on the phone in waukes waukesha, wisconsin, as jeb bush takes the stage with scott walker. hallie jackson is in milwaukee with the rubio campaign. and kelly o'donnell is in new hampshire with the clinton campaign. i'll start with jeb bush who may be running out of chances to make it back into the top tier in the republican race. today, bush stumping in wisconsin with scott walker at an event promoting school choice. bush aiming to capitalize to one of his key issues. >> quite simply, when you empower parents, giving them the power to choose, everybody gets better. >> msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt joins us now from that bush event in waukesha,
2:36 pm
wisconsin. going into the last debate, everybody was saying jeb bush needed a break-out performance. out of the debate, jeb bush was apologizing to his supporters for botching it and saying he'd get it right this time. any reason to believe they've come up with a new formula that will work for this one. >> i've been talking to some of governor bush's top aides, about school choice, and i think you are going to see something of at least a tempered approach in this debate. they feel like bush turned in good performances in the first and second debates. obviously they're not saying he did well last time around. so i think the goal is to dive further into policy specifics, there's definitely still a focus on the moderators. they're hoping that fox business is focused on policy questions and they're hoping that bush can bring his policy know-how onto the stage. i wouldn't look for him to hit too aggressively against marco rubio, or not to go out of his way to hit on rubio the way he
2:37 pm
did in the last debate. i think there was a little bit of a lesson learned there. i think they're also working hard to make sure that expectations this time around aren't as high. going into that debate, he had just announced he was cutting staff and salaries. so there was a lot of emphasis on what his performance was going to be like and obviously he didn't deliver. so i think they're trying to learn from that and move forward. >> those moderators obviously and the types of questions they ask, everybody looking for that and a big wild card in the debate. kasie hunt, thank you for that. turning now to marco rubio also in wisconsin today and under scrutiny for some sloppy finances. rubio goes into tomorrow's fourth debate aiming to build on his strong performances so far. at a rally this afternoon, he pushed his theme of generational change. >> we are stuck with outdated leaders with outdated ideas. the time has come to turn the page and embrace ideas that allow us to compete economically.
2:38 pm
>> but rubio's momentum brings with it closer examination of his own money management. and that includes his use of a florida republican party charge card. over the weekend, the rubio campaign released two years of records, showing over $7,000 in personal charges, on what was supposed to be a card for party business only. campaign says rubio paid american express directly for those charges. the payments were often late, either because rubio or the party fell behind. totally up delinquency charges of over $1,600. all of this giving rubio's rivals an opening to challenge him on his fiscal management. nbc's hallie jackson is covering this for us and joins us now from milwaukee. hallie, thank you for joining us. this is something people have been talking about for a long time. parts of this story were around in 2010. it was always one of the big x factors with this rubio campaign. what would we learn that was new. so what exactly have we learned here? is there more to come, or is the campaign out of the woods on this now?
2:39 pm
>> at this point, the campaign has released the credit card statements in question. nearly two years, in 2005 and 2006, that have been lingering out there ever since this first came to light during marco rubio's senate run back in 2010. over the weekend, what we saw was this document dump, the disclosure of these statements. there was speculation about what might be in them, how much for personal expenses that the campaign said rubio paid directly to american express. so that information has come to light as you've talked about. at this point, i spoke with the top aide today. they're feeling like they've made it through the initial news cycle today in one piece, essentially. that they came out of what could have been a very rough weekend, still standing. at this point, they're looking ahead to sort of what's next for the campaign, which is the debate performance. marco rubio has obviously done well the last couple of times. that said, i will say that this credit card statement release doesn't put to rest this
2:40 pm
question at least in the minds of voters. i spoke with a woman who came to hear him speak, she said, i've been hearing about his finances. if he can't manage his personal finances, how can i trust his financial plan for the country? that's the perception the rubio team needs to fight. >> hallie jackson, appreciate that. now to one of rubio's toughest critics. he's called rubio a disaster with his credit cards. and tonight trump will get a pre-debate taste of the midwest. he's holding a rally in springfield, illinois. that after the donald danced his way into millions of living rooms, doing a drake parity, as a guest host on "saturday night live." nbc's katy tur is covering all things trump and joins us now from springfield, illinois. so, katy, we were talking about this earlier. springfield tonight, he did one in alabama before. he was in tyngsborough, massachusetts, not usually a place where primary candidates go.
2:41 pm
interesting choice of states to be campaigning in for donald trump. >> also, phoenix, arizona, and los angeles, california. we're trying to figure out why illinois. this is where obama is from. it's where he announced his candidacy back in 2007. but illinois is not one of the normal early voting states. it's voting march 15th, the same time as ohio and florida. those are winner take all states. the conventional wisdom is that kasich will take ohio. although trump is doing well in florida, rubio and jeb could make a push for it and take the delegates in that state. so if he does a little bit of campaigning in illinois, he could make a splash on that relatively big day. other than that, we're a little bit stumped as to why he's here. but this is a non-traditional candidate running a non-traditional campaign. >> katy tur, in springfield,
2:42 pm
illinois, thank you for that. hillary clinton is due to hold a town hall about a half hour from now. she held a rally this afternoon and the campaign is out with a new ad that touts her college affordability plan. >> you ought to be able to refinance student debt and i don't believe the government should be making a profit off of young people who are borrowing to get their education. >> clinton filed to be on the new hampshire primary today. and she was asked if she agrees with bernie sanders' recent statement that he disagrees with her on quote, virtually everything. >> of course not. that would mean he doesn't agree with me on equal pay for equal work, on paid family leave, on making sure incomes rise, including raising the minimum wage. that's obviously not the case. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell is in wyndham, new hampshire, the site of the upcoming town hoall, and joins us now. that was interesting, the
2:43 pm
question asked about bernie sanders stepped-up attacks on her. bernie sanders doesn't have much of a history with attack politics. the people around him telling him he's got to step it up. >> you're right, bernie sanders has avoided that throughout his long career. for hillary clinton, there's a way to field that question, to be above the fray, where she can say, but of course she and sanders have many things in common. not taking any shots at bernie sanders. she was also asked about the fact that sanders have spent most of his lektoral life as an independent. when he filed in new hampshire, he did so for the democratic ballot. and asked about that difference, clinton talked about the fact that she has always been, or for a very long time, been a democrat, raising money for democrats and doing all the things that would typically be a part of what a democrat would do. so she's trying to make a very subtle distinction there when it comes to sanders, but she didn't
2:44 pm
throw any hard balls at sanders today. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you for that. up next, the who, the what, the where, the when, and why. including what platform the president is now using to talk about climate change. stay tuned. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. two words: it heals.e different? how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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2:46 pm
and killing a 6-year-old boy on tuesday. a state police investigation is under way to determine what happened to cause a night-time car chase that left jeremy mardis dead and his father critically wounded. city marshalls shot at a vehicle at the conclusion of a pursuit. officials say there was no exchange of gunfire and no gun was found in the car. the boy was pronounced dead at the scene after being shot five times in the head and chest. the attorney said he hasn't seen the body camera video, but he believes it shows mardis with his hands up. the boy's funeral today. back in a moment.
2:47 pm
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you don't have to be a king to be treated like one. ♪ and it's time now for the ws. starting with a who. it is the russian track and field team. the world anti-doping agency says the team should be banned from competition due to russian complicity in widespread doping. according to their report russia's version of the cia went as far as infiltrating anti-doping labs during the sochi olympics to cover up positive tests. the report also calls for five russian runners, including one gold medalist to receive lifetime bans. now to the where. it is myanmar, which held its first free election since 1990 over the weekend.
2:50 pm
the ruling party, made up of former junta members, conceded defeat which could lead to their first democratically a generation. there is a great amount of uncertainty going forward. a quarter of the seats in parliament are are reserved for the military. >> turning to the when. it is 15 years ago as heard in this new ad. >> 15 years ago, i failed my family, but found forgiveness and love. i learned that our falls aren't what define us, but how we get up, accept responsibility and earn redemption. >> that is senator david vitter of louisiana, the republican candidate for government there out with a new ad addressing his 2007 prostitution scandal without specifically referring to it. vitter was responding to this hard-hitting ad we showed you friday from his democratic opponent john bell edwards.
2:51 pm
the louisiana gubernatorial run-off is november 21st. to the what, another person joining facebook? no. not your grandmother or co-worker, it is president obama. the potus page went live this afternoon with over 200,000 likes. the president appears on video from the white house lawn talking about climate change. which brings us to the why. new data on greenhouse gasses. average levels of carbon dioxide exceeded 400 parts per million earlier this year, up from 278 parts per million during pre-industrialized times and 3 0 parts per million at the start of the decade. as for the why. scientists say atmospheric carbon levels can cause hotter global temperatures and extreme weather events. these numbers are out just weeks before 1 5 countries meet in paris for u.n. climate talks. during a u.s. election season
2:52 pm
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it is time for "the lid." dr. ben carson is feeling the heat on the trail and voicing his displeasure about it. hillary clinton weighed in today. >> i'm going to let him run his
2:56 pm
campaign, respond however he chooses to to whatever is going on on his side of the aisle. i'm going to stay focused on what i'm doing and what i stand for and what i fight for and make my case to the american people starting with the caucuses and primaries. then hopefully going on to the general election. >> i'm joined by "the new york times" and the "wall street journal." hillary clinton who knows a thing or two about media scrutiny responding to ben carson saying he is being singled out is probably enjoying this. >> i can see her roll her eyes at ben carson. you think this is bad? with ben carson, we are seeing the flip side having his outsider candidates run. this is the first time in his life anybody bothered to fact check his biography carefully. his claims on the campaign trail. he does not like it, obviously. >> i'm curious, what do you think? i've been trying to figure out how the voters who have been with ben carson so far, a lot have a strong personal
2:57 pm
attachment to him and his story and what he represents. i'm wondering how they will interpret this. you can say the media is ganging up on him or you can say, i heard chris christie try to make this argument, we are talking about nominate a candidate for president. if you can't stand the heat, it's only going to get worse. >> right. get out of the kitchen. i think we see this everywhere. politicians decided it's popular to beat up on the media. if you are ben carson, you have a following who is very loyal. they may not be people who follow what he would call mainstream media. it might be to his advantage to motivate them to see him as the little guy in that way. for hillary clinton what we saw is she made a pithy remark. she is enjoying this she is saying, i don't want to steal the spotlight away. let this new cycle continue.
2:58 pm
>> tomorrow night in this republican debate, the types of questions asked, how those questions are asked, that's become a focus of attention at these debates. that might be new. fox business channel is hosting, has been going out of its way to say you didn't like the cnbc debate, we'll be substantive. will this come up tomorrow night or are they going to say this is not substantive. >> it depends if the other candidates choose to get in the ring with him. i thought the cnbc debate was substantive. the list of questions were endlessly substantive. there were four or five stinkers in the 70 questions. i think is there a chance for the moderators or fox to prove it's a different debate, to be extra, extra substantive. it doesn't come up unless someone makes it come up. >> that is a risky thing to bring up, too. the democratic side we had that forum here, the forum friday night. you see hillary clinton back ahead in the polls now.
2:59 pm
the thing i took away is bernie sanders is running from behind and seems uncomfortable what you need to do when you're running from behind. >> we saw two very interesting moments. one was bernie sanders trying to prove he's human and he can show his vulnerable fun side. the other interesting moment when hillary clinton started talking about the black votes matter movement. i think we are feeling the primary transition to courting those black and latino voters that these guys need to motivate to get out. >> absolutely. hillary clinton was asked, are you more hawkish than president obama is? she said no. >> obviously not. she doesn't want to create a hawkish divide in the primary against bernie sanders. it is not going to help her. it's not going to win votes she doesn't already have. best thing is to say i associate my views with the guy you love barack obama. >> she's still got her mind on
3:00 pm
the primary. nick and mara, thank you for joining us. welcome to the family. chuck will be here tomorrow. craig melvin picks up our coverage next. i'm resigning as president of the university of missouri system. i thought and prayed about this decision. it's the right thing to do. >> celebrating, but not stopping. students at the university of missouri insist their president was not the only problem. he's out, but now what? we've got breaking develop me. s on that story. >> what happened today in missouri, what all of that says about students, athletes and activism. developing news this hour on the deadly shooting spree in jordan two. americans killed, two more hurt. investigators are trying to figure out why. and ben carson, as more questions surface about his life story, the presidential front-runner says he's


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