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tv   Up  MSNBC  November 14, 2015 5:00am-7:01am PST

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>> these are live pictures right now from paris where france's president francois hollande is
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ca calling yesterday's attacks an act of war. france is right now this morning in a state of morning and a global man hunt is now under way to find any accomplices. i'm tamron hall and i'm picking up the coverage on msnbc of the terror attacks in paris. explosions outside france's national soccer stadium in paris's suburbs. and five miles away, a shooting rampage at restaurants and cafes. and then the bataclan concert
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hall, and gunmen entered the theater, and were taken hostage. hostages ran out of of that theater. some of them saying they were grenades. others calling it a bloodbath, a massacre. president hollande placed the blame on isis. >> what happened yesterday near the stade de france was an act of war, in a situation of war, the countrymake adequate decision. it's a decision carried out isis, against france, against what we are, a free country,
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that speaks to the entire world. it's an act of war that we're prepare we're -- were planned, prepared, organized from the outside,compd we'll have to deal with them. it's absolute barbarism and a at this hour we have many, many people injured and the families are collapsing under grief. the country is deeply saddens and i have decreed that there will be three days of national mourning. all the measures to protect our people and french territories have been made within the
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context of this state of emergency. the law enforcement, police forces and the army which already so courageous and i want to celebrate their work yesterday. allow to literally the ---i have tried to make sure that all the systems have been structured to the highest level, the military will be to patrol paris in the next few days, france since it was cowardly attacked, shamefully attacked, violently attacked, france will be im -- it will act within the frame work of the law. but what is all the means that
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are adapted in our country and abroad. and in con consultation with our allies. with that deeply sad moment of time, which is also a turning point for our country, i call upon all of us to be united and to keep our calm i wouldlike to -- and france is active, it's solid, france is dynamic and it will major come barr barrism.
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the force that we are able to mobilize today is something that we're convinced we can the do this. the country we are defending is our country, but it is way more than that, it is the values of humanity and france will know how to take its responsibility and i call upon you to have this absolute and indispensable unity. >> lrichard luie, this is france's longest ally, moving forward to attack isis is unclear, what is clear is the carnage behind you and the fear and we have spoken to a number of people who were trapped in buildings yesterday, waiting to see if they would be counted as
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survivors. >> reporter: merciless and that's what the president is viewing in trying to move forward with the country. the individuals that we were able to speak with today, as they were revisiting that story, you could certainly see the emotion they were going through at that moment. now today in terms of the barricades behind me to my left and my right, because the concert theater is about 300 feet away. about approximate 300 feet away, is rue de charonne is a second location where there was an eattack. this day now as parisians are staying away, there's usually a market where i'm standing, it is completely empty. the drivers are saying that what is normally a very busy and b t
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bustling streets, it is not. the businesses that are open are very few. this country as they try the to go on lockdown, and they put in these border procedures that they did not have before. which brings us back to january when the "charlie hebdo" attacks that happened just about two blocks from here. >> most of the attackers blew themselves up taking their own lives, this is the first time we have seen attackers in paris. we have video to show our audience of at some point some of those survivors running out of a side door, as you could hear the gun fire and the screams behind, but what are you hearing specifically from the witnesses who were inside there,
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richard? >> inside the bataclan theater which is right over there, what we have heard from eyewitnesses who live in the area, is that when the entire incident came down, they witnessed three individuals with what has been said so far and they were shooting ram -- randomly into the crowd, they would stop shooting and reload. this entire event happened over 10 to 15 minutes. that 10 to 15 minutes was then followed and this was an account from earlier today that then there were those that are injured or perhaps casualties that were seen outside of the bataclan theater, they're saying it was 10 to 20 individuals.
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that eyewitness account saying he wasn't sure if they were alive or not. so at this moment, we don't have to the final numbers, we continue to hear more about what happened. this morning in the bataclan theater, law enforcement was in there to try to piece together what they could to figure out that key timeline. >> let me bring in msnbc national personality kevin barron, the question being who areaed out these attacks they
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believe this is isis, by all accounts, very little chatter leading up to this coordinated and complex attacks. why do you believe french -- >> there's been very little chatter at certain levels. the secretary of defense and the secretary's office both said that was not something they were tracking. >> something 4red to the french.
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here are these individuals that meticulously planned this and that one that would have a passport, an identification on his body, what do we glean if anything from that. do they want to leave a fingerprint, if you will, even though they made the decision to destroy much of the evidence being their bodies? >> i mean, who knows? it could mean that they happened to carry their passports around with them. they can't hide here, they knew they were going to be found out. this was a one-way mission. this is not something that these
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perpetrators wanted to keep secret, this was as public and open and as visible of a terror attack that they could come up with. >> there are some reports and we're working to confirm all of this that they may have intended to actually go inside that stadium where this president was watching this exhibition soccer team between french national soccer team and germany, but they were not able to get out, clearly wanting this to all play out on live television in dramatic form. what does that tell you about the lethal nature and combine the fact that we started the day yesterday with the reports of the jihadi john, obviously the executioner of isis.
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>> again, i think they tried to make as public a statement as they can. they targeted big public venues that were crowded. i caution to put the word vindicated or put any word on it. it doesn't take someone on one side of the city and have a cell phone and time the event. >> someone can get weapons and we see that all the time and some of the arsenal to your point is not sophisticated, but the number of people involved in this, when we know that france is on edge, as you pointed out, "charlie hebdo," they have one of the best police forces nationwide in the world and intelligence that certainly is equivalent in many ways to the great intelligence that we have in the united states. to at least at this point to be something under the radar is what i was referring to. >> for sure. what that illustrates to me is that i would guess at the end of this, tlltd be some intelligence
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that has some warning. it's just not enough, it's not argued enough, it's not specific enough, maybe if it even us, it's not as if authoritiies are not going to warn the public. you heard -- a home grown terrorism plot that's the hardest to detect. there are always signs afterwards, there's always some sort of links, but you're talking about billions of bits of data, whether it's e-mails or cell phone calls, it's a with bit of a hollywood myth that someone is able to pick that out of billions of bits of datea to be able to prevenn tht that. >> we're going to take a quick break and we'll have the president live there the white house and the meeting happening right now in vienna with
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. france is our only ally, the french people have stood should ore to shoulder with us time and again and we want to make sure we stand next to them with terrori terrori as
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they stand up to terrorism and extremism. >> and these kinds of attacks are the most vile, hideous unacceptable acts on the planet. to the focus of that meeting, what to do about syria what to do about syria. >> we know that president obama has strong lly condemned these attacks. i just hung up with one of these top aides this morning, the white house is still moderating all these reports -- the french president hollande, reiterated the u.s.'s support for the people of france, as you heard him say, america's oldest ally and specifically asked for isis, what's interesting is that just hours before the attack, president obama said that the
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u.s. has not been able to decapitate isis's command and control structures in the middle east, but he described significant progress there. take a listen. >> what is rue is that from the start our goal is pittsburgh fi contain and we have contained them. they have be but you don't see systematic march by isil across the terrain. >> we're seeing today at the end of that call yesterday, presidents obama and holloway laholloway -- president hole hollande agreed to work together to -- at this time aides to the president
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tell me that the president's plans will go ahead, he will travel this afternoon. last night's attacks are a grim reminder of the growing islamic extremism in europe, elevating fears by the conflicts in syria and elsewhere in the middle east. a seyrian passport was found on the body of one of the terrorists who targeted fran's national stadium. counter terrorism consultant malcolm nance, thank you so much for sunnying us, just looking at some of the social media coming out of this, obviously the focus is on the innocence of the folks who were massacred last night, but you have a number of arab groups saying that isis has killed more muslims than others.
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we have more descriptions of paris and belgium, other parts of the world. how do you describe its influence? >> i think first you're starting off with an error, isis edid not arise from the civil war. isis is the fifth generation of al qaeda, al qaeda has been in operation since 1988 when osama bin laden started it in pakistan. and a isis is the further evolution of al qaeda in iraq. it actually started in 2006 and in to 2011, it branched out and sent a group of fighters over to syria to create the al nusra group. >> with the civil war as i was
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trying to make the point, it did allow isis to gain great territory, also gain an income with the oil and thus the power and influence that we are seeing now, so from its birth to where we can define its as a powerful terror organization, was it the result of the conflict in syria allowing them this opening to gain this territory including some of this oil money that's been pointed out many times. >> you could say that, but h most of the oil money that was coming from isis came from the oil fields in iraq. isis is truly an al qaeda organization. it came out with an iraqi wing, that's why it's led by an iraqi amir. but the syrian civil war did give it a place to operate and
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carve out this sere yachb -- >> so it's the syrian civil war, plus our war in iraq that created isis in this respect. >> people who live and work alongside maybe some of them would be.
5:27 am
> >> that's because most tacticians, most team leaders, terrorist team leaders, they don't want failure, they will plan a mission to where they have success and if success means they can just go ahead and shoot whoever they want to shoot. downtown, the louvre and they have narrower spaets to move on. actually give you a very fluid area with lots of exits and entrances, i think that was probably most significant in their planning. we're going to take a quick break, we'll have much more from paris live. and from the white house.
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they have announced enhance security on trains busses and highways. and the accomplish have established kir fews and zones of protection. many of those who survived the massacre are speaking out this morning and one of those is chart brejo, shesks dining at the petit cambodge.
5:32 am
tell me where you were, and the first sign that things were going wrong? >> i was eating at a restaurant with a friend. we were sitting eating at the window, it's a very small restaurant and it's mainly made up of long windows. all of a sudden we heard loud explosions, it sounded like fire works, and we hit the floor in a state of confusion. and at that point not understanding that there were guns, they were kalashnikovs and perhaps they were guns, initially it was a fight in the street. as we hit the floor, there were shards of glass going through the window and hitting people lying down. there seemed to be a reloading of the guns, and then 40 shots
5:33 am
in the restaurant. directed at the people who were lying on the floor. >> were the shooters on foot? did you see the gun fire coming from a vehicle? >> i didn't see to the gun fire, all i did was look away because the gun fire was coming in towards the diners in the restaurant. i grabbed a woman next to me and i couldn't find my friend. i asked her if she was okay, and as i looked at her, i realized that she was bleeding and she had been shot in the chest. more people were covered with blood. i reached for my friend who helped pick her up and put her in an ambulance. >> as you stated, the glass
5:34 am
shattered everywhere at images of the restaurant from the inside. this is a very small restaurant. and i'm sure you're asking yourself and thankful today that you managed to escape this small place, that there was nowhere to go. >> yeah, it is still a complete shock and a complete mystery to me that both myself and my friend who were right against the line of fire, sitting right against that glass window both made it out completely unscathed, and to be honest with you, it's just getting a sense of perspective, but i'm not sure how we managed to be okay where so many others were injured. it's a sense of guilty and bewilderment that i'm feeling and i'm not able to describe how i'm feelingor why. i called my friend who i could see lying under a table, and i
5:35 am
said get up, get up. and we ran out of the door, i thought they left, i had a feeling if we ran on to the street, my house is really close so we just ran home as quickly as we could. i just wanted to get out of the street and to my home as quickly as we could. >> as you left the restaurant, what were you seeing when you left there, was your mind able to process any of the things around you? >> all i noticed was an ambulance was pulling up, there was a taxing coming through, there was a man on his bike, he was just cycling. he missed the noise, he just saw people lying down, as i left, i saw people lying down, i know a number of people were laying on the floor.
5:36 am
for the cafe opposite, i think people were lying on the floor dead. as i walked home or ran home with my friend. >> the grandest scale of multiple attacks in different locations. we know the "charlie hebdo" attack was in january. have you been -- i guess -- had this been a part of your mind set that could this happen again? is this potential? or was it in your mind that happened in january, fnce has moved forward, paris is moving forward, what was your level of thought regarding your safety?
5:37 am
>> i would say it was only recently that i partially started to feel safe. parisians and people living in paris were just starting to feel safe after the "charlie hebdo" attacks. i know the months follow and during the summer, there's been a heavy police presence in paris and there's been police outside my place at work and that's just started to stop and cool off in the recent months so, i actually felt like we felt like we were getting back on our feet. eif anything with we thought there would be a greater level of protection and they would be ae
5:38 am
able to identify and stop these kinds of attacks. so it was the first thing that came into my mind, i thought of the "charlie hebdo" attacks? is there going to be the same level of attacks leveled on the city? and sadly it seems that there was. >> charlotte, thanks for joining us, our thoughts are with you, your friends and all of france today. we appreciate you joining us. we're going to take a quick break with more live reports from paris and the latest new information coming into or msnbc headquarters. we'll be right back. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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5:42 am
keir good morning. >> we now know that isis has said it was behind this series of attacks in paris. what we know is that what they saw were young men, maybe even as young as in their early 20s, they didn't even take the trouble to hide their faces, not wearing hoods, very, very meth methodical, but they understand who is behind it. but many are asking why. paris in the crosshairs once again. january, when islamic extremists attacked and killed 12 people. when it's skis attacked the offices of "charlie hebdo." and then four were killed when there was an attack on a
5:43 am
parisian supermarket. the attacks initially gave rise to a sense of unity across the country. but france is struggling with high unemployment and a large population of displaced youth. >> isis has made it a mission to try to incite people and there is a large number of radicalized individuals in france. there is a comparatively large number of people with who have gone to syria to fight. >> a gunman was taken down on a high speed train from brussels to paris. france targeted because of its actions in the middle east of the. >> france has been deeply engaged in syria and iraq with the u.s. coalition and france does have a difficult relationship with many of its muslim communities going back to algeria. >> france is a symbol of a lot
5:44 am
of things terrorism, like france is a symbol of freedom. >>. >> reporter: in the days ahead we will likely discover that the men who were behind these attacks would have some kind of connection to others that the intelligence community has talked about. but what we do know is that so many people have been traveling to sierraa, some of them traveling to -- -- the intelligence services across europe have been close to overwhelmed. >> to talk more about the climate in paris, i'm joined now by daly kennedy. thank you so much for joining us. as keir discussed, let's talk about the number of young men going to to syria and then going back in.
5:45 am
a syrian passport was found on one of the suicide bombers there. >> there's more than 6 million muslims in the country of trance and there's been obviously long stancing conflict between the two communities. it is a secular nation. the youth element on every aspect of this case, not only the shooters being so young, but them targeting areas where there were very young people, bpeople to a woman whose apartment is right above where the cambodian restaurant and bar where the attacks first began. she heard what she thought were
5:46 am
fire works, she went down, but she said i saw bodies everywhere. but what most struck her was what had to be to the getaway car. it was on rue de charonne. she saw the man on the passenger side very clearly, she said he couldn't have been more than 18, and he had a really steely expression on his face and that just chilled me to the bone. >> i have a friend thatlies very close to the stayde de france.
5:47 am
these were neighborhood, if you know the neighborhoods, you probably know someone or it's somewhere whether you may have traveled. >> one of these contacts in mind said we we're like a village here, i'm so worried that my friends were among the people that were killed. all my friends and all my contacts in paris were spending all last night and this morning trying to track down their friends and loved ones, they're in a state of numbness, but the worst thing that i'm feeling from everyone, including a top police source in paris who i smoke to a lot during "charlie hebdo," he was up all night, so he's probably really tired, but i sense such defeat in his voice, i also talked to police in marseille, in have been other attempts in france and they really do for lack of a better word try to cover them up.
5:48 am
they're so ill equipped, any country would be, so handle this type of things. he said in french what the translation was, the barbarians are inside the gates, they're saying what can we do, and they're making bold statements about what we can do and they're here and we also see from the passport on one of the shooters. >> dane that -- david cameron already meeting with intelligence community, and it tallably raising it's security levels on major borders. so the fear is not just in france today, we'll also talk about precautions taken here in the united states. we're going the take a quick ble break and we'll update you on what's going on in paris and in the united states after in. # blrk
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. live pictures of paris. about 127 people dead and hundreds of others hospitalized. and u.s. officials are now confirming that americans are among the injured in last night's attacks in paris. the u.s. is working closely with french authorities to identify any american victims. we will bring you the very latest from the state the department as we receive the updates. meanwhile, margo was among the parisians dining at a restaurant near the scene. she joining us from paris. mara, thank you so much for joining us, tell us where you were at the time and what you
5:53 am
heard. >> i was at restaurant called felu, which is around the corner from the petit cambodge, i don't speak or understand french. and we were at a table outside, and we heard boom, boom, boom, loud very concentrated sounds, and we franced at each other and then we heard pop pop, and we got up and ran into the restaurant. >> i can't imagine how not speaking or understanding french not knowing what was going on, but certainly are recognizing those sounds as danger. >> it was challenging, we were not able to understand what was going on for a while. i don't think the police arrived until about 10 minutes after we heard the shots, at least if not
5:54 am
more and we asked the people in the restaurant if they had heard what happened, and their very calm. i don't think anybody inside the restaurant knew that it had happened. >> when did you lenard that paris was under attack and this appeared to be a coordinated act of terrorism? >> well, we got on our phones and started to try and check twitter. we -- it took us about 15 to 20 minutes before we really understood that this is not an isolated, actually it's longer than that, probably 45 minutes when we really understood that this is not an isolated attack. a woman walked by the restaurant after it happened, and she said that it's over, it's finished. but as we checked twitter, we heard more things were happening, we heard about the stadium early on and the other shootings and we also heard about the concert hall, and
5:55 am
that's when it got really scary for us knowing that there was a hostage situation in that theater. >> do you live in the area? >> i'm an american tourist, i'm traveling here for business and i wanted to go to a neighborhood french restaurant. >> what is your contingency plan at this point knowing that there's a state of emergency and everything is on lockdown, what do you do next? >> you know, actually here in paris, we're feeling pretty safe, we're staying in an apartment very far from the center of the city, i'm planning to taking my existing flight out if i can get on it. we're feeling pretty safe right now, we're sort of asking last nights when it was happening, do we need to have an evacuation plan and for about a few hours we thought that might be necessary, but new we're feeling safe and a lot of it has to do with the people of paris,
5:56 am
they're very calm, people are on the streets, cafes are open, there's not as many people on the streets as there would be typically on a saturday, but we're not afraid right now. let me go to nbc's ron mott, he's standing by for us in london, obviously you're not in france in the heart of things, but what can you tell us about what david cameron has said this morning. >> reporter: a show of solidarity from neighbors of france, we have already heard from the pope who said this is an act -- familiar ron when you have a terror attack like this, is the fear of another one happening. there's a situation going on at the airport here, not sure if
5:57 am
this is related to anythi ed tdd in paris last night. there was what was described as an incident there. there was a gentleman detained after they found something that was prohiblted. but it's caused quite a nightmare nor air travel there. they have closed some of the roads around the airport. but david cameron spoke to the public and he said that people should be vigilant. there was some talk about whether they would increase the threat level, which is now at severe, which is the second highest level, but they are not going to do that, but they're talking about doing that within the next few days. we'll take a quick break, we'll have much more on the
5:58 am
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vo: ask your doctor if new namzaric is right for your loved one. the meetings and the reaction intense, including france's president vowing revenge. u.s. state department officials are working closely with french authorities to identify any american victims, 127 people confirmed dead, and more than 200 people injured, some of them
6:02 am
critically. the french president declaring this as an act of war. a unified message of grief, sadness and defiance. president obama at the white house offering frachbs any assistance it might need in the gays ahead. . >> german chancellor an legal -- angela merkel saying that this doesn't just affect france, it affects all of us. >> and david cameron addressing his people just a few hours ago, with his own message for the french. >> your values are our values. your pain is our pain. your fight is our fight. and together, we will defeat these terrorisms.
6:03 am
>> as i mentioned the islamic seat is now claiming responsibility for attacks and france's president had strong words for those responsible. >> what happened yesterday in paris, in the stadium of france was anable of war. >> erica hill, i have watched a couple of reports detailing how you just got there, what happened at the airport, the delay and ultimately getting there to the scene that you can describe for us. >> reporter: yeah, tamron, good morning to you, we arrived here local time just around 11:00 a.m., we came in, the pilots said there wasn't anything to be concerned about. but then the pilot came over the loud speaker saying we were going to be holding. we're about 40 minutes on the
6:04 am
tarmac and we're seeing anything on the tarmac. there was altidor-cespedes of attacks on the carr mark. >> one thing that really stood out to myself and my producer. as nicole was. in the car with me. people have been asked to stay inside. there were signs. business said they if not when the terrorists have won, so we need to show them that they haven't won. and she was adamant that that
6:05 am
was how she planned to approach the situation. how we got her was very tense for a couple of hours. let's stage a look at the chain of events that was unfolding overnight. >> reporter: france is in a state of emergency, what started off as a typical friday might, turned out to be the deadliest day in the country since world war ii, the enemy this time according to the french world president, icy. 147 people are dead and 200 are injured, 90 of them are thissy kl condition. it's possible that they had accomplices, the attackers were described to be young, unmasked men who had automatic weapons and then later detonated suicide bombs killing thess.
6:06 am
at about the seam time, simultaneous coordinated attacks got under way at several locations including bars and restaurants in a crowded popular neighborhood, all not far from the charlie h"charlie hebdo" of that was the scene of the january attacks. just after 9:30, several armed individuals entered and began shooting for about 10 minutes, at around 10:00 a.m., the gunman began taking hostages, 8 0 to 100 people may have been killed at that location alone. reasoning past injured and dead, lying in the streets. over at the national soccer stadium where two bombers blew themselves up, thousands of spectators were held on the field before being evacuated. french and military police have been mobilized, 1,500 troops
6:07 am
flooding the city. paris today has beenen lockdown, people have been closed. government offices, even disneyland all closed. this morning while overwhelmed hospitals fight to keep the injured alive. emergency workers continued to carry away the dead. and tamron as you mentioned, there was a notice from the state department that americans were among the injured. they are urging any americans who are in paris to check in with the emwhat is si. facebook actually activated.
6:08 am
>> as they as the force continues to morning--the gates behind us are opening up. they're kind opening. throughout the rest of the eday and into the next week, tamron. >> thank you very much erica, we want to turn from christopher dickey who is in paris. christopher, thank you for joining, we talked about the "charlie hebdo" as well. take me a little bit through from your perspective as a journalist and someone who knows the area very well, of the climate between the "charlie hebdo" massacre and what we saw last nights. >> well, i think the "charlie hebdo" massacre was carried out with a very different intent and
6:09 am
in really a very different way. that was an act of retribution, yes an act of terror, but the "charlie hebdo" figures have been targeted for a long time by al qaeda, that was the group responsible. this is a strategic act of war by the so-called islamic state. they are trying to provoke the west into confrontation on the ground and in syria. that's what they want to do. they a even have an ideological treatise that's been around for years that people should read, called the management of savagery. so the question is how will france respond, or will it do as happened in spain, after the terrible acts in the madrid train station in 2004 will it guide and pull back from the wars it's involved in in the middle east. that we don't have the answer
6:10 am
to. >> going back to this tactic using the sus sid bombings, i heard an expert this morning compare paris to tel aviv, now that isis has enacted this new tactic? >> reporter: well, yes, what they're doing now is hitting the softest possible target, tamron, if you go to the object targets here, if you go to the eiffel tower, or if you go to jewish schools or synagogues, you will see soldiers in full battle gear around those installations, but not at a music venue like the bataclan, not like the theater where they took hostages last night. we don't know how many will have been killed, with but i would bet you that a lot of the victims were in fact people approximate from north africa and with african backgrounds, so
6:11 am
i think it's going to be a hugely different situation. but the right wing politicians in this country are going to do their best to take advantage of it and probably successfully to further divide this country basically to simplify it between black and white. >> and christopher, some of the victims and us not knowing the background, some of them could very well be muss lilim, while the hip area, if you want to blanketly describe an area that way, but it's also an area of diversi diversity. there are some people saying they fear a tsunami of hatred may await muslims and residents of poor neighborhoods. that was a resident speaking to the associated press speaking to that divide and the fear and the blame that follows something like this unimaginable. >> and this comes on top of the
6:12 am
keen kind of hysteria about refugees from sere yaryriasyria, refugee africa, already there's this feeling of being overwhelmed, that the society was changing so there are going to be a lot of people saying that that's directly related to this terror. i don't think it is, i would be surprised if that turns out to be the case, it doesn't matter if it's true or not, people will act on that assumption and you already have some installations, some places that are already been identified by police. jihadi john, the english speaking voice and executioner in those beheading videos. and only two weeks ago this morning a russian air liner crashing in the deserts of
6:13 am
egypt's sinai peninsula. joining me now, amman, let's talk about the big picture, i think you are the best in putting this in per sperkive here. last night we had a number of renowned experts that felt that the mark of this attack was al qaeda, the people involved, the attacks being in sync, the morning may morning papers saying this is isis. >> all you have to do with a terrorist organization over the last two weeks, this is a terrorist organization that has claimed responsibility for three different attacks on three different continue inepts killing at least 400 people. and you're also talking about the ground troops trying to
6:14 am
break up the stronghold that isis has on the gruntd after the attack on the sinjar mountains. but even if there are gains on the ground and there is an ability to try to break up some of isis's stronghold inside iraq, the terrorist organization is still demonstrating that it has the able to inspire attacks. many are questioning whether or not isis has now become a global organization that now has to be addressed not just on a regional level but a global level. the parisian president coming out saying over the past several years, france's policy in syria has been to arm rebels and now this is coming back to haunt those in europe. so we're hearing a lot of questions coming out about this particular tack, what isis is doing, and whether or not the organization has now a different
6:15 am
global reach, so what anyone really could have predict over the past several months. >> we'll have much more on the tragedy in paris, more live interviews including when congressman gregory meets here in new york to get more details on the reaction from our lawmakers in washington, we'll be right back. i brought in some protein to get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein
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6:18 am
want to show you some of the video that's come in. this is the side entrance of the concert hall where so many lost their lives. this is the image of people running, fleeing.
6:19 am
you can hear the gun fire inside the concert hall. and at the bottom of your screen. you see there people bodies, and those who are running out are forced to jump over those who may have died at that very scene. so this is another glimpse of the chaos, you see a man hobbling at the bomb. of your screen there. the concert hall held as many as 1,500 people, it was a sold out show, playing inside an american heavy metal band, they were playing at the le-bataclan concert hall. the banged, evils of death metal. blake, from what i have read, and you can give us an up date at in point, all of the band members are accounted for at this point. can you tell us about them and this was a show in this neighborhood in paris on a friday night? >> they have developed a very
6:20 am
large underground following and the name can be a little deceiving, that name eagles of death metal sounds like this ominous name, this hard rock band, they aren't that at all, they have a lot of 7 0s blues rock. so they have developed a wide nothing, they were in the middle of a european tour, and then this happens, the attack happened right in the middle of a concert, right about an hour ago. the band did make it out, but some of the fans regrettably did not. in front of a sold out crowd of about 1,500, eagles of death metal saw chaos erupt. news began to spread around the
6:21 am
world to the band's hometown where their friends are worried. >> it's scary, it can happen anywhere. >> reporter: one by one band members were able to check in with loved ones, the drummer's life checking in by phone, saying i'm grateful and heart broken all at the same time. jesse hughes is okay, the band is okay as well. i'm praying that as many as possible are able to make it out as well. many of the band members were able to head out the backdoor and head to a paris police station for safety. the band whose music has been featured in several national commercials was touring europe promoting their fourth album. their style, 70s blues rock, with a heavy dose of humor. even the hard sounding name, eagles of death metal is meant
6:22 am
to be a joke. another band grand rabbit toured with them just last month. >> i feel just kind of shell shocked, that cold have been us, we were just with them. >> reporter: this is one of the last photos taken inside the venue before the attack. a band member posting it with the caption, parisians, see you in a few. >> tamron, one of the big questions people in palm desert have this morning, is was this specific band and in specific concert targeted perhaps because it was an american band and there would be americans in the crowd or because that area was just the venue and the theater just happened to be in the middle of it. >> we heard the horrific sounds of the explosion outside the stadium. we want to give you another vantage point. [ speaking in native language ]
6:23 am
>> you hear the crowd still roaring. the game actually went on as people were unable to process, some believing it was a fireworks show of some sort, someone letting off a sound machine inside the stadium, soccer fans can be quite enthusiastic. the french president hollande was at the game at the time, but this was the scene following the game, the german team actually not allowed to leave for many hours following this. the people inside the soccer match, it was a big game, an exhibition game between france's national team and germany's national team, they were unaware of the series of other attacks many of them until they left the stadium. so it's an incredible scene playing out, they hear the explosions, the soccer game pauses, a number of the players on the field even pause but then they resume playing. it was one of six coordinated
6:24 am
terror attacks, leaving 127 people dead, hundreds more wounded. we just showed you a new advantage point of what happened at that concert hall. we have also spoken to cafe diners and restaurants nearby not fully aware of what was happening. and the explosion you heard at the soccer stadium, those were two suicide bombers. all of the targets regular every day places that you would ski parisians frequenting. the terrorisms decided now to implement the tactic of assumption side bombers. a again, realizing that i believe i count six of the seven of these attackers were suicide
6:25 am
bombers, the two at that stadium, where we hear the two explosions, we hear that they were perhaps trying to get into the stadium and have it a appear live on world television. >> it certainly brings back the days in the early, between someone and 2005 when some european cities were racked by suicide bombings, i don't want to make any comparisons because i don't think that israel has had anything like the horrific attacks in paris. but the suicide bombings, that is very familiar to israelis. the first was one that took place outside a disco in june 2001 and there is something that is very reminiscent in the sense that the victims were of a certain age, they were teenag s teenagers, they were out going to have a good time. a and i think that is one of the
6:26 am
suicide bombings that shocked israel the most. first of all because it was the first of it's kind and also because of the age of victims and when you start, when people in paris will start seeing the names an the pictures of the victims of those who died in the concert hall, i think the number of victims will multiply. >> we're talking to someone who was a few blocks from this restaurant, she was with a friend, and had just gotten to that point where she was letting her guard down after the "charlie hebdo" massacre and now this. and quite honestly those here in the united states and around the world who live under the threat of terror in so many different ways, and i hate the use the word the new norm, but the new reaction to it? >> it's a question, i'm sorry to say, it's a question of numbers.
6:27 am
after the "charlie hebdo," there was talk about that this could happen, but there wasn't really the impetus to take the security measures that were probably necessary in order to prevent such a happening. the situation again is not comparable, but as you will recall, after 2005, to get into any sort of public building in israel, a cinema, a restaurant, you have to go through security. >> that's not possible for paris, it's not possible for the united states, it would seem. >> not possible, but the question is what the dangers are and how much you're willing to invest and how and mainly what is the public pressure? how and what happens is as these things multiply and i help they won't, the public pressure on the leadership grows exponentially. so the things that you're willing to do as a political leader also grow expone nen nen
6:28 am
exponentially. >> we had the underwear bomber and the shoe bomber and that changed the way we enter our airports, and almost every day you will hear someone klain about w complain about why they have to take their shoeings off, but this changes the way of life. >> it's the fear, and the fear is not only how many people were killed many one specific incident, but whether there was a sense that this was not an isolated incident but that it can happen again and again and again and people are willing to do more things that perhaps fade they're not willing to do. and america has a great example, a very tragic example and the measures that were taken after september 11th in all sorts of are areas including the patriot act. >> all things that have scrutinized heavily -- >> and would not pass today.
6:29 am
with but people forget these things, and once they face a danger to their lives, it takes a long time before they get to sort of rational thinking and what did we do right and what did we do wrong. i don't know if the french are there yet, but i can assure you that if another thing like this happens france will change and it will change exponentially. >> here's a live picture of one of the locations of the coordinated attack that took the lives of so many out on a friday night, enjoying soccer, dinner with friends, a night on the town, a concert that was sold out and now you have the growing memorial and the growing outcry from nations, leaders from nations around the world on how to now move forward and the attack to defeat isis. we'll be right back. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch?
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6:33 am
we have now learn ned that e secretary of defense ash carter said they will remain in close contact in the coming days, so more reaction coming in, president obama condemning the attacks which he called outrageous. kelley o'donnell joining us from the white house. and obama telling us that he spoke with france about the attack earlier in the day. >> that was a part of planning for the g-20 trip where the president is expected to leave for that today. the french president will not be attending. and what i'm told is then later last night, president obama did speak by phone with president
6:34 am
hollande expressing in a more personal way concern for the united states, expressing sim e sympathy from the united states to france. i just spoke with the president's press secretary, so far no plans for any change in schedule. with we do not yet know if there will be an adjustment. the president is scheduled to leave at about 2:00 this afternoon, heading off to make that trip to turkey. of course that would mean he would be in the air for a very long time. the sophistication of the air force allows him to be in kmo n communication, and this president is not in office meaning he is n in the oval office at this time. in but there's meetings going on, the defense secretary reaching out as well. this is a face of assessment, looking for how best to assist
6:35 am
to the french what intelligence the u.s. may have in order to unwind how this happened. when the president came into the briefing room last niltd and addressed the country, at that point the details were still unfolding but he talked about the need for vigilance and the heart break of this, in the early hours of this. the president may speak today, that could be possible because he will be sort of out of pocket while traveling. but we'll keep you posted on that and certainly this raises questions for hiss european partners in the sense of soft targets, how does a civilized country with commerce and nightlife and all the things that were attacked in france,
6:36 am
how do you protect against that beyond the vigilance of individuals and how the components that are in play, how do you address this. >> joining me by phone is congressman gregory amaechi. i read part of the statement you made regarding the attack with the president and others, you categorically condemned these attacks, you took to social media as well. obviously the question is right now, do we have a clear rue of the threat of isis if that organization is responsible. you well know the president's critics have said that he referred to them as the jv team. there's been multiple lines of descriptions of whether or not the air strikes have been effective, and now you have this latest incident and perhaps at the hands of isis. >> tamron, let me just say this
6:37 am
again, in the name of congress, i want to make sure that everyone knows that we offer our condolences to the people of france. and this is again another defining incident where we have to work collectively together. i don't think that the president's message to president hollande that we're going to do all that we can. i'm one of the presidents of the sub committee, and we're going to talk to our colleagues of france so we can step up and make sure that we are assisting one another in this fight, it's not going to be one nation, it's not going to be one nation that's successful. it's going to take all of us working together because it's clear that what isis is against everyone who tries to live in a
6:38 am
free society. we have all to work collectively together, and as you see taking place today with secretary kerry in vienna talking to countries about just that, and how we rectify the situation in syria. it's going take all hands on on deck. >> much of what you have said is what we have heard from the very beginning as isis grew as a threat. and you have do allies, with this latest ruined of air strikes to assist the kurds in gaining that key city that was taken over by isis. but the question still remains, is the united states and their allies underestimating it's situation at this point. >> i don't think so and what can not afford is having this kind of mentality that something is going to happen overnight to change this scenario and stop this threat. it's something that's ongoing
6:39 am
and you cannot flip a switch. it's an example, listening to the eyewitnesses over in france today. that when they talked about the individuals, those sort of 8 individuals, they will say that most of them were 25 and younger, it seems as though they had some understanding of life in france and may have not ever gone to syria or any place else. it could have been homegrown, we don't know that yet, but they spoke fence so we have got a lot of work to do, both combatting the scenario in syria and i think that the media, the administration, as well as other governments working together to figure out how do we do that, but also making sure that we do things internally because we have to make sure that we protect ourselves internally and to share information with other nations in order to --
6:40 am
>> congressman, i need to ask you about recent conversations with george stephanoloupos which just aired on friday which said that the islamic state has been halted and that the islamic group was no longer gaining strength. yes, the actual territory may not be increasing. however if isis is responsible for the russian jet liner, if they are tied to perhaps the attack and if the attack in lebanon is connected to this attack in paris. is it an accurate a assessment to say that in some way they are no longer gaining or growing in strength. >> as i said, that's why the complete investigation as to what has taken place in france has to happen. but if you look at what this strike is twofold, one in syria itself, edealing with the
6:41 am
complicated issues between syria, iran is part of that, the united states, our eu department, and how do we deal with that on the ground. and i believe in a state of desperation, because they are weakened on the ground in syria, that's why they're saying now, the isis folks to try to get people who are homegrown to carry out attacks. so that's why we need to stay focused on the kind of intelligence, picking up the information to make sure that we stop the attacks interior, so therefore in new york, we have had individuals, homegrown individuals who have attempted to do various acts here. we are available and we're lucky and every time i talk to
6:42 am
commissioner secretary johnson, he admits that at times it's based upon luck as well as information and good police work and everybody playing our part, keeping our eyes and ears open, that's how we're going to cover that, both at home and in syria and on the ground in the areas where they were attempting to create an islamic state. >> congressman gregory meets in new york. now to the reaction on the campaign trail, every 2016 candidate has now weighed in on these atargets, all expressing solidarity with paris. jeb bush responding on hue hewitt's radio show just last night of the take a listen. >> this is a war being created by islamic terrorists. it's not a law enforcement operation, and the mind set that
6:43 am
in our country at least needs to change to recognize it for what it is. this is the war of our time and we have to be serious in enga engaging and we have to be serious in creating a strategy to take it out. >> tonight's democratic debate will go on as scheduled. and joining me to discuss it is the editor for the national review. obviously, a lot has changed in the world and this will greatly avkts the climate of this debate tonight. >> absolutely, i think in particular you're going to hear a lot of talk about the obama administration's strategy towards confronting isis, you know, territory taking army with state building capacities and hillary clinton perhaps pushed to deepen and expound on her public rifts with the obama administration over arming syrian rebels con fronting russia and her views on what her
6:44 am
view of the world stage as well. i think you're going to hear a lot of talk about that tonight. >> and it will also provide what we heard from the gop candidates, donald trump not seeing an expansionist role, letting the world take care of itself, one of the big moments of the debate as well was with rand paul saying to marco rubio how can you be a conservative and still want to invest trillions of dollars in a military plan. this will also give her an opportunity to find a way to distinguish herself from the current administration if that is to be the case. but also what we heard which was all around the place, when you look at the strategy for isis, which donald trump simply boils down to bombing the hell out of them. >> and taking their oil field of course. >> and taking their oil fields. >> you see the same sort of debate that's appearing on the
6:45 am
world stage, taking place in both parties. in the republican debate, you heard marco rubio a proponent of a more ---pulled back american presence, what we have seen take place in the vacuum is chaos, more terror attacks and so on. and then rand paul perhaps the most, the leeding exponent of a more restrained america on the world stage arguing that it's simply not conservative spending millions of dollars to rebuild the military and so on and that's something we'll hear more on as from the democratic primary as it continues answer the republican primary as it continues. >> when the president speakings tonight, his arguments and what he sees. >> you're going to see better than bernie sanders saying that
6:46 am
america's responsibilities, that america need not be the global policemen. >> but that is not the message from the obama administration. >> i think president obama has said over and over again, you know, he ran on a platform of approximate pu pulling america out of iraq and afghanistan. so while it may not be saying that, it's actions that really speak to that. >> but the argument at the time was the iraq war was the wrong war, not that he was opposed to going in for the nation's and the world's security, it's that that war was the wrong war. >> i think you saw it not only him not really committing to a fight in afghanistan, even though he said that was the right war. but also not propounding really coherent strategy toward confronting isis. so i think they're all of a piece.
6:47 am
>> i think there will be even more intense debate given the breaking news that's spill playing out. we'll have much more from paris and give you the latest headlines and information coming into the msnbc headquarters right now. for adults with an advanced lung cancer called "squamous non-small cell",
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and enjoyable approach... compared to the alternatives. push! i am pushing! sfx: pants ripping how you doing eddie? almost there. small steps. at axa, we'll help you take the next steps, with more confidence. for advice, retirement and insurance, talk to axa today. we are back with our coverage of the paris terror attacks. we are just learning president obama is going to convene a national security council meeting today. that meeting will take place at the white house before the president leaves for his trip to turkey, the philippines and malaysia. new this hour, french authorities, as you see there, have closinged the eiffel tower, the louvre museum and other cultural sites in paris.
6:51 am
authorities will keep these low cas locations closed until further notice. ordered them closed after french president hollande called for a national day of mourning. joining me is msnbc's richard liu. richard, you've been there all morning long, activity behind you. i'm curious at this point of the tone. as it soaks in, what really happened last night. >> you know, tamrin, school, museums, the entire country on lockdown. if you're parisian, if you're french and you are waking up to today, now it's soaked in as we hit the afternoon here, it's still a bit of why did this happen. i was speaking with one of those who live a block from where i'm standing. the bataclan is just over my shoulder. he was saying this is like a movie. i cannot believe this happened just within a block and a half
6:52 am
of where i live and a place where i may have gotten a drink last night but i did not end up doing that because i was late after work. some of the things happening just in the last hour since we spoke, the mayor of paris just arrived. her entourage is here. these two or three cars. then she walked towards the bataclan concert haul through these barricades. if we swing around to the other side, we had a bag that was left here about 40 minutes ago. immediately, the law enforcement shooed everybody away, this huge crowd. it turned out, good thing here, that it was just a test. and it was only a small girl that came back to grab her bag. she had forgotten it. but they are certainly on high alert. as the president has said. he said all law enforcement, all military, on the highest level of alert that is possible and
6:53 am
he's brought in that additional 1,500 he was talking about today. >> thank you very much for your outstanding reporting from the scene there. the attacks in paris have led to tighter security here in the united states. nbc's clifton dolgren joins us live. >> i have to be honest, you know, a lot of people here are tourists on vacation and they're not going to let anything stop them from coming and checking out times square. so we're still seeing the lines to buy broadway tickets for tonight just as long as we usually see them on a saturday morning. but for police and law enforcement, it's a very different situation. almost immediately on these attacks the thought was these were coordinated attacks, could there possibly be some type of element that is supposed to be coordinated here in the u.s. nypd jumped to action very
6:54 am
quickly, send increased presence to some sensitive french sites like the french consulate here in new york city. also to highly trafficked areas like times square, the so-called soft targets where there are a lot of people gathered. these are obviously target areas. sometimes the most difficult to defend and definitely of the biggest concern moving forward. and so they brought some of their highly armored nypd units including the hercules team specifically designed to fight terrorism into some of these areas spread out into the city. we've also seen port authority and the new york and new jersey state police are upping their surveillance as well. places like the bridges, the tunnels, rails and buses. nep critical infrastructure really increasing surveillance to make sure nothing happens. now, this has to all be said, keeping in mind there is no specific threat. nypd was very careful in its
6:55 am
statement saying there is no known indication that the attack has any nexus in new york. so all of this really out of an abundance of caution. we saw the same thing in washington, d.c., increased police presence at the capital late yesterday as this was all going on. also like miami, boston, where they saw the boston marathon bombings, los angeles. virtually every u.s. city in between really keeping an extra tie out, increasing its police presence and being extra vigilant as we go through today, tamryn. >> we have new information now. right now the associated press is reporting that police say one bomber in paris attacks was a young frenchman flagged for links with islamic extremism. that coming in as we learn more and will learn more, honestly, about these individual, one of which, according to french
6:56 am
police, may have dropped his syrian passport outside of one of the attacks locations. we learned in the last few minutes. president obama, before he departs for the g-20 summit, will convene his national security council. the world saying it stands with paris after yet another horrific attack. at this hour, the number remains at 127 confirmed, killed. more than 200 others injured, some critically here. france, paris, specifically, at a standstill at this point. monuments closed. schools, which in many cases would have students even on the weekend in some cases closed. this is the scene. the side door from that concert. a packed concert with an american band based out of california. 1,500 people there. those are the survivors who ran for their lives. in some cases, past the bodies
6:57 am
you see below you on the bottom of our screen. we have more details coming in including the reaction from around the world and the major question, why paris and what is next in the effort, the global effort, to defeat isis, who has now claimed responsibility for this attack. we will have much more right after a quick break. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at put under a microscope,
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