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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  November 14, 2015 9:00am-11:01am PST

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i'm al wit with msnbc's continuing coverage of the paris attacks. the france is in shock in the wake of the terror attacks that left at least 127 people dead and another 200-plus wounded. the iconic eiffel tower is closed today and cordoned off by french military and police units as security in paris and the france's borders is tightened. this is dramatic video capturing dozens escaping the bataclan the theater, and more than 100 of the victims died at the hands of the attackers inside of the building that you are looking at a there, and some managed to escape through the doors and others from windows and able to
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flee for safety and through the rooftop. and now, france's president said that 106 were killed there in that attack, and 127 total people were killed in six separate attacks. france's president francois hollande spoke about it. >> it was an act of war, and in a situation of war the country must make adequate decision. it is an act of war that was committed by terrorist army, isis, an army of jihadist against france. >> and now, president obama will convene a meeting of the national security meeting before he leaves for a g-20 meet iing.
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and this is a new note that is just handed to me, in con nnectn to one -- we are told that the reporters observed heavily armed teams in the western district of belgium's capital here, and two to three searches have taken place, and man has been arrested, and no official confirmation nor additional information immediately available. it is home, this area of the capital of belgium in brus sell, it is home to a large community of immigrants from morocco and turkey, and as an aside from the details, we will get more information about this, but it is reported officially by belgian media, and we have yet to confirm here with our bureau, but we will go the bill neely and richard lui who is in paris. and what have you heard new, and have you heard about this singular belgian arrest? >> yes, i have.
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that news just filtering through. the police are clearly beginning to identify the eight gunmen suicide bombers involved in these massacres. one they have identified from fingerprint, and they say that he was french and known no the french authorities. another one was said to have have had a syrian passport and a greek minister has said within the last hour that man is believed to have passed through the greek island of liros passing as a refugee. and another gunman had an egyptian passport on him, and that has not been confirmed, but this afternoon in a suburb of the belgian capital of brussels, police raided three houses suspected of belonging to or housing three of the gunmen involved in these massacres. they arrested with one man, and so police clearly beginning to
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gather a picture of who was responsible for these horrific events. they started probably, we think with that explosion at the stade de france. 80,000 people watching a soccer game between france and the world champions germany when at 19:00.38 there was a distinct explosion that you can hear it on the television pictures. the commentator thought it was firecrackers and he said it min the xhen tri, but it was not. then 20 minute later, a second, and then 20 minutes later, a third explosion as three suicide bombers detonated the vests outside of the stadium. the big question is why did they do it during the game and not before the game when 80,000 people were pouring into the stadium, but those explosions were heard across france by millions of people watching that game on television.
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they were heard also by the president of france, francois hollande, who aerd them at the game, and he was not moved after the first explosion, but he was moved after the second, because it was no accident outside and no fire krcrackers, but a terrot ins dechblt he went straight to the theater where he spoke, and he saw the devastation there. i have been speaking this afternoon to some people who survived those attacks, and one woman, helen wilson is an american ex-pat who was in the theater and cradled a dying man. she is now in the hospital. she was about to go to have surgery when i spoke to her. she spoke of the gunman actually opening fire on disabled people. people in wheelchairs at the front of the theater, and especially reserved space. i talked to another woman who had survived the attack on tton
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cambodge restaurant and she said that the window exploded in front of her. she was on the ground for a minute, and then bullets and glass flying everywhere, and there was silence, and the gunmen were reloading and they began the attack again. she is a young englishwoman and felt incredibly scared and grateful to be alive. she held on to the hand of the woman next to her, and she said she looked across and the woman was in a pool of bloodshot in the chest, and clearly dying, but she does not honestly know if the woman die or not, because as soon as she heard enough silence, she ran out of that restaurant. their sense of shock is shared by the population of this city and the country, and just to repeat, these are the worst terror attacks in france since world war ii, and the first time that suicide bombers have appeared on the french mainland, and charlie hebdo was bad enough in january, but this is far, far
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more deadly. people thought that the dust had settled and paris could get back to for tnormal and now we know this attack out of the blue, isis has claimed they sent eight gunmen and suicide bomber, and clearly eight corpses are found, and police are still not absolutely sure that more accomplices are not on the run here in france. alex? >> bill, a dense report that we want to thank you, but i want to pick up on something in the begin, because i recall distinctly when the syrian refugee flood was going through the greek island ofles lesbos a tell me about it again? >> it is actually a greek island
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call call called liros, and now, we cannot confirm absolutely, nbc cannot absolu absolutely confirm that the man who carried off the attack is a man who passed himself off as a refugee, but clearly a man was found, one of the gunmen apparently according to the police that it was a syrian passport and the name on the passport does match the name of a refugee coming through the greek island of liros and that is yet to be confirmed, but it is a serious issue, and something that everybody has fe feared that among the people coming across from syria and iraq and afghanistan would be some who weren't fleeing war, but had other intentions entirely. and it would not be unreasonable
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police said for some isis elements to be among them to take that opportunity to infiltrate into mainland europe. again, alex, it is not confirmed, but we are joining the dots if you'd like, and clearly the police are now identifying people here. three we think came from that suburb of brussels. one was clearly known to french police here on their radar identified through fingerprints, and another man was found, a body was found with a syrian passport. al alex? >> well, whether it is liros or lesbos, we had the conversation about the infiltration of the mal malay -- melee when there were hundreds of hundreds to be passing through without a lot of security, and whether we are connecting the dots or something known to the officials, and the nbc news is not able to confirm it, but again, bill e neely,
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thank you for all of the angles there. now we go to my colleague richard lui, and i know that you are talking to witnesses, and some with extraordinary stories, and tell us what you are hearing. >> alex, since we spoke earlier this morning, the reflections and the stories coming from the individuals that are in this neighborhood simply put, i thought that i was living in a movie, i couldn't believe it was my neighborhood, i was supposed to meet my girlfriend there for a drink, and those sorts of reflections as people now 24 hours later, and you can tell it is sunset are now looking back over the course of a day since things have happened. here's part of one conversation that i had a little bit earlier in the day. >> we heard huge explosions. sounded like firework, and immediately we hit the floor, and the glass, and we were sitting right next to the glass window, and the glass smashed the floor, and as we hit the floor, shards of glass coming
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in, and we heard something like 30, 40 gunshots and i was holding a woman next to many, and we could hear what sounded like them reloading the gun, and more gunshots, and another round. then i grabbed her next to me, and i ra realized she had been shot in the chest, and a pool of blood around her. i think that she was -- and i'm not sure whether she was still alive and that is when i realized that people were seriously wounded in the restaurant. i was holding on to the nearest hand that i could find in the woman, and we were all just trying to make sense of it in the confusion, and i think that we were looking for someone, some kind of leader figure, and somebody to stand up to say, it is okay or hide here or get out while you can, and in fact, that didn't happen, because it was bewilderment of everybody there, and no sense of drirection and making no sense off what happened. >> alex, what she said was two minutes that entire time, but it
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felt like more than ten. charlotte so open in sharing the story for us and we can't thank her enough for that, because it was horrific for her. i want to tell you that the activity here is the highest that we have seen so far today, and even though we are looking at the first hours of nightfall. just over the shoulder, we had a rousing rendition of "amazing grace" with the bag pipes being play played and the shrine that is 15 feet tall and 15 feet wide with reis si resilient messages and thinking and then dropping something off and moving on. that is what we are seeing here, alex, as france and paris is mercilessly fighting back. >> it is extrooaordinary how th people come together. i have been told of reports of folks leaving the stadium last night after they had been cordoned off and not allowed to leave as the investigators are
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trying to figure out what left, and they were leaving hand in hand singing the national anthem, and it is extraordinary to see people coming together, and half of the people behind you were inisside of their apartments watching the news and listening with the sense of shock of what has happened in their beautiful city. richard richard lui, thank you. we will speak to you again. for all of you, this is 13 past the hour sh, and this is what w know right up to the minute. minutes ago the belgium minister confirmed a number of arrests in brussels connected to the paris attack. we are pursuing that here in connection with nbc news. francois hollande has said 126 people were at least killed in the coordinated attacks. and police are looking for accomplices after eight of the attackers were killed. and now, we go the flashpoint global partners, and first up,
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the report from belgium ands as we were talking about it when it came through, but what about the con n connection there to belgian? >> well, it is a thriving extremist community there in belgian, and a number of them have gone to fight in syria and iraq on behalf of isis, but also a thriving illegal illegal weapons market there in brussels and belgian and there have been problems in the past in connection to other attacks in france, but it is not beyond the pale for them to have obtained the automatic weapons, and et cetera, and you don't think of it easy to get on the streets of france, but the pashgts in belgian and the availability in eastern europe, you can get your hands on them with the right people. >> and we are talking about the kalashnikov rifles ak-47s?
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>> yes. >> and how did they know that something may have been come, and evan, how many times on the broadcast that you have been talking about in the aftermath chatter, and this time, you are concerned about seemingly nothing. >> well with, nobody is talking about the chatter, and we are reliant on the intercepts, and the communication intercepts. and two problems with that, and number one, if there are no commu communications, nothing to intercept, and two, we are playing a lot of the, you know, the monday morning quarterbacking, and going back to look at what communications there were and trying to vine the tea leaves from that, and it is very difficult. one of the questions here is why didn't not just the u.s. intelligence agencies, but the e global intelligence agencies not know that something like this was coming, and if the individuals were from coming from syria, and they were able to sneak into europe how did they do it? as refugees or ho ther wise and if they were french nationals, and they were on the radar screen of french authorities,
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how did they manage to evade scrutiny here? and another question here, that we are talking about this being young men, but we don't know that all of these individuals are men. there might be a woman here, and we have seen a large number of women going to syria -- >> it is increasing, yes. >> and to join isis, and also i wondered if they would come back if they were terrorist operatives, and so it is going to be interesting if it is all men or any women amongst the suicide bombers. >> but evan for the intelligence community, the fact that six of the coordinated attacks here, that they are obviously have coordination between the eight attackers, and this use of the dark web, and something they have may have learned to manipulate that escapes the view of those looking for these kinds of thing, and how does that work? >> well, look, password protected elite chat forums there where they communicate on, and they are unby the isis
9:17 am
supporters or the isis affiliates and include people on the battlefield and you can chat directly with the folks at the heed of the organization, but what is interesting here is that a lot of the communication between the folks are not just taking place on the password protected forums, but commercial platforms like twitter. so, you know,t is interesting, but a lot of the stuff is out in the open, and that is what is doubly frustrating that if it is public and viewable, and anyone can see it, how are we missing it? >> evan can kohlmann thank you very much, and we will speak to you more throughout the story. >> and we are now looking at the particular neighborhood where la car car carrilon and the other neighborhoods that were close to the attacks, and close to the
9:18 am
bataclan theater, and also the restaurants as the gunmen were shooting indiscriminantly about it. >> and now sh, the ambassador l year said that you have the kill them all, and talking about isis, and i will ask how that fits into the picture right after the paris attacks. we will be right back. bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again
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taking you to the memorial near paris where the shootings took place in a restaurant and at a bar and certainly near the concert hall where hundreds lost their lives or at least well over 100 with hundreds injured. this is growing by the hour. we are also told that there is a
9:22 am
social media movement to get everybody in paris to try to light a candle at some point to put a candle in one of the windows to show their support in honor of those tragically killed last night. it is approaching 22 minutes after the hour. this is what we know up to the minu minute. the belgian minister has confirmed that there are have been several arrests connected to the attacks. and president of france francois hollande has said that 127 people have been killed and there were six separate attacks. eight attackers were killed, and police are still searching for accomplish lis, and this -- for accomplices, but this is an act of war. and we go the kelly donovan at the white house. the president is still going to the summit? >> yes, and we are told that the
9:23 am
president is going to leave this afternoon at 2:00, and so he has a limited window here. this is a express meeting going over the intelligence related to what happened in france and how it may or may not pertain to what is going on here in the u.s. there is a chance for the president to bring together the minds who are looking at this data, and give him an up to the minute briefing, and then it is possible that the president may choose to say something publicly before he is on an airplane for an extended period of time, and that is undetermined from the white house officials, but if you are looking at history that type of statement would not be a surprise for a day like this. we are also told that the french ambassador to the united states, gerard arao got permission to yuse the park across from the white house, known as lafayette park, named for the frenchman who was influential in the revolutionary war on behalf of the united states to have a vigil there. so i would expect that there will be a french nationals who
9:24 am
will be here as well as americans who want to show support, and this could be a gathering place later today, just a matter of hours from now, the vigil to honor the victims and to bring together a source of sense of community later today at 5:00 p.m. eastern. really, we are at the point, alex, where it is about assessment, and next steps, and much of that is not what is going to be discussed publicly, but we will give you some information about the meeting when it concludes, and the advisers say they will have a read out or some sort of discussion about what went on in the meeting, and when we have i it, we will bring to you, alex. >> yes, and in terms of the people gaer thring to pay homage, we foe that in new york city, washington square park, gathering at 2:00, and the mayor bill de blasio is going to be at the tending that. and so many, many people around the world is going to be ga thring to pay tribute to those who lost their lives, and
9:25 am
letting the people know that we have them in our minds and hearts. and now, going to gayle, and the a.p. is citing two official reports that one of the suicide bombers is an islamist linked to extremist activity, and also a french national. is that what you expect to be seeing? >> what you expect is the thoughts of those who are grieving, and this is not only what you have been discussing all morning the fear to counter the lone wolf attack or a coordinated attack against soft targets. this is always the fear that a series of soft targets would be attacked and not enough forewarning, because so many of them are stopped, but eventually, it is possible that one gets through, and we see what happened yesterday >> and i know that you have written about isis, and the obama policies against that group, and the president has
9:26 am
been convening the national security council to find out what happened and piece together the information they have it before he heads to turkey, but friday's attack, how does this change the equation for the president? >> that is actually the question right now. i was talking with a fellow reporter about this, and how much does this change? does it change the facts on the ground both for those in syria and iraq, and really, there is a lot of discussion about the need to defeat and degrade isis, but the question is right now, we have seen a lot of increment al steps, and lot of of people who said, listen, you can counter terrorism, but how do you counter the ideology? it is easier to kill an individual thaned -- than an idea, and so what it means for strange i stranging the strategy on the ground or stepping up the strategy on the ground against those in syria is a real question. you have seen the administratio
9:27 am
administration, and they are reaching out to a number of diplomats and others in recent days, and the question is whether last night's attack steps it up one step further. >> and gayle, last year, you wrote about the former u.s. ambassador the iraq and he bluntly said to get rid of isis, he said, quote, you have to kill them all, and that startled people, and have attitudes changed? >> yes, it is a year ago that we wrote the piece, and a lot of people said, shocking to have somebody say it that bluntly, but what you are seeing now, and the time is that there is no limit to isis ambition, and what is now, islamic state or isis s and there is no limit to the ambition or the appetite in terms of what they are trying to achieve. am b ambassador ross in that same piece was also talking about the cost of infac action and allowing -- inaction and allowing a club med for extremists, an insurgents to grow. and so always a fear, but connecting that to the ground in paris, people will tell you it is much harder to stop an attack against an open society like
9:28 am
france and elsewhere in europe and certainly here in north america, and the question is how do you stop that knowing that every official will tell you that we can't stop every single one of them. >> gayle lemon, thank you for the discussion. i appreciate it. >> thank you. the dead ly attacks in frane are having a ripple effect across europe. including an alarm in london. we will bring you a report coming up on msnbc. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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31 past the hour, everyone. a live look at the growing vigil there in the area specifically called the canal where so many of the atrocities have taken place. people are streaming by, and that memorial is rapidly growing with the candles, and the n flowers and notes off sup rt po and sympathy for those who lost their lives in the terrible terrorist attacks. late reports this afternoon that arrests have been made, and to a a.p. is citing a belgian report
9:32 am
that a number ofer arrests have been made in brussels ark wnd with recontinuing to follow those developments here at msnbc. and meanwhile, the parisians are facing the grim reminders of the attacks with 126 people killed and over 200 wounded, and police are confirming all eight attackers are dead and they are still searching for possible accompli accomplices. the security was tight around france, and the eiffel tower has been closed all day as the police and security forces have patrolled the streets. this is frightening to say the least as you will see the dramatic video here capturing dozens of people escaping the bataclan theater, and that is where 100 of the victims died. some are escaping through the w windows and doors and fleeing to safety, and some had escaped from the roof, and some 60
9:33 am
people climbed through a neighbor's window that overlooked the roof of the bataclan theater. this man opened up the window and 60 came through his apartment fleeing to safety. there are people who are clearly injured just trying to get out of the theater as well. france's president francois hollande has said that his country will stand tall against t terror. >> translator: france, because it was cowardly attacked and shamelessly attacked, france will be implikabapplicable agai daesh and use all of the means within our country and abroad in conjunction and in consultation of the allies also targeted by those terrorists. >> back in washington, president
9:34 am
obama is right now convening a meeting of the national security council before his scheduled depa departure for the g-20 summit in turkey. he is scheduled to the leave the white house in about an hour and a half from now. joining me now is mar geaux who is an american tourist who was having dippnner near one of the restaurants attacked. we are so glad that you are safe, and tell us when you realized that something was desperately wrong. what did you hear? with what did you see? >> so we were sitting in the outdoor seating of a restaurant on the sidewalk. there were four of us. we were at a table, too, sitting across from each other, and we heard 8 to 10 hearing gunshots, and they were large koconcentrad boom, and then we heard some smaller pops. we looked at each oe this, and one my colleagues said i think those are gunshot, and then i looked up and i saw 6 to 8
9:35 am
people running from around the corner, and they were looking totally freaked out, and totally scared running towards us, and at that moment, we ran into the restaurant. that is when we knew something was wrong nearby, but we had no idea that it was a coordinated attack until well after that. >> about how far away were you from the restaurant le petite cambodge or the carillon? >> yes, we were around the corner of that, and in fact, two corner, because one of the blocks is a triangle. so we saw people coming from both directions running, and yes, that is the location that we were at. >> when you heard this, and you heard just the pops, but you couldn't quite pinpoint until you thought that maybe that is gun fire, what kind of terror struck in your heart as you saw the people running?
9:36 am
did you fear for your own life? >> it took about three or four seconds for us to realize what is going on and then when i did, i was pretty scared, because we knew that the shots were happening at random, and people were runninger and , and we didw if we would see a shooter, and so the first 25 to 30 minutes were really scary. the people on the restaurant inside did not understand anything was wrong, and we went into the back, and i saw a family and a mother the with three young kids and i told her to bring the kids downstairs and i explained that we had heard the gunshots outside. at this time, it was scary, and the kids were crying, and the o mother was scared and i was scared, and we all went into the basement of the restaurant. >> how long did you stay there? how long were you aware that there was some police or security presence on the scene? >> it felt like it was a long time before the police came. we were down in the basement for about 10 to 15 minutes.
9:37 am
we came up, and then eventually there were police and an ambulance that came, but the police presence was not strong for a while. in fact, we were encouraged by the restaurant management to go back outside and sit at our table out sooside and we walkedn the corner to where the shooting had happened and we didn't go too close, but we were totally unaware it was a shooting with multiple fatalities, and we heard that it was one person who was killed, so we did not understand the grv ti of the situation when we went back outside to eat. >> and so you did not witness the story ares tof bodies outside of the restaurant and the carnage apparent, because you were too far away to visually see it. were you allowed the go closer margot, afterwards and did you dare do that? >> i mean, if somebody was shooting a gup at you, would you go to run closer if you didn't know that they were farther away? i mean, we had no idea where the gunman was, if they were still
9:38 am
on the loose, and we didn't hear any cars screeching and driving away, and so we had no idea if we were safe. in fact, we didn't know that everybody had been caught until well after 12:30 or 1:00 a.m. when we arrived back into the apartment, and we walked back from the restaurant to the apartment for 35 minutes without knowing if it was safe. so, you know, we did not want to go closer. >> you do not want to go close e, and you make a good point, and we in the news business would go closer, but normally, you would not. and people in the taxis, and they want to know, with the trying time, have you gotten a sense being a tourist there in paris? >> absolutely. within a few hours, there were messages, and there's a hashtag on twitter that you can use to find a safe place to be if you are stranded. and we had tons of support from our american friends back home
9:39 am
who were trying to help to us figure out what the to do, and everybody is very friendly, and very understanding trying to process what is happening. we just -- it is a very welcoming day here, and people are pretty sad and somber. >> i can imagine that you want to get a good night's sleep as you relive these horrible memory, and thank you so much, margot, and thank you for joining us on msnbc. best of luck. >> and now, france is vow iing swift response to the terror attack, but what can we expect? that is next. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch.
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9:43 am
we are also reporting that a justice minister in brussels has said that arrests have been made in conneblg koconnection with tt attack. and we welcome in barry mccaffery, and welcome, sir. the president of france francois hollande has said there will be a swift military response, and what should be done in addition to what is already done by isis and what the response would look like militarily? >> minimal. the french have minimal to bring to bear, and part of the aircraft is coalition attacks against isis and syria, but at the end of the day, alex, it is a problem of border control which is non-existent in the european union now, and 1 million refugees this year, and 70% of them single males. and internally, france and other european countries, and particularly france have huge unassimilated angry muslim
9:44 am
populations. they grew nup in france and spek phrfrench, and they hate the st. and tens of thousands of them have gone the fight with isis and afghanistan and they are returning armed an dangerous. france has a problem, and europe has a problem. >> and now, sir, with this discussion of francois hollande say agatha he is going to be tightening up the borders and close them essentially, give n the description of the eu in general, it will be difficult. but what should france do to make sure that there are no f follow-up attacks in the wake of this one yesterday? >> well, the statement of closing the border is utter nonsense. there is no infrastructure, and in the united states, we have customs and border protection, and as weakly as we do it, we have at least 22,000 professionals trying to some extent try to verify and check
9:45 am
the identity of people coming in and out of the country, and we have extensive air checks at the airports, and none of this exists in europe. you have hundreds of thousands of single males showing up from syria, afghanistan, africa, and being settled as refugees where they don't speak the local language, an unemployed, and europe has a recipe for disaster, which we don't share to the same extent. and now, having said that, remember that snowden, this treasonous fellow who did enormous damage to the collection system limited our ability to identify the attackers before they show up. that is another challenge. you have to have the intelligence, and you can't stop them at the point of attack. >> and sox sir, we noted that as defense secretary ash carter has arrived at the white house, and he is part of the convening national council before the president takes off for the g-20
9:46 am
summit in turkey who is to leave in a few hours, and tell me about the dission kugs. you have been in the high level talk, and given what they are talking about, where is the conversation going in your mind? >> well, you are right. two administrations i have sat in that white house situation room, and to some extent now, they are thrashing around and trying to discuss the public optics of what is going on. one of the things they can discuss is not micromanaging the military and intelligence response of the isis threat. that white house press conference of msnbc covered, we talked about less than 50 special operations guys allow into syria, and that is a kind of nonsense they have to backoff. if we use the special ops forces, you need to take the gloves off and let them go after these people. >> and can you talk about the kind of planning and coordination, sir, that had to go into the attack, if indeed it
9:47 am
was coordinated and if the reports are that it was? >> well, we will know more in the coming weeks. it was clearly a major failure of intelligence. yes, it was coordinate and getting automatic weapons and hand grenades and suicide vests, and this is the stuff of a well planned operation. but remember, this is eight people. this is a tiny attack now dominating the world's discussion. i didn't take a lot of sophistication to do this. i mean, 9/111 was sophisticated and devastating, this is just your average homegrown terrorists murdering civilians. i think ta in a place like new york city which has a giant foreign population also, we are much better prepared to deal with this, but again, you can't protect the site of attack. you have to give the intelligence people, and the cia and the covert operations have to get out there. >> and retired four-star general barry mccaffery, and always a
9:48 am
pleasure, sir. >> good to be with you. we examine the attack as the scenes on the streets of paris are changed starkly today. we will be right back here on msnbc. te to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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9:54 am
>> it is now 54 minutes past the hour, and this is what we know to the minute. just in the last hour the belgian minister has confirmed a number of arrests connected to the terror attack in france. and right now, the president is convening a e meeting of the national security kocouncil to discuss options and national security concerns as we move forward in the wake of the attack. this is the latest for you right now, and we will update you at t
9:55 am
the top of the hour. and meantime, secretary of state john kerry is in vienna and meeting with foreign ministers of a dozen country to talk about the syrian conflicters but he took a minute today to condemn the terrorist attacks in paris. >> i want it to be crystal clear that the united states stands with france and the rest of the world in our resolve to eliminate the scourge of violent extremist groups from the face of the earth. and make no mistake, that resolve has only grown strong mer the wake of the unspeakable brutality. >> i'd like to bring in anne guerin are from the "washington post" who is in iowa covering the democratic debate tonight. and first,k is tear of state john kerry, who is standing there with two kcountries who have not always agreed of how to deal with isis, and how is this going to change things? >> well, the group in vienna is talking about how to end the
9:56 am
syrian conflict now near ly fiv years old, and deal with the refugee crisis. and the parisian attacks changed the tenor of that discussion a good bit, and pretty much universal condemnation among the 19 countries there, and notably the united states and russia, the two countries now with the heaviest military active military stake in syria, and also iran which has had a military stake in syria for a long time now. i think that to answer the question more directly, this is going to change what the united states and russia will do militarily, and both countries have already started a pretty heavy bombing campaign, both have some intelligence and other assets on the ground. i think that those things will be now the start to the much larger operation that the united states and russia have to coordinate one to another. so it is not the to get into one another's way, but it is going
9:57 am
to make the heavier oonus on russian they that have had before to target the islamic state before, and most of the russian activity so far has been appearing to be more in service of the syrian president bashar al assad than the islamic state, itself. >> and do you see more of a fallout here as a reality of the domestic attacks? >> yes, it is in the reak shctif the 2016 candidate, and certainly the main topic or the beginning topic for tonight's democratic debate. and it is really going to change the lenses through which i think that people will view not only tonight's debate, but the race more generally. on the republican side, it will be interesting to see whether the candidates back off on any way of their current stance on isis which varies by degrees,
9:58 am
but saying that president obama is weak and ineffective and that they would do something different, and there a greater pressure on them now to say what that different thing is, and for hillary clinton, it is going to be putting a lot of what she has already said about how she would attack the islamic state on the table. she said that she would do a great deal more for air protection, for example pple, a how would that work, and so there is going to be some military questions for her, and also questions about the refugee, because she said that the united states should take in tens of thousands is of refugees, and is that still a politically tenable idea in the current context? >> and anne gearan, thank you for joining us with this breaking news. >> happy to be here. and now, coming up, we are expecting to hear are from the french prosecutor with new information on the atk thes. -- on the attacks.
9:59 am
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10:02 am
welcome, everyone. i'm alex witt and a little after # 1:00, and 7:00 p.m. evening time in paris. we are waiting pfor the presidet hollande to talk to the media. as soon as we can, we will take you there to what he is going to be talking about with the investigation. and now, with the terrorist attacks, there are new reports that some of the arrests have been made in belgian. it reports that a number of arrests have been made in brus is sells, and we are continuing to follow some of the leads here. and meanwhile, france is in shock and mourning in the wake of the terror attacks that left at least 127 people dead, and another 200-plus wounded. all of this as we are learning a little bit more about the attackers. a.p. reporting that one of the attackerers was holding a syrian passport and entered the
10:03 am
european union through the greek island of liros. and david cameron in england said that the the uk stands alongside the french people in the fight against isis. >> my message to the phrfrench people is simple -- [ speaking foreign language ] -- we stand with you, united. >> we have two reports for you, richard lui in paris, and ron mott is monitoring the develop developments there in london, and gentlemen, what is being reported to you this evening? >> well sh, alex, surreal is wh you will hear from the people at the six different attack points is what they are feeling at the moment. for others, it is different for those in neighborhoods and had to listen to the explosions or what they reported were explosions. this is julian pierce who was in
10:04 am
the bataclan concertificate haul right behind us over here, and what he experience last night, and what he said. >> when i looked behind my shoulders, i saw 3 to 4 men wearing black clothes and masks. holding assault rifles, ak-47. and they were shooting randomly toward us, toward the crowd. they were, lethal. they were, they were knowing what they were doing. they were there to kill and not to take hostages, and so they moved their weapons in that way. they tried to kill us as many people as possible. they were very calm.
10:05 am
they reloaded many times their weapons, and they took plenty of time. they were not shouting. they were were not talking. they were not saying anything from what i heard. and they were very young. >> who is were they is what julien was asking, and why were they doing those things? those questions, we may have more answers, but the law enforcement is not telling us auz of yet. they have spent the last 24 hours looking at the forensic evidence behind me, and i have been watching the police vehicles enter throughout the day, and then directly to the right, alex, a vigil that has just within the last hour since we have spoke grown by 15 or 20 candles, and as i said before, they are coming, stopping, thinking, maybe saying a little prayer or putting their head down, and then moving on. that is where it is right now,
10:06 am
and very close to the bataclan concert hall. >> yes, richard, it is going to be taking a long time before people effectively move on and this may linger with the people there in paris for some time to come. and richard lui, we will check in with you. and also, we are following breaking news out of britain where police arrested a man out of gatwick airport, and ron mott is joining us from the london bureau. we were first on the air when they reported it, but what is this? >> well it has led to a frustrating day for the people trying to get out of london at gatwick which is south of london and 30 miles. what happened is this 41-year-old frenchman walked into the north terminal and e behaving strangely, and then apparently took off running, and the cops started to chase him and he ran outside to throw what appeared to be a bag into the trash can, and they surrounded that bag, and they called in the bomb squad as a precaution e
10:07 am
evacuated the north terminal and found a gun there. now he is being questioned and under arrest, because they have no idea what his intention is, to blast through the security to get on an airplane or engage people in some sort of shooting inside of the terminal itself. so that has been resolved. they are starting to get the flights in and out of there tonight, and a lot of the folks are final ri will on the way. while all of that was going on, as we saw a few moments ago, prime m prime minister cameron had to walk the fine line of a country with the experience of terrorism, and probably still a terror target i should say, and he wanted to make sure that people were vigilant on the one hand, and also did not want to induce more fear or panic here in the uk. take a look at what he had to say about the change of attacks apparently by isil. >> it is clear from the threat from isil is e evolvin volast n attack suggest a greater coordination, and greater
10:08 am
ambition for mass casualty attacks. we must recognize that however strong we are, and however much we reprepare, we in the uk face the same threat. >> now, david cameron convened a meeting of his security team here, and they were discussing whether to raise the national threat level from the current situation which is severe, and that is the second highest up to critical. they decided against doing that at this point, but you can imagine as information coming in and surveillance picking up with the security forces here in the uk, they won't hesitate to raise that threat level if an attack is imminent. alex? >> thank you, ron mott in london bureau regarding the gatwick scare there. and now, the security of level is being raised around the world, and now, we are joined by kristen dahlgren, and what security forces are taking steps
10:09 am
here? >> well, it is hard to see any increased presence here, alex, but it is likely to have extra undercover officers and we will see a demonstration of nypd and the terrorism team, the hercules team that is designed to specifically combat terrorism is activated and some heavily armored units around the city. immediately, the thought from the law enforcement officials went to could something like this happen in the states? it is coordinated attack in paris and perhaps something here in the u.s.? so immediately, we saw the nypd sending the extra officers to sensitive french sites around this city like the french ko consulate here. also to heavily trafficked areas like time square. these so-called soft targets
10:10 am
that were hit in paris and that is what they are paying close attention to. and also, look at the critical infrastr infrastructure, the state police and the port authority, and looking at the bridges and the tunnels, and the trains and the buses, and we are told that they have extra canine units out sniffing for anything, and also some random bag checks, and definitely the security has been heightened, and the to give you an idea of how seriously they are taking it not just here but to washington, d.c., and a note went out to first responders that there could be something, and the intent of the attackers might be to injure first responders so to be vigilant. this is nothing out of the clear threat, but it is out of abundance to caution. we have seen people here throughout the day, and people on vacation saying it won't let it change their plan, and we vu a proposal here in times square,
10:11 am
and so people are still out and having a normal day, but most people said it is on their mind, but they won't let the terrorism change their activities. >> on the minds of so many around the world, and thank you from nbc kristen dahlgren. and now we will go to the prosecutor in france who is talking abo talking about the the latest of the investigation. >> translator: he is the dreker or the of the police force in paris and also the judicial police force. ladies and gentlemen, the fight against terrorism is a concern every moment for all of us. the judicial authority and with all of the information services and the concern judicial agency, the subdirection of terrorism unit, and the anti-terrorism group, and the criminal squad of
10:12 am
paris, all of the services are absolutely mobilized for months to help citizens. i want to first thank with a lot of emotion to thank the victims and the people wounded, and all of their family members, and everybody close to them for the suffering they have gone through. speaking to you and saying that we deplore all of the sites that were hit, the 109 dead people or the politicians are trying to find out how many wounded there are who are going lu the emer - going through the emergency care. so far, 300 people wounded with at least 99 in very serious condition. seven terrorists died during their attacks. the terrorist attacks that we
10:13 am
are talking about as far as wrisks ever are -- as far as risks as far as these attacks, the attacks have hit the french territory yesterday, and we have been fighting against terrorism. we are more than ever determined. i'm talking about the prosecutor's office since yesterday it set up the emergency cell to mobilize not only the magistrates fighting terrorism, but all of the offices in paris to be present on a different crime sites to be able to coordinate the investigations. that is why there's 22 magistrates with four bureaus at the meeting of the cells. as i said yesterday, we said that there were organized crime groups, terrorist groups and also criminal terrorists
10:14 am
planning to attack people, you know, with the personal and to mobilize all of the judicial police throughout france, and also the anti-terrorist section. the terrorism section that is designated which is coordinating the actions. the investigations started last night to bring the information to you which is so far, you have to understand that including what i am saying is only temporary, because we have just started. we are gathering all of the testimonials on the different crime sites, and it is also important for the operations to preserve, and think it is very, very important that we have to keep secret some of the
10:15 am
ininvestigations. among the first information that we got and the surveillance videos that we got at 9:20 last night, there was the soccer game at the national stadium, and the first explosion took place on street sandone, and one was a suicide bomber with a bomb around him, and detonators and m metal pieces which created the explosion. the second, a passerby was killed by the explogs. explosion. and then in the arrondissement
10:16 am
restaura restaurant, there was firing from the black car and some witnesses said it was a fiat lion type. they discovered that there were many, many weapons. the crime, at that crime 15 people killed and 30 who are in serious condition. the third episode happened on 9:30. it was outside of the stade de france, the national stadium. they discovered the body of a suicide bomber, and he had the same weapons, and he had a p protective vest. and at 9:32 on the street, there was another street in the 11th district, a nd there was anothe shooting that created five dead,
10:17 am
and they evacuated eight people who were wounded in serious condition. according to the witness they said that the suicide bombers were in a car, and in a fiat. on the side they found different types of weapons. at 9:36 at the restaurant le petit there were nine people killed on the terrace of the restaurant caused by individuals who came, and they were in a fiat black car, and they were many who were seriously wounded. there were different types of weapons. around 9:40 on boulevard voltaire in the 11th district, inside of the restaurant voltaire, a suicide bomber killed himself, and he had
10:18 am
explosives, the the same kind of explosives as the other suicide bombers. somebody who was present was very seriously wounded, and several others were slightly wounded. at 9:40 p.m., another vehicle that was black parked in front of the concert hall bataclan on voltaire, three individuals with explosions. they started shooting during the concert, itself, and they took hostages in the public who were in front of the band. that is where they found the most victims. the terrorists were seriously wounded and came from iraq. during the assault, i want to render homage particularly that there were three hostages ki killed.
10:19 am
one was killed by the forces of ord order, and another by the suicide bomber, and another one of the terrorists activated his bomb around him. at the time i am telling you that there were 89 people killed. to be more precise about how this happened, on this the crime scene, that is why i am giving you minute-by-minute in order as far as time and the way it happened without talking about i will come back to how it was set up. but on the way it was set up, there was an incredible violence that we have never seen, and the number of victims, and the number of sites that happened, and the technical medical services that will be e needed in the hour s s to come, and 9: on the national stadium, a third
10:20 am
explosion that happened, and also the body of another suicide bomber. that is how the terrorist acts took place last night in paris and so the result is that after 24 hours, so we are going to go through the investigations now on the three types of terrorist s at the the origin of this barbarity, and we are determined to find out who were the attackers, their accomplice, and who set this up, and how they were financed. i can now indicate to you that the first evidence that we have all of the police that is going through the investigation, and i am emphasizing the fact that they are working on it, and we are talking about the international cooperation that has been undertaken with our foreign partners during these
10:21 am
investigations especially identifying the the terrorists. ki give y i can give you the following information. one of at the tathe attackers w the hostages, identified by fingerprints, it is a person 29 years old known of the south of france, a nd known by police, because he has had eight condemnation, and eight sentencings for acts against the common good. he was never imprisoned and in 2010, they set up a special file on him, but he was never involved in anything to do with terrorism. also, the near the body of the suicide bomber which was right near the national stadium, there
10:22 am
was a syrian passport found. somebody was born in 1990. i can make precise the fact that this man was not known by the french authorities. but there are investigations, complimentary investigations that are going to be happening. the seven attackers all used kalashnikovs, and different brand, but in general, that is the type they used the kalashnikov, ak-47 and explosives absolutely identical to create the most victims possible. each attacker had a protective vest with explosives built into it. and they had batteries insooide and the same detonators, and so
10:23 am
the suicide bombers at the national stadium had metal balls, also. when we looked at the video, there was a black car, and there was another car that had a belgian license plate. there was an individual phrfren identity who was living in belgian. this individual tonight was stopped for a traffic violation on another vehicle which was not the fiat vehicle, and not the polo vehicle. that is where they found two other people who also lived around the brussels area. i am emphasizing that i want to emphasize the excellence of the cooperation between the police and the judicial authorities. we are working with with the prosecutor's office, and the
10:24 am
federal office of belgian also, and working with the national penal authorities and working to find the vehicle that was in front of the bataclan, and it was rented by this individual, and they found traces of the individual. there is an opening of specific investigation of the anti-terrorism squad, and the judicial authorities had set up a press release. the federal prosecutors office of belgium have a questioned the three individuals this morning. i am not going to talk about it more right now. to preserve the secrecy on the investigation that is happening right now in belgian.
10:25 am
as far as the three individuals living in belgium, it is a question of the individuals not known by the french security officers. as far as the financing, we know that the attacks were claimed by in different videos and a communique and on the part of daesh or isis, and the claims of responsibility are be investigated by special authorities. am going to add to end my talk here by thanking all of you present, all of the media present. i want to tell you that there are specific measures for all of the members of the victims, all of the people, the family and the friends, there's a phone number which is made available for all citizens concerning the victims or people that who we don't have any news about.
10:26 am
so here is the number. 08-40-64-65. thank you for your attention. you have been listening to the prosecutor of paris, and that is francois melot, and he did a wonderful job there summarizing the details. i will try to recap it, because the statistics have changed. the number of dead now has been riztone the number 129 and given 352 injured, and many of them very seriously, and he said that 99 people remained in serious condition. he went through step by step the time line if you will, but he was clearer than we have been thus far as to the number of locations. there was the stadium, the restaurant which is le petite
10:27 am
cam bloe cambodge and also h, he talked about the 11th, and specifically, no delineation between the 10th, and the 11th, and we know that the 11th arrondissement was one restaurant where there were 19 people killed all sit ting out t the restaurant eat iing. and then over to the voltaire where only one person was seriously injured as a result of that. then they went on to the bataclan concert hall in this street that we are showing you right now in the live look where 89 were confirmed killed there.
10:28 am
then they talked a and the the attacker. a 21-year-old known to police was killed, and known as one of the attackers, and eight arrests for acts against the common good, a nnd none of those were cl classified as acts of terrorism. again, he was 21 years old and known the police, and the last arrest was in 2010 five years ago at the age of 16 years old. he went into some detail about the arrests of belgian, and that is the new information here. and the moanbique neighborhood is pop ulated by immigrant, and majority of whom from morocco and turkey. and so, again, he gave us a lot more details and what led toup the arrests to i d.a. i want to welcome in malcolm who is a counter terrorism expert, and he has studied the growth of the extremism in europe.
10:29 am
malcolm, as we spoke this morning, and new to us since the conversationing the brussels angle, and does it surprise you that the heart of brussels was involved with three arrests in the last couple of hours? >> well, to tell you the truth, not surprising at all. pound per pound, the belgians provide the largest number of members of isis which is about 40 per capita and compared to the size of belgian which is extremely small, it is not surprising that there were people who could have flowed back into belgium and then facilitated the attack. interestingly at the tim of the charlie hebdo attacks, there were a series of raids carried out by the belgian police where they captured similar fully automatic weapons in brussels, and so, no, that belgian is involve and jihadis up in that area is not surprising. >> malcolm, we know that the white house is maying host to
10:30 am
the meeting of the national security council with the president at the helm of the meeting. he is to depart the white house for the g-20 summit in turkey, and his plans have not been amended at all because of the attack. tell me about the foremost angle of attack that will be be discussed within the nfc? >> well, i think they there is going to be two stages of discussion within the nfc, and first the strategic analysis of potentially isis based on the evidence protecting itself outside of syria, and now moving itself n and activating cells within europe. potentially activating more sleeper cells as team time goes on in order to bring retribution to france. on the other side, there is the discussion of the tactic, and the materials that were used in the there. the details that were brought on by the prosecutor general of the
10:31 am
republique were interesting to me as an excellence officer. number one that the ak-47s were fully automatic, but different types which means they come from the smuggling ring and not from a lot which is manufactured and then put into cases and then shipped over in individual cases which means that a smuggling ring brought them in. they had identical explosives which means that they were manufactured or they were brought in as a lot. they all wore body armor which was imbedded with explosives throughout it. we ven soo it. i -- we have seen it. i saw nit iraq, and the former saddam regime had several explosive belts there. was a waist-type belt like a cummerbu cummerbund, and then there was an explosive body armor-shaped belt embedded with ball bearings on the front and the back. that is also a type of explosive
10:32 am
device used by al qaeda and the former regime. considering that isis is a conglomeration of that, i found that design very, very compelling, and you are going to be having intelligence agencies all over to the world wanting to get a good look at the explosive device. and most importantly, the detonators were all of the same. and that means that the detonators came from the same lot of of purchase, and that means that you can now follow the detonator trail to precisely where they were sold from and manufactured and the pathway they got into france, that is what is going to be discussed at the nfc. >> and malcolm, thinking about everything that has happened, what does this tell you about the speed of the radicalization of europe right now? >> i would not say it is a question of the speed of the radicalization of europe, because it is not really about the continent and the population
10:33 am
so much as it is about, you know, the ideology of al qaeda as developed in the 1980s and brought forth globally in the 1990s has allowed individuals whether they are muslim or we had incidents in canada where the catholics were the two, you know, converted over to the virulent ideology and carried out the two bigs attacks in cana canada, including on the parliament. it is not so much about the refugees or the foreign populations as it is that those are the seeds that these radicalized individuals whether they are ex-christian or muslim can swim within and hide within. so i don't believe that europe, itself, is radicalizing, but i believe they have infiltrated and brought themselves into europe, and now punish iing the nation of birth for this ideology. >> and that clarification is much appreciated. thank you, malcolm nance. we will see you again as we continue to cover the attacks in
10:34 am
paris. joining me is senator robert casey, democrat from pennsylvania. senator, you were listening to the news conference there, and wrapped up by the prosecutor there of france, and anything that you took away as of particular note? >> well, alex, one thing that is plainly evident now is that the authorities in france have a lot of information about the time line and what happened here, but there is a still a lot more to investiga investigate. one part of this that we have to be mindful of, and pursue as part of the larger strategy is the support and the financing that these individuals get. they don't just confederate and organize among themselves. obviously, they do a lot of that, but they don't do it on their own. they get financing and help from outside, and part of the larger challenge here is to continue to put pressure and bring to justice those that are helping them and financing them well beyond sometimes syria and iraq.
10:35 am
sometimes in the other parts of the middle east. >> yes. and senator, given what happened with the charlie hebdo attack in january in paris, are you surprised that attacks of this kind, these coordinated six locations, and 129 killed and 352 injured and 99 of whom are serious, and fighting for their lives, are you surprised that in a attack of this magnitude could happen so relative willy soon after charlie hebdo? >> no, because what we have known about isis or daesh or whatever terminology we have for them, they are different from the customary impression of a terror grouchlt they are an army that acts as a military force, but they are also a terrorist organization. they are also a criminal indicate that can deal on the black market and use oil and
10:36 am
other black market ak tctivitia. so this is a multiple-layered group. so as we are seeing that one quarter of the territory they had has been taken away, so even if there is one success of strategy on the battlefield, it does not mean that we are as successful as we need to be to stop the attacks which are sometimes inspired in other countries well beyond iraq and syria. >> senator, one of the colleagues from other side of the aisle, senator john mccain who chairs the senate arms committee said that the growing threat is a failure of u.s. foreign policy, and if the administration does not get more serious about combatting it, our
10:37 am
nation and our people will pay a grave price. >> well, too often on the republican side, you have oversight by sound bite. oversight by categorical condemnation, and not oversight that probes in a constructive fashion what is working and not working. john mccain has worked hard on this issue for a number of years. i don't often agree with his broad assessments, but at least he is working on it. a lot of the members of congress use sound bites to analyze it. but what i need to do, and what john e needs to do and a people in both parties need to do is to sit down and work together and to be constructive. that is not meaning that you are not critical of the administrati administration, because i have and i will continue to do that, but the broad-based condemnat n condemnation, and sometimes with the no, no strategy, no suggestions about what could work, doesn't help anyone. we need a bipartisan approach where politics has sen is or the
10:38 am
vanderberg said, politics ha s o stop at the water's edge, because we have to work together to strengthen what is worked against isil on the battlefield and otherwise, and then have a long and tough debate about what is not working. that is constructive and that is oversight, and not the broad condemnation condemnations. >> senator, thank you very much for the conversation, but sir, you want to hear the latest news into msnbc, we are confirming one american has been killed in to a attacks in paris, and it has struck here at home now. we knew that there were american americans among those wounded in the paris terrorist attack, but we know now that one american has died, and died instantly as a result of the shots fired throughout paris or if it is someone who has died of his her or her wounds, but i know that you will want to know, senator, it is a american killed and it is a 23-year-old female, and she
10:39 am
is a foreign exchange student, and our thoughts and prayers are going to go out to her family, because that is not the news that you want to get under any circumstance. it is a tragedy to the say the very least. senator, thank you for your time. we go the kelly o'donnell where the president is meeting with the security council as you saw defense secretary ash carter headed into that meeting at the white house, but kelly s there any chance that the president will maybe amend the plans to take off for that meeting? >> well sh, our expectation rig now, alex, is that the meeting is still under way according to the advisers, and unclear if the president is going to be making any public statement after the meeting, and advisers will give us some type of summary about what was discussed in the meeting. they have told us to expect that much. we did see here along the perimeter of the white house when some of the dignitaries arrive arrived and you mentioned the defense secretary ash cart, and
10:40 am
some other members of the key national security council coming in to brief the president, and bringing together the intelligence and the day the ta that they are collecting since this happened last night to try to put this all in perspective, and no indication of anyone here that the president's larger plan to travel to the g-20 summit taking him to turkey later today, no idea that it would be changing. the expectation is that he will in fact depart as planned. we have seen some of the staff vans of people going along on the trip getting assembled, so no indication of that kind of change. there is certainly a sense that as you are reporting that information about an american among the people killed, that is one thing that the president would get access to that information, and especially when it pertains to the american citizens involved, and then the larger issue of what do we know about the perpetrators if anything, and how can the u.s. help france at this time in putting the puzzle pieces together. if the president goes forward as
10:41 am
we expect going to the g-20 summit h'll have an opportunity to talk to other world leaders in person, and perhaps this is now part of their discussion. it is an economic meeting, but obviously, overwhelming world haven'ts like this will always have a place when leaders come together. alex? >> thank you, kelly o'donnell at the white house. and also i want you to know that this one american is being killed, and los angeles times reporting that the 23-year-old, a female, and she is from cal state-long beach, a design student, and she was a foreign exchange student. we are getting iing confirmatio via the los angeles times, and cal state long beach set to put out a news release that at least one american has been killed in the paris attacks last night. on the e heels of that, let's bring in the director james woolsey, and now, in the wake of this horrific attack in paris, and how much do we have to step
10:42 am
things up here, and the sights abroad? >> okay. sir? james woolsey, it is alex witt, can you hear me, sir? >> yes. just now. >> and i will reintroduce you for the viewers, the former cia director, and i want to know how much of these attacks mean that we have to change thing, and step it up here in the united states, and at our locations of seas in the wake of the horrific attack? >> i think that what we do to protect individual locations to try to deal with individual incidents of this type, which there are going to be more of in europe and possibly the united states, is one thing, and it's the spade work, and it has to get done, but it is not going to be anywhere near sufficient. we are in a war. and ivan trotsky one said, you
10:43 am
may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. so we have to talk clearly about what is going on, and deal with it as we would a war. we have so far for example our air power use against isis in the levant has been tiny compared to what we have done in other circumstances. until recently, we were flying eight sorties a day, and whereas in desert storm, we were flying thousands is of sor disa day. and so we have the basically de stroi isis and the caliphate into a small empire. and the pocus of how to get it done, and we can do it without a large number of american boots on the ground, and some in the middle east by way of special
10:44 am
force forces, but we have to do more than we are doing to the win the war with isis, and then we can also augment the intelligence service services, and make some changes, and some of the changes that were made after the snowden leaks have made it harder to keep tabs on terrorists. snowden has a lot of blood on his hands from paris as far as i'm concerned. >> sir, to that end, our inability to detect something like this, and i mean, this went undetected by intelligence official, a nd is it a failure? a sense that we are helpless to detect something like this where we have essentially eight attackers and maybe some accomplices, and it is not a huge group of people that are going after this type of an attack. you talk about edward snowden and what keeps us from being able to streamline and focus and find these terrorists wherever they may be?
10:45 am
>> well, the intelligence people talking among themselves always recognize that we have only intelligence failures, and only policy successes. when something fails it is thought to be the fault of the intelligence services in not doing a thorough enough job. we have the intelligence services in the u.s. and our allies britain and france and israel have done a good job and somewhat lucky so far with some of the things that we were time square bomber for example, and we have done a good job, but it is like playing hockey and being the goalie, and if if you let one shot get through, one goal for the other side, you die. and furthermore, the other side gets to break all of the rules. it is important to recognize that what we do domestically, whether it is establishing the
10:46 am
sanctuary cities or treat iing e terrorist war by a terrorist state as if it were just a bank robbery, and those sorts of things have results, and they make us weaker, and they make it harder for us to deal with the international situation. >> former cia director james woolsey chairman of the foundation for defense of democracy, and thank you, sir, for your insights, i appreciate it. and now tragic news that an american is dead in the paris attack. more information on her after this short break right here on msnbc.
10:47 am
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10:50 am
passport and that three teams appeared to have carried out the coordinated attacks. also, msnbc news has confirmed that at least one american fatality. this young lady, california long 23-year-old student here studying abroad in paris, fashion design, is among the dead her name naomi gonzalez. we'll be right back on the heels of this tragic news on msnbc. . ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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53s past the hour. this growing memorial in parry joining me from the city of light christopher dicky foreign editor for "the daily beast" and joined by "washington post" national reporter the author of the book "black flags the rise of isis." thank you for joining me, chris i want to pick up where we had left off prior with all your coverage and reporting from paris. why do you think france is seeing so many more terror
10:54 am
attacks? >> well, i think there are several reasons. some of the terrorist attacks, the statements that are released by the terrorists afterwards link them to anti-islamic policies that are supposedly implemented by french governments, but the main reason isis is attacking is because the french are heavily involved in the coalition fighting isis in iraq and especially in syria and they want to make the point that that has consequences. they also probably believe that french are a weak element in that coalition and can be forced out of it if enough pressure is put on them. >> if indeed this attack proves to be the work of isis as presumed and reported but not yet confirmed, irrefutable let's say, what is the significance that it is isis, not an arm of al qaeda, for example? >> well, this represents a big step up, a new phase in isis' campaign if this turns out to be isis' work, the downing of the
10:55 am
russian jet two weeks ago and also the attack on beirut just thursday this is a real big escalation on isis' part and it portends ominously for the future because we haven't seen them undertake this level of activity outside the region before. >> chris we heard francois owe lapd talk about the 1500 troops brought in, border security being stepped up, should we expect some soert of fundmental changes when it comes to security in france? might the citizens have to live with curfews and other restrictions imposed upon them now? >> i think we're away from that now. i think the change you're going to see is an effort to step up military action against isis on the ground in syria to show this doesn't pay off, show the coalition stays together and not only stays together but intensifies its operations. there's a lot of talk, maybe loose talk, but about the need to go after raqqah, the capital
10:56 am
of isis, in its domains and so-called islamic state. it will be interesting to watch that. the idea to show there are consequences for these kinds of actions. >> how concerned are u.s. intelligence officials about an attack like this here in the u.s.? what is the likelihood that something like this could be carried out? >> well, we don't know the details about how this particular -- hows the bombs are made, for example, but the pattern is fairly simple. we've seen it other places. it seems very similar to me to the mumbai bombing or attacks in 2008. we see isis pull off, you know, coordinated attacks like this all the time in iraq. it takes a handful of individuals with suicide bombs and small arms and to think that couldn't be done here is naive. >> all right. gentlemen i'm sorry for the brevity of the can conversation. we will be speaking with you more in the hours to come. christopher and joeby, thank you so much. >> thank you. that is a wrap of this hour's live coverage. my colleague chris jansing
10:57 am
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cigna. together, all the way. good day. i'm chris jansing with special coverage and we are following new developments right now. up to speed we know an american is among the dead. california state university confirming a 23-year-old student nohemi gonzalez posted to the school's facebook page a short time ago. she was a junior studying design attending a semester abroad program. at a news conference a short time ago paris prosecutor said the number of dead stands at 129. 352 more people injured, 99 of them remain in critical condition. muland said three teams of terrorists involved on the stadium, restaurants and concert hall with evidence linking them to


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