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tv   Lockup Oakland - Extended Stay  MSNBC  November 27, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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after six years in segregation, a violent gang member asks to move back to general population. >> he trains against staff members and he trains to fight against inmates both. >> an oakland street corner becomes a memorial site for a football star. >> today is basically his two-year heaven-versary i guess you could say it.
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>> two years after he was stabbed to death, a brother and sister are charged with his murder. >> i try to be just hopeful. and maybe i won't be spending the rest of my life in here. >> don't be mad because you're not out. >> she thinks she's queen bee in the universe of santa rita jail. >> a female burglar makes santa rita her home away from home. >> i can utilize every single person for something to make my stay more comfortable. >> an invasion from the sky leaves the jail with a messy aftermath. >> manure. it just makes a mess. located on the east side of san francisco bay, oakland, california, is a diverse and
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dynamic city. but all too often, it has been near the top of national rankings for violent crime. those arrested and charged with serious offenses could very well be taken 30 miles outside the city to a location that combines natural beauty with the concrete walls and razor wire of the sprawling modern mega jail. the santa rita jail of alameda county sits on 113 acres and spans a half mile in width. it currently houses 3,000 male and female inmates. most of whom are only charged with crimes and are awaiting trial or the resolution of their cases. >> come over here for a minute. >> for 19-year-old daniela guzman, that journey has only just begun. this is guzman's first time in jail. she arrived 12 hours ago and has spent most of that time in a holding cell with ten other
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women. >> out of all of them, i was the youngest. out of all of them, i was the only one facing life. i ended up here today because i just couldn't keep running anymore. it was eating me up inside. >> guzman has been charged with murder. a homicide that has been under investigation for the past two years. she has not yet entered a plea. >> these are your jail clothes. you can only keep what's in that bag, okay? i need you to change your clothes, all your street clothes are going to go in that bag, okay? don't keep anything personal. i'm going to come back and get your clothes in a minute. i'll give you time to change, okay? >> guzman says one day earlier she was asked to come to a police precinct in the oakland suburb of newark for the questioning about a stabbing death of a classmate that had occurred two years earlier.
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the victim was a high school football star, 17-year-old justice afoa. guzman, who was only 16 at the time of the murder, says she confessed her role in the killing to police. >> when did you make this confession? >> yesterday. >> so you went down and talked to the police, told them the story and they brought you here? >> yes. i'm looking at anywhere from like seven years to life. >> did you kill this boy? >> no. but i had a lot to do with it. there were text messages, phone calls. >> how do you know who did it? >> because he told me. >> who? >> my brother. >> does he have any idea you've done this, that you've talked to the police? >> not that i know of, no. i feel bad because i know i'm betraying my brother.
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thanks to me, he's looking at life. i don't expect him to forgive me or ever talk to me again. >> what guzman does not yet know is that soon after she confessed, police summoned her brother to the precinct. they knew exactly where to find him because guzman's brother, 32-year-old raphael tovar, was already at the santa rita jail on an unrelated battery charge to which he has pled not guilty and is awaiting trial. >> they pick me up and took me to newark police, now i'm fighting a homicide case. not only that, i admitted to it. i had to get that off my chest. i admitted to it. tovar, like his sister, was also charged with murder and has not
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yet entered a plea. >> it was just a big burden on my shoulder, really. you know? knowing you took somebody's life. you didn't want to take their life. my intentions were not to take his life, they were just to beat him up, whatever. >> how did it go so wrong if you were only going to beat this guy up? >> when i grabbed the kitchen knife, that's how it went so wrong. i should have never grabbed it, you know. >> tovar, who has prior convictions for crimes including auto theft, gun and drug possession, is also an admitted member of the nortenos, a violent north california-based gang. according to investigators, tovar had a troublesome history with afoa and was once beaten up by him at a party. >> they beat me up, throwing rocks through my window. he's bringing upon himself all this. you know? >> afoa was allegedly stabbed numerous times by tovar and another man who is also in custody at santa rita but
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declined to speak on camera. the reports state that investigators have numerous text messages from guzman, indicating that she had been part of a plan to murder afoa. one that began three months prior to the crime. since her arrest 12 hours earlier, the story has already made local news. as a result, jail officials have decided to place guzman in special housing. >> so they put you in red. red means that you're going to be segregated. what we call ad-seg. you're going to be housed by yourself. every time we move you to and from court, you'll be in waist chains. waist restraints. there are various reasons but a lot of times for their safety, if they feel it's a high-profile case or to keep her protected from other inmates who maybe know the victim, they will keep her by herself. that's your bedroll, blanket, towel. you're going to go this way, straight through here. she's very young.
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not the typical clientele that we see in here. not everybody comes in here crying and upset. >> guzman is escorted to the female segregation unit where her stay at santa rita will begin. >> this is probably one of the only times i'm going to see the light. it's not even that sunny. >> what are you anticipating going through these doors? >> this is home. >> right here. >> we're going to go right in here. go ahead. step on in. guzman, we're going to go right here into "f" pod. you're going to be in cell number two. >> had guzman's case not been considered high-profile, she would have been housed in the general population unit where she might have had a cellmate and been allowed several hours per day outside her cell. but the only single cells available are in segregation which generally houses problematic female inmates who are confined to their cells 23 hours per day as guzman will be. >> step on in. you can put your stuff down on
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the desk or the bed. come on over here. i'm going to take your chains off. turn around. this pod gets a little loud sometimes. okay? just so you know. put your other hand up on your head. go ahead and step on in. >> thanks.
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coming up. >> inmate guzman and inmate tovar both have court today. >> daniela guzman and rafael tovar face the judge and each other. and -- >> he's very dangerous. one of our more violent, aggressive inmates. >> they know me. they know i'm going to go off on them. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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plus get up to four years interest-free financing! sleep train's thanksgifting sale ends sunday. for many of the santa rita jail's 3,000 inmates, their stay here is a short one. but one inmate has been making his presence known in the men's segregation unit for more than six years. ronnie padilla says he kicks his metal toilet to deaden the nerves in his shins and make them stronger for fighting. >> he's very dangerous.
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one of our more violent, aggressive inmates. he trains against staff members and he trains to fight against inmates, both. constantly making threats to deputies, challenging them to fight. >> padilla is a member of the serenos, an offshoot of the mexican mafia, whose members are usually from southern california. >> he wants to be respected. if he feels disrespected, he definitely lets you know. >> they know i'll go off on them and let them know. you a cop, i'm an inmate. you a man, i'm a man. >> i won't care if we go to court, going to pick a new case. i'll handle this man to man. >> when we're around him, we make sure we have two deputies with him at all times just because he can be a serious risk when you're around him, you
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don't want to drop your guard any time with him. >> padilla was arrested seven years earlier and has since been convicted on five counts of assault with a firearm and one count each of firing a weapon from a moving vehicle and attempted murder. his sentence has been delayed pending appeals but his violent ways have continued during his long stay at santa rita. >> ronnie padilla, when he came in here, he started causing problems and getting charged with assault in here. >> one of those assaults resulted in an additional conviction for attempted murder after padilla stabbed another inmate. >> the victim had a fairly good-sized cut on his side of his neck. >> due to his behavior, padilla has been confined to his segregation cell 23 hours per day for the past six years. >> it's hard for me to do time like this. being here by myself. i start to think about my case. family.
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my future. feels sometimes like i'm going to be here forever. i don't want to be. i want to go back. >> i told him point-blank, as far as i'm concerned, you're never going to get out of administrative segregation. due to your actions, what you've done, what you've said. your threats. no way. >> six years is an unusually long time for any inmate to be in jail, much less in segregation. daniela guzman has just completed her first night in jail, also in segregation. due to the high-profile nature of her case. >> it wasn't easy. you know, everybody knows i'm the new girl. they yell a lot. pound on the doors. really loudly. pretty bad. they're just trying to get in your head. can i take one of each?
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yeah? >> take whatever you want. >> i have 23 hours just to sit there. i only get one hour outside. this is my outside. i'm about to go in, in like two minutes, probably. >> guzman has been charged in the stabbing murder of a classmate, 17-year-old justice afoa. she says she has confessed her role in the murder to police. but that her brother, rafael tovar, actually did the stabbing. and now he, too, has been charged with murder. neither sibling knows the other has been charged with afoa's murder. but today they will find out. they are scheduled for arraignment, a procedure in which a judge will read their charges to them. it will be the first time they see each other since daniela's arrest. >> what's going through your mind right now? >> my life. >> due to the large number of inmates, most arraignments are conducted from a designated room in the jail with a video link to the courthouse.
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though guzman and tovar will be in the same room, they will not be permitted to speak to each other. cameras are not allowed to record the arraignments, but it only takes a few minutes for guzman and tovar to hear their charges before they are returned to their cells. they were both officially charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. if found guilty, they could face life in prison. tovar was expecting his charges. but says seeing daniela charged came as a surprise. >> that's serious, bro. that's big. this ain't the way it's supposed to turn out, you know what i mean? >> shocked by hearing this? >> yeah, i am shocked by it. because she didn't know anything about it.
10:19 pm
you know? she didn't know what -- she didn't know anything about it, man. >> rafael, he just kept calm. i couldn't. it was just too hard. i just kept crying. and i kept telling them i'm sorry. >> guzman and tovar will not be allowed to see each other again until their trial. >> like i said, daniela, i love you and i'm always going to be here for you regardless. regardless. regardless of what happened. regardless of what happens. >> coming up -- >> kelsey thinks she runs this house. she thinks she runs ad-seg. >> an inmate well-known to deputies takes the new girl under her wing. >> it's crazy. she knows my brother outside of
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of the 3,000 inmates at the santa rita jail near oakland, about 10% are women. most of them live in general population units where they're free to be out of their cells and socialize several hours per day. but approximately 20 other female inmates live a far more confined life in the jail segregation unit. >> those are the people housed separately. there's one person per cell. never allowed to be two people in a cell. it can be anybody from a high-profile case, can be a safety issue, it could be somebody who does not -- i call it doesn't play well with others. they don't fit in with the general population setting. >> kelsey, you got one hour. >> all right. >> each of the women is allowed out of their cells one at a time for one hour per day.
10:24 pm
>> don't be mad because you're not out. >> kelsey erwin uses her time to make daily rounds with nearly all the other women in segregation. >> ebony, you're coming out next, bud. >> kelsey think she runs this house. she thinks she runs ad-seg. >> i love you. >> she's the hottest. >> lift your shirt up. she has a really nice ass, she's just hiding it. >> she thinks she's queen bee in the santa rita jail. the deputies are the queen bees. we run the houses. >> some people say you don't find friends in jail. i think victims don't find friends in jail. there's a lot of us that actually click together. >> i'm just loud, i guess. i have a lot to say. i think most of the deputies here, they all know me by name because i'm pretty loud. >> go to your window! >> she's very lively, she's very personable. she loves to talk. she loves to have the spotlight on her so to speak.
10:25 pm
>> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> she came in, it's just like the average everyday person. over the years of her coming back again and again and again. she's developed almost a hierarchy. al shomost acaller in the house. >> that's the [ bleep ] i'm talking about, don't ask me to be quiet ever. that's the [ bleep ] i'm talking about. >> i can network with everyone. i know everyone from the street and it's just like i can utilize every single person for something to make my stay more comfortable. >> happy birthday from "f" pod. >> thank you. >> happy birthday, have fun it's your birthday from ebony, i love you. happy birthday baby. i've been here for a year. meeting you is a breath of fresh air. i look forward to our continued friendship. thank you, tweet! >> welcome. >> i love you. >> kelsey erwin is in the ad-seg setting because we ended up having a lot of problems on the minimum side. it started to become more and more apparent. we'd hear from multiple people. it wasn't just one or two people. this was multiple people over
10:26 pm
months that she was running drugs. >> so this is her cake. >> aw! >> see? >> erwin denies ever dealing drugs in general population. but admits to having used drugs smuggled in by other inmates. she also says she knows how to get them into jail. >> like with drugs, stuff like that tobacco, you tuck it. since i'm already in ad-seg -- >> what's tucking it? explain to me. >> tucking it -- i'm going to blush. females wrap everything up and put it in their vaginal canal and bring it in. >> erwin has prior convictions for vehicle theft, drug possession, making terroristic threats, receiving stolen property and residential burglary. this time she's serving nine months for possession of stolen property, drug paraphernalia and vehicle theft. >> i like to spend a lot of money. i like brand new everything. i have an expensive habit and expensive lifestyle. so it's unrealistic for me to
10:27 pm
find a job. just throw me the amount of money that i want. >> doing time in jail has not served as a deterrent. >> i love you. >> love you too! >> i love my life. i mean, it's probably not the best thing i could have chose to do. i'm happy with what i do. i'm not going to be miserable. >> on her latest hour out of her cell, erwin introduced herself to the new girl on the block, daniela guzman. >> did you hear me last night when i was telling you, the first time elson brought your brother over, the first time i met him? >> oh, yeah. >> it's crazy. she knows my brother outside of here. as soon as she said that, i like almost wanted to cry. i was like yea, someone to talk to. >> erwin remembers guzman's rafael tovar from a party they attended several years earlier. now both guzman and her brother are co-defendants charged with murdering a former high school classmate of guzman.
10:28 pm
>> it's comforting to know someone close to home. i'm sure, like i know everyone in here, but she's probably mind blowing to be thrown in ad-seg and she's like totally innocent girl. as far as her, i could probably imagine it's comforting to have someone that you know close by. >> i only eat a little bit of it. i was telling myself today, i'm not going to die of starvation in here. i need to eat. even though it's hell and nasty. >> that's like whatever vicky and i are cool to shop. so whatever you need, just -- i know you're not going to ask for nothing, you keep saying no. >> i don't know. i feel bad. i don't even tell my parents -- >> it's good. if we're in the position to do it. there's times i don't have nothing. someone offers me. that's how it works. know what i'm saying? it's good. she seems like a really sweet girl. she's just not jail material. so she said this is her first time in trouble. so i kind of took her under my wing, make sure that she's cool. coming up -- >> pushups! >> facing trial for murder,
10:29 pm
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for inmates at the santa rita jail near oakland, recreation could mean a card game in the day room or an hour in an indoor rec area. but nonviolent minimum security inmates can enjoy california sunshine in one of the jail's rec yards. though most would still prefer to be outside the high security walls, one group or a gaggle of visitors can't seem to get enough of the place. >> geese fly south for the winter and north come summer. come spring. the fact is, they're attracted to different large green areas. we have green here and why am i flying any further when i could stay right here? >> while the geese help bring natural beauty to an otherwise dismal setting, they also leave behind a natural nuisance.
10:34 pm
>> manure. it just makes a mess. that's the main issue with it. they get everywhere and they make a mess. >> they sometimes have a field day. when you walk them back and forth to housing units, you try to avoid it. >> it's an ongoing battle because they keep coming back. you can chase them off, they keep coming back. the maintenance guy's got a machine, kind of a combination of a street sweeper and zamboni. it does a good job. it cleans it up. >> while the jail strives to keep the yard clean for sanitary reasons, ronnie padilla has a different motivation for regularly cleaning his cell. padilla's gang, the serenos, require all members keep their cells clean and orderly. but deputies are more concerned with the contents of his cell. >> ronnie padilla is really good at making weapons out of anything and everything. he's really good at that. you have to constantly check his cell, check his person to make sure he doesn't have any weapons
10:35 pm
on him. >> while padilla is away at court, deputy freely checks his cell for weapons or other contraband. >> it's a lot easier to search a cell when they're not here. than when we try to remove them and they come back and everything like that. our policy and procedure states at least for administrative isolation cells we're supposed to search cells at least once a week. see what they've built up or made. what type of weapons they may or may not have, what things they're hanging on to. what kind of drugs they could have or passing. we try to catch them as best we can when they don't expect it so that way they don't have time to prepare or take anything out of there. i'm not going to tear his cell apart and throw it all over the place. but i'm not going to clean it up euth either and put it back in the cups where he had it. it's part of the cell being searched. the things i will take, this could be easily seen as a weapon. these rubber bands, he's torn apart his clothing which is outside the rules and regulations of altering anything against its original form. i'm not going to write him up for disciplinary stuff. i don't see anything major that
10:36 pm
i need to. >> when padilla returns to his cell from court, he's not happy to see it's been searched. >> i go to court in the morning, i fix myself. they come search my cell. all messed up. it's not necessary for them to do that. they can get in here, search my cell. look for whatever they're looking for. they don't find anything, it's not necessary to do all the messed up stuff like that. police officers, they don't really know you inside in your heart. your feelings. >> staff believe they cannot take any chances on padilla's heart as he is awaiting sentencing on five counts of assault with a firearm and attempted murder for stabbing another inmate at santa rita. his long stay in segregation will continue. daniela guzman remains in segregation as well. but she has decided to make the best of it. >> i met a sheriff the other day who was really happy and he
10:37 pm
said, i'd like to make the best out of any [ bleep ] situation i'm in. that's the way i'm looking at it now. >> not only has guzman, a former high school wrestler, begun to exercise, she's acquired a personal trainer. >> you can do it. put your back into it. >> i'm tired. >> hit the pushups. do it. just get it over with. just do five pushups. >> it's her upstairs neighbor, kelsey erwin. >> now go to the arm dips. then you'll walk it out. >> i still haven't lost hope. i basically came to like tell myself, you're probably going to be in here for the rest of your life. get used to it. >> what guzman can't accept is living in the administrative segregation unit for much longer. >> i'm going to see if they can take me out of here, man. >> yeah, get out of the ad-seg. >> what? >> you don't want these loud ass bitches all around. >> it sucks. certainly parts entirely. but it's mind over matter.
10:38 pm
i'm trying to be as sane as possible. >> just put this is my first time in custody, i understand the severity of my charges. however, while i'm here, i'd like to attend any of the classes available. can i please be down-classed to maximum security. then you can add whatever, thank you in advance for your time or whatever. >> erwin coaches guzman on how to fill out a transfer request form which could move her to general population. >> basically they get anywhere from sometimes four on a good day six hours of pod time a day. they get to eat outside of their cell. they get to communicate, interact with other inmates. i really -- i don't want to be here no more. >> classification that you want to go to classes or something. you could even -- they don't know if you have kids or not. you could say that you want to do the mom's class because that's a hell of a good program or whatever. just tell them if you want to go to school. >> the transfer is important to guzman because her stay at santa rita might grow considerably longer.
10:39 pm
though she says she admitted to police her role in the murder of justy afoa, guzman entered a not guilty plea shortly after her arraignment and now the case will go to trial. >> hey, i was wondering if i can come get tovar that's in c-5. >> guzman's brother, rafael tovar, also says he admitted to police that he helped stab afoa to death. but now he too has entered a not guilty plea. >> i'll go downstairs and grab tovar downstairs and bring him up. >> all right. we'll just be right here. >> we wanted to ask tovar why but didn't get the chance. >> so he doesn't want to come up. he's starting to stress out a lot right now because some guys are starting to show up at like schools around the area and they're starting to ask around. like is there anybody named tovar around here, is there anybody named guzman around here. they're starting to look around, they're trying to look for his family members and trying to
10:40 pm
exact revenge on people, supposedly. now he's starting to stress as far as that goes, like his family being in trouble. i couldn't even get him up -- i tried to get him up to talk to you off camera and he's like no, i can't. i can't do it. coming up -- >> can't really describe somebody like justice. he was just the best person that ever fell into my life personally. >> two years after his murder, justice afoa's family and friends continue to mourn his death. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit?
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10:44 pm
a former classmate, justice afoa. >> this is my home kind of. yeah. >> because her case is considered high-profile after making local news, guzman is housed in the jail's female segregation wing where she can be better protected. >> i'm in the worst situation possible. i can get in more trouble. it's hard sometimes. it's really hard. >> guzman has only made one friend in the unit. kelsey erwin, an inmate well-known for trouble has taken her under her wing. >> i trusted her as far as showing me the ropes and everything and i'm very appreciative because of what she did and helping me out and just being my mentor. >> but now guzman is back on her own. erwin has just been released to the streets. >> kelsey not being here, it was really hard the first day because usually you hear her being super loud, yelling, trying to get everybody pumped
10:45 pm
up and happy and her not being here the first day was really hard. then after she left, a couple of more girls left and so it just gets quieter and quieter. >> with help from erwin, guzman requested the transfer to general population where she would have more privileges and be around other inmates. either way, a murder charge could keep her in santa rita for years until her case is resolved. >> the worst part is not knowing. it's almost like you're stuck in here and you find yourself, you can't even think about your future. sometimes you want to daydream about stuff and i want to go do this, i want to travel, i want to something, you know. it's like you're just at a standstill. you're living day by day and it's just -- it's just hard.
10:46 pm
>> while guzman faces an uncertain future, the friends and family of justice afoa still struggle with the past. now two years after his murder, they gather to pay tribute at the site of his death. >> today is basically his two-year heaven-versary, i guess that's the way you can say it. you can't describe somebody like justice. he was the best person that ever fell into my life personally. i honestly have no words to be able to describe him. it's just the way he made me felt. >> i didn't realize until his funeral how everyone came together. you could just tell how loved he was. >> just a big goofy guy. he was quiet to most people that didn't know him. but he was loving, caring. i mean, he was always laughing. >> people always remember him for his smile. >> had this tragedy not happened, where do you think he'd be today? what do you think he'd be doing today?
10:47 pm
>> probably playing football in college. >> he was that good, huh? >> yeah. he was really good. >> most people think it's going to be a lot easier now that they've arrested whoever they needed to arrest. but -- okay. that still doesn't bring anybody back. >> it just brought back mixed emotions, it brought back old emotions that had kind of went away. >> but the emotions have not gone away for savina afoa. justice was the fourth of her six children. in her home is her own memorial. >> this is justice's bedroom. this was his room. you can see he have all his stuff in here. some of the posters and things here. was from his friend when he first pass away. so my daughter put it up on the wall. his clothes is still hanging in this closet. his helmet from carmen high school is still there. i just leave it there. i don't want to move anything.
10:48 pm
it's comforting for me. >> though keeping justice's memory alive is a source of comfort, the recent arrests of her son's accused murderers has not been. >> that doesn't take the pain away, you know. the pain stay inside of me. i will carry that for the rest of my life. even now my kids know, they say, mom, can you please stop missing justice please. i can't do that. as a mother, there's no way you can forget about your child. i just hope, just wish that they know for the rest of their life, because they don't know how hard, feel what i'm going through, day by day. day and night. i really want them to punish for what they did.
10:49 pm
>> coming up -- >> i want to go back, you know what i'm saying. this place not for me, man. >> ronnie padilla asks jail officials to end his isolation. and daniela guzman finds general population might not be what she expected. >> that's why i'm now, like put me back in the hole. these girls are -- i brought in some protein to get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy
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30 miles outside downtown oakland, the santa rita jail is a sprawling facility. its very makeup changes daily as new inmates enter and others leave. but for the past six years, there's been at least one constant in the men's disciplinary segregation unit. the sounds of ronnie padilla going through his daily mixed martial arts training.
10:53 pm
padilla is still awaiting sentencing on five charges of assault with a weapon and one for attempted murder. >> sometimes inmates can be here for many years by the time their cases are settled. it's not necessarily out of the ordinary that padilla has been here for such a long period of time. it's mainly because of the court system. it takes time to go through. their lawyers might push back court dates. they can use that time to their advantage so they can defend their client better. >> despite the rugged exterior he's built up while living here, padilla says the relentless isolation has taken its toll. >> it's hard to be in here by myself. sometimes i feel like the time goes slow. sometimes we lost everything when it comes to jail. >> padilla says the most significant of those losses is not being there for his three young children. [ they feel like they lost me. they crying. daddy, when you get out? all the time they ask me questions like that.
10:54 pm
it broke my heart. i don't know how to answer those questions. i know one day i am going to go home. i hope it can be soon. >> padilla routinely applies to be sent back to general population where he would be less isolated and have more privileges. >> padilla, what's up man? >> i want to go back, you know what i'm saying. i don't want to be in this place no more. this place is not for me. >> if you go back to main line, you're not going to have any issues, no problems? >> i ain't got a problem with nody. i've been good. >> okay. i've got to talk to schlegel and talk to him, see what he says. >> all right. thank you. appreciate it. >> deputy bounds dutifully takes padilla's request to deputy schlegel, head of the gang classification unit. and it's not the first time. >> i just went and talked to padilla out there in one. >> my buddy. >> your buddy.
10:55 pm
he's bugging me about going back to main line. >> deputy schlegel reviews padilla's recent disciplinary history. it's clean. but he knows what happened the last time padilla was in general population. he stabbed another inmate and almost killed him. but it didn't stop there. >> when the deputy went in, he didn't back off. he had to take a face full of spray at that point too. >> before he would stop? >> yeah. >> i don't see any good coming of him going back in there. >> as he has several times in the past, deputy bounds gives padilla the bad news. >> he said right now he doesn't think it's a good idea. >> i know that it was going to happen. they always [ bleep ]. it's so screwed up. probably because they don't like me. that's why. let me tell you something straight up. it's not because i'm trying to fight with deputies, right? it's not that. it's not that. it's not the case. it's something else but you don't want to tell me. it's no excuse to use to hold me in here.
10:56 pm
i don't want to be behind this door no more. right? whatever time i got left to do, right, i'm going to start doing this hard time here. >> that's your choice. >> i mean it. >> you could go that route. that's not going to help you get back. >> they're going to get something to hold me here. so now i'm going to be like this. now i know why i'm here. now they hold me for this. right? that's true. for something. but you're not going to hold me here for nothing. >> though padilla's request was denied, daniela guzman's request was granted. she has been transferred into the maximum security general population unit. >> ladies, step out. line up for lunches. >> it happened about a week ago. i remember the first day getting here, i almost was -- felt bombarded by all the bodies. being out, like being able to not be -- not being shackled, not being handcuffed all the time. i got used to being in the hole. i was there for like nearly three months. i was there for like two months
10:57 pm
three weeks. you know, i felt taken out of my element when i got put here. i found myself people watching. you get to be able to walk, hit the yard more often. be able to be with more people. but then also that could create drama. because you could either get in a fight or something like that. i don't know. it's a different scene. that's for sure. >> like four braids on the side. just four on the side. that's all. call them four siders. >> my celly and i play cards. that's the only benefit of having someone there. you have someone to talk to, someone to play a card game with or someone to share photos with. >> lock it down, man. stop running around. >> my program was already set when i was in the hole. sleep all day, stay up all night. >> oh, my god. i'm putting you [ bleep ] out. that's it, daniela.
10:58 pm
>> you don't have to worry about either getting woken up by somebody in the middle of the night or you don't have to worry about i'm reading my book, am i disturbing her by keeping the light on. >> you didn't have to go back to sleep now, huh? you honestly think i can go back to sleep? >> that's why now i'm just like man, put me back in the hole. these girls are -- hm. >> whether it's in the boisterous housing units of general population or the isolation of segregation, guzman is well aware if she's found guilty, the lifestyle will be one she must get used to. >> there's females in here that have done prison terms. they tell me how it is or what to expect. the one thing that they did stress was that, you know, there's lifers, you know, and that's their home. that's their house, there's people there that are never going to be eligible for parole. the one thing you have to do is first and foremost is show them respect.
10:59 pm
so, i mean, they all stressed that. just respect. >> they got to get used to the food in here. >> yeah. >> this isn't even -- this is all hard. >> i'd just like to be hopeful in thinking that maybe being locked up for life isn't exactly what they believe should be done or -- it's hard. i try to be just hopeful and maybe, you know, maybe i won't be spending the rest of my life in here.
11:00 pm
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