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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  November 28, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> i was walking back to my car, you hear a shotgun. >> no matter what you're doing or where you are, you could be next. >> it's just pushing and pushing and pushing. you could see these big sheets of ice just coming at you. >> oh, my god. their door is in! >> when you're fighting for your life, it's your life or his. >> what about now?
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todd grabbed me and said, run, run! >> "caught on camera: didn't see that coming." a freight train and truck collide. >> it was flipping in the air it was like a movie. that's when it caught on fire. >> what the [ bleep ] is that? >> then a massive explosion. >> back up! >> i felt this hard thud on my chest, then i felt the flash of the heat. >> for like a good two seconds, you couldn't even breathe. >> geez! holy [ bleep ]. >> may 28th, 2013. baltimore county, maryland. at about 2:00 p.m., eric beverly and his brother are driving into baltimore when they see a huge
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plume of smoke ahead. >> i immediately turned on my camera when i see the smoke. it was amazing to see so much smoke like that. i heard about a lot of great fires, but never seen one up close like that. >> it's torching. whatever it is, it's torching. that's crazy! what the [ bleep ] is that, y'all? >> they have no idea what's causing the smoke cloud. as they approach the scene, huge flames are erupting. >> we felt a lot of heat, a lot of heat. i thought it was a building or something. >> [ bleep ] crazy. >> the dark cloud is visible from miles around. people across the area start recording the phenomenon on cameras and cell phones, still uncertain of what's burning. >> 911. >> i -- i don't know the address, but there is something huge on fire. there's smoke -- >> 911? >> my windows shook. >> county 911 -- >> there's a tremendous amount
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of smoke coming -- >> 911 -- >> yeah, it would be a mile off. >> there's a big problem. a fire over here somewhere -- >> moments earlier, the source of the smoke is recorded on eastern truck and trailer company's security cameras. a csx freight train is traveling southbound behind the company's warehouse. as the train approaches a railroad crossing, it's moving at about 49 miles an hour. at the same time, a truck is crossing the tracks. they collide -- >> eastern truck & trailer employee, mike tobias, sees it from his office. >> the truck was coming across the tracks, the train hit it, drug him down the track about 40 feet. >> mike dials 911. >> there's been a terrible train accident. train hit a truck. hurry up because there's going to be really bad injuries. >> with emergency responders on the way, mike and some
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co-workers rush outside to try to help. mike records the scene on his phone. >> they said don't move him! >> 911's coming, partner. >> with the fire raging, it was kind of a scary situation. holy bajoles. i hope those guys in the engine made it. i saw it on my camera, man. i saw it hit. >> nearby, at layer scaffolding warehouse, employee tim corver also witnesses the accident. >> i was probably 20 to 50 feet away from where the train was derailing. when they get near that intersection, the trains blare their horns three to five times before they get to that intersection. we heard that. he kept laying on his horn this time, so i knew something was wrong. >> tim hears the crash and starts recording on his cell phone. >> this train just derailed. all the way next to our work. you can feel the heat from here. it's like 20 feet in front of our work.
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crazy. >> police arrive and begin evacuating the area as fears grow that the smoke cloud could be emitting toxic fumes. then, tim sees a sign that says the train is carrying flammable material. he realizes the cars could explode. >> that's when i realized, okay, stop videoing and make sure everybody's out of here. so, i just ran back inside, just a instinct. >> tim is inside the warehouse for about ten seconds when -- [ explosion ] >> wow! [ bleep ]. holy [ bleep ]! >> we were just thrown to the floor, pinned down. at that moment, you don't know what's going on because i couldn't see out of the ride side of my -- my right eye. and i couldn't hear out of my right ear. so i'm sitting there thinking, like, oh, my gosh, is this it? like are we, you know, did we die? it was scary. it was very scary.
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>> the beverly brothers are still driving toward the smoke cloud when they see and feel the blast. [ explosion ] >> back up! >> it was hectic. it was people moving, cars all over the street, they was just zooming off the block. they didn't care if they hit -- going to hit someone else's car, anything. >> oh, my god. >> eric is most concerned about the safety of his young son who is sitting in the back seat. >> there was debris flying everywhere. we started rolling up the windows, backing up immediately. >> roll the windows up. roll the windows up. >> my first thought was just to get out of there. i didn't want anything to fly in the car and hit my son. >> mike and his co-workers are about 200 yards away at the time of the blast. >> i was actually standing right here at the crossing when it exploded. i was directing traffic. then a ball of fire, white in the center, yellow toward the outside and orange. it looked like the sun. it was incredible. >> the force of the explosion shears off the side of a nearby building and blows out windows
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in businesses within a mile radius. mike suffers a concussion and temporary hearing damage. tim has a concussion, an injured knee and arm, bruised ribs, and lacerations. firefighters battled the blazer -- the blaze for nearly seven hours. an investigation by the national transportation safety board finds that the train was carrying sodium clorate, a highly volatile chemical. during the collision, the sodium combined and exploded causing a a mixture with a chemical from a nearby train car. crews discovered the chemicals are not toxic when inhaled and declared the area safe by approximately 9:00 p.m. that night. the truck driver is identified as john alban, jr., owner of a waste removal company. he's seriously injured in the crash and treated at a local hospital and later released.
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attempts to reach alban for his comment were unsuccessful. two workers on board the train, an engineer and the conductor, are uninjured. ntsb investigators say the conductor gave three horn blasts as the train neared the crossing. the ntsb's report states in part that the access road is marked only with cross buck signs and nonstandard stop signs, and there are no active warning lights or crossing gates in place. eyewitnesses are still stunned by what they saw. >> about two weeks, that's all we were talking about was the explosion. i'm going, i'll always remember this. like never gonna forget this moment. [ explosion ] >> back up. >> [ explosion ] >> oh, my god! coming up -- a struggle for survival. >> he just started shooting randomly. that's when my father reached for the bat and started swinging
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back, fighting for his life. later, what is that? >> it's just pushing and pushing and pushing. >> as the ice got closer to the building, we both kind of panicked. >> there was nothing you could do to stop it. >> when "caught on camera: didn't see that coming" continues. lk! milk! milk! milk!! okay! fun's over. aw. aw. ♪ thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose. it's milk. ♪ this isn't lactose. it's milk. a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth.
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to my community. i have three boys. they're what keep me going every day. our friends, families live in the area. and it is important for all of us that we keep our community safe. together, we're building a better california. a storeowner struggles to survive against a gunman using a baseball bat. >> he was really getting upset, so that's what i started trying to defend myself with this bat. >> first thing came to mind, oh, my god, is this really going on? you're fighting for your life. it's your life or his. >> april 9th, 2013, chicago, illinois.
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this is a small, family-run business owned by luis. he's behind the cash register, while his brother-in-law is on the other side of the counter. his son, juan, runs another store close by. >> the neighborhood used to be rough, very rough. it had been changing a lot lately. >> it's late afternoon, and security cameras show a few men in the store. >> there were three people in the store, and as the third person was leaving, the other two were making signs to each other. >> luis notices one of the men sniffling and hands him a tissue. second later, the other guy grabs hold of luis' brother-in-law and pulls out a gun. he points it at luis and demands cash. his accomplice runs around the counter to the register. >> they go around, i was behind the counter. >> the gunman has his
3:14 pm
brother-in-law in a tight grip. he starts shooting at luis. >> move! move! >> and hits his partner instead. >> come on -- >> he shot me. >> he shot many times, but somehow, he didn't get me. he get at his partner to be in the situation with him. >> he realized he shot his friend instead of my father, he got more aggravated and agitated and so he just started shooting randomly. that's when my father grbed -- reached for the bat and started, you know, started swinging back and fighting for his life. >> the gunman and his injured partner try to leave the store with the cash in hand, but the front door is locked and the buzzer is behind the counter. the gunman tries to reach it, but luis fights him off as the
3:15 pm
man fires multiple shots at close range. >> that's when he got the strength to keep attacking the guy and not letting him out. so he kept on hitting him and hitting him. and that's why he was hitting him is when he got shot. >> it's sheer chaos as luis and the gunman battle. then one of the bullets hits luis in the thigh. the robber backs off for a moment and runs to the door. but he quickly returns, leaping over the glass counter to try again to reach the door buzzer. just when luis think the nightmare is about to end, he has to fight again. >> when he was almost coming to the door, i think, okay, it's over now. but when he come back, i don't know what i had in my hand, the wood, i just know i hit him many times. >> in the middle of a barrage of hits from luis, the gunman manages to reach the buzzer and
3:16 pm
unlock the door. luis' brother-in-law throws a chair at the gunman. then a fire extinguisher. >> my uncle surprised me because he's very soft spoken. he's very timid. so for me to see him even move like that, it was great. >> the men race out the front door. and luis' brother-in-law pursues them out to the street. but luis is still in danger. he's bleeding from his bullet wound. >> oh, my god, all around was blood. so that's when i decide to call to the police. >> luis first calls his son, juan, then 911. >> i own a business across the street. and so he called me, and he's like, "hey, i was just robbed." so, when i ran up to the door, first thing i saw was him in a puddle of blood. >> police find evidence of multiple gunshots in the store. incredibly, only one bullet hits luis, just missing a major artery.
3:17 pm
the injured robber goes to a local hospital with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. he matched the description police have from luis' security cameras. when detectives question the man known as cornel mack and showed the videos, he confesses to participating in the incident. he also identifies his accomplice, keith owens. both are arrested, and both are charged with multiple crimes, including attempted murder and armed robbery with a firearm. in may 2013, mack and owens each plead not guilty and are awaiting trial. luis says the men took about $7,000 from the cash register. >> i think they came in because i was cashing a check. you know, he got his money. after that, i don't cash any more checks now. >> luis spends two days in the hospital. he makes a full recovery. luis' family is relieved he's alive and impressed by his courage. >> my father's always been my
3:18 pm
hero. i think if it were myself in his shoes, i probably wouldn't have acted as he did. >> but the incident has also made them more aware of the possibility of danger. >> it's a shock, you know. it's definitely a shock. safety-wise, we always think that we're fine. everybody always thinks that they're safe and fine, until something like this happens. coming up -- >> look at this. it sounds like a train. oh, my god! their door is in! >> the door was missing and half the wall was caved in. and later, danger out of sight. >> todd grabbed me and said, "run, run." the best of everything is even better
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♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪ a mysterious wave of ice is on the move, ominously threatening to destroy a lakefront neighborhood. >> it's pushing forward. this is crazy.
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we could see these big sheets of ice just coming at you. oh, my god! look! >> as the ice got closer to the buildings, we both kind of panicked. >> it's just pushing and pushing and pushing. oh, my god! their door's in. there was no way that this ice was stopping. >> may 11th, 2013, milax, minnesota. darla johnson and her husband are visiting darla's friend, nicole thompson, at a lakeside resort. it's unusually windy, and there's more ice on the lake than normal for this time of year. >> everybody was joking this year about how we would have an ice opener instead of a fishing opener for mother's day weekend. >> then they see something odd -- sheets of ice moving off the lake toward the houses. >> the first thing i thought when i saw it was, this is kind
3:23 pm
of neat. i've never seen anything like this before. >> darla starts recording the approaching tide of ice with her camera phone. >> it's pushing forward. this is crazy. look at this. it sounds like a train. it kept going sh, sh, sh, sh. it just kept breaking as it was moving. and then more would push, then more would break. it was cool. it looked like these big, diamond crystals. >> but then things take a dangerous turn. >> it was bringing up rocks and boulders and tearing out all the brushes and the hedges. >> oh, my god! nikki, look. >> the wall was ice was about 12 townhomes wide. it just came in one big section. that's when i started thinking this thing might not stop, and it can cause a lot of damage.
3:24 pm
>> the ice tide hits one of the townhomes and piles up. >> nikki, it's really pushing in. micah, get away from it. it's just pushing and pushing and pushing. the first thing i thought was, you know, maybe we should get the patio furniture out of the way. no, we should move it, nik. glass table, hello. just put it here up against this, though. >> look at that. >> as the ice got closer to the buildings, we both kind of panicked. >> i got worried about my family and us. i knew 911 couldn't help us. it was too fast to stop it. >> nikki, it just busted that gutter off that house. look at it. it's just plowing over that bush. it's crawling up the walls of the houses. the ice was already almost to the door. and i couldn't believe how quickly it happened because when we had first started recording,
3:25 pm
which was probably a minute and a half to two minutes before then, it was still a good ten feet from the house. there was nothing you could do to stop it. it -- it wouldn't have mattered what we tried. >> darla keeps recording. they're powerless to do anything but watch the icy onslaught. >> i was afraid that if you fell in between it while it was still moving that it could crush you. i mean, it was pretty big. there it goes. hitting that people's house. yeah, it's up against it. >> the ice wall appears to slow down. but in fact, the layers are simply piling higher, pressing into the homes. and then -- >> oh, my god! their door's in! nikki! it just busted through a door over here! all the way through! the door's caving! look at that.
3:26 pm
it's going right through their [ bleep ] house! you need to call somebody. >> who do i call? >> most of the townhouses are vacation rentals, and no one else seems to be around. >> there was a door missing and half the wall was caved in, and there was ice entering the home. and it just kept moving. >> seven minutes after the ice tide began, it abruptly stops. in amazement, darla surveys the area, now a surreal landscape of ice shards. >> okay, so there is the aftermath of the ice heaves. i've never heard of anything like, you know, ice just coming off a lake into people's homes. i've never -- it was something i never expected. >> no one is injured, but there's damage to a neighbor's property. following the unusual weather event, bulldozers clear the ice away. minnesota conservation officer
3:27 pm
christopher tatro is impressed by the massive ice heaves. >> some of the locals said the last time this happened was 50 years ago. some areas, the ice piles were 30-feet high. >> tetro says the ice heaves are caused by the interaction of wind, water, and ice on the lake. >> the wind comes to the middle of the ice and creates some large waves on the water and will move the ice. the ice will move like tectonic plates. it will push on each other and shove up like it can stand up like an ice heave. that large ice had so much momentum started to pile up on the shore. >> this is the absolute most amazing and unforgettable thing i've ever seen. coming up -- a horrifying scene in a parking lot. >> and i see the stroller with my son in it, and they were dragging him.
3:28 pm
then, a car in reverse at high speed and not where it's supposed to be. >> i just see this car backing up toward me at this very fast rate. and later -- >> my first thought was you don't know if somebody's going to shoot you then rob you. >> when "caught on camera: didn't see that coming" continues. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? ♪ (vo) some call it giving back.
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megillah. new information on the man accused of opening fire at a colorado springs planned parenthood office, killing three people. law enforcement sources now telling nbc news, robert dear made statements described as rantings about president obama, politics, and abortion, after he was taken into custody. but authorities still do not have a clear motive in that case. and more protests in chicago over the deadly police shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. now back to "caught on camera."
3:32 pm
it's a terrifying moment for any parent. >> he just backed up and took off. i ran up like, i can't lose my son. if anything would have happened to him, i would be devastated. >> june 25th, 2013, muskeegan, michigan. it's about 10:30 on a quiet morning outside sam's drink-all convenience store. arianna courier is leaving the store with a friend. she's pushing her 18-month-old toddler, elijah, in a stroller. the parking lot is nearly empty as a man leaves the convenience store directly behind them. he gets into the driver's seat of a parked minivan. >> usually when you see someone, like, passing behind a vehicle, you're supposed to wait. but he didn't. >> the women stop behind the car, and arianna bends down to the stroller. then the driver reverses and
3:33 pm
plows into them. the impact knocks courier to the ground. >> i look up, see what happened, and then i see the stroller with my son in it attached to the bumper of the van. and they were dragging him. >> the driver accelerates, dragging the toddler across the parking lot. courier races after her son. >> i knew i had to get up and go after him and save him. >> i knew i had to get up and go after him and save him. >> the driver stops momentarily, and courier struggles to unstrap elijah and free him from the stroller. courier embraces elijah while her friend and another man who witnessed the incident stand by. they're all shocked. >> first, i was like not really thinking straight because everything just happened. >> then they're stunned again. the minivan driver hits the gas and takes off with the stroller still wedged under the bumper.
3:34 pm
>> they stopped for like 30 seconds. and then they sped off. i just couldn't believe it happened to me and my son. 'cause i honestly never thought i'd get hit by a car and almost lose my son. >> courier has minor cuts and bruises. elijah, protected by the stroller, is uninjured. public safety director jeffrey lewis is impressed by courier's quick actions. >> she acted very quickly, calmly. she ran immediately to the child and got the child out of harm's way. >> police later find the minivan abandoned nearby, but the driver is nowhere to be found. when police review the security video from inside the convenience store, they identify a 20-year-old, antonio ragland. the muskeegan prosecutor's office issues an arrest warrant, charging him with leaving the scene of a crime and driving without applying for a license. both are misdemeanors.
3:35 pm
in 2014 while in jail facing unrelated felony charges, ragland pleads no contest and is sentenced to 30 days in jail for his role in the stroller-dragging incident. courier realizes just how fortunate she and elijah are to have escaped virtually unharmed. >> i realized how short life really is. i realized you have to cherish and love your kids no matter what. and hold them close because you don't know what can happen. security cameras capture a terrifying scene. a guide dog and his trainers, one of them wearing a blindfold, caught directly in the path of an out-of-control vehicle. >> it just seemed like the car was right on my heels as i turned around. i mean, almost thinking, is somebody trying to kill me? >> june 10th, 2013, san rafael, california. >> sit. oh, good job. nice boy. >> todd jurik is a supervising
3:36 pm
trainer at guide dogs for the blind where he's worked for more than 20 years. >> the training here at guide dogs for the blind is a ten-week cycle to train them from when they come here from the puppy-raising home to when they're finished with training and are ready to be paired with a blind person. >> the school has about 300 dogs on campus at any given time, including the puppies. out of each class of trainees, only half will graduate and be paired with a blind person. the rest will be placed in homes as pets or find other careers. >> a really successful guide dog has a strong temperament, a dog that can deal with the world stay. >> o'neil is an 18-month-old yellow labrador who is near the end of his training cycle. >> come. his attitude was very good. he was very motivated to do the work and very happy to do what the trainer, danielle, would ask him. >> apprentice instructor
3:37 pm
danielle alvarado fell for his personality from the moment she began working with him. >> o'neil, forward. he has such a good work ethic, and he loves to train. >> reporter: danielle has been training o'neil for eight weeks on the day they lead to downtown san rafael for his final guide work test. it's late morning, and danielle, todd, and o'neil are walking up 4th street at the end of the route. danielle is playing the role of the client, wearing a blindfold, while todd spots her. security cameras on the local buildings are recording them. >> my big job was to assess o'neil in his guide work. and danielle's job was to work him under blindfold and make sure he's doing all the fundamentals that need to be completed. >> there's no way they were ready for what happened next. >> i heard this pop, the breaking of the glass of a window behind me. and i just see this car -- >> a car is rapidly backing up toward them on the sidewalk.
3:38 pm
>> i wasn't sure where we were on the block when i started to hear all the crashing. and i knew it was a car, but i figured the car was in the street where cars belong. >> todd and o'neil turn around to see the danger coming at them. todd grabs danielle. >> i felt like i was falling over. and if he didn't have a good grip on me, i would have fallen. >> they race around the corner and narrowly miss a direct hit. >> if the corner wasn't there, i don't know what might have happened. >> it's especially dangerous for danielle, who is blindfolded. >> once we round the corner is when i'm finally able to lift the shade and see as the car goes right behind us. >> they're all shaking with adrenaline. >> it was very scary. as soon as i compose myself and my heart started pumping, i notice a couple of elderly people in the car. the police say she was trying to parallel park, and then she was trying to go forward again. instead of thinking it was in forward, it was still in reverse, and when she kind of hit the gas, she panicked and then she just kept on punching it.
3:39 pm
>> when they review the security video, it's clear o'neil didn't miss a beat. in fact, he turns his head before todd does. >> i think o'neil actually heard the car come up on to the curb. then i heard the pop of the window. then i saw the car careening toward us. it was such an incident that you would never think would happen, especially them coming up the sidewalk in such a straight way and squeezing between the building and that concrete area. it just kind of shaved both sides of the car off. >> for danielle, actually seeing her near-death experience on camera is even more surreal. >> in my head, i was thinking did that even really happen. watching the camera, like, yes, it did. and -- seeing how close it did get just made it hit home a little more. >> it's also given danielle more perspective on the dangers and challenges facing those who are visually impaired. >> it made me really appreciate what our clients have to go through and the fact that i do have sight.
3:40 pm
>> for his part, o'neil seems no worse for all the excitement. it's just another day on the job. >> he almost thought maybe it was a training scenario, you know, where he was just like, wow, that was pretty weird. or incredible, what just happened. but it just seems that he took in stride. you ready? all right. good boy. what a good boy. coming up -- this guy didn't expect that. >> it was a complete adrenaline rush. and i was very, very angry. and later -- who could have expected this? >> i saw a -- a brown flash in front of the driver's side window. and next thing i know, something smashed into it. >> when "caught on camera: didn't see that coming" continues.
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a late night trip home -- >> i was walking back to my car, and i hear a shotgun. >> -- turns into the scare of a lifetime. >> complete adrenaline rush. and i was very, very angry. >> april 27th, 2013, new orleans, louisiana. max is out for a night of music during the city's annual jazz festival. >> i was watching my friend's band play at the spotted cat on frenchman street. it was jazz fest. so they were playing a late-night show. >> frenchman street is a popular
3:45 pm
strip in the area and is packed most nights with people enjoying live music and dancing. but it isn't always a party. >> i moved into this neighborhood, and people said, be careful when you walk outside your door. be careful of the neighborhood. >> ken karen is a long-time mariney resident. >> late at night, you know, crimes happen, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the morning when there's not a lot of people in the street. people have a little bit to drink, their defenses come down. >> many of the neighbors here have installed security cameras outside their houses. >> we actually created a network on our street. so our cameras are tied into each other. so it's not like that it stops crime, but it certainly -- there's a number of times we've seen things on there and turned over the footage to the police department. >> at 5:00 a.m., he leaves the bar. the neighborhood security cameras record him walking down burgundy street. >> i was alone that night. and just walking back to my car, which is probably about five blocks away from the main strip of frenchman street.
3:46 pm
>> bragner is text messaging a friend and doesn't notice a man approach from behind. >> i was in my own little world. and it just -- i just saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. >> bragner pivots and finds himself staring down the barrel of a shotgun. >> and my first thought was, you don't know if somebody's going to shoot you, then rob you. he just said, "give me the money." i didn't have any money. >> in this terrifying moment, he spots something -- >> i noticed he had a pistol grip right up to his face. growing up around guns, i was like that's not how you hold a gun. i sensed the fact that he was an amateur. you're messing with the wrong guy. >> instinctively, he swats the gun aside and grabs it. >> by the time his mind realizes what's going on, i already have the gun. >> the would-be robber turns and flees with bragner in hot pursuit. >> he just turned and ran.
3:47 pm
i tell you what, he can run. that kid shouldn't be out there robbing people with shotguns. he needs to have a track scholarship, be in the olympics. that dude was fast. >> it turns out the guy with the gun isn't working alone. his cohorts are in this car circling the block. bragner's cell phone has fallen on the pavement just out of camera range. the thieves find it, pick it up, and crime by as he's walking back to the bar. >> the guys, said, you want your phone back, give us the shotgun. i was still upset, so i bashed the window out with the gun, knowing that the police could identify it a lot easier. >> after smashing in one of the car windows, bragner loses a chance to get his cell phone. he races back to the bar with the shotgun in hand to call the police and report the incident. >> new orleans police 229, how can i help you? >> somebody tried to assault me and rob me with a shotgun pointblank. >> later that morning, a police detective who knows ken karen texts him to see if he's got footage and is stunned by what
3:48 pm
he finds. >> i was in shock. i don't think anybody expected to have that kind of video. i mean, it was pretty amazing. what surprised me is how quickly the guy reacted, the victim, and how quickly he thought to take the gun away. it's not something i certainly would recommend. >> bragner also says he doesn't recommend that others take such a risk, but he can't say he would take his own advice. >> i'm just one of those people, you get me in a corner, and i'm gonna to fight back. and i'm maybe not wise enough to, you know, try some other kind of tactic. >> investigators released the video to news stations and request the public's assistance in identifying the man. 16-year-old carlos mcginnis turns himself in to the police and is charged with three counts of armed robbery. in march 2014, mcginnis pleads guilty to three charges of simple robbery for his role in the burgundy street incident and another the night before, and he's sentenced to seven years in prison. neighbors say the proliferation of cameras is helping solve
3:49 pm
crimes and is a growing trend in new orleans. >> the majority of the crimes that get solved here, they're on video. and there's a lot of cameras. coming up -- road hazards come in all shapes and sizes. >> my cell phone rang from work, and it was our manager of safety and security. i was like, this can't be good. and later, a police chase is forced to make way for ducklings? when "caught on camera: didn't see that coming" continues. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at ♪
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an unlikely bus passenger makes a dramatic entrance. >> i was driving, you know, i saw a brown flash in front of the driver's side window. and next thing i know, the right side window had -- something smashed into it. >> my cell phone rang from work,
3:53 pm
and it was our manager of safety and security. and he said, "are you sitting down?" and i was like, "this can't be good." >> may 14th, 2013, johnstown, pennsylvania. cam tran spokesperson, josh yoder, is at home when he gets an unusual call from his supervisor. >> he said, "i want to preface that i have not been drinking." he said, "a deer jumped through a bus window." >> let's start at the beginning, when cam tran city bus driver john porter is halfway through his regular evening shift. >> i was driving down the road, like i normally do, looking for passengers. >> as porter continues calmly down the road, he gets a surprise. the front windshield shatters as a deer topples into the vehicle. porter is so stunned, that at first he doesn't understand what's going on. >> i didn't actually see the deer come through the window because i was looking down the road.
3:54 pm
i saw the deer beside of me at the front door area. >> the deer is just as stunned as the driver and struggles to escape. >> he tried to get back out the way it came in and pushed the window back out where it scattered around the bus, trying to get out. the bus had a lot of windows. >> fortunately, the bus was empty except for one passenger way in the back. >> it was unusual for that time of day for the bus to be empty as it was. >> the deer is thrashing around desperately behind the driver's seat. and porter realizes they're in a dangerous situation. the deer might harm him, the passenger or itself. >> i had to -- my window open on the side of the bus. i was a little worried it would feel the air and would try to jump over me and try to get out the window there. >> porter decides his best bet is to let the distressed deer out the front door. but the new bus safety technology throws him a curve.
3:55 pm
>> as a safety feature, the bus has to be completely stopped for the door to open. so he couldn't just open the door and allow the deer to get off. >> porter pulls over the bus and opens the door, the deer is all legs as it slips and slides on the floor, but it can't seem to figure out where the exit is. meanwhile, the lone passenger in the rear of the bus remains seated, calmly talking on her cell phone, apparently unperturbed by the unusual scene unfolding in front. well, the buck stops here. the deer finally finds its way to the open front door and exits. when yoder reviews the footage, he's impressed by his bus driver. >> i was totally amazed that -- that first and foremost, the deer flew through the windshield with that much force and velocity, but that our driver was able to keep his cool in a situation like that. i mean, safety was his top priority. he had a passenger on the bus.
3:56 pm
so he wanted to stop that bus and -- you know, obviously protect the passenger that was on there, but also motorists that were passing by. >> i never heard of a bus driver hitting a deer before. now if it was a split second earlier, it probably would have come through the driver's side window. a high-speed chase is stopped short by an unexpected roadblock. >> and that's when our friends walked out from the side of the road. i decided to try and get the ducks off the roadway. >> may 12th, 2013, portland, oregon. officer mark james is with the city of portland's traffic division. on any given day, he deals with the normal traffic issues, duis, crashes, and speeding drivers. it's late afternoon on mother's day. officer james is parked on northwest bridge avenue, monitoring the cars heading downhill.
3:57 pm
it's a stretch of road where drivers tend to go faster than they are supposed to. >> it's posted 35 miles per hour, both the bridge access and the bridge itself. who knows why people speed. i guess to get someplace faster. but it is a problem area as far as speeders go. >> it's raining lightly, but that doesn't slow down some drivers. a vehicle flies by officer james' parked car going well above the speed limit. >> the driver in this incident was going at 52 miles per hour as they passed me in this 35 zone. >> officer james hesitates for a couple seconds to give the driver a chance to decelerate. >> i thought maybe they would slow down once they saw me. >> but police radar shows the driver clocking nearly 20 miles above the speed limit at the bottom of the hill. officer james takes off in pursuit. >> by the time i got to the highway, they were almost out of sight. i was probably going 50 to 55 miles an hour, trying to catch
3:58 pm
up to the other driver. >> between the chase and the overcast skies, someone less observant might have missed the tiny moving objects on the road ahead, but not officer james. >> it was a mama duck and her two babies. little ducklings. it took me a second to realize they were even there. they kind of blended into the background of the pavement and the rain and whatnot. >> the duck family is in danger of being mowed down by traffic. officer james stops his cruiser in the middle of the road and gets out while the speeding driver gets away. >> at the time, all i had was speed on him. so i just made a decision to stop for the ducks because there was a wall of traffic behind me that was stopped for a red light. >> officer james manages to herd the duck family in the right direction before the stoplight changes behind him and the cars start coming. >> she and her babies turned around and walked back to the ditch.
3:59 pm
so, i just simply followed them over, made sure they jumped back in the ditch. >> before disappearing, the mother duck gives the officer some attitude. >> she turned around and squawked at me a bit, or quacked. and i told her to quit griping at me, that it was mother's day, and i was just trying to do her a favor. >> when the portland police department shares the video with the public, officer james gains a lot of fans. >> i mean, there's been plenty of comments online and whatnot, and different web pages. no pun intended. >> and the speeding driver, he or she escapes a $160 ticket. >> apparently, it was the driver's lucky day. >> but it may be james' fellow officers who enjoy the incident the most. >> you know, names like officer duckville and some rubber ducks mysteriously appearing on my locker and some duck signs and whatnot. things like that. but that was all good natured.
4:00 pm
shawn mefford was a career criminal with a violent m.o. >> i would put fear in your life, and you would feel the fear. >> but there's one crime that even he can't forgive. >> i tied a person up and terrorized him and left him on


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