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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 25, 2015 3:30am-4:01am PST

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>> a state of emergency after a tornado outbreak tears through several states, the death toll has risen with entire neighborhoods destroyed. gun fire erupts at a north carolina mall on christmas eve. sending shoppers running for cover. and celebrations around the world as pope francis shares his christmas message at the vatican. and santas take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather here at home. "first look" starts right now. good morning on this christmas day. i'm richard lui. to aultd of you the latest on the deadly weather which slammed much of the south. a series of spring like tornados left a path of destruction and killed at least 14.
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parts of mississippi under state of emergency after being hit extra hard there. emergency crews continue to search for those missing. mark potter is in mississippi with the latest. >> reporter: a devastating scene before christmas, after deadly storms and twisters carve through the midsection of the country. preliminary reports of at least two dozen tornados, including a possible ef-3, believed to have traveled more than 100 miles. >> it's total loss. everything. >> reporter: mississippi was the hardest hit. seven lives lost including a 7-year-old boy who died not far from where these twin tornados were spotted. >> wow. >> reporter: powerful winds flipped this semi. >> i knew it was bad. i could tell. >> reporter: haley hid under a mattress with her mother, grandmother and dogs. >> every house around us is gone. this is -- it's still standing but it's not going to make it. >> reporter: search teams worked night and day going house to
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house looking for victims. >> we are trying to go through the mangled up mess of the trees. it's a disaster. >> reporter: the mississippi governor declared a state of emergency in seven counties. >> families lost loved ones. this should be a joyous holiday season. >> reporter: in arkansas high winds pushed a tree on a house and killed makayla. she was shielding her 18-month-old sister who is expected to be okay. the same storm system has been battering georgia and alabama with heavy rain. water cascading over this collapsed road. so many now spending this holiday rebuilding homes and coping with heartbreaking loss. >> mark potter reporting. thank you for that. up north strong winds knocking out power to more than a quarter million in michigan and parts of canada. some may not get power back until after the holiday weekend. the weather in new york city was
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downright balmy. record breaking warmth will continue to grip much of the central and eastern states into the weekend. a difficult story, though, in the west, with that, snow. i-90 closed at snoqualmie pass in washington state due to the danger of avalanches and heavy snow weighing down on trees. bonnie schneider is here with more. so, the west is like the east, the east is like the west. then you got flood watches. >> that's right. weed that severe weather yesterday we're monitoring the threat for flooding because already in alabama emergency officials are advising to stay off the roads. there is so much water. we've seen a lot of rain in georgia, atlanta had a record rainfall just under four inches so this flood threat is imminent. look how much rain is coming through over the next 24 hours. huntsville, you could see up to three inches the more on top of what you have right now. so we're dealing with the soggy conditions into the south, look at this. a brand-new winter storm is brewing, a blizzard watch, this will be for saturday, probably
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through monday. i think it will get extended into parts of new mexico and texas. we'll see blowing and drifting snow. winter storm warnings elsewhere and it's not just heavy snow in the southwest but look what's coming to the upper midwest and the northern plains, several inches. minneapolis likely to see several inches of snow going into the next 48 hours. so our forecast calls for cold conditions, into billings, we'll see 17 degrees there, look at that. 42 in chicago. 64 in new york for today we shattered the record high temperature for today and for yesterday. 72 degrees in central park. yesterday afternoon. incredible. well, as we can check out the forecast for saturday look at this. snow developing across much of the plaps, really cold temperatures off to the west. and still mild in the southeast. getting a little more seasonable into the northeast but not quite. it will get colder toward sunday. you can see this cold air really dipping down. minneapolis only 18 degrees on sunday. watch out, not only for the blizzard conditions i mentioned saturday night and sunday but look at this. 33 in oklahoma city, that means
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we could see icing developing into parts of oklahoma and kansas. this is a changing forecast as we watch the models develop over the next few days. the main thing to ♪ the active pattern through tuesday. >> so look likes minneapolis is the only thing like minneapolis. thank you so much. >> in charlotte, north carolina gun fire erupted in a mall packed with last minute shoppers christmas eve. a police officer shooting and killing a man as people ran for their lives. blake mccoy has details. >> reporter: gun fire on christmas eve, causing chaos at the up scale northlake mall in charlotte, north carolina. >> i heard six gun shots. they sounded like firecrackers to me. and then i saw people trampled, turning arounding toward me and trampling each other. >> reporter: police stay it started with an argument between two groups of people in the mall around 2:00. an officer working off duty heard gun shots and intervened. when he encountered one of the men with a gun, he opened fire.
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this woman became separated from her twins. >> people went running, they ran flew the store and they actually rushed right through the twins, grabbed the twins and were gone. >> reporter: her kids are okay. a terrifying ordeal the shoppers hadn't bargained for. there were new protests on the streets of chicago yesterday over the death of a teenager shot 16 times by police officers. an incident caught on video that sparked an uproar. we're hearing the dispatch calls and as a taser was repeatedly requested. minutes later laquan mcdonald was dead. kevin tibbles. >> reporter: they marched in the heart of chicago. calling for the resignation of mayor rahm emanuel, over the city's handling of the police shooting death of 17-year-old
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laquan mcdonald. >> it hurts my heart to see this and i couldn't stay at home wrapping gifts. >> reporter: the protesters blocked streets and also targets an apple store trying to prevent shoppers from entering. on christmas eve one of the busiest shopping days of the year, chicago's popular michigan avenue shut down. laquan mcdonald who was carrying a knife was shot 16 times last year by chicago cop jason van dyke. van dyke's attorney has said he feared for his life. through a freedom of information act request, nbc's chicago station obtained audio recordings from the night mcdonald was shot, revealing a taser was requested. >> someone with a tatzer, we're -- this guy's walking with a knife in his hand. >> looking for a taser. armed offender. >> reporter: the dispatcher repeatedly asked for a taser. >> anybody close yet. 40 and keeler. asking for a taser.
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>> reporter: four minutes after the initial request for a taser, gun shots. whether an officer with a taser arrived before mcdonald was shot is unclear. >> you guys okay? >> reporter: mcdonald later died. officer van dyke is scheduled to be arraigned next week on first-degree murder charges. kevin tibbles, chicago. >> christmas eve was celebrated around the world. pope francis led mass for nearly 10,000. his only public mass for christmas, the pope call forward return to the essential values of life. calling on those intoxicated by consumerism to allow the simplicity of the birth of jesus to inspire their lives. security around the vatican was tighter than usual with strict check points. today, thousands of people are expected to flock to st. peter's square at noon local time to hear the the pontiff deliver his traditional christmas day speech. at home, many are taking
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advantage of the warmer weather. in virginia you see here, santa and his helpers water skiing. the grinch was attending but even he could not put a damper on the fun though he tried. in florida surfing santas raised money for charity. the event set a world record with 648 jolly st. nicks taking on the waves. even those with long hair. the christmas spirit is not just for people. mocca the miniature horse and the owner are ringing in the holiday with the salvation army. the pair are slowing down, the hustle and bustle of shopping, reminding people of the true mining of christmas. >> just ahead breaking news from nigeria. scores dead and a gas plant explosion. draft kings and fan duel fire back at illinois' attorney general after being declared illegal. ♪
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day message. it's a blessing he dugs on easter day. it's a little after noon there. last year he had about 80,000 who gathered in st. peter's square to hear his message at that time. we are just stopping by as he is now well into his message this christmas day. we also have breaking news out of africa to share with you. more than 100 people are reportedly dead from a massive blaze at a crowded gas plant in southeast nigeria they were lining up to buy gas when a gas tanker caught fire. one witness saying the fire exploded like a bomb. 36 years after they were held hostage u.s. victims of the iran hostage crisis will receive compensation from the government. each of the 53 will get up to $4.4 million. the hostage crisis lasted 444 days from 1979 to 1981. after the shaw of iran was ousted.
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fan duel and draft kings are suing the state of illinois to declare their games legal, a day after the state's attorney general outlawed them. they will continue to operate pending the outcome of the lawsuits. nbc sports and nbc news parent company are among the investors in fan duel. a mexican volcano putting on a show when it spewed red lava. followed by a tower of smoke and ash, 6500 feet in the sky. it has erupted three times since wednesday. no evacuations ordered but it knows how to celebrate christmas. bristol palin gave birth to her second child on wednesday. she named her newborn daughter sailor grace and tweeted out two photos. her mom followed up with a sweet christmas eve note saying quote, o perfect love, the best gift ever. >> a thursday might football, chargers against the raiders,
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what is future hall of famer charles woodson's last game. the raiders take the lead on this t.d., they go up three after converting the two-point conversion with that. but josh hits a 46 yard field goal with a minute remaining. tying it up and forcing overtime. in the extra time seth roberts makes the grab, setting up this 31-yard field goal. it would prove to be enough. raiders win that, 23-20. college football, a pair of tropical bowl games. western michigan taking on middle tennessee in the bahamas bowl. offensive bonanza middle tennessee first on the board. a run by richie james, he is gone. but this one was dominated by western michigan who rushed for 215 yards and four touchdowns. get out of the way and western michigan goes on to win, 45-31 for their first bowl victory. and san diego state university playing cincinnati in the hawaii bowl.
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these are tough places to play. san diego's state rashad penny is fast, he sped it up a little taking the opening kickoff, 100 yards for the score. this one here, they dominate cincinnati, 42-7. >> the old il elf is known by many names. as richard engel reports for us, the real st. nick is a far cry from the santa we know. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: everybody knows santa's real name is st. nick. but you may be surprised to learn the real st. nicolas was born here, in what is now the town of demray in southern turkey. almost 1800 years ago. his statue still stands in the center of town, where he served as bishop, and acted like a saint. his present day successor bishop
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chris is revered here too. once a year he holds mass in the church where his famous predecessor was buried. ♪ >> there is an icon of st. nicolas in every greek orthodox church. >> of course. >> but old st. nick is nothing like the santa we know. those stories are fun, the bishop says, and they would be even more fun if i was a child and had gifts coming my way. >> how did st. nicolas go from a christian saint to a fairy tale from a greek orthodox bishop to a toy maker with a staff of elves and team of flying reindeer? much of that happened in america. the 19th century poem t'was the night before christmas describes st. nick as jolly and plump. flying in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. cartoonist thomas nass came up with the familiar santa image.
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and ads like this one helped lock it in. of course, coca-cola has a bigger advertising budget than the greek orthodox church. >> you try and tell people when you see all of these little santas, that's not the guy? that has nothing to do with st. nick. exactly, he says. i've been doing that for 30 years now. but without much success. because it seems people like santa just the way he is now. fsz richard engel, nbc news, istanbul. >> just ahead, presidential hopefuls take last minute jabs before christmas, plus the elf on the shelf comes to life. now he is a viral sensation.
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it may be the holiday season but that does not mean presidential candidates are taking time off from last minute shots at each other. >> reporter: don't feel guilty about your last minute christmas shopping even presidential candidates are procrastinating. >> normally i'm better organized. a little busy. >> reporter: jeb bush browsing board games. >> unlike donald trump i didn't try to have a monopoly of real estate. >> taking shots at donald trump focused on his feud with hillary clinton in a not so silent night. >> i haven't gone after hillary yet. there is a lot to go after. she is susceptible i think to look, the job she's done is horrible. >> reporter: trump's attacks
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just getting started he warns. cautioning clinton to be careful after she said this to "the des moines register." >> it's not the first time he demonstrated penchant for sexism. >> while trump called clinton a liar for some comments about him, he's under fire for what politifact calls its lie of the year after some of his comments and determining three quarters are not true. that's not hurting. >> donald trump is the only candidate i've seen in how many cycles able to get away with what he gets away with. the electorate constantly forgives him for the things he says. >> making plenty of noise but on christmas, quiet on the campaign trail, candidates spending time with families. >> merry christmas. >> sending greetings to supporters. >> happy holidays. happy new year. and here's to a great 2016. >> and in rand paul's case airing his grievances, light
3:53 am
hearted swipes at rivals, most of them. i have no grievances against my fellow doc ben carson because i have not heard a word he has said in any debate. >> hallie jackson reporting for us. over to bloomberg reporter kevin, merry christmas and what do the candidates normally do? what is the tradition on christmas? >> happy friday, merry christmas to you. most of the candidates spent the night last night at church like a lot of other americans and senator bernie sanders who is jewish spent the evening with his wife and family in vermont. all of the candidates going to church last night. >> what do they do on the campaign trail? when does that happen? >> i'll be up back in new hampshire on sunday, and monday morning. mr. trump is expected to have a huge rally monday night in new hampshire. he is leading the pack there, richard. but hot on his tail of course is former florida governor jeb bush who also will be campaigning there. a lot of the other candidates spending a lot of time in iowa and new hampshire and that's
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only going to continue as we inch closer to the first contest. >> 24 hours. president obama is in hawaii. i was thinking how do presidents normally celebrate, at least in the past as we go through the years? >> well, you know, do you remember former president bill clinton, he took his daughter chelsea who we all know is expecting her second child, book shopping. then of course former president george h.w. bush at one point spent it at camp david with his granddaughter. you can see those antlers, she was coming from a school play. so even the president has to play grandfather duty. and of course, president reagan and his wife nancy, they spent it with their dog, but you got to remember like you know when you're with your family and take pictures, all of these are all photo opps. and former president truman was opening a gift at one point in another one of those christmas photo opps if you will. that's a gift from the white
3:55 am
house correspondents press association. >> i'm wondering if you bought a president a gift. probably not. >> you know, i don't think they need any gifts from any reporters. i will tell you this. if i was going to get president obama something i think being that i'm in philadelphia with family i think i'd get him a cheese steak. >> sounds good. thank you so much for stopping by. now to the story about a real life elf on the shelf. it might be hard to contain yourself. as hallie jackson tells us his pictures earned him viral glory. >> t'was the week before christmas in a town of paradise the elf on the shelf wasn't being very nice. he'd tip toe down the stairs with some wrapping paper and glue. >> i can go to the bathroom in the middle of the night when i needed to. >> he makes mischief and messages, look at that sweet tooth. >> he drank out of the bottle. >> but big brother zach knows this elf is not a toy, she rockwell, his brother. yes, he's a real boy.
3:56 am
spreading the magic of the season with a little help from his pop. >> holding him the entire time. >> and the magic of photo shop. >> rockwell sees you when you're sleeping, tells santa if you've been nice. his picture's so popular on line people shared and shared twice. strangers all over the world clicking photos of this kid. >> not expecting that it would go viral and that it would get the attention it did. >> but this family's had a taste of what it's like to spread joy, look who's next to rockwell, do you recognize that boy? that's will, he can fly, as we've told you before, his pictures proof kids with down syndrome can soar. these photos all taken for one simple reason. to share the love this family shows, no matter the season. and for the two youngest kids it's a love that never ends. >> we're excited to watch them grow up together and be best friends. >> life's not always picture perfect. but one thing is clear, you don't have to wait till christmas to feel this kind of
3:57 am
cheer. it's santa's best gift you can't find under the tree. so from the lawrence family, and ours, happy holidays from nbc. >> nbc's hallie jackson sending christmas eve making those rhymes. well done. merry christmas to all of you. i'm richard lui and this is "first look" on msnbc. who wants to try? before earning enough cash back from bank of america to stir up the holidays, before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store, even before they got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through,
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>> it's friday, december 25th. right now on "first look" a state of emergency after a tornado outbreak tears through several states, the death toll has risen with entire neighborhoods destroyed. gun fire erupts at a north carolina mall on christmas eve. sending shoppers running for cover. and celebrations around the world as pope francis shares his christmas message at the vatican. and santas take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather here at home. "first look" starts right now. good morning on this christmas day. i'm richard lui. to all of you the deadly weather which slammed much of the south. a series of spring like to


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