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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 2, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PST

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it's wednesday, march 2. right now on "first look," super tuesday results are in. and as expected it was a big night for donald trump and hillary clinton. but bernie sanders and ted cruz are still showing signing of life. and rubio bags his first state. we'll have the recap ahead. back on terra firma, scott kelly is back on solid ground after a year in outer space. plus an update on j.k. rowling's beast. voters have spoken.
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and the big super tuesday winners are trump and hillary clinton. trump won seven states including virginia, alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee and vermont. clinton also taking seven, massachusetts, alabama, arkansas, georgia, tennessee, texas and virginia. bernie sanders managed four victories including colorado. minnesota, oklahoma and of course his home state of vermont. ted cruz won three states, texas as expected, oklahoma and alaska. that's for good measure. marco rubio won his first state of the election cycle pulling of it a victory in minnesota. well, a calmer and more measured version of trump is looking ahead to hillary clinton and looking to work with house speaker paul ryan. >> this has been an amazing period of time. it's been amazing for me even from the educational standpoint. i think honestly we have done something that almost nobody thought could be done. and i'm very proud of it. i just want to leave you with in. i am a unifier. i would love to see the
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republican party and everybody get together and unify. and when we unify there's nobody -- nobody that's going to beat us. you see the polls. i beat hillary in many polls. i know one thing, i don't think marco is able to peat her. i think ted will have a hard time. i'm going to get along great with congress. paul ryan i don't know him well, but i'm sure i'll get along great with him and if i don't he'll have to pay a big price. >> and a more enthusiastic hillary clinton thanked her supporters while touching on flint, michigan, and criticizing the gop. >> thank you all so much. what a super tuesday. i'm grateful to all of you who voted for me. to the volunteers and organizers. i know you have worked your hearts out. we know there are many other flints out there. communities that are hurting and need help. but we've come too far in this country to let us turn back.
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we're going to build on the progress that we've made. the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong. and we're not going to let it work. now, this campaign moves forward to the crescent city, the motor city and beyond. >> and ted cruz surprised some political watchers by taking oklahoma and an impressive win in his home state of texas. in late victory called within the hour in alaska. cruz spoke to nbc's hallie jackson and pitched himself as the trump alternative. >> for the republicans that don't want to see donald as the nominee, i would welcome them and encourage them we have to come together and unify. the only way to beat donald trump is for us to stand together.
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united. if trump is the nominee i think we lose the senate, i think we lose to hillary, we lose the supreme court and the bill of rights. it's my hope we come together as a party and say, stop this madness. do not nominate a candidate who will drive the party off a cliff. >> well, cruz was able to pick up 171 delegates last night. rubio, 82 and the big winner, donald trump, he won 210 delegates. that brings his total to 292. cruz in second with 188 and marco rubio has 98. clinton won seven states to bernie sanders' four, but he's not too concerned with the numbers. >> you're going to see a lot of election results come in. let me remind you of what the media often forgets about. this is not a general election. it's not winner take all. if you get 52%, you get 48%, you roughly end up with the same amount of delegates in a state.
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by the end of tonight, we are going to win many hundreds of delegates. >> sanders picked up 295 delegates while clinton won 461. bringing her lead to 979 from 382. all right. it is post super tuesday so that means the analysis that goes along with it and best selling author and political analyst ellis henican is here to break down the results here. let's start with this. we know who won big, hillary clinton and trump and closing in on the nomination for both of them here. and even though the way they were talking it seemed they were doing right at each other. it seems like the tone of general election already. >> right. first step to victory in a primary is to ignore the people you're running against and focus on november. both of them did it last night. both of their tones were a little more gentle, especially donald's. he's sounding calmer than he
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sounded in recent speeches but that's what happens when you win. you get to do that. >> well, sounding calmer, appearing more measured and when you talk about just the aesthetics of donald trump and how he went out there, he didn't have a victory speech or a rally here. it was a press conference. >> that's right. >> with the flags in the background and looking presidential. >> he even used the names of the reporters the way that reporters like to do. brian, what's your question, that sort of thing. but you know what, it does mask a reality that is underneath this entire results last night. which is that inside the gop there are an awful lot of people who were made very, very uncomfortable and really forced to make a decision, are with going to accommodate the guy or are we going to separate ourselves from the guy and that is still a very unresolved issue here on super wednesday morning. >> we're hearing all kinds about it, civil war, and really the divide coming in here. the watch the gop crumble as
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they know it, so where does this bring them now? especially knowing the crucial states and considering also the wins of ted cruz and obviously texas, neighboring oklahoma and alaska, one of the latest called too. you would think, sarah palin land. and marco in minnesota. but let's break that down as far as -- two things here in talking about the gop. but let's talk about the other guys here, especially with that alaska. you would think, you know, with all the efforts and sarah palin coming out with her endorsement of donald trump as far as last night. >> i hadn't thought of that, but you know what the real impact of it is, nobody is going to quit. right? marco got just enough to keep going. he's calming the donors down. cruz delivered all by a victory speech last night. >> and some said marco rubio did too. >> it's funny. you don't have to -- in this year you don't have to have an actual victory in order to give a speech. i don't think john kasich or ben
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carson will quit. as long as they have a couple of bucks to pay their travel bills and they do in the super pac era, they're going to keep going. >> is it for that reason or not necessarily they know they're not doing to win. is it to deny donald trump those delegates? >> well, part of it is that and part of it is a selfish calculation. which is to say ben carson, listen, i'm out there i'm having fun. it will help my lecture business in my long run. what else would by doing? all things considered, why not keep at it? >> we have big dates coming up, especially for marco rubio, march 15th in florida. marco rubio said one tick, one win, minnesota. that's where he'll pick up the steam. >> well, it all comes from the notion out there, it lingers that somehow or other that's a way to get around having donald trump be the republican nominee. because you know there are an awful lot of nervous senators and congressmen who worry about being on the ballot in november with trump at the top. they're saying, is there some
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way -- there's got to be a way, maybe it's a brokered convention, maybe that's someone we can rally around, that dream dies very hard, i'm afraid. >> good thing, i got you later on, in a couple of minutes because we'll delve into the democrats, hillary clinton sweeping that southern firewall. and also turnout, how turnout last night, up for some, down -- >> depends, depends. >> we'll talk about, especially, how that's a hit for the democrats and huge, huge swing for the republicans there as far as those who turned out. ellis henican, we'll talk later on. after spending nearly a year in space, astronaut scott kelly is feeling the full force of gravity back on earth. the soyuz space capsule landed in kazakhstan just before midnight eastern time. kelly and one of the russians had been aboard the space stays for 340 days, a record for a u.s. astronaut. scott and his twin brother mark are personing in studies --
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participating in studies to learn about the impact of space on the body. we expect to hear from him later today. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. hi, landon. >> hi, there. good morning. the markets will try to extend their winning ways after stocks roared in like a lion. the dow soared 350 points on solid economic news and the rise in oil prices and investors are watching data on private sector hiring. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg jumps ten spots on the annual richest people to number six. his net worth rising about $11 billion in the past 12 months to $44.6 billion. there are 1,800 billionaires on the list. bill gates keeps the top spot. he's been number one for 17 of the past 22 years. and at&t is launching three streaming options aimed at cord
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cutters. no deals on pricing yet but it's cheaper than current directv bundles but you don't have access to premium features. back to you. >> thank you. new details on osama bin laden's new will. and this oops moment involving a toddler in china. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. what brand of makeup is better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all?
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well, welcome back to "first look." if you're in new england you're in for a rough morning commute. we have rain, freezing rain and sleet and snow in northern portions of new england. cold in the great lakes, very chilly weather. that will be arriving late today in new england. so it's definitely one of the days where the weather is changing pretty quickly out there. we have a good deal of wintry mess from burlington up to the adirondacks. northern maine is getting a good snowstorm out of this. but we have thunderstorms and heavy rain in areas of
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massachusetts right now. slow drive and careful on the mass pike. only a couple of winter storm warnings in maine. and the temperatures are falling in northern new england. not a lot of snow expected. only northern portions of maine will have enough to get the plows out and do some shoveling. winter versus spring. dallas, 73, denver, 63. but areas like cleveland only high of 27 today. so that's a cold start to march. even into thursday, cold air remains, so this is one of the last cold shots of winter. great lakes to new england, hang on four or five days, next week it looks warm, 60s. >> thank you very much. president obama held a sit down at the oval office yesterday with the republicans over the vacancy in the supreme court and the meeting which lasted less than an hour included mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley and minority
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leader, harry reid. and patrick leahy and joe biden. it's the first time they met since the death of justice scalia. the republicans reiterated their stance they won't take up a president obama nomination this year. afterwards the two senate leaders expressed their drastically different points of view. >> if the shoe were on the other foot, do any of you think the democrat majority in the senate would be confirming a republican president's nomination in the last year of his term? of course not. >> all we want them to do is fulfill the constitutional duty and do their job. and at this stage, they have decided not do that. they think that they're going to wait and see what president trump will do as far as a nomination. >> senator reid added after an impasse was reached early in the morning the leaders spent the rest of the time chatting about basketball. well there are shocking new
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revelations from declassified documents seized where osama bin laden was killed. one letter showed that bin laden was paranoid that a tracking device would have been implanted in his wife's teeth. and he bequeathed $29 million to fund a jihad. in virginia thousands of mourners attended the funeral of officer ashley guindon yesterday. she was remembered as an intelligent young woman, driven to serve her community. the governor of south dakota has vetoed a transgender bathroom bill. it would have been made the state the first to require transgender to use locker rooms to match their sex at birth. former olympian caitlyn jenner called on daugaard to veto the bill. check this out, a toddler
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fell out of a van and the driver didn't notice the 2-year-old grandson was missing. he eventually returned you see the toddler walking. luckily that good samaritan kept his grandson safe. and a massachusetts -- in massachusetts, this situation here. a dog named fido doesn't know what to make of spot. this is the latest four-legged robot from the company that builds for the military. jk rowling said her new book will be made into a film. surprising new numbers on voter turnout, keep it right here. ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag,
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and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. now as the dust from super tuesday clears we can look deeper into the exit poll data. all night, steve kornacki has been crunching the voter turnout numbers and found something promising for republicans and potentially worrying for democrats. >> and the republican side, this is what we have been seeing the whole year. it is up everywhere. they're shattering records. they're having their best turnout ever for a presidential cycle. on the flip side, we have been seeing it down on the democratic
2:22 am
side since the last time they had one of these competitive primaries in 2008. in oklahoma up compare tonight to eight years ago, down 22% in democratic turnout. virginia, down 14%. vermont, down 13%. massachusetts, down 5, georgia down 2. tennessee down 40. look, there's two ways to look at this within the democratic party. one is you have talked about this before. bernie sanders the entire message this is a political revolution that's going to bring all of these new people into the process who have never participated before. if that was coming to fruition the democrats would be shattering their own turnout records. although the one thing we could say, 2008, there are democrats who say yes it's troubling that republican turnout is up. yes, it's troubling that democratic turnout is down for us, but they would say that 2008 was something we may never see again. that race between hillary clinton and barack obama and the type of support that both of them motivated, the climate you
2:23 am
had the iraq war, it was post katrina, it was bush fatigue, so many factors in the air in 2008, that it's little unfair to compare the democrats of '08 to the democrats of any year in the future. i guess that's the positive spin you can hear from democrats on this. >> and here are the numbers as of 3:30 a.m. eastern. the super tuesday turnout has flipped. something they'll look to play in their favor as the season wears on. i want to bring back best selling analyst ellis henican to talk about this. again, steve kornacki broke down the scenarios there. on the republican side, when you have record turnout with all the states of super tuesday with the exception of vermont all of them showing so high, more than ever before, how much will that come into play as far as the general -- energized gop there and how that may win in the favor of trump? >> it's very worrisome for
2:24 am
democrats. all good news for republicans. let me give you a couple of other numbers that i think may help to explain this a little bit. among republican voters coming out of the polls yesterday, four in ten said that they're looking for a change agent. someone to shake things up. only one in ten republicans cared about electability and the democrats, three-quarters wanted to continue the policies of the obama years. that's just not the same kind of passion that you get from voters who say, i want to shake things up. >> but we heard that from bernie sanders who said i'm relying on those. relying on those coming fourth the change. you'd think you would see that on super tuesday. >> that's right. you do see that among the people who are turning out at his rallies. as you say he's still been getting huge crowds out there. but if you're talking about the overall numbers of democratic voters, they're just not showing up yet. >> well, it's interesting too when we look at this number where it's flipped as steve
2:25 am
kornacki just touched on from 2008. as far as turnout, now votes on the democratic side over 5 million. in 2008, it was 8 million. >> that's right. >> it's flipped. >> big, big numbers and he's right. the obama run was unique. but boy, here we are eight years later and hillary is the candidate and she needs a little bit of that. and she's not getting it yet. >> and how can she? how can she leading up to the post super tuesday very quickly? >> she has to connect with people. stop shouting. you're shouting too much. i think it's a problem. >> well, it's the volume. maybe those who are just listening to the message and not the volume. >> good point. it starts with the message. fascinating night. >> thank you very much. i'm frances rivera and this is "first look" on msnbc. be sure to like us on facebook. "way too early" and continuing coverage of super tuesday is up next. ♪
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i am a unifier. once we get all of this finished i'm going after one person and that's hillary clinton. >> we have to make america whole. we have to fill in. >> make america great again is going to be much better than making america whole again. >> when we bring our people together, when we do not allow the donald trumps of the world to divide us up. >> we will not allow the next president of the united states to be a socialist like bernie sanders.
2:30 am
and we will not allow the next president of the united states to be someone under fbi investigation like hillary clinton. >> head to head, our campaign beats donald trump resoundingly. but for that to happen, we must come together. good morning. it's wednesday, march 2, i'm jonathan cape hart. super tuesday was a sweeping victory for donald trump but first, new results in alaska where nbc news projects senator ted cruz to be the winner in the state's caucuses winning by less than a thousand votes. this as trump claimed a smashing wins in the south, a 22-point margin in alabama. 14 point victories in tennessee and georgia. with tighter wins in arkansas and virginia. up north, his margin of victory in massachusetts was 31 points and in vermont he won by three points over ohio governor


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