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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> why don't you mention donald trump by name? >> he seems to be doing a good job of mentioning his own name. [ laughter ] >> and moments from now, the commandeering chief would deliver the commencement address at the air force academy in colorado springs. good afternoon, i am andrea mitchell, live from san diego, we are here at the balboa park. the race is tight. wall street journal polls showing hillary clinton up just two-points among likely california voter -- california expected field poll shows that clinton is ahead by two-points and down by her six points lead back in april. all voters in california, bernie sanders is ahead by one point of
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48% to 47%. >> sanders joking about the clinton's detour out west. >> i saw clinton racing to california and bill clinton racing to california. maybe they see this campaign is not quite over. [ cheers [ cheers ] >> this afternoon secretary clinton is giving her speech since donald trump became the presumptive nominee. joining me now is kasie hunt who's covering the democratic race and from the washington post and katy tur who's been covering donald trump. >> well, anne, first to you, you have covered hillary as secretary of state on the road on the campaign. and interestingly on the washington abc polls for may, it
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has been within a couple of points, within the margins of registrar error in terms of who had the advantage? >> one expectation that the campaign has had, hillary would hold an advantage once it came to the general election because her foreign policy and national security experience in an area where many candidates are judged. she will be judged strong and they only felt that would be more the case when it became clear that donald trump was the nominee. those results tend to suggest that he has almost the same, you know, in national security as he does at least among likely voters of their respected parties. she got some work to do and she's going to try to start to do it today. >> jeff, what does she need to do when you are doing a big
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piece on the obama's policy. from your atlantic piece when you conducted the interview with clinton two summers ago drawing a lot of attention drawing of her attention of obama's and unofficial form of policy of don't do stupid stuff. she convinced me that unlike president obama, she has a heart of a cold warrior. that's not the best case to make in california. how did she go up against donald trump, what's the case that hillary clinton needs to make in this unconventional campaign against a candidate who changes the policy. >> she does not have to go left or right. that's the interesting thing about this moment. she's not going left or right. i think he's going towards competence and stability and
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temperament. i am thinking of what you call the gold water project. lyndon johnson defeated gold water in 1964 arguing his policy and personality would lead to u nuclear war. what will you are seeing today of an argument that donald trump is a dangerous person to put in charge of america's nuclear arsen arsenal. it is not going to be illogical so much as it is going to be personality driven and character driven and experience driven and basically the argument is going to be do you really trust this man to be in charge of the greatest military of the strongest military of the history of the planet. >> at the same time, you covered the iraq vote. >> right. >> and the mess that's in libya now. what can you point to, to say she does not have good judgment. >> all of those things and all the people that bernie sanders
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are making pieces of that case for a while. donald trump has a singular advantage in this upcoming race and that he has no foreign policy. he has no record to run on or defend himself. you know, so i think hillary clinton here if she can figure this out or has to do something clever which is a little bit of jujitsu, the fact that i have been here so long, i have experience and know the world. clearly, she's vulnerable to these kinds of attacks. >> and katy tur is joining us from san francisco. you have been covering donald trump from the beginning. he tweeted today of a presemiactivipresememptive shot last night and he tweeted
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of crooked hillary. in the world of trump's tweets, this is the classic, katy. >> reporter: yeah, i know i never heard of that. that's a new one for trump. he did say the same thing yesterday of her having no natural talent for the office of presidency. yesterday he went on with the preemptive attack and prebuttal. she's expected to hit donald trump quite hard on his in experience and international. yesterday he said that he questions her judgment when it comes to benghazi and questioning of libya and the e-mail scandal and immigration and the second method and the refugee crisis and the use of te teleprompter of the speech. when it comes to libya, he was trashing her for going to libya
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taking it out. in his own video blog, he said that he should absolutely be going to libya that it could be easy and quick to go in and take it out and would do in the search. now, he never made those claims and never talked about getting into libya. there is video to support this idea that he did actually go there. the problem is there are a lot of folks out there and democrats, soft democrats and in independence, people who want to vote on democrats and do say they have problems with how will clinton handle benghazi and how she handles international affairs so this attack from donald trump does fall on a lot of perceptives over the years that are not just folks that are supporting him. folks said are going to potentially support bernie sanders and folks. he believes as the campaign goes
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forward, he will be able to turn over to its side. >> and kasie hunt, you have been covering this campaign and watch the way hillary clinton has avoided national security of foreign policy which is considered to be one o f her strong points. she's still engaged in this tight fight of race here in california. even though we expect that she will seize the nomination next tuesday night well, before the polls is closed here. he's giving her such a hard time. if she wins here, she's going to be hard to control going in the convention. >> i definitely think that's true and you are right. you were talking about this with jeff. her record on these issues of foreign policy national security does not help against liberals or the democratic party. it is currently in many ways supporting bernie sanders and i think it is clear that they realize there could be a
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repercussion of losing california. these polls are showing very tight and you have been seeing the writing on the wall and added up, sanders have spoken to 160,000 people here in california over the last couple of weeks here in california. that's quite a bit to deal with. his grass root organizations are olding conferen holding conference calls of what to do. i just think of a question of what does bernie sanders do, is he going to direct those supporters to rewhhabit there? >> we got harry reid of the associated press, you know, bernie sanders should do the ba math. you have barbara boxer and feinstein of the two senators from california, and harry is weighing into say do the math.
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exactly. >> so in interviewing jeh sanders and seeing bernie sanders' rally last night out here. there is no sign that he's back at all. he seems invigorated by the fact that she's diverting her campaign here and for clinton as well >> sure, he felt that he ha had -- today's foreign policy speeches is real interesting on the clinton campaign part because it ak accentuatccentuat history and all the things you are talking about in terms of a liability for her and yet, it signifies that he's looking past this unpleasant period for her and towards what she believes one of her biggest drawing cards in the general election. i mean in the meantime she's playing in a way into sanders'
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hands, she can say not only she has to rearrange her own schedule and come out here to fight me but look at what she's saying when she's here when she's talking to you. that's the argument we expect to hear. >> jeff goldberg as we head back to this arena, hillary is separating herself as well from barack obama. you know her chief supporter on a number of things including how -- she would have gotten in the syrian vicivil war. >> right, there are differences in the way they approach the world and specific policies and also a dispositional. she has a biassed action. >> i think she's putting all of her fire on donald trump and showing there is a casm between
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a lockdown across campus and concerns for ucla students and their family and loved ones. nbc is joining me now, scotty, with new development of this case. >> reporter: that's right andrea, this story is developing as we speak. we are still trying to sort out and we are getting more information of the car and including the discovery of possibly what's being described as a kill list. it is a list of names and one of the people on that list is known to the gunman, possibly, a girlfriend and we are told now that girlfriend was found murdered. so that is a different state that's happening in minnesota, obviously, that's happening here in ucla maybe connected and lapd is piecing together whether or not this case has to do with what's going on in minnesota right now. to couch this, i have to tell you there is a one note that was found here yesterday.
9:17 am
investigators is talking about a note and some people describing it like reading someone's suicide note. we don't know that note was the note that had a list of name of the killings in minnesota or a note was found in a residence by the gunman. all of that stuff is still developing and we are trying to sort out where that notice and if there are any other names on that list and obviously, investigators are going to check on those people to make sure everybody is okay. andrea. >> scotty shorts, thank you very much for the latheest on that. much more ahead here in san diego and hillary clinton's major national security speech in about an hour and president obama is speaking at the air force academy. we'll be right back. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
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the 30 day, 100 percent money back guarantee. don't wait, call this number now. ♪ with the right steps, 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. his own employees that trump
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u, you cannot make this up. that trump u was a fraudulent scheme. this is just more evidence that donald trump himself is a fraud. [ cheers ] he's trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump u. >> hillary seizing on the trump u university as trump fights back and repeatedly slamming the federal judge overseeing the case here in california over the university. releasing this video of a former student that the trump campaign claims of success story. >> the course that is i took is outstanding. >> the learning experience, for me the teachers are positive with me and patience with me in the class. >> do we ever felt pressure
9:22 am
going in any direction we did not want to go? truly just -- >> close financial ties to trump and his businesses. joining me now from our daily fix, chris cillizza and halie jackson and nick who broke the story debunking that trump video. nick, tell me about the ties of some of those vallidators. >> right, two of them have former business ties. one of the gentlemen had water company and someone else, a son
9:23 am
had been in contact with donald trump and that was endorsed by himself. >> and chris cillizza, when you look at this whole ruckus over trump university. what is the precedent for a presumptive nominee candidate going after a federal judge in a case like this, repeatedly going after ethnics and slams and making it him against the u.s. federal court judge. >> not much. andrea. you can say what's the president f president -- the thing that i wonder about is what donald trump is clearly proven is this kind of rhetoric and his
9:24 am
response of trump university and papers that came out. it works for a certain segment of republicans. it was a bigger segment than any of the 16 candidates can consistently rely on. donald trump is going to get 12 million or 12.5 million votes. mit romney got 60 million votes in 2012 when he lost by 5 million votes to barack obama. yes, it worked in this primary setting. i just don't know and i don't know leading towards it that it can be scaleable of the way he's executing it. >> and it is yet to be seen whether or not these charges that have been levelled in this lawsuit. one of the plaintiffs was interviewed by nbc talking about how he drained his retirement account to pay for trump university. lets watch. >> i get this sick feeling to my stomach to not only see from my
9:25 am
own personal experience but i see him playing the same exact cards with this whole country. >> halie jackson, your experience covering donald trump you see how this rolls off his back of these kinds of issues does this one hit closer to home because it goes to whether or not one of his business adventures is fraudulent. >> reporter: remember, donald trump is running on his business experience. he does not have political experience. this campaign, hey, listen, i am a great businessman and i can help lead the country the way i led my businesses. the thinking go any attack against his business dealings and the way he participate in the corporal world could cut at the core of his message. you are seeing, for example, the clinton, campaign, this is the attack that we have seen
9:26 am
levelled at trump before. marco rubio, factoring in the primary and a little bit of jeb bush and along with some of these other candidates on the race. trying to get some tractions on that issue. it simply never materialize several months ago. can it work for the clinton team and can they pinpoint this as the area they think could help diminish trump's standing? trump is unconcerned of it. when asked, he's dismissed of the lawsuit and he believes that he has legal standing and his spokesperson is confident. like so many issues that trump has confronted about. he has a way of simply looking and passing and trying to shift the narrative. last night, north of us in sacramento, trump at the rally in the bay area, even in sacramento, he did not bring up
9:27 am
the case against trump university. he chose to focus on hillary clinton's speech and prebut pal >> thank you very much, coming up, clinton and trump slugging it out on national security. who's winning support of veteran military support leaders, that's coming up on "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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9:31 am
aircraft carrier and can go anywhere in the submarines and move undetected. the largest and most lethal navy in the world. nobody can match our native. our marines, first to fight or deliver health in a crisis, the world's only truly global, force, nobody can match us. our coast guards are served on the most advance. our special team can hook and climb or repel a board and protecting our shore. nobody can manage that. with your unequal vigilance and reach and a new generation
9:32 am
promoted aircraft pilots and as stockt as -- nobody can manage america's air force. [ cheers ] [ applause ] not only that, no other nation brings this force together like we do in one joint force. we saw in an operation against syria just last year, air force and aircraft provided surveillance and navy teams provide close air support and soldiers to the target and one of isil's top leaders was isolated. that's the power of america's military. we need to keep it that way. here is one more fact as you go out to the world, we are blessed to be living in the most
9:33 am
peaceful, most prosperous era of human history. that sounds controversial until you survey the history of the world. it is hard to see with all the violence of what's reported in the world. think about last week when i was in hiroshima to remember all who were lost in a world war that killed some 60 million people. not 60,000, 60 million people. for de wars between nations are increasingly war. more people live in democracies. more than one billion people have been lifted from extreme poverty. from the americas to africa and southeast asia, there is a new
9:34 am
generation of people connected to make sheer mark. they look up to america and they inspire to be our partner. that's the progress in a whole that we have to build on. so much of that derives from the extraordinary leadership and sacrifice of our air force and other branches of our military. so we are well positioned. you enter this moment with a lot of good cards to play. we face serious threats, terrorist networks plotting attacks against our nation and civil wars like in iraq tearing countries apart and creating catastrophy and disputes in the
9:35 am
south china sea. . we are the sovereignty of nation is respected and all nations abide by the same rules. nuclear weapons of north korea and the threat of terrorism still threatened us all. that's going to be your challenge. the challenge of your generation which leaves me to a second lesson as we navigate this complex world. we cannot be isolation. it is not possible in this interconnected world. of these uncertain times, it is tempting to pull back. we try to watch our hands of complex and led other countries fend themselves.
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history teaches us from pearl harbor and 9/11 that ocean alone cannot protect us. hateful people of boston and san bernardino. goods and services with other country in a global economy. we public health systems on the other side of the world, around diseases to develop and end up reaching our shores. we cannot turn or give into isolationism. so as americans we have to keep leading and working with others to build the security and prosperity and justice we want in the world. by the way, one of the most effective ways to lead and work with others is to retreat and advance our interest. lately there is been a mind set in congress that just about any
9:37 am
national treaty that's somehow a violation of america's sovereignty. they voted down a treaty to protect disabled americans and including veterans while bob dole was sitting right there in a wheelchair. we don't always realize that treaties make a lot of things in our lives available that we take advantage of. those are good things and not a threat to our sovereignty. >> i think we can all agree on that. but, also from nato -- to treaties controlling nuclear weapons. treaties help keep us safe. so if we are truly concerned of china's action and south china sea, the senate should help proven the law by our convention as our military leaders emerged.
9:38 am
by the way, these treaties are not a new thing. >> joining me now is christopher hill from u.s. embassador s serving under george bush and also president obama. embassador, thank you very much for being with us. interest on foreign policy that you got. hillary clinton attacking donald trump. donald trump and others in his party with more isolationist and some in both democrats and republicans circle criticizing president obama. hillary clinton having argued that internally and this campaign being aggressive of what she would have done in
9:39 am
syria. where do we stand on foreign policy and the political debate in 2016? >> well, i think secretary of clinton is found laying out abroad vision of what the united states need to do to keep a safe part of what we do to have a strong alliances worldwide. i think the president was doing a similar thing at the air force academy. where donald trump is anyone's guess. one day he's saying we need to assassinate the leader of north korea and the next day he wants to talk to the goo and the next day he wants to give south koreans all weapons. this guy is all over the map and suggests that he does not know what he's talking about. what's going on with secretary clinton as it gears up for the fall election and also for
9:40 am
president, enough is enough. we got to be clear of what our values are and our foreign policies and why these alliances are important and why the world can continue to rely on us. i think it is kind of a high time, we all kind of stepped it up against this just message of craziness that it is going on in mr. trump's mind. >> at the same time there are many democrats who are viewing along as donald trump. they think donald trump is too much of a hawk and bernie sanders is among them. >> yeah, there are room to talk about whether we should intervene of this country or whether we should have that as a broad or a collision or whethal involved. with mr. trump, we are in and out talking about these specific issues. he cannot speak of these issues because he cannot understand it. what he's talking about is general theme and the idea of we
9:41 am
need to bomb our way to victory. you bomb isis 12,000 time ss? should we be more diplomatic or the military side. a lot of reasons to discuss those issues. the notion that we should be polling lack from the world and reaching out phone calls to the president of north korea, simply gives the impression that he has no idea of. >> you support hillary clinton, i believe. are you finding among foreign policy experts of diplomats and military people that there are on standing republicans who are now thinking about riding the candidate or not supporting the republicans this year? >> i am based out here in
9:42 am
colorado and i talk to a lot of people out here. i can see a lot of republicans saying that they just cannot go along with trump. most people, i mean with due respect of libertarian party, most people don't see a third party. it is really -- you have to make a decision whether you want someone who trust it and knows what she's doing and been there before or whether you have someone is discovering the world for the first time. i think we are seeing a lot of people going for the former. >> thanks very much to chris hill, embassador, thank you for being with us. >> last week the big story of how fast the republican party is
9:43 am
healing. it is a healing process. it was a rough campaign. i don't know fred mallic. the real story is how fast we get it. if i have a republican that's not on my side, why should i go after them like hillary or crazy birdie. why should i be nice to that person? if i have a person that's not supporting me, i have no obligation. >> fred is joining me now, good to see you. >> foreign policy hawk, if you will, how do you take donald trump's foreign policy as you understand it? >> well, you know the president talking in his speech was eloquent by the way, he talked about america's interested in the world. he's not using their leadership and he's not using great technology of defining men and women that we have to assert that leadership. the one thing i know about
9:44 am
donald trump is he -- he's not going to lead the front. >> the same time there is been a lot of business in the donald trump now saying he never suggested to be okay if japan gotten nuclear weapon and in fact he said zit and in fact he knows that he has said. are you comfortable as a republican with his foreign policy? >> well, you know, andrea, when you compare the two candidates, you comparing four years of hillary failure really as secretary of state to advance our relationship in the world. i cannot think of a single nation other than cuba and iran than seven or eight years ago. with donald trump, you have somebody that tells it like it
9:45 am
is and where i think is strong enough to stand up to the world and will do exactly what he will do. >> you read in the washington post that many republicans and including yourself coming around to support him and we also believe that it is imperative to recognize and that. as you were writing this and he was going after governor martinez, the head of the government association, have you seen any sign and especially in that news conference this week that he's going to stop attacking republicans including yourself? >> he diplomdn't attack me. you will take two steps forward or two steps backward. i don't think he meant to go out
9:46 am
and criticize susanna martinez. why would anyone go and criticize the first hispanic lady of the state? >> how could you possibly think to yourself a good thing to do. he got to have his discipline and think things through and not go off on such tractions. he could do it but he's making it hard for republicans to come together. bottom line, are you supporting him now? >> well, i am going to vote for him because i think it is important to reverse -- it is important to stop deregulation and distoring growth.
9:47 am
i think it is important to create jobs and more on the private sector. yes, i am a supporter of him because of that. >> fred malek, thank you for being with us today. >> coming up, matt lauer with the new secretary, first openly gay man. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports," on msnbc. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs.
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9:50 am
er when eric fanning was confirmed of the new secretary last month, another historic moment. eric fanning is the first openingopenly gay in the u.s. military. >> fanning says he's embracing this moment. >> i gotten used to the fact that this is apart of. when it first happened, i was bothered by it because i did not have the track record that
9:51 am
people know now. i want to focus on quality occasio qualifications and now i embrace it. it is something that i did not have 25 years ago. >> as you are growing up and i don't know if or when you ever consider potential career in the military, but there were no role models for you. now do you look at yourself as having extra responsibility to others? >> i think any time you are in a job like this, i feel the responsibility in the army. not just because of historic nature of deployment because of gay. i take the responsibility seriously. it was something that i consider but tii was not allowed to serv. >> it was less than five years ago that a gay man or woman
9:52 am
serving has to keep it a secret. >> i ended up leaving because i didn't see that there was a future for me as an openly gay man. i will come back to this job as beyond what i ever had imagined. >> when was the last time you ever consciously conceal your sexuality? >> you know it is been -- it is been a while. that's part of the silver lining of the attention that i got. i realize that i cannot hide it anymore and everybody knows. it is more of a story as each new run in the career that takes place. >> have you ever had to confront someone here in the pentagon because of something they said to your face or something you heard they said behind your back or a careless comment they may have named? >> careless comment, sure. we all use lingo that maybe we
9:53 am
don't understand on other people. >> have ucoyou confirmed someonn that? >> it is an educational moment. no time did anybody do anything where there was any menace booi behind it. i have not had to confront anyone of what they said. this is too hierarchy of a culture for anyone once you are a secretary to do that. ru the wrong guy to mess with. >> do you want the job after january of next year? do you want to stay in this post? >> it is the best job. with that said, january 21st, imagine myself being some place. right now i cannot imagine going through the process.
9:54 am
>> not a firm no for the record, lets just say that. >> a remarkable interview and a remarkable achievement. >> coming up, we shift back to the bottle for california. and look inside the latest nbc polls showing a thin race between clinton and bernie sanders. ahead of tuesday's crucial primary, you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc, live from san diego. deve loped our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply.
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welcome back, two california polls showing how tight the race is between hillary clinton and bernie sanders here in california. only six days before the primary voting. nbc's senior political editor, mark murray, is joining me now. tell us the differences that we see. >> yeah, it is a familiar pattern that we have seen so far in our polls that shows hillary clinton is doing very well with voters over 45, between very
9:58 am
well identifying democrats and people actually participated in the primaries before. bernie sanders on the other hand is doing very well with independence that we have seen in the past. the question of the race is how many independence and how many young people is bernie sanders able to win over latinos. if he is, it is going to be a close race. that's our polls. >> some indications last week of the newly registered voters were young latinas. that could be a base for bernie sanders of those who never voted before. >> that's what bernie sanders is hoping for. because our polls as well as others, we are not going on the voter registration list, we are calling people up. a andrea, there is one little
9:59 am
quirk that's not a sure open primary. if you a non affiliated party, you have to request that ballot and be able to vote on the democratic primary race. a little extra hurdle for people that are actual democratic primary voters. >> it is no secret from these polls and the internal polls that the clinton have as to why clinton is flying out here today and bill clinton as well cancelling her events in new jersey. >> andrea, what i think the story line of california, is going to be how long is this race going on. we'll know that she's going to be the presumptive nominee after the first vote comes. if bernie sanders is able to win, he will go all the way to the convention and that's what california voters may decide. that's what he's promising. thanks so much for the number, that does it for us from beautiful san diego on "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow on the show, we'll be back in california up of the
10:00 am
coast of it. and ahead of tuesday's big primary contest. follow the show online and on facebook and twitter. stay ahead with us. craig melvin is up next. >> we start at this hour of breaking news of the gunman involved on that shooting at this time yesterday at ucla. police chief is now saying that gunman had a kill list. right now we are waiting on two new conference of the la police expected to hold a news conference and another news conference in minnesota. nbc's scotty shorts is joining me now. i understand that you are raigh now head toed to that lapd conference. >> reporter: right now we are headed


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