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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 29, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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istanbul's international airport. that airport has partially reopened this morning following the suicide bombings that left at least 36 people dead according to that country's prime minister. nearly 150 more people are reported injured in what he is calling an attack by the islamic state, by a vis. turkish officials say the three attackers arrived at the airport in a cab last night, they then began to open fire in and around the arrivals area of the main terminal using automatic weapons. police exchanged gunfire with the attackers before the explosives were detonated, sending people running in a panic. one man from boston who was caught up in the attacks describes the chaos. >> i went out, i was in there, people were shooting on one side and we all ran the other way. and then the bombs went off. and people were running the other way and there was more shooting. and we came out, and i said i think there's another bomb, but not really sure. >> footage has emerged apparently showing some of the attack.
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we want to warn you that the following videos are graphic. this first one video captured by cctv on a computer that appears to show the moment of one of the explosions. in what appears to be the lower level of the airport. nbc news has not independently confirmed that that is the blast. another video shows what appears to be a police officer shooting one of the attackers, who then falls to the ground before detonating his explosives just moments later. the white house has condemned the blasts as a hapous terrorist attack and the state department said it was determining if any victims were americans. joining us from our london bureau is nbc news foreign correspondent matt bradley. what's the latest this morning? >> thanks, chris. good morning. most of the victims were turkish nationals but we're now hearing than an iranian and a ukrainian were among the dead. no one has claimed responsibility but speculation is already falling on the usual suspects, notably islamic state. that group has taken responsibility for past attacks against turkey.
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of course, syria, and iraq share a long border with turkey. and i just want to mention a few notable parallels with the attacks on the brussels airport in march. that was part of a larger assault on that city and was eventually claimed by islamic state. like in brussels, the three attackers yesterday arrived by taxi, they detonated suicide bombs inside the airport but it's worth noting at istanbul's ataturk international the first security check is at the entrance to the airport. but it's not clear whether that added layer of security reduced casualties. that preventing these attackers from really getting in to the main terminal, and detonating and opening fire with kalashnikovs inside. >> nbc's matt bradley. thank you very much. i want to bring in msnbc foreign correspondent ayman mow hoiden. serious problems with murky. but this into context for us. >> turkey right now has two fronts so to speak. it is dealing with a stubborn
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insurgency with the kurdish separatists that have been carrying out very significant attacks both in ankara and istanbul. that has been going on for decades. we've seen an uptick within the past year. then you have the situation in neighboring syria and turkey. there are hundreds of thousands of refugees. you have a lot of foreign fighters that have managed to come through that very same airport in istanbul, make their way into syria, back into turkey. turkey is allowing u.s. campaigns to be launched from there to bomb isis targets inside syria and iraq. turkey is in the nexus of so many ongoing conflicts and tensions, that at this stage now that the turkish government is saying we believe it to be isis but before that it could have been any one of these scenarios. we know that turkey has in the past shipped weapons into some of the syrian rebels because they've been fighting the atad regime and that's what turkey has wanted the international community to focus on. but in the last year and a half, it, too, has now joined this campaign against isis in a very aggressive way, launching campaigns, fighting, and it has
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made turkey a target for both isis because of what it is doing in syria, but because of its proximity to europe and the symbolism there. >> any surprise that given the fact that they have not claimed responsibility that the officials there came out so quickly and said, this is isis? >> not necessarily. because if they've been able to identify some of the attackers, any of the attackers, turkey keeps a robust system of who arrives in this country. although it may allow them to go on to syria, it would have a good database of people who are coming in from outside of turkey. so it doesn't surprise knee that the turkish government believes its initial intel that this is an isis related or isis directed or isis inspired attack as opposed to something being from the pkk or from any of the kurdish separatist movement. also given the fact that the profile of this attack is very similar to what we saw in brussels. multiple attacks, very coordinated, highly symbolic target, a target that is going after an international symbol, which is the airport. and this airport in particular is one of the busiest in the world -- >> the 11th busiest in the
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world. >> yeah, exactly. and third in europe. so it's a highly symbolic target and again it doesn't fit the profile of what the turkish -- the kurdish separatists have been doing in the past which is targeted more about turkish symbols as opposed to international symbols. >> ayman, thank you so much for that. some airports around the u.s. are beefing up their security in the wake of this attack. the port authority of new york and new jersey says it's putting armed high visibility patrols at its three main airports in the new york city area. the agency added it is collaborating with federal, state and local law enforcement officials on security. meantime, passengers arriving at miami international airport tell the nbc affiliate there that they noticed tighter security, as well. the attack in istanbul comes three months after the airport and subway station attacks in brussels that ayman just mentioned that left 32 dead and 300 injured. both presidential nominees have also released statements the presumptive nominees. hillary clinton said in part the attack in istanbul only strengthens our resolve to
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defeat the forces of terrorism and radical jihadism around the world and it reminds us that the united states cannot retreat. part of donald trump's statement reads, quote, our enemies are brutal and ruthless and will do anything to murder those who do not bend to their will. we must take steps now to protect america from terrorists and do everything in our power to improve our security to keep america safe. at a campaign rally last night, trump once again made the case for using even more extreme interrogation techniques than waterboarding, which was banned in 2009. >> they said what do you think about waterboarding? i said i like it a lot, i don't think it's tough enough. we have to be so strong. we have to fight so viciously, and violently, because we're dealing with violent people. vicious, people. and you know, they eat dinner like us. can you imagine them sitting around the table or wherever they're eating their dinner, talking about the americans don't do waterboarding and yet we chop off heads.
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they probably think we're weak, we're stupid, we don't know what we're doing, we have no leadership. you know, you have to fight fire with fire. >> trump returned to pennsylvania steel country yesterday to speak out against the globalism punishing the american worker. vowing economic independence. with a plan that would withdraw the u.s. from the trans-pacific partnership, renegotiate or withdraw from nafta, label china a currency manipulator and impose new tariffs and taxes to punish bad behavior. trump took direct aim at the global financial elite claiming hillary clinton would protect the status quo and continue the total betrayal of american workers. >> our politicians have aggressively pursued a policy of globalization, moving our jobs, our wealth, and our factories to mexico, and overseas. globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very, very wealthy. i used to be one of them.
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hate to say it, but i used to be one. hillary clinton, and her campaign of fear, will try to spread the lie that these actions will start a trade war. you already have a trade war. and we're losing badly. badly. she has it completely backwards. hillary clinton unleashed a trade war against the american worker, when she supported one terrible deal after another from nafta, to china to south korea. it doesn't matter. no matter where she went, the american worker was hurt. >> in response, the clinton campaign put out u.s. senator and possible vice presidential candidate sherrod brown who ran through a list of trump's products sold in the u.s. but manufactured overseas. >> was asked why he makes his suits in china, trump said he has no choice because they don't even make the stuff here. well, not true.
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i -- i'm wearing a suit today, made proudly by union workers in brooklyn, ohio, about seven miles from my house. we know just in my state alone, where donald trump could have gone to make these things. >> trump's speech also came under criticism from a kind of strange pairing, both the u.s. chamber of commerce, who tweeted, under trump's trade plans we see higher prices, fewer jobs and a weaker economy, and the president of the afl-cio added, if donald trump's trade policies look anything like his business policies, working people will be collecting pink slips instead of pay checks. but trump carried his tough talk on trade into ohio last night, going off tell prompter and using harsh rhetoric to describe the pending deal in asia. >> the trans-pacific partnership is another disaster. done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country. just a continuing rape of our country. that's what it is, too. it's a harsh word. it's a rape of our country.
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this is done by wealthy people that want to take advantage of us, and that want to assign another partnership. >> so this is all about trump striking a populist tone. you just heard him saying he used to be a member of the financial elite. but president obama rejected that notion in a new interview, as well as any claims trump makes to represent the working class. >> what is absolutely true is that the ability to tap in to a fear that people may have been losing control, and to offer some sort of vague, nostalgic feelings about how, you know, we'll make britain great again, or we'll make america great begin, and the subtext for that is somehow that a bunch of foreigners, and funny looking people are coming in here and changing the basic character of
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the nation, i think that some of that is out there. >> meanwhile, senator bernie sanders is having his say on the brexit vote in great britain. in "the new york times" op-ed, quote, surprise, surprise, workers in britain, many of whom have seen a decline in their standard of living, while the very rich in their country have become much richer, have turned their backs on the european union and the globalized economy that is bailing them and their children. in this pivotal moment the democratic party and a new democratic president need to make clear that we stand with those who are struggling and who have been left behind. sanders is fund-raising to bring his supporters to next month's convention as he withholds his endorsement of hillary clinton until they hammer out the language in the democratic platform. >> our job is to transform america, to end the 40-year decline of the american middle class. that is what i am fighting to do. politics is not a baseball game with winners and losers. what politics is about, is whether we protect the needs of
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millions of people in this country who are hurting. that is my focus. >> meanwhile, in los angeles last night, hillary clinton was asked if she could see this election from the view of a trump supporter. here's what she said. >> i am sympathetic to a lot of the people attracted by trump's message who are feeling really left out and left behind. they have lost faith in their government, in the economy, certainly in politics, and most other institutions. i understand why people are frustrated and even fearful. but, don't look for easy answers, and misleading promises that cannot deliver what you're hoping for. we are a future oriented society. america's always been about the future. and every election has been about the future. so i am determined to say, look, you may not vote for me, trump supporters, i get that, because
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you really are upset about immigration, or you're upset about trade, or you're upset about the feeling that the jobs that you had that gave you a good living are gone. but let's think about what we're going to do to try to create more opportunities for you, your children, your grandchildren. >> and after a two-year investigation the republican-led house select committee on benghazi has released its final report on the 2012 terror attack. ultimately, the 800-page report found no new evidence of wrongdoing by then-secretary of state hillary clinton. the report did, however, find fault with the state department and the military. one commander testified that marines responding to the attack had to change in and out of uniforms four times. the state department responded to that claim. >> i can assure you that there was no back and forth over them changing their uniforms that caused a delay in these individuals being deployed to benghazi.
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>> both donald trump and hillary clinton reacted to that report. trump tweeting, benghazi is just another hillary clinton failure. it just never seems to work the way it's supposed to with clinton. and here's how she responded. >> after more than two years, and $7 million spent by the benghazi committee out of taxpayer funds, it had to, today, report it had found nothing, nothing to contradict the conclusions of the independent accountability board. i'll leave it to others to characterize this report but i think it's pretty clear it's time to move on. >> authorities this morning are still searching for three crew members missing after a head-on train collision in texas. two freight trains were on the same track when they collided near the town of panhandle, about 30 miles away from amarillo. county officials say one of the four crew members involved in the crash jumped from one of the trains. that person was taken to the hospital. so far it's unclear why both
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trans were on the same track. still ahead on "way too early," after leaving cleveland to that long awaited nba title, lebron james opts out of his cavaliers contract for next season. but does anyone really think he's leaving again? yeah, talk to his wife about that. and speaking of cleveland, the rnc shows off the model for its convention stage next month. now if we could only figure out if mike tyson will be there. we'll explain that. plus, a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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hei don't want one that'hadused a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report witevery listing i like it start your used car search a welcome back to "way too early." and it is a sad day in the sports world, as fans remember college basketball icon pat summitt who passed away yesterday morning after her courageous battle with early onset dementia. as news of her passing spread fans visited her statue that stands on the campus of the university of tennessee. where, for over 38 years,
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summitt led the lady vols to eight ncaa championships, 32 conference titles and in 2005 became the winningest coach in the history of men's and women's d-1 basketball. she was named ncaa coach of the year seven times and the naismith coach of the century in 2000. in 2012 she received a presidential medal of freedom. summitt was 64 years old. the sports world also lost former nfl coach and defensive gu row buddy ryan who passed away yesterday at 85. ryan spent 26 seasons as an nfl coach and was part of three staffs that appeared in super bowls. he's best known for his hand in shaping the infamous '85 chicago bears defense. ryan's nfl legacy lives on through his sons rex and rob ryan who are coaches for the buffalo bills. turning now to the nba where newly minted champion lebron james will soon be a free agent once again. james' agent confirming the final -- final's mvp has declined the player option on his contract. now while this means james will
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become a free agent on july 1st. he has already said he has no intention of leaving cleveland. the three-time nba champ was set to make $24 million next season, and by opting out he can sign a new contract with the cavs starting at $27.5 million. and in major league baseball the indians! are feeding off that winning vibe in cleveland dropping the braves 5-3 yesterday. 11 straight victories for the tribe! that's the club's longest win streak in 34 years! and the longest in the majors so far this season. >> cleveland -- >> stronger -- >> and in denver, the blue jays brought some nasty weather with them while visiting the rockies, causing a nearly three-hour delay before last night's game. torrential rain and hail poured down on coors field, leading to heavy runoff that flooded the dugout and tunnel. the grounds crew was able to repair the field in time for a 9:21 first pitch.
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as for the game the jays win it 14-9. what is going on nbc meteorologist -- >> i don't know, should we give you the cleveland forecast? >> go straight in to it there. >> let's do it. >> they're on a pretty good roll there, yeah. >> pretty good? >> yeah, great i should say. >> okay. >> yeah it's better. the rain this morning has just about over with for much of new england as the thunderstorms roll through yesterday from d.c. all the way up through new york now they're up in areas of maine. one lone storm from connecticut into massachusetts. still a slight chance of a shower in around the 495 loop around boston. as far as today goes the cold front still lingers. pop-up showers and storms, nothing severe like yesterday. isolated showers, especially from hartford up towards northern new england. in between the showers we should be seeing a lot of sunshine. out in the west a lot of wind damage yesterday. even a few tornadoes were reported. this line of storms went from nebraska through colorado, now entering into areas of the panhandle here of oklahoma, slowly trying to move down even into north texas. that's the only severe weather out there this morning and damaging winds are possible
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right now as we go through the next half hour. later today about half a million people under risk of severe storms. rapid city, scotts bluff, and rural portions of colorado, maybe two inch large hail. tornado threat is actually very low today and we continue with a very hot month. we're still seeing temperatures well above average in the west, boise today at 100. phoenix at 108. if you're in the gulf coast yesterday you got soaked with the afternoon storms. it will happen again today. atlanta is dry but if you're down there from new orleans, mobile, orlando, a chance of storms. a little peek at thursday shows a beautiful day coming from the great lakes to the northeast. and looks like the stretch heading into the holiday weekend is going to be great, too, for a lot of people. >> wouldn't that be nice? thanks so much, bill. and still ahead it was the first day to legalize medical marijuana but will california be the latest to legal recreational pot use? that story and more next on "way too early." m in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week.
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welcome back to "way too early." the republican national convention now just weeks away. preparations almost complete. yesterday the rnc unveiled its dramatic new stage featuring twin white staircases and a 1700 square foot video board made of 600 l.e.d. panels. the stage will be flanked by silver blades. you see them on both sides there. reports say donald trump is lining up a slate of celebrities and sports icons to take part in the convention like former indiana university basketball coach bobby knight, chicago bears coach mike ditka and world
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heavyweight champ mike tyson though their specific roles are unknown. but when those reports surfaced that tyson might be speaking, trump wasted no time shutting down that speculation, tweeting, iron mike tyson was not asked to speak at the convention. though i'm sure he would do a good job, if he was. and california may soon be added to the growing list of states to legalize pot for recreation. that initiative backed by former facebook president shane parker and lieutenant governor gavin newsom has gotten enough signatures to go on the november 8th ballot. the measure would allow adults 21 and over to possess, transport and use up to an ounce of pot. the last time california put recreational pot on the ballot was back in 2010 and it was voted down by a seven-point margin. since then ballot measures have passed in four states, washington, colorado, alaska and oregon, as well as the district of columbia. that's going to do it for me and "way too early." coming up on "morning joe," the latest on that terror attack in istanbul. no official claim of
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responsibility but officials say it has all the hallmarks of isis. nbc's richard engel joins us live from istanbul. plus, donald trump doubles down on his call for terror techniques that are even more harsh than waterboarding. that and much more coming up next on "morning joe." we got another one. i have an orc-o-gram for an "owen." that's me. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪ ♪ she wants to change the world with you. ♪ ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪ ♪ her biggest weakness is she cares too much. ♪ thank you. my friend really wants a job at ge. mine too. ♪ i'm a wise elf from a far off shire. ♪ and sanjay patel is who you should hire. ♪ thank you. seriously though, stacy went to a great school and she's really loyal. you should give her a shot. sanjay's a team player and uh...
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good morning, it's wednesday june 29th. >> with us on set, veteran columnist mike barnicle, john halman. fellow at the council on foreign relations and contributing editor at "the atlantic" and aman. this morning istanbul international airport has parlsy reopened following the suicide bombing that left at least 36 people dead, according to the country's prime minister. nearly 150 more are reported injured in what he is calling an attack by the islamic state. turkish officials say three attackers arrived at the airport in a cab last night. they then opened fire in and


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