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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  August 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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this is politics nation with al sharpton. >> good morning. i'm al sharpon the. we start with some history. 8 years ago we were all shocked with sarah palin said this about barrack obama. >> this is not a man who sees america as you and i see america. our opponent is someone who sees america as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists that targeted their own country. >> now the rhetoric from donald trump is even worse. >> he is the founder of isis. he is the founder of isis.
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>> he said the president was the founder of isis. you meant he created the vacuum. >> no, i meant he's the founder of isis. i doful he's the most valuable player. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. >> it's obvious what this is all about. our latest nbc poll shows 72% of republicans have doubts about whether president obama was born in the u.s. 72%. that's not a fringe. it's the base. and it's why the republicans are in trouble. hillary clinton's electoral map is expanding. trump's map is shrinking. he is getting desperate and so are his supporters. that's why it is so dangerous when trump talked about how second amendment people could try to stop clinton.
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>> if she gets to pick her judges, there's nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people. >> let's be clear. trump is playing with fire. trump's vicious talk excites his supporters in the crowd to take it even further as the new york times showed in this video. >> if there are any leaders left in the republican party they must take a stand against trump's rhetoric or except the verdict. >> joining me now is the former governor of michigan where trump's hopes are fading and major reed of atlanta georgia where clinton's hopes are
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rising. thank you for being here. >> you bet. thank you so much. >> governor, where is the out cry on the right about trump's rhetoric? >> that is exactly the question. what are these candidates saying. where is rob portman on this? i think i'm almost tired of the out rage of day that donald trump is expressing but -- and i think voters are getting this. you see this with all the polls that came out this week in the swing states and georgia he is headed for where are the candidates that hitched their wagons to them. if they want to save themselves they should be expressing out rage and say this is not acceptable in a democracy.
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>> have you ever seen anything like it at the national level. >> i haven't. we have an obligation to put an end to this campaignhat donald trump has been running. losing a state like georgia so we have been encouraging that everybody should do our part on the democratic side. to put an end -- frankenstein is an appropriate example of donald trump. even when he is given an opportunity to show he is a serious person that cares about people other than himself he doubles down on the most horrible rhetoric that anyone has ever deployed. >> let me ask you governor on
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what the mayor raises about the base. when we look at dozens, send a letter urging the rnc to cutoff funds for trump and focus on saving themselves. if this self-interest the only thing you see to prompt republicans to part ways with trump. >> the door is cracking open and i think that responsible people have a moment to say this is not who we are and if we can trouns him in november it will put that frankenstein back in the crate never to emerge again. we want to send a signal that who we are as americans is what you saw at the democratic convention. we are defining our patriotism by this american exceptionalism
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which is our diversity. this is who we are and we can send a message as a people, including republicans that are thoughtful and including all republicans i would hope but at least the ones that we know can form a very broad majority so that this does not arise again. >> let me go back to the politics that you're advancing. trump's rhetoric is having an effect on public opinion. trump has talked about it but he is down by nearly 7%. clinton is now expanding into georgia where she is up by nearly 2%. in georgia almost always goes red. she is up by 2%. could trump's campaign completely reshape the electoral map this time? >> i think it can. georgia is winnable.
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if we put the resources that we put into north carolina there it's an entirely winnable state. in 1992, the last time that georgia was in the democrat presidential column it was with president clinton so there's a unique opportunity here and i think that everybody here on the ground, including a large number of republicans are ready to go to work to put this frankenstein back where ever it came from. >> governor, you served as governor of michigan. i knew you then. you know the rust belt better than most. why is donald trump challenged even in the rust belt where usually this sense of pop you lichl finds a bigger following? >> because i think the people in the rust belt are smarter than what donald trump is giving them credit for. but just look at the economic plan that he rolled out this past week compared with hillary clinton's economic planment what
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he talked about again is the same old tired trickle down strategies that have not worked, including getting rid of the estate tax which would benefit him, his family to the tune of $4 billion. he is just continuing to exacerbate income inequality. he didn't say how he was going to pay for it. that moodies study demonstrated if his policies were adopted it would put the u.s. into a session where we lose 3.5 million more jobs but if you contrast it with the message of pragmatism she was specific. she had strategies for the midwest and investing in advanced manufacturing and investing in infrastructure and how to pay for it. for lifting small businesses and making sure that people's income are rising for incentivizing businesses and raising the minimum wage. we had policies that are hopeful
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and positive. the people in the rust belt, i don't like to use that term anymore but they want hope that you can build stock in america and stamp it made in america and export that and that's the hope she gave. >> we are running out of time but trump is a demagogue and back in the 50s he was brought down by this moment, a particular moment when he was confronted by his hateful talk by the top lawyer for the us. army. >> until this moment senator i think i never your cruelty or your rhetoric. >> have you no sense of decency, sir at long last.
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have you no sense of decency. >> don't we need that kind of coverage for someone to confront dump like a paul ryan or mitch mcconnell? >> i think we do. i also think we need to make it clear that if you don't with draw your support or your endorsement of donald trump that the rest of us are never going to forgive failing to act. there was time to do something about it and if you needed more of an excuse than reference that donald trump made to president barrack obama founding a terrorist organization whose mission is to kill americans should be the moment that draws all republicans who love america to action. >> thank you both for your time today. have a great sunday. >> thank you. >> you too. >> up next, one-on-one with geary johnson.
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>> well, look gary johnson got 1% of the vote last time. i think it's a fringe deal. he's a fringe candidate. i look at him and i watch him and i watch his motions and i think that he's a fringe candida candidate. >> donald trump says he is a fringe candidate but maybe he should tell that to republican lawmakers like congressman scott who supports gary johnson or to
5:16 am
senator susan collins who says she could vote for johnson or the voters under 30 who support johnson and green pear candidate swrrks ill stein over trump. >> the latest poll has johnson at 10%. >> joining me now is the libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson. former governor of new mexicoful thanks first of all for being here. >> absolutely reverend. thank you for having me on. >> let me ask you governor,
5:17 am
donald trump says you're a fringe candidate. anything you'd like to say to trump? >> oh, he's got it nailed on that one. myself and bill both republican governors serving two terms in heavy democratic states being physically conservative and socially accepting, tolerant and when it comes to military interventions believing that when we support regime change, it has lead to the unintended consequence of making things worse, not better and we're not isolationists. we do believe in free trade. we believe that's how we bring the world together so actually very sarcastically if that's fringe that's rereflective of most americans. >> let me go to the point you were raising because as i stated you're starting to even get some gop endorsement. you're outspending trump on
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television. all of this can help you get to the 15% that you would need to go into the debates, do you feel? yeah, what's really key right now reverend is just being on the top line of those polls. but that's also reflecting just the dissatisfaction with the two of them and any third name right now is going to do pretty well. i'm arguing of course that i'm not just any third name. >> now i cone help but notice you talked about criminal justice reform. you talked about reforming these. can this be a new way of expanding the support of the libertarian party? you taking these kinds of positions? >> well, you pointed out i'm actually leading. kids understand this that we need to do with mandatory sentencing. three strikes you're out.
5:19 am
it's got a lot of nonviolent victimless nonviolent people behind bars. >> well, it's sunday morning. you're preaching to the choir on that one with me but let me go another step further in the debate, the libertarian candidate debate you asked a question about would you sign and support the 1964 civil rights act? and you said yes. let me play this for you. >> governor johnson, the civil rights act of 1954 ended discrimination in both the private sector and the public sector. if you had been in the senate how would you have voted? >> i would have voted for it. >> now you had a mixed reaction.
5:20 am
some booed you and you're the only candidate that said you would have voted for it. does it make you uncomfortable about those in the libertarian party movement. >> i'm a libertarian nominee so they chose me as their spokesperson. i just think it's important to not support discrimination in anyway whatsoever. >> let me ask you this, in your quite moments when you have your time to reflect on what you have been through, what you're about, do you ever have any slight feeling that you may be taking votes from hillary clinton and helping to elect donald trump? >> not in the least. i really think that if you're going to change things in this country you need to vote for who you believe in.
5:21 am
let's stop with these military interventions that should embrace immigration. we're a country of imgrants. let's motte build a fence across the border and let's not be talking about killing the families of terrorists. >> gary johnson, libertarian candidate for president. thank you for your time. >> reverend always thank you to you for your time. >> straight ahead, how the obama justice department has raised the stake with police investigations in cities like baltimore. and later, hillary clinton has released her taxes. why won't donald trump do the same?
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department talking about this scathing report on the baltimore police dlt. the investigation was launched at the death of freddie gray. it found they regular hi violated people's constitutional rights. it revealed a problem. racial discrimination. unjustified stops and officers even scrip searched one woman during a stop over a missing headlight. under president obama the justice department has launched reviews into over two dozen police departments across america. we have yet to see a career criminal justice reform legislation bill passed in congress but these investigations have already become a lasting part of president obama's legacy to
5:26 am
reform policing in america. joining me now is former federal prosecutor. thank you. great to be here reverend. >> how does it fit into the strategy of how president obama has add stressed the policing issue in america? something you know have been real passionate about. >> what the president has been doing is providing official coon ration of stories americans have been telling for decades. so we can talk about the father and son and the police disperse them because they're standing around toing nothing. >> you can talk about the woman that ended up strip searched. we can talk about the black man that was stopped 30 times.
5:27 am
30 times. never had anything. my favorite is that one time the baltimore police department used a helicopter to break up. >> a helicopter? >> now let me show you this. this was a town hall last month. president obama directly addressed the issue of race and policing. watch this. >> because of the history of this country and the legacy of race and all of the complications that are involved in that, working through these issues so that things can continue to get better is going to take some time. it's going to take awhile to get to the point where we want to be but nobody is more hopeful than me. >> it's not going to change. things are are not going to change overnight.
5:28 am
>> the obama administration has tun more of these investigations of police departments than any other administration. >> a lot of people in the academic community say president obama has not done anything or enough for race. you're saying that he has done more than any other administration. >> more but still not enough. 24 investigations. 18,000 police departments in the country. >> in contrast to his predecessors. including democrats. i don't think any of them have done anywhere near that. >> he has done way more than any other president on these issues.
5:29 am
>> you have 18,000 police departments and you have this as a systemic problem. this is built in for decades and centuries. >> president obama talked about the need for police departments to change from a warrior mentality to a guardian mentality. and frankly the way white citizens get served and protected. one of the statistics is when the police search white people they're more likely to find contraband, guns and drugs. >> it's a very interesting report. thank you for your time this morning. always happy to have you. thank you. >> coming up, why is donald trump refusing to release his taxes? we'll talk to a prize winning journalist that covered trump's business dealings for decades. ♪ ♪
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about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. >> he refuses to to what every other presidential candidate in decades has done and release his tax returns. >> hillary clinton slamming donald trump for not releasing his tax returns and then adding to the pressure releasing her own 2015 returns. it shows the clinton paid a rate of about 34%. the clinton campaign also produced this video featuring republicans. >> we will only really know if he's a real deal or a phony if he releases his tax returns. >> every candidate for president
5:34 am
has released their tax returns and donald trump should do as well. >> he doesn't want to do it because presumably there's something in there that's bad. >> trump says he hasn't released his taxes because he's being audited by the irs. the irs says an audit wouldn't prevent trump from making his taxes public. the controversy sparked questions about exactly what's in trump's taxes. one thing we do know, he often bragged about paying as little as possible. >> i said this many times. i pay as little as possible. i fight like hell to pay as little as possible. i try to pay as little tax as possible. i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> what is your tax rate. >> it's none of your business. you'll see it when he i release but i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. joining me now is david k.
5:35 am
johnson a columnist that covered trump's business dealings for decade. his new book is the making of donald trump. thank you for being here david. >> thank you. >> are you surprised trump hasn't released his tax returns? >> no, not in the least in all likelihood he paid close to zero in 79. and a few weeks ago i broke the story that he didn't pay taxes in what at the time was his biggest year, 1994 when his first casino opened and he had a flood of money from the opening of trump power. >> when you say he paid no taxes meaning -- because i know the new york times says that it is possible he paid zero feder tax. are you talking about his federal taxes or are you talking about no taxes at all?
5:36 am
>> well, income taxes and new york state has the same state return as the federal government. donald also, the thing significant about donald, donald for a number of years received something in new york that you get in you're a homeowner called the star tax credit. anybody whose income is under half a million dollars gets it. well, donald got this for a number of years and he tried to say they made a mistake and sent it to the wrong address. the computer looks at your tax return and sees the number on the key line and if it's less than 500,000 you get a check and there's special rules for real estate developers that allow them to live tax free.
5:37 am
and there's very strong evidence of donald cheating on his taxes. he filled out a form as a consultant. zero income, $600,000 of deductions. couldn't justify the deductions. asked for a trial and his tax guy testified at the trial well that's my signature on the tax return but i didn't prepare that tax return. that's big badge of fraud. >> let me go to another question that i have been discussing for awhile, has this campaign hurt his business brand? because, you know, the old question of his businesses and his commercial brand, had this been damaged by how his campaign was going forward. >> oh, yeah. donald has severely damaged his brand. his attacks on mexicans, chinese, muslims, women, et cetera have resulted in cadillac with drawing it's sponsorship of the pga open at the country club
5:38 am
that donald owns so it was moved to mexico. there's a number of businesses now that will not hold sales conferences and other meetings in trump hotels. so of the trump hotels have rooms at much lower prices than they used to charge which tells you that demand is weak. >> let me ask you this david, you met trump first in 1988 i believe. what was your first impression of him? >> selling you hoaxes and the mermaid and very quickly from interviewing him a number of times i realized that if you gave him a false statement he would incorporate it into his answer the same way psychics do on television and that's a sign of a con artist. >> what did you mean when you said he is driven by the
5:39 am
philosophy of revenge? >> well, donald actively rejects the message of jesus christ which is to turn the other cheek and have love for your fellow man. he has written at great length in speeches and elsewhere said his motto was personal revenge. if somebody simply won't do you a favor, you should destroy them. he talked about the pleasure he gets from destroying the lives of other people and he goes out of his way to make their lives miserable. donald also says no one reads the bible more than donald trump. he has never been able to accurately quote anything in the bible. >> david k. johnston. thank you for your time. his new book, the making of donald trump. >> ahead will trump skip the debates and will joe biden give clinton a boost on the campaign trail?
5:40 am
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>> it's one of the biggest questions in politics over the next few weeks. will donald trump skip the debates fweagainst hillary clin? trump told time magazine i will absolutely do three debates. i want to debate very badly but i have to see the conditions. i have to see who the moderators are. i would say that certain moderators would be unacceptable, end of quote. remember trump skipped the primary debate because megyn kelly was moderating because in june he insisted to nbc news that he'll do all debates. >> do you plan to debate her? >> of course i do. >> three debates. >> yeah. >> do you plan on it? >> joining me now is joan walsh
5:44 am
and amy holmes. >> thank you for being here. could he really skip one or all of the debates. >> he's trying to influence the process like the clinton campaign will be doing on who gets to be the moderator. they only have one person sitting there to dpril each of these candidates and i would guess crowley is scratched off the list. megyn kelly, that's an interesting question. whether or not donald trump would allow her to sit in that chair put this is a double edged sword. we just reported that 45% of likely u. s. voters say that donald trump is his own worst enemy and these debates might be -- it could be a great opportunity. he got the first debate for the republicans got 24 million
5:45 am
viewers. blew the roof off of ratings. that's also a lot of people to waf and to see if he steps in it. >> or if he is handled by mrs. lynn on the but what happens if he doesn't show up? he didn't do one of the primary debates but this is different. this is the main stage and there's really no press den for this. >> it's very unlikely that he would not show upment i suppose if they couldn't get some agreement on a good moderator for the first one, i mean, i know who he wants is shawn hannity but they'll probably say no to that but he has to show up assuming these polls continue to show him down. it really is an opportunity and his last opportunity to change the narrative and do something dynamic. she is a very good debater so it's all stacked against him. >> i would actually advise him not to be dynamic.
5:46 am
>> i was in the democratic presidential debate and i don't know how he gets up with policy against someone like here because that's a serious statement on the stage but the other part of that, let me go to you because you mentioned polling, the reuters poll shows the never trump movement has seemingly spread now from the elites to the electorate. 19% of republican voters want trump to drop out of the race. doesn't he need the debates to help win them back to his side? >> he does. to reset his narrative that he is presidential and he can handle these issues and out perform hillary clinton. let's talk about the structure of the debate again. it's six sections. 15 minutes each on each of these different policy areas. >> you can't wing it that long. >> no, you can't wick it that long but if he can hang in there and do well, that might go a
5:47 am
long way toward reassuring the republicans and also independents because he can't become president of the united states without them. >> i've been there but let me show you something curious that was untrump-like to me. this week he said how it wouldn't be so bad if he lost the election. listen to this. >> all i do is tell the truth. i'm a truth teller. all i do is tell the truth and if at the end of 90 days i have fallen short because i'm some what politically correct even though i'm supposed to be the smart one and supposed to have a lot of good ideas. it's okay i go back to a very good way of life. >> does he really want to win? does he want the job? >> i think he does. that's someone coming to terms with the fact very early on. you might hear somebody in october say that in august it's
5:48 am
unbelievable and for somebody that's so self-confident. i'll glad he's reassuring us but it was a strange moment i thought. >> he's already trying to spin a defeat in november is pretty wild and he also just recently said this week he doesn't think they need to have a get out the vote effort. that was pretty crazy and he said you know if people want to get up and vote for trump they will and this is him again trying to spin the fact that there is the conflict and tension with the republican national committee and his lack to get out the vote efforts. >> but does he really want the job? does he really want to sit in the oval office? he really doesn't run his businesses that well. does he want the job? so sit behind the desk and do the job. >> if you believe the story of donald junior offering the vice president sy to kasich saying
5:49 am
you can run foreign and domestic policy. >> he likes being the figure head. >> but donald trump does like to win so we'll see if he can put together strategy. >> stay with me. much more ahead. >> next. a bittersweet moment for joe biden. campaigning for someone else to be president. we'll preview tomorrow's rally with hillary clinton. i'm not a discover customer but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. (to dog)give it to me. give it. oh, sure! we give it to everyone for free. oh, well that's nice. (to dog) go get it! you can go get it yourself online and see your fico credit score right there. great! (to dog) that's a good boy. thanks? oh, and you can even see how your current card
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5:52 am
>> there's one person in this race that will be there, that's always been there for you and that's hillary clinton's life story. that's not donald trump's story. his cynicism is unbounded. he has no clue about what makes america great.
5:53 am
actually, he has no clue period. >> making the case for hillary clinton and tomorrow he'll be back at it again. traveling to his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania for his first campaign appearance with the democratic nominee. he'll rally support for her as only joe can. but you have to wonder, will they wish their roles were reversed and she was campaigning for him? joan, is this a bittersweet moment for the vice president? >> i'm sure it is. he has been honest about really wanting to do it and thinking he would be better at it but at the same time he's a team player. i think he's going to be absolutely heart felt and enthusiastic and joe biden that we saw at the convention i think is the person we'll see on monday. >> now, how much of a factor can
5:54 am
joe biden be. >> in may of this year they asked the president of all of the contenders and only 21% of voters agreed with that. so how persuasive can you be with the u.s.electorate? that rests on hillary clinton's shoulders but he can make the case for her. i think the danger here is that joe biden is going to love it too much and that he's going to tell the stories and he might kind of go off and become the headline and detract and distract. >> he made the headline joke when he suggested that clinton was relatively about income inequality. >> bernie is speaker to a yearning that is deep and real.
5:55 am
and he has credibility on this and that is the absolute enormous concentration of wealth in a small group of people. >> it's relatively new for hilary to talk about that. >> does any of that primary tension still linger and make biden's job a little more difficult and tougher to sell? >> i don't think so judging from what we saw in philadelphia. i think he likes her. i think that there have been tensions. we know they have been on different sides on certain foreign policy questions but he knows what his job is. he helps her with white working class voters. i do. he helped president obama so he's important in certain places. >> going back to you, to the nbc poll since 56% of voters gave clinton a poor rating when it comes to being honest and straightforward. and in that context how big of a
5:56 am
problem is it for her given the on going questions about the clinton mownations as well as the e-mails. >> well it is a problem for her. so you always have to look at compared to what. that's what they're looking at. they see two candidates that they don't find appealing and sort of who is the person they can pu the button for but getting back to joe biden, he wasn't effective campaigner for president obama back in 2008 when of course he lost the primary. >> thank you both for your time.
5:57 am
>> thank you. >> that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here next sunday. marie believes that her chicken pot pie gives you the perfect recipe for catching up with family. so she takes the time to prepare a golden flakey crust made from scratch. and mixes crisp vegetables with all white meat chicken and bakes it to perfection. because marie callender knows that making the perfect dinner isn't easy as pie, but finding someone to enjoy it with sure is. marie callender's it's time to savor and know there's even more to savor with family size pot pies. but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time.
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good morning, i'm betty nguyen. dramatic events in milwaukee overnight and into the morning leaving milwaukee's mayor calling for calm today. this after the fatal shooting of a man by police set off several hours of violent protests. the unrest began after a man fl fleeing was shot and killed by police. they did not say whether he drew his weapon. the officer will be placed on administrative duty as a standard practice. now the shooting is under investigation by the district attorney's office. last night the milwaukee mayor urged


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