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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  August 15, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> what old days is he talking about, you mean, when we wiped out indian tribes or when we had a war with mexico and we took all that land? okay, but did we take any of germany, did we take anything from germany. did we take anything from japan after world war ii, no, that is not the way it works here but the donald trump audience doesn't seem to know that. that is tonight's last word, msnbc's live coverage continues now with -- police saying that video shows the suspect turning towards officers with a gun. they have not released it, though, we're monitoring the story for you tonight. fist, we have a lot more from the first campaign trail. showing clinton with a larger
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lead over trump than obama had at this point. and clinton brought joe biden out while trump unvailed what he calls new plans to fight isis and test immigrants on their loyalty to america. . >> was biden being biden, he called donald trump essentially the most unprepared candidate for president ever. >> non -- a lot of women aren't buying, they like donald trump. >> i think it's still pretty early. >> they think it's time for donald trump. >> they're not really qualified to run this country. i think it's the lesser of two e e evils. >> trump looks to poll his campaign out of a tail spin, today he delivered a major address on terrorism in the
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battleground state of ohio. >> he talked about extreme vetting and ideological test for those trying to get into the country. >> i call it extreme, extreme, vetting. >> he has no notion what he's talking about. >> i will fight to ensure that every american is treated equally. >> it makes no sense. none. none. none. none. and removed one by
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one viciously if necessary, viciously if necessary. >> the word of the day is extreme or viciously. he didn't accuse president obama or hillary clinton of founding isis but for the spread of the terror group. stability and temperament and the moral character to lead our nation. she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis and all of the many adversaries we face. >> the clinton campaign responded saying the so called policy can't even be taken
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seriously. let's get to our big election panel. we have maria here and elise jordan and josh barrow and mtv still a thing. >> still a thing. >> well, you look cool. >> i do my best. >> and you have experience here in republican foreign policy circles. what did you think of the policies outlined by trump today? >> he can't offer specifics. he never gives that much in terms of policy prescriptions, what he is going to do. it was a lot of what would have been the obama terrorism strategy and where he deviated on this extreme vetting notion and commissions to basically quiz muslim immigrants and give them a so called religious test.
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>> you repeated viciously but we don't me what viciously means. what exactly is that going to entail? it would be nice if he outlined a little bit of that out. it is a bunch of fake tough guy talk. it is to not expand any of the arguments beyond the muslim ban and other activities he has been engaged in. >> it is not even clear if it is muslim ban plus or muslim ban minus. he talked about immigrants and their children. take a listen. >> one of my first acts of president will be to establish a commission on radical islam. the goal of the commission will be to identify and explain to the american public the radical islam, to identify the warning signs of radicalization and expose the networks in our
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society that support radicalization. to accomplish your goal you must state a mission. the support networks will be stripped out and removed one by one viciously if necessary, viciously if necessary. >> and he also said that basically there are basically groups of people that have been responsible for terror attacks. he said immigrants and children of imgamigrants -- >> including himself. >> right. >> and even if it didn't include his own personal family one out of four isn't kpalktly a criminal profile. >> he wants to make sure he it is with building the wall. it is trying to do the exact same salespeople.
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you kind of have to step back and say what am i doing? you are exaactually losing noneducated white women for the very first time. it would be the last time when republicans are doing so poorly. he referred -- >> in the -- >> no. he has been referring to the of germa germany. he does have a problem with nonassimilation that are not welcomed into those societies.
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you have had the home grown terror networks. that's not a problem in the united states. there is no network to support themmed in the way that you can find in brussels. it is addressing a system that isn't even in the united states. >> and the reason these folks are acting in these areas when you're looking at belgium or france it's because you don't have a system that welcomes foreigners. if you look at the policy advisers you won't engage but you want to understand what these individuals are like. you want to make sure they are completely isolating them. you are triggering these hot beds. and potential terrorists. >> what he said today is
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basically we will vet like you never vetted before. when he talks about it he said an addition. it is in sudan and ie ron. a big piece of that is already policy. >> the scariest part to me is he held opposite positions. it started out that he has had opposite positions on all of these things that he is very critical of. all of these urgent things that caused all of these urgent problems, once he did that he would have made the same decision. it underscored the judgment
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issue. you can't decipher what he is actually going to do. he says we'll tell you later. it is about sort of the plotting secretive nature. here is hillary clinton. >> some times he won't tell anyone what he will do. he wants to keep the plan quote secret. it turns out the secret is he has no plan. and that was very clear when he said i know more about isis than the generals. no. no, donald, you don't. >> this was the problem with today's speech. he should have been building on a foreign policy vision when he gave his speech at the center for national interests. it really got top billing. it was a major address.
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it was better than a lot of his remarks. it was more serious. still, it was a butcher hack job but it was a start. today there was no build on what had happened previously. it is just throwing in more fear mongering, more isis, no serious foreign policy will join up with trump. he cannot get anyone decent to advise it. >> and it's not a policy speech because donald trump is not a policy guy. there is a bigger picture that runs through his entire campaign for more than a year. we are going to be strong. we are not going to let other countries take advantage of us. that's why you get a weird match up where we shouldn't have invaded iraq and we should have taken the oil. if you step back it's such a weird thing to say. first this idea of plunder and
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spoils is very outdated. if we were going to run an oil operation we could need our military in iraq to -- unless he thinks you can extract all of the oil out from under iraq and ship it to tnexas. it is going back. he remembers that cold war. you listen to when he talks about trade policy he will bring it as if it is a threat to the american people. it was such a 1990s philosophy. it is because generationally that's where a lot of folks he is talking to resides still. >> he is going to sell it so you can give money to the families to the people who served in iraq. that's all this is about. it's just a macho posturing move. >> it was basically the same one
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that they colored the iraqi people. >> and if you'll set up an oil rig in iraq it will get all of the barrels out and all that, fine, tell us how you would have done that. this is interesting. >> when you look back at when he talked about running for president in the 1988 election you can take out most of the japans and you have the way he talks now. >> and you almost get the feeling she n feeling he is not getting briefings now. they take them very seriously. everyone stays. we'll be back shortly. the question is time running out for donald trump? the wall street journal saying he is blowing it and he might need to phone a friend. i will talk to a trump supporter about the crisis and how it would work, if it can work and
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this is their first time out on the trail. a labor day ultimatum.
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and i can say without hesitation, no major party nominee in the history of the united states of america has -- now, don't cheer or -- just listen. has known less or been less prepared to deal with our national security than donald trump. this man is totally thoroughly unqualified to be president of the united states of america. a growing list of republicans saying trump is not qualified. they will have to choice and trump must decide if he want to behave like someone who wants to be president or turn the nomination over the mike pence.
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>> we should only admit to this country those who share our values and respect our people. in the cold war we had an ide idealogical screening test. i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, extreme vetting. >> trump did not define how this extreme vetting would work. as a matter of policy they list state sponsors of terror and so part of what trump was calling for is already happening. the part that isn't may not be happening for a reason. to dig into it we have trump campaign's senior adviser with the 2008 mccain/palin campaign.
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i have been asking different folks about it. this is a test. where is it applied? at the border? >> it will be developed as -- i took us two years to follow the process. it would apply before folks get to the border. >> what about people coming in and out of the country? what about those? would you apply this test to anyone entering the country? >> he specifically applied it to immigrants. so if you get a visa there's a process. >> whether about entries? we have over a dozen countries in europe that wave a lot to get in and out for business. what about that? >> specifically he was referring
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to countries which are known exporters of terrorism. i assume you don't have visa waivers in those countries. we have also checks set up with belgium and france -- >> i guess the question is in the cas of what trump has out it's lined here, they won't name the country. are we to assume they are only countries of muslim countries? there are other countries that have a problem with terror. those are problem countries that have -- >> they are a source of terror. it will come out. the answers to those questions will be given. you can assume they are countries which are known exporters of terror. if you look at the map of the world you know what donald trump is talking about. >> what are you going to prevent or achieve? >> well, listen. the bottom line is you don't want people here who hate the
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way this country works, who thinkings the institution should not be the law of the land. i will tell you in the early 90s as russian jewish refugees we went through interviews. >> but you're being a little factually misleading. >> how? not at all. >> i'll tell you ou, you're bag as misleading to apply this operates on one speed. it doesn't. last year alone there were 189 million entries into the u.s. you wouldn't know that from listening to donald trump. very few had that screening. you're referring to the fact that there is long-term immigration screening. as you know, as a lawyer, the majority of people coming in and out of the country do so with
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very light screening. >> again, it is applicable to countries which are exporters of terror. we should apply very strict policies and not make it easy. do you know more refugees. you see what's happening. >> why can't he name the countries? >> again, 85 days to election day. the policy is ongoing and being developed. you heard very specific things today and it will be going on that. >> would you rather he be able to name some of these? if the whole policy is not muslims anymore but if it's not about just idealology why can't he name any of them? >> it is about making sure this
8:24 pm
country is safe. it is developed from the initial announcement of 2015. >> that's policy, let's turn to politics. you see the wall street journal, what is your response? >> the campaign is 100% focused on winning november 8th. >> the idea that trump would give the keys over to pence? >> it is not something i would even think about. somewhere in the imagination of wall street journal that's not in any consideration by me or anybody. >> you think they are totally off base. >> trump party has nominated 1,400 gop voters. he will win on november 8th. >> you're staying with us. we'll have more coming up. nearly $13 million
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controversy. some records allegedly secret from ukraine. we'll have the whole update straight ahead. running for president means
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that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. one of the most important was about a staffer, specifically paul manafort including some authoritarians.
8:29 pm
it has long been public. what is new is that he took $13 million in off the book cash payments captured in ledgers and uncovered by a new investigation. manafort said i never received a single off the books cash payment as falsely reported by the new york times for have i ever done work for the ukraine or russia. the suggestion that i accepted cash payments is unfounded, silly and nonsensical. his statement leaves open the question whether he was paid in a manner which he considers on the books. we should also note he told chuck todd he wasn't working for any other clients besides trump which would include any foreign clients. he does have an unusual payment arrangement. he currently works as a
8:30 pm
volunteer for trump declining any payments at all. it is late night msnbc. you don't get a second introdestructiointr introducti introduction. you say why can't there be past trance paraphernalia si and why is his political campaign aid working for free right now? >> here is what is up to him and donald trump. >> you speak for the campaign as the senior adviser. >> but the arrangements of how it worked out is between paul manafort and donald trump. >> it is unusual? >> again, i don't think it matters. we are here to talk about the candidates and the trump campaign. it is as far as a certain time goes. not a lot of facts. it was kind of like swiss cheese
8:31 pm
with holes. >> this is a campaign season where the republican electorate and they saw someone to take on special interests. i think it stands to damage him that this story is coming out. >> you're mixing lobbyists with candidates that worked with other countries. thhis about him -- >> he went through a lobbyist. >> we are not talking about that right now -- >> he raised billions of dollars -- >> you'll find anything you don't like about trump and you'll be interested in it. >> and you already said this in your set up, if you were looking for representation for years and years paul manafort was the only guy that would cash your checks. we know that. we don't know what made donald trump think this was the right
8:32 pm
guy to run this campaign. that's the question i think we should be asking. >> to me it is really about policy. it seems like a lot of pro russian things got added to his platform. whether or not, you know, added whatever to the republican platform -- >> the ukraine yan -- >> i don't think we really need to list them. >> when you talk about the pro -- >> the pro russian -- >> pro russia, sorry. >> you have all of this stuff added to the republican party. frankly they will not weed through the details -- >> from the campaign -- >> let's go like this. you respond and we'll come back
8:33 pm
to you. >> that was a lot of conjunction, right? donald trump has been very specific. yes, he could work with syria on isis but he has also been tough on russia. if you want to talk about the history of this country, hillary clinton is the one that attempted to reset. he collected $500,000. we see the personal phone call from putin. >> hold on. i think boris makes a fair point here, whatever the policies were of whether donald trump may be over optimistic in his ability seems to go to the idea that that is a genuinely held position here. here it is. >> i also believe that we could find common ground with russia in the fight against isis. wouldn't that be a good thing?
8:34 pm
wouldn't that be a good thing? they too have much at stake in the outcome in syria and have had their own battles with islamic terrorism, just as bad as ours. they have a big, big problem in russia with isis. >> let's be clear. even for folks who associate russia with a hostile basic presence that we may have problems with in the united states there is nothing new about a candidate changing the orientation. i believe barack obama talked about buildi about you could build bridges to -- is there some foreign lobbiest corruption? >> the reason is because of manafort's prior dealings. his representations were known. it seems he is all downside with
8:35 pm
paul manafort. again, this is someone that mr. trump -- >> and now you're just being sa sassy. >> i have been called worse. >> we'll go boris. go ahead. >> the campaign is all about the candidate. donald trump has been consistent in saying that there are points in which we could work with russia and others which we would make sure the united states is not leading. >> will one of those be the human rights he raised in today's speech? he talked about emphasizing on regards to lbgtq rights. retu russia would be at the top of the list. >> really it would be saudi
8:36 pm
arab arabia. >> hold on. >> i disagree strongly. i think who a candidate sur rouns himself with is very important. we need to make sure that he is sur roupded by good people that have the best interest of our country at heart. >> as a republican that is holding onto some climer of hope here is t only thing is that he does surround himself with good people. >> okay. final word. >> it is conjecture. the biggest issue here are the two candidates who has failed at everything on her career and donald trump is bringing new real ideas to the table. >> it is 11:36 on the west coast but not in your head.
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what headache?in? what arthritis pain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. questi we have been following brae breaking news in milwaukee. let's listen into that. >> we saw a great improvement last night and tonight is improvement over yesterday. we think we are in a positive place. it is only 10:30. there can be unanticipated changes, but not with standing that fact the best per pond rans
8:41 pm
in doing damage to where they o conditions overnight and brief you again tomorrow morning. the mayor is now going to speak. >> thank you very much, chief. >> i realize it is only 10:30, 10:35. a lot of activity occurred after this time. it is not a situation where we are saying everything is great. again, up to this point the signs have been very encouraging for tonight. i have been driving this evening. there is very little foot traffic on the west side overall. i think people understand it remains a situation where they have to be careful and they have to be behaviing themselves. there are very few young people out there. it appears at least at this hour
8:42 pm
a lot of parent and guardians have taken very seriously the curfew that's went into effect tonight. hopefully it will be of assistance as well. >> you have been listening into the press conference of the chief of police and mayor barrett there in milwaukee. he was speaking at local time, mill milwaukee. we can report it has been a relatively uneventful night during here this first night of the curfew which began about 42 minutes ago local time. we'll turn back to politics here, the pressure building on donald trump to release the tax returns. mike pence says he will release his soon which is kind of
8:43 pm
awkward. now, trump could lose republican support over this one. a new york times from south carolina saying i'm a republican and my ability to continue to do so will in part be driven on whether or not mr. trump his word. i'll start with you. you work for a bush who did release, donald trump isn't releasing, mike pence is releasing. the point sub substantiatively. it is weird to have it released. >> it is weird. >> you can't call your opponent dishonest, crooked and untrustworthy and then not release your financial records and tax returns. he is undermining his own
8:44 pm
argument. >> i like to stick to the evidence. we don't like to do a ton of speculation. here is skrecrecy forces us to k speculative questions. we don't know why he is not releasing them but do you think it is because he is less wealthy than he claims or do you think it is something embarrassing about paying a low rate or all of the above? >> i think it will be a very complicated tax return and you'll see he is in fact worth less money and all sort of financial dealings which will be difficult for the average voter to make sense of. >> and for most people the estimates on his wealth if you look at forbes, they range up to
8:45 pm
his claims of 10. no one is saying he is at 0. no one has a health care related bankruptcy. it is a weird thing about him. my word of the day is weird. it's a weird thing about him that he only has 2 billion instead of 8 billion. >> not to psycho analyze the guy. >> please. >> it is incredible to me he is so driven by his bank account. you're talking about a guy when they had a comedy central jokes of him, he allowed jokes about being attracted to his daughter but not his wealth. >> the fact that when he says he is a fill he really isn't. when he took money from the 9/11
8:46 pm
fund that is meant for small businesses, you can imagine what that level is. it's not that we don't know what he is really worth but what are the things that we are going to find that this isn't what americans actually believe someone running for office should be? >> there is something? there that will hurt him with the audience he already secured otherwise he wouldn't care. >> and we have to -- i have to fit in a break. it is all personal. his ability to make money is the only thing he is able to sell or as jay z says, if money talks you would be able to hear me out. >> sorry. >> 99 problems -- >> no, that's more of a bush
8:47 pm
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an update, a curfew in effect for teens under the age of 18. we'll go right to carrie sanders. there has been the incidents in the last two nights. kerry, what's happening now? >> well, things are relatively calm especially when you compare
8:51 pm
it to the last few nights. the curfew has been in effect for about 50 minutes. that effect was at 10:00 p.m. we have seen teenagers out walking around, nobody really sort of bothering them. there are police officers and sheriffs deputies who are geared up with riot gear. they have wearing helmets. there is a bear cat driving around. i will slow down here and if you sort of look out the window you can see there's still a rather large crowd of people who gathered over here. this is the general area people have been gathering to protest. it has thinned out from what we saw earlier today. it looks like there are fewer people here now. the police chief and major said they wanted people to recognize coming out here wasn't doing any
8:52 pm
good. we heard gunshots tonight but police say they are not overly concerned about the gunshots. it doesn't appear they have been directed at anybody specifically. >> thank you. we appreciate that. next up we are going to end the hour with politics hitting the trail to make the case for hillary clinton. it is video of tim kaine out in the action that you'll want to see. clean food.
8:53 pm
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>> i stood here eight years ago kicking off our campaign with hillary clinton at my side having my back. it was me using kaine to show their support. i want to make it clear that as scranton has always had my back, we, in fact, will always have your back, hillary. >> joe biden out there with his first official campaign rally on behalf of hillary clinton. what does it mean to have hillary clinton out there? >> he is very authentic and came across very well and was very humanizing. >> i don't think they need to
8:57 pm
campaign too much. maybe you send him to ohio, new hampshi hampshire, iowa, where else. >> and there is a contrast. >> nobody wants to touch him because the moment you marry yourself to trump you are -- what joe biden is they remind people of their american roots and connects better than hillary has been able to do. that is why she picked kaine. she says this is your guy. >> and the reason joe biden is because he has charisma. people like him. >> and they love joe biden as that guy, joe biden, like when he's not running for president. there is someone else running for his job, that's taim kaine.
8:58 pm
this has not aired any where . yet. this is him cueing up at a north carolina brewer ry. let's take a little listen here. >> here is your vice president. ♪ >> it reminds me -- >> who has that kind of skill on a harmonica. >> i don't even know -- >> that's good harmonica. >> if you watch it he gets the whole crowd to start singing to her. >> you see, i don't want to overdo it but it's arguably lovable. >> at the end of the day, man,
8:59 pm
democrats are playing harmonica at a bar and donald trump is trying to get people to take him seriously. this is where the campaign is. >> and style, manner and politics. donald trump pushing fame and celebrities. democratics are pushing something else. you see a lot but the democratic convention did feel and look a lot younger. i think that's a fair statement and it shows hillary leading. >> exactly, 56 to 20. young voters, he is not offering them any message and not offering them any policy. >> we are out of time and i wouldn't say that if it weren't true. >> who do you want to have a beer with right now? it's not donald trump. >> thank you for staying up late with us. a programming note, tim kaine and his wife will sit down.
9:00 pm
that's an exclusive and that's w wednesday on today. keep watching. rachel is on next. crisis, when john f. kennedy was president. even though we got right to the brink, nuclear war didn't happen and the crisis was avoided by high wire negotiations and diplomacy including directly by the president of the united states himself, we did get really really really close. after that global near death experience, because of that global near death experience, one very important thing and interesting and kind of creepy thing changed about the american presidency. because of the cuban missile crisis, we got the nuclear football. president john f. kennedun


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