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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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in good contact with president obama so i think a lot of people are scratching their heads on this one. i think it was a way for donald trump to sort of take a swipe at the president yesterday after he came up and told him to stop whining without actually having a tweet storm. >> we raised the first issue without mentioning it. >> absolutely. >> the clinton camp has asked for no handshake for clinton and melania. why not? >> the optics are so important. after the second presidential debate we saw donald trump with that facebook press conference with some of bill clinton's accusers, and i think this is the clinton campaign's way of saying they're not going to tolerate those types of shenanigans and so it's a little bit of a cold war face-off, if you will, heading into this third and final debate. >> but this is a long-time tradition. remember that first debate, the first moment when bill clinton and melania trump shook hands. that is a moment and one we are not going to see tonight. >> the request he is will hillary clinton and donald trump shake hands? they didn't at the start of the second te.
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>> i can tell you one thing, whatever the four of them do, it will end up on "saturday night live." >> can't wait. >> we have to bring in steve schmidt, republican strategist and msnbc contributor. steve, how critical is tonight's debate? donald trump is down. this is his last chance to change the race. >> look, stephanie, when you go back to the first debate, donald trump came in. he was down in the national polling averages 2.5 points. you're looking at him coming to the third debate down 8, 9 points. you're seeing even races in red states like texas, that's unfathomable. arizona, georgia, utah. so the electoral map is starting to crumble in on republicans. i think that he is at his last hour to get something going. he needs a miracle times ten out of this debate. you know that fundamentally reframes the debate. he had the worst performance of any presidential candidate ever in the history of televised debates.
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he'll have to have the greatest by some order of magnitude to reverse the trend line. >> why do you think he would bring obama's half brother? >> maybe they're friends. >> how is that going to broaden his base? >> play golf together? i don't know. i don't get what the connection is. >> donald trump has been hitting hillary clinton's debate prep saying i'm out here on the campaign trail. she's sleeping. she's sleeping. donald trump is on the trail but day in and day out he's at donald trump pep rallies. how does going to a rally with your core base who loves you no matter what, how does that broaden out who's going to vote for him? these people can't vote twice. >> let's look at this through a political strategy prism. you have the two most unpopular candidates in the history of polling running for president against each other. what's been true is the person for whom the race is about, the person that the spotlight is shining on, that's the person that is losing and i don't
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understand why the trump campaign doesn't understand that. donald trump has singularly made the race about him and since the race is singularly been about donald trump, he's gone down from about 2.5 points to on the edge of an historic blowout. so hillary clinton out of sight preparing for the debate, getting ready for another good performance, that is much more strategically significant, much more important for her aspirations of becoming president than being at rallies, talking to the faithful and keeping the spotlight on you. >> many people say one of donald trump's goals is to go so low, disgust people so much that they simply won't go out and vote, to just depress the numbers. is he really going after her in a way that's affecting people right now? how bad? >> no. look, there's never been a strategy for presidential candidate that's as cynical as that that's ever worked. democrats have an enormous technical advantage over
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republicans. you come to the algorithmic data modeling that's become so big a part of modern campaigns but the democrats have gotten the turnout piece down to, you know, not just an art form but a science and i just don't think that strategy is effective and it's going to make a difference for him if, in fact, that's what they're trying to do. >> okay. steve, but when you talk about algorithmic data and when you talk about we've never seen a candidate like this, do you have a blind spot in terms of donald trump is a candidate who lives outside the rules. this is someone like we've never seen before. are you underestimating what he can do? this is untraditional. >> look, we're at a moment of real tension in our national life. for example, two things that i think bear mentioning. you've never had a candidate for president, either party, ever questioning the actual legitimacy of the election process, the method by which we pick our leaders in the you states. you have never had a
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presidential candidate cheering on the medaling involvement of a foreign hostile adversary in our election process like trump has done with russia and these wikileak tapes, but certainly we're at a moment in time where, you know, politics is being driven by, one, the low economic growth rates that have left so many middle income people behind and, two, a collapse of trust in institutions, you know, that trump with his rhetoric is making -- is making worse. that being said, there's just no evidence to suggest that -- and in politics, stephanie, it's about a game of addition and his messaging is leading to subtraction. his base is getting smaller, not getting larger. there is no invisible block of trump voters who are going to suddenly materialize on election day out of the ether that are going to make the difference. >> steve, i just want to -- i
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want to talk wikileaks though before we go. we look at these e-mails and say, i can't believe that's out there. but you've run campaigns before. the types of e-mails, the types of content in there, if we would have seen john mccain's team e-mails, would there be the same stuff? >> look, i don't think that in the e-mails we've learned anything particularly new about secretary clinton and, you know, i think it's reflective of some of the criticisms that have been driven at her for a long time. nobody wants their internal e-mails on full display, but i think what the point here is, you talk about missing the forest for the trees as republican leaders in this country, is that when you have a foreign power medaling in the election with the release of this stuff, by orders of magnitude that is far more concerning than anything that's appeared in those e-mails. and republicans who believe that they're somehow inoculated from
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this or somehow believe that because they may seem to benefit in a news cycle that it's okay and are inviting a foreign hostile adversary to engage in our ection process, and it's the first time that has ever happened in the history of the country, this is -- this is a dangerous, dangerous line that should not be crossed. >> all right. thanks, steve. our own steve schmidt. >> thank you. >> we've got to take a break. don't forget, tonight our special primetime coverage of the third and final presidential debate begins with "meet the press" daily at 5:00 p.m. eastern. then you do not want to miss our live telecast of the debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern followed by late night coverage with our post debate team. coming up, donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway will be here. what does trump need to do to reverse his campaign's downward trend? but first with polls showing a strong national lead for hillary clinton, how aggressive will she be tonight?
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clinton's surrogate and former governor of the state of michigan will be here. we are live from las vegas, nevada. >> are you going to vote? >> i have in the past. i don't know if i want to this time. >> really? how come? >> because i really don't like either one. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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it is 6:15 in the morning and the unlv rebel cheerleaders already have their game on. we are live in las vegas, the campus, of course, of unlv where the final debate is just hours away. and hillary clinton has been off the campaign trail for the better part of this week. the third and final debate. donald trump said it's debate prep in name only.
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take a look. >> you know what the debate prep is? it's resting. it's lying down, going to sleep. >> i often think that taking a rest is a good idea. joining me now, former michigan democratic governor jennifer granholm who is a hillary clinton surrogate. governor, you've watched the last two debates. your advice to her tonight? many people looked at the last debate and said, hit back. why not go back? >> look at what happened. her numbers continued to rise. why is that? it's because people want to be taken to higher ground. donald trump is going to go in here tonight and he's going to do what he's been doing, presumably, which is attack her, attack her, it's all about him. she realizes that this election is all about the people watching. if she spends her time talking about him she won't be able to talk about team kaine, focus
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hope, making sure people have rising incomes. poor people, people who have lost their manufacturing jobs. she actually wants to talk about it. she's got these fantastic plans to be able to do it. so that's where she should be is talking to the people at home rather than talking about him. >> and what does she do when donald trump wants to talk about wikileaks. the washington post said this quid pro quo issue, the fact that we've seen it in print can intimate where there's smoke, there's fire. >> those are two different issues. the wikileaks i think steve schmidt on your previous segment had it right on. the washington post did an editorial saying, surprise! the wikileaks show that in fact she runs a good campaign, that she is not a different person to the people as she is inside. so there's just not much there, but the bigger point is donald trump, you recall, went out there and egged russia on to
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ha hack. they hacked. marco rubio said next time it could be the republicans. you better not be exhorting others, other countries, our adversaries, to come in and interfere with an election. that's the issue. she should definitely point to that. he has a stripping of connections to russia. that would be dangerous for our country. >> donald trump is also talking about ethics reform. he brought it up a couple days ago and that really does speak to america who's sick of washington politics. we're going to drain the swamp. >> that's his ethics reform. >> if it is a swamp, she's firmly in it and been in it for 30 years. >> it begs the question, right? i understand that people are distrusting of government, but what she is going to do and what she has put out there as policies is to help empower the states where people have more trust in their local officials.
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for example, she wants to challenge the states by offering them the opportunity to take a clean energy challenge, to invest in the states. we're allowing the governors and the mayors to be able to create jobs in their states rather than having it come from washington. giving them the opportunity to access federal dollars but to create jobs in their states. so my point about that is she believes that ethics has got to be high on the list, too. i think she will roll out executive orders right at the beginning to be able to do that. but he is the poster boy for somebody who lacks ethics. all you have to do is look at his entire career. if she spends all of tonight talking about that truly we would be talking through this debate until the next year, because there's so much there. >> governor, a lot of young people care about clean energy. >> yes. >> young people are not enthused by either candidate. >> they've got to look at her. >> when he calls bernie sanders a dufus, bernie sanders is the guy these young people love.
6:16 am
>> of course they love him, and he's got a fantastic strategy with respect to clean energy. she also has that. i want and exhort young people to take a look at her plans with respect to clean energy. they are incredibly robust. she's taking it seriously unlike donald trump who thinks it's a hoax perpetrated by the chinese. >> it's not a hoax perpetrated by the chinese. governor, thank you so much. >> look at her policies, people! >> look at her policies. coming up, donald trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway, will be joining me. next, a sneak peek from inside the debate hall. you know where we are live from las vegas, on the strip they're not just talking about gambling and show girls, we're talking about politics. ♪ ♪ >> are you going to vote? >> yes, i am. >> you'll be voting for? >> hillary all the way. her birthday is one day after mine so we're two of a kind. >> hillary. hillary. it's about moving forward
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welcome back. i am stephanie rule. you are watching msnbc live in las vegas, nevada. it's time for your morning primer. hillary clinton and donald trump they're here in vegas for the third and final showdown tonight. the nominees will face questions over a range of topics including immigration, the economy and foreign policy. president obama and the first lady welcomed italy's prime minister and his wife for their 13th and final state dinner last night. and iraqi led forces are closing in on the outskirts of mosul, the last major isis strong hold in iraq. 5,000 civilians have already fled the area. >> get ready. this is a bad one. shocking video of the philippines showing a police van ramming down protestors outside the u.s. embassy in manila. you can see by this several people were injured and dozens more were hit with tear gas as they demanded an end to the u.s.
6:21 am
military presence in their country. and this one's for me. my man, chase utley, the dodgers claimed a 2-1 series lead over the cubs in the national league championship while the toronto blue jays defeated the cleveland indians 5-1 to stay alive in the american league championship series. well, tonight's debate is going to be the same format as the first with the candidates at podiums answering the moderator's questions. nbc's chris jansen has an inside look. she is in the debate hall right now. chris, walk us through. what can we expect tonight? >> reporter: well, i'm expecting to watch for whether or not donald trump puts a full-court press on. you have to forgive the basketball term because we are in the home of the unlv rebels. not what we would normally see here. this looks familiar. this is the same set they've moved from the other two debates. as you've mentioned, similar format to the first debate. the moderator will sit here. you'll have the two candidates there. they're going to do the odds
6:22 am
where they do a couple of minutes each, a question, answer, response. then they have as many as 10 minutes to keep going at it. who will be watching? 284 people on the ground here. if you look up into the upper deck, they're almost 1,000, 1100 more people. this will be by far the largest live audience. the question is how many people will be watching at home, right? third debate's usually the lowest audience. having said that, for mccain/obama it was 56 million. still a significant number of people. they're going to be watching for the things that have happened since the last debate, right? for donald trump it's these additional accusations from women about unwanted advances. for hillary clinton it's all these revelations about wikileaks so what we're going to be watching for tonight is who is going to play it tough and who's going to play it safe. we've seen in the past what has happened. donald trump arguably has nothing to lose politically tonight so he is likely to go all in.
6:23 am
having said that, there is also a professional part of this, right, stephanie? in that he's got a brand. a lot of his financial disclosures, a lot of that money is tied up in his name, donald trump. will he try to protect some of that tonight? is he going to go full-court press as i said? we're going to have to wait to find out. it's all happening right here in this hall. stephanie? >> all right. thanks, chris. all of that is going to happen in less than 12 hours from now. that final presidential debate. we're talking about it all morning. and right behind me we can see the unlv rebel cheerleaders, they're excited for it. you know who else is? donald trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway. she'll be joining me live right here in the unlv campus. >> look at those rebels. good morning! ♪ ♪ >> i give you a name, what is your immediate response. ready? >> hillary clinton? >> oh, corrupt. >> donald trump? >> next president. to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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unlv cheerleaders are amped up. so am i. with lis than 12 hours to go before tonight's big debate. voters in states like colorado where hillary clinton has been home prepping sending out her high profile supporters to campaign for her instead. joining me buzz feed's senior political writer mckay and amanda turkell. let's start with tonight and donald trump. what does he need to do in terms of positive messaging more than just scorched earth hating on the media and hillary clinton? he needs to get people to vote. >> right. if there's a race to be salvaged for him, it needs to be in making a positive case that can reach beyond his base. for the past while i've been out
6:28 am
on the campaign for him. it feels like every rally he's preaching to the choir, he's preaching loudly, angrily, passionately. the choir's already singing. they're there. he needs to get someone else to join his movement here and he hasn't really been speaking to them. he's commander in chief. he exudes the confidence that you want in a president. he hasn't shown the ability to do that. you would need to do that. >> chris wallace of fox, not part of the liberal media as donald trump likes to say that he's been going after. chris wallace, a fox guy, what does he need to do tonight? >> he said that he doesn't really want to play the role of fact checker, he wants to be time keeper. i xi he should allow the candidates to have some time to really interact with each other. people really like seeing that and it's interesting to see the candidates do that, but also, you know, i do think he needs to press the candidates to say
6:29 am
things they haven't before. you know, a lot of things we've gone over and over in the past few days. we need to hear new things. that will include, yes, some nonpolicy issues like donald trump now has to talk about the sexual assault allegations and how he reacts to that will be very interesting. is he going to poernlersonally k the women on their looks or maybe going through their background about why they're not credible. is he going to try to move on from that and try to talk about policy and win over undecided voters. might be a little late for that. >> is it late ft. meade yeah to take a turn? donald trump likes to say the media only goes after me. whether that's true or not, is it fair to make the argument we spend a lot more time on donald? >> yes. i think that is true. i also think that that's how -- a big reason donald trump won the primary. let's not forget that he devised his entire campaign strategy on free media essentially and that has served him very well until it didn't. i think it's a little rich to hear him now complain about it.
6:30 am
that said, for the last, you know, several weeks he's been talking about the rigged system, the rigged election, the media is part of this conspiracy to take him down. well, tonight's moderator is from fox news. it's a lot harder to convince people that he is out to get donald trump. so i think, you know, it will be interesting to see the spin tomorrow coming out of the trump campaign. >> spin? no such thing. amanda mckay, they have a lot of work to do. donald trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway, will be joining me. we are live. you know where we are. a place that needs no introduction. las vegas, sin city. the site of tonight's last presidential debate. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: what do you think about this american presidential election? >> i think it's quite awful. i don't like the tone of it, both sides of it. >> i really do think it's scary that the perception that the
6:31 am
world is seeing now is not a good thing. listen to me. i am captain of the track team, and if i'm late... she doesn't really think she's going to get out of here, does she? be nice. she's new. hello! is anyone there? rrr! wow. even from our standards, you look awful.
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there we are. some excited unlv students. why? because tonight's debate is on. it is now donald trump's last chance to change the trajectory of his campaign, but it may be his biggest opportunity. joining me now, donald trump's campaign manager. kellyanne conway. a woman who deserves credit for working overtime. >> thank you. >> kellyanne, thank you for joining me. without talking about the media or hillary clinton, just voting, going to the polls in this country, do you believe there will be widespread voter fraud? >> no, i do not believe that. so absent overwhelming evidence that there is, it would not be for me to say that there is. we know in the past, we know
6:35 am
that people who are dead are still on the voter rolls, we know that people are voting a couple of different times in places. you do hear reports here and there, but i think donald trump's point is a larger one. you don't want me talking about the other stuff. there is a larger conspiracy, larger collusion. there is a great deal of friendship if not collusion from some members in the media, certainly not all, not even most, but some specific members of the media and the clinton campaign. look, we operate every day with one or two hands tied behind our back. we have the never trumpers who are costing us four or five percent in places. we certainly have the mainstream media largely against us. donald trump is reading reports about rigged system or voter irregularities. you have the new video by james o'keefe. the first one was showing how some people connected to the dnc and the clinton campaign are trying to get protestors to incite violence at donald trump
6:36 am
rallies. the second one -- >> yeah, that -- >> the second one is voter fraud. they use the words voter fraud. >> in terms of voter fraud and the documentation that's out there, even when you add it all up, it doesn't come to even 1,000. this is over elections where hundreds of millions of votes have been cast. so while donald trump continues to press it out there, is that fair, to mislead the american people? >> so i think you're missing his larger point. he was making this point in a different way yesterday in colorado, stephanie. he was saying, look, i've got this government reform, reform washington program because it is a rigged, corrupt system. whether you believe it's rigged or corrupt at the polls or you believe it's rigged and corrupt and we have a 19 trillion dollar debt for people who are there for years and years if not decades should be responsible for that. he wants to put a five year ban on lobbying. if you've served in his administration there should be mandatory term limits. >> he's had months and months and months. why with two, three weeks to go do you come out with an ethics
6:37 am
plan? >> he's talked a bit about it. i also think it puts him in direct contrast to hillary clinton. he has plans every week. i don't know if they get covered. he'll talk for 45 minutes and nobody can tell you what the theme was because nobody wants to cover the theme. they cover one tweet or they cover one comment. >> i'm going to say that's not true. that's not true. when donald trump continues to say in inner cities look at the poll, look who's there, the system is rigged, that's hard for me to ignore. >> i understand that. you should cover the news as you see it. in addition though, if you're saying -- i'm saying he also is giving plans. he gave a ten-point veterans administration reform plan, five-point plan to defeat islam. yesterday is his multi-point plan to i think as he says drain the swamp, the number one trending term on twitter yesterday, drain the swamp. that's the basis of his candidacy. i'm an outsider. i don't benefit from the inside
6:38 am
rigged system. he made the argument against some of his primary opponents. this has propelled him from the beginning. it's not something new for him, he just put it in a four or five point plan. >> i do want to share what president obama -- you know president obama is clearly a hillary clinton supporter, but here's what he had to say yesterday. >> that is both irresponsible and, by the way, doesn't really show the kind of leadership and toughness that you'd want out of a president. he started whining before the game's even over? >> to president obama's point, donald trump has three weeks left. why call the game now? why not try to unite and broaden out his voter base? >> he's been doing a lot of that. he talks every day about different things and the fact is, people are united against a rigged, corrupt system in washington. what he needs to do tonight in the debate, stephanie, follow through on that by prosecuting
6:39 am
the case that hillary clinton is representing everything that people think is wrong with an insider system that just when she was at the state department benefits foreign nations who want to use the state department as a concierge for donations to the clinton foundation. you have after the 2010 hoshl earthquake in haiti where 210,000 innocent people were killed, you have people in the state department saying are they friends of bill? hold on. we have to try to get commercial contracts over to them. this is how we approach hurricane rescue in haiti? you see the uranium rights given. people have a right to know if the clintons left the white house dead broke, they're quarter billionaires, that's right, how did they get there? they're selling access. they're selling favors. they're selling government, frankly. they're selling government access. and if bill clinton is going to give a 90 minute speech on russia and get half a million people ought to know that. >> giving speeches, these are claims.
6:40 am
wikileaks claim, marco rubio said i don't want to talk about wikileaks. what's in those e-mails is less important than the fact of foreign government is trying to infect our system, our electoral process. do you agree with marco rubio? you've been a republican a lot longer than donald trump has. so who do you agree with, donald trump or marco rubio? >> i haven't heard that before. it's a good one. >> it's true. >> so what i agree with is i think you do all of the above. i don't think there's any reason to pick between these two, any foreign government interference. what we see in these e-mails is right in front of us. donald trump just faced a whole week of unfounded accusations having to defend against him where he says they're fabrication and lies and yet we have evidence in front of us. >> hold on. unfounded -- unfounded claims of women who are saying, yes, the things that donald trump said on a tape he actually did. so how is that unfounded? >> well, he has denied it. his wife agreed with him. you saw her all over the news. >> hold on. his wife agrees with the fact
6:41 am
that he didn't cheat on her? that's crazy. >> no. no. first of all, most of it is allegations occurred before that. but the fact is that if you see the evidence, i'm talking about wikileaks, you see the evidence there and we're going to ignore what we see in front of us which runs the gamut of anti-catholic bigotry, we're worried about hillary clinton and her core, what's she going to run on to? does she like the phrase average americans to her campaign chairman saying he only wishes san bernardino killer was named chris. i mean, this is -- >> then be with me. you're a mother. you're a woman. are you more offended by the phrase average americans or grabbing a woman's genitals. >> the latter and i've made that very clear. i made it very clear privately and publicly. there's no question. i agree with melania trump, mike pence and donald trump about that. his words are offensive and they're indefensible. nobody's been asked to defend or condone them by the way. >> then when there are six people corroborating the
6:42 am
"people's" magazine story you still say her word against his? >> i say that -- >> you've got to look at your kids when you go home at night. >> stephanie, that's not fair. >> how is that not fair. >> i at least appreciate -- >> i'm not going to let my kids watch the debate tonight. i don't let my kids watch donald trump in fear of -- >> they get to watch hillary clinton? >> in fear that he will say to a woman in the audience, you're fat. in fear that he'll make fun of someone. >> she's fighting for women for 30 years. where is the accountability? ask her why 3.7 more americans are in poverty. why are over 12 million people without health insurance. >> in the last week she's put forth policies looking to guarantee women equal pay, to increase -- >> they won't get equal pay at the clinton foundation. the clinton foundation pays its men -- >> you ask me what she's done for women in the last week -- >> those are policies. as everybody's grandmother always told them, watch what i
6:43 am
do, not what i say. why at her own clinton foundation are the men paid in some cases double the women? let's see who she is. what has she done. the state department had higher paid men. her senate office. she's got a track record, stephanie, of paying men more than women. >> does donald trump? >> no. he's -- he's -- he has said he's employed thousands of women, many of them whether on his campaign or the trump organization have a skepded to the highest levels. >> he pays the men in his organization the same as he pays the women? >> i didn't say that. you're saying she's a champion for equal pay because she stuck it on a website or a book. >> that website is the policies she wants to put in place if she's elected president of the united states. >> stephanie what do we have to say that she will do it if she's had the chance to do it. i'd ask her right now. hillary clinton, if you're watching, why do you pay men more than women? >> what faith should i have when donald trump says at the second
6:44 am
debate, i respect women more than anybody out there when i've heard him say she's a seven, she's a ten. she can't be a ten if she has a big chest. >> he respects women. i can tell you that. i'm with him all the time. he's very respectful with women. he has employed thousands of women who but for working in the trump organization would not have had that compensation, those benefits, those opportunities. >> so the women he hired, if he didn't hire them they would have no chance of income? >> no, i didn't say that. >> you said but for the trump organization they wouldn't have health insurance. >> i wasn't saying it that way. i'm saying he provided them all with those opportunities. of course they would have other opportunities but look at his record. look at who these people are. take the full measure of the two candidates. not one thing they said or put on a website or policy which last week itself is odd. she's been running for president for eight years. we got the policy last week. >> but you just said to me moments ago it's not odd that donald trump would put forth an ethics plan. >> he's been talking about that all along. >> and hillary clinton has been
6:45 am
talking about women and children, that is not true. she has been fighting -- >> wait. i know. you sound like her. fighting for women and children. where the hell is the product? why do so many women not have health insurance? she is part of the system. >> the health care reform that hillary clinton wants to put in place will make women not have to pay more for health insurance so right there that is what she plans to do if she's elected president. >> president obama the fact that she didn't do that. >> hillary clinton in the debat have to be made, improvements have to be made, without a doubt. no plan is perfect. every plan, over type, has to change. >> why didn't she fight for any of this when she was in the united states senate for a number of years? i'm just curious. why was this never her big signature issue? i don't remember it. she changed the name of a highway. the name of the post office. and i think some civic center. go look it up. i don't remember, you have all these years in the united states senate, you're 1 of 100 people in this country, you have a lot of people. why didn't she do this? >> donald trump is a man with
6:46 am
extraordinary power -- >> ask the same question of -- >> donald trump is a man of extraordinary power who we haven't seen give any money to new york after 9/11. what money did he give to the 9/11 foundation? >> you're asking about one foundation -- >> yes, i'm saying he's never been in government but he's a power new yorker. >> good my his good, listen, his foundation, not a single family member takes a penny and there certainly -- paying the men double like you pay the women like at the clinton foundation. the idea anybody can argue against that. look at the facts. if people want to defend hillary clinton, that is the right. but please do it with facts and evidence. the fact is, she has a terrible track record of paying women the same as men. i don't want that person to be president. i'm not going to tell my three daughters you'll be safer under hillary clinton. i can't look my daughters in the eye and say i'm going to support a known liar. she's lied to congress. she's lied to the fbi. she lied to the benghazi
6:47 am
families. she lies and it's always for political gain. she lied about the rapist of a 12-year-old girl. cathy shelton. i want her to defend her laughing on the tape years after getting that guy a plea bargain. >> first, she wasn't laughing at that -- she was not laughing at that young woman -- >> she was giggling, she said, i never had faith in lie detector tests -- in her arkansas accent, wherever that came from. >> tonight, patricia smith is coming. that makes a lot of sense. i know for my family, for my kids, i want to be physically safe, financially secure, free in this country. >> yes. >> help me understand why bringing president obama's half-brother tonight, how does that help voters know who they want to elect as the next president of the united states? >> well, that's all right. he wanted to come and we're happy to give him a ticket. >> you guys are friends with him? >> i'm not personally friends with him. >> donald trump's friends with him? >> we're very inclusive. >> so just -- it's being
6:48 am
inclusive, that's why -- >> no, we're happy to invite him. i would contrast that and let's just make sure everybody knows who pat smith is because i'm not sure she gets a lot of air time. she's the mother of shawn smith, one of the fallen in benghazi and shes with a convention speaker who i think was laughed at by some in the media. got very little media coverage as compared to other folks who spoke at the national convention. i'm glad she's here because pat smith says i'm walking evidence, i'm walking evidence of hillary clinton being a liar because she told her daughter and other officials one thing of who was responsible for benghazi and she lied to the benghazi families and the rest of us it was about a video. that's a disgrace. i don't think she can just brush that off the way hillary clinton tries to brush off i made a mistake with my private server. i wish i had done things differently. i shouldn't have deleted the e-mails. any time she gets caught. irredeemable and deplorable. she's never really sorry for
6:49 am
anything. i would contrast pat smith to who the invitees are of hillary clinton. mark cuban, meg whitman. that's great, billionaire success stories. that's just another wednesday night for hillary clinton hanging out with billionaires. >> donald trump definitely hanging out with billionaires. but could make the argument, meg whitman, a female business leader, a job creator. mark cuban, an entrepreneur -- >> american success stories -- >> but i want to go back to unless donald trump -- to me, inviting president obama's brother, are you not ringing some conspiracy theories? are you not winking at the birther issue again? >> what? no. >> tell me in all honesty, look me in the eye and tell me why would president obama's estranged half brother be invited by the trump family, with all of the extraordinary americans they know, the great veterans of of this country, why that guy? >> we've invited many of them. they never get any coverage. we had a benghazi survivor.
6:50 am
we've had veterans. we've had generals sit with us. nobody seems interested in that. they seem interested in following mark cuban around with a camera -- >> i would love -- >> well, you missed three opportunities. because they're not household names. they actually have a story to tell. so you miss those opportunities. let me just say the four people you just mentioned, meg whitman, mark cuban, hillary clinton, one of them is the outlier. one of them is not a self-mailed millionaire. one of them is not a job creator. one of them has been in government for decades and has very little to prove. all american success stories and so -- >> hold on a second, are you actually going to say that the first woman candidate to be the president of the united states, whether or not you vote for her or not, is not a success story? >> you were talking about how they are -- >> you just said american success stories -- >> stephanie, stephanie, you
6:51 am
were talking about mark cuban and meg whitman -- i said they were american success stories, those were my word, and you said i want children to see folks who created jobs and helped the economy -- >> you asked me who was the outlier. >> i said that's what donald trump has done. hillary clinton has not created jobs. has gone from, quote, dead broke, what an insult to those who truly are under government policies. she went from dead broke in the white house to being a billionaire. people have right to know how they made that money. she let foreign governments come to state department and use it as a concierges for the clinton foundation. they gave speeches. she gives speeches for free now and can't even get a crowd there. who in the heck was paying her $250,000 to give a speech? you have to have a different public position than you have a private position. she was ex-stoling the virtues of policies she dare not say now that she's running for president. i'm all for a female president, just not this female president. ipts not a hypothetical, it's
6:52 am
hillary. maybe you have daughters. we can wait for them. i would point something out. why is hillary clinton not at 65% among women? all these things about donald trump, if hillary clinton, the first female president, is inspiring people? they're not inspired because i don't see women lining up and marching like we have to have the first female president. because it's hillary. it comings with a lot of ethical questions, a lot of failed promises, a lot of hot spots around the globe that she in part owns and that i hope we will hear at the debate tonight. >> your one word of advice for donald trump? >> focus. >> focus, there you have it. kemly ann conway, kellyanne conway, compare manager, donald trump. and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst.
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6:56 am
conway, by the way. tonight's presidential debate, for tonight at least, what happens in vegas will not stay in vegas. the effects could be far reaching and consequential. in a few hours, hillary
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