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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 19, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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tennessee. on this side of the road is virginia... and on this side it's tennessee. no matter which state in the country you live in, you could save hundreds on car insurance by switching to geico. look, i'm in virginia... i'm in tennessee... virginia... tennessee... and now i'm in virginessee. see how much you could save on car insurance. or am i in tennaginia? hmmm... that wraps us up this hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. >> thank you so much, stephanie, good conversation with kellyanne conway, by the way. tonight's presidential debate, for tonight at least, what happens in vegas will not stay in vegas. the effects could be far reaching and consequential. in a few hours, hillary clinton and donald trump facing off for
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the final time before election day. trump desperate to lift those slumping poll numbers. sources within the campaign tell us to expect an even more combative trump. we're already getting a glimpse on the trail. >> she's home sleeping and i'm working so that's the way it's going to be in the white house too. she'd be sleeping, i'd be working. i don't believe the polls anymore. i don't believe them. i don't believe them. and if there's 1 or 2 bad ones, that's the only one they show. believe me, folks, we're doing great. >> hillary clinton not without her own issues of course. newly released hacked e-mails to address. and trying to shore up the winning coalition president obama built in '08. the best political team in the business is covering this race for us right now. nbc's hallie jackson and kristen welker are at the university of nevada las vegas, the site of tonight's debate. and of course we've got nicole wallace here in the studio.
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hal halle, over past week, we've seen donald trump saying the election is going to be rigged, even calling for monitoring of voting sites. he's gone after paul ryan on be a nearly daily basis. what do we know about how all those narratives are going to play into his performance tonight? >> i think that's an interesting question, craig. i think they will all somehow get woven into tonight, right, because we have seen donald trump bring all of that up on the campaign trail over last four days. four days in which he has been doing some debate prep. sort of getting in some of that last-minute preparation. but it will likely come up to be honest. i think what's interesting, what's notable, in the last hour, you heard stephanie ruhle talk to kellyanne conway. she said i do not believe there will be widespread voter fraud. so push back on a little of the
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narrative. saying it's about a rigged system for the media, et cetera. that will almost certainly be a line you will hear from donald trump tonight. you've heard it at i think every single debate, so that wouldn't be surprising to see. >> we mentioned the wikileaks dump hillary clinton will most likely have to address tonight. one republican, though, says he wants them to stop doing that. what can you tell us about that? >> that is new this morning. marco rubio giving nbc a statement. he says, i will not discuss any issue that has become public solely on the basis of wikileaks and he adds later, i want to warn my fellow republicans who may want to capitalize politically on these leaks, today it is the democrats, tomorrow, it could be us. this is an interesting statement from the senator because of the timing of this. the morning of the debate, a morning in which for the last several days we've heard, as you mentioned, the top of the
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ticket. donald trump, his running mate mike pence, pushing this idea of the wikileaks release. i wouldn't be surprised if they try to bring up rubio's comments in some of the talking points today. >> we'll see you this afternoon. always good to see you. kristen welker joining me now. we know hillary clinton has been preparing behind the scenes for this debate for the better part of a week. some folks disappointed she didn't go harder after trump last time. folks upset she wasn't more aggressive. what are your sources telling you about her approach tonight? >> she's been preparing for this vigorously. i was told just moments ago by one of her top aides she will be doing more debate prep today. in terms of that strategy that you talked about, that was done by design. look, she wanted to look more presidential, to not get into the nitty-gritty with donald trump on every single back and forth. that's why a lot timings when he
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hit her hard, she simply said, he's mischaracterizing my record, go to my website, and then pivoted to something she wanted to talk about. the clinton campaign thinks that's going to appeal to moderates, to undecided voters, to independent voters. so i think you're going to see something similar tonight. at the same time, she is going to be prepared to defend herself. of course, there is going to be a focus on foreign policy. she has to talk about things like benghazi and some revelationings in those wikileaks dumps we've seen in recent days. the campaign thinks the strategy is working. a new poll out today shows her ahead by nine points. then you have her competitive in arizona, traditionally deep red arizona. the latest polls showing her up 39% to 34%. that is striking. chelsea clinton's going to be campaigning there today. of course the first lady is going to be there tomorrow. so i think you're going to see her try to hold court tonight, craig. >> kristen welker in las vegas,
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kristin, thank you. leapt's bring in msnbc political analyst, former communications director for president george w. bush, nicole wallace. kellyanne conway speaking to stephanie just a few minutes ago on msnbc. here's part of what she said. okay, well, we don't have that. we'll try to get that up. since the last debate, donald trump has gone after the women who accused him of sexual misconduct. gone after paul ryan on a very nearly daily basis. there was that news conference with the accusers. he's been talking about this election being rigged. are we going to see a guy tonight who doesn't have anything to lose? >> well, listen, this race is slipping away from donald trump. and what's so interesting is he's channeling the anger of his supporters. he's always really been a reflection of that part of the republican base that feels mostly angry about everything happening in this country, about the direction of the party. and now he's reflecting their frustration.
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i think what he's missing is that some of their frustration should be directed at him. this race was in his reap after l reach after labor day. hillary clinton has a terrible post-labor day ten-day cycle. he really tightened things up. in the battleground states. help w he was five ahead in ohio. he was ahead in florida. the bottom has dropped out because of the list you just recited. he's made an issue out of bill clinton's infidelities. those are known knowns in the voter's minds. the interparty fight with the republicans, he's angry they've not defended some of his egregious comments. he's the one who keep s this rusting this "access hollywood" tape into the news cycle. by putting his wife out, she went back out and did an interview this week. all of his problems as they have been for the last 15 months are of his making. >> here's kellyanne conway a few
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moments ago, take a listen. >> mark cuban, donald trump and hillary clinton, one of them is the outlier, there's only one of them who's not a self-made billionaire, only one of them who's never signed the front of a paycheck, one of them has never been a job creator. that's one of them who's been in government for decades and has little to show for it. >> hold on a second, are you actually going to say that the first woman candidate to be the president of the united states, whether or not you vote for her or not, is not a success story? >> you were talking about how they are -- >> you just said american success stories -- >> stephanie -- >> it's like watching a tiger and a cheetah. two aprex predators like hunting their prey. could i watch that all day long. >> sometimes you do hear conway speak and you think if this was perhaps the message that donald trump was able to deliver on a consistent basis, he might be
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doing a lot better. >> you ask the former spokesperson for sarah palin, sure. but this is not how politics work. kellyanne conway wasn't on the ballot. if she were in the field, i would have voted for her. but he won, he has the energy of the republican party behind him. think it's fair to say when he lose, not if he loses -- >> you think this is a done deal? >> i think hillary clinton will be the next president. never before has a gop nominee been more in control of his own destiny than donald trump. he had it all there. what's interesting to me? why did he win? he won talking about protectionism. he ran raging against wall street, which is really sort of a new stand for republicans, for mistakes of our own, we sort of had the back of wall street, which has hurt republicans. he he had a revolutionary economic message. he hasn't talked about economic
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despair in this country. he hasn't put himself on the side of the little guy in weeks and that is why his numbers are collapsing. >> he was quite the populist. what happened? >> he's been wrapped up, it's been described to me by campaign insiders as his own bitterness. he sees a win as highly unlikely and he's angry at establishment republicans for attacking him. he's angry at paul ryan's really half-hearted embrace that he feels cost them more harm. he's angry at the media. he feel like the media was with him in the beginning. i think people will write books about whether that's true or not. he feels like he lost the media. that rages him. i think that rage is on full display. >> i would imagine a few folks are already working on books about a lot aspect of this campaign. kristen welker just mentioned this bloomberg poll. i want to pull a few top lines here. hillary clinton up two after trailing all summer with men. up four with men with folks with no college degree.
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whites with college degrees, she's up 13. women, she's up 17. how does your party clean up what looks like is going to be a sizable mess come november 9th? >> those numbers are really important. i mean, those are advantages that republicans who win always have. and the last republican to win the white house was george w. bush in '04. he did so by narrowing the gender gap. and the fact that donald trump is so far behind. republicans would have to win women and single women are almost always out of reach for republicans. you have to narrow the gap among marriy eied women, among moms. slipping further out of reach. is why the losses could be so colossal for republicans up and down the ticket. >> you were in ohio talking to millennial moms. we'll have much more on that later this hour. are there really folks out there who are still undecided? >> so here's why. you know, you get insulated. you get in a bubble. we looked at poll numbers. we read some of the coverage.
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but you get out of sort of a newsroom and you talk to people and you realize people dislike their choices. and where you would expect maybe millennial moms to see some silver lining in the prospects of electing the first woman president, there's none. there's really serious disappointment in what's been revealed about her character. they have real concerns she hasn't been more forthcoming. even on the cusp of victory. they'd love to see a little bit of michelle obama in hillary clinton. they'd love to see someone more genuine. they'd love to see someone who can tap into the emotion and moold of this country and they don't see that in hillary and they still don't trust her. even the ones who support her still worry she doesn't always tell the truth. >> nicole wallace, up early, up late. >> the wrinkles to show for it. >> no, no, always good to see you. >> company should add that to the plan. >> they'll take care of you. the candidates set to square off less than 11 hours from now. former presidential hopeful and
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hillary clinton supporter martin o'malley on the other side of this break. we will also be hearing more from trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. tonight, our special prime-time coverage of the third and presidential debate begins with "meet the press daily" at 5:00 p.m. eastern and then don't miss our live telecast of the debate at 9:00 eastern followed by our late-night coverage with our post-debate team including nicole wallace. much more live from the cam pulse of unlv. the campus of unlv. the running rebels. msnbc, the place for politics.
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thanks for highlighting that sort of tin horn dictator stuff about jailing your opponent, my god what kind of country are we coming to? a lot of the talking heads
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missed that last night. i thought that was outrageous. if you ever doubted this guy's a fascist, he made it clear with that comment. >> former maryland governor martin o'malley with his parting shot at donald trump after the second debate. governor o'malley back as we look at tonight's third and final debate. good morning to you. >> good to be with you. >> has your thinking changed at all on mr. trump since we last spoke nine days ago? >> it hasn't changed at all. i hope what hillary does tonight, though, i hope most people understand what this guy's about and i hope she deflects his attacks and brings the issue back to us. what do we care about? why do i want to be president? i want to be president for you because i understand that we can make our wages go up for all american families now that our country's recovering jobs. immigration reform, climate change. not only business opportunities but opportunities to make wages go up for families in the united states. affordable college. that's what i hope she brings it back tonight.
7:18 am
i hope she has the opportunity to really close very strong here. think she's shown herself plenty tough. she's shown she has the stamina. she's unflammablppable. she needs to tell the story of where we're going as a country. and why that's better for your family. >> trump sure to bring up these wikileaks document dumps again as well as the fbi report suggesting the state department tried to pressure the fbi to declassify an e-mail. last hour, there was an e-mail that was released. it's from the head of the center for american progress. this is to john podesto. why did she call herself a moderate? responding, she claims she doesn't remember saying it. not so sure i believe her. we were speculating that it may be a done baer intervention. and tanden reply, it makes my life more difficult after telling everybody reporter i know she's
7:19 am
progressive. she doesn't seem to know what planet we are all living in at the moment. is she vulnerable here again? does that exchange just reinforce the narrative that's reflective in a lot of polling she's dishonest and trustworthy? >> no, i think what it shows is sometimes she's slower to embrace issues that all of us as progressives, you know, get to sometimes ahead of her. but these wikileak things, gosh, it's hard to keep up with them, isn't it, craig? they come out every day. the ones that i've read in passing, i mean, don't really show to me to be any sort of bombshells. it's the sort of chatter you have in campaigns. i know neera tanden and i'm sure she was trying to cut through the clutter of a ton of communications. the bigger issue here is the russian government's trying to affect the outcome of this election by breaking into democratic e-mails and democratic headquarters.
7:20 am
that disturbs me far more than any of the particular e-mails themselves. >> you were also featured in one of these e-mails from john podesta. this is the headline, i'm sure you've seen it. >> i never read my own e-mail. >> podesta tried to woo o'malley. you wrote, when you think your country no longer reasonings for you and your family, voting becomes solely an act of protest. do you remain convinced that many, if not most, voting in november will be voting against someone instead of for someone? >> no, but i don't believe protest is what marked the character of the electorate this year. both in our home party and also in the republican party. i do believe there's 40% of our neighbors who come hell or high water, even with donald trump bragging about being a sexual predator and sexual assault, i think they're still going to vote for him because a lot of americans just feel so alienated
7:21 am
from their own country's politics and government and feel the economy is set against them that they'd rather take a sledgehammer and break the kitchen table rather than talk about the things that will put more food on it. so that i still believe. >> do you do -- >> i believed at the time. >> do you have a trump impression? >> do i have a trump impression? i will never confirm nor deny i have a trump impression. my impression of donald trump is that he's a fascist and he continues to affirm that impression either time he opens his mouth. >> i was going to give you the opportunity there. there were some rumors perhaps you might be playing donald trump in a debate prep but you won't confirm or deny those. >> can't confirm or deny but if i did, i would have done it very well. she prepares. serious people prepare for moments like this. i think she'll be very prepared. i hope she brings it back to the big bold issues that will define a better issue for american families. >> we didn't get a chance to talk about your cabinet position
7:22 am
but we'll do that next time. >> that's not why i'm doing this. i'm doing this for my country. i gave up on a cabinet position when i ran for president. come on. >> this isn't about me. >> i don't know if that's true. we'll talk about it next time. >> about our country. >> governor, thank you. >> thank you. >> still ahead, nicole wallace talking to some moms about how they're leaning into the presidential race but first president obama weighing in with some advice for donald trump ahead of tonight's las vegas debate. >> i'd invite mr. trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes. >> we'll hear from trump campaign manager kellyanne conway next. we're live in las vegas. [alarm clock beeping] ♪ ♪ ♪
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we heard from trump campaign manager kellyanne conway who went one on one with our stephanie rule there in las vegas. stephanie asked her about some
7:26 am
of the high-profile guests invited by the campaigns ahead of tonight's third and final debate. >> help me understand why bringing president obama's half brother tonight, how does that help voters know who they want to elect as the next president of the united states? >> well, that's all right, he wanted to come and we're happy to give him a ticket -- >> you guys are friends with him -- >> i'm not personally friends -- >> donald trump's friends with him? >> we're very inclusive -- >> so it's being inclusive? that's why -- >> no, he wanted to come. we're happy to invite him. i would con trust that and let's just make sure everybody knows who pat smith is because i'm not sure she gets a lot air time here. >> she deserves it. >> she's the mother of one of the fallen in benghazi and she was a convention speaker who i think was laughed at and ridiculeled by some in the media. i'm glad she's here because she -- pat smith says i'm walking evidence, i'm walking evidence of hillary clinton being a liar because she told
7:27 am
her daughter and other officials one thing of who was responsible for benghazi, and she lied to the benghazi families and the rest of us it was about a video. that's a disgrace. i don't think she can just brush that often the way hillary clinton tries to brush off. i made a mistake with my private server. i wish i had done things differently. i shouldn't have deleted the e-mails. any time she gets caught, she feels bad. irredeemable and deplorable. i shouldn't have used a number. she's never really sorry for anything. pat smith knows that. i would contrast pat smith to the invitees of hillary clinton, mark cuban, meg whitman, billionaire success stories. another wednesday night for hillary clinton hanging out with billionaires. >> donald trump definitely hangs out with billionaires, he is one -- >> self-made -- >> -- a female business leader, a job creator -- >> i said they're american success stories -- >> i want my kids to look up to american success stories, but i want to go back to unless donald trump -- to me, inviting
7:28 am
president obama's brother, are you not ringing some conspiracy theories are you not winking at the birther issue again? >> what? no. >> from vegas, nbc's kelly o'donnell, mark murray and the daily mail francesca chambers as well. kelly what can you tell us about what's going on behind the scenes as these two get ready for this last debate? >> well, one thing we know, craig, is that hillary clinton's debate prep still isn't complete. she intends to do more today in advance of the final debate and this has been kind of the hallmark of her preparation. long sessions. sort of a rigorous, almost real-time feel to it. holding debate prep in the evenings in recent days to sort of have that sense of the kind of body clock being acclimated to what's required. and of course there's going to be a lot focus on foreign policy tonight. that's the expectation. and so preparing those answers. and while that's been a part of
7:29 am
the earlier debates, not as with as much focus. as we heard from conway, having some of the sort of surprise guests from the trump side, that keeps what has been the hallmark of the whole trump campaign. a little bit of surprise. a little bit of buzz. whether it has any direct impact on how voters perceive this race or not, they feel they get some bang out of being able to shine a light on either real people who have a story to tell that they think does further their candidacy or simply getting us to talk about these things -- >> it's the president's estranged brother. it's not like it's hillary clinton's brother. it just seems so bizarre. >> it's a little bit of a needling. and the fact there has been an estrangement over time is something they are more than happy to emphasize. and it's really always about getting under the skin of their adversaries. they certainly believe that hillary clinton represents a
7:30 am
continuation of the obama administration and the obama legacy. so that's not a far reach from the trump side. especially after we heard from the president, who at first in the rose garden said he wouldn't go as far as he would on the campaign trail, but he was able and sort of an understating way deliver some withering criticism of trump t, imploring him to st wining and make his case to the public. they don't have any problem pushing back. if this is the counterpunch campaign, members of the family close or not close to the president are certainly something that would be of interest to the trump side. so it's the substance preparation for hillary clinton. it's some of the style and story line that we see from the trump campaign playing out. craig. >> mark murray, i'm a little disappointed you didn't travel with your touch screen map there but we can still talk about some of the recent polling from battleground states here. what are we seeing right now? what does the polling show? >> my map wouldn't fit in the
7:31 am
overhead bin of the airplane but i'll do my best. we're here in nevada. a new monmouth poll that came out that has hillary clinton up seven points in nevada. you also end up looking at the totality the debate season so far. and our nbc/"wall street journal" poll showed 31% think their vote, that they are more inclined to vote for hillary clinton because her performance versus 14%. but maybe the biggest polling of all, craig, is in arizona. there's a new arizona state poll that has hillary clinton up five points. and the fact that we're even talking about arizona right now and we were not talking about pennsylvania is a huge story. and one other polling, craig, bloomberg came out with a new national poll today that shows hillary clinton up nine points. on the morning of the very first debate. so back on september 26th, the one that lester hold moderated, bloomberg had trump up, now it's
7:32 am
the nine-point lead. just shows you how much the debates have moved this race in a lot of polling. >> francesca, here we are, 11 hours away from the debate tonight. what do you think we should be looking for between these two? >> well, the trump campaign is cleerply going to try to rattle her between tonight. they think if they can knock her off her game, then they have an opportunity here to get in there and also change the game, change those numbers, so we will look to see how she reacts to donald trump when he brings up benghazi. her campaign says that's a resolved issue, it's already been settled, but trump will probably hammer her on that tonight. the wikileaks e-mails. how many does she handle those? the campaign telling me he plans to bring up a few those this evening as well. so those would be two issues that could potentially get hillary clinton a little bit rattled and that's what they're hoping for. >> is it true there's not going to be a handshake between bill clinton and melania trump?
7:33 am
no exchanging of pleasantries? >> as extraordinary as that is in what is normally a place of civility in tough campaigns, there will not be the customary handshake between the the two spouses. former president bill clinton and melania trump. that photo op does not exist. it's a sign of the tension and chill between these two sides that extends to not even being willing to do what is long-standing tradition and the niceties of this campaign, no handshake. i would imagine the candidates may not either. >> emblematic i suppose. mark, kelly o., francesca, enjoy your black jack, thank you. our special prime-time coverage starts with "meet the press daily." don't miss the debate itself. 9:00 eastern, followed by our coverage with our post-debate team. still ahead, an inside look at what goes into the making of the third and final presidential debate. ♪ i found a better deal
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candidates aren't the only ones preparing for tonight's debate. hundreds of volunteers ha s hasn working to get the center ready for tonight's debate. about 3,000 journal i.s will be in las vegas to cover. our chris jansing joins us live now from las vegas, nevada. good to see you. >> good to see you, craig. well, it's debate day. final debate day. you beyonder why, given all the volunteers they need and how much work and security, why any place like unlv would host a debate. they think already they've got $85 million worth of free publicity. here's the stage. looks familiar, it's the one they just moved over here . it's the same one they used for the past three debates. hillary clinton will be on your
7:38 am
right. donald trump will be on your left. and the moderator. also known as -- >> christian. >> jennifer. >> they've been playing them in mock rehearsalings. they're going to do lighting. it's sort of a tech thing coming up in just a little bit. what's this been like for you? >> exciting experience. i think it's a once in a lifetime kind of thing. so to get to do this, it's exciting. >> how's it been? >> it's been probably one of the most exciting things i've ever experienced. no offense to my husband or my kids. getting to just be part of it and each of us has a debate background so just getting up there to play around and debate fun topics and current events. it's been really exciting. >> how tough are you going to be tonight? >> all the hard questions, definitely. it's a good experience. it's really exciting. we have a lot of cameras in town. a lot of good things happening now. >> how many of you will be on a ballot coming up in the future? you going to run for office?
7:39 am
>> i don't know about that. >> i freely admit that i'm pretty unlv passionate and proud of being a las vegas local so absolutely, i will admit it. >> all right. >> vote for kennedy, it's the name you know. >> thanks to the students here. by the way, there are 284 seats. do you guys get to go? automatically get tickets? >> no, we're actually ushering. >> but you're inside. >> yes. >> you can see up there. this will be the biggest live audience they have had with something like 1,200 people will be here tonight. look at the numbers for tv audiences. yes, the numbers for third debates go down. having said that, you could easily get 60 million people watching tonight. so you see, craig, that it may be the third debate, but with the clock ticking and only 20 days left this is their last chance to speak to an audience this big, craig. >> chris jansing there for us at unlv. chris, thank you. the fight to retake mosul. p ra rages on. some exclusive video from the
7:40 am
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back now with some breaking news out of afghanistan this morning. one u.s. service member and one civilian, one u.s. civilian, they've died as a result of wounds sustained in an attack in kabul today. that service member, civilians also sustained wounds. currently stable, i should say. one u.s. service member, a different u.s. service member, and two other u.s. civilians also sustained wounds. they're currently stable. one u.s. service member dead. one u.s. civilian killed in that attack. three others, three others who are currently in stable condition. from afghanistan to iraq now. the fight against isis will likely come up. moderator chris wallace has
7:44 am
decide foreign hot spots will be one of the six topics. this comes as iraqi forces continue to battle to retake that city of mosul from the islamic state. more than 100 u.s. military advisers are embedded with thousands of troops involved in the operation which include sunni tribal fighters, shiite militias and kurdish forces as well. nbc's matt bradley with those kurdish fighters. joins me live from erbil which is southeast of mosul. matt, good day to you. >> thanks, craig. the big headline today is there was some 1,200 civilians who were seen fleeing mosul. let me just put that in perspective, craig, that's 1 out of 1,000 of the 1 million civilians thought to be remaining inside mosul. that's going to be a major barrier as all of these troops, some 65,000 troops, converge on mosul and try to retake it from islamic state. i was just down there today with our crew about 12 miles east of
7:45 am
mosul and we saw some other problems these troops are going to be encountering as they move into mosul. the person manager ge peshmerga suicide bombers, by mortar fire, by tunnel works that were defensively built by isis. these are things that were blocking. they said the real block was not a combat-related issue. it was actually political. they're waiting for the real iraqi military. the arab iraqi military to company north and relieve them and push into mosul. that's because, and this be is something, craig, you're not going to here in tonight's debate. the interplay. it's not just about taking mosul from isis. it's about making sure mosul is taken by the iraqi army with buy-in from several different ethnic and minority groups and all of iraq can feel proud of this victory here so many here
7:46 am
see as inevitable in the coming weeks, months. >> these folks fleeing mosul, where are they going? >> a lot of them are heading south. some of them actually are headed into northeastern syria, which is kind of jumping from the pan into the fire. the united nations is struggling to build as many camps as possible. right now, they're struggling with a lack of funding. it's going to be difficult to accommodate what is really going to be one of the most overwhelming civilian refugee populations since the conflict began several years ago. >> matt, thank you, be safe there. still ahead, one of the candidate's most coveted votes, the critical mom vote. our nicole wallace tells us which way these voters are leaning ahead of tonight's final showdown. we're live in vegas. look at the students. and some former students as well. very excited there on the campus of unlv ahead of tonight's final face-to-face.
7:47 am
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there's one group hillary clinton and donald trump will be actively courting tonight. women. msnbc political analyst nicole wallace recently met up with a group of millennial moms in ohio to find out how they feel. >> who's voting election day? >> i live in ohio. my vote in ohio means something. >> on the southern shore of lake erie sits lake county, just outside of cleveland where this group of millennial moms are still struggling with whole election. >> has morphed into an alternate universe where facts don't matter. >> in 2008, barack obama won here. in 2012, mitt romney won this county. the margin of victory both times, less than 1%. >> i don't expect perfection but i dointegrity.
7:51 am
>> as ohio becomes a must-win state, one thing is clear, when it comes to winning over moms, both candidates have work to do. >> they need to win your vote. if they said what would it take to lock you up as a voter? >> i think neither one of these candidates seem to be above bashing the other and that really bothers me. i watched maybe ten minutes of the first debate and i felt like i was back in a middle school cafeteria. >> so are you throwing your hands in the air? >> it is definitely a lesser of two evils choice. >> trying to get you to hate somebody as opposed to trying to get you to like somebody. i have a daughter. she's 8 months old. i look at her. it's not just the next four years. it's the next 20 years. whatever foundation is laid with this election, she has to grow up. >> i know hillary has flaws. >> what want she do better? >> be more transparent, show like a warmer side and just try
7:52 am
to connect with people. >> i think when you compare to other candidates, i think you just don't get a great feel for who she is. >> her credibility is a zero. you have benghazi. you have the ema-mails and the server. she can't tell the truth. >> where does that leave you? >> that leaves me erring on the side of trump. >> when it companies to women, the latest nbc news survey monkey poll shows that hillary clinton leads donald trump in every age group. >> tell me how you get over the character concerns with trump. >> i don't think you get over it. i have to trust that he's going to put good people around him that will help guide him in making good sound decisions and pray that he can hold it together for four years. >> i have a hard time with donald trump because a lot of what he says goes back and forth so much. you can actually watch him contradict himself. >> what advice would you give mr. trump if he sat here? >> he needs to be humble. admit he's done awful things and
7:53 am
turn it around and start being trump the republicans nominated. >> any lead they're admits to treating women in a certain way, it's hard to say they are a good choice to be the leader of the free world. >> historically, women vote in higher numbers than men. in 2012, 53% of voters were women so getting out the vote is crucial. >> who's definitely voting for hillary clinton? or wants to say so today? who's definitely voting for donald trump and wants to say today? who remains undecided? there you go. the state of ohio. great state of ohio. >> one undecided voter in ohio right there. if you want to place a friendly wager on tonight's contest, take a look at what the oddsmakers are saying. hillary clinton is the favorite to win tonight, 5-1 odds. donald trump's odds, 9-2. some other things you can wager on tonight, will there be a handshake? the colors of trump's tie and
7:54 am
clinton's jacket. and the over/under on how many times donald trump will say the word "tremendous." right now that's set at 8 1/2. i'd say the smart money is on the over there. up next, the critical millennial vote. we'll hear from unlv students about what they want to hear from the candidates tonight. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
7:55 am
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. let's go back to las vegas kristen welker who is in the crowd with some unlv students. >> they're very excited about tonight. you can hear them pumped up. some of them still undecided including dominic. tell me what you need to hear to make your decision. >> it is truth. everybody has their own opinion. if you have a leader for our country, it has to be the truth. >> what issue matters most? >> education. that's something we really need to put our focus on.
7:58 am
if we don't have anybody helping us get the resources we need, we really don't need them. >> future's in very good hands clearly. thank you. judy you are a trump supporter. if you look at the polls, a lot of folks think clinton did a better job in the last two debates. what do you want him to do tonight? >> i think he did a great job at the last debate. i don't really think the polls are showing what americans are really feeling. and i just want to see him talk about his policies. i think he's got an amazing plan to be able to run this country like a business. >> and single word what issue matters to you most, judy? >> there's so many. veterans. care. no vaccines. >> a lot of different issues. rosemary, you are a clinton supporter. a lot of people thought she wasn't touch enough in the last debate. what do you want to see tonight? do you want to see her get tougher? >> i do want to see her get a
7:59 am
little bit tougher. i support hillary clinton. not only for all the dreamers to fix our immigration reform system and i want to see her come out. because she's the most experienced candidate that we have for this presidency. and i want to see her win. >> all right. there you have it. a range of different perspectives. all eyes are going to be on the fireworks tonight. >> kristen welker in las vegas. a big thanks to all the folks who came out as well this hour. thank you. thanks for the cheer. that's going to wrap up this hour. tamron hall picks things up right now. >> great job, craig, thank you so much. good morning, everyone. a lot to get you caught up on this morning. coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. we have 20 days until the election day. right now, hillary clinton and donald trump are in las vegas. both of them. preparing for the final presidential debate at the unlv
8:00 am
thomas and mack center. their paths won't cross until tonight but both of their campaign planes spotted just yards away from each other on the tarmac yesterday. the debate, 90 minutes, moderated by fox news anchor chris wallace, with six planned topics of discussion. and a new bloomberg poll out just this morning shows secretary clinton with a nine-point lead nationally. 47-48. and a new survey monkey/"washington post" poll of 15 battleground states shows clinton with significant leads in nine of those states. meaning she could get 304 electoral votes, 34 more than needed to be elected. donald trump leads in six states but some of his leads are rai s thin. three in ohio and arizona. trump telling his supports don't believe the polls and continuing to insist the election is


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