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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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florida. we are headed over now to trump's rally down the road from her. i will turn it over to kristen welker behind the desk today. >> hey, there halie, stick around. we have seen hillary clinton flexing her muscle in new hampshire. elizabeth warren hitting donald trump for a whole host of issues including calling the election cycle rigged. today, governor maggie -- a lot of women power out there on the trail aimed at all important women voters and discussing this with me, halie jackson, is live in saint augustine, florida. katy tur is in tampa, florida and kasie hunt is in manchester i in new hampshire and steve cornacki is joining me in new
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york. kasie hunt, i want to start with you, your take away so far from what we have heard about hillary clinton. she starts off these events by talking about the down ballot races. this is a real shift in strategy. >> reporter: that's right, i think this reflects the growing confidence that you can sense on a campaign trail from the hillary clinton and her campaign over the course of the last couple of weeks. these polls have really proved to be showing her a weave that's significantly and does not seem to be going away. that's giving them a chance to spend some time and energy focusing on trying to get people elected that could help her govern if she's in fact elected president. you have, of course, that's another bonus for the clinton's
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campaign. north carolina and in particular is one where the feeling is if hillary clinton is able to push her lead up, pretty high it is going to be enough to sweep the democratic, candidate, to victory there. of course, she's able to help democrats retake the senate, that's a significant for the governor. we heard from elizabeth warren at the top of this event. she joked about going on for a while, her speech was longer than some of the traditional some speeches i heard from secretary clinton. she, of course, really speaking to the progressive phaface. they know a lot of the democratic voters here are more progressive so she's here trying to make sure they don't stay-at-home when it comes to november 8th. kristen. >> i think you are absolutely
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right. and their key focus right now is making sure that democrats and that the obama coalition does not get too comfortable with these poll numbers. you brought up some of that strong language that we heard. i want to play some of it and get halie's reaction on the other side. >> well, i got news for you, donald trump, women have had it with guys like you. and nasty women have had it with guys like you. he thinks because he has money that he can call women, fat, pigs and bimbos, he thinks that because he's a celebrity that he can rate a woman's body from one through ten and a mouth full of ti of -- well, i got news for you, donald trump, women have had it
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with guys like you. >> halie, i want to bring you back in. obviously, that comment about nasty women and not so subtle reference to donald trump calling secretary clinton "a nasty woman." that big gap among women voters. what is the campaign telling you and what is their strategy for the final two weeks. >> let me make three points here as we react to that elizabeth warren's sound byte. number one, warren , has been u spoken of donald trump. she has had a proven ability it appears to get under his skin in a way that forced him and his view to try to response. what i will be looking for is whether he will take aim at elizabeth warren after her firing comments there in new hampshire. look at what is happening to the phrase "nasty woman."
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it reminds me a bit of what we saw when hillary clinton made that basket of deplorables of trump's supporter. it is appropriated by -- you heard elizabeth warren turning "nasty woman" into a prowling call. the third point i want to make and you talk about strategy of the next several weeks, florida, florida, those are the places that you will see where the trump campaign focused. hillary clinton has improved according to the latest abc news, improved her enthusiasm among likely voters. donald trump really staying stable. his campaign and surrogate will point to what they see, there is a still real question mark about
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whether how that translates into moving the numbers and the needles at the polls. >> i want to pick up on that very point of polls and head over to katy tur. katy, donald trump is saying that the media is lying about the polls and we are not sure which polls he's referencing. a whole host s of polls where secretary clinton is taking the lead. they continue to say that we could win this. let me play what his daughter has said and get your reaction. >> well, there is still a couple days left in october. >> so you may have something. >> we have got some stuff up our sleeves. >> katy tur, you are talking to these guys everyday, are they confident that they come back. it would be an incredible come back at this point? >> reporter: he's referencing
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the amusement poll and the trump campaign is positive, they think they will be able to win despite all the evidence that's thrown in their face. kellyanne conway did admit they are behind. it is something that their candidate refuses to do when he's on stage or any interviews. he admitted that hillary clinton does have an advantage especially when it comes to ads. she's running much more ads than donald trump is across the country, specifically in these swing states. she admits they are targeted ads against donald trump. yes, she admits they are behind. trump refuses to do so. hels s he's saying the polls are skewed -- i am sorry, she's saying that the polls are skewed against him and they are not showing reality. he points to the women he sees
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in his crowds and holding up the pig signs at trump's campaign and knain fact, they just sent a fund raising e-mails to their supporters that have a reliable pack of 266 electable votes. their math that was a lot more optimistic than nbc news' map. they are putting utah in their column and georgia and florida. they're claiming that their polls in florida that donald trump is ahead, that's not the case. mike mcmullin -- and arizona is provering difficu proving difficulties as well. right now they are presenting an optimistic front and trying
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to -- they're derailing and under reporting donald trump's report. the evidence out there does not dive with that outlook. >> just striking, katy is in arizona and the clinton campaign is making a play for arizona. we are trying to determine if secretary clinton is going to visit the state herself. i want to turn to steve, we are getting new early voting data. here are the highlights. far more than 6 million votes have been cast. if you look at on october 24th. 4, 270, 596 votes in battleground states including arizona, colorado, ohio, and massachusetts and utah. how did the republican party
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get here, steve? >> yeah, i look at those early voting numbers, i am skeptical of reading too much into them. they tell us something we suspected and we have been getting reports for a long time. when it comes to organization and having sort of people in position on the ground to get the votes out to democrats in the clinton's campaign than the trump's campaign. it is possible that you will end up having a lot more trump vo's voters wait until election day. romney did a lot better on election day than the voting period. we had these polls and we show them all the time and we put the polls out there. well, trump is doing poorly and dropped and gained a little bit and people say it does not matter until election day. the early voting numbers that you put up under scores the fact that all of these developments in the last couple of weeks, they matter in terms of actual
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votes being cast. those votes you were showing were cast. when all the news breaking of donald trump and the video tape and multiple accusations for women, these votes were cast in some cases before the third presidential debate. these events have been playing autothe last f the last few months. can trump recover from this. millions of votes were cast as that was happening. they were locked in and there is no changing it now. >> it is a great, great point, steve. >> casey, i want to go back to you, you and i have been talking clinton campaign officials as we are watching these polls number and early voting totals coming in. i think that one of the concerns of your democrat or a supporter of the clinton's campaign, they are getting overly confident. what are they saying to you after that and their daily wikileaks hacks that we are seeing and internal e-mails that's creating all sorts of
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authority questions for the campaign. >> reporter: i do think tha that -- we were asked here on the ground on new hampshire about that idea, are they getting over confident and their answer to that is well, they know it is not over until it is over. on saturday night asked secretary clinton there she was thinking of who she puts in her cabinet. i am not at that point. on the other hand, that really is the posture of the whole campaign and of course, we know as you recorded that the transition planning is going over. and not for others, so i me mean -- they only have two weeks basically left of this. we are closing enough that i am not sure they're too worry yet of over confidence being a problem. wikileaks on the other hand is
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unpri unpredictable and problematic. the more information comes out, the more it becomes not just a short term problem but a long-term problem especially with the left wing of the party, kristen. >> i think that's absolutely right. if she does in fact win, that could create some complicated discussions on the days after election day. there you had a real show, of course, there. secretary clinton holding up her arms and other folks on stage there including elizabeth warren. it is all hands on deck right now for the democrats. consiste secretary clinton does have a big team behd her. steve cornacki who had to run into donald trump in 3:00 p.m. where he's going to do some reporting. you can catch steve at 4:00. he will be speaking with kellyanne conway, you do not want to miss that conversation. when this 2016 race began, it was eyed as winnable for
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he became the first person running for president, republican or democrat, who refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. all this talk about the election being rigged and trying to stir up people who are supporting him and his rallies. that's a direct threat to democracy. >> that was hillary clinton moments ago in new hampshire
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with just two weeks to go with election day. >> donald trump is trailing with double digits. so how did the nomination of this bombastic entrepreneur possibly losing the race. >> joining me is congressman cole. thank you for joining me. >> hey, it is always great. thank you. >> i want to start with secretary clinton hitting donald trump on a rigged election. this is a rallying cry for democrats, congressman, you hear president obama talking about it and the first lady, should donald trump drop this whole discussion of a rigged system. >> yeah, it takes you off of what the real issues of the real campaign. i think he's having the upper hand and that's why people seize on casual remarks on this and blow out of proportions. we don't have rigged system in
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the united states. presidential elections have been going on for 200 years. they do have good job of rendering the opinions of america. focus on the opponents and the issues. don't worry about the election. it is run by honorable people and every precinct is filled with volunteers and you can trust them. >> i want to be clear that did you think that donald trump has the upper hand? >> i didn't mean to say that. this is blown out of proportions. he's still pretty much in the race. any republicans that's having a hard time on this map, the electoral map favors democrats. >> that's fair -- he had some self inflicted wounds, do you agree? >> i think so, so is hillary clinton. that's not being honest for 16
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months. both candidates have self inflicted wounds. that's normal. we need to do more talking about her and not be defensive as we are right now. i think you need to be on the offense on the final two weeks of the campaign. >> do you expect them to accept the results if he does in in fact lose. >> a lot depends if we had a gore/bush recount. but, if we have a normal election and there are several percentage point difference and several million votes across, i would expect you probably should. reserving the right for recounts, both sides do that. a normal election where we have a lot of democrats complaining and bush clearly won the election and we have protests in the house of representatives about it. these things are hard fought.
11:21 am
>> that's a unique situation. sure, that was a unique situation. >> 2004 was not unique. it was three and three and a half million votes. >> 2000s was. we just played a little bit of it. we want to let you know what voters say. colorado and iowa and republicans out pacing in florida and georgia and pennsylvania. it does suggest that democrats are coming forward. >> it is hard to tell. if you on the democrats side, you like voters turning out early. it is a good, early side if you
11:22 am
are a democrats. so far, what we maybe seeing is the organizational edge that the clinton campaign has. it is invested heavily in these areas. again, i think this number tend to even out as we move forward and too soon to tell. >> there are a lot of concerns about republicans holding onto the senate. do you project that republicans will hold onto the senate. you have tough races in pennsylvania and new hampshire and hillary clinton in all of those states campaign for those democrats. >> you have to remember secretary clinton has negative ratings. i don't think she's going to pull a lot of people across the board when she's a 42 favorable and 54 or 54 unfavorable. these are states of democrats. they're facing a tough reclinement and a larger election than they have. those things working to the
11:23 am
advantage of their democratic opponents. these are candidates that have won in the states before. that frankly helps donald trump. >> i think it will be decided in the next two weeks. but, there is no question. we are ahead in pennsylvania and north carolina, i think we are going to surprise democrats clearly and in indiana where the lead has disappeared. look, it can go either way. there is going to be a lot of republican senators there. regardless. we had a bad night. i am not expecting a bad night in the senate. >> very briefly because i am getting a hard wrap. do you expect that speaker ryan will have a challenge? >> i have no idea whether he will or not. if he does, he will win that challenge. he's a popular guy in our conference. he's leaving it all in the field
11:24 am
in terms of treerms of trying t elect his fellow president. i think we'll remember that. >> appreciate you being here, thank you very much. >> trump tweeted out this morning, the media is making phony polls, most current polls show him trailing do you believe him. >> 1% say yes and 99% say no. the polls are opening up in the states including the district of columbia. we'll take you live to the voting, that's next. but, first, senator elizabeth warren making the case today in the state of new hampshire. take another look. >> she does not run to twitter or whine or call her opponent losers or dummies. she does not cry that the election is rigged. . what about my wife...
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donald trump is come complaining. he's unable to lose and look in the mirror and say gosh, i lost. >> that was vice presidential nominee, tim kaine. early voting in that state. six and a half million votes have been cast nationwide in twelve battlegrounds. democrats out pacing republicans in nine out of twelve of those battleground states. republicans out pace democrats in florida, georgia and pennsylvania. joining me with more on the fight at battleground states is kris jansing and -- what has
11:29 am
turned out so far and what are folks telling you. >> yeah, >> reporter: yeah, i think it is a little early of 2.5 day. record number and clark county that's where las vegas is. these folks have been lining up. we are not going to make any joke of the fact that this line goes all the way down to the produce department, the polling mla is goes by all the lick kql. lets talk about what's going on here. democrats have been out performing republicans in the early voting. congressm congressman, is running for reelection here. are you concern at this point? the votes on the republican side seems to be a little bit down.
11:30 am
>> my district is a little bit more. this is a a continuation of what's happening in nevada since chicago folks came in 2008. the question is what happens on election day and how can the republicans try to keep pace before that. mitt romney won on election day. >> what they are running out by 10 or 11 point of advantage -- >> i did not say it was a concern. it tracks the historical paths. so this is not new. >> reporter: it shows that you lost in those races. >> i did not, meaning the republicans. >> how does it track for the rest of it, we are two days into it so we still got a couple of weeks. >> reporter: what's going to be the difference if the republicans are coming back. >> it is ground game. >> reporter: i talked to
11:31 am
republican sherman, he says there is no ground game. >> that's interesting, -- >> reporter: you feel good about that. >> what do you think the chance that trump can win here and the senate candidate can win here. he's down a couple of points. >> it all depends on turn out. my crystal ball is not any better than anybody else. >> reporter: kristen, the president was here and the democrats turning out and they had katy perry going door-to-door over the weekend. even though we see this five point advantage and seven in another poll for hillary clinton, saying we are seeing on the senate side, we are going to keep watching and see how many people turning out in these early days. the democrats and is favoring with more this year than 2012. kristen. >> fascinating chris jansing, it does all come down to turn out.
11:32 am
appreciate it. we want to go to miami where we find gabe gutierrez. >> you are in florida, nothing says swing states like florida. we know the importance of it. if you look . >> what are the folks there telling you and are you getting a sense that turn out is strong so far? >> reporter: hi there, kristen, good afternoon, we have been speaking to voters here. the lines are not long at this polling place. election supervisor says they are streamlining the process. 6.5 million people have voted here in florida. republicans and affiliated voters having a slight age. now, ill p jo am joined by rudy fernandez. he was essential back in 2000s
11:33 am
and 2004 joining to the campaign and reaching out to latino voters. you are are about to do right there and right now that you would never thought to do. >> since i was 18-year-old, i am 43. i have always supported the republican nominee and i work for the rnc and the bush's white house. i am a republican but i will be casting a ballot against donald trump. i am not all with her but i am going to vote for hillary clinton. >> reporter: you are going to vote for hillary clinton in this election? >> you got to put the country above our hate for hillary clinton and even though i have 101 policy differences with her, i think donald trump is dangerous towards democracy. i say this and it pains me to
11:34 am
criticize the no, ma'minee of m party. he has attacked the press. that's an important role to play and attacked judges and other direct examination, i cannot support him. >> reporter: rudy fernandez, thank you very much. >> now, he's going to vote for hillary clinton. also, all those down ballot races including senator marco rubio. >> a fascinating conversation, you see democrats are using that concept of a rigged system as a hammer against donald trump. you have a lot of republicans who are generally concerned about that type of rhetoric. nbc's gabe gutierrez, thank you very much for your great reporting. appreciate it. >> up next, the trump's campaign, there is the final two week stretch. first, what would a monday be without a look back at "saturday night live." >> people are pouring into this
11:35 am
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11:39 am
tweet of donald trump. he says he's not losing and this is something we are making up. you have to acknowledge that hillary clinton has a lead. why is donald trump making that his strategy to suggest that somehow creating an alternative reality of what's happening in the polls. if you look at the polls, the international business daily polls which is been correct in the three elections. we are up in la times and if you go across the country, and look at ohio where we are up and north carolina within one point and nevada we are tied. this campaign is deleting our ties in the key polls. those national polls do show a big difference of hillary clinton. those are polls with a structure that's weighs so heavily with democrats. . >> i think the folks who could depth those polls disadprgree w
11:40 am
you. let me tell you what kellyanne conway had to say this weekend and get your response on the other side. >> we are behind. she has some advantages like $66 million in ad buys in the month of november. she has tremendous advantages and the former president who is her husband and vice president and all much popular than she can hoped to be. she seems to be the incumbent. our advantage coming going in, we were behind in some of these swing states. our advantages is donald trump is going to take the case directly to the people. >> boris, why not just acknowledge you're behind and bh why not use that as a rally cry to get voters. >> but when you have kellyanne conway coming out saying one thing and donald trump saying another thing and you are saying another thing. does that create the division
11:41 am
optics. >> ythe message is some polls showing down. the key polls showing us up. show us some number that is do matter. 70% of americans don't trust the media. >> he's the only change and he's the only person giving the american people someone and something to vote for. hillary clinton has those old traded policies. she's an agent of crookedness and corruption. the wall journal today in term of the fbi, unbelievable, right? >> $800,000 to the wife of the fbi person in charge of the investigation. >> all right, i know you want to get that narrative out. let me give the push back that we are getting if terry mcccallr
11:42 am
himself. her husband was not promoted to the top position until after the race is over. he supported a highly qualified candidate as part of his effort to take the virginia senate in 2015. it goes onto say that the person you are talking about is promoted after the election. >> kristen, can i respond. we don't have a lot of time, boris. lets get to the speech over the weekend, the gettisburg speech that donald trump gave. he veered into the discussion of how he's going to sue his female accusers. did you had think it was a smart strategy particularly getting close to election day? >> making sure we are seeing billions in the money that's
11:43 am
going to the u.n. that should not go there. >> as far as mcclauffe, that's what the mob does. we are running out of town. does donald trump need to stay on message. we just have 15 more days. do you want him to get off the subject of peopsuing people. >> he's saying something so strike ng ting in the middle wh dubbed and that's the headline. >> lets talk about the fact that all these accusers came forward uncorroborated. hillary clinton is someone so well known cannot break 45%, what does that tell you? >> she's a failure. >> boris, quickly, i am getting
11:44 am
a hard wrap from my producer. >> will trump accept the results? >> not no matter what. if it is verified, of course, he will. >> boris epshtenyn, thank you very much. >> don't miss that kellyanne conway will join today at 4:00 p.m. >> and biden at the top of the hour and trump in florida. we'll monitor both of these events and bring you trump live when he takes the podium. first, what president obama is doing ensuring the down ballot blow out for democrats. america votes in 15 days if you can believe that. we'll be right back.
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11:48 am
what the heck? heck no. heck no. come on. that's president obama last night in las vegas. national polls putting hillary clinton firmly in the lead. take a look. >> i want to thank governor ted strickland. our candidate, of the united states senate elected roy cooper and sent debra ross to the united states senate. >> president obama endorsing up to 30 house candidates today,
11:49 am
taping ads and row bbo call for several of them. >> you have to get out and vote and that includes helping me reelect republicans all over the place, i hope they help me, too. it would be nicer if they help us, too. >> with control of the senate down to six and crucial races and panic mode among republicans. joining me now to discuss this, howard dean and rick tiler and our msnbc's political analyst. thank you both for being here. governor dean, i want to start with you and this robust push that we are seeing with all democrats. take a listen on tim kaine then i am going to get your reaction on the other side. >> marco rubio, let me just quote marco rubio. he called donald trump dangerous, and he called donald
11:50 am
trump a con artist but he's supporting donald trump. >> con artist for trump. i don't get it -- i don't get how you can call somebody a dangerous con artist and support them. >> they are pouring resources to help these down ballot races. what are you hearing and how effective is this so far? >> i agree with this. the only that really matters is on election day. i suspect that trump is energized with women and latino voters. they are turning out huge voters and that's not a good thing. i am optimistic. we are going to take back the senate and win florida which is a tough place to win. i think there is a lot of other states and it looks like now we are going to win nevada and if we do, the next senator from the
11:51 am
state of nevada, we'll se see -- the polling has been more wrong in this election cycle than i have seen it for a lot of complicated reasons. i do feel, very, very good about where we are. i would not feel very good of where we are of donald trump's team. >> you are not ready to concede of republicans losing but it is very close. what do you make of donald trump -- when it comes to ballot races? >> what do you mean? >> you hear him saying get out and vote. he's not out there campaigning for any individual candidate. >> boris is trying to spin some of the polls coming out. the reason you are having over weighing of democrats right now, gop turn out is depressed. it is not been like that and so you are going to get and they're counting on or looking at the fact that more voters are coming out on the both sides and gop
11:52 am
bases is not depressed. and the nevada race with joe heck, there is three right there. the democrats could likely pick up the senate. they'll lose it again in 2018 because the numbers are flipped over. >> lets look at some of the numbers that we got. we have this nbc news analyst. it shows you that democrats are out pacing republicans in all of those states and including arizona. we are waiting to see secretary clinton if he will visit but the first lady was there. >> she sent all her top surrogates to arizona. th she's expanding the map. you saw what obama is doing. they are counting that she's
11:53 am
dpoing going to win. he's in nevada spending more time against joe heck than hillary clinton. obama wants hillary clinton to win because of his legacy and he's a democrat. he wants the democrats to take the house in the senate. i don't think they'll take the house. it is not enough competitive race. >> it would be tough. >> there is about maybe 30 races that are competitive but republicans will probably keep most of those so it is not -- it is not competitive. >> governor dean, i want to get your take on the report of the washington post today which says bernie sanders is going to be pushing hillary clinton very hard to enact a number of liberal policies. he's going to be a liberal thorn in clinton side. i wonder what you make of those in light of these wikileaks revelations and the feedback that you had prerogatiogressive were royals of the hacked e-mails you are seeing. >> this is a fight for the future of america. i think bernie sanders is a
11:54 am
constructive influence and really constructive during the campaign in my view. a couple of things, i think there are local factors that we have not talked about. john mccain is running through his i don't know what -- he's 80-year-old and he's been around for a long time. that one could go our way. and the republican, a north carolina is the only state in the country that trump is going to be doing better. and losing all kinds of basketball tournaments. we are talking about gender and bathrooms and all that kind of stuff. that does not go well with the election. the local factors in this race that matters and that's going to have an effect on election night where we see how it turns out. >> rick tyler and howard dean, thank you both of you for being leer.
11:55 am
we a here. >> we are monitoring the event on your screen. rudy guiliani is here. trump is tweeted out the media is making out phony polls and a few more of you say yes, 6%, 94% say no. keep voting on first, more on "snl" take on the third and final debate. >> thank you for bringing up my e-mails, chris, i am happy to clarify what was in some of them. sorry, what, carol? i thought i heard my friend carol. anyway, back to your question about the way that donald treats women and that's how it is. [ laughs ] oh iot a j, at zzies. blood pressure prap the app ere you put fruit han imals? i love that! gu, i'lle wrg code
11:56 am
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11:57 am
est. healthy, betifu sm life. i amenedict arld, inmo traitor d know a tng or two about trang. so irade with e*trade, ertr traders tra
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11:59 am
. here is a live look. florida is in florida and vice president biden is in ohio. the man taking biden job, till cocain tim kaine. we'll keep an eye on all of the headlines for you. trump tweeting out this morning, the media is making up phony polls. most polls show that he's trailing. here are the final results. that wraps up our coverage and more people say no, they do not believe him. i am kristen welker in for thomas roberts. kate snow is picking things up. as any moment kristen says, we are waiting for donald trump. election day is two weeks from tomorrow. every hour countdowning riging .
12:00 pm
trump says he's actually winning. hillary clinton is in new hampshire this afternoon with senator elizabeth warren, one of trump's vocal and colorful critics. that campaign is dealing with a new round of wikileaks e-mails detailing the inner working of clinton's world. >> hillary clinton just wrapping up that rally in manchester, new hampshire. lets start with halie jackson, ahead of the event there. last week for trump, it was all about calling the election, rigged and the theme this week so far on a monday, i am winning but the media and the polls are all wrong. you expect to hear more of that? >> reporter: i would be surprise if hesitate not. we have seen donald trump at a couple of "roundtable"s earlier today in florida. he's making a big push at battleground states. this is a line that's popular for him and his


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