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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  October 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> that was an amazing news report you broke about the trump family's practices in discriminatory practices. we're going to get jerry reed's reaction with that rental agent saying donald trump's father used the n-word when, complaining their rental policy and donald trump nodding right beside his father. that was very shocking stuff to see. >> pretty explicit. >> donald trump has threatened to sue all of the women who are accusing him. we will talk to a woman who donald trump sued for lying about him. she has an encouraging story for the women who donald trump is threatening now. donald trump said today that hillary clinton would start world war iii. john allen will join us to respond to that. but first, tonight, donald trump
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is now more concerned about saving failing businesses than running for president. >> we're going to win back the white house! >> trump behind in virtually every poll. >> the whole system is rigged. >> i take this election very seriously. >> you should have sold hats, though, when you ran, i mean, that would have been -- ♪ >> tell you what. you vote for her, you're crazy, okay? >> he's incredibly gracious toward her. >> she's a crook. she is the worse. and she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. >> this is bigger than me.
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>> he's erratic, he lashes out. that's not the kind of person we want with the finger on the nuclear button. >> he's already damaging us. >> after spending his entire campaign attacking one group of americans after another, his final target is democracy itself. >> let's not blow it, folks. >> this is the last word on campaign 2016. >> did you hear what kellyanne conway just said in that video? i know it flew by. everything she says flies by really fast, because she's learned that trump lesson that when you're lying, it's better to talk really, really fast, because then you can lay down more lies than anybody can possibly keep up with, so we're all going to have to listen to it one more time. let's listen one more time to donald trump and hillary clinton. >> he's incredibly gracious toward her. >> in the recorded history of presidential campaigning, by
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which i mean video recorded or film recorded history of campaigning, no one has been less gracious toward his opponent than the graceless donald trump. kellyanne conway is working for the most vile creature in the history of presidential campaigning and she describes him as incredibly gracious. she has learned from donald trump there is no point in getting caught in small lies. go for massive lies instead. the only candidate who says no one has more respect for women than i do is also the only candidate in history who has been caught on video bragging about his various methods of sexual assault and how he simply cannot control himself, cannot resist committing sexual assault. he has to have a pocket full of tic tacs always at the ready whenever he feels the urge to sexually assault one coming over him. kellyanne conway has learned the trump lesson, that gigantic
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lies, like no one has more respect for women than i do, or he's incredibly gracious toward her, giant lies like that slipped inside very fast-moving verbal streams of other lies can go unchallenged most of the time. here's donald trump being incredibly gracious toward hillary clinton today. >> she should be locked up, tell you right now. what she's done, what she's done, she ought to be ashamed of herself. and you know what? our government ought to be ashamed of itself for allowing it to happen. >> real presidential campaigns fear getting caught in lies. there's nothing they fear more than that, but the trump
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campaign doesn't fear getting caught in lies, because it's not really a presidential campaign. kellyanne conway is not really a presidential campaign manager. she's never been a campaign manager before, and she never will be again, because she has no idea how to manage a presidential campaign. she is simply one of a team of spokespersons for donald trump. she is treated as a campaign manager by a gullible news media that tries to conduct the same full of lies at very, very high speed. the proof that the trump adventure is not a real presidential campaign is that donald trump is spending the night, tonight, right now, in washington, d.c. donald trump is going to lose
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washington d.c. by a higher percentage than probably any state. washington d.c.'s three electoral votes are going to go to hillary clinton. kellyanne conway knows that. donald trump's not having a rally in washington, d.c. tomorrow. he's having what he's calling a grand opening for his new hotel in washington, d.c. that is already open and already in desperate straits with very few rooms reserved. the hotel is widely discounting its prices online and still cannot attract guests. so donald trump is taking time off from what is supposed to be a presidential campaign to go to a place where he can't win a single electoral vote, because getting people to rent rooms at his washington hotel is now much more important to him than getting people to vote for him to make him president. donald trump knows who the next
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president is going to be, and he knows he is going to be clinging to the wreckage of his businesses on november 9th. businesses that are reportedly in increasing trouble because of all of the hatred he has spread in the last year. many decent people don't want to be seen in a trump property. many decent people do not want the word trump to appear on any of their credit card bills or the word "ivanka." a boycott has been started against ivanka trump's products since she has been committed to helping a racist run for president of the united states. on long island today, after delivering a luncheon speech, colin powell was asked by the event moderator who he is voting for president. this is what general powell said about donald trump. he insults us every day.
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he has insulted latino americans, african-americans, women, he has insulted his own party, our allies around the world, one by one. he has insulted veterans. general powell announced he is voting for hillary clinton because she is smart, capable, a good secretary of state. she is balance, has temperament, and no matter what anyone says she has stamina. i think she is fully qualified to serve as the president of the united states and will serve with distinction. joining us now, joy reid, host of a.m. joy. and donald trump, in washington, d.c. tonight. 13 days left in the campaign and got to spend one of them in washington, d.c. >> i can imagine that is exactly where his children would like
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him to be, because donald trump has already spent $45 million of their inheritance, which is probably all of their liquid assets. >> a campaign actually costs $1 billion. >> that's right. >> so to say you're going to send 100, i'm going to spend one tenth. >> and he claimed to be a 10 billionaire. the same day that he apparently stopped doing the joint fund raising with the only entity which is trying to run a campaign, the republican party, the chairman of the republican national committee has vassaled himself. he's got to make a living after november 8th.
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i think that probably tonight even distribute them that well. they've spent more on hats than polling. i am getting trump thought this was a real innovation. he's probably, like we don't have to do polling, we can see how many hats we sell and that
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will tell me how popular i am, and that's how he's proceeded with his campaign. >> the new nbc news poll of likely voters, national. >> not half? >> likely voters. >> the hats? we don't know how the hats are voting. hillary clinton 46, donald trump 41, and i want to turn to an issue that the clinton campaign decided to emphasize today in a video which turns out to coincide with this breaking ne that rachel had in the last hour. and let's listen to mae wiggins speaking in this clinton campaign video. >> my name is mae wiggins. i was denied an apartment in the trump building based on the color of my skin. i feel very, very angry. so much so that it still evokes, it still evokes anger.
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anger and hurt, deep, deep hurt. >> so we all saw that video earlier in the day. and we've known the story for a long time. it's really something when a human face is put on it. this is one of the actual victims of it. en now tonight in a nbc news exclusive, stanley liebowitz, who was the agent working for the trump family on these buildings gave this interview. let's listen to what he said about what their policy was. >> one day mr. trump and his son donald came into the office. and i asked fred trump what i should do with this application, because she's called me
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constantly of and his response to me was, you know, i don't rent to the n-word. put the application in the desk and forget about it. >> so fred used the n-word, you don't rent to people like that. >> that is correct. yes. >> with donald trump standing there nodding as his father said, you know i don't rent to the n-word. >> and donald trump learned everything he knows about real estate from his father. we've heard bits and pieces about his father's history with regard to race. and the fairest read of it is that he was not exactly a very modern and evolved man when it came to race. the original lawsuit which the "new york times" reported on extensively was brought about by the nixon administration. and the testimony in that lawsuit was damning. the clinton campaign's been brilliant about bringing it out.
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it's one thing to read it in an old "new york times" report, it's another thing to hear somebody actually say that they participated in this. you have to remember that this housing, subsidized by the federal government, subsidized by the taxpayer is the source of fred trump's wealth and the source of donald trump's $14 million loan that created whenever wealth it is he has. >> listening to stanley liebowitz actually bring you into that room. just emphasizing the point that donald trump was there during this conversation. let's listen to this. >> he said, put it in the drawer. forget about it. you know, i do not rent to the n-word people. and that's what i did. >> and donald trump was right there? >> drum was right along side his father when i was instructed to
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do that, yes. >> and annemarie, here's a guy >> you know, i want to be very, perhaps overly generous here in just pointing out that we shouldn't always blame the children of people who have done terrible things for what their parents have done. and we would also say that people can say and do and have terrible opinions and wrong opinions in their past. the problem is trump has shown know evidence that he has changed. it's not that his father was a racist and he was abetting his racist father in the past. when he describes this lawsuit, he describes it as disingenuous. when he says things, like what do you have to lose, and they live in hell. it would be one thing if this was in the past and he'd grown and learned and could talk about
10:16 pm
it, but growing and learning are not exactly his core competency, so we have to go with what we have, which is this, and also him inviting the comparison to his father. him inviting the idea that he learn the everything he knows about business from his father. one presumed, including this. >> and when we listen to stanley liebowitz talking about fred trump, it's always worth footnoting that fred trump was years before that arrested at a ku klux klan rally which was not a common event. >> that was at a time when the klan was much more active. and fred trump has a known history. but to ann marie's point, so does donald trump. everybody who's read a biography knows this is who he formed himself after.
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donald trump then goes on to have a history of doing things like, according to people who worked with "the apprentice", having a disgust for black models and black women. he wanted randall pinkett to share it with a white woman. you have donald trump himself, continuing to engage in the discriminatory behavior after the lawsuit was settled with the federal government, they did it again, and donald trump participated in discriminating against black tenants, again with his dad. >> joy reid, thank you for joining us tonight. appreciate it. coming up, general john allen responds to donald trump's statement that hillary clinton will start world war iii. and coming up, a woman who went to court against donald trump and won. that's coming up.
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i know this because i served with her. i know this as the former special presidential envoy to the global coalition to counter isis. >> that was retired marine general john allen endorsing hillary clinton at the democratic national convention. in an interview with reuters donald trump said a president hillary clinton would be the commander in chief during world war iii. >> you're going to end up in world war iii over syria if you listen to hillary clinton. >> he said her policy would inevitably lead to a world war with russia and he said this about vladimir putin. >> she always casts putin as a bad guy, in a bad light. if she won, how is she going to go back and negotiate with this man that she has made to be so evil? she's not going to negotiate with him.
10:23 pm
number one, number two. i don't think he has any respect for hillary clinton whatsoever. >> joining us now, retired marine general john allen. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you for the invitation. >> i just wanted to play for you something i know you've heard many, many times. donald trump saying he knows more about isis than the generals do. let's listen to this. >> i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. >> your reaction when you heard that? >> just more of the same rhetoric that we've been hearing all along, lawrence. it's meaningless, ludicrous, it just doesn't mean anything. he doesn't know more than the generals about isis or virtually any national security issue. >> let's listen to his description of what his strategy would be right around the same time he said that in iowa, he also said this in iowa about how he would deal with the situation
10:24 pm
in syria, iraq and the entire region. let's listen to this. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. [cheers and applause] i would just bomb those suckers. and that's right, i'd blow up the pipes. i'd blow up every single inch. there would be nothing left. >> that was in the same speech, general, where he said i know more about isis than the generals do. >> i think he confirmed it, that he doesn't know more about isis than the generals do. you know, the whole idea of carpet bombing, lawrence, as he describes it, which is what he would have us do, which would kill thousands and thousands of innocent civilians. if you want to know who's pretty good at carpet bombing these days, what it looks like in the 21st century, in 2016, look at
10:25 pm
what the russians and syrians are doing to their own people. look what the russians are doing with their ally, syria in killing innocent civilians. that's what bombing and carpet bombing an innocent population looks like. >> former senator bill bradley today said that donald trump is erratic, lashing out, not the kind of person you want to have a finger on the nuclear button. imagine, if you will, in your former role briefing presidents, imagine briefing a president trump and briefing a president clinton, hillary clinton, about any possibility of maybe, in some situation having to revert to using a nuclear weapon. can you imagine being in that room with donald trump in those circumstances? >> well, lawrence, it's difficult to comment on the hypothetical. i can imagine being in the room with hillary clinton, because
10:26 pm
i've been in the room with hillary clinton during some very stressful times. she was in the white house sit room, and i was either with her there or was coming in from my headquarters in kabul. we had some very serious situations. and i saw her in action. she was very calm. always very calm, very deliberate. and that, of course, in a crisis is probably one of the most important personality characteristics that we need. so mr. trump is not the president, probably won't be the president, but hillary clinton, i think, having seen her in action and having had to deal with her in moments of real crisis, i have seen her ability to work her way through those crises and be very calm and measured during those, and that is probably one of the most important qualities a characteristics our commander in chief must have. >> what is your sense of her
10:27 pm
preparation for the crisis moment? i mean, there's the crisis moment, but when you're in those crisis moments one of the things that's revealed is how much work that person has done to prepare for this moment. what was your sense of that with secretary clinton? >> she's very well prepared. you just, you can't be too prepared for these moments. because, lawrence, the decisions that you may have to make, decisions with very short lead times, are not going to give you the opportunity to get ready. you've got to be ready. you got to have studied the issues. and the decision making when if -- it comes needs to be very intuitive. and i've seen this in her preparation for many things, that she is going to be a well-prepared commander in chief. she's going to know the issues. she's going to be prepared to make that decision when the time comes. that's another of the qualities
10:28 pm
which i believe recommend her very well. to be the commander in chief. >> marine general john allen, thank you very much for joining us, really appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence, good night. coming up, time for another look inside donald trump's brain. this with one of the authors who has written a biography of donald trump. he had donald trump's cooperation during most of the time he was writing that biography. that allowed him to record his interviews with donald trump. some of what donald trump had to say is quite fascinating about the way donald trump sees donald trump. that's coming up. we thohters tp you stay regular caused unwanted gas. not good. en we switch to mirabe caused unwanted gas. ly mafiber supports regularity and is ls like to c.. unwant g. nally. itchmirafiber. from e marsf ralax. jess: [music] hey look, it's tho guys. shawn: look at those pear whites,an
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i was a very rebellious kind of person. i don't like to talk about it, actually. but i was a very rebellious person and very set in my ways, i loved to fight. i as you loved to fight. >> physical fights. >> all kinds of fights. >> arguments? >> all types of fights. any kind of fight, i loved it, including physical. >> in eighth grade. that is part of five hours of tape, recorded by michael d'antonio. here is him recalling the first time he tried heroin, the first time he got his name in the paper. >> i was with a baseball player,
10:33 pm
good athlete. i was one of the best. and the first time i ever saw my name in print was in a little paper up in that area of new york. because i had had three singles and a home run. so the head line was trump wins game and i said i love it. i loved it. it was the first time i was ever in a newspaper, right? i was probably a sophomore in high school. >> mm-hm. >> and i said i love it. you know, i just liked it. i mean, i don't think there's anything wrong with that. i thought it was amazing. >> joining us now, michael d'antonio. and author of the donald trump biography, "the truth about donald trump." at a certain point, donald trump turned against you after giving you this cooperation.
10:34 pm
eventually sued you over the book, which he lost that suit. but there we see the heroine moment. he sees his name in the paper for baseball. >> you got that right. this is the thing that is his dependency. he defines himself by what he sees reflected in the media. and i mean, who remembers the little league score that showed down getting a couple hits but donald trump? it's a pro found illustration of the way he thinks. >> i think maybe something i share with donald trump. the first time my name was in the newspaper was for baseball, but that's the most i could say. i couldn't tell you what the words are. >> you don't go around saying you are the best player in new york state. and this is in a high school year that had all-stars, but he was the best player. >> let's listen to what he said about, what he said to you about what he thinks it takes to be a
10:35 pm
great politician. >> to be a good politician, you have to be a salesman. >> who's the best that you've seen? >> well, you have a number of them. bill clinton is certainly a great politician. and you should call bill clinton and ask him. he was on larry king. he said donald trump is a great golfer, and he's a friend of mine, of course now it's a little different, because a lot of people want me to run. his wife is obviously going to be running. you could ask him. maybe. i mean, he may say something interesting. but no, he's a great politician. >> so there he is, modeling himself after bill clinton as a poll significance. -- politician. >> he's quite a name-dropper too. he goes right to the top. >> name-dropping whenever possible to make himself seem bigger. >> it's all status. the thing that horrifies donald is the idea of losing status, and the thing that he think the we admire most is his status,
10:36 pm
and it's reflected in his attachment to famous people, his wealth, his toys, his airplanes. it's all about looking good and status. >> we got to show you something that broke in the last hour before us. this video that nbc news has produced with an interview with stanley liebowitz, and him describing their policy about not renting to black people. let's listen to this. >> one day, mr. trump and his son donald came into the office. and i asked fred trump what i should do with this application, because she's calling me constantly. and his response to me was, you know, i don't rent to the n-word. put the application in the desk
10:37 pm
and forget about it. >> so fred used the n-word, told you, you don't rent to people like that. >> yes. >> and stan liebowitz said repeatedly in that interview that donald trump was standing beside his father fred and nodding yes, when his father was saying that. >> it would be totally out of character for donald to challenge his dad. this is the strange thing about him. he's so clued in to hierarchy, that if the father says it, he's going to at least not contest it. and you see it in his children. donald's children are practically members of a cult. and in fact, when i interviewed them, they would look up to the heavens, because he was a floor above them. so they would say, he taught me this. >> wow. >> it's eerie. and it's so, they're so isolated, that it's almost sad that there's this kind of isolated clan that sees us against the world.
10:38 pm
and we have to be right all the time, because to be wrong would be horrifying. >> wow. >> michael d'antonio, thank you very much for joining us. the. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. up next, the trump campaign is going to be our next subject in the war room tonight, and what are they really doing? is it really a campaign? they've got a little over a dozen days left. what are they really doing? ♪
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we have breaking news developing in the last hour. tomorrow the trump campaign will once again be dealing with the allegations of sexual assault against donald trump, thanks to what newt gingrich just did. in the last hour on megyn kelly's show. >> you want to go back to the tapes of your show recently, you are fascinated with sex and don't care about public policy. >> you know what, mr. speaker,
10:42 pm
i'm not fascinated by sex, but i am fascinated by the protection of women and understanding what we're getting in office. >> so we're going to send bill clinton back to the east wing, because after all, you are worried about sexual predators. >> it's not about me. it's about the men and women of america. >> i want to hear your words, bill clinton sexual predator, i dare you. >> excuse me, sir, we on the kelly file have covered the clinton matter as well. we've covered kathleen willey, and he's not on the ticket. >> he'll be in the east wing. >> in the deeds of hillary clinton's husband than they are of the deeds of the man who asked us to make us president, donald trump. we're going to have to leave it at that. and you can take your anger issues and spend some time working on them, mr. speaker.
10:43 pm
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with 13 days left for the presidential campaign war rooms, joining us tonight in the last word war room is mike murphy, republican strategist and host of the pod cast radio free gop. you've been in a lot of war rooms. you've never had to deal with anything like what just broke out on fox news with megyn kelly and newt gingrich. with friends like newt gingrich to your campaign, accusing megyn kelly of being fascinated by sex, because she examines the allegations of sexual assault against donald trump, this obviously, newt gingrich just did everything he possibly could to reenergize that subject, that issue for tomorrow and for who knows how long. >> yeah, it was not a great moment in the trump campaign, i thought they both kind of lost their cool by the end of it. there's no trump campaign. there's this traveling trump
10:47 pm
show, and there are these surrogates running around. and the trump campaign has been focussed to the extent it has any strategy at all on this core base vote which isn't enough to win. and they will resonate to newt's point. bill clinton does have a train load of baggage in this area himself, but it does nothing to change the conversation of the campaign to anything that will help trump get out of the hole he's in and have any shot to win the election. so yet another lost day, which is kind of normal for the trump campaign. >> and newt gingrich can expect his bag and in this arena to be aired up and opened up and aired tomorrow for who knows how long. and to have him sitting there, as a trump supporter, just begging, begging megyn kelly, just please say bill clinton's a sexual predator. please say those magic words to me, and megyn kelly, very professionally replying that she has had bill clinton's accusers
10:48 pm
on her show. it's like there's no way to satisfy this weird craving that newt gingrich and the trump campaign have. >> they're in the cornered animal mode. trump is obsessed with polling. he's seeing all the polls that and every day think turn up the claw and scratch desperation. so they're letting their frustration boil out. which may be good therapy for him but is doing nothing to win the election. donald trump presumably watching that interview in washington, d.c. in his failing hotel where he's going to try to lure some more customers as if he's a barker in the street trying to get customers into his hotel. >> he's probably calling newt
10:49 pm
right now saying "way to go", and maybe we'll hear some of that same material on the trail tomorrow from trump. we have left the planet of rational competent campaign, and we've got a guy slashing away as his world collapses, so it's going to be kind of pathetically interesting to watch this for the next two weeks, and i just hope the damage to the rest of the county is somewhat contained by those who want to hedge on ticket splitting. >> what about the general phenomenon of the bigger the presidential vote for a candidate the bigger the down ballot vote is for that same party? >>na that's the historical thought. there's a newer theory which we haven't tested yet, in this age of cable television and the internet, people have so much more information it's easier to ticket split.
10:50 pm
they know the republican logo is going from that to the candidate. or where we have the classic situation where trouble goes right down the line and costs us control of the senate. we don't know yet. >> thank you for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thanks, lawrence. up next, the woman who fought donald trump in court and beat him. cely, a 1954 mercedebenz grand prix race car de htory when itold fand now, another mercedes-be under $30 million. makehistory selling at just over $30,000. and to think this one actually has a surround-sound stereo. the 16 cla. ase cla250or $299 ane actually has amonth at your localreo. mercedes-benz dealer mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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last night on this program, a harvard law school professor tribe described why he and others have volunteered their legal services to the women donald trump has threatened to sue because they have accused him of various forms of sexual assault. >> i did it, because it's about time that the use of lawsuit threats by a bully like trump should be met and met strongly.
10:53 pm
because a lot of people, a lot of women might be deterred by his threats, even though he often doesn't carry them out. they might be afraid to come forward. >> one woman, who fought donald trump in court and won, is barbara corcoran, the founder of the corcoran group. in 1994, donald trump was opt verge of bankruptcy, facing foreclosure on the plaza hotel, and a huge parcel of real estate on manhattan's west side where he was hoping to build a massive group of apartment buildings. barbara corcoran's firm brokered a deal that brought in hong kong investors who saved the west side project and there by saved donald trump from bankruptcy. on the day that barbara corcoran was scheduled to receive her $4 million fee for saving donald trump, barbara corcoran instead got sued by donald trump, for exactly the same reason that
10:54 pm
donald trump is threatening to sue the women who have accused him of sexual assault. donald trump sued barbara corcoran, saying that she lied about him, lied about him in a new york magazine cover story, titled "donald trump's near death experience." that article told the story of how donald trump made that deal with hong kong investors, brokered by barbara corcoran. joining us now to tell the rest of the story and how she fought donald trump and won, barbara corcoran. she currently appears on "the shark tank", along with mark cuban and other business successes. she helps guiding business ventures. you worked with donald trump for a long time. a lot of deals that had all gone well. you'd both done well together. suddenly, the day you're supposed to get the biggest check of your career so far, the lawsuit arrives. how did you feel? >> i was shocked. i actually thought i was reading
10:55 pm
it wrong. i had never been sued by anyone for anything. i had run a business for 30 years, and suddenly i was being sued. i found it at first comical until it hit home, and i was frightened to death. i didn't even know how to hire an attorney other than to handle a real estate closing. that was all. but fortunately, i had a good real estate year and i had $500,000 that i spent on the lawsuit defending myself, and i won, and the judge ruled that the only damage done in the case was a bruise to mr. trump's ego. that's all that it was about. >> it's hard for me to picture you being fearful when you get this and it settles in. >> i was in my young 30s. i'd never had trouble in my life. i had a company where everything was peaceful. i just didn't expect trouble, especially from donald. but once the judge, i did get a kick out of it. once the judge ruled on my behalf and made him pay me in
10:56 pm
monthly installments, i sent flowers to him every month, and he sent them back saying rejected, and i had flowers on my desk for the next five years. >> when you see laurence tribe last night saying to those women around the country, if he comes after you, if he tries to sue you, we are there for you. it's not just laurence tribe but other prominent lawyers around the country. what do you think that means to donald trump when he sees that? >> it means nothing to donald trump. he's always threatening and does very little. there was so much money at stake, of course he was going to follow through with the lawsuit. when you are a young woman, you've never been in trouble, getting the biggest bully in town to come after you is the most frightening thing in the world. i was an established businesswoman. i was on my feet, i knew who i was.
10:57 pm
i thought of myself as an equal. i was building a company just like him, but these young women who don't have that experience, the single best thing that could happen is that you get a bully in your court to beat the bully, and that's what i was able to do. so that's a wonderful offer when that happens. it's essential. >> trump, suing is a big part of his life. threatening to sue, which he's done to me and many other the and then never suing. >> suing by surprise, that's one i hadn't heard from him. usually there's the threatening to sue, and then he does or doesn't sue. but you're the rare case where it comes from nowhere and it's all about clearly, he owes you $4 million today he can pay you the $4 million, or he can sue you. which one is donald trump going to do? >> of course he's going to sue every time. one thing you can be assured with donald trump is that money comes first. in terms of gratitude, that's not part of his m.o. what he likes to do is use people as best he could to his own advantage and see how much money he could get out.
10:58 pm
i was so thankful he hit me in a year when i actually had the money. if it had been one year earlier i would have had to roll over on that and not collect the money. >> you spent a lot of years around donald trump, alone with him in a room many times. >> mm-hm. >> what is your reaction to the accusations you're hearing from these women? >> i'm not with the women so i have no way of judging that. i do know donald trump. we grew up for 45 years in the same real estate business. it has a ring of truth to it. the closest i ever got to it, and i find it comical, i was with him alone at a meeting, which was rare. i usually was surrounded by men, and he actually was surprised and commented that i was pregnant. i was pregnant with my first child. and i said, yes, i am. and then he said to you, i almost couldn't believe it. he came over and said, well, you know, my wife marla's pregnant and her breasts are so much bigger than yours and he started describing in front of me, and i thought, i don't believe i'm hearing this.
10:59 pm
but i thought it was comical. i switched the subject quickly, and afterwards i thought, thank god i wasn't 25 years old. thank god i knew who i was. because i would have found that enormously intimidating. >> it's so sick. >> it's not sick. it's weird. >> of all the reactions, the reaction to the way a woman's body changes during pregnancy is the last -- i've never heard anyone comment on that. everybody's looking at the baby and look at how big the baby s and this guy is focussing on that. >> i was self-conscious about my very flat chest for about three years after that, and then i got over it. >> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> really appreciate it. >> it's an important story. >> thank you. >> barbara corcoran gets tonight's last word. "the 11th hour with brian williams" is next.
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