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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  December 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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thanks for watching this hour on msnbc, more news with my colleague and friend, thomas roberts. >> katy, great to see you and we have a lot going on at this hour. breaking news as we wait for secretary of state, john kerry. he's expected to speak of the humanitarian crisis in syria and also ahead an nbc's news exclusive, intelligence sources believe that vladimir putin has been personally involved in the campaign elections. we got more. plus, how president-elect trump responded to these revelations and this hour of the largest theft data ever from yahoo, yahoo revealing hacking involving billions of accounts and the jury deliberating the
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trial of dylann roof and today is an emotional day and what brought everyone to tears. intelligence sources believe a high level of confidence that vladimir putin became personally involved to interfere with the election. russia is denying that. putin directed how documents were sle fm democrats who were leaked and used. the white house deputy national security responded to that report with my colleague, andrea mitchell, a short time ago. >> that information was disseminated in our election season. >> we don't think russia would engage in activities hacking the american political organization without from the highest levels of government and we are considering of the responses that could be taken. we are talking of the highest level. >> lets get reactions on all
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sides and more details on this. we'll break it all down with the potential impact down the line. joining me from washington, d.c. is kent and our nbc's katy tur. break it down for us. kent. the kremlin is responding saying it is laughable nonsense but walk us through what we learned. >> as you know in october, the intelligence community said they believe russia was responsible for covert actions to hack the u.s. presidential election. that's not new. what's now as of last night my colleague have dugout that they believe of high confidence that vladimir putin himself became personally involved as of october and was actually directing where some of the materials that the rushes hacked was leaked and how it was used in the campaign. that's a remarkable development. what we are not talking about
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here is whether this campaign influenced the outcome of the election. these new revelations are getting a lot of attention. the president-elect trump is hesitant to accept this intelligence of the hack. the white house responded earlier today. take a look. >> it was obvious to everyone who was paying attention, the impact of the activity benefited the trump campaign and hurt clinton campaign. >> do you believe this is going to shift the president-elect trump's perspective about their influence and involvement. >> it seems to be, thomas. they don't dispute the idea that russia was vofred in this hack. this morning, trump in a tweet,
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he was denying it was russia. he was raising questions about why the obama administration did not respond to it. it is going to be difficult for trump to continue to say that it was not the russians. we'll so to see going forward. great work with you along with others from the team. we appreciate it. we know that president-elect trump repeatedly used the report of the hacking during the course of the campaign. here is a brief reminder. >> did you see on wikileaks they were paying protesters to be violent of $1,500. did you see another one that came in today. her campaign in wikileaks has spoken horrible bli about catholics and evangelicals and
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so many others. they got it all down folks, wikileaks. >> we know that donald trump e used that type of information to capitalize against hillary clinton during the general election. today, we have donald trump questioning the involvement of russia and claiming that if the white house, what took them so long to talk about this. they did talk about this months before the election. take a look. the intelligence concluded that it was directed by senior russia officials. what are your sources telling you about the reaction and how collected they are about the response. >> trump tower is not acknowledging this was a hack done by the russians. they think it is an effort to delegitimatize his win in
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november. they're saying the media that's doing this or the only ones that care and the reality is more than 50% of the country did not vote for donald trump. even though that donald trump trying to say nobody was talking about it and it came out during the summer. there were some push back and now saying they should have been force full about it and a lot of growing core saying they need to release all the information they possibly can and the evidence to prove that russia is behind this hacking. the trump campaign is in lock step on the idea of pushing this back. that's all except for anthony who told brian williams last night and they are looking into this and looking for more information to come out. donald trump himself, this is not an area that he would welcome because this will eat away into his support.
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he's a little bent out of shape that he did not win the popular vote. the idea that he could have been -- somebody else could be working on his favor delim delegitimatizes him. >> his administration is going to be over seen here. kasie hunt is joining us onset. russia and vladimir putin, they became the boogy man for the entire election and many of the foes and the tillerson and any connections is trying to be pivoted here and lyndsey graham is also raising some red flags, take a look. >> here at home, i am 100% certain that the russians hacked into the podesta's e-mails and most information that was released was unfavorable to clinton and not trump. how much responsibility is there for the new administration to take this seriously and say they'll get to the bottom of it? >> well, i do think that lyndsey
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graham and john mccain are the two people to watch here as well as some of the other republicans. senator mitch mcconnell, he's a member of that. there is a gang of eight people in congress. the white house has to greet on intelligence matter. mitch mcconnell before the election was pushing back. remember the obama administration, intelligence community came out of a unifying assessment from the agency saying hey, russia are involved in hacking of this election. we know now that the cia has since came out said there is a specific intent there and you saw mitch mcconnell changed his tune ever so slightly after a look at that report came out. he is now saying this needs to be looked at in a pibipartisan way. graham said on cnn yesterday,
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that his vendor for his campaign, e-mail was hacked. again, a question here how much attempt was there to hack into republican group and was that information suppressed while the russians were leaking information. all information valuable whether or not it is suppressed or deseminated like you are pointing out there. katie, we have to question donald trump's model. he's putting himself to doubt the u.s. intelligence. >> he's putting donald trump first before america's first and donald trump is somebody that's a negative, if this turns out to be true and if the public entirely believes if this is true. the other sense is yes, he's putting putin before the american public, siting with them and saying absolutely, they had nothing to do with it and there is no evidence.
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you cannot prove it unless you find somebody in the middle of hacking. he's not citing of the u.s. intelligence community. he's saying these are the same people that decided that sudan hassan has -- he's going to have to work with them. he's going to have to find a way to get on the same page. the intelligence community is, they're going to be responsible for briefing him everyday. >> their number one customer. >> but, that being said, general mike flynn is his nsa and he will be the one taking the information from various departments and presenting it to donald trump day in and day out. you will see him in the morning and at night. his way of thinking for a lot of these issues and so far he has been not believing russia. it is behind this. we have to question what potentially and this is what intelligence officials are
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doing. we just got to two-minutes warning for john kerry coming out to speak at the state department. >> the outcome katy hit on the idea that donald trump was upset of this. that's a very important distinction and line in the sand that we have to draw. the report that our colleagues are doing does not say definitively this hacking changed the outcome of the election. i know this happened and i believe this happened. i am not saying it will affect the outcome of election. that vein of conversation is very important. at this point we still don't have a pilot of evidence that shows the outcome was definitively affected by this. there is a high level of confidence that vladimir putin was personally involved in this. we did have 17 intelligence
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during the campaign confirmed that russia was behind the hack of the e-mails. donald trump as an american and as a patriots and what people or critics are saying and parties are saying and intelligence community saying, he should be taking serious that the russians are getting in this, period. he should be calling an investigation and saying we are going to get to the bottom of this. that's not secondary and not pertinent to the main problem. >> lady ladieladies, thank you . >> our pulse question of the day, u.s. intelligence officials believing of a high level of confidence that vladimir putin became involved in covert operations to interfere with our presidential elections. do you think putin's actions had
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a direct impact on the election outcome. let's zoom over and see what you are saying about this. do we have the results yet? >> never mind. we'll check it later this hour. the pulse is live on also, straight ahead this hour, we'll check in charleston, south carolina, the jury has been handed the case trying to decide the faith of the massacre killer, dylann roof, now, will they unanimously decide that he carried out this crime because of hate and whether or not he deserves a death penalty sentence. the latest from outside the courthouse. jurors are still deliberating over this roughly about an hour now. we are waiting for secretary of state john kerry to give a briefing on the situation in syria. this is typically the daily briefings from the state department that we expect the secretary of state will be at the podium shortly. we'll take you there live after this.
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right now in charleston, south carolina, jurors are dl deliberating of the faith of dylann roof of the massacre of mother emanuel church. a 911 call from one of the survivor that day, polly shepard. please answer, oh god. >> emanuel church is being shot down.
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please somebody. >> there is people shot? >> please come right away. >> okay, my partner will be on the way. we'll get more information from you, stay on the line with me. are you safe? he's still in here. i am afraid. >> joining me now is marian mariana antencio. the verdict is expected soon. >> reporter: yes, we are expecting. they have been deliberating for the past 60 minutes. the defense is trying to argue. this is a hate crime trial trying to argue that this was about more than hate for dylann roof. the meticulous planning and the thousands of photos. this person that had dirty laundry in his car and planning to shoot himself after this mass sker. portr
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massacre. they also wanted to bng in mental health expert and the judge found at this phase of the trial, that's clearly what the defense was going for. >> mariana, standby for us, i want to bring in our civil trial attorney, eric guster. what do you make of this sentenciing phase of this? >> if he represent himself, it is going to give him a stage to be with wait. that's going to happen. they rebutted a lot of the testimonies here. what's the tactic. someone who was greatly influenced by a company he found
11:20 am
on the internet. >> those are tactics he tried to set up for sensing face. he should be found guilty of these charges of killing nine people. what they want to do is se set -- he is sympathetic for small reasons which reach one jury. that's what they are trying to set them up for and likely, roof is may represent himself in the sentences phase which they are nervous about him cross exami examining witnesses. >> mariana, for folks that were watching, what was one of the stronger points defense made. >> reporter: one of the stronger points was that there is a problem with dylann roof's perceptions. they went back to that confession tape, thomas, when he
11:21 am
said he did not know he killed nine people, he thought it was four or five. they stated he had a problem of reality. going back to what you and eric discussed about of the sentencing phase. remember he changed his mind on this. he was going to be representing himself for this phase, the guilt phase. he changed his mind three days before the trial began. right now in that courtroom, he had david brooke and this is a man who represented the hijackers. he was on tsarnaev's defense team. he was clearly of the best known attorney in the country working for him right now. i want to ask eric, can you tell us more about what kind of a position dylann roof would be in if he does represent himself in sentencing. would he be able to question survivors and victims' family members of the impact that this massacre had on their lives? >> yes, that's what made a lot
11:22 am
of us nervous. he will be able to ask all types of questions. the judge wants to give defense as much leeway as possible in order to prevent any type of appeal. they'll put up to testify about the impact and what happened and the change of their lives. he will be able to ask them a lot of different questions and that's going to be a very interesting fact if he does. if dylann roof is smart, we know he's evil and hateful. if he's smart, he will let the lawyers to do they do best and that's to safe his life. >> from a juror's perspective, they would be highly offended by any types of exchange like that. mariana, as you pointed out, of his perception being skewed, the only thing that proved that he's heart less and does not know math very well. keep us posted of what is taking place inside the jury room.
11:23 am
eric guster, thank you very much for your time as well. we appreciate it. we'll be covering as soon as we get an update of that. coming up next, the roles that trump's children will be playing the next four years. >> i think we'll benefit tremendous by having them inside the administration. >> we all witnessed how the children sat on the big tech meeting yesterday and it brings up questions of the trump organization and a trump administration after he took over office. can you believe it is only 36 days away? there is no typical day.
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roles. the future first daughter tweeted out a picture of the meeting. it is not the first time of this raising a red flag. back in november, he suggested that he makes jared kushner apart of the team. and don jr. reportedly played a role in picking the next secretary of state. there trump has been clear of his children provided him councils and he loves them and cares about them and he leaves they offered him great ideas and they are a key part of his decisions. the president is able to appoint his own staff. the president has discretion to choose a staff of his liking.
11:28 am
with that actually is true of the legal advise holds, it will open up the realm of possibilities. >> our any what turner and kristen is joining me here. lets start with trump's kids being on this. the team is pushing back and cameras are allowed in. is that the best argument. trump is allowed to pick his own staff and his family members may allow to be advisers as long as they for go pay. the bottom line here is everyone seeks advise from their family members and loved ones regardless of whether they are in the west wing or not. the american people made it clear of the election that they want people in charge and understanding business. will he benefit in his business?
11:29 am
he will. the only people that bet fnefit from that is government employees. >> would the children need to forgo any involvement with the trump organization to be apart of that. is that what you you wouwould l see? he says his son will do business and ivanka. ivanka, he's a woman who's intelligent and he's a businesswoman in her own right. if you don't like it, just don't vote for trump in four years. >> well, we have a long time to wait. >> nina and elizabeth warren, they planned to introduce the a bill for the president and president-elect trump. but, there is really is an nepotism law preventing trump to bring in his kids.
11:30 am
thomas, that's assuming if president-elect trump makes it in four years. at this pace, we don't know. there is no prohibition. but just because somebody can do something does not mean they should do something. it is been a while since we had adult children in the white house. i don't think we had adult children connected to the white house and this way since president lbg and president nixon. we never had adult children in the white house to this capacity and certainly have not had a commander in chief that has business interests all over the world. mr. trump certainly has to be careful of the appearance and p priority. the children cannot be run trump enterprises and try to attempt
11:31 am
helping their father run the people's business. i believe they should pick one or the other. as much -- as much as president trump -- >> the fact that trump has business experience, that's why everyone loves him. that's what the people want. >> don't say everybody now. >> ivanka maybe giving her dad advice. i can guarantee you he will be re-elected in a landslide. >> the past administration, they were clue less when it came to business. obama implemented 200 regulations, those cost us $108 billion a year. it is time we get the community organizers out and we want people in there who have real life business experience, that's what trump's family has. >> give me a break. government is there to lift and protect the american people. businesses are there to make profits. this is not about exclusively
11:32 am
running this country like a business. with that being said, i am as a democrat, i don't have a problem with it, what i want to see is as clear delineation, people have concerns about whether or not there will be his children be children in chiefs or whether they're going to run his businesses or trying to help him run the country. he owes it to the american people to separate those, too. >> ladies -- one second. we have secretary of state john kerry right now, standby for me and lets listen here. >> hello everybody, i want to bring you up to date on what we have been trying to do with the tragic situation in syria and mostly focused and especially in aleppo. i don't think i have to elaborate. i am going to certainly focus on the anger and the anguish that everybody feels or most
11:33 am
everybody feels about the relearelent less attacks. and humanitarian workers and medical personnel and there is absolutely no justification what so ever for the savage brutality against civilians and by the regime and by its russian and iranian allies of the past few weeks. a position of the united states remains clear and i have personally reiterated that position in conversations over the past weeks and especially over the past 24 hours with un special. and i talked with them today in paris and meeting them now. with senior officials from russia, turkey and egypt and saudi arabia and other countries in the region.
11:34 am
what the united states has been working towards for a period of time now, if some parties do not want to move in that direction, it remains difficult to secure and obviously, a cease-fire but what we want in aleppo right now which is the precursor to move. sensation of hostilities and that includes all attack by the regime. its allies and other combatants in aleppo. all combats of aleppo. we have been working hard on that. we worked on that and my meetings where we reached with some measure of agreement. in fact, considerable measure of agreement. we are able to secure every component of what was needed in order to move forward.
11:35 am
we want safe passage and corridors and evacuations which begins today perhaps taking shape. we want to see those for both civilians and fighters. we want full access for humanitarian and supplies of people who need it. with these steps, we are convinced of the killing in syria could stop. it could stop quickly. if russia and the regime made the decision to do so. this morning, i was encouraged by reports that after a number of starts where we worked on paris and we got picked up on and continued conversations which by the way, we are informed us and which we'll take
11:36 am
place to build out and talk about using the same template that we created, there are individual cease-fires being worked out and armed group commanders and it appears for some period of time at least we don't know yet if it will hold or where it is that air strike and shelling have stopped and the cease-fire may, i emphasize maybe taking hold. buses and some of them and convo convo convoys. this convoy includes more than a thousand people are on their way to the turkish border. however, that is big however. we also heard reports that the convoy injured people and forces
11:37 am
of regime and its allies. we remain deeply concerned as well and we are hearing reports of syrian men between the ages of 18 and 40 who apparently have been detained and conscripted of military service when trying to past through government check points and some of these actually went missing, days or weeks ago and we still don't have families, families don't have their loved ones or accountability for what has happened to them. these actions are despicable. more appositipositively, we ha e received aid from russia that it will assist in monitoring of evacuations and the red cross, the red arm crescent will also
11:38 am
be allowed access in order to be able to help with monitoring and the un is prepared to receive evacuees in numerous sites and emergency relief kits have been propositioned to help people. medical assistance is available. so it appears that the necessary preparations have been made for the evacuation process that eventually save lives but the implementation of that process continues to be dependant on the action of the regime and its allies on the ground. let me emphasize, we are going to continue to do our part. the united states of america is going to continue to try to push the parties towards resolutions. as president obama said the other day and giving us all both
11:39 am
his impressions as well as instructions about this next days, we are going to be trying every way we can, to try to save lives and push this to where it need to get to. today, we provided more than $6 billion on food and water and medicines and other supplies for people affected by the violence of the region. let me be clear, i have said it once and i will say it again. what has happened in aleppo is unconsciousab unconsciousable. there remains tens and thousands of lives in aleppo. the last thing everyone wants to see and the world will be watching. the small area turns into another -- it is imperative that key actors step up to do their part. i call on the entire international commity to join
11:40 am
and exerted pressure on all party parties to go forward with the process that's laid out for some period of time now to abide by the sensation of hostility and the bring the killing and cruelty particularly starting with aleppo which lays the ground work to be able to take the next steps particularly in aleppo. all of you know we have been engaged in a lot of talks and all of those talks have been geared towards trying to end war in syria. in september after months of very tough negotiations, we have arrived to an agreement on september 9th. that agreement requires a number of days that everybody know
11:41 am
knows -- we are going to have joint corporations in order to move forward. regrettably for a number of different reasons, syrian troops were accidentally bombed and humanitarian convoy that was not accidentally but purposely destroyed by outside regimes that starts with and others that joined in. it fell apart and everybody feels the pain of the lost moment and opportunities for externalities that we did not have apparently control over. >> we agreed on a series of steps. the process has not succeeded, mostly in my judgment because of the continued constant of unwillingness of the assad regime to live by those agreements and to all those break outs and always try to gain territory and to go out
11:42 am
publicly and not reaffirming its willing necessary to go to geneva and negotiate but also affirming publicly in one brash statement after another. its readiness to take back the whole country and to do without regards of the real under lines of concerns of many people to be apart of the legitimate process and fearing that assad is not their leader and unite the country. that's what fuels us and kept us going. we have arrived at another critical point and juncture. if aleppo falls completely, and people are slaughtered in that small area, it would be harder to be able to bring people around. it will nod et end the war.
11:43 am
it will continue there is still the challenge of governing and the challenge of rebuilding the country and how many country will step up and rebuild it for the policies tast executed today. so provided, we are able to stabilize the situation in aleppo. it is essential that we move forward of the possible moment with a political process aimed at ending the war to a new and representative government. without that meaningful transition of power which the voices of syrian people are heard, the opposition will continue to fight. terrorists will continue to be joined in the country and millions of syrians will continue to be forced to flee their home. every single party i have spoken to in recent days d in paris last week and here from
11:44 am
washington this week, recently as this morning, every state holders tells me they are ready and willing to get back on the path to geneva and that includes turkey and arab states and the only remaining question is whether the syrian regime with russia's support is willing to go to geneva and prepared to negotiate constructively. lets be crystal clear who bears responsibilities for what we have seen and what we are seeing and in continuing to see in syria. we are seeing the unleashing of the sectoring passion allowing the assad regime, the assad regime is aiding and abetting.
11:45 am
it is actually carrying out and nothing short of a massacre. we have witnessed in discriminate slaughter and not accident of war or collateral damage but purposeful, a cynical policy of terrorizing civilians. so we believe this is a moment where the syrian regime and the russian military have an opportunity to make the decision to a st. patrick's day decision, i may add for peace. one that'll make it possible of sensation of hostility all across syria which could throw out of this. we are for a cease-fire country wide. but, you have to be able to deal
11:46 am
with aleppo to linegitimatize t get to a country wise effort. in addition to that, everyone has reconfirmed to me their readiness to go to geneva for discussions putting an end to this horrific war. that's the only way that anybody i have talked to with any common sense and any strategic vision says you can end this war. it would take negotiations and they have not taken place in all of those years, i need real negotiations. all of the parties told me of the exception of what we have not heard from outside and its willingness to go out and negotiate in good faith and try to bring syria back together. that's the only way to make progress toward as united and peaceful sieryria that's reflec of a solution .
11:47 am
hopefully, people will put actions where the words have been. >> of the election related attacks, do you think the administration should come out boldly about these attacks? >> well, look -- i am not going to start making comments at this point, i have not commented on this publicly because of the job i do, but, let me say today that i am not going to comment on anonymous reports from intelligence officials that are not identified and have quotes around the concept of
11:48 am
intelligence officials. i am not going to comment on that. let me comment specifically and of your question earlier. folks, we sat in the situation room, i remember in the white house with the president of the united states and the president made the decision based on the input that was carefully vetted to the intelligence community and presented to everybody that he did have an obligation to go out of the country and give a warning. he did so. back october, the president authorized the director of national intelligence to and the department of homeland security together to make a clear statement to this nation, to our nation. they assess with high confidence
11:49 am
that the russian government directed compromises of e-mails from the u.s. constitutions including political organizations and that these thefts and disclosures were intended to interfere with our election process. so the president understood and stay clear of a serious matter. it is a serious matter then and now and more information comes up. i am not going to comment further except to say that people need to remember that the president issued a warning but he had to be obviously sensitive to not being viewed as interfering or in a way that promo promoted of unrealistic assessment of what's happening. thank you you will very much. >> thank you, secretary. all right, hearing from
11:50 am
secretary of state, john kerry right there and the fact that he's giving details of the humanitarian crisis of aleppo where a cease-fire is holding boo ath-- a thin thread right n and of the question based on sourcing and russia having interference and hacked into the disruption of america's direction. allan sharp is joining me now. sir, you heard they kind of danced around what the obama administration did in october. i want to begin there. do you think the obama administration did enough back in october to make clear of what the american public said what they felt of russian experience. but, donald trump is not a position to criticize the a
11:51 am
administratio administration. by denying it was happening and by denying it was the russians or denying that continuous to this day. he's not much of a position to criticize. i think secretary kerri was exactly right when he said the administration was concerned if they stepped in more forcefully, they would be perceived as try to help secretary clinton as something certainly donald trump would criticize during the campaign. mr. trump cannot have it both by the ways and criticizing the president for not coming down. sir, i know you have to go to a briefing. do you have any knowledge or suspicion of team trump during the general election campaign? >> you know, that's an issue i cannot speak to. there is been a lot of interests of intelligence and investigation and none of which i can comment on. if you look at just what took place quite in the open, we know that the russians were hacking
11:52 am
and we know that the russians were dumping information that's pertinent to secretary clinton and helping donald trump. we know that while this is going on, we know that donald trump is urging the russians to do more. russia if you are listening, look for those 30,000 e-mails. i am sure it will be rewarded and there was enough for the public demain for the american people to see. congressman thank you for your time, we'll let you go. we know you have to get to the conference. richard engel, i know you got reactions to the nbc news exclusives confirming that putin was vofrinvolved with the hack. >> reporter: well, they have been brushing it off.
11:53 am
now there is been a respond from putin's spokesperson and the foreign ministry and the minister himself. all are saying these allegations are ridiculous and that there is no evidence and that if the cia or other u.s. intelligence agencies have anything that anonymous sources are not good enough and that they need to come forward and present this evidence which seems to be u.s. intelligence agencies are reluctant to do. if they don't do that, it is going to be very easyor russia to continue to scoff at these and the statements that we have been hearing are things like silly and absurd and nonsensical and that kind of thing. >> richard, what you have been gathering while you are on the ground there and a response to this, has there been a back challenge prove that would connect to kremlin, to team trump prior to the election that they would have net benefit that
11:54 am
would ease them along of the victory of the election. if you listen to secretary of what he said a short while ago, when he was talking about how there was a consensus that russia had interfered to try to tamper with the hacking. we did a reporting on this and it focused on two groups that are known by their nicknames, fancy bear and cozy bear, they are tied to russian intelligence. these are hacking groups but they are proxies. they are groups that sometimes are engaged in cyber crimes or sometimes are engaged in normal or what you would think of theft of personal data. but, that occasionally these gangs will be tapped by the intelligence agencies to carry out what you can describe as a
11:55 am
patriotic mission. and cyber exclusive told us the hacking of the dnc, that's what happened. these two groups were asked to do the hack and they left behind quite distinct digital fingerprints and european officials also identified to cozy bear and fancy bear and because they left those fingerprints behind, it was determined that these two russian -- now, the question is how do you prove the link to putin himself and i think that is the step we are talking about right now and probably the agents and the cia is going to have to do more that's going to establish that length. >> richard engel. thank you very much. >> a columnist from the new york time writing about the situation of vladimir putin, nick, it
11:56 am
seems like vladimir putin is popping up in everything we discussed because of the russians involvement and what's taking place in aleppo and now this news about the personal directions of vladimir putin being involved and senior intelligence sources saying of the hack. how much does this put our president-elect trump to defend our own intelligence. >> well, there is a lot of evidence about putin's misbehavior all over the world long before this. this is one more reason i would think for him to be careful about his nominees and in fact, we are seeing the opposite. i guess what troubles me is that we have a road leader who is simultaneously suppressing his own people engaging in war crimes and syria and trying to manipulate the u.s. election and
11:57 am
it affects him being rewarded by the secretary of state who is an old friend. >> nicholas christoff, thank you, i appreciate your time. >> sure. >> our question being today, do you think his actions have had an impact of the election. take a look at the results so far. 95% of you say yes and 5% say no. back after this. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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