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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check.
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almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. i am ayman mohyeldin at msnbc headquarters in new york. a large snowstorm is take aim at parts of the west and central portion of the country hampering travel plans for millions this holiday weekend, both on the road and in the air. let's get a quick update on all of this with nbc's kerry sanders at the international airport. we spoke last hour, things slow but moving. any delays where you are right now? >> yeah, there's only about five
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delays coming out of mia, and the reason the delays are not because of a problem here but because of the snow across the country. as we go from the misery map from flight aware, you can see there are 121 flights right now delayed and five cancelled, and not a horrible day, but of course it was cascade throughout the day, the domino affect impacts how everybody travels and if you have a flight today, you need to know it's going to be probably delayed or a little hassle, and hopefully your trip will not be as eventful as it was for one nfl team. >> yeah, that's what is happening. >> the vikings in need of a rescue last night. >> on a fire ladder. >> the players evacuated from the plane after it slid off the runway in wisconsin, and snow making travel tricky from iowa where drivers are struggling to stay on the highway, to spokane,
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washington, a 25-car pileup and nobody was hurt. and many are hoping to avoid a similar fate, putting chains on their tires. a record 103 million people expected to travel this holiday season with nearly 94 million hitting the road. >> now we are just sitting still. >> at the airport so far, a mixed bag. >> i am glad we have a lot of leeway, because there's no way -- if i was here two hours early, i don't think i would make my flight. >> as can you see, there are no lines, no lanes at all. >> in newark, new jersey on friday, getting to the airport, when an airplane got stuck. hundreds stranded, one tweeted send help.
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and some are not concerned. >> i am not worried. hey, it's the holiday travels. merry christmas. >> reporter: if you are not going to travel this holiday season this live report with these pictures serve one purpose, to make you feel good you decided not to travel because it's slow going. >> kerry sanders, live for us, and thank you for that. joining me now for a look across the country and how it's impacting about the travel we were just hearing about from kerry sanders, we have bonnie schneider. >> a lot of people probably are wishing they don't have to travel, but if you are in california you are facing rain and it's dangerous in the burn areas, and plenty of rain in and around san diego with the system. it's just the beginning. the same storm working its way across the four corners, we will see several inches plus in salt
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lake city, and in christmas day, a late-day blizzard developing across the dakotas. the wind gusts could get as high as 55 miles per hour, blowing and drifting snow making for zero visibility. severe storms as well to the south of this system, and that's for the central plains, and heavy snow emerging, 20 million americans facing winter alerts right now, and that's a lot of people traveling, and the blizzard conditions really ramped up for christmas day. this is thunderstorms, hail, and damaging winds and a widespread area into nebraska and kansas as we go into the holiday. if you are driving right now, we are dealing with heavy rain in tennessee, and light amounts into new england as well, and we will get the cold and snow in the eastern part.
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>> maybe in florida i am sure they are enjoying nice weather there. >> thank you very much. we will be touching base with you throughout the day. the associated press reporting the nephew of an attack suspect and two others have been arrested in tunisia. and the 18-year-old nephew was sent money to join them in europe, and now the nephew dead after a shoot-out. police are keeping a close eye on houses of worship around the country, and authorities say the ramping up is routine this time of year, and morgan is in times square. tell us if you have noticed anything different in terms of
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security around times square? >> reporter: as you mention, this comes on the heels of the fbi investigating the calls for attacks, and it's important to remember those calls came from isis supporters and not isis itself, and still people outside traveling around the holiday season especially in the packed tourists, being extra alert and some say feeling they are feeling a little bit scared. take a listen. >> heavy guns and police barricades. not the type of holiday ornaments you would expect to see around the christmas tree. >> we have seen some of the cops carrying what looked like ak 47s or assault weapons. in london, more police patrolling the palace. >> the policemen are everywhere. >> while australian authorities
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charged four suspects for allegedly plotting a christmas day attack. >> it's a time of happiness and joy. these terrorists sought to disrupt it. they have been thwarted. they are in custody. >> here at home, it's as much about prevention as it is response. in boston and philadelphia, more police have been assigned to patrol holiday sites since the berlin attack, while the fbi currently investigates claims that isis supporters called for attacks against american churches. >> it's important to put it in context. it did not come from isis and most isis source online has no idea what it is or where it came from, so it's by no means official. >> security lined up at the historic st. patrick's cathedral, and greater police presence often routine during the all days, and this year especially trained police unit armed with guns to respond to potential shooters. >> you can't protect every place all the time or you protect
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nothing. so we do analysis of high visibility locations and high travel locations and then protect them. >> ayman, it's important to keep in context we have seen calls for action and calls for threats of this nature before and they have not materialized, but still this holiday season is the first holiday season that the nypd has actually created and trained an elite force, and they are out here, and barricades not only keeping cars from hitting pedestrians but also police who have heavily armed guns, and they are going to respond to any active shooter. >> and that security will be also for when the ball drops on new year's. thank you. and then the outgoing exchange over the rhetoric of the israel, and kelly o'donnell is in west palm beach, florida,
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where the president-elect seems to be on a working vacation of sorts. >> reporter: this is an issue you noknow well. there are knows that believe the settlements are an impediment to a two-state solution to revolve the seemingly middle east conflict in the east and this is where the obama administration and the trump transition and future administration are on different sides. typically we would not expect to see the next president weighing in, but donald trump did. he let his position be known before the u.n. vote and after and seeing that the u.s. took a pass on even participating in the vote, donald trump let it be known he was not happy about that, and this is one of the cases where the obama administration and donald trump staked out different positions. a divide between the president
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and president in waiting over israel. >> that the united states did not vote in favor of the resolution. >> reporter: friday when the united nations voted to rebuke israel the concern the ambassador to the u.n. told the world the obama administration would not get involved skipping the vote, and less than an hour later donald trump sent his own mess eupblg on twitter. some experts caution trump to wait his turn. >> now we have the very difficult situation of two people speaking for the united states. >> in palm beach, mixing work and play, and trump made no official appearances in florida but did not need to be seen to be heard. on foreign policy, trump's team released a congreatulations fro putin, and putin referred to trump as his excellence see, and
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encouraged improved u.s. and russian relations, and trump tweeted the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability. some experts express concerns trump is making pronouncements before taking office. >> it doesn't bode well for serious issues, whether it's nuclear weapons or terrorism or syria, or what have you. >> saturday he played his first round of golf since the election with tiger woods. a tweeted photo shows trump's granddaughter was there, too. sources tell me the archbishop of new york will be among those faith leaders that take part in the inauguration, and that has not yet been announced by the
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trump team and that's expected soon, and not only cardinal dolan, but others who are expected to participate in the inauguration, and ayman, it's just four weeks until trump takes the oath. >> kelly o'donnell live for us in west palm beach, florida. thank you. let's bring in a national reporter at the new york times and an msnbc contributor. good to have you with us this saturday morning. this morning your paper describes the turf war so to speak between president obama and trump, probably on any other foreign issues than what we have seen so far, and how unusual is that? >> it's really unusual. the story states that there really is one president at a time tradition in this country, that you have one president on the outgoing president speaks for the country until inauguration, and then in this case we have donald trump really using twitter as the way to really point out his differences
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with president obama, and he's somewhat -- he is showing how eager he is to get into the office, and he is saying to the word a lot of the u.s. policies are going to change once he's in office. >> and it's not just about tweeting, and we know he called the president of egypt and is getting involved in some of the key foreign policy decisions, and we know according to reports the israeli leadership reached out to trump to help create pressure on the obama administration to create the veto at the u.n. >> this is true. he placed himself in these conversations, and has actively sought to influence the u.n., especially in the u.n. vote as you said. i think the interesting thing here, and i talked about the fact that he is using twitter because in the way he is using twitter, he is signaling to a lot of people, americans and his millions of followers he is already taking the charge and the democrats -- i think he has really put into place this idea
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that he is going to be completely different than president obama, so his use of social media is important that he is signaling in an important way, and i think about his comments on nuclear proliferation, he had a conversation with mika from "morning joe," and a lot of reporters would have wanted to ask follow-up questions, do you think you will be stockpiling this or growing the nuclear war weapons or modernizing it? >> we will have more on that. how do you think they are setting up the trump administration? >> it's interesting, and i am anything about whether or not it's donald trump doing what he always has been doing, and he's a rule maker and making the norms and it sets him up to follow-through with a lot of the
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promises he is making, and if he is telling israel our policies are going to change, a lot of people will want him to have policies in place as soon as he walks in the door to say this is how i am going to deal with china differently, and this is how i am going to deal with russia and nuclear arms, and he is setting himself up to make big decisions, and people are going to have high expectations for what he could get done. >> do you think there could be strategy behind trump's twitter diplomacy, and is there a strategy at play here and who stands to gain from things he is doing right now? >> i think donald trump's strategy is he's -- as a reporter i know i am constantly wanting to have press conferenc conferences, and answer questions, and he is saying i can go to the millions of supporters i have and explain to them what i am doing. that doesn't bode well for
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journalist and the press that will want to press him on a lot of the issues. >> and how about world leaders who see the tweets and think, what does this mean? good to see you, and happy holidays. >> happy holidays. and then one person that says trump has the mentality of a 5-year-old, and what prompted that, next. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. if another country wants to expand their nuclear capability the u.s. is not going to sit back idly by, and just to be clear, the president is not going to say we are going to do this, and he said unless they come to their senses and it's a warning to them this president will take action. >> that was in coming press secretary, and he was clarifying a tweet from president-elect trumps about nuclear capabilities. let's bring in a member of the
6:21 am
trump campaign's national hispanic advisory council. let's talk about the fallout from the tweet. when donald trump initially tweeted out about expanding nuclear capabilities, we heard from kellyanne conway saying it was more about modern eyesing and making sure capabilities are ready, and yesterday donald trump clarified the air and he said, quote, let it be an arms race. i am curious to get your thoughts, if you see a danger and expanding u.s. nuclear capabilities and becoming engaged in a quote, arms race, with countries like russia? >> i don't see a danger in the capabilities, and that's not new policy because the concern the president, president obama spoke at length how we need to modernize, and that's concern policy, and i will say the more possibly troubling is the arms
6:22 am
race, and we will get clarification, and i think what we are saying is we are not inviting an arms race, but the u.s. will not be out gunned by anybody, whether we are talking conventional weapons or fighter jets, and whether it's a conventional foe like iran. we have not been feared by our enemies or trusted by our friends and that's going to reverse and quickly after january 20th. >> do you think donald trump is aware we currently have the largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons in the world and more so than any of the other countries that have nuclear weapons, and so we are the most dominant force -- >> of course. >> do you think he is aware of that? >> of course he does. and this is under the concern utah administration, and he would agree with president-elect trump on this, the arsenal is in dire need of upkeep and it's incredibly expensive, and we
6:23 am
have to make sure this large nuclear arsenal we have is as lethal we need it to be and not that we want to use it, of course. >> and there are concerns about the president-elect's attitude toward nuclear weapons on air, and take a listen. >> right now we have an incoming president that has a maturity of a 5-year-old wrapped by a massive aeg yo and to have that seconds away from a nuclear trigger is scary. >> your reaction to that? >> he made a lot of headlines by comparing him to the 5-year-old, and the american people don't agree with him which is why the electoral college made the el t election for trump. and it makes them a bit nervous the fact we will have an outsider entering the white house, and the people asked for
6:24 am
an outsider, for the economy and the national security, and the world is getting more and more dangerous and the current path is not working and i think in particular with regards to terrorism, and political correctness, i think the american people realize is not dumb but can be dead, and we saw just this week in berlin some of the ramifications in that of being too relaxed for the refugees, and many believe donald trump will be their protector. >> you know the president-elect. is there an err of recklessness or a strategy? in many of the cases, there are tweets followed by incoherent explanations, and is this a shift in policy or just a reacti reactionary tweet? some of the policymakers could say don't take him literally,
6:25 am
but wait to see what happens after january 20th? >> i think it's important -- this is one of the mistakes the media made, the fact they think he could not win, they took him literally, and he's a very unique president-elect in many ways, and one of the ways is the use of social media and we have not had a president-elect use social media to this degree and exkau tpau see, and he used it to speak to the american people, and he's going to continue to do that as president, but i do get your point that there's some risk to that, and how does the rest of the world interpret it, and my guess is -- knowing him s. he a reckless individual? not at all. he speaks his mind and the candor and authenticity is part of his appeal, and there's risk to that as well. i believe he will become more nuanced as he becomes
6:26 am
commander-in-chief and will probably use social media a bit less personally. >> we will indeed find out on january 20th. happy holidays. russian hacking into last month's election, and we will talk to a senator that sits on that committee. per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll
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welcome back, everybody. i am ayman mohyeldin here at msnbc world headquarters in new york at the half hour mark. breaking news into the deadly truck attack, tunisia's interior secretary saying they made several arrests. the main suspect was killed during a shoot-out with police
6:33 am
in italy on friday morning. lucy kaf tphauf. >> it appears to have been a ring of sorts. three suspects arrested by the authorities, and thetatement is now that police nabbed the 18-year-old nephew, and he was suspected of driving the truck into the berlin christmas market where he apparently wired his nephew cash so he could join him in europe, and the nephew admitting he had been in touch with amri, and the nephew also reportedly said his uncle was a, quote, prince of a jihadist group based in germany. the otr two suspects we don't
6:34 am
know much about except they were arrested and authorities also believe they were connected to the same terrorists ring along with armi who is suspected of carrying out the attack in berlin. >> thank you for that, lucy. news of the arrests comes as big cities like new york today have more armed police on patrol, and authorities saying the ramping up is routine at this time every year and it follows an internet posting by isis supporters calling on attacks against churches here in the united states. over the past few years, isis issued similar lists and none resulted in a specific attack. joining me to talk more about the weekend security concerns, a congssman that sits on the intelligence committee. let's talk about the latest threat. doesn't come directly from isis as an organization or central leadership, but from its supporters online. i am curious to get your
6:35 am
thoughts. are you concerned even more about that, that it's coming from the supporters and how confident are you in major cities like new york and los angeles and elsewhere that they are prepared for any risk given we are hours away from the holiday season beginning? >> we have been here before, especially during the holiday season, and isil has put out specific targets, but it's no specific plot that we believe is in place right now. they are calling on people to, you know, take it upon themselves and carry out these attacks, and this is the home of the brave, and we'll act just that way, and i know that people will be more vigilant when they go to the shopping malls and churches to celebrate this holiday season. and our law enforcement, i talked to our local sheriff, and they have been briefed and have all the sources they need. >> the attack in germany on the christmas market, we beefed up security around the markets, and law enforcement saying that although the attacker was on the radar, and there are hundreds of
6:36 am
other people too. are there too many people to monitor with perfection? is the u.s. in the same position that european intelligence officials are, complaining that there are too many people to track at all times? >> what concerns me is this individual went from tunisia to italy, and was arrested there for arson, and served time in prison where he may have been radicalized and then went to germany seeking refugee status, and i think he should have been sent back to tunisia then, and he was arrested for having false document, and he was not sent back at that time and then carried out the attacks. we should be compassionate on accepting refugees and we have to be smart about it, and these types of folks have to be sent back. >> why should he be sent back to tunisia as opposed to being
6:37 am
linked to terrorism? >> yeah, he was seeking refugee status and they knew he served time before for arson, and so that's not the type of refugee we want. >> glad to clarify that up. on the u.s. decision to abstain from a vote at the u.n. yesterday, and a decision that paved the way for the u.n. to condemn israel. >> i wish the president would have vetoed it, and the best way -- the best path forward important peace is for both parties to talk, and i thinyou can condemn the expansion of settlemen settlements, because it has been stated that doesn't help and i don't think this resolution helps things and i wish it was vetoed. >> every democratic president has allowed u.n. security
6:38 am
resolutions to pass that have been critical of israeli expansion, and president obama would have been the only president has he vetoed it in the last 30 days, so he is more in line with previous u.s. presidents. >> again, i think the u.n. is not the venue to sort out the dispute between the israelis and palestinians. you have a demilitarized palestinian state and a peaceful jewish state for the israeli people. >> and some democrats have expressed frustration over the u.n., and how much of a break from traditional policy is this and why would president obama take this approach, if, in fact, it was just about getting these two parties at the negotiating table? that has failed in these past eight years. >> yeah, again, i don't believe the u.n. is the place where you
6:39 am
have these types of negotiations and i was a prosecutor for seven years and i saw the worst outcome is when you put your fate in the hand of an outside body but when two parties negotiated with each other both parties usually walked away happy with the result and that's what needs to hpen here. >> let's talk about an article you wrote calling for a bipartisan independent commission to look at the hacking plot by the russians, and vladimir putin commented on this. take a listen to this. >> translator: i think this is humiliating for the insults. one has to know how to lose decently. i would really love to have with the new president-elect and future leaders of the democratic party business-like constructive
6:40 am
relations to benefit the united states, the russian federation, the peoples of both countries. >> pretty strong swipe there against the democratic party saying not losing with dignity and integrity. your reaction to that? >> calling for an independent investigation on russian interference is about country and we can finally once and for all declare who was responsible, and do what we can to make sure our democracy is never attacked again, and that should be something that both republicans and democrats care about. >> thank you very much for joining us. good morning and happy holidays to you, sir. >> you, too. now to a story a lot of children are monitoring. it's already christmas day in new zealand and other parts of the world, and the u.s.
6:41 am
military, and north american space command, the commander there at the base with an update, and good to have you with us. i know you are busy tracking a lot of different issues going on right now, including santa claus. tell us what is going on and wh you expect santa to be doing over the next couple of hours? >> let me just tell you. we just last saw santa over the great wall in china, and he already delivered over 1 billion presents, ayman. can you believe that? >> that i can't believe. impressive. a long day ahead to go. talk about the history of norad if you can and tracking santa for us. >> he sure does. oh, i would love to talk to you about that. it started in 1955 when there was a young boy that dialed the wrong number and it came into our command center, and at the time it was called continental
6:42 am
defense, and a commander assured the boy santa would be safe and sound as he left the north pole and went around the world, and is where the tradition started. >> explain what you are doing in social media. >> ayman, thanks for that. absolutely. you can get a hold of the website at you can call in or e-mail, and people will respond to your e-mail at noradtracksanta. therei there's plenty of ways you can track santa and know where he has been and where he is going. >> can you tell us about what else you are tracking out there?
6:43 am
>> we do our mission every day, ayman, and we watch aerosparrow control each and every day. >> happy holiday to you and everybody serving there. next the story of three pioneering women you probably never heard of and how they helped america reach the outer limits. and more on the security precautions here in the united states as millions do their last-minute shopping. all finished.
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umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way. i think you missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. painter: you want this color over the whole house? now to the story of a new film that tells the lesser known story of the african-american women at nasa that made launches possible. rehema ellis has more. >> do you have identification on you? >> nasa, sir. >> i had no idea they hired. >> and neither did the star of a
6:47 am
movie called "hidden figures." >> we have the women that changed the course of the history of the nation, and we don't know about them. >> she plays one of the black women at nasa who did the math that put men in space, and growing up in west virginia, numbers were always on johnson's mind. >> i counted everything. i am counting plates when i washed dishes. >> she graduated college at 18, and then on to nasa, becoming an unsung hero behind historic missions, by allen shepherd and john glenn, who insisted she verify the computer's calculations before his first orbit around the earth. >> he knew if i had done it it was right. >> charles bolden is the head of nasa. >> we would not have had a human space flight program had it not been for katherine johnson. >> how surprised do you think people were that it was a black
6:48 am
woman? >> shocked. shocked. naturally they thought she was a maid. >> even the scientists was segregated, and nearly 30 years later awarded the presidential medal of freedom and the trail blazer is this astronaut's role model. >> you look lovely in what you are wearing. >> the only reason i look lovely is because you made it possible. >> katherine johnson's daughters are proud. >> every day, it's been a joy. >> a remarkable life of a humble pioneer on the big screen, no longer hidden from history. >> what an incredible story, and an incredible movie there. thank you very much for that report. still ahead, united nations fallout. the controversy president obama is facing at home and in israel for allowing a measure to pass.
6:49 am
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as a sign that we've given up on a two state solution. nothing could be further from the truth. none of us can give up on a two-state solution. we continue to believe that solution is the only viable path to provide peace and security for the state of israel and freedom and dignity for the palestinian people. >> that was the u.s. ambassador to the united nations j samantha power explaining why the u.s. did not veto a u.n. measure. joining me now is our msnbc contributor and a political analyst. good to have both of you with us. robert, let me begin with you. first, your recollection to trump's latest disregard for the one president at the same time policy. how unprecedented is his reaction to the vote and how are you reading into it in the
6:53 am
leadup to it, the fact that he was calling world leaders, putting in statements to call on president obama to veto it? >> historically president-elects are quiet until they're sworn in. so the president-elect making news on twitter and obviously working behind the scenes to influence the u.n. vote. the president-elect taking calls from world leaders, specifically from the middle east, trying to work behind the scenes to influence the vote. it's unprecedented. the white house said something that i think was important. there's only one president at the time. there's only one person that speaks on behalf of the u.s. government and there's one-half the 20th of january. but to your second point, and i think this is important. i think it's very important that we take the president-elect's words figuratively and maybe not literally as a lotd of people are starting to do because they're vague. i think he's trying to go up to
6:54 am
the hornet's nest and hit it to see what happens. this is not typically how we do things, but i think what president-elect is doing is he's trying to train us that he's going to be a different type of leader. and we have to get used to it. we may not like it. >> i'm concerned people, particularly world leaders may be watching and thinking he's trying to break away from the one china policy or he wants to have a nuclear arms race or he's going to do something dramatic. they may not have the foresight you're talking about. >> that's a good question. i've been say this for quite some time. i think the president-elect needs to make a major speech probably after the 20th of january articulating the trump doctrine. how do we interpret some of his statements that relate to russia and china and taiwan and so forth? what is his reaction to chrimea?
6:55 am
it's important for him to articulate and we can respond accordingly. >> senator, let me ask you about senator schumer. he's among a number of democrats who sided with donald trump on this issue. how unusual is the vote and the reaction? there's this notion that somehow president obama is doing something that's unprecedented when in reality every u.s. president for the past 40 or 50 years has allowed critical resolutions at the united nations security council condemning jewish settlements. >> they also have vetoed a number of such resolutions, and it's more often that they veto them. this is a bit of a departure from the way the u.s. has handled the veto in the security council. it's not a departure from u.s. policy in the region but from what israel itself pledged to do 50 years ago, almost 50 years
6:56 am
ago after the end of the six-day war in 1967. at that time israel agreed to certain borders, and by having settlements in these occupied territories, they are in violation of what they agreed to. and lots of people in israel agree that it is extremely harmful to the cause of peace to continue to build these settlements. so the idea that this is somehow an anti-israel resolution in the u.n. and there have been some that have been not just anti-israel but flatly anti semitic out of the u.n., but this one in particular was not in that category. it was sply reasserting what the entire world, including israel, agreed to which is that these settlements are illegal. >> so, jonathan, to that point, like president obama with the executive order about arctic drills, he's making measures to
6:57 am
protect it from the incoming administration. how much do you see this now that he sees things, do you think he's doing this as a protective measure to reinforce international standings as a warning for the incoming trump administration? >> well, i don't think it's really a warning. he knows that when trump gets in there he will reverse this approach. and i think it's quite likely that trump quickly will add to his list of adversaries the united nations and we'll have a fig fight over u.n., paying its dues to the united nations. this is barack obama laying down a marker saying i reasserted that we believe the settlements are illegal. >> jonathan, thank you for that. robert, always a pleasure to have you as well. i'm sorry we're out of time. happy holidays.
6:58 am
>> tame to you. >> up next, is president-elect setting the stage for a new arms race? we'll have that and more. ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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