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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 24, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. good saturday morning. happy holidays. we are here in new york. we have a lot of things to get through this hour. police on high alert on this christmas eve following a new call from isis supporters online for attacks on holiday gather g gatherings in the united states including places of worship. also president-elect vow things will be different at the united nations after he takes office. that after the u.s. an -- plus the latest on the condition of carrie fisher. the beloved "star wars" actress who suffered a heart attack on friday. we start with the
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president-elect leading some to question how exactly is speaking for the united states. yesterday the u.s. an stained from a vote on a u.n. resolution that would demand israel stop building jewish settlements in the territories. trump tweeted a few hours later, quote, as to the u.n., things will be different after january 20th. kelly o'donnell joins me from florida where the president-elect is spending the holidays. working, also playing a round of golf with tiger woods, i understand. talk to us about the divide over israel playing out between president obama and donald trump. >> we know president obama has had what some perceived to be a tense relationship over israel over the span of his time in office, especially with benjamin netanyahu, the israeli prooiime minister. while the u.s. says israel is an
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ally and president obama has done many things in step with israel's interest, there ishi perception that he's not as close to israel as some would like. donald trump has tried to position himself as a candidate and now as president-elect as a strong ally for israel, and he has some definite supporters who feel strongly about this as well. we expect it's even possible that the president-elect may visit israel at some point before his inauguration. it's been talked about. nothing set yet. it's that kind of a relationship. when this issue comes before the u.n. security council dealing with the settlements and the u.s. had the power to block it and did not. the reasoning from the obama white house is the settlements pose a real impediment to a two-state solution as jewish settlements are built into that area where palestinians are living. their territory, how would you get to peace with that. that's why they stepped aside.
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but it grew krcriticism from republicans in congress. even chuck schumer of new york. donald trump before the vote said the u.s. should veto it. when it played out and the u.n. ambassador from the united states to the united nations under obama said that the u.s. would abstain, trump followed up with his comment about things will change january 20th. in realtime, you see how on a critical issue, that is volatile here and around the world, they took different positions. what is the u.s. position? is it the obama or trump way? that may be unclear to some around the world. >> trump's way may be different january 20th. president obama has been consistent with previous u.s. margs. let me ask you about another issue. the shock over trump's comments talking about a nuclear arms
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race. others were saying the tweet was about modernizing the united states arsenal. he said if there's going to be an arms rest, let there be an arms race. take us through this. >> reporter: well, one of the things that makes some of these donald trump tweets so difficult is they can be hard to scrutinize, hard to see nuance in so few characters that along with the bluster of his personality, and the contrast from his top advisors. from the russian side there's a sense of concern that the u.s. may be strengthening military assets around the world, and there's been a long standing policy where the u.s. has been trying to reduce the nuclear footprint in the world concerned about russia's aggression toward places like crimea.
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it's a tense time. the trump camp congratulated poout for his victory. they released that publicly. they have not done that with other leaders. but here again it appears to be donald trump sort of courting the respect of vladimir putin at a time when many in the u.s. think that is a dangerous position to take. >> all right. kelly o'donnell live for us from florida. enjoy your holiday. >> reporter: thank you. let's bring in our panel. we have a former fbi operative, malcolm nans, and an associate dean. nina, let me begin with you. big news. trump says, let it be an arms race. how worried should we be about that? >> well, we can be very worried about it, because trump says a lot of things. at the same time, as his team after that tweet tried to
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explain to us, this is just he generally means that the united states needs to strengthen its military capacity, because everybody else does the same. so we could be very worried. it could not be worried. i think the worry comes from the fact that first of all, vladimir putin certainly doesn't take those kind of threats or information lightly, and he already went onto say it doesn't surprise him, and russia, in fact, has been increasing its military capability and nuclear capability all throughout the years that putin has been in power. so it is possible that we are facing the new arms race, aka, dr. strangelove coming back from '64 to 2016, but it's also possible this is just donald trump's bluster. we cannot forget the rest of the world is watching, and if trump is threatening the possibility of an arms race. china is going to increase their
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arsenal and pakistan and all other states that really want to expand their own capability to protect themselves to attack others and what not. >> millialcolm, let's get your . we got a signal about the relationship between vladimir putin and trump. vladimir putin saying he hopes to take real steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation of different areas as well. trump seems close with vladimir putin, on the other hand he's talking about cold war and an arms race. decipher what's going on here. >> there's been some relatively new reporting by sara about donald trump's beliefs on nuclear weapons control and proliferation going back as early as 1987.
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he wrote an op ed, or an open letter criticizing ronald reagan's foreign policy in relation to the soviet union, and he offered himself as a negotiator who negotiate arms control treaties. and we know it was donald trump because in these statements he said i can learn everything i need to know about nuclear missiles in an hour and a half, i just need to be updated. what's going on here appears to be a continuation that the united states subordinating itself to vladimir putin is going to become a bilateral partner with russia on nuclear control based on his bizarre belief that he's going to be able to with russia, to bully nations into not proliferating, and it turns out there's been some other writings he wrote about pakistan back in the 80s where he said that pakistan
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itself, if they won't disarm, we'll create internal instability in that nation in order to force the government to nonproliferate, which is insane, anyone that knows pakistan knows you could collapse the government and put atomic weapons into the hands of islamic extremists. donald trump is clueless on this point, and it is dangerous for this nation. >> the u.s. veto that donald trump was urging to take place at the u.n., particularly on the resolution about settlements. he's distances himself from a two-state solution. you can make that argument based on his incoming ambassador to israel. now he's tweeting about the u.n. as to the u.n. things will be different after january 20th. what signal does that send to others who voted in favor of the resolution? >> i think, first of all, donald trump is going to have to make a
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pivot at some point from donald trump the campaigner who campaigned on some pretty inflammatory rhetoric to donald trump the leader. i think from what i'm hearing from colleagues ived in the transition, there is some reception from the trump team to, for example, take on russia as not necessarily being an ally. i think that you're going to see after january 20th, potentially a shift here. the tweeting thing doesn't help. we don't need an unfiltered trump speaking directly to us. i just think these things don't help anyone, and you would urge him to rethink that. secondly, there's a larger point here. malcolm and i have talked about this. context is key. take trump and the united states out of this. when you look at countries like china and russia, they've had 100 year plans. four eight years of trump is a speed bump in the road to where they want to be. china has been clear. they want taiwan,nd the south
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sea. russia, they want to reemerge to the heyday of the soviet union. the only thing stopping them from doing that is the united states. when you think of these countries and look at their intention, it's not donald trump. it's just to minimize and really take us on and put us out of the way so they can achieve their goals. i think at some point donald trump will have to understand that. >> and quickly, nina, in terms of some of the issues in the region where do you think vladimir putin and donald trump will have disagreements on the international stage that could tear the friendship they've had up. >> well, i think pakistan was mentioned and could be that part of the world, because they disagree on a variety of issues there and particularly try to deal with the threat of an islamic fundamentalism that putin and trump are big on. i don't think they agree on how to approach this.
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and we often talk about the nuclear arms race or the nuclear capability of all these countries, i think that's where probably a lot of disagreements would come through, because donald trump is not going to tolerate russia as a force that is equal to the united states. after all, he did say we'll take them on and survive andout live them on. >> and russia supported the resolution at the security council. that's one of many potential areas of differences. thank you guys for joining us. happy holidays. next the holiday rush is on and millions try to get to their destination. security is tight. we'll have an update on this.
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holiday weekend. federal authorities are warning law enforcement agencies nationwide that isis sympathizers are still calling for attacks on churches and religious gatherings. it's routine for authorities to step up security given the fact it's holidays ahead of new years, but it has to do with the attack in berlin this week. we have in time square live with an update on the security situation. how is the security posture changing throughout the course of the day as more people flow into time square? >> reporter: security has been beefing up. taking you back to the fbi investigations, the fbi is looking into those claims that were made calls for attacks by isis supporters. it wasn't from the isis group itself. we have seen isis make these types of claims in the past and nothing materializes. investigators are trying to find
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out how credible the calls for attacks were. but the reality is that security is beefing up here during the holiday season, especially in jam packed tourist areas like here in time square. people said they're being extra alert this holiday season. some saying they even feel scared because looking at the events of the past week, they've seen people willing to take their own lives while hurting others. that has people being vigilant moving around shopping. in major cities like new york, it's not only about prevention. it's also about response. you can see cement barricades around the city. this is to keep cars from being able to plow onto the sidewalks and hurt people. there's also a new nypd elite group, and they have armed heavy guns. they're out here able to respond to any potential active shooter. so this is the type of security
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measures we're not only seeing because of the holiday season, but also because of attacks we've seen around the world. >> all right. live outside the new york police department, morgan rat ford. >> from concerns to other concerns for travelers, bumper to bump traffic and jam packed trains and planes. aaa expects more than 100 million people to travel between now and january 3rd. . carrie, people flying today, should they be expecting delays because of security concerns, weather concerns, a mix of both? what are you seeing? >> reporter: check them all off. that is correct. there is a delay. the line is about a 30 -minute line to get through the security check point. if you're running to the airport and you figured my flight doesn't leave until 11:00, i'll get there at 10:00, you're up
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against it, and outside the airport, there's a traffic jam because so many people have opted rather than driving to take an uber. when everybody takes a lift, it creates more problems out there. let's look at the flight aware map. it's the misery index of fly right now. we can see across the nation there are 227 delays on flights, and nine cancellations. the weather is a big problem here as we take a look at the map. we can see the worst is in chicago. then in newark, new jersey. atlanta, the busiest airport in the world. a lot of problems. what we're going to try to do is see how comfortable people are with all of this flying. let's walk up to some people and see how they're doing on their flight. let's try this guy over here. where are you headed? >> jamaica. >> and you're going there for christmas to see the family? >> yes. >> reporter: how is this experience --? you're on the phone, how far is this experience going to the airport to go through security? >> horrible. >> reporter: horrible?
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why? >> my grandmother couldn't get on the flight. >> reporter: because? >> her passport expired. >> reporter: i'm sorry to hear that. i hope you have a merry christmas. i guess it won't be the same without your grandmother. there you go. complications and international flight, no passport. i suspect that you always have your passport up to date, but you know what it's like traveling internationally. >> got to be ready to fly at a moment's notice. but interesting enough to see that the complaint there was about her grandmother not having her passport renewed in time for the holidays. thank you very much. winter weather west creating travel trouble for many including the minnesota vikings. the team's plane the rear wheel went off the runway and got stuck. no injuries were reported. players who will go up against the packers this morning posted videos as they were removed into the jet in a fire basket. one writing cross this one off the bucket list.
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the weather patterns have been affecting places. but will the weather impact your holiday travel plans? let's go to bonnie with more. >> we are looking at not the best weather for the weekend. tomorrow we have plenty of rain in and around california. that's been causing a problem in the burn areas. watch as the storm gets bigger as it comes over the four corners bringing heavy snow to the sierra and severe weather through the central plains. there is gusts as strong as 55 miles per hour tomorrow. a blizzard underway for rapid city. we're looking at wintry weather with high accumulations of weather. 20 million americans are under a winter weather alert. i mentioned the severe weather. strong thunderstorms and heavy down powers and damaging winds possible with the system going into christmas day through kansas and nebraska.
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if you're driving, be extra c e careful. it's been a wet go through much of virginia, maryland, and delaware. you're getting wintry weather in the upstate. light snow with mixing rain for northern new england as well. this will move away by tomorrow. >> it's going to be a long bay for travelers. beloved by millions is princess leia. carrie fisher hospitalized after suffering a heart attack on board her flight. the latest on her condition is next.
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carrie fisher remains in intensive care this morning after suffering a serious heart attack friday. the 60-year-old best known for her role in "star wars" was on a flight at the time. steve patterson is in los angeles this morning. steve, any updates on her condition? >> reporter: the tough thing is that hour by hour, minute by
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minute as this goes on there seeps to be much more worry. we haven't had an update on her condition as of yet this morning. since about last night when we heard she was in critical condition. since then we've just been hearing from family that she's in intensive care. that has lasted now for some several hours. we've heard that friends and family have rushed to this los angeles hospital to be with her by her side. trying to findny sort of update on what exactly her condition is. but, again, the latest, she's in intensive care. she was on the flight from london traveling to los angeles promoting her book coming back, obviously, for the holidays. when about 15 minutes before landing into lax passengers reported seeing her having trouble breathing. then all of a sudden she has an episode, extreme cardiac arrest that gets her transported off the plane and into the hospital, rushed into intensive care where we heard she remains since last
7:28 am
night. so, again, no solid condition as of this morning. but we hear she's still in intensive care. >> steve, i know there's been an outpouring of support from fans around the world. particularly posting support online for her. if v you heard from any of her co-stars throughout all the years? >> reporter: yeah. if you're a big "star wars" geek like i am, names like mark hamill, peter mahew, they've been posting online saying as if 2016 couldn't get any worse. sending all our love the carrie fisher. that's mark hamill. thoughts and prayers for her friend and everyone's favorite princess right now. social media. >> steve live in l.a. thank you for that. next as president obama spends the holidays in hawaii, donald trump is once again
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publicly challenging the president's foreign policy decisions. the latest being the israeli palestinian conflict. details when we come back.
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welcome back. here are the latest headlines we're following for you. tunisian authorities have arrested three people in connection with this week's past attack on the a berlin christmas market. among the three, the nephew of the suspect that was shot in milan yesterday. authorities say they're warnings are not related to any specific threat and in particular to that attack in berlin, tighter security is routine this time of year. on friday in an off camera interview president-elect was asked to clarify remarks he
7:33 am
tweeted about expabdinding the nation's nuclear capabilities. >> the president-elect said what? >> let it be an arms race. we will outmatch them at every pass. >> and outlast them all? >> vladimir putin said the kremlin is not looking for an arms race, but it is trying to build arms capability of getting through missile defenses. tammy liner is in hawaii traveling with president obama throughout the holidays. tammy, how is president obama responding to this? >> reporter: good morning. you know, the president is heavily engaged even though he is here on vacation with his family. he took multiple calls with his security team leading up to the u.n. vote, and that was what led to the u.s. abstaining from the vote. it sends a message to president-elect donald trump. the two have been at odds over this issue. trump has been urging the u.s. to veto the resolution, and the white house is saying there can
7:34 am
only with b one president at a time, and right now that is president obama. and keep in mind, president obama has done more for israel's security than any other sitting president. and he's always opposed the settlement. let's go ahead and listen to what the u.n. ambassador samantha power had to say about the u.n.'s vote. >> the security council reaffirmed that settlements have no legal validity. the united states has been sending the message that the settlements must stop. our vote today is fully in line with the bipartisan history of how american presidents have approached both the issue and the role of this body. >> reporter: israel has already come out and said they will not comply with the resolution. >> all right. tammy, thank you very much for that. joining me now is angela, the president of media matters for
7:35 am
america. robert tranum, and hadas gold. good to have you. here's trump's future press secretary. i want to get your reaction to what he said. take a listen. >> if there's going to be an arms race -- >> there's not going to be. there's not going to be. he's going to ensure that other countries get the message that he's not going to sit back and allow it. and they'll come to their senses and we'll all be just fine. >> how should the media cover the discrepancy between the president-elect who is saying let there be an arms race if there is going to be one, and the spokesperson who says there won't be one? >> i think you have to listen to the president-elect. it's not just an erratic one-off comment on twitter. this has been something he's been saying since the 80s. in the 1980s he proposed the united states should have made the same comment to the soviet uni union, forced other countries
7:36 am
not to make nuclear weapons, using powers to stop any country from getting nuclears and amplified the arms race so they were the only two countries with it. i think we should listen to the president-elect and not people designed to spin the things. we should listen to what the president-elect is saying and act accordingly. >> and kellyanne conway about the paint that angela was making responded to criticism. take a listen. >> i think what i'm trying to get is a lot of people hiding under the bed right now because he doesn't -- it doesn't seem like he knows what he's talking about on this issue. >> that's not fair. >> how can you make policy on twitter and say -- >> he's not making policy on twitter. >> expanding our nuclear arsenal on twitter is a big deal. >> on this one i think you're getting a little too far ahead of yourselves. changing policy and making policy in a way he did not intend. >> okay. the president making policy
7:37 am
happens whenever the president speaks on a national security matter. >> what do you make of that, and to angela's point, you had the tweet that came out earlier in the week saying the u.s. should expand their nuclear capabilities, and spokes people saying and spinning it. and then you hear him come out speaking to msnbc saying let there be an arms race. >> i think when the media reports on something they're going to take what the president-elect says on gospel versus what his advisors are saying after. it's the president-elect who makes the decision on nuclear decisions. we're going to be dealing with donald trump tweeting something, we'll report on it, and the advisors will say this is not what it is. >> if the tweets come out as fast as they do sometimes, world leaders may not wait for the
7:38 am
spin from some of his spokes people. they may react as well. there's some criticism that trump is overstepping his bounds, something the trump team dismisses. take a listen to this. >> should he have checked with president obama? >> no. he's the president-elect. we respect the fact that there's one president at a time. but this president is not going to sit back and just wait for things to happen. he's going to get things done. >> i remember eight years ago, israel was involved in a war in gau za. president obama was the incoming president. he was constantly asked about what the u.s. should do about that ongoing conflict. he would say there's only one president at a time. now president-elect trump, is he risk overstepping his authority, his position during this transition period? >> he doesn't have any authority yet because he hasn't taken the both of office, but he's sending conflicting signals in terms of who is speaking on behalf of the government. the constitution says we have one president at one time, and that switch of power is on
7:39 am
january 20th. it does add a lot of confusion. if i can go back for a moment. i think this is important. back in the 80s when ronald reagan was giving his radio address, he thought the microphone was off, and he was joking. enhe said, and i quote, my fellow americans we begin bombing russia in five minutes. it was the joke. it was a joke. however, russia was listening, and they moved their nuclear arsenal to a different level. words matter. and when you are a policy official, what you say impacts the markets, impacts what people say in terms of how they react and on the world stage. and i think president-elect trump has to recognize that. when he makes policy, or he may not even think he's making policy, but when he makes a statement on twitter or perhaps phoning into a radio show or national television show, when you're thinking out loud, people are listening and they're going to take your words seriously. >> and we've seen some confusion about one of trump's main
7:40 am
campaign promises so-called craning the swamp. take a listen to newt gingrich here. >> you say you've been working on issues. others would say you've been working in the swamp. >> although, i'm told he now disclaims that. it was cute but he doesn't want to use it anymore. >> and trump later tweeted someone incorrectly stated the term drain the swamp was no longer being used by me. actually, we will always be using dts. is there any way we know what the president-elect is planning? >> it's his favorite mode of communication. it's clear he's watching the television shows in the mornings. he'll tweet something off in reaction to something. and i think that he said it himself. it's one of his best ways to communicate directly to the american people without going through the media and others. and so whatever his advisors might say, i do believe that twitter is more right now the
7:41 am
best way to understand what trump is doing and thinking. he talked about how he uses it hym himself. and newt gingrich made his apology on twitter as well. >> let me ask you quickly about the a-list names are apparently refusing to join the inauguration. trump saying the so-called a-list celebrities are all wanting tickets to the inauguration. what do you make of that him trng to call them out? >> they're sensitive about their brands like the companies. they have to maintain a relationship with their audience, and they have to remain marketable. his brand is toxic, at least from a commercial perspective, and they're concerned about blowback from their fans and audienc audiences. when he does these things, he is lying, and he's doing it as a way to assert that. you're debating whether it's true or not. and it ignores the fact he was rejected by a community in which
7:42 am
he deeply cares about. >> all right. thank you very much all for joining us this morning. next donald trump's long shot victory in the election. what are the events that shaped our world in 2016 in we'll take a look. i noticed it as soon as we moved into the new house. ♪ a lot of people have vertical blinds. well, if a lot of people jumped off a bridge, would you? you hungry? i'm okay right -- i'm...
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unexpected outcomes. history has been made and records have been broken. my colleague has a look back at the biggest headlines of 2016. >> reporter: 2016, the year of the unexpected. of triumphs long sought. and tragedies no one saw coming. >> i don't know where my son is. nobody can tell me where my son is. >> we cried.
7:46 am
he prayed we hugged and promised never again. >> reporter: and yet those sworn to protect under attack and under suspicion. division in the streets. and in our homes. >> i didn't say nuclear. >> reporter: a caustic presidential campaign. >> these crooked as a three dollar bill. >> you can put half of trump supporters into the basket of deplorables. >> reporter: a contest that showed they need to talk to voters. we couldn't stop watching, even when we wanted to. >> you can do anything. grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: both nominees dogged by their past. no matter what who you voted for, history was made. the first time a major party nominated a woman for president, and the first time the nation elected a president with no government or military experience. >> i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together. >> reporter: we did come
7:47 am
together in the summer to collectively cheer america's incredible olympians who proved to be the world's best in rio with one glaring exception. six decades and 90 miles bridged when president obama visited cuba. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas. >> reporter: and cuba buried fidel castro. but elsewhere, there was no change. only more unspeakable horror. >> aleppo will join the ranks of those events in world history that define modern evil. that stain our conscious decades later. >> reporter: we lost legends who reminded us all of our own mortality. ♪ >> reporter: and yes, we also saw the best of us.
7:48 am
in war, heroism. in competition, compassion. hope to build on for the new year. ann thompson, nbc news, new york. >> what an incredible year it has been. next the latest chapter in the "star wars" saga. still the number one choice of movie goers. we'll look at several other major movie releases you might want to check out, but first the final obama holiday message in the white house. >> merry christmas, everybody. one of the best parts of the holiday season is spending time with the special people in your life. and for me that means getting some help from my best friend for an annual christmas weekly address. >> now, given how our first christmas weekly address went, i realize that barack needed all the help he could get. >> this is our first christmas in the white house, and -- what?
7:49 am
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the force is still strong at the box office this weekend with "rogue one: a star wars story" expected to land the number one spot for the second week in a row. it made a big splash becoming the second film ever to have opened over $100 million in december. movie goers have new films arriving in theaters on time for christmas. we are joined with a preview of what's big on the big screen and this holiday weekend. there was no place he'd rather be than here. >> i sort of meant that. >> let's talk about rogue one. how is it doing compared to other movies? >> you said it. the force is really with "rogue one". it's number one at the box office. it's the top advanced ticket seller of the year and made over
7:53 am
$200 million the first weekend in theaters and will probably make another $100 million by monday. it was a huge gamble for disney to buy this franchise. a smart investment. 4 million to buy. disney has breathed in fresh new life. it has a momentum and traction we didn't have with "star wars" films ten years ago. >> let's talk about other movies you think will be big block busters going into the weekend. >> i think people are excited about passenge"passengers." it's getting mixed reviews. but jennifer lawrence's fans will come out. also "assassin's creed." >> i think these movies, they're hard but they have so much of a
7:54 am
fan base that people just want to go and see it. there's an interest to see how that's going to play out. let me ask you about sleeper films to be looking out for. big year for indie films. >> yes. "jackie". it's kind of dark but so well nuanced and a great story line and amazing fashion. also "fences" and "hidden figures". denzel washington is directing. also some oscar buzz. two golden globe nominations f this film. amgs also "hidden figures". these amazing black women that take on -- >> one of the stories people didn't know about. >> 100 %. >> let's talk about some of the award buzz. what do you think are the front runners as we begin the award season. >> "la la land".
7:55 am
you'll leave the theater wanting the sound track. emma stone and ryan gosling. it's leading at the golden globes and will be a big pick for oscars. >> holidays, a big time for families. what are some of the movies that are good for familys? >> i would say the movie "sing." another movie that will leave you wanting to sing when you walk out. it has an amazing sound track. a lot of great big a-listers and songs we already know in this film. >> the last two years there's been controversy around the award nominations with the diversity issue and oscar being so white. the golden globe nominations are out. a good range of diversity in the nominees already. do you think that bodes well going into next year? >> absolute lie. this is the first time we've had six african american nominees for the golden globe awards in years.
7:56 am
i mentioned "hidden figures" "fences." >> "moonlight". >> i love that one. we are having a big year. a huge difference from two years ago. >> what does the industry tell us in terms of how people feel about the economy. it's seen when people are going to the movies, they're feeling good about the economy. are you seeing a trend where movie goers are on the incline or on the decline? >> movies are not going anywhere. we've had a huge year with ticket sales and advanced ticket sales. people are anticipating the big block buster films. when you have a year with politics, folks want to escape and go to the movies. you'll see that. >> no good politics movie this year. >> not really. we need a break. >> good to see you, chris. thank you for joining us. >> you're not off the hook, you have to come back in a couple
7:57 am
hours. >> i'll be here. >> that does it for me. thank you for watching. we will pick things up after the break. ♪ see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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good morning. tit title tighter security across the u.s. the latest on the travel situation and an update on potential weather problems. a u.n. security council votes is highlighting major foreign policy differences between the obama administration and president-elect trump. and with fewer than four weeks left in his presidency, a look at braum's legacy, what he achieved and left unfinished. we begin with winter weather creating a holiday headache for millions of travelers this weekend. including the minnesota vikings. last night the football team's plan skidded off the runway after safely landing at