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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  December 27, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hour of msnbc. busy hour here. president-elect donald trump takes aim at the u.n. over the controversial vote condemning the vote and trump pushes back after president obama said he would have beaten trump if he could have run for a third term. president obama and japan's prime minister will pay their respects together, the first ever for a sitting prime minister of japan with a u.s. president and mayhem at the malls. disturbances break out in more than 15 malls across the country. the brawls forcing some police to use pepper spray and even riot gear. good morning, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin in for tamron hall. coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters here in new york. we begin with that war of words between the president and president-elect. let's get right to it with msnbc's kasie hunt joining me here in new york. let's play this for you, kasie and then we'll get your reaction
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to it afterwards. >> what i would argue is the culture actually did shift, that the majority does buy into the notion of a one america that is tolerant and diverse and open b that if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> so you know when you hear president obama there making a reference to what he would have done differently and perhaps articulated it better than hillary clinton, almost a swipe at trump. >> definitely a swipe at donald trump and maybe at hillary clinton. essentially saying, well, that's the message she ran on. she tried to say she was stronger together as her slogan. she herself acknowledged frequently, i'm not as good as president obama or husband bill
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clinton, but it's tough to say, hey, if i had done this, i would have won. obviously, hillary clinton losing. but donald trump did not take well to it either. he has not reacted well to any perceived slights against his win. he tweeted almost immediately, quote, president obama said he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that, but i say, no way, jobs leaves? isis, obamacare, et cetera. but the president-elect feeling pretty ready to get back in there with the president. >> didn't just stop there. donald trump busy over the holiday weekend with some jabs at the united nations with how that played out at the security council. what did he weigh in saying? >> he also, using his preferred method of communication, twitter, tweeted that the united nations has such great potential but right now it is just a club for people to get together, talk, and have a good time. so sad!
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so pretty dismissive there of the u.n. but i will say and we were talking this morning on "morning joe" with netanyahu's, the israel prime minister's spokesperson, the israelis are taking this seriously what happened as a very serious slight claiming they have information that the united states was behind the resolution even though they won't come out and show what that evidence is. they said his spokesman said they have some issues with what the united nations focused on in recent months but not as dismissive as donald trump was. >> they make the argument they're not doing enough on aleppo and syria, other places and singling out israel. how he could have done a better job, with barack obama, how is that being perceived by the clinton camp and has she responded to the stuff going on over the weekend? >> not as of yet. she sent out a message to her
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supporters saying thank you for everything that you did for me throughout the course of the year, but i will say that people who worked in clinton circle are watching very closely what those have to say about it. i think they'll point out she won the popular vote, she got more votes than donald trump did even though he got the votes he needed in the right laces. if you look at the states where it turned, the midwestern states, it's true that president obama got more votes in detroit and milwaukee and other areas. a reference to, hey, i could have turned out african-american voters today in bigger numbers but at the same time, you know, it's hard not to, i think, if you're the clinton supporters, you're somebody that works hard to get her elected, can't help but think, that hurts a little bit. called it graceless, the republican congressman. >> great to have you in the studio. >> great to see you. president obama and shinzo
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abe set to make history today. abe being the first to visit pearl harbor ever by a sitting rime minister accompanied by a u.s. president and obama became the first to visit hiroshima. tammy leitner is following this in honolulu. good to have you with us this morning, your time. what does this mean for u.s. japanese relations going forward? >> reporter: hey, ayman. this will start with the two leaders having a bilateral metimet meeting and then a replaying and then survivors are invited to sit in on that and we had a chance to speak with the ambassadorcaroline kennedy, about what this means to u.s. relations. let's listen to what she had to say. >> it's incredibly historic. president obama went to hiroshima earlier this year and now abe made the decision on the 75th anniversary since pearl
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harbor acre to come hettack and shows the strength of the u.s./japan alliance that are iconic moments that will take place this year and it shows what a strong partnership president obama and mr. abe have forged over the last eight years. >> reporter: and you know something else she pointed out, not only will the people in japan and here in the united states be watching, this is really a historic event that people around the world will be watching. ayman? >> i know this is the president's final holiday getaway, he's managed to squeeze in a few rounds of golf and paid visito the troops and support but what else does he have planned while on the island? >> reporter: this was the only officially planned thing on his schedule. there's actually nothing else official on there, but as you can imagine, he's going to be hitting the gym at the base and some more rounds of golf. he is here with his family, so
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possibly another trip to get some shaved ice. >> and maybe gyms and the golf course after his presidency too. tammy leitner, thank you. let's bring in karine jean-pierre for and former white house advisor. great to have you with us this morning. let me play you something else that your poformer boss had to y in that interview. >> i have to be quiet for a while. and i don't mean politically. i mean, internally. i have to still myself. that doesn't mean that if a year from now or a year and a half from now or two years from now, i might not weigh in. i'm still a citizen. and that carries with it duties and obligations. >> how long do you think he'll be able to remain silent?
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do you think it's going to be hard for him to keep quiet for a year or so? >> i think so when you're talking about the repeal of obamacare, aca being on the table for the the trump administration, the privatization of medicare and the concern about medicaid, there's a lot of concern that that will make it very difficult to deal with his legacy and the great work that he was able to do and let's not forget about the 11 million people living in the shadows. so and the banning of the muslims, i think, there's a lot there he's going to be concerned about and it will make him difficult to stay away and i don't think he will. i think he will have a voice, cheeri clearly, a popular president currently. 56% and i think people are going to want to hear from him. >> let me get your thoughts on a tweet that donald trump put out over the holidays, essentially saying that i gave millions of
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dollars to the donald j. trump foundation, raised or received millions more all of which is given to charity and media won't report. and obviously, he's also announced he's shutting down his foundation. do you think this is a move that will, you know, appease the critics that are saying there are a lot of conflicts of interest here and is there enough for the democrats to get behind? >> it's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to donald trump shutting down his foundation that has been reported over the the last several months that it was a scam from buying 6 foot large portrait of himself to using it as political purposes, giving $25,000 to the florida a.g. and having to pay a penalty on that to the irs, so, and also, who, if you're really wealthy, why do you have a foundation that you're using other people's money getting donations to dole out to charity? it doesn't really make any sense. that's virtually unheard of.
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so it's just the tip of the iceberg. he still needs to deal with his businesses that he has over 500 businesses in 25 countries. that's the real question. that's what we want to hear is what is he going to do with that and it starts with the trump, sorry, the trump hotel, international hotel in dc which will be in total violation of if he doesn't deal with that on january 20th when he becomes inaugurated. >> let's talk about foreign policy, as mentioned, president-elect trump has been very critical of the united nations especially when it comes to last friday's vote against israeli settlements. clearly, his personal relationship with israeli prime minister netanyahu is probably a bit warmer than obama's, but are we likely to see a fundamental change in u.s. policy towards israel under president-elect trump? >> i'll say this, ayman. it's incredibly dangerous to use twittero put forth foreign policy. it's not only dangerous but
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reckless. 140 characters or less is not the way to make any type of policy and donald trump has to make a decision. is he going to go back to the bush era when it comes to foreign policy and go at it alone or is he going to go back to the way we have done it in normal ways, which is worked with our allies to bring forth peace. >> karine jean-pierre, thank you. >> thank you so much. hope for a calmer day at several malls after a series of scuffles and brawls and even disturbances broke out the day after christmas. check this out. now, that was the scene in aurora, colorado, where five people were arrested in connection with multiple fights. morgan radford is live for us outside of a mall in garden city, new york, where a fight broke out yesterday. morgan, good to have you with us
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this morning. what's bhieehind the chaos we'r seeing? how did this all come to head? >> reporter: that's what investigators try to find out, ayman. these events were not related but all odd it happened the day after christmas when shoppers were going to return the christmas items and tried to get new deals on the after-christmas day sales. the skirmishes at aurora happened across the country and behind me here in new york. take a listen. post-christmas mayhem. striking malls all across the country. in this new jersey mall, pandemonium when a person shouted gun after a chair fight. >> we took shelter in some kinds of store. >> reporter: 5,000 shoppers trying to escape what they believed was a life-threatening ordeal, abandoning meals in the food court. in ohio, police responded to reports of shots fired at beach
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wood place mall. >> we had a sort of stampede through saks. >> officers used pepper spray to disperse a large crowd fighting and confirmed there were no gunshots and taken into custody for assaulting a police officer. on monday, disturbances in more than 15 malls across the country were reported in at least a dozen states. in tennessee, incidents were reported in three separate malls and manchester, connecticut, several piegfights broke out al once and several hundred teens involved. >> reporter: this video shows an officer trying to control the crowd. five other police departments responded to the scene, one officer assaulted with no life-threatening injuries. eight people were arrested, forcing them all to close its doors two hours before scheduled. >> it looked like people were throwing punches, fighting. a huge mob of people. it was insane. >> reporter: ayman, there were some suggestions that the
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incident in ohio was inspired by a social media posting, but so far, again, police have not said that any of these incidents are, in fact, connected. in the end, they found no guns, no weapons. ayman? >> sad and disturbing development. morgan radford live in new york for us. thank you. breaking news overseas to share with you. italian police have released this photo they say is of the tunisian born suspect in the berlin christmas market attack walking into the milan station this past pretty the same day he wasilled in a shootout with italian police. one of photos used to reconstruct hisovements after he evaded police for days following an attack that killed 12 people and injured 50 others in berlin. israel reportedly moving ahead with new settlements days after the controversial u.n. resolution condemning the building of those. up next, i'll talk live with elliot engel who just returned from tel aviv. george michael's partner
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the israeli government may go ahead with plans to build thousands of new housing units in east jerusalem despite a u.n. security council resolution banning construction there and passed with the u.s. abstaining essentially allowing the measure to pass. u.s. vetoed similar resolutions in the past and that has raised
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tensions with netanyahu and obama. netanyahu accused the u.s. of initiating the resolution an allegation the white house denies. elliot engel just returned from the region. great to have you with us. i want to start off, in addition to these comments that we're hearing coming out of the israeli government, also, you know, confirmed by the spokesperson this morning on msnbc, they're saying that they have ironclad evidence that the united states was behind orchestrating, initiating and essentially pushing this resolution through at the u.n. security council. do you agree with that assessment? >> we don't necessity. it's like a he said/she said. that's not what's important. to me, what's important is regardless of how one feels about settlements, the fact is the united nations never gives israel a fair break and israel relies on the united states to block the most onerous of resolutions against them and we didn't do it and i think it was
8:20 am
a mistake. it's not a matter of whether you're for settlements or against settlements. israel is the only democracy in the middle east and it's a strong ally of the united states and at a time when half a million people are dying in syria, all kinds of genocide and south sudan, all over the world, all the security council can do with the u.s. acquiesce, give me a break. >> the argument that the israelis are making is that this is a betrayal of standing u.s. policy when it comes to the united nations, but in reality, every american administration since 1967, republican and democrat, have allowed on this particular issue of settlements. so given the fact that obama would have been the only president not the allow security council resolution, why is this a departure of policy, so to speak? a betrayal of what every
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administration had done? >> it's a parting shot out the door, president obama, whom i voted for twice decided he was going to do this and i think he would have been better off vetoing the resolution and say to the u.n., let's get serious here and let's try to not put blame on one party, particularly, the party that's a democracy. you have all of these countries in the u.n., some on the security council, give me a break, that is the worst country when it comes to human rights. they're going to pass judgment on israel? and this is the problem with the united nations. you've got so many undemocratic nations who resent the fact that israel is this bastien of democracy in the middle east. i met with the prime minister and he was ready to negotiate without pre-conditions at any time, any place and he favored a two state solution for two
8:22 am
peoples. i think that's correct. and i think we ought to work towards that, and not censure israel. >> you had a chance to meet with a lot of senior israelis. talk about the public's attitude in terms of the incoming president. are they excited about a president-elect donald trump? do they think he's going to be able to get a peace deal through? >> well, i think a lot of it depends on the ideological spectrum but there's hope. there's talk about moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. which i support, we voted that in the 1990s to give the president the authority to do that. no one has done it yet but the fact of the matter is -- >> that wouldn't ignite concerns on the street level or the broader arab world? >> it might, but the point is this. where they're talking about putting an embassy has always been part of israel since the formation of the state in 1948. >> in the western part. >> it's not in disputed area.
8:23 am
everybody agrees if there's a peace deal and i hope there is, that part of jerusalem. it's where all the ministries are. it's silly that israel is the only country that doesn't have embassies in its capital. >> the president-elect tweeted about the united nations which is the big loss for israel and the united nations makes it harder to negotiate peace, too bad but we'll get it done anyway. your thoughts on the united nations really quickly. you have countries like russia that veto resolutions about syria which obviously shows how the international community or the u.n. is not capable of solving that conconflict. can't the same argument be made when it vetoes against israel? >> i think it tries to even the playing field. >> between palestinians and israelis? >> the israel cannot get a fair shake in the united nations. they have all of these countries against them. all the undemocratic countries that have the goal to point the
8:24 am
finger at israel. they should go to israel. in terms of vibrant state, democracy, people of all races and religions together, living in freedom, the kind of freedom we're used to in the united states. so it's singling out israel when the united nations is made of nations of tyrants with no democracy and it's hypocritical. why should israel care about anything the unid nations says when it can't get a fair shake? >> congressman elliot engel, great to have you with us this morning. a powerful winter storm is leaving tens of thousands of people without power in the midwest but temperatures set to soar above average in other parts of the country. we're live with the latest forecast. and this. it's just sartitarting to s of sink in as far as it feels somewhat surreal. >> you'll hear from the mom who walked nearly 30 miles in the cold and snow to find help for
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welcome back, everyone. a major winter storm is creating havoc in the northern plains this morning and heang eastwards. in fact, thousands are without power after a fierce blizzard dumped heavy snow in the dakotas making it rough for those who have to get back. ron mott joins us live from chicago with the latest as this storm heads into the upper midwest. ron? >> reporter: hey, ayman. good day to you. so far, we've been spared the worst of this storm. mentioned the dakotas who got
8:29 am
wallop walloped. in chicago, it's dry. much colder than it was yesterday, 20 or 25 degrees colder than yesterday but the forecast going forward looks pretty good for this portion of the midwest. not so good just a couple of states back to the west. dakotas had to close some 240 miles of interstate highways. not just the snow to contend with but a lot of wind with that creating whiteout blizzard conditions that was just simply too dangerous for people to get around. so they are slowly cleaning their way out of that mess and now going forward, it's going to be the pacific northwest again with some new snow potentially in the mountainous areas and the dakotas again and from texas into maine, there could be sporadic hot spots going forward but i want to show you video. those folks like to fish. it's not ready for the ice houses. a few stories. i've got ten people in minnesota running up from the bathroom
8:30 am
scales because they might have had something to do with the ice house. that's not the case. new video next door in wisconsin. this is where those ten anglers were. ten people out there fishing and the ice started breaking around them and they got stranded on this big block of ice. it's colder in certain parts of the northern tier of the united states. the northeast and new england, you got a little snow/rain mix over the past 24 hours. the travel today is going to be mostly pretty good in the air. we've got some delays but really, it's a pretty smooth day all in all, ayman. >> confusing your geography could be costly in the game of news. thank you. bonnie schneider is tracking storms. >> this storm is brewing in the northeast and we'll be watching snow develop across new england. look right now. things are looking calm but into thursday and friday, low
8:31 am
pressure will emerge off the coast and as it works its way to the north and east depending how close it gets to the close, we'll see rain and snow. heavy snow is possible up into vermont, new hampshire, and upstate new york. we'll watch the system closely thursday into friday. right now, we still deal with rain coming into the pacific northwest and coastal areas and also getting gusty wind and expect snow in the kcascades. pile on to 2 feet in some areas. cold enough for snow in some places, but warm enough for record highs in many others. we're talking about really warm, warm temperatures. look at how far north the jet stream is and record high temperatures the day after christmas and likely to see it today. look at these numbers in the 50s and 60s throughout the afternoon and even in the 70s in charleston, south carolina. going on to wednesday, not much of a change. warming up to 44 and cooler in new york city after the highs today in the mid 50s and then, eventually, we'll start to get a
8:32 am
little cooler towards tend of the week. just a little bit. you can see the temperatures dropping for the last day of the year. 43 degrees in indianapolis and 39 on saturday for new york city. so overall, a bit of a change in the calendar and a change in the weather. but for today, still nice and mild. look at these numbers, mid 60s, atlantic with mild temperatures that will only stick around as long as 2016 does. >> bonnie schneid we are a cher chilling forecast. thank you. a fight for life. a family in the grand canyon got stuck and the mom set out on foot seeking help, braving freezing temperatures and total darkness. my colleague, steve patterson, with the incredible details. walk us through what happened with this ordeal. unbelievable. >> ayman, after their car breaks down, gets stuck, this woman walks 30 miles for 36 hours in
8:33 am
the freezing cold in the dead of night to save her family. it's not just fortunate they find it, it's miraculous. >> it's just starting to sort of sink in. it feels somewhat surreal. >> reporter: karen kline, warm, safe, and lucky to be alive after incredibly surviving the ordeal. her husband and son were in for a getaway. they decided to take a road trip, visit a world wonder. >> we would go to brice canyon and then go to the north rim. >> reporter: it was in the harsh north rim everything went south. their cell phone gps recommending a shortcut. >> it diverted us on a forest road. >> reporter: that the family realized too late was a wrong turn to a narrow closed door, eventually, getting stuck in the
8:34 am
mud. mud. >> and for an hour, we tried to get the car out. we had no cell service. we couldn't call anybody to help us out. and it was decided that, look, there is a main road up ahead and i have professional and recreational experience lifelong in the outdoors, so i said, well, i'll just walk up to the main road. i can do this. i'm a runner. >> reporter: kline found nothing but the dead of night wandering way off course. >> it got to be 1:30 in the morning and at this point, i had walked about 26 miles. i kept myself awake. just talked to myself and rocked back and forth to stay warm. they said in that 36 hours i walked about 30 miles. >> reporter: she survived off twigs, snow, and the will to see her family again. >> i can't leave my son without a mom. i can't leave my husband without a wife. i'm not letting my parents bury me. >> reporter: her husband decided to head the other direction, 15 miles until he got lucky.
8:35 am
>> and then got one bar of cell service and called the park ranger, called 9-1-1 and sent the rescue team. that was about 3:00 in the afternoon to find me and then they found me 2:30 in the morning. >> reporter: kline found and air lifted to safety, frostbitten but smiling. >> i think karen is a very brave woman who did the most she could to help her family. >> reporter: a dangerous journey turned christmas miracle. >> i was determined that, you know, this is not, this is not how my life is going to end. >> reporter: it gets better if you can believe it. right after she's rescued and just a matter of hours, there is a massive winter storm that hits that area, rescuers say if that hit, it would have been impossible to find her. doctors are working with her in the hospital. you saw her fingers and toes but they expect her to fully recover. >> calling this a christmas miracle is probably the
8:36 am
understatement of the year. thank you for that. coming up, president-elect trump is responding to president obama's comments saying he would have beaten trump if he could run for a third term. i'll ask the experts how unusual this is is and what russian experts say about the plane that crashed on christmas day killing everyone on board. it's you know of the stories we update you around the news nation.
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russian officials say the black box found in the black sea about a mile away from shore was taken to moscow where investigators will analyze the data to try and determine how the plane crashed killing all 92 people on board. >> manhunt under way in tennessee for 50-year-old david fraser, a dangerous inmate who escaped jail on christmas morning. five others who escaped with him by ripping a toilet off their jail cell wall are now back in custody. a southeastern michigan town declared a state of emergency after a massive sinkhole opened up over the weekend forcing dozens to evacuate and the 250 long sinkhole faced further complications after striking a gas line this morning. they are now pumping sewage into a nearby river to prevent the area from flooding. and times square is just about ready to ring in the 2017 with the arrival of this year's new year's eve ball. this year's ball has covered in more than 2600 waterford
8:41 am
crystals and 300 featured the gift of kindness. the pattern of rosette. we follow the war of words that erupted with president obama and president-elect donald trump. the latest back and forth after president obama said many an interview that if he had been able to run in november, he would have beaten trump. >> i am confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i -- if i had run again, and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> the president-elect responded as you could expect almost immediately on twitter saying, president obama said that he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that, but i say no way and he gave reasons including jobs, isis, and
8:42 am
obamacare. let's bring in our panel. ben and kevin, let me begin with you. how unusual to have a war of words with a president and a president-elect? >> well, you know, it is somewhat unusual, but here's what i would kind of point out is that this is also an attack from president obama against hillary clinton because the sub text that he didn't say in his interview with npr is that hillary clinton was not able to mobilize effectively the voters in states like michigan and wisconsin. of course, she did win the popular vote, but the bottom line is that he's saying that he would have been a better messenger than hillary clinton. that matters and here's why. democrats need a leader heading into the midterms and into 2020 and clearly with this back and forth with the president-elect, obama is signaling that he wants to remain a force within the
8:43 am
democratic party even after he leaves office. >> to kevin's point there, do you agree that president obama was taking a swipe at hillary clinton? how can you read it otherwise if not? >> i think that it's unavoidable that he was indicating that he was a better candidate in his two runs than clinton was both when she ran against him and clearly in 2016. whether obama himself is going to continue to try to be the face of the party, comments like that obviously make it more difficult for clinton if she decides to try to remain a relevant force within the party. to do so, obama clearly signaling that being a charismatic candidate matters. >> let me ask you this. one minute after donald trump posted his tweet, hillary clinton had her own message on twitter saying the holidays are a time to be thankful for our
8:44 am
blessings. let's rejoice in this season and look forward with renewed hope and determination. so i'm curious to get your thoughts. what do you make of that? aimed at both the president and president-elect? >> i don't know. i'm not sure what to make of hillary clinton's tweets. but i think we're going to have to wait and see what role she carves out for herself heading into this news cycle, but candidly, i think that we've seen over the weekend just what we've seen all yearlong is that donald trump is going to continue to use twitter as what he views a modern form of communication to push out his message whether it's engaging in political chatter of the day or a more serious issues like economic issues such as boeing and carrier or foreign policy like the u.n. and israel. >> let's talk a little bit about what u.n. vote. the president-elect, again, busy on twitter yesterday among other things taking aim at the united nations in the wake of friday's
8:45 am
security council that kevin there was just mentioning condemning illegal settlements saying the united nations has great potential but right now it's just a claub to get togethr and have a good time, is a sso . what do you think it will foreshadow now that we have the ambassador designate to israel? >> it was an interesting tweet from a republican because of the john bolton school of neoconservative foreign policy is even more contemptuous of the u.n. that says there's no role. he is like saying he would like the u.n. to do more. and for israel specifically, it's very clear that the united states is going to become more aggressively pro israel under trump than it has been under president obama. trump already criticizing this
8:46 am
abstention over the weekend and security council and israel is already playing on the distance between trump and obama saying it's going to present president-elect trump with intelligence, implicating the obama administration and pushing this vote condemning the israelis. so we see basically open hostility between not netanyahu's government and the obama administration, we are not going to see that. we're going to see a much closer partnership under the trump administration. >> let's get your thoughts on john mccain, obviously, senate of the armed services committee and ine estonia. and russian hacking into the american services and others. take a listen into this. >> there's no doubt that the russians were hacking, but there is doubt whether it had any effect on the outcome of the election. there is no evidence right now that that indeed, that the
8:47 am
russian cyber attacks had leaking of information, had any tangible effect on the outcome of the american election. >> do you read that statement from john mccain as support to donald trump there? >> i think that it is a support for what we're hearing from top republican officials including the incoming trump administration and candidly, i've been speaking with several republican strategists who have told me that they're looking to push back against this notion against the coming from the democrats by saying, what has the obama administration done for eight years to better protect the u.s., not only from cyber attacks on our political institutions but also from our corporate and financial institutions? that perhaps could be a glaring hole on the obama legacy and perhaps even part of the political investigations that develop in the next couple of
8:48 am
months. >> ben and kevin, good to have both of you with us this holidays. >> happy new year. new information emerging about george michael's death and his final days. the very latest. that's next. and just this morning, lady gaga remembered the pop icon saying we're all going to miss you. all rig r.i.p. george. e is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 1® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia- an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13® is approved for adults 18 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients.
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george michael's longtime
8:52 am
boyfriend is speaking out for the first time since michael died on christmas day. here is a live look at the growing memorial outside michael's home. he's being remembered for his music and quiet generosity. we have more from london. kelly? >> reporter: we don't yet know the official cause of death but george michael's manager said he died of a heart attack and he wasn't sick. his boyfriend is hinting about what he called a complicated time. friends said he was struggling with addiction. new details on george michael's final days. behind the music, the talent, a troubled soul. neighbor sarah simpson said she saw him a few weeks ago at a restaurant. >> he s at the next table. he was very quiet, but he didn't look well. he was with his friends. we just thought it was respectful just to leave him be. >> reporter: on monday michael's
8:53 am
longtime boyfriend tweeted out how he discovered the singer christmas morning. it's a christmas i will never forget. finding your partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning. i will never stop missing you. a friend, according to the daily telegraph saying the singer struggled with addiction. ♪ >> reporter: george michael was a star at just 18. he said he found fame hard to manage. his run-ins with the law, well known. arrested in 1998 for exposing himself to an undercover policeman in l.a., caught with drugs in london in 2006, a driving ban in britain in 2007. arrested again for drugs in 2008 and in 2010, after crashing into a london store, four weeks in prison. michael smoked cannabis in front of cameras but denied he had an addiction. he always bounced back. even after a pneumonia scare in 2011.
8:54 am
>> the hospital in austria that they rushed me to was absolutely the best place in the world i could have been. >> reporter: in recent months michael stayed out of the spotlight. >> he became very, very reclusive. so he wasn't seen around much. he didn't do much. but an amazing career. i think whatever personal demons he had, you know, he had to deal with. but, you know, let's hope his career is his lasting legacy. ♪ wake me up ♪ before you ♪ >> reporter: the man who made generations dance also gave something else, secretly handing out money and time to people in need, revealed now in tweets. i wrote in a piece ages ago about a celeb i'd work with tipping a barmaid $5,000 because she was a student in debt. george michael. and george michael worked anonymously at a homeless
8:55 am
shelter. i never told anyone. he asked that we didn't. that's who he was. >> reporter: today the daily telegraph is reporting george michael's boyfriend told them, quote, everything had been very complicated recently but george was looking forward to christmas. i want people to remember him the way he was. he was a beautiful person. police say they will have no further comment about a cause of death until after the post-mortem. >> a beautiful person who left a beautiful legacy behind. thank you for that, kelly. we'll be right back.
8:56 am
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thanks for watching. i'm ayman mohyeldin in for tamron hall. right now on msnbc, more news with peter alexander. peter? >> good holidays to you. a full plate ahead this hour. i'm peter alexander in waington. a historic meeting on hallowed ground. the japanese prime minister shinzo abe met president obama at pearl harbor this afternoon. a live report is ahead. new accusations. israel saying today the u.s. coordinated a controversial u.n. security council resolution meant to punish israel. also, shifting foundations. what the president-elect said he'll do with his charitable organization and what it means for his potential conflicts of interest. we want to begin this hour in hawaii where history will be made later this afternoon. japanese prime minister shinzo abe, as we have been reporting,
9:00 am
paying respects on monday to american soldiers killed in the pacific. today's ceremony at pearl harbor follows the one made by president obama who became the first sitting president to visit hiroshima in may. my colleague tammy lightner is traveling with the president. she's in honolulu now with the latest. to you today marking a victory of sorts for the president in being able to draw asia, japan specifically, and the united states closer. >> that's right, peter. for the last eight years the president has worked hard on this relationship. it culminated in may when he visited hiroshima. if you remember the president didn't make apologies for what happened in the past. just like we don't expect the japanese prime minister to make apologies today. this is more about looking forward. we spoke with ambassador caroline kennedy about this


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